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Chapters: (1/?)

Season: 2(Basically an AU Though)

Dean exited the impala slowly, leaning heavily against the cool exterior. His fingers were uncoordinated and kept missing the damn keyhole...

"Damn it!.." He cursed lowly through his teeth, trying to focus his hand.

Finally after a few tries, he twisted it hearing a familiar click and yanked it out in frustration. "Thank you!" He said sarcastically to no one in the empty parking lot of the Motel 6.

He walked stiffly away from the black shiny muscle car, rubbing a hand over her hood muttering an apology. Dean felt very...very drunk...as in he might fall flat on his face if he doesn't hurry up and get to their room.

It was very dark in the parking lot. He could smell gasonline, cigarettes, piss and strong alcohol...though that was probably coming from him. Well, most of it anyway. The air was humid and hot since it summer time. Dean preferred warmer weather, but not when he literally can feel his ass crack sweating. That's when it's too damn hot.

He really shouldn't have been driving like this...

The oldest sighed out then scrunched up his face moving his lips silently mocking what he decided was his brothers complaining features. "Do you know how many deaths there are from drunk driving?! God, take a damn shower!"

Dean rolled his eyes in slight annoyance; Soon closing his mouth before trying to remember what room they were staying in. He hopped up onto the sidewalk curb and almost tripped before straightening his back and fixing his jacket; He looked left and right seeing if anyone saw that stupid granny fall he just did feeling himself blush. After a moment he vaguely remembers he needs to turn to his right walking past a couple doors.


He almost thought to just go back to the impala and sleep in the back seat. He'd rather that than call Sam admitting he forgot the room. Even after being here for a couple days he still kept forgetting...he just didn't know why.

Jus' because I'm drunk every time I come back...

Dean thought to himself snorting, before his knees felt wobbly.


Eventually, he paused, raising his brows for just a second, then did a bad moonwalk finding Sam in the doorway; He turned robotically and walked inside bumping into the shoulder of his brother in the narrow doorway. Sam totally did that on purpose, but Dean would let it slide, because really they'd nitpick each other over everything. Also, he needed to sit down ASAP.

Dean could almost feel the daggers in the back of his head.

Sam closed and locked the door behind him before crossing his arms and facing his older sibling. Dean raised his hand in a, 'Just gimmie a second to come up with something,' gesture.


Sam's brow raised in his classic, 'Well...?' expression, where a small wrinkle formed in the middle of his forehead.

After a few seconds Dean sat heavily on the edge of the bed he was using closes to the front door as per usual. Sam came over and waited...not yet receiving a word. Eventually Sam dropped his arms to his sides and took in a breath. The youngest frown deepening by every silent second going by.

Here we go...

Dean thought to himself as his head sagged just a tiny bit to his chest. He took a deep breath through his nose knowing his brother could smell the alcohol pouring from his skin. It's like he took a freakin' bath in it. The oldest then for some reason remembered that back people used to do that a lot right? Dean wondered what that would feel like...

"Dude, where the hell have you been? Scratch that-I know where you've been, but why the day before we leave again?!" He questioned.

Sam had dark circles under his eyes seeing as he hadn't been getting as much 'rest' as they both should've been. He was having pretty bad nightmares, and was trying to hide it from Dean, but he could tell. The oldest wasn't going to push, oddly his brother has been distant these past couple months and he wasn't sure why. The oldest wasn't sure what to do, and figured it'll probably play out...hopefully. Times like this at least showed Sam still cared about him even though he seemed extra easily annoyed by him lately.

Dean had shrugged off his jacket and was now bent over to wrestle off his shoes, "Jus'...I mean, gimmie a break S-Sammy. Ya coulda' came wit' me."


"...Whatever." Sam huffed staring up at the ceiling for a second finding nasty looking stains. There were cobwebs in the corners of the ceiling that looked like they'd been there for years.

The youngest left his brother to go into the bathroom. Dean froze and tossed his shoes to the floor, his green eyes staring at the bathroom door in slight hurt just briefly before they hardened once again. Usually Sam ate his ass out about getting drunk before a long drive the next day. It went more like this. They'd argue, he'd say something stupid-so stupid Sammy would have to think he's so damn drunk he wasn't going to remember this and let him sleep.

Then he'd have a hell of a hangover in the morning and Sam would say, "This is why you don't get plastered every other day."

Not tonight he supposed...

Dean didn't really care about that anyway, at least he could go straight to sleep. Maybe he had been wrong...and Sam was really starting to grow more tired of him by the day...

