Chapter 1: Introduction
Credits to Ilumina art for the cover please look at them it's pretty good fan art I must say~

*Makai Realm*

It was a foggy day in the morning when I wake up, I raise my head and look around. " Damn! I really overslept on this giant rock, better go to that Old man hmm... where I am? And this sucks my clothes are torn apart I love my hoodies and this pants they are comfortable that's what I get when I go all out for my training". you are thinking why I was sleeping on a giant rock funny you should ask, I train for continously for 10 years , I've been improving my strength, Dark Energy and stamina for the new dimension that I want to live in.

My name is Tercio Katar, a demon, and I'm 18 years old, I started training when I'm 8 years old, because I was scared that another stronger demon will bully me like my early year on this realm when I was reborn in this Dimension thanks to the sorcerer that finds and pity me, he was astonish I was still alive after the massive beat up from a demon 5 years older than me, thank kami that I was save before I die. My looks are raven long hair, A little feminine face, single horn in my forehead, with a blue fire tip, and Light Tan lean body.

MC'S FACE AND BODY : . /pin/295830269266328043/

I stretch my whole body for 5 minutes and sit in meditating position and sense all the energy around me, I'm sensing from the North there was a massive herd of demon dog a whole 300 of them," Damn they must be on the hunt, I thought they were hibernating right now, I really need to keep notice what day is it at least they are 50 miles away from me a 4 day of running to get to me and 1 week if they rest, I have time for this nothing to worry of,"

I keep meditating for 1 minute I sense from the west there were just a 4 demon like me walking to the east of their direction, They are hunting it seems must avoid them, I can feel they are strong individuals and I sense from the east of my location, just a pack of demon animals in Thorn forest nothing special, then I sense the sorcerer from the south and opened my eyes then smiled," Aha! There he is, New Dimension here I come!." Said to myself excitedly with a smiled like a loon~

I get up from my meditative post, collected my big back pack and started running south, the sorcerer was very far he was 100 miles away from my location, good thing my training bears fruit, I can go there in 1 hour of non-stop running, I started to run to that direction and started planning while I'm running What will I do to this new dimension and prepare for new challenge ahead at that new frontier!. There will be new faces will met and new places to go, I've started to get bored in this place and this is a dangerous place for a weak demon like me, pitiful power that I have, at least I was smart to avoid dangerous situation and pick a smart tactics when a more powerful enemy I will face like that demon bug I've met 5 years ago my battle with that bug was a close call thanks to my new abilities I learn, I defeated that bug after 5 hours of battle.

*Flashback 5 years ago Thorn Forest*

"Fuck! I can't hit this thing and keep s hitting me with his sting!." I dodge another Sting and Energy beam coming out from the bug demon's mouth and stared at me angrily." Keep still you miserable demon!, just let me eat you! At least you're energy will become useful to my appetizer for my morning hunt! *Drill Beam!*.

*No way in hell I will not dodge to this deadly beam you keep sending to me what I am stupid!," I dodge and replied angrily to the Bug Demon that keeps producing acid saliva that the demon spitting on me in my openings ,"aargh!" It got me in the chest that really hurts, My eyes keeps crying from the pain goddamn it!, I need to get used to this, I'm still newbie in this realm and I met this demon accidentally in thorn forest," Go to the thorn forest, he said it will be easy he said fucking old man did not warn me that there was a powerful glutton bug demon that lives this area!, I thought it wil just be normal demon animals that mind their own business!".

We kept this until the bug demon send his powerful attack to me and faster than his previous attacks," Ahh! I will stop this nonsense take this you maggot *Thunder Barrage*".
the bug unleashes a lot of lightning at me, the lightning is big as the tree, I keep dodging, but I've been hit three times in my stomach and backside, I'm really hurting right now, if this continues I will die in this forest, I quickly think of something," Yes there is it I got a plan just need this bug to be distracted a bit, Hey bug takes this!, *Sonic Scream!*. Extreme loud sound wave come out from my mouth and successfully hit the Bug

"Arrggghhh! Damn you little demon! You'll pay for this transgression!." The demon bug is flying dizzy.

"That's it!, that's the opening I need! *Hypersonic Barrage!*.

I leap from the ground and dash to the unstable bug demon and unleashed a hundred powerful barrage of fist on the bug face, I don't stop until the face of the bug is crush.

While I punch the bug to oblivion, we broke through massive rock formation and destroyed a thorn trees with my technique, then I stopped and look at my work and I was amaze when I see the bug is still alive, but it has holes in it's body, the bug body is really durable.

Then the bug opened it's eyes and woobly standing up, it ready it's claws to me and said to me," This is not the end little demon I will not be killed this easily *Razor edges*,"

The bug really getting on my nerves now! It charges at me in fast speeds, but it was too slow now that I could see it clearly where it's moving right now!, It was surprise that I caught both of his claws," What!? You caught both of my claws!, Are you really weak?!,"

" No I'm not weak, just a cautious individual and enough of this talk! I'm gonna end you here right now, I was just conserving my energy in the first place!, now you are out of dark energy to initiate another technique!," I transformed myself into my second form, I've grown to 15ft to my previous form of 6ft.

*Tercio 2nd form : .ph/pin/854346991782633674/* Just imagine it that has single 9 inch horn in his forehead

The bug demon is agape at my form it was sinister looking and eldritch being that appears in his sight.

My third and Fourth arm that attached to my head raise and form a Flame Dark Ball," Take this! *DARK BLAST!*. The enormous Flame Dark Ball caught the bug demon whole body and pushes the demon 5 miles away from it's previous location and hits the mountain after 3 seconds.

The mountain exploded with a dark purple aura encompassing the whole scenery, 10 seconds before it clears the dark purple aura that corroded the whole area, the mountain has 200 meter wide gaping hole on the middle part.

"Damn that was a battle, thanks to my training with that old man I can defeat that demon, but barely it almost killed me." I see the flower called midnight, it was an ingredient for regenerative potion and can be a poison of you make the individual to eat it raw, I grab it carefully and went home to the old man hut.

*Flashback ends*

Shaking my head after I remember the whole battle from Thorn Forest, I keep running now to the south. I pass a lot of mountains and forest in this area, I can remember my previous battle what happen here, I still remember that small mountain and I met a lot of goblins, Imps, and Curse Slime in there, I explore that area 4 years ago, I was caught surprise by their illusion magic, good thing the old man taught me to fight and defend from illusions and mind magic. I defeated the whole village of them that control the valley of that mountainous area, I clear it in 2 weeks, it was an all out war. " What a tiring battle, it was like a contest of attrition they just keep putting many fodders in the frontlines, what an annoying little bunch, I've just go there to find the rare ingredient for the potion that the old man will create for his new tonic".

Then I remember this one the red river that I pass by, it was home by the Sirens, Lamias, and Phantoms, it was a quick and bloody battle, I lose in that fight they where to many of them and those phantoms are annoying thing to destroy, I needed magic just to destroy them, physical attacks can't hurt them, it tired me very quickly and those lamias and siren are very tricky and dangerous with their curse magic they cast Bind, poison, sleep, and lightning magic at me, I quickly fled from that battle, it's the almost complicated battle I fought on that river area, at least I collected the curse pearl for the old man.

After 1 hour of running the distance of 100 miles, I see the hut that I was looking for, I quickly go the door and knock and open it, I look at the old man and he still looks like himself after the years I visit him long blue hair, 7ft tall, and looks like a 40 year old handsome male.

'Hey old Man!, I'm home!." I said happily and loudly

"Shut up brat can a old man take a break from the mouth of yours!," The old man said annoyingly but sound fondly at the same time.

"Nah~ that's why you take care of me old man!, I'm annoying little demon that you adopted~," I mockingly said to him while I laugh.

"Shut up, now you get what I want while you are training?" The old look at me fondly like a grandson that he taken care for years.

"Of course just let me get it from the my back pack!." I quickly grab my back pack and finding the item that the old man want to fetch for me while on my training." Aha! Here it is a 5 ton mithril metal that I collect from a Dragon Ogre hammers and maces that I melt and compress," I handed it to the old man.

"Ah! The precious metal that I need for the certain Item that I will make," The old Goat Demon said it mysteriously.

"What kind of item will you make for this metal old man?" I asked the old man because I was intrigued, i want to know, yes I'm greedy, but who cares it's a harmless question nothing can go wrong~.

"That's a secret one that I will make, but don't worry I will show it to you before I teach you the magic for how to travel other dimension." The Goat Demon said to me seriously." Now brat I have a last request from you.

'ARGGH! Here we go again last here and last there, is there any enou-," I was interrupted by a swing of his staff at my head," AH! My head hurts! Why you did that old man?!.

"Oh for god sake! ,This is the last request I will ask for you, ungrateful brat!," The old Goat Demon shouted at him and swing his staff again at me,

"Oww! Ok I get it, just stop that!," I exclaimed nervously and sweats a little to the old goat, damn he still pack a punch his hits felt like a I've been hit by 20 elephants, and then gratefully for my part he stop swinging the staff and sighs.

"Ok here's the request I got, I've been called by Fortuneteller Baba the witch from earth that there was a massive influx of monsters and lead by a single demon that keeps going to the earth and they don't have enough fighters there, the fighters name goku, tien, krillin, and yamcha are injured after the bout between piccolo jr. In 23rd world tournament of earth, They need you there because I tell them what you're capable of and the kami of earth wants to see you." The old demon goat finish and breathes then he look back at his private bottomless chest and carefully put the 5 ton mithril metal.

I contemplated a bit," I'm going to earth huh~, I guess this is the first time I go in different places and met new people or creatures, and the kami of earth wants to see me hmm... my life keeps getting interesting ," I keep thinking of the name goku, tien, krillin, and yamcha they are interesting bunch for a mortal and the way the old goat said it that he respects them, they must be strong and now I'm really excited to go there and I look at the old goat and said," When can I go there now?!

The Old goat look to me and said," You can go to earth right now just talk to me when you are ready for this venture and quest to complete this trouble times that comes to earth"

" I got it old man, I'll get my equipment right now just wait for me!," I said to the old goat demon

"Woah there just relax and take it slow, the demons and monster that will rampage on earth is still amassing it's strength so you have a enough time to prepare," The old goat said to me while laughing at my mindset to complete this quest and go to earth to visit new places.

I nodded at him and quickly went to my room and grab the essential for the trip and quest, while I kept walking around to my room to find the stuff I need, I look at the 2 pictures that displays in the top of my desk, the one photo I look was me and the old man when I was first adopted to him 10 years ago, I was smiling at the picture because the picture was taken when the old goat take me for training to defeat monster, I've defeated the whole dozens of Imp and one Gorgon, the old goat was looking at me and proud for my first battle that I win, i smiled fondly at the first picture good old times.

Then I looked at the second picture and laugh at the hilarity that happens in the picture, we are riding a dark cloud while flying away from 20 Void Dragons shooting powerful beam at us, that can almost destroy a single island, and then suddenly tears running down in my eyes, and I wipe it out from my face, then I think about the tear the escape my eyes, it's like I was relieving my good memories now and breathe of relief comes to me, and I put the picture back on the desk and quickly get the other stuff I need.

I'm all good, I just taken what I need just need to talk to the old goat that I'm ready to go to the earth and complete the quest, I exited the door and I see the old man is tinkering something, but he notice me and hides it and has sweating looks" Ahh! You are finish are you ready to go?"

"Yes I'm ready, but what is the location of this monster amassing and a single demon leading them?" I ask the old goat.

The old goat straighten his posture and coughs," The location was from the far south west of the Baba's palace and the location called *The Devil's Toilet" be careful there the demons and monsters that lived there is highly dangerous and tricky." The Old demon goat warns me again." Ah Brat! I almost forgot I'm going to give you some charm for your protection, just wait there and I will give it to you," The old goat go to his storage room while I'm waiting and I hear something like a vehicle stopping at the hut and there's a knock on the door, I went to the door and open it.

