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Fullmetal Hero

Chapter 1: First Steps

U.A. High School, commonly known as one of the best schools for young up and coming heroes. It has an impressive list of alumni including All Might, Endeavor, Midnight, Best Jeanist, Eraser Head, and Present Mic to name a few. Right now standing at the front gate of U.A. High is a young man with dreams of graduating from U.A and becoming the greatest hero ever. This young man is 15 years old standing at 5'9 with lightly tanned skin, shoulder length spiky red hair, bright blue eyes, three whisker marks on each cheek, and an athletic build. For clothes he wore black combat boots, black pants, a black long sleeved button up top, white gloves, and a purple backpack on his back. This young man is Naruto Uzumaki and he's standing in front of U.A preparing to take the Entrance Exam.

Walking onto the campus Naruto looked around at all the people on the grounds, he hoped he ran into his friend. At that moment he saw a familiar mess of dark green hair with black shadows, fair skin, green eyes, and an average build. He wore similar clothes to Naruto with the difference being his boots were red and he didn't wear gloves. This young man is Izuku Midoriya, Naruto's best friend. Naruto was about to go greet Izuku but stopped when he saw that Izuku was talking to a rather cute girl, this honestly surprised him as Izuku usually couldn't talk to girls at all. He stood there with his jaw nearly hitting the ground until the girl went inside the main building and then he ran up to Izuku.

"Izuku, were you talking to a girl just now!?" asked Naruto.

"AAAAHHHHHH!" screamed Izuku in fright before recognizing Naruto. "Naruto, don't scare me like that and I don't know if I can really say I was talking to her since I didn't actually say anything." said Izuku.

"It's better than fainting or running away like you would usually do at just the thought of talking to a girl. Hey you look kind of different, it's like you filled out…..oh my god you've been working out!" said Naruto after noticing that Izuku's build looked more athletic than he remembered.

"Hehehe, yeah. I've spent the last 10 months working out in order to prepare for the Entrance Exam." said Izuku.

"Well why didn't you tell me, I would have helped you if you had just asked. I've been working on this new type of martial arts that would be really helpful for you." said Naruto.

"Sorry Naruto but I've already told you that your sensei's style just doesn't suit me." said Izuku.

"Who said anything about Sensei? I said I'VE been working on something, trust me you'll be shocked when I show it off." said Naruto.

"Oh really?" asked Izuku.

"Yeah, the training is pretty intense but once I finish these martial arts it'll be a real game changer." said Naruto.

"Well then I can't wait to see what you've come up with but for now we should be getting inside." said Izuku.

"Right, let's go." said Naruto.

Walking into the main building Naruto and Izuku soon made it to the huge auditorium and sat in their assigned seats. It only took a couple of minutes before the Pro Hero Present Mic walked up to the podium and started to explain how the exam would go. Naruto listened closely to what the hero was saying but he was also listening to Izuku mubble about the exam, moments later a young man stood up introducing himself as Tenya Iida.

"Excuse me Sir, but on the official U.A. Entrance Exam pamphlet we were given there were only three obstacles mentioned, yet you have mentioned four obstacles. This is supposed to be a prestigious school, one of the best in the country, it is shameful to make such a grievous mistake. Also you with the messy hair muttering to yourself, stop that this instant, you are disturbing those around you who are trying to focus. If you can not take this more seriously than you need to leave now." said Tenya.

Naruto narrowed his eyes and clenched his fists when he saw Izuku flinch at Tenya's words. "Hey leave him alone, if his muttering was really bothering anyone I'm sure they would have said something to him. Besides he's just trying to analyze the situation so that he can figure out the best way to go about it." said Naruto.

"Whoa there callers, thank both of you for ringing in and as for the fourth robot, it isn't worth any points so there is no need to fight it. It's more of a thing that's just in the way so you're better off just running from it. Now then let's continue shall we, YEAH!" said Present Mic. Present went over a couple more things about the exam before dismissing everyone so that they could change into more comfortable clothes. As everyone was going to get changed Naruto pulled Izuku to the side.

