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Chapters: (4/?)

Season: 2(Basically an AU Though)

Dean wasn't sure what had woke him up, but he wish he hadn't. He was freezing again. So much so, he could feel his jaw and teeth chattering together. To tell the truth his body felt miserable. His nose was so congested he could hardly breathe through it at all. This left him to breathe through his mouth 95 percent of the time. Which led to his throat being so dry, and also constantly coughing hasn't helped. He did his best to stop it, but that was near impossible because it made it even worse.

His body was stiff right now, which is something he could clearly register. To the point he felt like a giant pretzel. The aches he could handle though. What he didn't like, was not being able to move so much as his pinky. It felt like someone strapped weights onto his body causing him to dip deep into the springy mattress. His breathing started to increase, but he forced himself to calm down. Or as calm as he could get. It was so hard to think with his brain mixed up so much.

What...the hell?

His thoughts came to him slower than he'd like too. Dean wasn't sure why these last couple days the world seemed to have it out for him. It looked like today wasn't going to be any different. The oldest cracked open an eye only enough to see what looked like his brother's back in the other bed across from him. His vision faded for a couple seconds before focusing again. Dean hated how hard it was to keep his damn eyes open and to just not move around the room on their own.

"Mhm..." Dean hummed.

He winced internally.


Dean had tried to get Sam's attention, but of course that just can't happen. His mouth had barely moved, if at all. Sweat was beginning to run into his eyes which was odd because he felt so cold like when he'd been in...



The oldest wasn't sure when he'd passed out. He heard a voice saying something, and a deep rumble of an engine.


His brows furrowed for a second...or he thinks so. Probably didn't, because his body didn't want to listen to him.


"S-...S-S'mmy...?" Dean tried to question why they were in the impala.

However, he already knew, but didn't want to admit it. He hated goddamn hospitals. Dean thinks Sam can handle him with just a fever. Although, his brother usually knew when to call it...was his fever too high? All he had to do was put him in a cold tub of-...

Dean cut that idea immediately, he was so done feeling like a damn popsicle. The idea of being wet and shivering again like a chihuahua was not something he'd want to experience...again.

"-re Dean, oka-?"...

Sam's worried voice drifted over to him. Only bits were filtered through his clogged mind. The oldest was in the passenger seat again leaning against the side door heavily. His head wasn't against the window at least, but down low on his chest. More sweat was pouring in trickles down his forehead and temples.

"-orry, almost-" Sam's hand came to his left shoulder squeezing gently. "-er, Dean. Ho-..."

Dean wasn't sure what the Hell he was saying. The kid didn't seem to tell he couldn't either. What the oldest was trying to do at the time was get his breathing in control and maybe stop the fucking trembling his whole body was doing. He hated looking like this in front of anyone, even himself, and especially Sam. As if his brother needed something to 'worry' about when he himself is going through something right now. Dean tried his best to keep himself in shape, like sure, he liked sweets...and junk food...alcohol...and...more sweets...


However, Dean thought he was pretty healthy. He worked out sometimes...of course most of it was through hunting. He, didn't want to be left behind because he's sick. So he tried to control his urges on eating and drinking, but usually they won out so he made sure to run a little harder, jump a litter higher and so on.

So for the life of him, Dean couldn't understand why a simple 'cold' could cause Sam to believe he needs to go to the hospital.


Dean's head began to thump...it took him a moment to realize it was his heartbeat he was hearing and God, it was so loud. The hand came back to shoulder, but this time it was on his right and on his right knee. The oldest couldn't turn to look, but he could feel himself being pulled from the vehicle.

Heat blasted his face, but didn't seem to get through his skin as his brother positioned his right arm over his shoulder.

"-ome on, I gotc-" Sam's voice came out strained.

It...can't be...that...bad...

Dean thought right before he felt his legs starting to weaken under him.

No...come...on...gimme a...bre-...


Sam had just started walking-struggling to get them across the outside entrance of the emergency room. It was so hot outside it felt like a freakin' oven, but that might just be the heat literally radiating off of his brother's through the thin clothes he was wearing.

Sam had woken up a couple minutes ago to find his brother in this state. His freckled cheeks were extremely flushed. Normally Sam would have been happy to see the change from the ashen pale they had been for the past couple weeks, but this was different. He looked like a damn tomato. Sweat had been soaking through his clothes when Sam took the blanket off his brother which had initially been his first sign something was wrong from afar. For one, it was too damn hot to need a blanket...way too hot. The oldest hair was so wet it slicked down some to his scalp. Then Sam noticed the shaking, his jaw jumping. Dean hadn't been responsive at all.