It's a blue skinned skinny ogre dressed like an office attire and smiling at me, his small compare to my height of 6'0 to his 5'5 and he has black slick black hair, Two little horn sprouting at the each side of his head and has glasses he has a parcel on his left hand and has a clip board in his right hand with a mini truck on his back, he coughs and speaks," Hello are you Master Nemos?" The Blue Ogre asked kindly to me.

"No that's my Old man you are talking about and I'm Tercio Katar by the way." I replied to the blue ogre.

"Oh you are his adopted grandson he was talking about hmm... and I came here to deliver something that you're grandfather ordered, I have this parcel and could you sign this paper for confirmation that it was received?" The ogre hand his clip board and pen.

I grab both and sign the paper." Here i sign it." I hand the clip board and pen to him.

"Good everything is in right order, here's the parcel," He hand it to me.

"Thank you for delivering this~", I smiled and bows to the ogre.

"You're welcome." The ogre bows too and went to his mini truck and leaves the place with a portal.

I closed the door and went back, just to see the old goat is standing there holding some type of ring and coming to my direction to give it to me," Hey old man this is the parcel you ordered from the realm of afterlife from ogre delivery service."

The old goat grab it like maniac" Aha! Here it is! I I am waiting for this for two days and oh! This ring that I will give to you is a charm just wear it, it will help you gather more energy faster and has shielding the generates for your protection against from weaker magical or physical attacks!." He gives me the ring.

"Thanks old man for the trinket you given to me." I grab the ring and wear it on my middle finger of my left hand, I felt more some strange energy coating me and another energy adding some of my reserves and making me overflow of dark energy that I use.

"Hey old man what did you order?, is that another porn magazine?~," I ask the old man suspiciously.

"No! It's another ingredient for my research for the new staff that I will create! And first of all can you blame me?!, I'm lonely in here in this forsaken place!, especially I am married to my work ," The old goat blush and looking wide eye at me.

"Ok relax their old man, I'm just messing with you~." I mockingly replied to him and smirk.

"You are really a smart ass huh~." The old goat frown on me and then smile," ok are you ready now for the quest?

"Yeah! I'm ready old man just let me grab my back pack and i will be good to go." I ran to grab my back pack and stand in front of the old goat.

The old goat demon nodded and opens a red portal, "Ok there it is just jump on the portal and you will get to the Baba's place for more information of the situation and do be careful got it!," The old goat warn me again.

"I get it old man geez you sure are lively today~

"Well you are a troublesome brat that always bring trouble!"

"Well the trouble comes from your missions that you always given to me -_-,"

"Are you questioning me you little shit?!" The old goat readied his staff to swing at me.

"Woah there pops, I'm just joking and goodbye to you see ya!," I quickly jump at the portal while laughing.

The goat demon sighs and look at the red portal that he make," Be careful there, I'm hope you will have an adventurous life on the earth," The old goat smiles happily and close the red portal and opens the parcel and smiles wickedly," Now I can read this sexy demon ladies magazines for my research purposes whoopy!." The old goat closes the door and read it with passion.


*Fortune Teller Baba's Palace*

Witch Baba is sitting on her fortune telling orb in the palace and sipping some tea and a red portal appears, she frowns at it expecting something to appear and the portal barf out a male looking teenager that look's some kind of Demon or Oni. The oni stand and stand carefully and look cautiously at his surroundings." Good he is not stupid one," Baba thought of the Oni . The Oni finally notice the small witch looking at him, he smiled at her and said," Hello are you the old hag that the old man told me about?"

Witch Baba twitch her left eye," I take it back this brat is stupid and disrespectful," Baba said in her mind and sighs." Yes I am the witch and call me Miss Baba you brat! And are you the one that Master Nemos sent to me for the massive invasion of monsters that lead by a single demon from Devil's Toilet?.

"Yes I am the one that old pops sent and my name is Tercio". The teenager proudly announce to her.

Witch Baba look at him and analyzing his words to think about it," Hmm.. he is sure prideful and he seems powerful enough that I sense from him for to deal with the problem when , the other capable fighters are out of commission from the fight in 23rd World Fighting Tournament that held a week ago.

"By the way Miss Baba~, I'm curious how did you know my master?" Tercio ask nicely and slight serious look.

"Oh how did I met you're master nemos well, when I was beautiful young la-,"She was interrupted by a snickering and the source of it was the brat. Witch Baba veins from her forehead enlarge a little and shout at him," Shut up brat can an old lady fantasize?!".

Tercio straighten his posture and bows," Sorry Miss Baba, be careful though you look like 80 years old, I don't want you to get heart attack," Tercio smirks at Witch Baba

Miss Baba left eyes twitches more about the remark about her age, her fortune ball floats and lift her then she charge to tercio at frightening speed above his head and keeps pounding her tiny fist at the head of tercio," You brat for your information, I'm 308 years old and I can't get heart attack, I'm way past that!," said to him angrily while she continue pounding her fist on his head

"Arrghh! That's worse! you are way past of your limit of human age old hag!," While Tercio protecting his head with his hand from the pounding fist of Witch Baba.

Witch Baba's face become beet red when tercio said it again," You really a disrespectful brat! Take this you shit!." Witch Baba cast deadly spells at him.

Tercio widen at the incoming spells of ice spike, fire balls, and Acid. "Ah crap I've really done it she is worse than the old man when angry!," Tercio keeps dodging and running from any sides of the palace while the little old witch keeps following him and casting more deadly spells . A minute has been past Tercio has been cornered in the storage area, he gulps and said to the witch," Please could you calm down, I'm really sorry about the remarks about your age, I'm just kidding~," Tercio chuckles nervously.

"Calm down? Hah! I will calm down when I hit you hard brat that will knock you out!, It's your bad luck you step on a sticky trap that I laid while you try getting away from me!,"

Tercio look down at his feet that it has a sticky substance, he tries to get out, but it was useless he can't get out of it and look at the witch fearfully." Shit! Let's talk about this Miss Baba? I'm sure you can take a joke~," Tercio said to the Witch.

"Hmmp! You can't talk away with this prepare for your punishment!," Miss Baba Summons a 2 meter katchin block," Do you know what I summoned brat!?"

"Shit it's a katchin the strongest metal in this universe!, How did you get that or materialize that old hag?!," Tercio wide eye and frantically ask the witch.

"I'm giving you a punishment and you call me old hag again! How disrespectful can you be brat?!, no matter hiyaaah!," Witch Baba throws the katchin using her telekenitic abilities, the katchin speed was fast as lightning and it hits his face, Tercio was completely daze from the attack, he was knock to the ground," I'm not yet finish!," The old witch remark loudly at him.

Tercio look at the ceiling wide eye the katchin block is at the ready to drop on him," Oh crap" that's his last words before he was got flatten and knock out by the katchin block that the witch drop on him. A huge cloud dust exploded from the impact.

Witch Baba blow away the dust and lifts the katchin block and see the results of her punishment to Tercio, "Hmmp! Serves him right!, but I'm surprise he really has a durable body just a little bruising from his body appeared, that katchin block can destroy a diamond to dust in a slow throw and I throw it at him with the speed of a lightning, He has potential for becoming one of the strongest well he is a Demon after all they are one of the powerful being next to the supreme kais.

"USHER!, RISA! COME HERE!" Witch Baba shouted at her ghost attendants.

Usher and Risa appears, surprise what happen," What happen here Master Baba?!," Usher ask Witch Baba.

"Just a brat being smart ass at me could you both get a stretcher and get him to the infirmary to get him patch up, wait for him to wake up and tell him to meet me again at my palace," Witch Baba was lifted by his Fortune Ball and leaves the storage room, While the ghost was fast getting tercio out of the crater and get him to the stretcher.


I awaken from the loud noises of the birds, I open my eyes and see the ceiling, then I see a ghost working on some meds, "How did I get knocked out?... oh crap! I remember hahahaha, Miss Baba really go all out with her punishment," Tercio look around his surroundings and ask the pink Ghost," Hello who are you?"

The pink ghost looks at him and approach." I'm Usher, me and Risa the other Ghost who is color yellow get you here because you got knocked out by Master Baba, What did you do that make her angry?," Usher ask him in a little worry.

Tercio scratch his head and said," Well I became an asshole on my part, it's my fault I guess I make a long lasting expression for Miss Baba~," Smirking at the ghost.

The Ghost sighs and went to the desk to retrieve the pills and giving it to Tercio," Here some capsule for your headache and water and Master Baba said to me that you she wants to meet you again in her palace." Gideon left Tercio for his other works.

"Whelp at least they help me, I should be thankful to Miss Baba," Tercio chuckled a little and get up from his bed and go outside, he sees the arena from the middle of the palace," Ho~ this is a nice place to exercise I should warm up first.

Tercio stretch his whole body for five minutes and start with a 10000 laps running around Baba's place mountain he finishes his jogging in 2 hours and start doing sit-ups, curl-ups, push ups and 1 thumb finger push-ups eac h for both of his hands he do this all in 1000 sets, after that he practices his Kick and punch.

Tercio breathe in relief and start meditating for practicing Ki Control and exercise his magic reserves, he meditate for a 2 hours and finishes it all while he was meditating he sense some individual going to his direction, he opened his eyes and see that it was Miss Baba.

He smiles and wave at Miss Baba,"Hello miss baba good morning!," Tercio greets

"You sure are lively after I knock you out," Miss Baba drawled at Tercio

"Well I got a long lasting expression from you Miss Baba, and I apologize for my behaviour," Tercio stands and bows.

"Hmmm... apology accepted brat," Baba Roll her eyes at him, and making Tercio laugh more loudly at her actions.

"Master Nemos really has raised a good young man, I observe you don't do much strength training, why though?" Miss Baba said to him staring at him like a hawk.

"Well I do strength training too Miss Baba I just prefer doing it 2 days in week , because I prefer more flexible and cardio exercise to improve my agility and dexterity~, and I use my Ki and Magic to enhance my striking power , agility, durability and strength." Tercio explains it to the Witch.

"Understandable, so can we continue our conversation before you interrupt me from the previous day or we eat first, I can sense you are hungry from that training that you have done?," Miss Baba ask him.

"I think we should eat first Miss Baba, I'm really happy so please could we do that?~," Tercio beg for Miss Baba.

Miss Baba sighs and look at him contemplating," Of course after you finish eating let's continue our conversation is that clear young man?!,"

"Gotcha Miss Baba, I'll be my best behaviour!," Tercio nods like a puppy to Miss Baba.

"Ok brat let's go just follow me," Tercio follow the old witch from her palace and they got inside in the palace and went to the long table, Tercio is drooling when he sees the food, and decide to eat like a rabid dog," Waah! This is some good food than the old man and me makes!"

"Really? I'm sure there's a food that you like in the realm of Makai?" Miss Baba ask him like he was ridiculous being.
" I'm sure Miss Baba our food is different it was always bland or some of it are too salty," He explain to Miss Baba.

"Well I guess if that's true then go ahead eat all you can, I'm sure you like to taste earth finest dishes, I'm a right?~,

"Thanks Miss Baba for this meal," He bows while he has noodles in his mouth, it made the Witch Chuckle a little.


He finish his meal and go to Miss Baba's main room to continue his talks about their previous conversation which rudely interrupted by him in the other day and Tercio remembers it, he laugh like hyena after he remembers it.

Now Tercio enters the main room of Baba's he sat on the pillow that place in front of Miss Baba, "Now Young man, I'll continue this don't interrupt me again got it!?," Tercio nod and smile at Baba.


*Flashback 270 years ago*

A young girl with pink hair wearing witch outfit and holding a staff standing beside the a man and said "Brother can you join me to the Kiwi Mountain, I got a task to destroy a elemental that threatens to erupt the volcano from the nearby villages and drowns them with lava," Baba ask the man with a Black hair, Blue shirt and Black pants with glasses reading a Lady Swimsuit Magazines, the man look up and look at his sister," No I'm busy Big sis, I am researching too~, The man replied irritated, Baba sighs and initiate plan B," Brother I can buy you a 20 magazines of naked ladies if you just accept my request," His Sister bargain with him.

