Chapter Seven: Isn't That Something?

After a week of travel, they had finally arrived at the front of the gates to the village. The trip back home went smoother than expected. Haku had remained quiet for the most part but chatted with everyone here and there. Thankfully, everyone else on the team had steadily warmed up to the Yuki girl. Traveling with her had made them realize she was actually a pretty good person. Though Kakashi couldn't help but notice her tendency to stick near Ren for most of the time.

"Well, Haku here's Konoha!" Announced Ren as he gestured toward the main gate of the village. With KubiKiribocho strapped to his back. While Ren was used to carrying around a zanbato styled blade. KubiKiribocho was a fair bit longer, though he managed to place it in such a manner. He was able to carry it around without much hassle.

"It's Amazing." Was Haku's simple reply. Compared to Kiri, Konoha was far more inviting and welcoming.

"Team seven reporting back from our mission." Stated Kakashi to the gate guards, Izumo and Kotetsu. Also, known as "The Eternal Chunin".

"So how'd your C-rank mission go? Pretty standard stuff I assume?" Asked Izumo, though he noticed the girl with them and figured something was off. Picking up people was something that usually didn't happen on C missions.

"The Hokage is expecting you all in his office as soon as you can be there." Cut in Kotetsu.

"Not surprising considering all that happened on the mission." Chimed Naruto. "We might as well go see the old man and get this over with."

"I get the feeling this meeting is going to last a while." Sasuke snarked.

"And I feel like a lot of it is going to revolve around me." Ren deadpanned.

Everyone walked off together and headed off to Hokage tower. Haku couldn't help but look around in wonder during the travel.

"This place is so much different from Kiri. If anything it's a direct opposite to it." Haku mused.

"Was Kiri really that bad?" Sakura wondered.

"Haku speaks the truth." Stated Kakashi. "Kiri is also known as 'Blood Mist Village'. Due to their brutal training practices and so on, that was implemented by the Mizukage. It got so bad, Kiri is currently embroiled in a civil war because of it. That's been going on for some time now, between those still loyal to the Mizukage. Then there are the rebels being lead by Mei Terumi, who seeks to put the past behind and work towards a better future."

"Correct." Replied Haku. "However it should be noted the Mizukage died a few years ago. Since that time, Mei's forces have steadily been pushing the loyalist against the wall."

"You kept up on the civil war?" Inquired Ren.

"Zabuza…." Haku said with a pause before continuing. "Zabuza always intended to return to Kiri and take leadership. So it was important to keep up to date with the war."

"I know of Mei Terumi." Kakashi mused. "She's a highly skilled kunoichi, she'll certainly qualify for the position of kage should her side prove victorious. Anyways, were here at the tower."

Everyone shuffled into the tower and headed up to the Hokage's office. After checking in with the secretary they all headed to the door of the office.

Hiruzen was currently sitting at his desk, dealing with the greatest enemy man had ever known. PAPERWORK! "Damn it all, it never seems to end!" The Hokage thought with irritation at his greatest enemy. Then he heard a knock at his door. "Come in."

"Team seven, here to give a full mission report Lord Hokage." Kakashi announced walking with his team in tow.

Hiruzen raised an eyebrow when he noticed a girl he didn't recognize. "Must be the girl in the report preview he sent." He knew that they had captured an enemy kunoichi, but nothing was stated that they were bringing her to Konoha. What was already going to be an interesting talk, just seemed to become more so. "Give your report Kakashi."

"Yes sir." Kakashi then explained everything about the mission, from the demon brothers to Tazuna's confession. The first fight with Zabuza the time in between to the second battle at the bridge. Then the aftermath of everything, during the talk. The rest of team seven would fill in the areas as needed. By the end of it, the Hokage looked like he seriously needed a long drag from his tobacco pipe.

Hiruzen cleared his throat before speaking. "I see then. The first and foremost thing, I have to say is to you Kakashi." He said sternly with a glare that made the jonin nervous. "Why in the world did you think continuing with what was at that point. An A-rank mission with a bunch of genin, such a good idea?"

"Well you see, we were already so far out by the time we found out about everything. It was too late to do anything about things, so I chose to continue the mission. Zabuza showing up was an unexpected turn of events." Kakashi answered hoping his excuse would work. Judging by the Hokage's expression, he wasn't buying Kakashi's bullshit in the slightest.

"We will be having a thorough discussion about your teaching methods later." Kakashi could hang his head in despair, knowing the kind of chewing he was going to receive in private. "Now then." Said Hiruzen looking towards the genin and taking a much softer expression. "Despite the unexpected and high dangers on your mission, you performed well. Rest assured this mission will be bumped to an A-rank and you will be paid accordingly for it. Also Ren and Sakura, the bounty for the demon brothers will be added to your pay."

"It was nothing old man, Believe it! We had this under control no problem!" Chimed Naruto.

"Naruto, we all almost died like, four different times. Don't oversell it, if we didn't have a jonin teacher. As skilled as Kakashi-sensei we would have all died on that shore once we got off the boat." Deadpanned Ren.

"I second that." Went Sasuke.

"Ditto." Spoke Sakura.

"Undoubtedly." Haku mused.

"You're all traitors!" Snapped the jinchuriki.

Hiruzen chuckled a little before addressing the next topic on hand. "Now then, who are you exactly young lady?" He spoke looking at Haku. She couldn't help but shrink a bit under the Hokage's gaze.

"My name is Haku Yuki, Lord Hokage." She replied not allowing her nervousness to show.

Hiruzen raised an eyebrow of surprise at that. "The Yuki clan of the land of water? The one's who possess a powerful ice release kekkei genkai? I was under the impression the clan died out completely a few decades ago."

"I am the last of my clan as far as I am aware of, Lord Hokage."

"I see, just what are your intentions now that you're here in Konoha?"

Haku was silent for a moment, looking away before refocusing her gaze on the Hokage. "You see, I have nowhere else to go. So when I was offered a chance to come for an opportunity to restart my life here. It was an offer I honestly couldn't refuse."