Now, Sam had weighed his options. He knows what his own limitations are, and what supplies they have. What he is able to handle...yes, he can handle someone with a high fever. They've had to deal with that only a few times. Which was a good thing, so it's not like he's not lost on what to do. The problem at this time is, his brother who just started healing and was almost fully healed did not need to be reintroduced to an 'ice' bath. This probably stemmed from what happened before which was 'exactly' or, well close to that. The wound didn't look to have gotten infected. If anything the last time he checked it, it looked very good. So his brother had taken over switching his own bandages and cleaning the wound. He was a seasoned hunter, and knew how to handle that. Sam had just been extra careful in the early stages after the shower incident.

Hopefully Dean hadn't maybe tried to rush his care of the wound. His older brother is smart and wouldn't do that...but maybe with being so sick recently...he can sometimes get...


I'm such an idiot! A dumb shit for not thinking-...

The youngest self deprecating thoughts were cut short when Dean suddenly froze and his legs seemed to lock up even more. Sam bit his lip lifting his brother even more. He made sure his left arm was firmly around his waist and not hurting his mending wound. His other arm held tightly to Deans right arm over the back of his shoulder as he made it so his brothers legs hung off the ground a little. The position was incredibly awkward and wasn't easy, but Sam didn't care, he needed to get his brother inside now!


"I NEED SOME HELP!" Sam's voice carried through the lobby as soon as they stepped foot inside.

There were two women behind a large desk in front. One with long black hair tied into a pony tail stood and pointed to the right as she picked up a phone from the desk.

"Take him over there!" She said quickly.

Sam did as he was told finding some seats. Of course he knew they didn't expect them to wait. He brought someone in who was obviously unconscious, so they probably thought it'd be easier for him to set Dean down till help arrives into the lobby. There were a few people in the lobby, which Sam was grateful for. In the back of his head he probably knows they looked a little weird coming here with just sweats and a t-shirts...

Oh God...

He forgot to put his shoes on...

It's not like he had time to put them on anyway, he had been in a rush. Now he definitely knows why some of the lobby guest are giving them a few glances.


The youngest stood in front of his brother's seat his arms crossed thinking to himself why the hell they were taking this long? It was about two minutes in before the youngest thought he'd chew a hole in his cheek or yell something he may regret later if those damn door didn't open soon.

"They'll be out soon Sir! They're getting a stretcher and room ready seeing as he needs to see someone immediately." A female voice called over.

It was a deeper skinned woman behind the desk next to the one with the pony tail. She had worried eyes that help to calm Sam down to a degree. The youngest nodded stiffly.

"T-Thank you..."

She nodded before giving his brother in the chair a once over before typing away into the computer in front of her.


When it felt like they may actually be making them wait like everyone else,

The double doors opened to a stretcher being pushed through it.

A woman and two men were holding the frames bars as they came deeper into the lobby until the lady at the desk with the pony tail pointed at Sam and his brother.

"Those two! The tall one, and the one in the chair needs to be brought back." She said.

Sam hasn't been paying attention too much to what she was saying, so the tall part went over him. What he was focused on was helping get his sibling in the stretcher. Both the men had been ready to lift his brother from the seat, but they hadn't known about his healing injuries. Sure they were almost fully healed, and Sam wanted to keep it that way.

"Wait!...I-uh, mean let me." Sam hadn't meant for his voice to raise like that, but with how they were going to raise him up, they may hurt him.

The two men jumped giving him an odd and questionable look as he lifted his brother from the lobby chair. He made sure he didn't mess with his left side and picked him up bridal again...

Yep...he's going to punch me...

Then set him into the stretcher. One of the men shrugged pulling the stretcher along quickly followed by the lady. The other man stayed behind near Sam.

"Hi, my name's Jake. Um, you want to tell me what happened? Oh, sorry...and you are...and him?"

"Nicholas, you can call me Nick." The lie rolled easily off his tongue as they usually did after so much practice.

"The other guy, he's Markus, but he goes by Mark. He really hates being called Markus, so if you can maybe put that down somewhere, that'd be great."

"Ah-...alright-anywa-" Jake began.

"-No, I'm serious, he hates it. But, um, what happened, was..." Sam quickly thought about what to say.

It'd probably be better to give a little of the truth than a full lie, it'd probably make more sense. Maybe, it can help them get out of here faster. To tell the truth, Sam hated hospitals too, not as much as his brother. He couldn't relax while he was in one. It was always a risk, they were there to help people, but at the same time, for them...they could be the end of everything 'normal' for them. Even get them caught up with the law if they weren't especially careful.