Her brother slowly look up to her and he place the magazine in his pocket and look at her seriously," I accept! " Her brother look at her with a nosebleed

Baba's left eye twitch how easy and irritating how his brother accepts the deal she made, and sighs," Are you sure brother? , maybe you are just tricking me, it would be waste if I they were bought by the other guys they are limited edition after all~, she add a sad tone on her voice.

"Don't worry about that Sister, The deal you just bargain with me is good! I won't run from this!, I maybe a pervert, but I have principles! "Said to her so giddy and excited.

Baba rolled her eyes at his brother and brought her hands up to him," Just hold my hand brother and I will take you there with me, come on hurry up time is wasting!." Ordered him angrily

"Sheesh calm down will ya" He held her hands and they teleport to the front entrance of Mt. Kiwi," So sister here we are, after you~" He said mockingly to her.

Baba rolled her eyes again at him," Oh shut up and just follow me then protect us when some dangerous being appear that likes to get physical in our line of sight!".

"Roger that sis!," Salute to her playfully and chuckles.

They entered the volcano and start searching for the evidence of Fire Elemental were to show up, they spent for 3 hours searching here and there and they can't find anything," This is such a bullshit elemental," Roshi exclaimed with his frustration and kicks the small rock to the magma, they feel some tremble in the Volcano, something float above the magma and see the Fire Elemental that has rage imprint on it's face.

"Roshi what did you do?!"His sister ask him with agape expression

"I just kick the small rock to the magma because of my frustrations, it's not like I know that the Fire Elemental was submerge to that location!," replied to her quickly with a worried voice, they heard the Elemental Voice.

"You dare to disrespect my living ground mortal!, the punishment is death!." The Elemental throws a fireball at them multiple times.

"Shit! Brother go behind me," Baba cast a water barrier to protect them, the attack subsided and it was their turn to attack the elemental, "Brother distract the elemental while I chant the magic to trap the elemental!." His brother nod" Hey! I'm the one who kick the small rock to the magma get me if you can! Glorified cooking fire!

It was a successful taunt the Fire Elemental throws more Fire ball at him and he dodge it, he is planning something and after a minute he had an idea, he sees the massive rock formation he dash to it and break them!, he grabs the broken parts of the rock and throws it and augmented the rock with Ki to the Fire Elemental, it hurt the elemental but it's just a miniscule damage. It only make the fire elemental angry and roars at the man, the elemental did not only roar, but shot a stream of extreme concentrated heat at the man, the man widen his eyes and dodge it barely, it grazes his arm " aarrrgghhh! Baba! Hurry up, I'm getting torn up here, I can't hit the elemental, I'm only just a disciple for Master Mutaito!" the man shouted at Baba.

"Just need a second brother... aha! Bring the elemental to me quick!" Baba orders his younger brother.

"Ok! Here goes nothing." Roshi threw more rocks at the elemental to get more attention, he runs to his sister and the elemental following him in crazy speed.

"Shit! I am here now dear sister! Do it now!," When he was near he quickly dash right just to avoid the trap, while the elemental just keep charging.

Baba gulps and ready her staff when she see the elemental closing in the right distance she immediately cast the spell," *Water Prison!*, the elemental was covered by ball of water, but it was boiling the water and it's evaporating faster than she was expected, she cast another spell,' *Freezing Ray!*and another one of my specialty! *Absolute Zero!*, yes I did it!."

The elemental was frozen, but she senses something amiss the fire of the elemental is still burning. She was worried right now, and the ice prison she cast was melted away and the Elemental look at her and said," You think that simple magic can encase me!, I will show you true magical prowess mortal! *Grand Desolation!*," The whole body of Elemental brightens more and it release a massive concentrated heat from the mouth that going to the direction of Baba.

"Crap! That is fast!, I will never escape from this and I will still get caught from the blast, I need to cast more powerful spell, Here goes nothing!," Baba quickly thought.

Baba held her staff with both of her hands, she chant faster before and she points at the elemental coming attack, Blue magical aura surrounds her, rocks and dirt levitating, veins popping in her forehead and arms then her eyes shining blue, waiting for the right moment and she cast her spell," *Blizzard Hell Storm!*.
A massive torrent of wind, ice, and snow meets the elemental attack and forming a big ball of magic in the middle, while the elemental laugh mocking Baba," You call that powerful magic!, I encounter more Ice Elemental that could do more!," Baba grits her teeth from the mocking and she pour more magic into her spell, "YAAAAAAAAH!," Her spell getting more stronger, but Baba is getting more tired. Baba's standing ground is creating a crater from the pressure of magic she casting and the elemental attack pushing her spell back, she was breathing hard.

*Darn it! Baba is losing the power struggle by any second!, need to help her now! I hope this works," Roshi grumble to himself.

He runs from the right side of the elemental, he takes off his shirt and envelop his body with Ki, his body bulge from the power up and use his powerful technique that he created while training from master Mutaito , He combine his hands, then he drew combine back to his right side of his body and said," KA! ME! HA! ME!," His arms veins getting bigger and a blue light of energy engulf from his both palms and points at the fire elemental," HAAAAAAAA!," A massive blue wave of energy that is three times bigger than him shot between his hands going straight to the fire elemental.

The Elemental senses a strong energy incoming from his right side and widens his eyes, the elemental immediately put's a Red energy shield to block the energy incoming to him, he successfully block the blue energy, but it was pushing him back."You humans really want a death wish for delaying your punishment, I will turn you into ash even your souls! *ERUPTING INFERNO!*," A massive ball of fire engulfs the body of the elemental and expands outward through his body and destroying everything on it's wake.

Baba widens her eyes at the attack of the elemental, the elemental is getting more stronger from the volcano energy, she looks at his brother giving it all with that powerful attack of his," The energy that I sense building up that could destroy a whole mountain was my brother!, you are full of surprises brother, but this elemental is getting more stronger than us we need to end this quick,"
She thought then she looks at her brother and shouted," BROTHER! Use your remaining energy you left, let's go all out! To end this once in for all!," Her brother nod they both look at the expanding ball of fire.
Both of them use their remaining energy, the magic of Baba is emitting far more larger aura and his brother Ki aura is expanding, the effects was the whole Kiwi Volcano is shaking from the power and both they reach the maximum output and shouted to their last breathe," HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!," their attacks are getting stronger and pushing back the ball of fire.

The ball of fire they fired at by their attacks had exploded, the explosion encompasses the whole top of the volcano, the blast expanded more than the volcano, it surrounds the whole area. Roshi and Baba was blown away from the explosion and the Elemental just vanish in thin air.


Couple of minutes has been past, the whole smoke that covers the whole explosion clears, A ten mile wide crater has been created from the explosion.

There something covers by rocks and it exploded and a girl with pink hair appears that has bruises and torn clothes on some of her body," Ugghh~ that explosion is massive, my body hurts from that battle, good thing I've have an magical shield active" Baba said while she tries to stand up while using her staff to support her.

She looks around from her surroundings and shout," Brother! Where are you!?," She keeps shouting it while walking around the crater and she hears something rumbling. Baba approach the sound and it surprise her it was her brother emerging from the ground, he was topless full of cuts, blood, bruises, burns from his body and torn up pants, her brother emerges , but his body drop to the ground in extreme exhaustion. Baba full of worries went to his brother

"Roshi are you alright?!," Baba asked while checking his injuries on him.

"Of course Big Sis, I'm alright just a little rest, and medicine can fix this problem~," Roshi replied to her, a little bit dizzy.

"Just lay down still, I'll heal you up." She pointed her staff at him and yellow glow envelop roshi healing him, but it was slow." Just be patient brother, I'll heal you in 20 minutes, you're body need to be treated quickly."

"Thanks Big sis ugghh~," Roshi said hurt to her while he wait.

While Baba healing their wounds, there something else they heard and it's coming from the north, Baba look at that direction and she was shock that it was the fire elemental coming to their direction in blazing speeds. It was smiling at them sinisterly.

"Shit the Elemental is coming right here, Get up! the elemental is still alive and coming right at us!,"

"What really?! Shit! Come on help me up!," He said to his sister, the sister supports him while standing up, but somethings weird her sister is not moving.

"Baba what are you doing come on," He turn to his sister, he his sister face darken and sweating what because of what she sees.

"Brother it's useless to move now the elemental is here above us," Her sister said to him while looking at the sinister face of the fire elemental and new body that resembles like a human than a spirit.

"So you are still alive humans, I'm amaze you beat me on my first form~," The elemental talk to them.

Baba and Roshi agape what the elemental said to them, Baba decided to talk to the elemental," What do you mean "that form" you said to us and why did you want to erupt the volcano to the villages!?," Baba loudly ask the Elemental, she's angry because how mad was the elemental to do such a thing.

"Well, I just want to drown the whole island with lava and remake this island to my liking! By destroying all the living beings and trees on this island, I just want to create chaos!

"You are a fucking bastard! For an Elemental you are supposed to be guardian to them!," Baba spoke to the elemental.

"Guardian? AHAHAHAHA, Are you serious?! That's what they know hah! A Foolish notions of humans, you say I'm a guardian to them, at least they won't know after they are killed by me! That their guardian killed them for fun!, That would be hilarious to witness!. The Mad Fire Elemental said to them while looking at them with smile of madness and rows of fire teeth.

Baba and Roshi grit their teeth and glaring at the elemental," You are fucking mad! Just an abomination that been born in this world!," Roshi shouted at him.

"Abomination you say? I like that!," The elemental agreed to him while smiling like loon.

"How are you still alive elemental I thought you were destroyed by our combine techniques!," Baba asked the elemental.

"OH~ That is easy after I use the "ERUPTING INFERNO" I decided to escape without you noticing while you are stopping the big ball of fire that I leave to deal it with you!, Now after that massive explosion I emerge again from the remaining magma, I absorbed their energy to make me more stronger than our previous bout!, so here I am!," The elemental explain to them.

"Now this is where it end humans, DIE! *Flame Twister!*," He rotates his body faster than a bullet and charge at them, he aim his punch to the humans.

Baba and Roshi closed their eye's waiting for their demise to come.



A Red portal appears and some being comes out of it, it has goat horns, blue short spiky hair, has a handsome face but look like a 40 years old male human, wearing an plate armour, t-shirt, and a coat the cover his whole body and searching for something.

"Where is the Kiwi Volcano? The volcano should be here, all I see is the big crater here, I need to find the Fire Elemental, it's a good specimen to my forge ~," The Goat Demon muttered to himself.

Then the Goat Demon senses a strong energy signature," That must be it!, fire elemental essence here I come!," He smile while flying ten times the speed of bullet to the energy signature he senses.

He arrived at the location and he sees the Fire elemental floating 100ft above the ground and talking to the 2 humans that was injured," Hmmm... I need the essence of the fire elemental, and I want to save them, I'm killing two birds in one stone," He see the elemental charge at the humans and he move in to stand between the attack and the humans.

He moves quickly and creates a blue barrier against the elemental punch, it absorbed the impact well enough and the elemental stared at him surprise.

"What?!, Who are you?! And what is a demon doing here on earth?!," The Elemental said to him.

"Well I came here to get a fire elemental essence, but to get their essence I need to kill them and you are my specimen that I need!." The demon goat said to the mad elemental.

"You wish demon! I'm not easy to kill!" Shout madly at the demon goat

They have began their battle, the goat demon charge at the elemental and coated a magic energy on his whole body and punch the elemental, the elemental was hit in the chest he was knocked back to the clouds, the demon followed him. The elemental stabilized his form and shot a 5 big plasma ball to the demon, but the demon just slap away the plasma balls to the ocean and it creates a 1000 meter geyser each ball that has been sent to the ocean, they continue their battle with flurry of kicks and punch and the effect was the whole island is shaking from the shockwave of their clash.

Meanwhile the two humans stared at the battle agape because of what they see.

"Sister do you know the one who save us?" Roshi asked his sister.

"No brother, but I sense how strong that being who save us from certain death," Baba replied

"The being is strong Baba, I sense his Ki is the strongest that I felt, it's like Master Mutaito is an ant compared to this being." Roshi said.