Dean bit his bottom lip hard, his side was killing him, one of the other reasons he had been leaning on Baby. He rubbed the area on his left side where his ribs were.The spot was swollen and hot to the touch. A large bandage covered the left side under his pectoral. He could feel the material was slightly damp, hopefully it was mostly just sweat and not blood. Dean was hoping it'd begin to heal since they've been resting for about four days after that hunt. It wasn't a terrible wound, he just scraped his side pretty bad against ragged rocks. It was a simple hunt. Casper, but oddly this spirit was connected to a treehouse. Long story short, he was basically thrown over a cliff.

Okay, Sam would probably say it was more a steep hill. To Dean, it felt like the Grand Canyon. The fall had been brutal and felt like it took forever to get to the bottom. Realistically, it lasted only a couple drawn out seconds. Over the period of time to the bottom, the oldest had sustained a jagged wound over his left rib cage reaching almost to his back. It had needed stitches to close the gash. Deeply bruised hips, back and shoulders. Also, the left side of his face had swollen up quite a bit from the impact. He tried his best to protect his head and limbs, because broken bones are a real pain to heal. Of course when he was at the bottom of the 'Very Steep Hill', he was covered in mud. That had been the icing on the cake. Sam thankfully had just been flicking a match into the pile of bones buried underground under the tree.

Dean had at the time been shooting rock salt bullets every time the spirit in a prisoner outfit popped up. Apparently, some escaped convict had been hiding in a hidden kids treehouse located in the woods. He died by the looks of it by falling from the treehouse and breaking his neck. Someone...don't know who, or why, whoever they were, they were a jackass to Dean; Buried them under the treehouse and never reported it. Sam and Dean had put two and two together, and when the spirit appeared in the expected get up, they were right. His ghost had been murdering children and random people, mainly teens dumb enough to do a 'dare' and spend a whole night alone in the treehouse. This was going on over the course of a couple years, but had stopped for period of time. Although recently, missing people began to pop up again in the last couple weeks. So of course Sam and Dean checked it out.

He wiped a hand down his balmy face and didn't attempt to get undressed the rest of the way. He pulled his legs onto the springy mattress laying on his right, unfortunately he'd be facing his brother. At least he was off his feet and his face was not on the ground. What was also good, was that the room wasn't as hot as outside, thankfully. Even though the air conditioning looked like it was on it's last limb.


Out of nowhere, there was a sharp throb of pain in his head. It was so surprising he grunted, hands going to his skull. Before he could catch his breath it happened again but stronger than the last.

"Ugh!" Dean choked.

Something else must have come to Sam's mind to snap at him because he came back out of the bathroom. The oldest was too focused on the freakin' pin in his head to care. Sound became muffled slightly like he was under water.

"And you know wha-?.."

Sam froze mid-sentence finding his brother's body hunched together holding his head in a half fetal position.

"-Dean? Hey, Are you-..." Sam hurried over to the other bed across the space. "-Alright?"

Dean's eyes were closed tightly. He felt pretty humiliated; He wasn't able to control his expression for a few seconds because of a little sudden headache.

The oldest swatted his brothers hands away. Dean didn't need to look to know he was silently searching for any injuries he might have gotten somehow. Sam had kneeled to one knee in front of him ignoring his attempts to push him away. The youngest was already checking for any small sign of injury across his body.

"Sam, I'm F-Fine, Think it's jus'...jus' a migraine." Dean felt like his head was going to explode by even talking. "You know, it'd help if ya g-get outta my face..."

Part of him wanted to grab a couple pain capsules. He thought better of it though, because he knew Sam would then think he's hiding something more serious. Plus, he's been through way worse, he can handle, a measly migraine and bruised ribs for one night. Sam scowled before taking a deep breath grimacing at the alcohol coming off his clothes in waves. The youngest didn't understand why his brother chose to do this sometimes before leaving a state; Knowing he'd be grumbling the whoooole ride to the next. So far, Dean looked to be...alright. Of course other than the pain he actually failed to hide this time. The only thing Sam could easily see at the moment were the still fading bruises on the left side of his cheek; Cuts on the side of his forehead and temple across the skin which were scabbing over. Nothing worrisome...if you were going by Winchester standards.

Sam closed his mouth thinking to himself quickly and relented to his older brother's surprise. The oldest let his head fall into his hands just for a second while his brother left into the small bathroom again. Dean then sighed hearing water in the sink running for a couple seconds. The oldest knew what Sam was doing, but couldn't help but feel a little bit relieved inside. He heard heavy footfalls come across the room. Sammy can definitely be stealthy, he was taught to be so with so many years of training from both Dad and Dean. However, when he wasn't trying to be, he sounded like a freakin' rhinoceros. Which Dean felt he was doing on purpose.