Thankfully, they hadn't been really doing anything for the cops to be onto them anyway. Except for the credit cards...but really the hunts haven't been too bloody. Except for Dean's own blood. So the youngest has at least that to make his nerves ease.

"-...He-...actually, me and him have been fixing this damn well for this old lady, her name is Miss. Davis by the way, and recently he-, about maybe a couple weeks ago, took a tumble down it and hurt his side." Sam relaxed his features slowed his breathing.

He looked forward following behind the stretcher. He only kept the view of this Jake guy in the side of his vision. He didn't want to give off any nervous energy.

"He hates hospitals, and before you chide me-...yes, I know. I should have just pushed him more to go to one.So I...I stitched him myself."

Sam heard a deep sigh beside him, but continued walking seeing the stretcher enter a room. The man stopped him causing the youngest to tense. He turned his head to face the shorter man.

"That's very dangerous, infections could-" Jake started having to looked up slightly.

"I know-" Sam cut in already feeling bad about the pain his brother had to feel...twice.

"-Then why-?" Jake's eyes grew suspicious. Sam could see it. He could already tell just by the body language and his tone.

"-He's...difficult...once he's awake," Sam smiled a little. " You guy's will know what I mean. There was no way I'd have gotten him here unless I literally tranquilized him." The youngest frowned looking down and running a hand through his hair.

Right...I don't have shoes on...

A feeling of embarrassment went through him for a split second. However, he quickly recovered.

"So recently he's been coughing and sneezing. He was taking cough medicine which seemed to have helped a little bit but not a lot. I was keeping an eye on him, but today...I woke up to find him like this." Sam wet his bottom lip knowing this probably sounded pretty odd.

Jake was taking in what he had said and nodded thoughtfully to himself. Sam raised his head before crossing his arms.

"Alright...I don't know too many people who know how to stitch someone's wound, outside of the hospital of course." He said.

Sam wasn't sure how he should answer this without it bringing up more questions, but the man interrupted his thoughts anyway. "...Sir. I'll tell the nurse who will come to the room in a few minutes what you've told me. We can already tell he has a fever, so were getting him some saline fluids. You can go in with Mark for a bit, but Sir, later you'll have to come out to fill out some paperwork...sorry." Jake turned to walk away but then back around to him. "I'm going to add the info you gave to his file though so that should help make it go faster." He said as he backed away.

Sam nodded, "Thanks..."

That...went...better than he thought it would. The youngest took a deep breath through his nose hopeful his act had been believable enough. A lot of it had been based on the truth unlike they usually were, so the lie ran smoother than others. It scared him sometimes how easily he could say something to someone's face and they fully believed him just because he smiled or looked to his feet. He'd practiced these things over time, to help lower the other party's guard.

Of course, why would such a 'nice' guy like him lie?

Sam shook his head, this was not the time or place to be thinking about that. He walked into the room his brother was brought into to find the man and woman from before who pushed the stretcher through the hallways. The man was just locking the stretcher in place as Sam entered.

"Hello, uh?..." The man asked.

"Nick..." Sam said without thought as he walked over to his older brother's side who still looked liked a tomato.

Or should he say a strawberry? Because of the freckles it kinda makes him think...

He'll kill me...

"-ick?" Said a feminine voice.

Sam raised his head blushing, seeing as he was caught not paying attention. He's just been really stressed ever sense he woke up this morning to...

Well this...

The lady smiled at his confused expression. "Sorry, Sir, I just wanted to ask if you'd like to...maybe get some shoes?" She questioned slowly.

The youngest rubbed the elbow of his other arm for once feeling a bit more awkward again.

"Uh, yeah...thanks, I didn't have time-you know with-..." He gestured to his brother.

The guy in the room cleared his throat taking out a sticky note. "We understand Sir. What's your shoe size? I'll see if I can find a pair in the back."

Sam could already hear Dean's snicker in his head. The youngest eyes carried over to the lady who still seemed to be standing there for some reason?

"...12...wide width. Thank you." Sam immediately cast his vision on the painting of a polar bear standing on a floating sheet of ice framed on the wall.

The man nodded subtly sizing him up before quickly leaving along with the woman.

"Shut up..." Sam said over to Dean, even though he was obviously unconscious.

He just knew his brother was saying something in his head. Soon after he said that a man entered with two clear packs of what Sam imagined was the saline.

"Alright, you're Nick and this guy is... Mark-do not call at any point Markus?" He was a middle aged man leaning on the younger side.

He seemed nice far.

Sam nodded cracking a small smile with effort, before it was gone. The man set the packs on the counter on the opposite side of the room. Then he began taking out some blue gloves from a cardboard box and pulling them on.