"He uses magic too, I sense it! The moment he fight the elemental that he likes to get closed and personal to his opponent huh~, maybe he is warlock or some battle mage, but I heard their conversation that he was a demon," Baba remarked.

Roshi wide eyes stare at his sister and look back at the battle," Let's better sit this one out at least that demon is defeating the mad elemental."

"For once I agree with you brother," Baba sighs a sits with roshi while she continue healing him up.


The Battle is almost at is climax, the elemental is going mental (no pun intended) to this battle he can't even damage the demon no matter he tries, the elemental was knocked back down to the island forested and mountainous area

"Ahh! Enough of this let's finish this filthy demon!," the elemental created a 5 meter fire Hammer and swing at the demon, the demon goat twirl his body to dodge and give a spinning kick to the side of the elemental, the elemental crash through the mountain tearing hole and comes out in the end of the mountain crashing down to the grounds and trees, The demon landed in front of him 1000 meter apart from the elemental, the elemental got back up and readied his another powerful technique, " You will taste my burning anger demon! *Roaring Fire Dragon!*," The fire elemental transforms himself into a 200 meter long fire japanese dragon and charge at the demon standing in front of him in break necking speeds.

The demon stomp his feet to the ground and raise his 2 arms forward to catch the fire dragon's mouth. He catch the dragon and the demon was push back a little from the force creating a 50 meter trail in his feet, the elemental was agape of what happen," That's impossible how the hell did you stop me!," talks to the demon telepathically.

"Nothing is impossible if the being is strong enough elemental~." The Demon Goat replied, the demon twisted the fire dragon with his hand spinning it violently.

While it's spinning in midair the demon enlarge his fist and punch the fire dragon to the mouth, knocking back the dragon to the trees again creating long 5000 meter trail on the dirt and follows up an another attack," *MUDDY WAVE*," a 300+meter tidal wave of mud emerge from the ground that will crash to the fire elemental, the fire elemental wide eye that the mud wave crashing on him.

The mad elemental was covered with mud, shouting profanities to the demon and successfully burying him into the ground.

The demon seen his work and inspect it," Hmmm...It's still alive, I'll wait for it to come out," The demon was right the elemental comes out and angry as usual and little tired from the assault that the demon sent to him, and his fire on his body is a little shorter now.

"You think that will completely stop me, you made me very big mistake!
* MADNESS FLAME!*," The orange fire elemental becomes blue and his flame ignited more.

"With this form I'm ten times hotter and stronger than my previous form, be grateful demon that you see me in my most powerful form!," The Elemental brag his power to the demon.

The Demon smirk and said," Good, I want my specimen a strong one, you'll do great for my forge," the elemental is annoyed at this and then they charge at each other.

The fight is more ferocious fight now every swing of their fist it was creating a crater on their ground and it's getting bigger. The elemental tries to punch the demon in the right side of the head, but it was blocked and the demon grab the arm the elemental fist then he pull it and uses the elbow of his right arm and hit the elemental to the gut which hurt the fire elemental and judo throw the elemental to the ground getting the crater more deeper than it was," You demons are meddlesome fools! You are not welcome to this planet!,"

"Heh! Said by a mad being like you, I am very welcome to this planet whenever I want mad elemental!," He punch the elemental to the face deepening the crater more. The Elemental had enough and ignite his body with a powerful blast resulting of powerful explosion which the demon was knock back to the sky the demon is amaze how this elemental have energy," Ho~ you are still have left in you elemental~,"

"Pesky demon! Take my most powerful attack *INFERNO CANNON!*," The elemental unleashes a big blast from his mouth that is bigger than a mountain and speeding towards to the demon in the sky.

The demon smiles and put his right arm forward to the incoming and cast a magic spell," *BLACK HOLE!*," The blast from the elemental was absorb by the black hole successfully, the elemental is shock and it was panicking right now, that was his last reserve, the elemental reverted to his original form and trying to escape.

The Elemental flies away, but it was for nought, he was wrap in chains," What kind of chain is this?!,"

"It's a special chain that I made for capturing intangible beings and elementals like you, it draining you're energy in limited amount so it I can capture you without killing your flame, now I will capture you right now, * Heat Crystal Prison!*," the elemental was prison in a big crystal and can't move.

"Hmm... this prison is especial made it can keep you alive, but you can't escape and don't bother, this crystal likes heat the more heat it feel the more the crystal hardens, *WARP*. The crystal prison of elemental was transported to his hut.
"Now that's finish, I need to meet those two, I can have a new acquaintances in the earth," He notes to himself and fly to the them.


"Brother the tremors has been stop the battle must have ended let's get out of here before one of those beings comes to us," Roshi nods to his sister, they stand up and Baba chanting the teleportation magic, but they hear a voice that they become completely frozen still.

"Oh~ why are you leaving we don't even met properly, It breaks my heart that you don't want to thank me for saving both of you~?," The Demon goat said to them.

"Well in our logical mind, we thought is smart to escape before the winner gets to us and you are unknown to us and you're a demon for kami's sake that will eat our souls!," Baba told to the Demon Goat and roshi just frowning at the demon goat.

The Demon Goat laughing loudly," Well I can't say you are wrong, you got good head for thinking like that," The Demon Goat agrees to the young witch.

"Ok so I will be honest, I don't come here just to save you, but you are lucky that you found the Fire Elemental that I needed for my forge, so thank you again and my name is Nemos and I'm a demon and a warlock." Nemos introduce himself and explains his appearance to them.

Baba and Roshi is shock how friendly is this demon that the demon decides to share his name, they look at each other for a second and decided to share their name too," I am Witch in training and My name is Baba"

It was roshi's turn to introduce himself he coughs and straighten his posture," My name Roshi and I am a disciple of Master Mutaito.

"Well met young ones, so introduction is complete, so let me tell why I want to meet you again, I've decided that the two of you are my first acquaintances in this world and informant of happening in this realm, I am interested how peaceful that planet is compare to my realm, and I am interested all the new specimen here to experiment here, I would like to form a partnership between us you get my drift?" Nemon said to them smugly.

Baba speaks first," What is in for us for this partnership and watch the catch? What happen to the Elemental you fought," Baba asked while looking suspiciously at Nemos.

"Oh~ there's no catch here it's free, and I would give you new magical tomes for you witch Baba so that you can torture your opponents and defeat them ~," Nemos said to Baba and tells them what happen to the fight with the Elemental

Baba was happy with that deal and accept it, but his brother interject," What about me though, Could I get something from the deal!?,"

"Of course roshi, it's free what is that you like? Nemos asked him.

"Well I can whisper it to you," Roshi approaches Nemos and whisper to him and roshi back away.

"Ok roshi this is my gift for this new partnership," Demos materialized magazine, but the women were demons and different beings, Baba watch it and agape at the request of his brother and look at him angrily.

"What the hell did you request?! Such a degenerate you are?!," His Sister yell at him, which Nemos just laughs it off.

"Well Big Sister of mine, this is my price, what about you Miss I want to torture my opponents to death!," Roshi yells at her too, which Baba blushes and look away muttered "That's different"

While the sibling are yelling at each other, Nemon sees this as funny and chuckles," So I'm hoping for new future interaction with you too, I will go to the Kami's lookout that King Kai told me about the guardian of the planet," Nemos wave at them while flying at the direction of Kami's lookout, which return by Baba and Roshi.

"So sister let's go home, I'm tired and bruised up," Roshi tells her.

Baba look at him and sighs," Ok just grab my hand and we will be home"

They teleported away to their house and rest for the next day.

"That's what happen when I first met your master" Witch Baba finish her tale to him and waits silently for his opinion.

"Hmm... Old man really has funny personality, and definitely I need to train more, Master Nemos really is strong and that's why the fire is blue when we cook and light the hut, and when he forge something the fire is strong it almost can melt anything except for the katchin." Tercio commented about the story

"Now this is you're mission for the devil's toilet that monsters and demon amassing, the leading demon is a majin type he excels at magic the likes that cause destruction and the monster are just typical fodders, but they are strong enough to hold and fight you, I don't know the numbers, but they are many so you needed an ally, just wait here I'm going to call them," Witch Baba said to him, and he nods.

"FANG! SPIKE! BANDAGE! COME HERE!, I have a mission for the three of you!." They waited for minutes and someone coming to the door, the one who enter first is 7ft tall and has a pale face with a crooked nose, has horns in each side of his head that bend backwards, no eyebrows and with a latex suit that cover his whole body except his horns and the second to enter was a 4ft tall vampire that has blue skin, big eyes, sharp nose, wears a boxing gloves and boxer shorts, bandages in his wrist to fist and feet, and rows of teeth, extremely spiky hair and the last one appear is a bigger than me standing in 8ft tall and more buff than me, he was wrap in bandages(seriously) they stand beside Witch Baba.

"This is your ally for your mission Tercio and you will be the leader of them," and she look at them and shouted," Come on what are you standing for?! Introduce yourselves!."

They winced and the vampire step forward first," Sup, I'm Fang the Vampire nice to meet you!, I could transform into a bat and use the fighting style called Muay thai!, he step back.

The other one in bandages step forward," Hello! I'm Bandage the Mummy!, nice to meet Ya!. Bandage steps back, while Tercio sweats a little about his weird name.

The last one step forward and speak with a rather Effeminate voice," Hello~ I'm Spike the Devil. I'm the strongest fighter of Baba the witch so you could count on me!," he proudly stated to himself, which Tercio nods and appreciate.

Tercio look at them and sense them , they are ants to him compare to his power, but they sure are capable fighters, they are just little weak compare to Miss Baba, this will be a test for his leadership now.

Tercio look's at Baba and bows to her," Thanks Miss Baba for entrusting me to lead them."

"Don't be worry about it Tercio just tell them what to do, and they will do their jobs quite efficiently," Baba replied to him.

Then Baba floats above them and speaks to them," Now the team has met, you have 1 hour before to depart to Devil's Toilet that's the end now go what you must do!' Baba shoos them away and 4 of them leave baba's main room and goes to the middle of palace arena.

*59 Minutes later*

"So guys are we ready for the mission?, Tercio ask the three and they nodded their heads to him.

"Great! Just hold to my hands tight and you can fly with me to the devil's toilet got it?," Tercio told them, as they nod in understanding.

When the last one Spike hold the hands of Fang that holds the left hand of tercio and bandage hold the right arm of tercio, Tercio checks it if they are holding tight as he confirm it, he slowly floats up in the air, when it was 500ft above the ground, he accelerated his speed in subsonic which half the speed of sound to the direction of Devil's Toilet in southern direction of Baba's palace, the distance of the place was 1,300 miles away.


*After 5 minutes of flying above the sky*

They fly for 5 minutes in the sky until they see the Devil's toilet entrance, Tercio decided to camp outside and plan before invading the entrance. They set camp outside and Tercio materialize a Table for them to plan and Tercio looks at fang.

"So guys here's the first plan, Fang could you turn into bat form and scout the area outside of devil's toilet and Bandage could you infiltrate the devil's toilet through underground using you're shovel to dig it from the inside. Fang, and Bandage salute then goes to work for their assign jobs.

Tercio looks at Spike and asked," Spike could you tell me what traps were to be expected from this place?"

"You would expect some usual trap likes iron spikes at the entrance and magic runes waiting for you to step in and blast you off." Spike said to Tercio.

Tercio nodded and ask another question," Miss Baba Told me their Leader is a Majin Demon, what is name, because Miss Baba forgotten to mention his name, who is this Majin demon?.

"The Demon Majin name is Shura, he is a newbie in the demon realm which I heard of, but he is extremely talented at destroying things and has great temper good, a combination with his destructive magic." Spike said what he knows about the demon majin.

"Thanks Spike for the information~," Thanks the fellow demon kind and the exact time the 2 scout that scout ahead was back and said their information about the infiltration as well.

Fang transformed back to his humanoid form and said to tercio," Tercio! They erect two towers from the entrance of Devil's Toilet and was mounted by two Imp with mounted machine guns and 50 goblin warrior in the front doors!. Tercio nodded in thanks for the scout and tercio look at Bandage.