"What are your plans exactly?" Hiruzen inquired.

"I've thought about it the entire time traveling here and I wish to continue my career as a shinobi. In service to the hidden leaf village. I was personally trained for years by Zabuza Momochi and I have a strong understanding of my kekkei genkai. I'm also familiar with water release jutsu and some wind release jutsu. I have no quarrel with team seven or Konoha."

"Hmmm." Mused the Hokage in thought. "How exactly can I trust your word on that miss Yuki?" He asked.

"Because I vouch for her." Cut in Ren. "Once, you get past the whole attempted murder thing. Haku has shown herself to be a very polite and honest person. I can also vouch for her skill as a kunoichi having been on the receiving end of it myself."

"If Ren vouches for her than so do I." Announced Naruto with a grin.

"I'll throw my vote in for her too." Sasuke spoke.

"After getting to know her more in these last few weeks. I'm all for Haku joining the village as a kunoichi." Sakura piped up.

"If all my students, vouch for Haku. Then I suppose I do as well." Mused Kakashi.

While the Hokage kept a neutral expression, internally he was quite pleased. "Very well then, as Lord Hokage of Konoha. I hereby appoint you Haku Yuki as a genin of the leaf village." He finished as he pulled out and presented a leaf headband. Haku walked up and took it with a word of thanks before tying it around her forehead and returning to team seven's side.

"Now then we'll have to work finding you a residence of sorts in the village." Spoke Hiruzen.

"She can stay at the Yamanaka compound or at least until housing of her own is established. We have plenty of room I know for a fact, my uncle shouldn't mind."

Haku whipped her head to the Yamanaka in surprise. "Ren, you don't need to do such a thing. You've done enough for me as it is."

"Haku I consider you my friend, I look after my friends. It's not an issue at all I assure you." Ren retorted looking at Haku.

"Yeah and I'm sure Ino will be happy to have another kunoichi her age to hang around with at home too." Naruto said, which caught the ice user by surprise.

"It wasn't mentioned before that you live with Ren at his clan compound."

"Yeah well, when me and Ren met when we were five. We became friends and he convinced his uncle to take me in. We've been inseparable ever since! Believe it!"

"It's true." Went Ren. "It's the reason why me and Naruto consider each other brothers. Practically in every sense of the phrase, I of course play the role of the big brother. Naruto is too much of a knucklehead still for that one."

"I take offense to that, thank you kindly!"

"Sorry, not sorry."

Hiruzen coughed to bring attention back to him. As much as he was genuinely enjoying the sight before him. There was other business that still needed to be discussed. "Now then the next matter at hand, namely everything that happened with you Ren." The pleasant mood in the room disappeared as the tone of things became serious again.

"Where do we begin?" Wondered Ren.

"A fair point, there's much to discuss." Chimed Hiruzen. "Let's start with the fact you are now in possession of one of the legendary swords of the mist."

"Am I not being allowed to keep it?" Ren asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Normally I would ask for such a dangerous weapon in the hands of a genin. However, I am aware that you have already received years of training with blades of such size. Thus I will permit you to hold onto it, though as a word of warning. Should you run into any ninja from Kiri in the future. They will most likely desire to take it from you. Either for themselves or to return to their village." The Hokage spoke seriously.


"Now the next affair and the much larger issue, this kekkei genkai, this dojutsu you have awakened." Hiruzen spoke far more seriously. "Kakashi gave me a description of it in his preview report. I have been digging through the personal library only Hokage's have access to. I believe I may have found something, but I would like to see your dojutsu with my own eyes first."

Ren nodded his head and closed his eyes for a moment, then opened them. Revealing his eyes were no longer a deep blue. His irises had turned crimson and horizontally-slitted with red sclera. The Hokage looked intensely at Ren with his own eyes, studying what he was seeing very closely. This continued for a few minutes before he finally spoke. "Yes, the information I have found is a match to this. I know what this mysterious dojutsu is."

"What is it exactly Lord Hokage?" Ren wondered as did everyone else who now looked at the Hokage in anticipation.

"This dojutsu is called 'Ketsuryūgan'." Hiruzen began to explain. "Long ago during the age before the formation of the hidden villages. In the land of lighting existed a clan of ninja known as the 'Chinoike Clan.' This dojutsu originated from them and it possesses the power to cast extremely powerful genjutsu and can control liquids that have high amounts of iron. Namely, blood to be the most precise, it's power is stated to rival even that of the only other two known dojutsu left in existence. Byakugan and Sharingan, it is capable of matching them both."

This news jolted Ren's memory enough at last. "Of course! It's Ketsuryūgan, how could I forget that!? There was a novel and anime arc all about that. That takes place post the fourth shinobi world war. That whole deal with Chino and all that. I'll probably have to deal with that bundle of crazy at some point, I'm sure. This thing doesn't just have stupidly powerful genjutsu capabilities. It also grants some insanely strong if somewhat….. okay it's actually pretty fucked up blood-based ninjutsu. That's a bridge I'll cross once I get there though. Though the novel and name arc only should a few of this dojutsu's power. I bet I can discover if not create a whole new bunch of jutsu to go with this." The Yamanaka thought to himself.

"Byakugan and Sharingan are considered the two most powerful kekkei genkai in existence. This Ketsuryūgan is truly that powerful?" Kakashi asked with some skepticism.

"From what records we have yes." Replied Hiruzen. "Even amongst kekkei genkai, dojutsu's are in leagues above others. Though the Ketsuryūgan was forgotten about, since the supposed extinction of the Chinoike clan a few centuries ago."

"What sort of blood control exactly does this dojutsu entail, Lord Hokage?" Sasuke Questioned.

"I wish I knew. I'm afraid such information has been lost to the passing of time I'm afraid. So, Ren will have to figure things out as he goes along with it."

"If this Ketsuryūgan is so powerful then how did this Chinoike clan, be supposedly wiped out?" Asked Sakura.

