Tom Riddle shook off the remnants of rain from his cloak as he continued to trudged a secret path down towards the Forbidden Forest. A small but luminous light sparked from his wand, guiding him through the treacherous terrain of the forest.

"It must be him," he thought to himself, prodding the branches that blocked his path. No one dared to enter the forest at such times, but with his clever ways, he managed to outwit the gamekeeper, who he always deemed as dimwitted (just like everyone else).

He was determined to follow the voice that hunted him in his dreams. A faint whisper in a sea of darkness, only flickers of gold ebbing behind his vision. He ought to take it as a sign to do more bidding in the name of Slytherin, yet this voice rings differently. It hunted him through the study halls – a voice that only he could hear. He cannot afford to let Dumbledore hear about it, of course. That fool always stuck his nose around for anything suspicious. He waited for his time, until he can finally follow where the voice was telling him to go – at the heart of the forbidden forest.

He walked tirelessly for more than an hour, sending a trail of light to guide him towards his destination. The full moon gleamed from above the dark canopy until it was completely gone. The light from his wand continued to shine until he spotted a patch of clearing beyond a huge root of a tree. A small gold glam pierced through a spot of the clearing. He squinted, hoping his vision was not betraying him.

With a defeated sigh, he gathered his cloak and attempted to go over the huge branch. He barely missed a few splinters. Fortunately, his wand was still in his hand despite the struggle. He carefully approached the gold gleam, his wand held – ready to fight. A few feet from it, he saw what it was. It was an hour glass surrounded by gold rings. It looked like it was omitting sparks. He stepped closer to take a good look of it when a wave of energy shocked his feet. It made him jump a few feet away.

The object continued to emit tendrils of energy. He stared at it, mouth agape, when a wave of energy was about to strike him.

"Expulso!" he shouted. The spell was absorbed by the object. He feared that he would be needing a stronger one when it suddenly exploded. The gold tendrils of energy swirled around him like golden dust, making the clearing brighter than what the Forbidden Forest could ever be. He did not worry if light catches the attention of the professors soon enough. He was deeply enthralled by the light as he shifted his head to take a full view of it. The dust shone until a voice came from the hourglass.

"I have heard great things about you, Tom Marvolo Riddle," a deep distorted voice said. It was from the hourglass but it seems like it was coming from a deep abyss.

"W-who are you?" Tom faltered to say. His sturdy courage staggered at the presence of this new being. He was not Slytherin, yet his curiosity peeks who this voice was.

"I am a being much older than what you know. You are clever and ambitious as I have heard. Destined for greatness as far as the fates can see. I am sure you are worthy to know who I am"

"I'm sure you would mind to tell me who you are, wouldn't you?" Tom retained his steady grip on his wand, ready to burst into a dangerous spell.

"Of course, I will," for a moment, a vague shape of a face formed from the golden dust. "I am Kronos the Titan of Time, King of the Titans"

"What do you want from me?" Tom asked, his interest a bit evident.

The voice chuckled – quite a horrid sound. "I can sense your eagerness. Indeed, my descendant never fails to choose whom he should trust."

Tom frowned. He was trying to remember who Kronos was from the books that he read long before, at the same time, his stomach lurched at the mention of this descendant.

"You don't mean-?"

"Yes, boy. Salazar Slytherin chose you well. I have not paid much attention to your kind long ago, when they were only beginning to grow in the land I ruled the universe from. Now, I find even embedding a piece of my essence into this object quite interesting. All for survival…" he savored the last word "I am sure you will know of that soon"

"What d'you came here for?" he asked, his familiar courage rising.

"I came here for a trade. The gods know of the Great Prophecy for which foresees the possible fall of Olympus. But there is quite the flaw and I want you to help me fix it"

A faint memory entered Tom Riddle's mind. The gods casted the titans into a pit, forever banished. That may be the reason why Kronos cannot show himself completely.

"I shall await the days where I will fully rise to power and reclaim my throne. But I do not want anyone interfering my wishes… that's where you come along," Kronos said.

"If this is a trade, what will I receive on my end?" he was not stalling for the gain.

"The same as I. Power over your most sworn enemy," Kronos gave emphasis to the final words. Immediately, Tom Riddle's eyes glowed gold. Clouds of images bursts into the dust. He shifted his gaze as he saw various scenes unfold – too many to even take in. The remnants of a home; a child crying that possessed a tiny lightning scar on his forehead; a black-haired boy with his two friends; the chamber of secrets; the basilisks; at the very last vision, there was a fight between the boy and someone who looked like a snake. The clouds of vision exploded and he could feel his knees weaken. He caught a glimpse of a retreating image - the snake figure was almost crumpled to dust.

"What you saw is a glimpse into your future and it appears to be bleak against you," Kronos said.

Tom fell into his knees as he tried to absorb what he just saw. The plans that he was awaiting to fulfill, was it all going to waste because of a stupid boy?

"What shall I do?" he asked decisively. He was overcome by a pang of anger. He was willing to take such risks, but he was also prepared to fight if it was truly necessary.

"I want you to think ahead. Your future depicts your lost of power, but it should all be prevented. I could only do much since I am still trapped in Tartarus, but with your powerful magic, I think we can do it successfully"

Tom Riddle finally stood up. "What is needed?" he asked.

"Turn the rings of this device. I shall past my essence upon you. Drive your energy upon it and do not ever look back" Kronos instructed.

With a hesitant slight glance towards Hogwarts, Tom Riddle stepped forward. The golden dust surrounded him more closely. He picked up the device, ignoring the tendrils that poked his skin. With the spinning of the rings, his eyes glowed gold. Within a second, the clearing was engulfed with light. The final sound came from the thud of metal. The device fell onto the grass, losing its luster.

From the castle's windows, Albus Dumbledore saw the light disappear.