Summary: What if the everything we know of the world we live in is not the entire truth? What if there was something more at play? What if Reality is not what it seemed to be? What if there were 9 different forms of forces shaping the world we live in? Chaos, Order, Time, Space, Life, Death, Elemental, Mystic, and Divine. Was it always the case? Tag along to see the mystery unraveled. It all began with a Prophecy. "At twilight, from the embers of the Seventh month, arrives One born out of the union of Lust and passion…"

Tags: Fem!HP, AU/AR

Multi-universe crossover: HP/Naruto/PJO/..

Note: All crossovers won't happen at once. The entire story will be split into 3 sections. The first section will be a HP/Naruto crossover with minor elements from PJO universe. I do not want to spoil the suspense for the other sections though the crossovers will mostly become apparent once the fic progresses to a certain point. Ratings are subject to change as the story develops. For now, I have set it as M. Let me know if it needs to be changed and I will do so. The rating system is quite confusing.

Prologue I

A dim-lit room, in a shady inn, by dark woods, close to the seedy parts of a hidden village. One would have hardly guessed that this would be the backdrop for an interview, of a Professor candidate for the Divination post, at one of the most prestigious schools in the world. Not even Merlin himself, would have guessed that the interview would end up leading to something more! - These were the thoughts rampaging through one Albus Dumbledore's head as he witnessed what he believed to be the symptoms of an impending pronouncement of a True Prophecy.

He thanked his long life and experience, which aided him in recognizing the situation for what it was. Had he not witnessed similar situations in the past, he probably would have mistaken it for a seizure and caused a disruption of the event, which would have led to him having to lead a cursed existence for a period, that would be determined by the severity of the Prophecy. And, he was not sure he would survive such a situation at his age. He already had enough on his hands, with having to juggle all his positions and simultaneously holding off the second Dark Lord of his lifetime.

Any further thoughts came to a sharp halt as Magic itself took hold of his being, and burned the words of the Prophecy into his mind as they were uttered. While incapable of any conscious thought, his sub-conscious marveled at the temporary localized omnipotence the connection with Magic granted. He could perceive the strings of fate being influenced by the nexus created by the prophecy. He could sense the magic of whom he could- he did not know how- recognize as one Severus Snape, a recent graduate from his school. He could literally see how the strings of fate, influenced by the prophecy, guided his brother to catch the eavesdropper in action and chase him away. And, all this was in just in the time taken to utter 3 lines of the prophecy. As the flux caused by the prophecy seemed to reach the zenith, Albus felt his senses sharpen to an extent that, it resulted in a racking pain to pass through his aged body. He could feel every strand of his fine robe on his skin as though they were nails tearing into it, could hear every whisper uttered in the village as though they were trumpeted all at once into his ears, could see the interactions of different kinds of energies at play as though they were lights from what he believed the muggles called Halogen lamps, could smell odours so foul that they hurt to smell, could taste the enamel of his teeth, the saliva in his mouth, the blood pouring out of his eyes and nose and so many more things that he could not categorize given his near-catatonic state.

As he reached a point where he felt his very soul teetering on the edge of collapse, the prophecy ended. Immediately, he felt all the enhancements leave him and felt his being bathed in warmth as Magic healed the damage it had caused. Then as suddenly as it came, Magic left him standing in a daze as he tried to come to terms with the experience.

After what felt like hours but probably was just minutes, Albus came to himself and took for the first time in a while, a conscious note of the surroundings. He saw Sybill Trelawney lying crumpled on the floor, spent from being the voice of the oracle. He realized with a start, that he could still see a hint of energy surrounding her though he could not identify the energy. Looking around, he realized that he could faintly see the locking charm on the door, the maintenance charms on his clothes and the variety of magics around him. He could not tell how his mind was able to so accurately classify and name the magics by just seeing their colour. This magic sight- as he decided to call it- seemed to be a gift from Magic for having taken control of his body. While he would gladly stay away from such experiences if given the choice, he was grateful for the gift nonetheless. The scholar portion of his mind was already coming up with ideas to explore the limits of the gift. But all that was for later. Now though, he had to decide what to do with the prophecy and the Oracle who delivered it. For now, to prevent her from being captured and tortured by his once student -now styling himself as Dark Lord Voldemort- Tom Riddle and his followers, he would have to offer her the position as a Professor, despite her obvious lack of qualifications for the post. He knew this would be an unpopular choice with his staff and the Board members, but this seemed to be his only option at the moment. As for the prophecy, he needed to go through it a few more times before deciding what to do with it. Decision made, he snapped out his wand from the holster and obliviated Sybil's memory of his words of rejection uttered just before the Prophecy came into picture. Then setting his mind to continue off from the last words she remembered, he silently revived her from her faint and stated his acceptance of her application. Then, he quickly set about finalizing the terms of the position, with a plan for her to move-in the very next day. Work done, he set out to walk back to the castle. The time taken to walk and the solitude helped to calm his mind and let of some stress he had gained from the situation. As he reached the main doors of the entrance hall, with his mind and body refreshed by the walk, he called up on Fawkes to help him to the office. His companion obliged, and soon he found himself seated comfortably on his chair with the Pensieve placed in front of him.

Extracting the strand of memory, he placed it into the basin and tapped on the edges with his wand to have the memory play out on top of the device. He saw a shade of Sybill Trelawney appear and speak out in an ethereal tone,

"At twilight, from the embers of the Seventh month, arrives One born out of the union of Lust and passion. Birthed by Love, Marked by the Darkest of all, the Bane of the Dark Lord harnesses Powers he knows not. For neither can live while the other dies, the Balance fills the chasm betwixt Light and the Dark."

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