This was it. Hong Kong was the new Hell, and Destoroyah its devil. The heat increased every second from Godzilla's overheating body, his power increasing every second. Destoroyah cackled as his horn cut deep into the flesh of the King. Godzilla shrieked in pain striking the demon as his power began to overflow. Godzilla fired his Infinite Heat Ray on Destoroyah gravely injuring him.

The monster spat green blood as he detracted from the situation to heal. Energy emitted from the enormous reptile and it began escaping his figure, the Nuclear Pulse. The power surged throughout the city evaporating any traces of liquid and ravaging the construction. This proved to be the straw that broke the camel's back. This reality became fractured, unstable.

Unable to withstand Godzilla's Ungodly Might, this universe began to eject the disturbance to the equilibrium, a defense mechanism against total destruction. Godzilla would be confused if not for the immense pain he was in. Godzilla faded from this dimension and birthed through a new. Earth 616. The King manifested in this reality's New York City.

The beast's mind had frenzied. Consumed by rage, hatred, daze, fury, and his son's death. Thus began the indiscriminate destruction of everything around him. This Earth was completely caught off guard by this event. Most of the heroes were off-planet at this time so the fury of Godzilla went uninterrupted for some time.

The beast emitted a Nuclear Pulse that decimated Stark Tower as he roared his mighty roar. Far away a disturbance was felt. The King Of The Monsters of this reality. The 616 Godzilla rose and beckoned to its call. This was a threat to his dominance. He had to move quickly to stop this new potential alpha. Off he went.

It is now 5 hours later. S.H.I.E.L.D. has failed to fell the Inferno Monster. The casualties and destruction is well in the millions and billions and with the heroes away the situation seems grim. Burning Godzilla begins to move on to yet another series to continue his series of carnage. A stomp can be heard In an instant the blazing fury halts.

The presence behind him was one he had never encountered before, yet was all too familiar with. Marvel Godzilla stands patiently, towering over the already 100 meter leviathan. Burning Godzilla turns around slowly. He looks up at the green behemoth. Though the appearance very alien and completely different, Burning Godzilla feels the uncanny resemblance between them.

They are both Godzilla: King Of The Monsters. Marvel Godzilla is at first intrigued by the creature that feels so related to him but unbecoming of its figure. However as he leers into Heisei's eyes he sees nothing but unadulterated hate and rage. This instantly changes Marvel's demeanor into one of caution and preparation. Heisei stares at Marvel and sees Godzilla.

However as he peers deeper into the monster he begins to see Jr., his son. Very quickly any form of reason in Heisei is lost yet again as he prepares to fly into another rampage. Marvel knows full well that the Earth will be destroyed should he fail. Marvel readies himself for a brawl against a being who has lost everything and will take everything away. This will be a battle for Earth itself.

The tension in the air is literally palpable from the staredown between the two kaiju. Neither one flinching ore backing down. The sound of the city dying can be heard. Fire surrounds the two behemoths. At an instant a Nuclear Pulse emanates from Heisei reaching and damaging Marvel as the Glowing Reptile shrieks in pain.

Marvel feels the damage but is not deterred in the least by it charges Heisei. The two collide in the remains of Central Park, their impact causing shockwaves that shatters any glass that remained unfractured. Heisei strikes at the chest of Marvel and follows up with another. Marvel responds by pushing Heisei to the ground and attempting to stomp him. However Heisei rolls past Marvel before it can connect and fires an Infinite Heat Ray at the green goliath.

Marvel staggers back from the attack, having the wind been knocked out from him. Heisei rises from below and performs a simple tail swipe. Marvel is now successfully knocked from his feet. Heisei prepares to fire another Infinite Heat Ray when flames encase his body. Marvel has decided to use his powers as well.

The flames while not very effective provided a big enough window of opportunity to blitz. Heisei and tackle him. As now finds out though he meets with an unmovable object. The two enter a test of strength. Marvel could not believe it. He had only encountered a foe with this much raw strength only once before.

Heisei roared again. At this point Heisei's mind is gone absolutely with no trace. He is now just a pure embodiment of destruction. Somewhere deep down Marvel feels this aura and begins to shake losing his figure. Heisei begins to overpower Marvel in the test of strength. Marvel begins losing everything. His power, his title, his spirit.

For the first time in his life he is afraid. He thought he was giving everything, so why is he losing? The doubt and fear begin to overtake Marvel's mind in the face of such overwhelming power and absolution. Then for him everything goes black. He sees all the moments in his life that he has ever experienced. Growing big and strong, fighting with other monsters, witnessing his family be destroyed by an atomic bomb, the pain he suffered to survive it, his rampage, his battle with Earth's mightiest heroes.

