Chapter 1: The Missing Bowling Sneaker

It was a peaceful day in the Robinson family members' apartment. the bright sun was shining brightly, the critter were calm and everybody was having a super silent relaxing day to themselves. well, almost everybody.


Toby was being pinned to the living room floor by Eddie, his 27 year old brother who was twice his size and very much a super powerful bully.

"What the crap did you do with it?!"

Toby was super sick of Eddie always accusing him of stealing his thing. "I-I-I didn't do anything with your super thrilling bowling sneaker, now get off of me!"

Eddie was really beginning to have enough. "I'll put this just as easy as I can. tell me what you did with my lucky bowling sneaker or I'm gonna-"

Suddenly the door burst opened and there in the doorway were Richard and his wife, April. neither of them looked super pleased to see their older son pinning their younger son to the living room floor.

"Eddie," Richard said to him severely. "you get off your younger brother right now." Eddie obeyed Richard and Toby got up.

"What on earth is going on in here?" April demanded Eddie. Eddie had an I-wasn't-doing-anything-wrong look on his face and he opened his mouth to speak up.

"I want the truth right now, Eddie!"

He immediately stopped smiling at them and said to them, "This little goof brain is trying to deny that he stole 1 of my lucky bowling sneakers! how exactly am I supposed to win Saturday evening's tournament if I don't have both my bowling sneakers?"

Richard spoke to him again. "Eddie, that's quite enough! now how exactly do you know Toby took your bowling sneaker?"

It took Eddie a few minutes to think about an answer, after all, he didn't actually see Toby steal his lucky bowling sneaker, he just really loved blaming him for everything he never really did. "'cause he's always taking my things away from me!"

"That's not really true, I never took any of your-"

"Shut it already!"

At 1 point, April had already lost her patience. "That does it! Eddie, go upstairs to your bedroom right now!"

Eddie left the living room muttering rudely underneath his breath.

"Richard," April said to him right before following him around. "can you please make sure Toby's alright?"

"Yes, of course, April." Richard replied to her.

"Thanks a bunch." and with that, April left the living room to give Eddie his punishment. Richard turned right over to Toby. "You alright, Toby?"

Toby nodded his head, but he still looked a bit disturbed. "I swear, Dad. I didn't take his lucky bowling sneaker. every single time he loses something, he blames me for taking it away from him."

Richard placed his right hand on Toby's right shoulder. "I know you didn't do it, Toby. and if he ever blames you for something you didn't really do, you can always come right over to me and your mother for help on this problem, alright?"

"Alright, but just as long as he hasn't pummeled me 1st."

Chapter 2: Toby away from the apartment

It was now a bit more than a month right after Eddie's bowling sneaker had disappeared. it was another super good day, and it was a perfect day for young teens and grownups to be doing sports and video games. Richard had sent their 2 sons outside a few hours earlier to do sports and video games. he looked right out the living room window to see how they were doing. 1st of all, he looked right at Eddie who was trimming the hedges. He was without a doubt the most hard worker of all times. then Richard looked right over to Toby who was just a few yards away from his brother. at 1st, Richard couldn't help but smile at the sight of his 2nd born son, but his smiling face disappeared when he saw what Toby was doing: playing with wooden train sets and Lego Mini Figures.

"What's he doing? Richard thought to himself. young teens aren't supposed to play with wooden train sets and Lego Mini Figures, even though that young boy's my 2nd born son. Without wasting another minute, he walked right outta the apartment and right outside to see exactly why his 2nd born son was playing with wooden train sets and Lego Mini Figures. he walked right up behind Toby and tapped him right on his right shoulder.

"Hi there, Dad." Toby said to him when he turned around to see who it was, but he was also surprised to see how disturbed and upset Richard looked with him.

"Toby? what are you doing?" Richard asked him in a stern like voice that was mostly un-peculiar to Toby.

"I'm playing with my wooden train sets and Lego Mini Figures. You wanna see how it works? It's really super-" right before Toby could say the word thrilling, Richard interrupted him.

"Toby, you're 17 years old, you shouldn't play with wooden train sets and Lego Mini Figures. now put them right back in the boxes and come right inside."

"But, Dad, I-"

"Now, Toby!"

Toby did just as he was told and went right inside wondering what had come over him. why was he angry and upset with him for playing with wooden train sets and Lego Mini Figures? maybe he was just having a super hard day. maybe Ethan was getting on his nerves again or maybe Mayor Jones probably sang to him badly again. maybe everything would be back to normal by tomorrow morning.

