frustrated from his constant defeats wily with his constant defeats by mega man with help from his new partner decided to make roboticized masters out of every danganronpa character except for 3 makoto naeigi, hajime hinata and shuichi. (this is an alternate universe where everyone survived. After mega man, makoto, hajime and shuichi opted to put aside their differences to thwart wily and monokuma's plans wily crashed the party and evily cackled 'you're through mega man behold my 45 glorious roboticized masters!"

sayaka woman weapon: kitchen knife cannon

leon man weapon: baseball shooter

chihiro man weapon: techno bazooka

mondo man weapon: crazy diamond barrier

taka man weapon: moral crush

hifumi man weapon: justice hammer 2

celeste woman weapon: homing jackpot

sakura woman weapon: grappler fist torpedo

byakuya man weapon: razor dollar

jill woman weapon: genoscissor cutter

hina woman weapon: ultimate tidal wave

kyoko woman weapon: sleuth snipe

hiro man weapon: crystal ball

mukuro woman: weapon high school level rocket launcher

teruteru man weapon: iron skewer

imposter man weapon: shapeshift

mahiru woman weapon: blinding flash

peko woman weapon: bamboo sword

hiyoko woman weapon: saionji swerve

ibuki woman weapon: g chord burst

mikan woman weapon: tsumiki needle

akane woman weapon: gymnast punch

sonia woman weapon; royal wrecker

kazuichi man weapon: mechanical masher

nekomaru man weapon: nekomaru crash

gundham man weapon: dark deva attack

fuyuhiko man weapon: yakuza bomber

nagito man weapon: lucky lance

chiaki woman weapon: tetris topple

kaede woman weapon: ebony ender

rantaro man weapon: rantaro rush

kirumi woman weapon: tojo twister

ryoma man weapon: tennis blaster

himiko woman weapon: magic mayhem

angie woman weapon: paintball of pain

tenko woman weapon: martial arts striker

k1bo man weapon: robo rampage

kokichi man weapon: supreme leader laser

tsumugi woman weapon: cosplay cataclysm

miu woman weapon: wrath wrench

kaito man weapon: shooting star

korekiyo man weapon: shinguchi shruinken

gonta man weapon: grasshopper gun


maki woman weapon: assasination arrow

wily arrogantly put mondo man, gonta man kaede woman and korekiyo man up first will mega man hajime shuichi and makoto be able to win? find out in part 2