All the events he has been present for and persevered through. Was this really to be the end of him? Was he really to die as a coward he didn't give his all during a battle for the planet itself? Somewhere deep down, further than even Marvel's soul, he remembered who he was. What he stood for. All that he was. He was The King Of The Monsters. And this would not be the way the King dies.

Everything is now clear to Marvel. No longer afraid Marvel gives Heisei absolutely everything that he has. Marvel uses all of his strength and now breaks even with the monster. Marvel pushes even further and begins to take the advantage over Burning Godzilla. Heisei begins to charge his Infinite Heat Ray.

At the very moment the beam is ready to fire however Marvel ducks under the beam until its conclusion. Heisei is caught off-guard and is a sitting duck to whatever Marvel chooses to do. Marvel lifts up Heisei and blasts a powered up form of his Fire Breath at him. Gamma Ray Burst. He then throws Heisei directly into the remains of The Beresford, loose metal impaling him on the way down.

Heisei screeches in pain and attempts to rise up only to be met with another Gamma Ray Burst which blows his arm away. Before he could make another effort to rise up, Marvel places his foot on Heisei's head and jabs his toe into its eye. Marvel thinks to himself that this was the most formidable enemy. Heisei pushed him beyond his limits. This was truly an amazing adversary.

However true this was though he, no, it could not be left alive. If left to their own devices this demon would never stop. It would continue with its mindless destruction no matter the consequence, almost like some sort of demonic destroyer. It has to end here. Marvel prepares one final Gamma Ray Burst directly towards Burning Godzilla's head. Unfortunately there is still one thing Marvel doesn't know. Heisei is approaching Meltdown.

A second away from releasing his beam, Heisei unleashes his most powerful Nuclear Pulse yet. Marvel is blown away completely by this new attack causing his beam to go awry and annihilate the moon instead. Heisei arises once more and stares at Marvel with pure hatred and malice. Marvel is shocked but all the more ready for another brawl. He stampedes towards Heisei again but is knocked to the ground by one blow from Burning Godzilla.

Heisei grapples the green goliath's tail and tosses him into a ruined building. Marvel rises again. The fight is becoming more one sided by the second. Heisei's power is increasing dramatically every moment. Marvel tries one final rush. He sprints toward Heisei as he raises his arm to pound Heisei.

Heisei easily halts this blitz by grabbing Marvel's arm with his last remaining arm. Marvel raises his other arm to strike Burning Godzilla. Heisei however promptly obliterates Marvel's arm with his Infinite Heat Ray. While Marvel briefly begins to react to the pain Heisei quickly inverts the other arm he has in his possession reducing the once unstoppable force to a sad drooping husk of flesh and bones. Marvel staggers back and yelps in unimaginable suffering.

He makes his last ditch effort. One last Gamma Ray Burst with all the energy he has remaining. Heisei sees Marvel channel his energy and responds. The two fire their respective energy blasts at one another, the Gamma Ray Burst meeting the Infinite Heat Ray. The force from the beam struggles brings down any foundation of any building that had survived in a 5 mile radius. Marvel had to win.

If he lost this struggle everything would perish. Marvel's beam pushes forward. Heisei feels nothing but rage and fury at the world. If everything had to be taken from him he would take everything away from everyone. Heisei's beam pushes forward.

And it continues to push forward past the point of no return. The beam pulls through and blows off the majority of Marvel's head leaving him just barely alive. Heisei marches towards Marvel's near motionless body. First he blasts off his remaining arm. Then he blasts off his legs.

Now he is just a torso and head, a pitiful display for a former king. The overwhelming heat emitting from Godzilla begins boling Marvel's insides. Marvel looks up to the monster and sees the devil. There is no hope for the Earth. Godzilla then charges up his Infinite Heat Ray and fires it, the blast vaporizing Marvel's head leaving it as a husk. Godzilla roars triumphantly at defeating this powerful foe. He then walks away looking for more earth to destroy, 10 minutes from Meltdown.

The sea of blaze and inferno swallow all that might have endured the devastation created by the two behemoths. Others still alive beyond the scope of the major destruction looked on. Some cackled uncontrollably. Some sobbed alone with the dead. Most however were quiet and understood the significance of the moment.

This was to be the end of Earth. A lone helicopter hovered in the distance. An old man, a survivor of many tragedies and a lucky person who had the resources to escape the violence. The orders given were to evacuate immediately to safety. The old man however belayed these objectives.

He wanted to witness the titans fight for the fate of the human race and see who would emerge the victor. He saw the entire melee firsthand. The battle struck him personally for some reason. As if he had to see the results of the match. This set something within him at peace and another in agony.

He was satisfied. A secretary under his employ approached him with news. "We really mustn't delay any longer, Dr. Serizawa." she uttered nervously. An ominous glow can be seen on the horizon.