"So, what I can tell you is I'm just giving him an IV and checking his vitals. For now I think it'd be best you fill out the paperwork in front. By the time you get back though he'll have a new nurse. It's the end of my shift. We won't be moving him unless there's any changes." The man, his ID tag read Tom. "Wait a minute, did anyone ask who you were?...Sorry, just were not really supposed to just let anyone back here unless you're family or...a spo-."

"-He's my brother." Sam said not giving him any room to add anything else. "I'll go fill the paperwork out. I will be back." Sam made sure to emphasize the last part, before leaving out the door. He made sure to memorize the way as best he could. And the names they used.


"O-...'kay..." Tom said slowly while still watching the empty space Sam had once been.

He stopped then gazed over Dean and raised his brows a little. "Intense much?" He said as he prepped his arm for the IV.

Tom clicked his tongue, "You're gonna be a hard stick."


While on his way back to the lobby the lady who helped the man with the stretcher touched his shoulder causing him to freeze. He controlled himself knowing he was in a public place. So 'sneak attacks' were highly unlikely. He willed his muscles to relax under the hand which had quickly snapped off of him probably from his reaction.

"Sorry, Sir. Uh, here's the shoes. We only have white ones...you know how hospitals are haha..." She tried to smile.

Sam hunched slightly nodding and gave a gentle smile that didn't meet his eyes. "Thank you, Abby." He said as he took the shoes from her hand.

She looked momentarily surprised before her eyes glanced down to her name tag which had, Abby on it. "Oh! Haha! You're welcome, bye. I hope you're friend gets better." She backed away before bumping into a wall blushing before turning and walking down a hall shaking her head.

Sam tilted his head before straightening his stance and began walking again. He needed to find the lobby, the quicker he got this done, the faster he could go back. He paused mid-step at the double doors.

If this takes longer than they anticipated, then he may have to contact Bobby. Or it'd actually be a better idea to just contact Singer anyway and see if he could maybe create temporary fake identities, just if something goes wrong. Sam would rather be prepared. So the youngest decided after this, he'd give Bobby a call.


Once he was in the lobby he found there was more people and knew they were looking at him.


He found a chair to put the shoes on real quick. The lobby was surprisingly quiet except for a crying toddler who seemed to be sick with something.


"-N-No he's my brother!" Sam glared at the woman across from him in the pony tail from earlier.

She instantly flushed, "I'm so sorry, I thought. Jake had put in the file you were-"

"-Well, Jake was wrong! He's my brother!" Sam felt a little bad snapping at her but just come on!

Can't they see they have some resemblance. Sure Dean is obviously more a looker but they have similar eye colors...well his leans more brown green or blue green sometimes compared to Dean's which is definitely green, but still! They even have the same hair color-...except Dean has some deep blonde too it at the tips if you look closely.

"We'll fix it, Sir. Sorry again for the mistake." She said typing into the computer and crossing something out on the file beside her on the desk.

That Jake guy had for some reason believed Dean was...was his freakin' boyfriend. As the youngest thought back on what he had been saying maybe he did give the impression. He hadn't been thinking about how it'd sound with two grown ass men sleeping in the same room together even if It's separate beds. It'd probably sound even worse if he says they're just staying at a motel.

Sam rubbed his right temple wanting to sink into the floor.

"Do you know if your brother is allergic to any medications?" She asked after a moment.

"...He's not. At least I don't think he is." Sam answered into his hand rubbing his tight jaw.

"Do you know if he has medical insurance?" She said freezing her hands ober the keyboard.

"Um..." Sam was worried about this question.

Maybe...it'd be better to just go with the truth?


Sam had been staring into his hands for a couple seconds.

She continued "...If not, I'm sure we can figure something out. We won't just turn him away."

The youngest hadn't noticed he was silent for almost a full minute. He leaned forward lowering his voice some.

"-Sorry...I-...we don't have insurance." He said across the desk.

She nodded in understanding typing into the computer. "Alright, Nick. I'm going to hand you this to fill out. As soon as you do..." She handed him the packet of papers stapled together. "Just bring it to the front, and you can head straight on back, okay?" She said, giving him a strained smile.

Sam found her name tag. It made it easier at least to call them something.

"...Thank you...Olivia, and, sorry about before. It was just creepy hearing that about my brother." Sam scooted the chair back and went to find a seat in the lobby to fill out the packet.


He sighed inwardly as he flipped through the pages. There were not too many, just asking where the individual lived and their income, job...

Basically questions to figure out how the Hell they were going to get paid if you don't have insurance.