"At some point, a member of the clan married the lightning daimyo but one of his previous wives grew jealous. The Uchiha clan was hired and after a long-fought campaign. Most of the clan was wiped out and the remainder was forced out of lightning country. Those that remained seemingly disappeared forever, taking the Ketsuryūgan with them." Continued the Hokage.

"The survivors, what few there was, must have kept a low profile. The Ketsuryūgan most likely stopped appearing entirely at some point in clan descendants. To the point where even those who carried the genetics weren't even aware. My father must never have known he was a descendant to the Chinoike himself. The genetics were passed onto and just happened to reappear with me." Muttered Ren.

"That would be the most likely case in my opinion." Replied the Hokage. "With something as huge as this, a clan meeting between the shinobi side of the village will need to be held."

"Is that needed?" Ren inquired.

"I'm afraid so. Something like this could have a huge impact on both the Yamanaka clan and Konoha as a whole. Thus a proper meeting between clan heads is a must. It will be held a few days from now."

Ren gave out a sigh and deactivated his dojutsu. "Fine, but I'm gonna hate every minute of it."

"I can't blame you for that. Now we have one more piece of business to attend to. This will affect both team seven and Haku."

"How so old man?" Naruto asked.

Hiruzen gave a small smirk. "As you know team seven was designated to have four members. Due to having an odd number of graduates with your class. With the addition of Haku to the genin ranks and another new recent arrival. We can now form an all-new genin team. By taking one of the current members of team seven and bring them to a proper squad size as well.

"You can't be serious old man!?" Naruto shouted. "You're going to break our team up!?"

"Quiet Naruto!" Cut in Kakashi, causing the whiskered blond to shut up. "Genin teams are only usually meant to operate in three-person cells. We were a special case, now that enough people are available to make a new genin team. By taking one of our extras to do so, only makes sense."

"So you're going to use one of us for this new team and Haku but what about this third person? Who are they?" Sakura wondered.

"Let me introduce her. Send her in!" The Hokage called out and a few moments passed before the office door opened. The person strolled up to the front of the room and turned to face team seven and Haku. Everyone looked intrigued except Ren. The Yamanaka was glad he was wearing a mask to conceal the gaping mouth of shock he was hiding behind it. Mentally, however, he was far less controlled.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, this's bad! Fuck me all kinds of sideways! If she's here it could only mean that he has to be watching me! And she was sent here to keep an extremely close eye on me!" Ren thought in panic.

Who was this person by chance? She was dressed differently then what Ren remembered. Wearing grey shinobi pants and a black sleeveless shirt both of which hugged her figure, along with black shinobi sandals. She also had on a pair of grey arm-warmers. She had fair skin, brown eyes that were accentuated by her eyelashes extending into the corners of her eyes. She also had long, untamed, reddish hair. That fell past her shoulders with long parted bangs framing either side of her face and one between her eyes. Though she had a black bandanna that covered the top of her head and helped keep her hair in place. She was also sporting a new looking leaf headband tied around her right bicep. While no one else knew who she worked for, where she was really from, and who she was. Ren knew exactly who she was from the memories of his past life.

Tayuya of the North Gate, of the sound four.

Tayuya almost didn't believe it when that four-eyed fuck Kabuto, gave her the mission scroll. She had to go undercover and watch this guy that Orochimaru had an eye on. Apparently, he had lots of talent and now had some thought to have been extinct kekkei genkai. Granted, she was genuinely interested in seeing this kekkei genkai for herself. Not every day a long thought dead dojutsu magically comes back into existence after all.

As annoying as being sent on this mission was, she understood why she chose for it. Orochimaru needed someone strong enough he could also trust to watch the target. She was the only suitable person in Oto for such a job in that regard. Plus, Orochimaru could afford to let her go for a long term mission. Seeing how a cure had managed to be found for Kimimarou's illness.

So now she was here in Konoha in all places, it was easy enough to get in. She showed up about wanting to join the village. Gave a sob story to the old geezer, had a brief test to show her ninja skill. Bam, just like that she was a leaf genin. Now she just had to make contact with her target and start watching him. Her job was simple, look over him and make sure nothing bad happened to him. Pretty easy job in all honesty and it got her away from her annoying ass teammates. All in all, she could handle this no problem.

She was currently in the Hokage's office with her target and a bunch of others. Ren Yamanaka was easily the most recognizable person in Konoha. Mocha-skin, wild blond hair, a metal mask, and a big fucking sword strapped to his back. The next one she noticed was another blond with whisker marks on his face. she found that to be odd, though she did have teammates in Oto. One with two heads and another with six arms. So she had seen weirder shit in her life.

Then she noticed some pink-haired girl who looked to girly for her own good. Then Tayuya noticed some dude with black hair, that was shaped like a duck's ass in the front. Then she realized it was Sasuke Uchiha, the other person in leaf, Orochimaru had an interest in. Thankfully, he wasn't her concern at all. She also saw some long-haired girl who looked like she could be some kind of feudal lords daughter just by her princess-like looks.

Then there was the jonin behind them all, she knew who it was from the bingo books. Kakashi Hatake the copy-cat ninja. He was a concern, he had a somewhat close bond with her target. Even if she was technically one of Orochimaru's elite bodyguards. She knew all to well that Kakashi would beat her in a fight. She would have to be careful not to arouse suspicion from him.

With those thoughts out of the way, she decided to address the crowd.

"How's it going? Name's Tayuya, I'm a recent arrival here at the village." She said in her rough tomboy like manner.

"Ok, calm down Ren." The Yamanaka thought to himself, getting his nerves under control. "I can deal with this, no need to go crazy… yet anyways. In fact, now that I think about it, I could work this to my advantage. Keep your friends close but your enemies closer. If I play my cards right and with some luck. I could gain a strong ally." Ren also conveniently chose to ignore his penchant for sassy redheads. Something that carried over from his past life.

Steadying himself and putting on air being calm and relaxed, Ren approached Tayuya. The redhead looked at the blond before her with a raised eyebrow.