"Alright Izuku I know you don't need me to say this but I'm going to anyway. This is our first real step for us to become heroes, do your best and try not to overthink things." said Naruto.

"I'll try Naruto but you know how I get. It'll be especially hard since I'm competing against you and Kaachan. " said Izuku.

"Hey none of that now, the fact that you have muscles now means you've worked hard to get here so believe in yourself and believe in the training you did. And don't think of it as competing with me and Teme, he's apparently in Area A, you're in Area B, and I'm in Area C. With us being in different testing areas you don't have to worry about measuring up to us, just focus on what you're doing and remember that we're here to be heroes. You can do this Izuku, I believe in you." said Naruto before going off to change.

Izuku watched Naruto's back as he walked off, Naruto had always believed in him and told him that he could be a hero. When he was examined by a doctor and was told that he was Quirkless not even his mother believed that he could still be a hero, but Naruto just smiled at him and told him that even without a Quirk he could still be a hero. Looking down at his right hand he clenched it tightly into a fist. "Naruto, you've done so much for me and all you've asked for in return is that I become the hero I always wanted to be and never give up. I promise I'll do everything I can to not only pass this exam but to also become the greatest hero ever seen, the hero you always believed I could be." Izuku thought to himself.


Naruto was standing in front of the gate to Area C stretching out his legs. For clothes he now wore his combat boots, dark purple sweat pants, and a black sleeveless muscle shirt. While stretching Naruto completely ignored the stares he was getting, why was he getting stared at? Well it probably had something to do with the fact that his arms from the tips of his fingers all the way up to his shoulders were made of metal. At a young age Naruto had lost his arms in two separate incidents and had them replaced with high tech prosthetics called automail. Automail are prosthetic limbs that were actually connected to the nervous system so as to allow them to move on subconscious mental thought just like regular limbs do. While a great medical advancement for amputees it was also incredibly expensive due to not only having to pay for the automail but also the surgery to have it attached and the cost of maintenance.

Naruto usually kept his automail covered up, not because he was ashamed of his arms or anything like that, he just got annoyed with all the stares and whispers his arms brought when people saw them. While he had learned to block out the stares the whispers still got through.

"Oh man is it ok for him to take the exam, he could get hurt more than he already is?" asked a female examinee.

"I don't know maybe we should tell someone." said another female examinee.

"Look at that guy, how was he even allowed to take this exam?" asked a male examinee with a sneer.

"He probably paid them a lot of money in order to even get this chance." said another examinee.

"Why is he here?"

"How did he lose his arms?"

"He probably knew he couldn't pass without upgrades."

"I wonder how long it'll take before he gives up?"

"I hope he'll be ok."

"I hope they kick his cheating ass out."

These were the whispers Naruto always heard when people saw his arms and he hated it. People either pitied him or thought he was a cheater, he didn't want pity and he didn't know how they could consider him a cheater, his arms were mechanical but it didn't mean he was a robot programmed to be great at everything. Still he did his best to ignore them and keep his mind on the exam, he may believe Izuku could be a great hero one day, maybe even the number 1 hero, but that didn't mean he would make it easy for his friend. A few minutes later the large gates to Area C opened and Naruto went charging in while ignoring the people yelling at him to come back and to stop cheating.

[Well what are you waiting for contestants, there's no count down in a real battle so GO, GO, GO!]- yelled Present Mic over the intercom. This caused the other examinees to stop yelling at Naruto and to run into the testing area themselves.

Naruto ducked under an attack from a 1pt robot before punching it's head clean off it's body, this made his sixth 1pter while he had also destroyed 3 2pters and a 3pter. He decided not to keep track of his points and just destroy as many robots as he could. Running around a corner Naruto was met with a group of 2pters and 3pters, smirking at this Naruto clapped his hands together causing them to arch with pale blue electricity before slamming his hands on the ground. The ground sparked with electricity before it reached the robots and then suddenly spikes shot up out of the ground and skewered the robots.

Naruto Uzumaki: Quirk: Equivalent Exchange. Naruto has the ability to change anything he touches into something else as long as he knows how it is made and has the proper amount of material to make it. Over using his Quirk will strain his body and cause damage while also making him unable to use his Quirk for a period of time.

