Hey guys, I'm going to give a shot at a Kill La Kill x Bleach fanfic, because it's been two fucking years since the last fanfic came out!

This little idea of mine has been brewing since I finished reading To My Death I Fight, and if you haven't checked out, I suggest you should, 'cause it's very well done(another reason why I decided to write this, was because of the Bleach anime finally returning, after I don't know... 8 fucking years).

This story is post-time skip(so after Ichigo defeats Kugo Ginjo but before TYBW, because TYBW characters are far to strong for Kill La Kill characters) for Bleach and beginning of series KLK.

All types of feedback are welcome(including hate, because I seriously don't care, it's not that difficult to ignore it) because this is my first fanfic and I'd like to improve as I go.

I don't own Kill La Kill or Bleach(or the cover of this story for that matter), the only thing I own is this story's idea.


It was a brand new day for our neighbourhood carrot-top, Ichigo Kurosaki.

He woke up the way he usually does... with his father attacking him while he's waking up.

"ICHIGOOOOOOOO!" Isshin cried while trying to axe kick his son, before getting brutally punched by said son into the wall.

"Cut it out old man! When will you start trying to act your own age?" Ichigo shouted at his incompetent old man, before seeing his old man somehow magically peel off the wall.

"Your reflexes are still in good shape, they might have even improved... and to answer your question, I'm preparing you." Isshin replied while peeling of the wall before trying to tackle his son again... key word being trying.

"Preparing me for what? How do you prepare someone by trying to knock them unconscious when they are trying to wake up?" Ichigo said before punching his dad down the stairs before proceeding to walk down said stairs.

Now, Ichigo would never admit this to anyone(especially his dad!), but he was glad everything was back to his normal, especially after the whole Xcution incident and everyone around him acting strangely for 17 months, and that was something he never wanted to go through again.

"Morning Ichigo!" Both Yuzu and Karin said.

"Morning to you as well, ummm... Yuzu what'd you make for breakfast?" Ichigo replied sheepishly.

"It's leftover curry from last night that I kept because I didn't feel like making breakfast because it's a Saturday" uttered Yuzu.

"You didn't feel like making breakfast?" Ichigo asked suspiciously.



Unsurprisingly, (to Ichigo and his family at least!) Isshin managed to teleport from the stairs to a chair at the table in an instant, looking extremely cartoonish while doing so.

"May I have some please?" Isshin asked.

"Here you go~" Yuzu replied in a sing-song tone.

"Ok old man, how can you try to knock me unconscious when I wake up to being happy-go-lucky in a few seconds?" Ichigo questioned while somehow making his scowl worse than it already was.

"Yuzu's cooking" Isshin replied seriously.

"Stop talking shit, Yuzu's cooking is amazing, but how can food do that?" Ichigo said in a questioning tone.

"You'll never know." Isshin replied, while smirking uncontrollably.

"You're goddamn right about that." Ichigo replied seriously.

Now that everyone in the Kurosaki household has calmed dow-

"When can I expect grandkids?" Isshin asked.

"Old man, where did this come from? Ichigo said before finishing his plate of curry.


"Ichigo, your sisters want to ask you something." Isshin said, blissfully unaware of the previous question.

"Trying to subvert my attent-"

"Ichigo, they want to ask you something serious." Isshin asked while looking incredibly serious.

Now when Isshin was serious about something, Ichigo actually paid attention to whatever he said, because he could actually hold a conversation with Isshin(and that's propably the only reason).

"What do you wanna ask?" he replied while lifting his eyebrow.

"Ni-san, you've been gloomy for the past 17 months, don't you want to do something or go somewhere different?" Yuzu said while fidgeting with her fingers and looking embarrassed.

"Have I really?"Ichigo said while widening his eyes.

"Yes you have, even though your powers have returned." Isshin replied honestly.

"Ni-san, we were thinking that you try and meet new people, maybe go someplace you've never been, go to a new a school perhaps?" Yuzu uttered sternly.

"But I've got you guy-" Ichigo tried to say before getting interrupted by Yuzu.

"Ichigo, I think it's high time you spread your wings and go somewhere outside of Karakura!" Isshin shouted deliriously before getting lectured by Yuzu about how he shouldn't play with his food at the table while Ichigo's veins were looking like they were about to explode at any moment.

"However Ichigo, there's another reason why

I'd agree to you going to this school." Isshin said and after giving Ichigo a few seconds, a sudden look of realization struck Ichigo's face.

"No way old man, it better not be some end-of-the world shit that I had to deal with, I don't want to lose my powers again, that was the worst." Ichigo whispered while looking downcast(you know, due recent memory *cough cough Xcution cough cough* and almost losing all his friends due Tsukashima replacing their memories of him with Tsukashima, and he never wanted that on anyone, even Aizen!).

"Now now, you won't lose your powers again, that's a given, you'd kill both Kisuke and I, if we did that again." Isshin replied seriously while looking at Ichigo.

"If Kisuke's involved in this, I know for sure shit's about to hit the fan, so why would I want to get involved in any of this?" Ichigo said while frowning.

"Well Ichigo, every human on the planet might die if you don't get involved." Isshin said as he stared at Ichigo seriously before trying to lighten the mood and go back to his old, cartoonish self.

"Ok old man, before I throw myself into this and almost get myself killed, I need to ask one question...why aren't the Shinigami doing this if the entire world's at stake?" Ichigo questioned before staring down Isshin.

"Simply put, they don't know about it... yet." Isshin said while accepting his son's staring competion, with equal amount of seriousness.

"So you're telling me that the Shinigami don't know about it because of you and Kisuke? Do you know how stupid that soun-..."

"Yes Ichigo I know how stupid that sounds, however this foe is not a normal type of evil you've encountered, she's the head of REVOC-" Isshin said sternly before getting interrupted by our carrot-top, "No fucking way! The head of REVOCS? Isshin are you out of your already insane mind? I can't just walk up to the head of R-..." he screamed before getting interrupted by his father again.

"Ichigo, we already know you can't just walk up to the head of REVOCS and say, "Hey can I kill you for a second?" , the entire world will try and figure how the head of REVOCS died and who did it... if the Shinigami get involved, they'll burn REVOCS to the ground and everyone in the world will want to know how the hell REVOCS headquarters got nuked, so instead of that route, we'll make you do a different type of mission." Isshin said while making hand gestures as he continued his monologue.

Ichigo stared suspiciously at Isshin for a bit before letting him continue.

"Ok, so what Kisuke and I have done is plan on you going to Honnouji Academy, because that's where a lot of this stuff is happening and you're the only who can go there without it being suspicious." Isshin said.

"I still don't wanna go, why must I leave all my friends, and when must I go to Honnouji anyway?" he questioned before sighing(quite audibly at that!).

"We can't afford to get caught, having so many people from the same school will make this a lot more difficult than it already is, and Soul Society will ask why you and your friends are no longer in Karakura... oh right, uhhhh... you'll be going to Honnouji Academy on Monday." Isshin answered.

"You know usually I would be fighting tooth and nail not to go, but I guess I have to do this shit 'cause apparently no-one else can do this!" Ichigo said in a sarcastic tone, like seriously why couldn't he be selfish for once, and let Kisuke figure out this shit?

"I'll get my stuff ready for Monday, besides how bad could the best school in Japan be?"Ichigo said before turning around and inaudibly grumble about how crazy his life was... little did he know that this academy had a lot more in store for him than he thought.

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