"Ren Yamanaka, nice to meet you Tayuya." Ren politely spoke with a nod of his head.

"Not suspicious in the slightest, good." Thought the undercover sound kunoichi. "Nice to meet you too." She simply replied.

"Now then." Cut in the Hokage. "Tayuya will be a member of a new genin team, along with Haku. As for the member of team seven who will be used to finish out this newly appointed team. I have decided that Ren Yamanaka will be the third member."

Ren paused in place for a moment, letting the news sink in. When he turned his head towards the Hokage. "What?" He simply said trying to see if he had heard correctly.

"You heard correctly Ren, I have decided that this new team will be comprised of you, Haku and Tayuya."

"Who will be the jonin instructor to this new team?" Spoke up Kakashi. He was honestly sad to see his arguably best student leave, even if he didn't show it. It made him wonder just who the Hokage found to lead the team. Ebisu perhaps? He wasn't the strongest jonin but few knew the ends and outs of teaching better than him. Maybe Anko, kami he hoped not. That woman's sexual deviancy was hard for him to deal with at times. Who's knows what it would do to these genin, with prolonged exposure. This coming from someone who openly reads (albeit well written) porn books in public. Suddenly there was a knock at the door, drawing everyone's attention.

"Ahhh, speak of the devil." Hiruzen said. "Come in." In walked a woman wearing jonin attire. She had an animalistic look with long, spiky, untamed brown hair, vertical slit-like pupils, elongated canine teeth, and nails. She also has red fang markings on her cheeks as well as markings over her eyes and a dark shade of purple lipstick. "Good to see you, Tsume Inuzuka. Allow me to show you your new genin team." Announced as Hiruzen, gestured to Ren, Haku, and Tayuya.

The Inuzuka clan head looked at her new genin team with interest. Her sights first fell on the Yamanaka, she was already well aware of him. He was in the same class as her son Kiba at the academy. Plus, Inoichi always loved to talk about him at clan meetings. Next, she eyed a long Haired Kunoichi, she looked innocent and sweet. Though Tsume could tell that the girl was far more dangerous then she showed. Lastly, she looked at the tomboy redhead, she looked like a rough and tough sort of girl. Reminded Tsume a lot of herself if she was honest. A smirk stretched across her face.

"Looks like you found me a real strong group of genin Lord Hokage? This will be fun."

Hiruzen gave a small smile in return. "This moment onward, you all will be Konoha genin team thirteen."

"All right you three listen up!" Barked Tsume. All three immediately focused their attention, Tsume had a very commanding presence. "I understand you've all traveled a lot recently and only just arrived in the village. Rest up and meet me at the training grounds tomorrow at noon. We won't be doing any kind of real training but I want to see what you can offer before we actually start doing missions." She looked to Haku and Tayuya. "You two have no real living arrangements yet in the village I imagine?"

"Ren has offered me a place at the Yamanaka compound." Replied Haku.

"I got nothing." Tayuya chimed. An idea popped into Ren's mind at that.

"You can stay at the Yamanaka compound as well Tayuya." Ren announced.

Tayuya looked at the mocha-skinned blond in surprise. "You're shitting me!?" she spoke honestly.

"Not at all, since were teammates now and you need a place. It's the best thing to do I say. I think you'll find living in the compound better than any of the apartments."

"Well, fuck I can't refuse an offer that good." Tayuya retorted with a smirk. "Holy shit, he's making my job all kinds of easy. This is perfect for me."

"Ren take them to your clan compound and get them settled. Take the rest of the day to get to know each other." Ordered Tsume before turning to the Hokage. "Anything else for us Lord Hokage?"

"You're excused, except Kakashi." Spoke Hiruzen as said jonin then gulped in fear. Everyone else piled out of the office.

"While at the compound, I need to have a meeting about what happened at wave and this meeting with the Hokage. With my uncle, mother and cousin I'd like you all to be there as well." Spoke Ren. "You were either there to see things first hand and can help fill in blanks." He nodded to team seven and Haku. "Or since we're going to be on a team together it's best you know about this now. Seeing how you would find about eventually anyways." He looked towards Tayuya and Tsume.

"Very well then, let's get a move on." Tsume replied.

Everyone traveled together to the Yamanaka compound. They reached the main house and Ren entered first. He was immediately assaulted.

"Ren!" Kairi yelled the moment her son walked in the door. She immediately hugged him and ruffled his hair. Ren for his part made no effort to stop her, he was a momma's boy and had no shame in admitting it. Everyone else watching simply smiled or chuckled at the scene. Except for Tayuya who raised in eyebrow in curiosity. She wasn't used to seeing such blatant acts of affection back in Oto.

"Good to see you, mom." Ren happily replied once his mother let go of him.

"I was worried, Inoichi mentioned that a report that came in saying your mission. Became more complicated but he couldn't give details at the time." Kairi spoke when she noticed some of the others. "Tsume! Haven't seen you in a bit, you weren't at the monthly shinobi mother's club meeting."

Tsume smirked in response. "Yeah I know, been busy lately. Going to be even more so now that I have a genin team to manage."


"That's one of the things that need to be discussed." Ren cut in. "Could you get Uncle and cousin Ino?

Kairi noting the seriousness in her son's voice nodded her head. A few minutes later everyone was gathered in a large room. Inoichi placed multiple privacy seals to ensure secrecy.

"Some of you know what transpired recently, some of you don't." Ren stated. "Let me start to explain everything." From there Ren recounted the whole wave incident from start to finish leaving out no details. Then went on to explain everything that happened in the Hokage's office. By the end of it those who had been out of the loop. Had a variety of different reactions.

Ino was completely speechless not having even the slightest idea as to what to say. Inoichi had an expression of regret on his face as he continued to process things. Tsume had a serious expression, as she reached her own conclusions on the information. Tayuya brows were furrowed as she analyzed it all herself. Kairi meanwhile was steadily crying after learning everything. Ren right beside her trying to comfort her as best as he could.