Naruto smirked at his work before he took off to find and destroy more robots.


Naruto had managed to destroy a good deal of robots, but during his time running around he helped out some of the people he saw having a tough time. It seemed to have confused them when Naruto helped them but he paid their confusion no mind, he was simply doing what he thought was right and it wasn't like he planned to stop getting points anyway. By now Naruto was covered in motor oil from all the robots he had punched and kicked to death, sure he could have used his Quirk to destroy them but he didn't want to over rely on his Quirk.

It was moments later that he saw a girl that was clearly out of breath being surrounded by multiple 3pters, from what he could see the girl was in no shape to take out or avoid the robots. "Well looks like I'll get to test this out after all, Shave!" said Naruto before he disappeared in a burst of speed.

Tsuyu Asui was a short young girl with fair skin, large black eyes, long dark green hair that was tied into a bow at her lower back, a slender build, long toned legs, wide hips, a narrow waist, a large bubble butt, and high BB-cup breasts. For clothes she currently wore a green short sleeved shirt, blue tights, and blue sneakers. Tsuyu had worked really hard to get as many points as she could but in doing so she had tired herself out and was trying to catch her breath. She was not expecting to be surrounded by 3pters that were preparing to attack her, she knew she didn't have the energy to dodge their attacks so she closed her eyes and prepared for the pain. Tsuyu felt something but it wasn't pain, opening her eyes Tsuyu found herself being carried bridal style by the boy with automail arms she saw at the starting gate.

"Hey are you alright?" asked Naruto.

"Yes I'm okay, thanks for the save." said Tsuyu.

"No problem, glad I could help." said Naruto. He was about to put her down but before he could he had to use Shave once again in order to dodge the missiles that the 3pters shot at them, they weren't real deal missiles but Naruto was sure it would hurt to get hit by them. Naruto continued to dodge as much as he could but he was staying close to the 3pters and his stamina was starting to take a hit.

"Why haven't you destroyed the robots yet, ribbit?" asked Tsuyu.

"I wouldn't feel right taking your points, so here's the plan, I'll distract the bots and you shut them down anyway you can. That sound good to you?" asked Naruto.

"Yeah that works for me, ribbit." said Tsuyu. She figured the boy helping her would be fine since he was dodging the missiles without a problem. Soon he found the time to set her down before doing as he said and distracted the robots, when she saw her chance Tsuyu shot her long tongue out and managed to hit the shutdown button on one of the 3pters. This happened a few more times until they were all shut down and Tsuyu had racked up 15 points, the problem is Tsuyu was so focused on the 3pters that she didn't notice the 1pter coming up behind her.

Naruto seeing the 1pter quickly used Shave in order to get behind Tsuyu and took a strong stance. "Iron Body!" yelled Naruto as the 1pter swung its arm at him. It hit him in the chest but all that did was push him back a few inches. Naruto then quickly clapped his hands together before placing his right hand on the robot's chest plate and caused the entire upper half of the robot to explode. "Are you alright?" asked Naruto as he turned to Tsuyu.

"I'm fine, thanks for the save again, ribbit." said Tsuyu.

"That's good to hear, well good luck with the rest of the exam!" said Naruto before he took off.

"Hmmm, I didn't even get his name, ribbit. Oh well, if he passes I'm sure I'll see him around since it'll be hard to miss someone with metal arms and if he doesn't pass I can probably find out his name from one of the instructors." Tsuyu said to herself before hopping away.

Naruto had continued to run through the replica city, destroying any robots he saw, while also helping whoever he saw needed it. One of the people he helped out was a girl with purple hair and earphone jacks hanging from her earlobes, she was rather cute but he didn't get her name so he hoped she would pass. He had to use Shave a few more times and it took a toll on his stamina but he was sure he could use it a few more times before it became too taxing to use. He was a beast when it came to stamina but due to how Shave worked it became really taxing even for him.