As he anticipated, his gaze caught sight of an orange bottle of pills and a white Styrofoam cup of water was shoved to his chest. Dean was almost too tired to fight it, but he had to complain one more time just so Sammy knew he was actually totally fine!

"Dude?...Come, on." Dean shook his head before quickly stopping that motion; Taking the bottle after two attempts and the cup which Sam led his hand by the wrist to keep it steady.

Sam backed away to sit on the bed across from him leaning forward so his elbows were on his knees. The youngest brother ran a hand through his hair huffing, before rubbing his hands down his face. Dean rolled his eyes opening the bottle and taking out one pill. He wanted to save those mainly for when things were really bad and mostly for Sam...he could handle this. Dean set the half empty white cup on the nightstand after taking one more chug, the water had a slight weird taste to it left on his tongue.


"Your side okay?" Sam questioned after a beat.

Dean rolled onto his back slightly covering his eyes with the crook of his elbow. The small lamp beside him on the nightstand hummed lowly.

"S'great." Dean mumbled not even trying to strip the rest of his clothes off. He opted to just sleep on top the blankets too.

It wouldn't be very comfortable, his jeans were heavy around his hips; His black t-shirt felt damp with sweat for some reason too. The room was too bright from this damn lamp, but the oldest didn't have the energy to reach over and turn it off. The weight from his arm over his eyes was enough to help a little to sooth the pressure in his head though. The oldest heard a sigh from the other bed, but that was it. Sam used to push a bit more than this...Dean just couldn't help but notice his willingness to move on. Not that the oldest wanted to be freakin' asked questions every 20 seconds.


Dean heard a click beside him, and some shuffling sounds. He guessed it was the lamp being turned off, because the humming stopped finally easing some of his tension in his muscles. The sound of bed springs creaking loudly sounded next to him. Dean wet his chapped lips smelling a faint cigarette odor in the air. His stomach flip flopped for some reason.

This room probably had odd and weird smells ingrained in the ugly wallpaper and bad carpets from over the years. He didn't need to check what time it was, because of the pitch black sky and mostly empty streets on the way back. The bar he went to these past four days-well two and half days, hadn't been great. For some reason there weren't any hot women around the whole time. Just old dudes in black biker jackets with white beards. Or it had been young guys who obviously were faking ID's to get beers and play pool. He did get a couple bucks off of them in a few games though, seeing as they were totally wasted most of the time there. It was kinda awkward when it was filling with more dudes later into the night. As time drew on it felt like it was guys night or something, which would be lame.

The oldest had felt more intense glares on the back of his neck and down his spine as he was sitting at the bar counter. Some looked like they wanted to kick his ass the whole time. Which made no sense...or maybe they had been staring at his ass?

Dean shivered trying to shove that thought out of the remnants of his mind. He slowed his breathing feeling the drowsiness winning out against him. Not that he had been fighting it. He made a tight fist in both his hands to try and concentrate on that instead of the pain in his head. His nails biting into his palms helped just a little to distract him from the thumping in his skull.


"...'Night Dean."

"...'Night Sammy." Dean muttered under his breath, before drifting off into a drunken medicine induced sleep.

Sam watched as his brother fell asleep very slowly. Dean usually was the last to to hit their rock filled sack, but with how much he smells and the pills he gave him...he didn't have much of a choice against it.

The youngest flexed his jaw feeling it pop and loosen some. To tell the truth, he was exhausted himself. Sam just couldn't seem to close his eyes without having some type of nightmare. He wasn't sure when they started. It had been going on for a couple months. He grew fatigued faster during the day. He'd catch himself dozing off while basically doing anything which wasn't good for both of them.

Sam knows his brother has noticed he's been more quick to becoming irritated lately too. However, the last two days, he's been able to take long naps to catch up which seems to be helping a little. Only with the price of his brother having been wounded during the hunt.


If he had been faster he wouldn't have been thrown down that damn hill. At the time in the woods, Dean had been right next to him before being pulled away on his back through twigs and rocks. Sam hadn't had time to help him because he knew the fastest way to 'save' him was to light the bones on fire. Also, Dean had yelled at him to just 'Light the fucker!' as he shot salt rounds into the air over his prone body at the spirit. Just as Sam flicked the match into the gasoline and salt covered bones he saw his brother's form go over the long grassy edge.

Hopefully these random nightmares will die down like the rest of his usually did. The youngest felt his head falling lower into the pillow under his cheek propped up on his left shoulder. His eyelids soon fell closed to the sight of his brother's slow breathing form across from him.


Two be continued...?

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