"To think after all this time, for it to come to light. That Hiroshi had been murdered." Kairi spoke with a sad tone.

"Forgive me Kairi, forgive Ren. I should have caught on to what had really happened to Hiroshi." Inoichi spoke with regret lacing his voice.

"Don't blame yourself, uncle." Ren replied. "The only one to blame was Gato and I made sure he paid the price for his actions."

"The bastard had it coming no doubts about that." Tsume cut in. "However comes the even bigger thing at hand, can we see this dojutsu of yours?

Ren nodded his head before activating his Ketsuryūgan.

"Holy shit." Muttered Tayuya.

"Inoichi, this gonna cause a hell of shakeup amongst the power and politics of the village clans." Tsume mused.

Inoichi let out a deep sigh. "Sadly, you're right and that concerns me."

"Hold on a minute here." Ren interjected. "Lord Hokage mentioned something like that but didn't elaborate. I understand a kekkei genkai and a dojutsu no less, popping up is a big deal. Why is everyone acting as though this is gonna shake things down to their core?"

"Let me try to explain Ren." Inoichi began. "As you might be aware of most clans in the village have their status. Due to their uniquely powerful jutsu or kekkei genkai related to them. For the most powerful clans in the village like the Hyuga or Uchiha before their fall. It was a mixture of both these things. The Yamanaka clan has always been one of the more prominent clans in the village. Due to our uniquely powerful jutsu. Though we've never been one could consider the most prestigious of clans. However, now that you have awakened this dojutsu, it is now essentially a Kekkei genkai of our clan. So we now possess an extremely powerful kekkei genkai and powerful clan unique jutsu's. Depending on where you go with your personal life in the years to come. Our clan could within a few generations, possess a fair amount of Ketsuryūgan users. That in turn would raise us to the highest tiers of the village's status."

"Oh, crap." Ren muttered as began to connect the dots. "You're basically saying here, is that me possessing this threatens to destabilize the power balance between clans? Would the other clans really be so petty?"

"The Hyuga would." Sasuke stated. "Before the fall of the Uchiha, we were always in competition with the Hyuga. Always trying to claim the top spot in the village. Since the fall of my clan, the Hyuga essentially now sits on the top un-opposed. As Konoha's most powerful and influential clan. Hyuga's have a reputation for being rather full of themselves for the most part. They'll see the potential that the Yamanaka now possesses as a direct threat to their status within the village."

"Sadly, Sasuke is correct." Tsume piped up. "Most members of the Hyuga clan have always had a stick up their ass about being better than everyone else. An attitude that's only gotten worse since the Uchiha clans fall. Dealing with the pricks is insufferable at times. Your Uncle can attest to that."

"Unfortunately, Tsume makes a point. The one who will see this as a threat the most. Will be the Hyuga clan elders I dare say." Pointed out Inoichi.

"For fuck's sake!" Exclaimed Ren. "I don't need this kind of bullshit right now. I have enough to deal with currently as it is. The last thing I need to worry about is Hyuga clan assassin's coming for me as I sleep. Right?... Am I gonna have to worry about that kind of thing?"

"It can't be ruled out at the moment."

"Oh goddammit!"

"Let's not get ahead of ourselves, we still have the clan meeting. We should try to hope that things will go smoothly." Interjected Tsume.

"Agreed, I think we have had enough of such talk for one day." Said Inoichi. "Go and relax for the rest of the day. Get to know your new teammates."

At that, all the teens left the room, leaving only the adults. Kairi turned to her brother with concern written on her face.

"Be honest with me brother, just how much danger is my son now in?" Kairi wondered.

Inoichi let out a sigh "While I don't think he's in too much danger in the village itself. The true problem lies outside of Konoha, a dojutsu isn't a kekkei genkai that can be hidden. Sooner or later word will get out that he possesses it and if history is anything to go by. There are those who will go to extreme lengths to obtain such a rare and powerful dojutsu."

As the adults pondered the situation to come. The genin had gone their own way for the time being. Sasuke and Sakura had headed home to rest after the mission. Naruto had decided to stay back at the compound to do the same. Haku had also elected to stay behind to settle into her new room. Ren however was too amped still from the recent news. He was currently walking through the streets with Tayuya.

"This's bullshit." Ren barked, rather annoyed by things.

Tayuya watched the Yamanaka as they walked, thinking about all she had heard. "No wonder Orochimaru has his sights set on this guy. A kekkei genkai that grants insane genjutsu and control a person's very blood. That's some craziness even for me. Not to mention he has come into possessing one of the actual seven swords of the mist. I didn't think much about this guy at first but I'm starting to see just how much more there is to him. I should try to get to know him better and maybe help him a bit. It will make my mission go that much smoother."

"Can't argue with that." Tayuya spoke. "Who would've thought such a thing would cause so much trouble?"

Ren knew what game Tayuya was playing at, she was trying to get on his good side. Ironic, considering he was planning on doing the same thing with her. "Ehh fuck it. I'll go along with it. She may be watching me for Orochimaru at the moment but snake boy won't make a move for me just yet. He probably still has eyes on Sasuke as well because why wouldn't he? So I'm safe from him for now until the chunin exams. That'll be the most opportune time for him to make move on me and Sasuke."

"Ain't that the damn truth?" Ren retorted to the red-headed kunoichi. "Honestly, I'm tired of thinking about it for the day. By the way, since you're new here. I can give you a tour of the village if you'd like?"

"Sounds good, I do need to learn the layout of this place."

For around the next hour, Ren gave Tayuya a full tour of the village. Showing her the key sites and whatnot. Ren found walking around the village with Tayuya relaxing, it was taking his mind from other issues. Suddenly an idea popped into his head.

"Got any hobbies by chance Tayuya?"

Tayuya raised an eyebrow at this but decided to indulge the Yamanaka regardless. "Yeah, I play the flute actually." Was her simple reply.

"No kidding?" Ren retorted, playing things up a bit, I have a hobby like that too." He then proceeded to pull out his ocarina.