The youngest sat heavily before deciding he should probably call Singer. He'd probably have a better idea on what to do. Sam just had a feeling his brother would not be leaving by tomorrow. He doesn't know why, he just had this feeling in his gut, which he hated.


Dean heard some muffled voices around him. He couldn't focus enough to understand even he wanted to anyway. His skin felt so hot...like burning hot. Which was definitely different from being cold that's for sure. The oldest can't say which he'd prefer...



He tried to open his eyes but couldn't no matter what he did. At least before he could. This must be a bad sign then. His breathing picked up, he then felt a hand on his chest along with something cold. He couldn't stop the flinch when they started pressing whatever that cold thing was all over him. Somewhere in the back of his mind he was wondering where Sam was. Sure, he can't understand what they were saying, but he knew his brother was not in the room. He couldn't hear Sam's voice. This caused him to worry but he couldn't do shit right now to find out where he was.

His body relaxed a tiny bit when the hand was gone but stiffened again feeling someone wiping the crook of his arm. There was a sharp prick and something cold shooting into his arm. So he realized it was probably an IV.


It's like his body couldn't make up its mind on what temperature it wanted to be. One minute, a freakin' ice cube, the next he feels like he's literally on fire or sitting in boiling water. His skin was almost painful.

Something started to go over face and he wished he could fight it. That's until he felt air being pushed into his lungs. It felt so much better. So good that Dean even decided it was a good time to pass out again. Of course he tried to stay awake, he wanted to make sure Sam was okay. Make sure he was there.


The oldest felt his body starting to drift. He couldn't hold on, he hoped he'd wake up soon though. Finally his muscles relaxed into the stretcher.


"Yeah, Ohio...Nicholas and Marcus. I'm Nicholas and he's Marcus. I don't know I just picked-...that's besides the point, Bobby..." Sam was standing in a less crowded area of the lobby which was near the restrooms and a hallway that led down to the cafeteria.

The youngest was propped against the wall, for some reason he felt totally drained of energy. Although he was pretty sure he knew why.

"Do you think you can do it?" Sam continued with his question.

There was a sigh on the other end before the sound of rustling. The youngest would guess he was going through papers, folders, or files.

"I'll see what I can do kid. I'm gonna contact someone I know up there to see if they know of somewhere ya' can use an address." Singer replied.

Sam let out a slow breath he had been holding through his nose. "Thank you. Um, do you think you could give me a name?"

"Ya' wouldn't know em' but it's Eden. He's a good guy, talks a lot, but he means good. Anyways, I'll message ya' what he's got if he can help." There was a pause and a sound of a chair being scooted back. "Maybe you two will have somewhere to stay to regroup if anything goes...ya' know...just temporary." Singer ended.

Sam rubbed the back of his neck, he hadn't been planning on that. He highly doubted his brother would be okay with staying in this state any longer than they have. The youngest hadn't even really been thinking about staying after they got out of here.

Was that bad...?

He started biting his thumb nail out of habit.

"Okay, thanks..." But then froze and shifted the phone on his ear. "...How are we supposed to...you know...pay him...?" Sam asked.

"...Don't worry about that boy. Jus' tell me what's goin' on with yer' brother." Bobby answered smoothly which helped to calm the youngest.

"Well...uh..." Sam began telling him what had been going on over the last couple weeks.


"...Damn...what in the Hell did the both of ya' do to get such bad luck?" Singer groaned to himself.

Sam closed his eyes, mentally agreeing with the older man. "I know...can you...call Eden now?...Sorry to push, but I don't think they'll let me back to see De-Mark, until it's done." The youngest quieted as a man and his daughter walked by, she looked about seven years old.

She seemed to be a guest, not a patient. Probably heading to the cafeteria. Her father if he had to guess put his hand on her shoulder guiding her.

She stared at him for a few seconds before seemingly forgetting him and focusing back on walking down the hall.

Bobby hummed in agreement through the line.

"Yeah, I gotcha. I'll call em' now. Jus' give me a couple minutes. Gonna create some IDs for you and him too...Nick." Bobby said lightly through the receiver.

"Ha...ha...ha..." Sam laughed flatly before he hung up and waited.


It didn't take long before the older man had called back, maybe 20 minutes...felt like two hours though. The Eden guy had been helpful though. He had a property they could use 'temporarily' of course, under the names Sam had chosen for them. Sam put in the info in the packet as quickly as possible having taken so long already.


"Here..." Sam offered the papers to Olivia over the desk which she took from his hands.

"Alrighty, you can go back now. Same room." She said as she started typing information into the keyboard.