Bandage report in," Tercio what I discovered that in the inside it has Four Rooms, the first room has 100 hobgoblins warriors and 5 greater goblin mage, the Second room has 200 Bone Temple Guards, the third room has 100 warrior Lizardmen they have tough skin and has good piercing resistance due to their tough skin, and lastly the Fourth room is room of The Majin Demon he is summoning some being, base of what I heard from the 2 guard Minotaur in his room, and to open the main door we need to defeat the all the monsters in the three rooms, because it has the three rooms has 1 lever each to unlock the main door.

Tercio thank Bandage and tercio sits in the materialize chair and thinking about the plan," Hmm... This is hard to decide, but let's see... Fang! before we charge you must swoop in and disable the machine gun from the tower, me and the rest will charge at the front and i will tell you the third plan after we enter the Devil's toilet got it!," Fang nodded.

"Good! Let's raise hell guys!," Tercio told his comrades and the three of them shouted *Yeah!*

Tercio, Bandage, and Spike charge at the entrance to fight the 50 goblin warriors, while fang swoop in the tower and killing the imp and disabling the guns after fang disable the machine guns in the tower, he see the others kill al the 50 goblins, he join them to the front entrance and all of them both entered the Devil's toilet, the main whole was lit by blue fire torches in each side of the wall and the wall was made of pure black steel and has carvings of monster and demons hunting and feasting on humans. They see the 3 doors and the 1 main door at the middle.

Tercio looks at them and tell his plan," Bandage and I will go to the third room we both will handle the lizardmen, they are sure tough, but they can be knock out by blunt force, our strength is enough to knock or kill them out."

"Spike you go to the second room, you're weapon demon trident can cut off their magic that making them alive. Tercio said to spike.

"Fang you go handle the first door and defeat them," Tercio ordered, they all nod and went to their assign room and enter.

*First Room*

Fang went in to the first room and sees the goblins eating their human captives, he charge at the busy hobgoblin to bite it and drains it, he alerted the whole hobgoblins feasting on human flesh, the hobgoblins scrambles and the leader a greater hobgoblin mage bark orders, while Fang focuses punching and kicking some hobgoblins to death that were unlucky to be near him, some of the goblins equipped their bow and shot at the vampire, which fang notices and transform to his bat form to dodge and get close at them, he manage to get close and transform back to his original form and elbow drop the head of hobgoblin that isn't finish reloading his long bow, he continue to demolish the hobgoblin until he senses an incoming attack, thanks to his vampire senses he evaded the deadly Ice Spike and Fire Ball coming from the five greater hobgoblin mages, Fang unleashes his personal attack,*Hair Thorns!*," He bend his head and point at the hobgoblin mages and his hair unleashed sharp projectiles like a bullet, it successfully hit the four hobgoblin mages, but a single hobgoblin mages dodge it, the hobgoblin readied another spell to cast," Take dis and die, dead humie!," *Bad Moon!*" a 4 meter skull that emitting a deadly green aura that corrodes were it touches blasted from the hand of hobgoblin leader, and speeding towards fang .

Fang see this and dodges it barely, it torn off his left arm,"arrghh! You'll pay for this Hobgoblin!,*Explosive punch!*", Fang right fist was engulf by a orange glow and speed towards the hobgoblin mages , and successfully landing square to the face of hobgoblin which it exploded even the walls was destroyed, creating a hole and seeing the outside.

Fangs sigh in tired voice," I hope they finish their own task need to find the lever to open the first lock for the main door in the hall." Fang finds the lever covered in blood and guts of hobgoblins and pulls, he nods in satisfaction and leaves the room.

*Second Room*

Spike enters the room and was shock because it wasn't an resurrected skeletons with bows and swords, they were equipped with assault rifles and his thoughts were, "Shit!" the skeletons fired at him, he manage to dodge the first hail of bullets and spins his trident to deflect and block all the bullets, he manage to almost block all bullet, but some bullets graze him and shredding his latex suits," Fucking Bandage he did not tell me they were equipped by guns!, I guess he forgotten about it," He looks at the skeletons reloading their guns and grins," This is the right time to unleash it, *Soul Wave* Spike unleashes a purple miasma to the skeletons and all of them broke down," Hah! That was easy," He looks at the end of the room and finds the lever, he pulls the lever and unlocks the second lock of the main hall door," Better go back to them and see if they were finish," He leaves the room.

*Third Room*

Tercio and Bandage enter the third room and they see the lizardmen are forging weapons for their imminent invasion to the earth. They were forging guns and advance weapons, they need to destroy this and end all of them, both of them charge to the big unsuspecting 2 lizardmen that hammering a metal. Tercio kicks the feet and snap the neck, while Bandage ready his Titanium shovel and swings to the other lizardman overhead slicing the head clean off, thanks to Tercio's magic he enchant the shovel for more armor penetration.

From their action the Lizardmen was alerted, The smaller ones was in panic and goes to the storage room to get weapons, while the much bigger lizardmens charge at them using they big hammers, Tercio and Bandage charge at them and meet with equal passion to kill.

Tercio was fighting 40 of them, they tried to hit him, but they miss, tercio is dancing around and using his Ki Blade he forms from his hand a slashing their feet and hands, there were shouts of pain from that and Tercio manages to kill them all, while Bandage was all banged up from his 20 opponents, but he kill them all with his shovel, Tercio nodded at bandage and they see the lever and pulls it unlocking the last lock from the main door from the main hall," Come on bandage let's meet the other, maybe they were finish" Tercio said to bandage which agree to it, the two of them leaves the room.


*Main Hall*

All of them exits the 3 rooms, they talk to each other of what happen between the rooms, Tercio order them to leave the Devil's Toilet," I sense something dangerous that even you combined you're strength you can't defeat the leader of this invasion you will be hindrance to finish this the mission you all understand?," Tercio Said to them while looking at them seriously to their eyes.

3 of them nodded, the two leave, but Bandage stays," Why are you still standing here bandage?," Tercio asked him.

"Be careful before I leave the main room their something dangerous he summoned and he merge with the deadly creature and I hear a terrible roar, I can't see it clearly, but the being eaten the two minotaur guards," Bandage tells him what he last saw.

Tercio look at him, the face of Bandage darken and his eyes is full of worried looks, Tercio understand it and said to him," Don't worry about it, I will finish the demon leader once in for all!," Tercio said it with full of conviction, Bandage left quickly, and Tercio turn around and stares at the door.
"That's why I felt a massive energy to that room it's almost can destroy a continent with that kind of energy, he frown at the thought of it, he approach the main hall door and he open it, while it's opening it shock him what he saw, the creature's aura is full of malice and destruction, the creatures features is definitely a demon, but it was all red and has a flaming sword, long tongue dangling on it's mouth, and standing 15ft tall.

The Creature : warhammer-librarium/gallery/33149886/daemons

The creature speaks with a little gurgle on his voice," You must be the one who cause the disruption between my plans to invade..., I sense you are strong enough to be my second in command, why don't you join me and we both conquer this world!,"

"I will never join you're cause abomination of a demon you are! I will end you here right now!," Tercio shouts back to the abomination, transforming his 2nd form to even their power.

"Muahahaha, that's it! I like you're fiery passion for wanting to kill me and you transform into more powerful form that even matches my power evenly, this battle will be glorious, and after that I will destroy any humans in this world that you protect, the Great Demon Abraxas will destroy you all!," The demon declared and roared that shaken the Devil's Toilet structures.

The demon Abraxas charge at him, every step abraxas takes, it cracks the ground, abraxas raises his sword and slash downward to tercio, which tercio sidestep and punch abraxas in right side of his face and kick abraxas away to the wall, Abraxas gain control to his body and stop from being knock back and stabilize himself and grins while there's a blood coming out on his mouth, Abraxas use his sword to shoot a wave of flames to Tercio.

Tercio cast a barrier to the incoming wave of fire, He is gritting his teeth now, for how much strong the Wave of Flame that hitting his barrier, in a matter of second, Tercio was surprise Abraxas emerge from the wave of fire that he sent to him and punch his barrier breaking it and going through Tercio midsection, Tercio spat some blood from the blow and was launch through the wall shattering it and landed outside of Devil's toilet, it doesn't stop there after he landed on ground outside he followed by Abraxas that landed just near him and kick him on his face, Tercio blocked it, but he was launch through mid-air.

He was knocked back through the air 300 miles away from east of Devil's Toilet location, Tercio landed harshly from large rocky formation of wasteland, he quickly stands and sense that Abraxas was above him and pointing his left arm at the ready using a deadly technique and grinning sinisterly,
" Surprise~ *Gravity Ball!*," a Purple Ball that swirling inside shots at the palm of Abraxas downwards to Tercio.

Tercio burry his feet and use his Third and Fourth arm in his head casting his own attack, *Dark Blast," A great dark ball of flame shots his arms in his head.

Both attack met and exploded into huge cloud of smoke the covers the whole area, Tercio sensing something incoming from his back, he jumps to avoid it, and it was abraxas stabbing trying to stab his sword to him, Tercio looks at abraxas that was busy pulling his sword to the ground and initiate an attack on abraxas back," This is my opening now while he is busy, *METEOR IMPACT!*," Purple aura coated his body and charge at abraxas back with the speed of mach 25, Abraxas turns around and widen about the incoming attack, he can't dodge it.

Abraxas was hit in the backside, blood spilling from his mouth, and roared in pain from the attack, the ground has 10km crater been created. Tercio isn't finish yet, he readied another technique, he jump to the skies and forming a red energy ball with his four arms above his head, and cast it to the ground where abraxas bodies lay," *NOVA BARRAGE!*," the big energy red ball turn into a 20 small balls and drop down to the ground hitting abraxas more and roared in pain.

Tercio landed to the ground were abraxas body, but in his surprise he was caught off guard, Abraxas rise up fast and stab his sword to Tercio stomach, which Tercio spills more blood to his mouth and eyes, Tercio look at the sword that stab him in the stomach and look up to see and shocked that Abraxas Missing half of his forehead and still grinning like a Madman.

*My turn~," Abraxas pulls out his sword from Tercio's body and spilling more blood from the shredded wounds, and abraxas grabs Tercio's head then HE slammed his head from the ground and keep punching Tercio whole body and face, and cast a technique,"*FIERY DEMISE!*," From the mouth of Abraxas release a red plasma and trying to further his damage to the body of Tercio, Abraxas then stop his attack and steps back for 20 meter to see his work.

Tercio screams in pain because his body was burning badly, he grits his teeth and fights through the pain, he gets up and see the Abraxas waiting for him to get up. He glares at Abraxas full of hate.

Abraxas senses Tercio emotion and laughs madly," I can feel you're hatred to me, that's good I like that~, I will give one last chance to join me Tercio or die like the rest of them?!," Abraxas said to him.

"I will never join by the likes of you and for your information, I don't want to be a second fiddle!," Tercio said to him standing firm.

Abraxas chuckles darkly," Such a sweet defiance oh well~, if you don't want to join me, I'll will just eat you're carcass and soul to make me more stronger!".

Abraxas charges again to Tercio with a mad laugh which is a mistake, Tercio face darken and release his technique," SONIC SCREAM!," A loud sound wave shot thought Tercio's mouth and hit abraxas head on with a force of hundred trucks.

Abraxas was knock back, he drop his sword and cover his ear from the loud sound, he was disoriented and unstable" What the hell was that?!," He feel something on his back some kind of barrier, his eyes widen and look at Tercio, while he was dizzy from the sound.

"You know Abraxas remember this! No one will defeat me!,*Lightning Blow*," Tercio's fist was engulf with lightning and he dash towards to the cornered abraxas and punch his midsection which abraxas felt more pain than the other previous attack tercio did to him, and abraxas was knock back in a distance of 2000km, and he felt another pain from his back, he was kick by Tercio to the skies.
"This will be your last time visiting earth you MONSTER!," *GRAND COMET!*," a yellow comet like energy came out from his mouth and the force is so powerful, it creates a 600m wide crater where Tercio's Standing, and the yellow comet that was shot was big enough to cover a whole mountain.