Suddenly Naruto felt the ground start to shake. At first he thought it was the effect of someone's Quirk so he looked around to see who was causing the shaking. He froze though when he saw that the shaking was caused by a giant robot covered in dark green armor plating with six red eyes on its rectangular head. Naruto could tell this was the 0pter as it matched the image Present Mic showed them. "Hmmm, it's not worth any points but it's still a villain so I better take it down anyway." Naruto thought to himself.

Taking off in a sprint he headed towards the giant robot, while doing this he also noticed all of the other people running away from the robot. Something he saw that pissed him off however was that a group of people had actually pushed down a girl and had slightly trampled her in order to get away. Naruto quickly changed direction and ran over to the downed girl, once he reached her he knelt down beside her. "Hey are you okay?" asked Naruto.

The girl looked up to Naruto with a neutral expression showing, she had cerulean eyes that went well with her fair skin, shoulder length bob shaped hair, athletic build, flared hips, narrow waist, a nice round ass, and C-cup breasts. For clothes she wore gray sneakers, black pants, and a plain blue T-shirt. "No, they stepped on my left wrist, my right knee, and my right ankle." said the girl in a monotone voice.

Naruto winced at the sound of her injuries but quickly threw his thoughts about them to the side as he realized how close the 0pter was getting. Picking the girl up in a bridal carry while being careful of her knee and ankle he used Shave to get her as far away as possible. "Alright you should be safe here while I go take that thing down." said Naruto as he sat her down.

"Why? It's not worth any points so what's the point of fighting it?" asked the girl.

"It's still rampaging which means someone could get hurt if it isn't stopped, plus it's still a villain and just because a villain won't get you any recognition doesn't mean they shouldn't be stopped." said Naruto. He then tried to use Shave again but found that he couldn't and that his legs were slightly shaking. "Damnit I over used it, oh well that just means I need to train harder." Naruto said to himself before sprinting towards the robot. Naruto ignored all of the people telling him to stop or calling him crazy, in Naruto's mind all heroes were a little crazy, after all you had to be crazy to run towards danger rather than away from it.

Seeing him the 0pter raised its arm and punched at him, Naruto jumped up onto the arm before clapping his hands and then slamming them down on the robot's arms. Electricity traveled up the robot's arm with explosions following its path up until it reached the top of the 0pter and caused its head to explode, the rest of its body then slumped over showing that it wasn't operational anymore. With that done Naruto jumped off the arm but as soon as his feet touched the ground he fell to his knees and started to puke up blood. He had never used his Quirk on something so big before and it put a huge strain on his body. Naruto didn't hear Present Mic call the exam to a close as his world went dark and he passed out.


Naruto groaned as he slowly opened up his eyes only to find himself in a room he didn't recognize. Looking around he was able to figure out that he was in an infirmary meaning he must have hurt himself during the exam. Soon the door opened and in came a short old woman dressed in a hero costume and suing a huge syringe as a cane. Naruto recognized this woman as the Youthful Heroine: Recovery Girl.

"Ah, I'm glad to see that you're finally awake. How are you feeling Dear?" asked Recovery Girl.

"A bit stiff but other than that I feel fine. I won't feel fine later though when my mom finds out I overused my Quirk again." said Naruto knowing full well that his mom was going to pound his head in.

"I don't doubt it, just by looking at you I can tell that you're Kushina's and Minato's boy. How is she doing by the way?" asked Recovery Girl.

"She's fine, after Dad died we were both really down but we're doing much better now. Plus now that I'm older she's gone back to being a fulltime hero and is quickly climbing the ranks again." said Naruto.

"Well I'm glad to hear that you two are doing better, now I'm giving you a clean bill of health so off you go. Oh and since you most likely didn't hear the news, you'll be getting a letter in about a week telling you whether you are accepted or not." said Recovery Girl. She had wanted to ask about his automail arms since she had never seen someone so young with automail unless they were a civilian caught in a villain attack or heroes that lost a limb while fighting villains, but she figured it wouldn't be appropriate to ask him about something so personal and possibly bring up bad memories.

"Alright, thanks for looking after me." said Naruto before getting up and leaving.