The youngest nodded stiffly and turned to go back through the double doors. His stomach grumbled alerting him that he in fact hadn't eaten for awhile now. However, he doubted he'd be able to keep anything down at the time with everything going on. He swallowed to control his nausea as he tried to remember which way to go to find the room his brother was in.


Once he found the room, he noticed the door was open and tried to not worry. Not everyone was trying to kill them. This a was a hospital for one, not that it made a big difference. The youngest just would make sure to tell them to close the door behind them when they go in and out.

As he entered he found his brother had been switched to a different bed. Part of him felt worried they may have hurt his side, but he had told that Jake guy about the stitches so maybe...


Sam gagged on his own tongue. He shook his head as he drew closer to the side of the hospital bed.

"Dude, you will not believe the shit-...actually, I probably shouldn't even tell you. You'd definitely want to leave faster." Sam grabbed the bar on the side of the bed to help ground himself.

Dean still didn't look much better, so the doctor probably hadn't seen him. The youngest would have thought with the time he was out there, they'd have seen him by now and was doing something. His blue green eyes lifted to find the IV in his brother's arm. His gaze then traveled back over to Dean's face to his cheeks which were bright red as heck, and his shivering form. A clear mask covered his face, to help give him air. That was good, his lungs hadn't sounded too great before. Sam could feel the bed shake with how hard he was trembling.

"Did the doctor see you yet?" Sam questioned as if his brother could answer.

Part of him wanted to fill the silence. He hated seeing his brother like this, and needed something to take them off of him for even a second.

The youngest headed to the foot of the bed to find the clipboard and found that only so far the saline fluids had been administered, his temperature checked...


Blood pressure, ext...but the doctor was still to come. Her name was, Mrs. Jaclyn.

Sam jumped out of his skin when he heard the door knob suddenly turn. He's usually aware of his surroundings, so he should have heard footsteps before they even got to the door. He's been so worked up he's probably losing it a little.

Get it together...

He told himself, he put the clipboard back onto the end of the hospital bed as quick as he could. Sam backed away from it and walked over to the counter that was on the room opposite side of the door and leaned his lower back against it, crossing his arms. A lady entered, his hopefulness that finally the doctor had come to see his brother left him when it looked as though it was just a nurse?

"Hello, I'm Lisa. I'll be...Marks nurse. I came to check on him. Since you're here now I can tell you the doctor was right behind me. She just went to grab his file." The woman entered checking the heart monitor and writing something down on the clipboard Sam had just been looking over. She gave the youngest a once over that he noticed.

"Somethin' wrong?" He asked.

She shook her head then put the clipboard down, "Oh! No, just looks like this was a surprise, but usually the cases that come here is." She mumbled something to herself until speaking up when the door opened again. "Oh, here she is."

The door opened again to a slightly taller woman than the nurse, she wore a different get up. She gazed over to Dean in the hospital bed, then up to Sam. Jaclyn then walk over to the youngest reaching her hand out.

"Hello, I'm Jaclyn, I'll be Marks doctor to see what brought him in today. You're Nick?" She questioned.

Sam was a little surprised how pretty she was. Her hair was braided into intricate designs. She had full lips and deep amber eyes that matched her brown skin beautifully...


"-ick...Nick?" She tried again looking at him as if maybe he might have a concussion.

"...Wha'-Oh! S-Sorry! Yes, I'm Nick, that's my brother, Marcus, just call him Mark though." Sam looked away as he shook her hand.

"Okay, Nick, well, I was going over what you've told us and what our staff have gathered. We can plainly see he has a fever, so were going to be trying to bring that down." She walked around the hospital bed to the opposite side of Sam flipping through the pages she had and the clipboard the nurse handed her.

The nurse stood there listening, maybe if the doctor needed something particular.

"I see here it says he was wounded not long ago? Also, where, I'd like to see the area...I feel as though this fever might be coming from that." She went around the bed behind Sam and put on some blue gloves.

Sam moved over to lift up his brothers shirt. A bandage was there that his brother must have put on, because he had taken over switching and cleaning the area. It didn't look bloody so that helped to relieve Sam some of his worry. Usually when there was infection there was a whole bunch of blood mixed with yellow and brown pus. The material showed neither of the three things, maybe just a little brown, but that could be from him sweating freakin' bullets like he's been running a marathon.

The youngest backed away to give the doctor and nurse room. He watched on the other side of the hospital bed closely. He wanted to see their expressions to catch if there was anything wrong that they couldn't hide.

The doctor pulled the bandage away slowly to exposed the stitches Sam had done about a couple weeks ago. The doctor seemed surprised before checking the expanse of the area.