Abraxas agape from the incoming attack, he stop his flight and raise his arm forward to stop the blast and he augmented his arm by his raw magical energy, he can't escape because it was too late, the blast was 20x faster than lightning, the big comet like blast met his arm and successfully holding it, but it was just delaying the inevitable, the comet like blast isn't slowing down, Abraxas just gritting his teeth and using all of his strength and magical powers to stop it" I won't be easily killed by a miserable gnat like you!.

Tercio becoming more irritated and he pour it all of his energy, veins in his body is popping from the exertion and the 600 meter wide crater that Tercio standing has become more 3x the size from the force of blast his sending to Abraxas, and shout from the exertion of power he sending,"*HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!,".

Abraxas eyes turn into incoherent mess and his arms was destroyed by the big comet like blast and roared,
" TERCIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!," he was blasted away from the outside of stratosphere of earth and all of his body are atomize from the blast engulfing him.

Tercio cease the attack and let it die, he reverted to his base form and plops down and breathes in relief," Finally, I've defeated the demon powerful than me and my comrades stop the invasion, *sighs* I hope they are ok, damn~ I'm really tired," Tercio winced from his wounds in his midsection good thing he is one of the demon kind they were semi-immortal," What would I do now?, I'll just wait for a rescue to come in," Tercio turn his head to his right side, and sees three shadows walking over to his line of sight, before he see them he was out cold and sleeps.

*Meanwhile on Yunzabit Heights

A Green Man standing from the cliffs of frosty wasteland and staring shock at the South Direction, the name of the Green Man is Piccolo Jr.

"Th-tha-that's impossible!, nobody is stronger than me!, I felt those powers that fought each other, the other is full of malice and madness and the other one is full of anger and hate!,," Piccolo Jr. Is getting annoyed, frantic, and sweating from what he senses, he grits his teeth," The one with full of malice is gone, maybe the comet like beam vanquish it, this is so troublesome, I must investigate it," Piccolo Jr. is preparing to fly, but some voice stop him.

"Piccolo, this is Kami." Kami spoke to his head.

"Kami! What is it?! You know I will deny your request to be good and you can't stop me from conquering earth, What's your game?!," Piccolo Jr. answers Kami angrily, piccolo heard a breathe of annoyance.

"Piccolo I know you want to know the powerful energy you felt, I'm sure you want to meet this one, because I am the one who invited him to visit to earth and I told Baba to test him and give him quest to defeat a demon that more powerful than you and goku," Kami said to his head.

Piccolo started to sweat for how serious is kami said it to him, gulps in fear and grits his teeth," So what?! I would train and defeat that monster you invited on this earth! And no one can stop me to conquer it!.

"Piccolo you misunderstood me, I know you are scared right now, but please listen to yourself!, I'm inviting him in this world to know him the one that you felt, and please don't be like your father King Piccolo that reign terrors, and I request to rethink your goals and come here to my Lookout to meet the powerful being," Kami yells at him to make piccolo jr. see reason.

Piccolo wince and stares at the direction of power he felt and sighs," Ok I'll there so I will know how to kill it, and when is that being will come to your lookout?," Piccolo asked Kami

"In 3 days he will come to the lookout, to meet me and enough to time for you to control yourself, your squirming," Kami added a drawled voice at the end.

Piccolo right eye twitch from the end of the sentence," I'm not squirming!, you are having a time mocking me aren't you?!" Piccolo Jr. accused Kami.

"Well it's nice that I see you be brought down a peg and humbled a bit," Kami chuckled a little.

"Whatever!, I'll be sure to meet this being and know what kind of creature he is next we meet," Piccolo finishes his sentence with annoyance and Piccolo cut off Kami.

Piccolo is contemplating," Tch! What an annoying being kami invited in this world," then piccolo flies off to spinach wasteland to train his anxiety off.

*East of Mt. Paozu*

A small house has been seen from the east of mountain , a human looking male that has spiky hair training, then he felt that powerful presence.

"Huh! That's a powerful being that I sense, but the one vanishes is the evil one the full of madness and wanton destruction, and the other one is full of hatred, but that is fighting the mad one that I sense must be a fellow fighter that protects the earth and more stronger than me and piccolo, I want to meet him sweet!," The man with spiky hair stated to himself.

"Goku this is kami, I'm sure you felt that presence and like to meet him," Kami contacted goku through his head.

Goku scratch his head and chuckles," You sure know, my feelings about this kami,"

Kami chuckles to," Of course, I'm the one who trained you to defeat the terrible King Piccolo, be sure to come in next three days in lookout you will meet him and I persuaded Piccolo Jr. to come because he feels threaten.

Goku laughs ," That's piccolo for ya!, Sure I will come in three days Kami thanks for informing," Smiling at the sky.

'Thanks Goku I'll be waiting" Kami cut offs his call from his the head of goku.

Goku is staring at the sky and smiling," Yes! I can't wait to spar that powerful being, My blood is getting pumped up!," Goku work harder for his training right now and chichi calls him for dinner, and goku enter the house.

*3 days after the Devil's Toilet Battle

Tercio feels something he opened his eyes and he sees Witch Baba he was surprise and jump on his bed," ahh! Miss Baba don't scare me like that, I thought the Grim Reaper has come to collect my soul!," Tercio pouts and covers his whole body with duvet, and frowning at Witch Baba.

Witch Baba rolled her eyes at him," Calm down brat, I'm just examining you," Witch Baba explains to him." If you don't behave, I will decide to punish you again even if you are healing got that?!

" -_- Woah geez~, calm down will ya~, you can't take a joke," Tercio drawled while grinning.

"Ok smartass," Witch Baba replied and smirks too.

They both laugh at their conversation," So Tercio I've seen your battle from my fortune ball, you have defeated a strong opponent there, almost as strong like the elemental that you're master defeated when me and roshi met your old man.

"Really Witch Baba!, That I am strong as my old man!?," Tercio excitedly asked while he grabbed Baba shoulder and shaking her.

"Woah sonny!, don't get to excited from that!, yes you defeated that demon from Devil's toilet, but you are really badly hurt compared to your old man that has no scratch while fighting the mad elemental that has the same strength that the demon you fight with, so no you are not strong as you're old man, you needed more training from what I see, sorry kid you have long way to go," Witch Baba said to him seriously.

Tercio dropped his head and depressed for 5 seconds and lift his head and just smile brilliantly," No matter! That means I got to train more and just become more stronger than my old man!," He promised to himself feel excited for his new goal.

Baba breathes in relief," At least the kid still got his spirit up by all himself," Baba thought.

"So Miss Baba when can I get out of this bed, and can go to Kami's lookout because they want to meet me there, they were intrigue," Tercio told Baba about his second objective on earth.

"You can leave this bed until tomorrow, thanks to your demon physiology you can heal 10x faster than a human be sue on your best behaviour right now got it!," Baba tells him.

"Of course Witch Baba, thanks again for caring for me," Tercio thank Witch Baba, and bows his head to her.

Which return by Baba and said," Ok kid rest now, you have another adventure tomorrow," Witch Baba's leaves the room and return to her main palace.

Tercio nods and plop to his bed and thinking," Hmm... I defeated that demon, is that really a demon?, it seems more sinister and just wants to cause chaos for no purpose, maybe it's not a demon just an abomination that looks like demon, aarggh! It's not a problem, I killed that thing before it corrupts the whole world in its madness, and another objective to complete, why this kami wants to talk to me seems weird, but old man told me about it, maybe I just thinking too hard, I will know when I get there tomorrow, I better sleep now," He rotates his body to the left side and sleeps.


Morning came and the Sun's sunlight reach the face of Tercio he grumbles how annoying is the sun, and opened his eyes, and he gets up to his bed and goes to brush his teeth from the bathroom and wear his jogging pants and went outside to train, he finish his 30 laps jogging in 30 minutes each lap was 5 miles, and 20000 sets of Push-up, hand bars, jumping jacks, and squats, while he finishes all the warm up, he turn around and sees Spike, Bandage, and Fang approaching him, they wave at him and tercio gladly returns it, when they were near Spike speak first," So~ Tercio how was the fight from the dangerous being? I felt that oppressive aura from miles away!, it really creeps me out than we feel from King Piccolo reign of terror right guys? He asked Tercio and the other guys too.

Fang speaks," Yeah it almost I want to suicide from that aura!, I'm glad the creature was defeated,"

Tercio speaks," Yeah I don't know that kind of demon Abraxas is, but his aura is really full of malice, the battle was the most hardest I ever fought right now, I need to get more stronger it's an eye opener for me that, I'm just a little fish in a big pond in the whole universe." Tercio then decided to tell the his battle in full context, both three were amaze and congratulate to him, which Tercio gladly appreciate and he tells that the three shadows that he sees after he got knockout cold, and ask if it was them, the three confirm that it was the three of them , that they decided to help tercio because they can't sense the evil presence was that confirms that tercio defeated it and tercio's energy signature is the only one that they can sense so they decided to help tercio and bring him to Baba's palace to rest.

Tercio bows in respect, while the three blush and bows to tercio lower.

Bandage speaks," So~, Tercio we notice you're training in the arena, how much can you lift?

Tercio thinking about it," I don't know yet, I haven't tried too because I just balanced a rock as 10x in my size while exercising, my guess is just 50 tons,"

Fang,:" Sure~ that's seems pretty weak compare to us, how about 4 of us have a contest who can lift the heaviest?

"A challenged eh?~, ok I accept," Tercio with glee and the other two joins in too, they decide to call Witch Baba to materialize weights for the contest. Witch Baba comes to the arena.

"So you 4 are having a contest, ok I guess," Witch Baba materialize some different weights.

Fang step first," I will go first," Fang Picks up the barbell and Baba attached the 2 weights, to each side of it, and was 25 tons each, Fang successfully lifts it, but he was tired.

It was Spike's turn to lift now the weights of each side is 35 tons each, Spikes hefted it and was successful too. Spike is smug about it and it was Bandage turn.

Bandage takes the weights from 150 tons on each side, Bandage lifted it up, he was having trouble for 3 seconds and he lifted it all. Tercio and the other clapped for the dedication of bandage, Bandage blush at the praise.

Now it was tercio's turn ," Hmm... Witch Baba could you please add 5000 tons each weights side and add their weights too." Baba and her three slav- *cough* I mean servants look wide eye that thought, Baba just nods and added the weights, and it was whooping 10425 tons, Tercio nodded and lifted it, it was easy for him so he was not satisfied, he looks at Witch Baba and said," Granny do you know any gravity magic? Could you add more gravity to my weights please," Wtich Baba just stares at him like he was joking," Are you crazy?!.

*No I'm Tercio Witch Baba," Baba stares at Tercio grinning at her

"Stop being smartass with me young man, are you sure?! you will get crushed by the sheer force of the gravity!,"

"Just do it Baba, My body is strong enough to handle it!," Tercio said confidently, Baba sighs from bewilderment, and cast the gravity magic to Tercio.

Tercio felt strong force pulling him to the ground, he was smiling at the strain of his body he can still move, but the barbell is 10x more heavier.

"Tercio I enhance your gravity is now 10x than earth gravity so be careful.

Tercio nodded, his barbell must weigh 104,250 tons right now, he is still felt a little strain and look at Baba," Miss Baba do add more please!," shouts at Baba to make more a strong gravity, Baba just nodded while sweating.

She cast to enhance the gravity again now the gravity is 30x stronger than earth's gravity now, the tercio feeling the effects of the pull , he was straining more harder right now, and the ground is now cracking from the sudden weight has put, the barbell must be weighing whooping 312,750 tons, the tree servants just stare at tercio , mouths wide open and the three yell at the same time," You are really strong, that's not just 10 tons, it's fucking beyond!," Tercio just chuckles nervously at them.

Baba just stare at him like he was monster incarnate," You have a such ridiculous strength young man, are you using magic or ki?

