Prologue II

Elsewhere, at the exact instant Magic released Dumbledore from its clutches, clarions started sounding in a dim-lit room with numerous shelves holding smoke-filled, glowing cubes. The closed door seemingly turned liquid as three cloaked figures strode in with two of the figures trailing behind the third. The lead figure whipped out its wand to mute the clarion sounds and started chanting in an obscure language whilst pointing at the floor. A few seconds later, a thin pedestal carrying a small, metallic chest rose from the floor. The chest opened itself to reveal a thick scroll and a cube similar to the ones on the shelves but transparent. The scroll slightly unravelled itself to show two lines:

Oracle: Sybill Patricia Trelawney

Recipient: Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore

One of the members standing behind the lead figure noted down the two lines on a piece of parchment and the other went forward to pick up the cube from the chest. The lead figure then pointed at the pedestal and began a chant once again, resulting in the floor swallowing up the pedestal and trunk until they were needed once more. Turning to nod at the two behind it, the lead figure walked out through the door in the same manner as the three had entered. One of the two figures whipped out a piece of string and tapped it, causing it to glow indicating that it had been enchanted as a transportation portkey. Both the figures held on to the string, and moments later they vanished leaving the room as it was before they anything happened.

(Headmaster's office, Hogwarts)

Albus Dumbledore had been listening to the Prophecy on a loop for a while now. While seeming to be cut and dry in terms of its implications, some portions of the Prophecy still eluded his comprehension. As he sat trying to get a clearer understanding of the words that might change the fate of the country or even the world, the wards notified him of an incoming portkey transport. Typically, any form of incoming teleportation would have been rejected by him, causing the teleporter(s) to be dumped somewhere outside the school ward range, in this case, the portkey transport signal had a special signature attached to it, allowing him to recognize the source as the Ministry of Magic's Department of Mysteries, which meant that the ones being port keyed were the Unspeakable who worked there. Given the recent happenings, he had a good idea of why they were visiting. Thus, he gave permission for the transmission and moments later two figures smoothly landed on their feet in the center of his office.

"I presume that the two of you are here for the Prophecy." stated Dumbledore, wishing to confirm his speculation.

"Indeed, we received a notice that you were the recipient of a Prophecy green out by one Sybille Patricia Trelawney." confirmed one of the Unspeakables in an obviously masked voice, charmed to prevent identification of gender or age. "This is Unspeakable 17 and I am Unspeakable 9. We are here for the copy of the Prophecy." the Unspeakable continued pointing to the companion and itself in turn.

At this point, the thus far silent Unspeakable 17 spoke up addressing Dumbledore while taking out the transparent cube from its robe pockets, "Could you extract a copy of your memory of the Prophecy being pronounced by the Oracle and place it on the cube?"

"Very well" agreed Dumbledore, and extracted out the memory from his temple using his wand and guided the memory strand onto the cube.

"Now, the memory shall be played out to confirm the deposit for the records." stated Unspeakable 9 and tapped on the cube with his wand. Following this a projection similar to the one that played on the surface of the Pensieve, played out the Prophecy. After the projection ended, Unspeakable 17 took out a parchment which was mostly filled up in official script leaving a few blank places to write at the bottom. Filling in a portion of the blank spaces with what Albus recognized was a blood quill, Unspeakable 17 handed the parchment and quill to Unspeakable 9 who added on the words to the parchment. Once done, Unspeakable 9 handed the parchment and blood quill to Dumbledore and stated, "The parchment states that the Prophecy has been deposited and by signing it you are agreeing to allow Magic to regulate your influence on the events described in Prophecy. As the recipient, you are allowed some leeway in your actions to influence the events but history is filled with stories of disaster resulting from the recipient influencing the events to an extreme. By signing this, Magic itself would monitor your decisions involving the Prophecy and will warn you against an action and if need be, prevent you from taking action, if it deems that you would be pushing the limits of your role as the recipient with said actions. Also, by placing our magical signatures on the parchment, we have agreed to a contract with Magic that ensures that we will never be able to mention any detail regarding the Prophecy to someone not in this room and even then, we would require your permission to speak about it. It will also be impossible to extract it from us via magical or non-magical means."

Nodding his head in agreement to the conditions and perusing the parchment once to confirm the terms, Albus signed his name causing the parchment to glow brightly and disappear.

With that done, Unspeakable 17 collected the cube and the blood quill, and placed them into its robe. Unspeakable 9 tapped on the string once again and both the Unspeakables held onto the string. Dumbledore once again gave his permission to the wards to allow their transport and the two disappeared with a whirl. Albus once again turned back to his Pensieve to try and decipher the meaning behind the words.

Back in the room with the shelves, the two Unspeakables landed quite similarly to how they landed in the Headmaster's office. "Unspeakable 17, go ahead and place the cube at its spot on the shelves and place the standard enchantments on it. I will submit the report to the director." stated Unspeakable 9. Nodding, Unspeakable 17 headed out to the maze of shelves. Gazing at Unspeakable 17 for a while, Unspeakable 9 turned on its heels and headed out through the door in a manner reminiscent of the lead Unspeakable from earlier.

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