"Holy shit!" She exclaimed in genuine surprise. "How long have you've been playing?"

"Since I was a kid."


"Kickass! I know a good spot to practice. If you're up for it"

"Lead the way."

Tayuya followed Ren up to a spot on top of the Hokage monument, giving a good view of the village. They sat across from one another cross-legged. While Tayuya wouldn't admit it out loud. She was actually rather excited to meet someone who played an instrument similar to her own. Despite being from Oto, not very many people used sound at all. Let alone played any instruments as she did, so Tayuya never had any playing partners.

"You wanna go first or should I." Mused the mocha-skinned blond.

"I'll go first and show you how music is really played." Tayuya spoke with some cockiness and a smirk. As she pulled out her flute and brought it up to her lips. She closed her eyes, took a breath, steadied herself, and began to play.

She focused solely on her music as the notes played about through her flute. The melody practically dancing to her desire and whims. Ren simply watched and listened in genuine awe.

"I knew she was good no doubts about it, but this is amazing. She's probably better than most other professional players." He mused mentally.

After some time Tayuya finished her song. "So, what do you think?" She asked with a pleased smirk on her face.

"That was fantastic. I've never heard anyone play such an instrument with such mastery. My skill with my ocarina are gonna look terribly lacking in contrast I think."

Tayuya's smirk grew a little wider. She did always like it when people recognized her skill with her flute. "Yeah well, get to playing and I'll be the judge of that."

"Yes, ma'am." Was Ren's reply as he went about taking off his mask. As he kind of had to in order to play his ocarina.

Tayuya's expression took a mildly surprised look and a small blush couldn't help but creep across her face. As she got a full look at Ren's uncovered face. "Why the hell, does he hide such a face!?" Tayuya wasn't some romance obsessed girl, far from it. She was a rough and tough tomboy and proud of it. Even so, she could appreciate a good looking guy or girl when she saw one. If she had to describe Ren's looks with a single word it would have to be "bishōnen".

Ren brought his ocarina up to his mouth and after taking a moment to decide on a tune. He began to play and allowed the melody of his music to flow about.

Tayuya was once more surprised as she listened and watched Ren play. Carefully watching the movement of his fingers as they danced around his instrument and listening to the tone of things being played. "I can't believe he thinks he's not that good. An ocarina may not be my tool of choice but I can still tell that he has great talent at it."

"So what do you think?" Ren asked once he finished.

"Shit you give yourself to little credit. You can play with the best of them." Tayuya snarked.

"Good to hear, guess all the time learning to play so I could implement it with genjutsu wasn't a waste."

"You for fucking real right now!?"

"Ummmm….Yes?" Ren replied.

"I do the same thing with my flute." Tayuya stated.

"Well in that case. I could use a practice partner for this specific style of genjutsu. Plus, it would be nice just to have someone to bounce ideas back and forth with. When it comes to such things." The Yamanaka mused.

"Oh, I am all fucking for this!" Exclaimed the redhead. She never had anyone back in Oto to practice music playing with. Let alone her style of genjutsu on top of that. So she was legitimately excited about such a prospect. Oh and it also played into her mission as well, there was that too.

"Well, then I have a tune in my head to play at the moment, follow along with me." Ren snarked.

"Bring it."

Ren began his tune, after a moment Tayuya began playing along with it. Neither paid any attention to the time that passed. Allowing themselves to be engrossed in their music.

The next morning Haku and Tayuya awoke and headed to the dining room of the house for breakfast.

"Sup." Groggily spoke Tayuya as she opened the door to her room. Which she had to admit was much better than what she had back in Oto.

"Morning Tayuya." Haku replied awake being a morning person.

"I need some fucking coffee." Tayuya was not a morning person.

Both girls lived in rooms in the same wing as Ren and Naruto. Their rooms were right across from one another. Both girls walked side by side as they headed towards the kitchen, a heavenly smell greeted them. As they walked in they noticed Kairi working at the kitchen stove.

"Hello, girls." Kairi greeted warmly. "You two have seat at the table, breakfast is almost finished." A few minutes later placed a plate of pancakes, bacon, shredded potatoes, and eggs in front of both kunoichis. Both stared at the food in awe, neither could remember when they last ate something that looked so good.

"Damn, this looks amazing." Muttered the redhead.

"Thank you." Haku simply replied.

"It's no problem at all." Kairi replied. "You're living here now and teammates with my son. It's the least I can do for you."

Both girls felt a little awkward at that. Neither were quite used to such kindness being given to them. That was quickly forgotten once they tasted the food. Both sets of eyes lit up in amazement and both began to devour their meal with enthusiasm.

"Where's Ren by chance?" Haku questioned, noticing the sword-wielding blond was missing.

"He said he had some things to do this morning. Though he didn't elaborate on it. He'll meet you at the training grounds when needed to."

The girls not seeing any reason to push the issue finished their food and went to prepare for the day. Sometime later they both arrived at the training, Ren was already there waiting.

"Yo." Was Ren's simple greeting.

"What were you up to this morning?" Inquired Haku.

"Don't worry, you'll find out later." Was the blond's reply.

"As a shinobi that makes me very concerned and suspicious." Tayuya deadpanned.

"It's nothing dangerous I assure you."

"Good, you're all here on time" A voice called out, the genin turned their heads to see Tsume.

"What's the plan for today Tsume-sensei?" Ren asked.

"Alright listen up. The plan for today is simple I want you to display your strengths and abilities. That I can see just what you all can do and develop training plans for you based on what I see." Tsume ordered. "First off I want you to state your Nature release or releases"

"Lightning, water, and wind nature releases for me." Stated Ren.

"Water, wind, and ice release due to my kekkei genkai." Haku spoke.

"Earth and water." Tayuya chimed.

"Alright then, I want you all to go through and display your skills." Tsume spoke as she pulled out a notebook and pen. "I'll be taking notes to review as you do. In order to formulate a training plan tailored to each one of you, going forward. Get to it!"