"You did this, correct?" Jaclyn asked as she turned to the counter behind her and went through the drawer.

Sam shifted on his feet slightly, "Yeah...is something wrong?"

Crap, I shouldn't have told them I did it, but if I didn't, they would have asked who...that could have led to different more difficult questions...

Did I do something wrong?

Sam hadn't ever made a mistake before when he was patching up his brother or himself. Maybe when he was younger...when he was still learning how, but he was so used to it by now.

How could he mess up now?

Sam looked over the healing skin. The type of stitches they make and the materials they used gradually disintegrated on its own so they wouldn't have to go back in to remove anything. So the wound to him looked actually pretty good. The skin was just a tad swollen, but normal in color, no seeping weird colored discharge or had any weird odor. It looked like it was still healing well.

So Dean had been taking care of it...

Sam grinned on the inside but looked up to the doctor as she came with what looked like a new set of bandages.

"No, they look very good. I'm not sure what your living situation is, but it looks as if you've had practice..." She said slowly as she turned back around and took out a needle.

Sam tensed but relaxed himself. "We try not making it a habit of getting hurt. With not having...um, insurance it's...hard to be able to...you know? So I think that's why he really tries to stay away from hospitals."

Sam tried to seem a little more pitiful, "We live together...it saves cash. I know he doesn't want to risk coming here. We've taken care of each other for so long...I think we both thought we could handle this."


The youngest started to feel like he was actually telling some truth now. He didn't want to them to get too caught up on this. So Sam believed it'd be better to make them think talking about their financial difficulties is a extra sore spot. Then, maybe they won't bring it up too much more.

"It's hard when you don't really have a dependable way to take care of circumstance like this, an emergency I mean." Sam swallowed staring at the walls and floor. "...God, I don't know how we're going to pay for this...I was just...so scared...I had to bring him..."


Sam didn't mean to come on so thick, but it's too late to take it back. He just wanted them to not ask more questions that he couldn't answer without things getting increasingly complicated. Hopefully they'd just go with it for the time being.

Besides some of it was actually true.


His darker gaze lifted to find both the nurse and doctor staring at him which caused him to feel smaller than he was and pretty self-conscious. He didn't want to seem like this, but it'd most likely gain some trust from them. That he wasn't 'suspicious or threatening' in anyway.


He began to apologize when Jaclyn cut him off.

"It's alright. We'll figure something out, so don't worry about that. I'll talk to the front desk about this, but first I'm going to take some blood for a few test." She started to prep another area of Dean's arm with an alcohol swab and wrapped a band around his bicept, then stuck the needle into his paled skin. Her brows knitted together feeling the heat rushing through the small contact she made with her patient through the gloves.

"...Goodness, he's burning up, bring some ice packs, change them every 20 minutes, on and off every ten." She told the nurse beside her not looking up as she filled one vial, then another with dark crimson blood.

The nurse, Lisa, nodded already walking out past Sam.


The youngest watched as she filled about five viales of blood before taking the needle out of Dean's arm. She glanced up to Sam's questioning gaze.

"We want to be sure we have two extra vials in case we need to do any other test just in case we find evidence it may be something different from what we believe it is right now. Just a back up, never can be too careful." She smiled.

Sam nodded slowly as he decided it made sense. Whatever could help them to figure out how to help his brother, the better.

She unwrapped Dean's arm and covered the needle prick with a thing of cotton and medical tape. Dean's eyes only fluttered a few times but other than that he didn't react.

Just then the nurse Lisa came back with a cart of blue and white packs.


"Lisa, I need Moxifloxacin to be given to him when you're done." Jaclyn cleaned Dean's stitches which were almost gone and started covering them in a new bandage and more secure medical tape. She raised her head towards the youngest as she looked over Dean for a couple seconds.

"That's to make sure if any bacteria is still lingering in his system it'll help to give his body a boost to fight it. I noticed there was congestion in his nose, so he has a cold?" She exclaimed as she took her stethoscope from around her neck.

Sam nodded again, "Yeah, it started maybe about a few weeks ago. He had been taking cough medicine. Didn't help too much." He replied in thought.

"Alright, add a decongestant, I want him to take it when he's broken his fever." She nodded as she placed the medical tool against the oldest chest before continuing. "...Right now I still need to figure out what I'm dealing with here. What I believe it is, is a case of pneumonia. Someone has on here his lungs sound like they have some fluid build up, which I can hear too."

She replaced the stethoscope back around her neck as she quickly wrote something down. Sam wasn't exactly sure what though.


