??????: POV

Images flashed through my mind. I see my friends scattered on the ground some dead others not far behind them. Then I see my best friends the two I came to call my brothers standing in front of Aria, little Ais, and young Bell holding onto his mother. I run to them prepared to join the last push despite the pain, but before I can get to them they tell me to stop.

"The only way we can win is to seal him but that will still cost us." My friend Meliodas says as I turn to look at Albert.

"He's right we have no choice we will hold it in place to buy you time." Albert says calmly though I can hear the hurt in his words he knows the price the seal will cost. "Please send the children away."

I say nothing how can I they are right I have only enough magic energy left in me to do as they say. I summon my bone mask of white and red and crash my sword down releasing the black and red energy that encases the children sending them away. I then turn to the beast as my friends that remain still standing charge at it only for the energy to envelop them in a dome condensing until it fades.

Standing there the sounds of battle have left as I feel the stone begin to overtake me. I stand there as the memories I had created with my friends flash through my mind once more. Just as the stone covers my neck I speak "I will find them and I will look after your children until we can free you from that prison." Then nothing I see only darkness.

Months pass until my spirit emerges only to see an all to familiar high elf on his knees in front of my petrified body as if he was praying. I decide to speak to him " hello again old friend."

He looks up and stands "it has been to long I feared the worst had happened and it appears I was correct."

"Celebrimbor, why are you here and why were you kneeling I have never known an elven king to kneel before anyone." I ask

He smiles before he answers my question "You are the only human I have ever known to be so kind and selfless and the only one I have ever known to be truly worthy of their title 'Merlin' so from this day until your last I hereby name you a royal of the Alf forest. As for this ritual it will be one all those who are in my line will follow until you awaken so that they may be judged by you for the throne and seek your counsel." He finishes with the same smile I've known him to use since we first met five hundred years ago.

"Very well I'll accept it though I known this is only because you like talking to me." We both share a hearty laugh before he explains my body in its petrified state will be brought to the royal Alf forest and placed in the palace garden. After a farewell my spirit returns to the statue.

A few hundred years pass with many visits from Celebrimbor and then a new face one day. I meet another high elf known as Rishena the daughter of Celebrimbor and the next in line to rule. We talk for a few hours before she departs though she continues to visit regularly seeking counsel or to simply vent. And this continues until I meet her child's heir a few hundred years later. His name is Larfal and though he seems unsure of himself I help him. After he takes the throne he visits often the same as his ancestors.

One day Larfal came to me for advice on something I had never expected of him, parenting. His daughter wishes to see the outside world though he constantly refuses. I remind him of the same desires he once had as well and tell him to let me meet with Riveria and then I will give him my decision.Larfal agrees and shortly after I am once again summoned however the one kneeling before me is a female high elf. I note to my self despite the shared hair and eye color she is truly beautiful.

"Great spirit I-." She begins before I stop her.

"No..." she stood shocked "I don't like titles my name is Justice Cranel." I stated using the last name of my adopted brother Meliodas.

She let out a sigh of relief "well that's good my name is Riveria Ljos Alf."

"Ah you're the one Larfal mentioned." I stated getting an exhausted sigh from Riveria. " so talk to me"

" I just want to see the outside world to not be treated as caged bird but my father doesn't understand and I'm not sure you do either." Riveria stated calmly though I can sense her anxiety.

"I know what you mean." I stated getting a shocked stare from Riveria "my mother was the only one who raised me and despite being a great mage she was concerned about me going out into the world. She kept me in our town for as long as she could until I told her I was leaving if she wanted to stay part of my life she would have to accept it. She did though she put a curse on me making me immortal and told me I had all the time in the world to explore and visit."

"But how is that like my situation." Riveria asked confused. I then did something that shocked her I placed my hand on her shoulder which as an elf she was not used to contact from others causing her cheeks to redden.

"Because like my mother your father just wants you safe and will go to extremes to ensure it." I stated

"I hadn't thought about it like that." Riveria stated

"However." Catching her attention "I will speak to your father and convince him to let you go. Every child has to grow up sometime after all." I finished with a smile And before I knew it Riveria was hugging me which surprised the both of us yet I still returned it.

After a few minutes we separated and Riveria went to find her father. When Larfal got to me and summoned my spirit I gave him my advice and told him to allow Riveria to leave because it is important to protect your child but they must be allowed to grow up to make their own decisions.

After some time thinking Larfal agreed much to the happiness of Riveria though he wanted one thing in return. " I have one condition though."

"Name it" I stated

"How long until you are free from your petrification?" Larfal asked

"It's been nine hundred and fifty years so I should be free in another fifty." I answered raising an eyebrow "why"

"My condition is that once you are released I want you to marry Riveria." Larfal states with a smile

1...2...3... hhhhuuuuuhhhhh!!!!

Riveria and I both exclaimed waiting for an explanation.

"My great grandfather made you a royal of our kingdom therefore you are eligible to marry Riveria and I do not wish her to leave unless she has a fiancé so will you take her as your wife." Larfal asked

"Yes." My reply was near instant and shocked both of the royals.

"B-but why would you marry me we just met?" Riveria asked shocked

"Because if I agree to marry you then you will be able to do what makes you happy." I stated with a smile causing Riveria to hug me with reddened cheeks which for some reason made my heart jump.

"Then I look forward to seeing you when you are free." Riveria stated after kissing my cheek.

"Very well then, my daughter you are free to leave." Larfal said

Riveria released her hug on me and went up to her father hugging him "Thank you father." And she turned to me " and thank you my love~." She said with a teasing tone.

After some time we parted ways with Riveria readying to leave and myself returning to my body. Some months later Larfal came to me to tell me Riveria had joined the Loki Familia in Orario an up and coming Familia.

Decades passed for some reason Riveria was constantly on my mind much to the amusement of Larfal who would give me news of her when she wrote him letters and I would even dictate out letters for him to write on my behalf. I would imagine seeing her again and sometimes I even imagined we would have children I finally realized somehow in the short time we spoke I had fallen for her. I was thinking one day until I heard something strange. It sounded like cracking but that meant-


A servant was in the garden watering the plants when she heard a loud cracking coming from behind her. As she turned around she saw the sacred statue begin to crack. She ran to find king Larfal who was in the throne room.

"My king!" She screamed

"What is the meaning of this." Larfal asked annoyed by the sudden burst into his throne room.

"The statue in the garden my king it's cracking." She stated

Larfal jumped to his feet and ran past her to the garden with his guards following close behind. When he arrived he saw the person he had spoken so many times to as a spirit freed from his stone prison.

The person stood six foot tall with short brown hair and looked as if he was near his early twenties and had bluish green eyes.

"Well it's good to meet you in the flesh Larfal or I suppose now I should call you father in law." The person stated smiling

"It is good to see you free at last Justice now what are going to do." Larfal asked placing a hand on Justices shoulder.

"Well first if I'm not imposing I'd like to get a shower and fresh clothes. Then I'm going to join my fiancé in Orario." Justice stated with a wide grin.

"Of course and please give my regards to my daughter." Larfal states with a small laugh

Justice looked to the sky. 'First I find my love and then I have a promise to keep.' He thought smiling.