For the next few hours, the newly formed team thirteen displayed there skills and talents for Tsume to see. The jonin teacher taking notes periodically as she watched. "All right, that's enough you three! Huddle up! Okay, let me break things down here. I'll start with you Ren, you're rather well rounded for a genin. Though while your taijutsu could perhaps be a bit better, you're primarily a kenjutsu user in close combat. Your genjutsu while not bad for a genin could also use improvements. Your Ninjutsu is excellent for age and rank. Your speed, strength, and stamina are good as well. Of course, your newly discovered kekei genkai is a wild card of sorts. Take time to develop it but be cautious. Its full capabilities are still a mystery, be careful not to hurt yourself."

"Understood Tsume-sensei."

Tsume looked to Haku. "You Haku, have exceptional ninjutsu, speed, and control of your kekkei genkai. This also however is your biggest weakness since you seem over-reliant on them. Your taijutsu, genjutsu, and strength are lacking. Though your stamina is rather average. Some physical conditioning and finding a solid taijutsu style will help alleviate that."

"Yes Tsume-sensei, I see your point." Replied the ice user.

"Now for you Tayuya. You have strong genjutu and stamina. Your speed and ninjutsu seem average. Taijutsu and strength are your biggest weak spots for the moment. Nothing too severe from what I can tell."

"Got it sensei." The redhead retorted. Tayuya had to hold herself back if she showed just what she could really do at this point. It would draw far too much suspicion.

"Alright that's enough for today, we'll meet back up here the day after tomorrow. You're all dismissed."

Quick goodbyes to their sensei and some travel time later. The newly formed team thirteen arrived back at the Yamanaka compound.

"I'm gonna go rinse off after all that." Ren announced.

"Sounds like a plan, I worked up a good sweat myself." Chimed Tayuya.

"Likewise." Haku mused.

As the three left to their respective rooms, Haku and Tayuya found something unexpected waiting for them. As Haku entered her room, her eyes were immediately drawn to her bed. Sitting on it was an arrangement of flowers, a seemingly expertly done arrangement of flowers. It comprised of a collection of flowers in various shades of blues, greens, and white. There was a written note laying next to it.

A gift to welcome you to Konoha and as my new teammate.


A blush and a smile couldn't help but appear across her face at the thoughtful gift. "I should go thank him." Haku spoke as she left her room arrangement in hand. As he opened her door however she saw Tayuya leave her respective room as well. She was also holding a seemingly expertly done flower arrangement as well. Though hers was made with a collection red's, violets, and orange shades of flowers. She was also sporting a blush on her face and an awkward expression on her face. She wasn't used to receiving such things.

"You got one as well I see." Spoke the ice user.

"Uhhh… yeah. I guess we know what he was doing this morning." Replied Tayuya.

"We should go thank him."

Tayuya Nodded in agreement and both girls walked down the hall towards Ren's room. Without really thinking they opened up the door. "Ren we-" Haku began but her words died in her mouth. As she and Tayuya both froze in place as to what they were seeing. Both of their faces immediately turned red.

Ren was standing frozen in place in the middle of his room with only a towel wrapped around his waist. His face also red with a visible look of shock on it. Time seemingly froze as both sides just stared at each other unmoving. Then gravity took hold and the towel fell to the floor. On reflex, the eyes of the two kunoichis looked down. Their faces turned an even deeper shade of red, their eyes widened and some blood trickled from their noses.

"AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!" All three suddenly yelled in unison. As Haku and Tayuya quickly slammed the door shut.

"We're sorry Ren! We should've knocked! We both just wanted to thank you for the flowers!" Haku quickly yelled out as an apology.

"No problem." Ren replied from within his room, sounding just as embarrassed. "I'm willing to forget this happened if you two are?"

"Deal" The two girls agreed in unison as they proceeded to head to their respective rooms. Though the image of what they just saw was burned rather thoroughly into both of their heads. The rest of the day was rather awkward between the three needless to say.

The next day Haku, Ren, and Tayuya along with team seven, Inoichi and Ino made their way to Hokage tower for the clan meeting. The genin of team thirteen elected to never speak of what happened yesterday to anyone else.

"This's going to be a headache I can tell already." Grouched Ren, who was not looking forward to this.

"Don't worry you have all of us for support." Said Inoichi as they neared the meeting hall in the tower.

"Let's get this shit over with." Ren Spoke as they all entered the meeting hall.

Looking around it seemed as though all the clan heads were already gathered, though the Hokage had yet to arrive. Everyone took a spot behind Inoichi, as he sat in between Shikaku Nara and Choza Akimichi.

"So what exactly is this all about Inoichi?" Wondered Shikaku. "All that anyone knows is that this meeting seems to revolve around your clan."

"If you think we're in some kind of serious trouble, don't worry it's nothing like that. However, the news will be quite huge none the less. That much I can guarantee." Inoichi replied.

Ren surveyed the room seeing the different clan heads. His sensei Tsume Inuzuka, Hiashi Hyuga, and so on. Then his sights fell on the one person he dreaded seeing. Sitting in his chair wrapped in his bandages, looking impassive to everything around him at the moment.

Danzo Shimura.

His presence alone unnerved Ren. He knew Danzo would have something to say in the meeting, something that was sure to piss him off. Yep, this meeting was going to be something. His thoughts were broken when the Hokage appeared and began the official start of the meeting.

"Thank you all for coming to this meeting." Began Hiruzen. "I'm sure you're all wondering what precisely this meeting entails. Thus, I shall cut straight to the point. A kekkei genkai has made itself known in the Yamanaka clan, specifically a dojutsu at that."

"Impossible!" Hiashi Hyuga proclaimed. "There's no history of any kekkei genkai in the Yamanaka clan, let alone a dojutsu!"

The Hokage keeping calm as ever replied. "While that was true, things have recently changed. Ren Yamanaka, if you would please step forward."

Ren nodded his head and walked out until he was in the middle of the meeting room facing all the clan heads. Ren closed his eyes for a moment before opening them and reveling his Ketsuryūgan. Looks of shock and disbelief were had across the room by those unaware before the meeting.