"So...what now?" Sam asked slowly.

She raised her eyes and set the clipboard down taking off the blue gloves and threw them into the waste bucket beside her.

"Right now, we're going get those blood test sent out and try getting this fever under control." She reached for his hand as she walked around the hospital bed. "Don't worry, we're going to do everything we can to help you're brother Nick."

She tested if he was comfortable with her touch. Jaclyn for some reason felt she needed to comfort him. She rarely touched like this, but Nick gave off a very nervous but deeply caring aura. It was like she needed to make sure she wanted to help him and his brother.


He tried to smile, but just couldn't, so he just nodded and shook her hand. She didn't let go though, she gave a gentle squeeze as she looked up at him almost in a motherly way which kinda freaked Sam out.

For one, she looked younger than him...almost.

"...I'll be back to have a listen at his lungs again. I just want to speak with the front desk about...um." She couldn't help but pity him and his sibling so she looked away for a second. "...See if I can help in anyway. Also, Lisa, vials are here."

Jaclyn let go of his hand and showed the nurse the tubes she set on the cart the nurse had brought in. The doctor then speed walked to what Sam thought was the front desk area.

Lisa nodded as she set to work putting the packs on different areas of Dean's body. The oldest seemed to jolt even more from the touching and cold.

The youngest then came over and pulled his shirt down for him. Didn't need the nurse drooling on him while she worked.


As Sam watched her though, she didn't seem effected. Which was actually relieving. It'd be pretty weird especially with Dean literally being unconscious right now.


She raised her head as she finished, "Well, I'll be back in ten minutes to take these off to give him a break and then switch them in 20."

She checked the level of the IV fluids which was half full now. She then tuned back to him and pointed to the corner of the room somewhere behind him. "Also, there's a chair if you'd like to sit. Sorry there's no TV in this room. Call button is here if you need me."

She quickly left with the cart and vials of blood after showing him the little remote thing with a big red square button.

He looked behind himself finding the door ajar still. He sighed forgetting he needed to tell them to close the door behind them.

Isn't that just common sense though?

Like who leaves a freakin' door open when you leave out? Especially a hospital!

The youngest stepped slowly over to the door and closed it till it clicked shut. Sam pulled the chair over to the side of the hospital bed and began to sit, but stopped. He thought better of it and switched his position to the opposite side so his eyes were on the door and his brother. The counter was now behind him along with that polor bear painting still framed on the wall. Odd choice of decoration for a hospital...

It's a hospital, what'd you expect, Buckingham Palace level shit?...

Dean's voice said in his head causing him to snort. Sam was still nervous something may go wrong here, but tried to calm himself. For a second he closed his eyes and leaned his head back so he was looking up at the ceiling. That's until he heard a mumble sound in front of him. His head snapped down almost hurting his neck with the force.

"Dean?" Sam said, but then glanced to the door and lowered the sound of his voice. "Dean, hey, you okay? Can you hear me?"

The youngest stood up leaning over the bar some finding Dean's eyes starting to peel open a little. Sam couldn't understand what he was saying, it was basically gibberish and slurred all together but he looked irritated. The clear mask over his nose and mouth started to fog up more so.

"Dean, it's me, Sam, I'm here, okay. You're gonna be alright. You here me right?" Sam tried to get through to him because he could tell his heart rate was picking up from the constant beeping beside him.

"I'm here, it's alright, Dean." Sam said as gently as he could.

It seemed to help some because his older brother started to calm. His unfocused eyes closed again, so at some point Sam realized he must of konked out again.


The youngest wiped his hand down his face before he sat back down. His stomach growled again, but he ignored it. He wasn't going to leave to the cafateria or the vending machines till his brother woke up from this fever. He didn't want his brother to wake up like that just now...

Did he wake up when I had been filling out the paperwork?

Sam started biting his bottom lip when a wave a tiredness struck him. The day finally fell heavily on his shoulders and God he was exhausted.

Got to stay up...

He kept his eyes on his brother as his ragged breathing went in and out.

Then to the door watching the shadows under it go back and forth past it sometimes. He dropped his chin into his palm and propped his head up on the arm of the char he was sitting on.

Got to stay up...


About a half hour later after the doctor listened to his lungs and the nurse changed the ice packs. Sam was back in the chair again.

His hair was in his eyes as he blinked slowly. His eyelids began to fall close without him noticing.

(Sorry for any spelling and grammar mistakes. Also, I don't know shit about how hospitals work, I tried looking it up so don't take it too seriously. So forgive me if anything is off that a doctor or nurse does. I wonder how this is going to go. Thank you for reading! I hope they are in character enough.