Walking through his front door Naruto took off his shoes while looking at the picture of his dad on the wall. Minato was a blonde haired man with bright blue eyes and the former No. 2 hero in Japan, everyone said Naruto looked a lot like him only with red hair and whisker marks. "Hey Dad, I took U.A's Entrance Exam today and I think I did pretty well but I guess we'll see in about a week. Oh I also saw Izuku there, I'm glad he decided to ignore what everyone else said about him and followed his dream. I'm sure he'll get in too, he has the heart of a hero and the will to protect and help everyone he sees, it's impossible for him not to get in even if he doesn't have a Quirk." said Naruto with a small smile.

Naruto and Kushina had been devastated when Minato died while helping All Might fight a dangerous villain. Technically Minato wasn't supposed to have told them what he was doing but he couldn't keep it a secret from his wife and only child since there was a real chance that he could end up dead, which he did. It took years for Naruto and Kushina to be able to look at his picture and not cry but now they talked to the picture they had at the front door as a way of letting Minato's spirit remain as a part of their lives.

Going further into the rather large three story house that had eight bedrooms, five bathrooms, a huge kitchen, a formal dining room, a huge living room, a media room, two office spaces, a spiral staircase, a second floor library, a second floor laundry room, a built in elevator, a three car garage, and a basement that was twice the size of the house. At first Naruto never understood why his parents wanted such a big house but later learned that it was because they wanted a large family, now though that wouldn't happen as Kushina refused to date another man after Minato. Though the house did get a little more life to it when Naruto's cousins Karin, and Tayuya came to live with them.

Seeing that no one was home besides him, Naruto quickly put his stuff down, too a quick shower and then went to the basement. The basement had a large metal door that you had to go through first before going in with a keypad on the wall next to it along with a retinal scanner and voice recognition mic. Putting in the six digit code along with scanning his eye and saying his name into the mic, the door opened showing a dimly lit short hallway leading to a 3 inch thick door made of bullet proof glass. Opening the door and turning on the lights showed that the basement was actually a large high tech lab with many pairs of automail arms mounted on the walls. Also on the wall of a picture of a younger Naruto smiling brightly with a pink haired girl and a blonde haired girl.

Ever since Naruto got his own automail arms he studied how to make, attach, and take care of automail. He wasn't a genius as it took years of study and hard work for him to get good at it but it all paid off in the end as now he could make and repair his automail, not to mention he learned to make other things as well. As soon as he sat down at his work bench a woman appeared next to him. The woman appeared to be naked standing at 5'5 with light blue skin, bright whitish blue eyes, dark blue chin length hair, a slender build, and dark blue lines all over her body. This woman was a hologram made of digital code of an AI Naruto created by the name of Cortana.

[Welcome home Naruto, how was your day?]- asked Cortana.

"Today was actually pretty exciting, I believe I did well enough in the exams to get into U.A but we'll see in about a week when my letter comes, until then we just have to wait. What about you Cortana, how was your day?" asked Naruto.

[My day has gone well, I've spent most of it either reading some online books or conversing with my little brother and sister.]- said Cortana.

"Speaking of your brother and sister, how are their systems looking?" asked Naruto.

[Everything appears to be functioning very well, they just need to finish downloading a few more updates and they'll be ready.]- said Cortana.

"That's great to hear, now can you remind me what time the girls are supposed to be coming over?" asked Naruto.

[They should be getting here in a couple of hours.]- said Cortana.

"Great, that should be more than enough time for your siblings to finish updating and it allows us to work on some projects." said Naruto. With that said Naruto spent the next two hours working in his lab with Cortana's help, she mainly gave him advice or alerted him if he did something wrong since he hadn't gotten around to making her holographic form more solid yet, but he was working on it. Time passed and before long Naruto felt like getting a snack so he went upstairs to the kitchen, while there he heard the doorbell ring so he went to answer the door.

The moment he opened the door he found his personal space invaded. "RUTO-KUN, IT'S BABY MAKING TIME!" yelled the voice of a young girl.

"MEI, WHAT DID I SAY ABOUT YELLING THINGS LIKE THAT!" yelled a second young girl as she pulled the now named Mei away from Naruto.