Tercio shakes his head," This is just my pure strength Granny Baba, if I use my second form I can lift more than this, and my second form can multiply my strength, speed, durability, Magic, and Ki 20 times.

Witch Baba and her three servants just gulps at bewilderment, like they see a real monster, Baba sighs and shake her head," How did you get that strong Tercio, If I may how did you meet your master Nemos?,"

Tercio look at Witch Baba and turn his head to the sky and tell her "My old man is a really good slav- *cough* Teacher, his training is really hellish (no puns intended), he gives me mission that's so dangerous, that makes me want to quit, but I was stubborn, I don't want to be bullied like my younger years that I was reborn as a demon in Makai Realm, it was do or die situation for me," Tercio eye produce tears after remembering his early years when he was reborn, Tercio wipes it and he continues," After the beatings and bullying by the demons that wants to eat me, I was save by My Adopted Grandpa Nemos he sees me bloodied, maim, scarred and broken, then he adopt me, trained me and fed me like his own blood, I was grateful to him, he was my inspiration to live and I just want to make him proud like his own grandson," Tercio finishes his tale of his, Witch Baba just stares kindly at Tercio and offer him a hand on his shoulders, which Tercio feel grateful for Witch Baba, and the other servants are hugging each other and just crying loudly at his story, which Tercio head sweats when he sees them .

Tercio sighs and look at them," So this is my last day to see all of you especially you granny Baba, I will go pack my stuff now, so thanks to you all for caring for me," Tercio Bows, and Witch Baba, and the other three servants bows in respect.

The next day, Tercio was pack and ready to go to kami's lookout, he floats while looking at them," Thanks again for taking care of me bye!," Tercio turns around at the direction of north and flies away.

Witch Baba, Usher, Spike, Bandage, and Fangs waves goodbye and Witch Baba stares at her servants," So Tercio is away, now all of you get back to work!," Ordered by Witch Baba, all of them mutters 'stingy old lady*, which Baba heard it," What did you all say to me?!," They were chase by an angry old witch comically .


Tercio was flying faster the location he needs to go was the Korin's Tower which is 3,000 miles to the north, he speedup so he can reach it faster forming a snow cone in his front and hundreds of sonic booms was heard, 1 minute of flying he reach the Korin's Pillar , he sees the landing ground and there was a lot of camp houses surrounding the pillar, he sees the people and all of them are brown skin and their hair is long black hair and was tied and has feather on their heads, he landed at the center of it and approach the pillar, while he walking the tribesmen were looking at him, muttering to each other, while he walking to the pillar, he sees another tribal man in there he looks the same age as him, the young native points his staff at him and asked.

"What do you seek here stranger?!," The young native asked.

"I'm just here to climb the pillar to see Korin and the Kami because they want to meet me," Tercio explains

"You want to climb here huh, you need to climb these pillar with your hands and no flying, it's test for you and what's your name stranger?," The young native lower his spear

"My name is Tercio and you," Tercio replied.

"My name is Upa and good luck to you for climbing the stone pillar, and the pillar is 20,000 feet above ground be careful."Upa step aside, to let Tercio through.

"Thanks Upa," Tercio nod in thanks and starts to climb the tower, he climb it just in 1 minutes, and senses two beings waiting for him, he sees the room full of big clay pots and one door, he leaves the room and climb the stairs, then he sees the two being that he senses, the first was short white cat holding a staff and the other is garb with some kind of eastern martial artist clothes, with a katana, long spiky hair and he was chubby.

"Hi there, I'm Tercio and who are you supposed to be?," Tercio asked them nicely.

The cat speak first," I'm Korin the Guardian of this Tower and Ultra Divine Water, and this is Yajirobe my assistant for planting senzu beans," The cat named Korin answer his question, Tercio bows at them.

"Well met Korin, could you pleased point me where is the lookout?"

"The lookout is just above us just another 10,000 feet above, kami tells us that he would expect you, good luck young," Korin said it kindly to him.

"My thanks Korin, I'll well be going now," Tercio Waves at them , and fly to another layer of clouds, then he sees the Kami Lookout," Wow~, this is amazing a floating place above the sky, this is must be where kami lives, and I sense 4 being, the other two is strong individuals," Tercio flies to the lookout and land on the center of it, and he sees something waiting for him, the being approaches him and it was Black skin, full lips, and round eyes smiling at him and the being speaks.

"Hi there Young Tercio we were expecting you," Said by the Black Being.

"Hello~!, I am at disadvantage who are you and what are you?" Tercio asked like an innocent puppy first time seeing the being.

"I am Popo, the attendant of Kami, and I'm a Djinn," The Black Being named Popo replied.

"Thanks for welcoming me Mister Popo, where is Kami by the way?,"

"Just follow me and I will show you where he is waiting for you," Popo turns around and lead him inside in the Main Building, after 30 seconds of following he sees the door which mister Popo opens," Come in young Tercio, Kami is waiting for you," Popo steps aside and gesture him to in. Tercio goes in the room and sees 3 beings, the other two were green, but the other one is old and the other is young looking, then he sees a human, waving at him with a smile, he waves at the human and smile too.

"Welcome to the Lookout young Tercio, I am Kami and this one to my right is Piccolo Jr. son of King Piccolo the Terrible, and the one to my left is Goku," Kami welcomes him while he gesture to sit to the left of piccolo sits, and introduce the other two to him, which the named piccolo jr. is frowning at him, scrutinizing him, and the named goku is eyeing him like a challenged, but with good nature, He smells something to goku, goku smell like the one he smells in planet vampa, when the portal that he enter becomes unstable, that he met the big saiyan and his dad, he didn't stay for long because he was found immediately by his Master Nemos and grabs him without saying farewell to them.

"Thank you Kami," He looks at goku and said," Hello Goku I smell something to you, are you Saiyan?" Tercio asked.

Goku look at him like he was ridiculous," No, I'm not a saiyan, I'm an earthling," Goku said to him.

Tercio think of something," Because you smell different than a human goku, did you have tail when you are a baby?"
"Woah! How did you know that?! And what is a saiyan?," Goku sounds amaze by the saiyans and piccolo and kami is listening intently at this new information.

"Well a saiyan is a warrior race, they become stronger, if they were healed near death, and they wage war from another inhabitant of planets and sells them for a price to a buyer, and the tail that saiyan has they will become a big monkey if they see the full moon,' Tercio explaining it to them, Piccolo, Kami and Goku eyes wide at that information tercio tells to them, Goku is contemplating something and muttered to himself," That's grandpa gohan tell that don't look at the full moon, and the monster that killed grandpa gohan was me," Goku cries softly from that, Piccolo looks at goku with a renewed view," So goku is an from other planet and he transform into a giant monkey and gets more stronger, this is a terrible news," and they look at tercio again and said something again.

"Oh Piccolo and Kami, you didn't tell me you were namekians that become guardians to this planet, My master did not even tell me," Kami and Piccolo was shock again they look at each other and Kami ask Tercio.

"Tercio what are namekians? Is that my kind called?," Kami asked Tercio

Tercio nods," Did Master not tell you when you first met?," Kami just shakes his head," No he did not tell me, he just wants to meet me for a respect and tells me, he come in peace and just want to explore the planet to collect specimens and that's it." Kami told him.

Tercio nodded in understanding," Well you are not from this earth to, your kind is from planet namek, they were tons of you there, they lived a peaceful life, and had many tribes, they were more stronger than all of you though," Piccolo and Kami thinking about this new shocking revelation to them especially piccolo," That's where my kind lives and more powerful than me," Piccolo clenched his hand and look sternly at me," You why are you so strong and what are you?!,"

"Me well I'm a demon from Makai and my master is a really a slave driver and trained me harshly ," Tercio replied to him, goku and piccolo is shock about the information and for a demon from makai he is really friendly.

"Woah you are a demon, is there lots of fights there and strong opponents?!," Goku asked quickly to him, which Tercio just sweats from his forehead and chuckles awkwardly," Well goku the thing is yes you are correct, they were many fights there and many strong opponents , but to kill each other for survival," Tercio replied to goku.

Goku pouts and terrified," HAAH~ that's a terrible, you shouldn't be there!,"

"Nothing I can do about it goku, If I did not adopt, I will get killed and be eaten," Goku, Piccolo, and Kami understand and agreed with that logic.

Tercio then ask kami," Lord Kami, why did you invite me here in the lookout?"

"I invite you here young tercio to meet you and request you this, could you train this two for the sake of the earth," Kami begs tercio.

"What?! You called that demon to train us?!," Piccolo stands in his chair and yells at kami, which goku let it happen because it's rare for kami to ask a stranger to train his students.

Kami sighs," I have a terrible dream or premonition as you would say, that this planet will have a countless battleground of far more stronger opponents than all of us and killed all the populace of earth, so I asked Tercio here, to train with you and form an alliance and please piccolo understand this!, you are not your father you are different from him you are stronger than him, why would you care about his legacy!, is that all you lived for?! I asked you to come here to persuade you because there will be more stronger beings will come here on earth and cause terror and more evil than your father reign!, and stronger than you! , I don't want that to happen you, goku, and the other strong earthlings are the chance to protect this planet," Kami said to piccolo seriously and with a shadow on his faces, Piccolo just *tch* and shuts up

"So you young Tercio would you accept my request to train them?" Kami asked him hopefully.

Tercio thinks about It and answers kami," I accept kami, this is the chance I can explore the earth, and meet the locals,"

"Thank you for accepting my request Young Tercio, now the meeting is at end, now you three are free to leave and piccolo please accept this, it's for your own good too." Kami leaves them in room and left them.

Goku started to speak first," So when we start this training regime for us to prepare for the coming enemies?" Goku asked tercio with a full smile, piccolo just stares at the window contemplating.

"We can start right now goku, and piccolo will be there with us right?~" Tercio drawled his voiced in his last sentence.

Piccolo just tsk and stare seriously at Tercio," You must know I will just join you here so i can be strong enough to have my revenge from this idiots and conquer this planet."

Goku just stares at piccolo and whispers to tercio," Don't mind him he is just being sour puss about the whole thi- aahhh!," Goku was just hit by a little ki blast to face," Why did you do that for!?

"I can hear you idiot, I will have my revenge after that training and we will fight again! Got that!," Piccolo announce it to them.

Goku massaging his face and smiling at piccolo and said," I'll be waiting piccolo, you hear that Tercio he wants to join us to get stronger," Which piccolo just look away and blush from that remark.

Tercio just laugh at them, he seeing a good rivalry to them," Ok guys enough of that lets get started!," They started their training in the courtyard in 1 year.


*1 year later of training

A year later when they started their training, they wear now finishing the last steps, the three get out from the time chamber and Tercio spoke," Remember our first day of training, it was really fun start and I was surprise from you piccolo you mellowed out a bit after you become uncle to gohan," Tercio smiles at piccolo who just said *shut up* to him and Goku just laughs at that, they stop at the courtyard and goku speaks," Times is really fast when you don't bother looking at them and here we are just comrades in arms!." Goku said to them, which tercio agrees and piccolo just rolled his eyes, and said to goku.

"You shouldn't forget our rematch after this training goku, you and I will have a match after this," Piccolo reminded goku.

"Of course, I remember that, I won't disappoint my son gohan, If I lie to his uncle and you will become his future master too to teach your ways~," Goku jokingly said to piccolo, which just smirks at the thought training a saiyan that would be lovely and he will teach that brat to dodge every move.

Tercio speak," Now the training are finish guys, I will pack my thing now to go back to my old man that I finish this quest, I have a good time in this earth thanks to the two of you and say my farewell to your friends, I have fun meeting them, so long and good luck to your future battles," Tercio packs his thing flies away and finds the red portal in the Mt. Paozo which his master opens when he said he will be back to the makai realm, he enters the portal and he was gone.

Tercio didn't know that his presence to the earth will change and the other fighters are very grateful for his trainings that they will survive the numerous odds that stack to them.

