Okay, so I'm giving you Edward's POV from When Bella Met Edward - basically the same story just written in Edward's POV. I make no promises on posting dates because I suck like that. I also have other story ideas, but I wanted a look into Edward's head. I was going to write an epilogue in his POV for When Bella Met Edward, but I didn't. lol

Also, leaving off the g's even in Edward's inner monologue made more sense to me. I tried it without, and it just wasn't Bella's cowboy.

"Come back soon," mom says, wavin' and blowin' me a kiss as I make my way into the airport.

It always sucks leavin' her, but I'll be back. That's the good thing about planes - it's a quicker trip going up to see her every few weekends.

I do what I gotta do to get on the plane and then I follow the few people ahead of me and find my seat. Unfortunately, it's a middle seat between a man in the aisle and a girl pressed up against the window.

My arm bumps hers when I sit down, and I wanna say sorry, but she looks like she's really freaking out. She's starin' out the window, her face practically smashed against the glass. I wanna ask her if she'll trade me seats - tell her that I hardly fit here with the man on the other side of me.

When the flight attendant tells us to buckle up over the loudspeaker, I know it's too late, so I pull mine on, keeping my eyes on the girl. I tilt my head, tryin' to see what she's starin' at but there's only a guy wavin' an orange flag out there.

She gasps when the plane starts to accelerate, her small hand gripping the armrest between us. She's really fucking scared, I take it. I don't think she's even breathin'.

I lean a little closer, the scent of her hair overtaking my senses. She hasn't taken a breath, and we've already leveled out. "You're not breathing," I say, and she lets out a gust of air. "I thought you were gonna fucking pass out there for a second."

She slowly turns her head my way, face pale but fuck, she's beautiful. I smile, I can't fucking help it. Her lips are full and pink, and she's gnawing on the bottom one like she wants to bite it right off. She shakes her head. "I'm fine."

Feelin' hot and not likin' this middle seat one bit, I pull my hat off and run my hands through my hair. "You afraid of flyin' or what?" I ask, my smile still there but smaller. She stares at me, makin' me feel even hotter and straightens in her seat, her fingers flexing on the armrest. She doesn't let go, like she thinks squeezin' the thing will save her.

"I've never flown before."

"No shit?" I laugh because I think she's joking, but she shakes her head, givin' me a good whiff of it - I like it a lot.

"A car can get you anywhere a plane can."

Grinning, I can't help but mess with her. "That's not necessarily true. You can't cross the ocean in a car."

"Since I don't plan on leaving the country, then I don't need to cross any oceans."

Nodding, I give her that one. She's still lookin' afraid, so I keep her talkin'. I wanna help, but I'm really likin' the sound of her voice. It's cute. "Where you headed?"

"Florida - a family vacation. You?"

She looks young, and I'm hopin' she's not too young or the thoughts I'm thinkin' about her would be illegal. She's too fucking pretty - it's messin' with me. "Back home to Arizona. I came up to visit my mom."

She nods and nibbles that lip. "Yeah, I noticed there's a layover in Phoenix. I'm not sure how I feel about two take offs and two landings."

"You'll be good," I say, leaning into her and nudging her with my arm. "Don't sweat it."

She smiles then, and my heart nearly fucking stops. I feel my lips mirroring hers, my gut feelin' all warm. Seriously, she's fucking pretty. She turns away, and I wanna grab her face and make her keep lookin' at me, but that'd be fucking weird.

She pulls out a laptop and earbuds, and that's the worse thing that could happen. She's gonna block me out with those things and leave me stuck here in the middle of her and the man on my other side, bored and desperate to talk with her.

She flips it open, her stomach growling so loud, her face reddens, and that's really fucking cute, too.

"Want me to ask the flight attendant for some peanuts?" I feel kinda stupid askin', but this girl has me feelin' some type of way. I don't want her to ignore me the entire flight.

She shakes her head, her cheeks rosy. "I'm fine."

"Do you say that a lot?" I'm thinkin' she's said it once - maybe twice - but my mouth has a mind of its own right now.

"Huh?" She tilts her head, lookin' all confused and fucking cute, I can hardly stand it.

"I'm fine. You've said it twice, and you were lyin' the first time. If you're hungry there's no shame in admitting it." I feel like I'm oversteppin' my boundaries here, but when those pretty lips lift into a little grin, my heart misses a beat.

"Okay, I am hungry," she says, brown eyes twinkling. "But I'm allergic to peanuts." My eyes narrow, hoping she's lyin'. "If you don't believe me, grab me a bag, see what happens." She shrugs like it's no big deal - kinda sassy - and I chuckle, shaking my head.

"No, I believe you. I'm not trying to kill you or anything."

She holds up a bag of goldfish. "I have my own snacks."

Nodding, I bend down and pull my bag out - the pretzel ones, though because they taste better. I decide to tease her, hopin' to get another smile out of her. "Good choice, but these are better." I hold my bag up, and she eyes them like she wants them.

"You're right. Those are better. You must have grabbed the last bag. They were sold out when I went looking for them." She licks her lips, makin' me stare at her too long.

Smiling, I say, "If you share, I'll share."

She smiles back, just like I wanted her too. "Okay." I watch her wipe one of the earbuds off before handing it over. "I'm watching Dirty Dancing if you're down."

I reach for the earbud, her soft fingers meetin' mine. "Will there be dirty dancing? I could be down with that."

She laughs, and my heart fucking stops for a second. Nodding, she says, "It's a little raunchy, but Patrick Swayze is a God."

I could be a God.