Mei was a reasonably short girl standing at 5'2 with fair skin, pink hair styled in dreadlocks, bright yellow eyes with cross pupils, a slender build, wide hips, a narrow waist, a bubble butt, and nicely developed high CC-cup low D-cup breasts. For clothes she wore black steel toe boots, baggy black cargo pants, a brown jacket tied around her waist, a gray tank top that did nothing to hide the fullness of her breasts, black gloves that were missing the thumb and pointer finger, and on top of her head was a pair of unique steampunk goggles. This is Mei Hatsume, a long time friend of Naruto's and a rather crazy but expert inventor.

The second girl stood at 5'5 with smooth fair skin, long straight blonde hair, bright blue eyes, a slender figure, long legs, wide hips, a nicely toned ass, a narrow waist, a smooth flat stomach, and high C-cup breasts. For clothes she wore black boots, a gray jumpsuit with the top half tied around her waist, a black tube top, beige colored work gloves, and a green bandanna on her head. This is Winry Rockbell, another long time friend of Naruto's and a genius inventor, though she mostly focuses on automail. Don't let her beautiful and girlish appearance fool you, she's a total tomboy that'll pick working on new automail over going to the mall anytime.

"Hey girls, I'm glad you could make it. I was just about to have a snack so let's eat and then we can go down to the lab and get to work. I also have a surprise for the two of you." said Naruto. Winry nodded at this while Mei pouted since she wanted to start making babies now, but she also knew that Naruto's lab was designed to not let her in unless someone with the correct authorization was with her. You cause 20 little explosions and start 10 fires and suddenly no one wants to trust you on your own, it was so unfair.

After the three had their snack they went down to the lab where the three started working and three different projects. Mei was working on a pair of automail arms that would be useful for long and close range combat, Winry was working some blueprints for an idea Naruto had and was seeing if it could work, and Naruto seemed to be working on some small rockets.

"So girls you never told me what the Support Courses were like for U.A and Shiketsu, so how are they?" asked Naruto.

Both Mei and Winry had applied and were accepted into the Support Course for U.A High and Shiketsu High. Mei went for U.A since it was the school that got the most attention in Japan and therefore would give her the most opportunities to show off her babies. Winry went for Shiketsu since her parents met there, which is the same reason Naruto went for U.A. Despite one of them deciding to go to a different high school than the other two the three of them were still very close and had promised to remain that way. Also the reason Naruto is asking about the Support Courses is because the Support Course actually allowed students in early so that they could get familiar with their work space before the school year actually started.

"It's great, they have so many high tech tools and the best parts to use. I'll be able to make a bunch of really cute babies, now I just have to convince them to allow you to be a part time Support Course student so that I have my baby daddy working with me!" said Mei excitedly.

Naruto deadpanned at her for calling him her baby daddy, while he understood that she liked calling her inventions her babies and since he helped her build a lot of them it kind of made him her baby daddy, others who didn't understand would get the wrong idea. He's lost count of the number of looks they got when she called him that out in public, hell some of the women that heard her call him that discreetly took him aside and told him he should be ashamed of himself for knocking up a poor young lady. Some had even told him he'd have no choice but to marry her or he would be forever known as a lowlife.

"Please don't call me that at school, I don't need my reputation to be ruined before I even make one." said Naruto.

"Shiketsu has a great Support Course and I can't wait for the school year to start. With all of the state of the art equipment there I'll be able to take my automail skills to the next level, they even explained that if there is something they don't have we have free rein to order it. I even met one of my upper classmen, she was a bit hard to understand but was nice and we even exchanged numbers." said Winry.

"Well look at you Win-chan, already replacing us with better friends." said Naruto only to then be hit in the head with bolts that Winry threw at him.

"Oh shut up, I could never replace you and Mei." said Winry. Naruto smiled at that but before he could say anything Cortana showed up.

[Naruto everything is ready.]- said Cortana.