*Makai Realm

A portal appears in the air, Tercio comes out from the portal, and he sees the scenery.
"Huh~ nothing changed just any hell hounds and demons travelling, I should be going now," He sped more toward the hut of his old man, causing hundred sonic booms, which surprised the natives into frenzy when they heard the sound of the hundred booms from his flight.

He can now see the hut, he landed on the front door and enter it.

"Old man I'm home!," No one answers back to his voice, he look at the kitchen, forging room, storage room, and Master Nemon room," Old man isn't here maybe he is in my room," he goes to his room and he didn't see Master Nemon, but he was surprise that he sees a spear in bed and a spiky fruit, and the spear not just a normal spear though, it's a partisan spear it was 2.6 meters long , the pole is black , it has a letter beside it, he sits in the bed and untied it then he reads the letter.

The Partisan speak looks: imgres?imgurl=https%3A%2F% .com%2Foriginals%2F44%2F5b%2F5f% &imgrefurl=https%3A%2F% .cl%2Fpin%2F694187730033225025%2F&tbnid=NpozT1Ep0QOE_M&vet=12ahUKEwjL6K3U8qDqAhVDGKYKHTKyDbgQMygBegUIARC2AQ..i&docid=MAhxlXyiZ-1b0M&w=800&h=519&itg=1&q=fantasy%20partisan%20spear&client=opera&ved=2ahUKEwjL6K3U8qDqAhVDGKYKHTKyDbgQMygBegUIARC2AQ

Dear Tercio

You are surprise that I wasn't here to meet you because, I have been called by a Kai in the east, they have problem about a dark energy storm spreading throughout their section of his east galaxy, I will be long before I come home, so I left you the two gifts for your reward, especially the partisan spear that I craft from the mithril you brought, it's not just a simple strong made spear, if you channel your magic or ki using it to cast your attack, it will amplify the attacks you will cast , then my second gift to you is the fruit from Tree of Might it's a special fruit that made by consuming all the planet energies, completely killing the planet life force, and it was made only to be eaten by Kai's, you should eat this, but be careful when you eat this fruit you will feel pain and body bulge, but it's only for a second so you should be safe your power will 15x more powerful, and one last thing there's a rift in your cabinet, I need you to go through it and I am happy what you've become brat.

Yours Truly
Master Nemos

Tercio shed tears after reading the letter, he wipes his tears off and pack that he needs for the next trip that his adopted grandfather given for him.

Tercio was all pack and ready the new weapon that was given to him was nice he was wearing a black hoodie jacket , with white t shirt inside , and grey cotton pants ," Maybe I should name my weapon I will call it "Unheilvoll"." Now that he names his spear, he looks at the fruit that was given to him and he thinks about it and just approaches it and stare at it for a second," Maybe I should eat this before I go inside the rift," He eats the fruit and feels the side effects, he experience massive pain and body bulges, he scream and gritting to his teeth, after 10 second of pain and misery he was panting from the experience.

"Fuck that really hurts!, at least my powers are stronger now" he stretch his body and carry his bag and tied his partisan spear to his back, and stares at the cabinet, he opens it and see the bluish, with a shade of purple and has electric sparks surrounding it," This seems dangerous, but what the hell! old man said I should investigate it, what would be the problem." He jumps at the rift and was thrown into the world unknown.


*Harlem 2010

It was the city of harlem and it was in shambles, buildings having holes, cars flip and destroyed apart, and civilians running away from the Two Monster slugging in the main street of harlem. The other monster was the Hulk standing in 9ft tall, and the other monster is a little bigger than the green one and was called abomination which is grinning while battling the hulk.

A group of soldiers following the fight staying in safe distance, one of the soldiers has the radio and calls for a support," Sir this is Sergeant Cole, need back up! Over,"

A Chinook is flying above from the soldiers mounted by a .50 cal, they receive a call which the General Ross answered," Copy that sergeant over, Gunner! Shoot at the monster!."

The gunner turn his head to the white haired man," Which one sir?!,"

"The brown one! and support the green one," The gunner nods and start shooting at the big brown monster, Which just annoyed abomination, the abomination punched hulk in the face stunning it, which abomination used and get the man whole cover and throws at the combat Chinook, successfully hitting the one of rotor blades, the combat Chinook was unstable and was crashed down to the ground side of a building, lucky there were survivors, General Ross trying to get his daughter out from the Chinook, he pulled her out and support her and they were shock at the sight in front of them, the abomination is standing in front theme grinning madly.

The Abomination was in front of the crashed Chinook and was 10 meters apart, smiling at the sight," General Ross do you like what you see?!, are you proud what you made!?,"

"No I'm sure not Blonsky, all I see is a monster an abomination!," General Ross replied

Blonsky just smiled," Yes a monster!, a monster that you created, and a abomination you say I like that!," Blonsky just laughs, he just charges at them and raise his fist to punch both Ross and His daughter, suddenly a partisan spear just block blonsky punch causing 20 meter shockwave, causing Ross and Betty landing on their ass to the ground, Blonsky was gritting his teeth with anger and stare the one who blocks his punch. The one who block his punch has black hoodie and mask covering his face and black cotton pants and wearing leather gloves," Who are you, and how do you block my punch?!

The stranger just stared at him and said," It doesn't matter now isn't it? You will get defeated right now, Hey! Hulk he's yours now!," Blonsky widen his eyes and turns around, then he felt something hit on his back that sent him flying to the feet of hulk, Blonsky using his arms to raise his body to the ground and look up seeing hulk raising both fist," HULK SMASH!*," the raise fist of hulk swing down to blonsky which hit in the back of his head causing his face smash to ground, causing a 100 meter blast of dust, and creating a crater when abomination face hit the pavement, the dust was cleared fast by a swing of the spear from the stranger, they see the abomination is still breathing and trying to get up, which hulk doesn't let it happen, hulk grab the head of abomination in one hand, then hulk grab the large chain, coiling the the head, choking the hell out of abomination and starts raise him in his front , Hulk look the stranger and nods in signal," Ok Hulk just hold him tight, I'll end it him," the spear glows red Abomination widen his eyes at the stranger spear pointing at him.

Abomination tries to untangle himself from the big chains and hold of hulk, but it was useless, hulk was using all anger to hold him down, the stranger eyes glowing blue and said," *Shooting Star!*" the stranger body glows and dash to causing sonic boom and the spear was pointed at abomination chest piercing Blonsky chest, completely killing him, the stranger remove his spear from blonsky chest and Hulk drop blonsky," So Big guy you're betty is safe, now go before the military men takes a hold of you,"

Hulk just stares at the stranger and sensing the emotion that the stranger means well," Hulk go now, thanks help save betty," Hulk talks to him

"Don't sweat it big guy" they hear the sirens and hulk quickly escapes the scene to the woods. The stranger turned around and see general ross frowning at him, while the girl name betty ross look grateful to him, then ross speak to him," Who are you?, why did you come here, and help the hulk?"

The stranger just sighs, place his spear in his back holster and magically has bandages covering all it's body looking like a breadstick and looked at Ross then said," I was having a trip in this town General~ and I heard people screaming and explosion was happening here, I tried to see what's happening and see two powerful being slugging out endangering the civilian populace, that alerted my sense of heroism, I saw the abomination knocked out hulk which it's right time to approach one of them, I went to hulk mind and sees Dr. Banner shouting at hulk to wake up, he sees me and he was shock," General Ross and Betty was shock at the information," Impossible! The hulk is banner, you mean they are different mind," General Ross interjects when he was explaining.

"That's my assumption general, I asked why he was fighting the other monster, he said all the events and happenings how he did fight your mutated soldier." General wince at that and the stranger looks at betty," and miss Betty, Bruce has a message for you, he said that he was thankful for you and afraid that it will be long before you reunite with hi-," General Ross Intervenes and said," enough of that, tell me who are you and what are you?

The Stranger Stares at the generals, and sighs," Well I'm just a stranger passing by this city General and you shouldn't be worried about me, I'm not a trouble maker, don't bother me, and I will not bother you, is that clear general?,"

General scoff at that," Why would I believe that ridiculous threats of yours?

Tercio eyes turn into slits and he stared to General Ross then exerts a deadly aura that screams death and despair, General Thunderbolt Ross felt his hairs go up, and just gulps while he didn't notice he was sitting down and massive sweats in his forehead appears, while Betty Ross just stares at his father feeling confuse why his father just getting scared staring to Tercio.

The aura of death just vanish and tercio speaks," I think you know now my warning General Ross, I hope we don't meet again for your own good and safety" Tercio just vanish from their sight and Betty Ross was agape at what she sees.

Betty Ross just manage to shake his head from his astonishment and look at his father," Father let's just go home now, I think we both need a rest from this events that happen to all of us,"

Her Father just shaking his head from bewilderment for how dangerous that was, he really need to know what kind of being is that, he is sure is not a human, then he stares at his daughter suggestion just nods, General Ross just pick up his radio phone," This is General Ross send some Convoy asap over!," They both stand up and just stares at the destruction of the Harlem.


*Somewhere in Hell's Kitchen Night time

Tercio just jumping into the buildings searching for to stay for 5 hours," I hope there's an open apartment here, I really need a place to rest," he finds a 5 story building 1km away from battleground and it's open, he enters the building it has decent ceiling and floor, but it has little cracks on the walls which is not bad he lived in worse than this, he chuckles at that thought, he sees the counter and approach the human in the counter , the human was has brown light skin, wearing like he was in a paradise, reading some magazine and has brown slick hair," Hello I'm Tercio Katar, are you perhaps the landlord of this apartment building" He greets happily to the man in the counter.

The man in the counter puts down the magazine and look at Tercio," Sup, yes I'm the landlord of this apartment, I assume you need a room to stay in what do you want for a room?

"Nothing special of sorts Mr.?"

"Oh right I'm Mister Brian Michael Hanby, or just call me Mr. Hanby for short" The Landlord replies.

"Just a room that has nice bed, and just spacious room that's what I need." Tercio said to him.

The Landlord nod and check his board, and he picks the keys," Here you go the Room 601, The room is up in the rooftop if you don't mind, it has all you need , it's spacious that can fit a four people and you can do what you want in the rooftop it will be your territory, the payment is 200$ per month deal?,"

Tercio took the keys and doesn't have paper money of kind from them, but he has nice gold coins," Can you accept this payment Mister Hanby," Tercio shows the pouch of 100 gold coins"

The Landlord was agape from the a payment and snatch it, and untied the pouch to check if the gold coin is fake, he takes one of them and bite it," Hmm... this amount of gold coin you have, you don't ever to worry your payment in 2 years young man,"

'Then take it all mister Hanby, I would like to stay here in a long time" Tercio offers it all with a kind voice.

The landlord was shock how nice this young man is and just shakes his heads, he pick up his newspaper then he folds it and whack the head of Tercio," Listen here young man being nice here in Hell's kitchen will get you in trouble, They will bully you and beat you up, Like what I about to do with you,"

Tercio just pouts and said," You are such stingy Mr. Hanby, I give it to you all the gold coins, because I sense you have a decent heart and good intentions."

Mr Hanby flushes and he whack the head of tercio again," You brat! I am giving you warning! Just go into your room and rest, your nice intentions are giving me a headache *tsk*"

Tercio just laughs it off," Ok thanks Mr. Hanby see you tomorrow!," My Hanby just scoffs at that and said," Yeah yeah whatever."

"Hmm... I have reach the room 601, and it's really on the rooftop huh~," Tercio enters the room and sees it really has nice flooring like a clean hospital room and the bed is decent, the water and electricity is all good he place his backpack and his wrap up spear in a bandage to his right side of bed and he notice the other door that leads to the rooftop and went to the door and open it, he see the rooftop it was very spacious, it can fit 3 cars in here and it's completely empty.

"This rooftop has a nice breeze tonight, Mr. Hanby really is nice, like what I read in his mind, he was ex- marine captain, he saved many lives from the one war in his mind called Iraqi war," He leaves the rooftop and went to his room and sits on his bed," I really need to think about, How to blend in this society, I need papers now , I will visit the library for finding new information of this place," Tercio just nods from his idea and sleep on his bed waiting for the next day to come.

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