"Wait," I say, reaching out and covering her hand with mine, not really lookin' for a reason to touch her, but just wanting to. "I can't watch a dirty movie with you…"

Her eyes narrow, and I have to try real hard not to smile at her little pouty lips. "It's not really a dirty movie…"

"...without knowin' your name first," I interrupt her. "I'm not that kind of guy."

Her smile is gonna end me, I know it. "It's Bella."

"I'm Edward." I pull my hand from hers even though I'm not really wanting to, and stick the earbud in my ear. "Now we can watch some dirty dancing."

"Okay," she says, shoving the other earbud in her own ear. She pushes play and looks over at me. "Be ready to have your mind blown."

I choke on a laugh, and she blushes again, lookin' embarrassed. I'm thinkin' she doesn't know how fucking cute she is. I lean in a little, wanting to be closer to her, wanting to smell her, but not really wanting to look like a fucking creep.

I watch the movie with her - mostly watch her - and laugh a bit at I carried a watermelon which makes Bella smile. I'd laugh at the whole movie just to make her laugh. "So, let me guess," I say, leaning my elbow on the armrest between us, almost feelin' the heat of her skin on mine. "Watermelon lady ends up with the God?"

"Shhh," she hisses, her lips lifting a bit. "No questions."

I don't wanna be silent for a two hour movie.

"Sorry," I say, crowdin' her a bit, so I can see the screen better - at least that's what it looks like. My arm pushes against hers, and I'm a grown man, but she's makin' me feel like a fucking teenager, beggin' her for all of her attention. "You're not much for talkin' and watchin' are you?"

She pauses the movie and gives me this outrageous look. "If I'm talking during the movie then I'm not doing any watching, and to experience all of Patrick Swayze's God like scenes, you have to watch not talk."

I"m not likin' that idea.

I smile at her, likin' that she stares at me when I do. "Well, seeing as how I'm not really a Patrick Swayze fan, I like to talk and watch. Let's make a deal." She's still starin', and I'm still really fucking likin' that she is. "Since you've seen this movie what...definitely more than once I take it, humor me and let me ask questions that you're probably dyin' to answer anyway. Alright?"

She nods. "Okay, I can do that."

"Then you can watch my favorite movie, and I'll warn you now, there's nothin' dirty about it unless dirts dirty which it is so okay, it's a little dirty."

What am I fucking sayin'?

"What movie," she asks.

"Shhh," I say, grinning before whispering, "...no questions." She rolls her eyes which is just fucking adorable, and I push play. "So, she carried a watermelon, and he teaches her how to dance? Dirty dance?"

"In a nutshell, yes, but there's so much more to it. You'll see."

Nodding, I watch the movie with Bella, but mostly watching her when she laughs or cringes at something awkward Baby does. It's funny that she loves a movie but seems embarrassed about most of it. When she starts to quote all the lines, I'm feelin' like I'm a goner. I don't know this girl, but I wanna know all the things about her. I don't have a lot of time, though, with me stayin' in Phoenix and her catchin' a flight to Florida.

Bella's so into the last dance and nobody puts Baby in a corner, her smile all lovesick that I rewind and watch the entire part again just because I wanna see that look on her face again.

When it's over and the credits are rolling, she looks over at me, expectantly. "Well?"

"Not bad," I say, shrugging, wanting to tease her a bit. "Not bad at all."

"Oh please," she says, turning in her seat to face me. "Admit it! That's the best movie you've ever watched" Her voice gets louder, makin' the man behind me grunt in annoyance, but he probably hasn't gotten a good look at her because if he had, he'd do anythin' to get her to talk that loud, to laugh, to fucking smile. I'm glad I didn't ask her to change seats.

Smiling, I cross my arms over my chest and look her over. "Top 2. I'll give you that - kind of a chick flick but it'll do. Now are you ready to have your mind blown?"

She nods, excitedly, and I lean down into my bag and pull out Tombstone. She hasn't seen the best movie if she hasn't seen Tombstone. I hold it out, and her smile is wide. "What? Why're you smilin'?"

"I'm not," she says, handing the laptop to me. "Let's watch it."

I put the movie in, aware of every movement she's makin' next to me. Reaching into her lap, I grab my earbud and shove it in my ear. I hit play, and say, "Greatest movie of all time."

"Alright, Lunger, let's do it."

"Are you shittin' me?" I ask, not holding my smile back especially when she's grinnin' all sneaky like.

"What?" She asks, pretending she's not caught. Nobody would say Lunger unless they've seen Tombstone.

"You've seen it, haven't you?" I ask, already knowin' she has, and findin' it fucking sexy that she likes it.

She nods, her smile wide. "You're no fun," I say, pretending like I'm gonna turn it off.

Her hand reaches out and grabs my wrist, the soft pads of her fingers jolting me a bit. "No. I love this movie. I want to watch it."

I stare at her too long, but she's just too fucking pretty. "Can we talk and watch?" I ask. "That's the only way I'll let you watch it."

"It's my laptop," she says.

"It's my movie."

She nods her head in defeat, and I smile. "You're such a baby," she says. "Yes, let's talk and watch."

At this point, I don't even wanna watch, just talk, and I really don't want her to let me go, but I say, "Are you gonna let me go?"

"What?" She asks, starin' up at me all cute.

Laughing, I wiggle my arm. "You're holding my wrist. I mean, I'll let you hold me, but I'll need to hit play first."

"Oh!" She says, jerking her arm away. "Sorry."

I push play, still feelin' the burn of her fingers on my skin and wanting them back where they were. I do most of the talkin' during the movie, and when she falls asleep on my shoulder, I have the strong urge to kiss her head.

I don't, but I want to.