"That's great, well girls it's time for the surprise I promised." said Naruto with a large smile. Before either girl could ask what he was planning two other forms appeared next to Cortana, one was a short elf girl with pink hair, green eyes, fair skin, pink markings on her cheeks, and pointed ears. The other one was a simple orb of golden yellow light with a red core acting as an eye. "Girls, I'd like to introduce you to Cortana's little sister and brother Aelita and Jarvis, your own personal AIs." said Naruto.

Winry and Mei were wide eyed at this as they never expected for Naruto to make them AIs. Hell they knew just how protective he was of Cortana, he freely shared his design ideas for everything else he made with them but when it came to Cortana he wouldn't share a thing. He had completely memorized every single detail of her blueprint before burning them and her digital blueprint was protected by a ridiculous amount of encryptions, hundreds of firewalls, and a godly amount of failsafes. They weren't sure but the girls were sure that Naruto had even put in some programs that would protect Cortana from Quirks.

The girls were pulled from their thoughts when they were approached by their respective AIs, Winry getting Aelita and Mei getting Jarvis. This was done because despite Winry being a tomboy she still enjoyed cute things so a cute, pink, elf girl worked best for her, Mei on the other hand preferred machines to most people so Naruto went with the most computer like design he could think of.

[Hello, I'm Aelita and I look forward to working with you. Is there anything specific you'd like me to call you?]- asked Aelita.

"Oh, um, just Winry is fine Aelita." said Winry.

[Alright, Winry it is, shall we get to work on your designs.]- said Aelita. Winry nodded at this and the two got to work.

[Evening Ms. Hatsume, I'm Jarvis and I look forward to assisting you.]- said Jarvis. He was programmed with the knowledge that Mei really didn't care what anyone called her so he just went with the most polite way to address her.

"What can you do Jarvis?" asked Mei while she examined him with her eyes.

[Aelita and myself can do everything that Cortana can.]- answered Jarvis.

"Does that mean you can let me into the lab!?" asked an excited Mei.

[Yes, though only if someone with the correct authorization is with you.]- said Jarvis with Mei pouting at this but she quickly got over it and the two of them got back to work on her baby.

With that the three humans and three AIs spent most of the day working in the lab until Winry and Mei had to go home for dinner. Naruto on the other hand got whacked on the head by Tayuya for being in the lab for so long since she and Karin had been home for hours and hadn't seen him. He was glad though that his mom was able to make it home in time for them to have dinner together as a family, thanks to being a Pro and a popular one at that it was rare that Kushina could be home in time for dinner but the younger redheads didn't blame her for that. He however was not happy that he was right about her taking shots at his head for overusing his Quirk again. Now Naruto was lying in his bed a little too anxious to sleep so he just mentally planned out his training until he found out whether or not he was accepted into U.A. "Hmmm, I'll probably spend most of my time training with Sensei, then I'll work on my own martial arts, work on different kinds of automail, and see if Mom has any time to help me train." Naruto thought to himself before closing his eyes and trying to sleep. He knew damn well that he would need a good night's sleep for the hard week of training he was in for.

Well guys there you have chapter 1 of Fullmetal Hero, I hope you liked it. Now address something that is obvious, yes Naruto will have the Six Powers from One Piece but not right away as HE is the one creating them. As of right now he only has the ability to use Shave and Iron Body, the rest will come in time. Also the Six Powers will be the only thing from One Piece in this story. Winry's parents are alive. I'm sure some of you have guessed how Naruto lost his arms but I'm not telling so you'll have to read and story to find out if you're right or not.

Equivalent Exchange may be similar to Overhaul but I assure you that they are different, you'll understand how they are different as the story goes on, or maybe you get how they are different after this chapter alone.

Cortana is in her Halo 3 form, Aelita is of course from Code Lyoko, and as for Jarvis I just made up a form for him. Also something I feel I need to point out, Naruto is not a super genius so he's not going to automatically understand everything going on around him. He's a prodigy of hard work, he studied his ass off to get as smart as he is and he trained his ass off to get strong. That being said he's not stupid either and will notice things that others seem to miss, like how Izuku sucks at lying about his Quirk and how All Might always seems to be watching after Izuku more than anyone else.


Winry, Mei, Tsuyu, Kyoka, Momo, Yui, rest to be revealed later.

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