"How's such a thing possible?" Wondered Hiashi.

"All shall be explained." Stated the Hokage. Once more the story of wave was recounted by all those who had been there. The history of the Chinoike clan was explained and how it related to Ren. As well as the only known knowledge of the Ketsuryūgan's powers. At least known to everyone who didn't have Ren's extended knowledge on it.

All the clan heads took a moment to drink the news in. They all knew how much of a game-changer this was not just for the Yamanaka but importantly the leaf village. Then Hiashi spoke up.

"So the boy just happened to luck out in inheriting this powerful dojutsu. Simply because his mother chose to sleep with some foreign dog?"

"Did he just go there? Ohhhhh, I'm not letting that one slide." Ren thought before turning his gaze directly on the Hyuga clan head. Narrowing his blood-red eyes directly into Hiashi's white. "A few things hereafter that un-called for comment. First off, you have no right to say anything like that. Secondly, while yes my father was foreign, he was a good and honest man. Thirdly, don't you ever slight my mother again. Lastly, if you do say anything ill of my mother again in my presence, I will fuck you up! Consequences be damned!" Ren spat in anger.

"You mutt!" Roared Hiashi as he stood from his seat. "You dare talk to me in such a manner!?"

"I'll talk however I want to someone who unfairly slights my family!" Ren roared right back. "So, why don't you take that stick in your ass and go fuck yourself with it!"

Hiashi's Byakugan flared to life and Ren grabbed KubiKiribocho handle. However before either could make a move, they were suddenly frozen in place. Ren looked down to see Shikaku's shadow possession.

"Enough of this!" Hiruzen commanded. "Hiashi, as an adult and clan head I expect you to have better control of yourself. Ren, while I understand you being upset by the un-warranted remarks. You will keep yourself in control as well!"

Ren took a few calming breaths and let go of KubiKiribocho. "Understood Lord Hokage. I will apologize for causing a disturbance but not for what I said."

Hiashi growled but a glare from the Hokage stopped him. Deactivating his Byakugan, Hiashi spoke through gritted teeth. "I apologize for my shameful behavior Lord Hokage."

At that, Shikaku released his shadow on both of them.

"Now then it's time we move on with this discussion." Spoke the Hokage.

"I agree." Danzo suddenly spoke.

"Oh great, was it really too much to ask that he just not say anything?" Ren thought in annoyance.

"I believe we need to focus on ensuring the preservation of such a powerful kekkei genkai for the village. By extension, the same can be said about the ice user. Seeing how both are the only known holders of their respective powers. They should be kept within the village until their bloodline is secured." The head of Root explained.

"No way is that happening." Ren cut in. "I refuse to be essentially locked up in the village. Until I breed enough for your liking, I'm not some prized bull for you to control at your leisure. Nor will I allow you to do the same with Haku either. She's my teammate and keeping her chained up would be an insult to a kunoichi of her talents."

Haku smiled warmly at Ren's declaration to protect her freedom.

"You think you have such authority boy?" Danzo questioned with a stern look.

"Oh I'm well aware I don't but at that same time neither do you and we both know that." Ren snarked. "The only person with such authority is Lord Hokage. We both know I think, what the answer from him is going to be."

Danzo narrowed his gaze in annoyance at the impudent boy before him. Ren meanwhile simply drank the moment in. Pissing off Danzo just felt so good to him.

"Ren speaks correctly." Stated the Hokage. "Haku and Ren will not be forcibly kept in the village. They will continue to be allowed to train, leave on missions, continue their shinobi career's and so on. That is my decision on the matter."

"Hiruzen." Began Danzo.

"Enough! That is my decision and it will not be changed. With that said that concludes this meeting."

With that spoken, everyone began to file out. Ren conveniently ignored the looks he got from Hiashi and Danzo as they left. Before he walked back over to his group, deactivating his dojutsu.

"Well, that was certainly something." Mused Kakashi.

"It looked like we were going to have a full-blown brawl on our hands. If Shikaku hadn't stepped in." Tsume mused as she joined the group.

"Sorry about losing my cool like that." Ren said.

"You have nothing to apologize for Ren." Interjected Inoichi. "You defended the honor of your clan and more importantly your mother. Not to mention Hiashi began it with his out of place comments."

"Bastard has no right to say that about your mom." Spat Naruto. A sentiment shared by everyone else. Even by Haku and Tayuya, though they just recently met the woman. She had already begun to grow on them with her doting, motherly attitude.

"Speaking of which." Haku began. "Thank you for defending me as well Ren."

"Not a problem, you're my friend Haku. I always watch out for my friends."

Haku gave a small smile in return.

"I think it was amazing how you blasted that high and mighty looking Hyuga. I was trying hard to not burst out laughing at what you said to him. His face was absolutely priceless." Tayuya spoke.

"What can I say? I'm good with words when I want to be."

"That's certainly one way of looking at it." Kakashi deadpanned.

*Three Weeks Later*

In the three weeks since the meeting. Team thirteen had spent their time doing D-missions and training to build better teamwork. As well as trying to improve their weaknesses and honing their strengths. One of the biggest things for Ren at least was learning how to properly walk on water. Then learning to fight on it, which consisted mainly of Ren being chased around by Haku. As she proceeded to throw obscene amounts of senbon at him.

Ren also began training up what he knew he could begin working on with his Ketsuryūgan. It was an interesting experience in learning its power. He was also looking forward to trying to implement it in battle.

They were currently gathered in the Hokage's office.

"I have a mission for you. It's a C-rank escort mission to Takigakure. For a client by the name of Shibuki, who will be meeting up with you. At a designated location." Explained the Hokage.

"So, we're dealing with that one huh?" Ren thought in interest. "The jinchuriki of the seven-tails Chomei, the kunoichi Fu. Is in that village, this is exactly the kind of opportunity I've been waiting for. In my hopes to protect the Jinchuriki and the tailed beast's.

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