Or maybe not. the very next day, everybody was silent except Eddie, who was playing The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D.

"Toby, you need to realize that it's in a soon to be graduating young teen's body to get off building toys and concentrate on getting a future career."

"But, Dad, everybody really loves playing with wooden train sets and Lego Mini Figures!" Toby said to him.

Richard got right up from his seat. "Toby, if you were any son of mine, you wouldn't play with any of those wooden building toys or Lego building sets!"

"Richard!" April was now terribly upset with him. "how could you speak to him like that?"

Right before anybody could say another word, Toby got right outta his chair and walked right outta the living Room.

Richard sat right back down looking super upset. April was at least 12 times upset, but not with Toby.

"Well that sure was maturely handled." she said to him sarcastically.

"Stay, calm, April. he's 17 years old, he'll outgrow this entire thing in a couple of-"

"I never meant him, Richard!" April snapped at him. without saying another word, she left the living room leaving Richard and Eddie alone with 1 another.

April approached Toby's bedroom and knocked right on his bedroom door.


A peculiar voice called back from the other side of the door. "Come in." April opened the bedroom door and saw Toby sitting right on his bed and looking just as if he was about to cry and weep.

"Why the crap is Dad acting this way?" he asked his mother. "all I did was play with my wooden train sets and Lego Mini Figures, I didn't embarrass anybody."

April sighed heavily to him, "Toby, I'm pretty sure he didn't really mean what he said to you."

"Of course he did, Mom. I don't understand, a few days ago he was my Frisbee catching partner and right now he disagrees with me just 'cause I like playing with my wooden train sets and Lego Mini Figures."

April sat right down next to him. "Don't even say that, Toby. you're our 2nd born son and he really loves you more than anything"

Toby turned his head away from April. "I just wanna be alone for a bit." he said to her.

April smiled at him, kissed his face and got right up to leave. "Just give him plenty of time, I promise everything will be back to normal very soon. good night, Toby." and she left Toby alone in his bedroom. when she had gone out, Toby put his head right on his pillow and fell asleep hoping she was absolutely right all along.

Days have past ever since Toby went away from the apartment due to Richard's misunderstandings and Richard headed for his bedroom to take a relaxing nap. he was rather surprised to open the bedroom door and see April there.

"Hi there, honey cakes." he said to her casually.

April might've been the only young lady in the city town who would never take any crud from her husband. "Don't you hi honey cakes me," she said to him. "where in the heck have you been?"

"Well, 1st of all," Richard began. "I'm pretty sure you heard from my co-workers that Toby's alive, well the depressing thing is-"

"That was just a rhetorical question," April interrupted him. "I know exactly where you been. and don't waste my time by telling me that Toby was killed in some sort of accident right now and your little sit-down meetings. I also know that he's still alive and kicking right now, and for corn sakes he better be alive and kicking."

"How exactly did you find out?" Richard asked her.

"It's on the news," April said to him. "now quit stalling. who exactly do you think you are, Richard? what makes you think you have the right to send our young teenage son away from this apartment without hearing what I really need to say about it?"

"I had to send him away," Richard said to her. "he's ruining his appearance of a young teenage boy. don't you understand that?"

"No, Richard, just as a matter of fact, I don't really understand." April snapped at him. "how exactly is he ruining his appearance of a young teenage boy?"

"Come on, April. he plays with wooden train sets and Lego Mini Figures."

"I don't care if he plays with wooden trains and Lego building sets," April said to him angrily. "he's our son! so live with it! and you're willing to send him away just 'cause he doesn't do the exact same hobbies that you do around here?"

"He needs to play with sports and video games like a real young teen or he'll never be able to graduate from Fisher-Reynolds Memorial High School."

"Oh, Richard!"

Now Richard truly was angry and upset. "I wasn't gonna have a graduated high school student playing with wooden train sets and Lego Mini Figures."

"So that gives you the right to send him away?" April said to him. "honestly, sometimes I think it means more to you than your own true family."

"Look," Richard explained to her. "he wasn't willing to learn himself and he doesn't even have Grandpa Jack to show him the ropes any longer. therefore, I had to use the true power of the iron fist on him."

April rolled her eyes. she had more than enough of her husband constantly using fear to get his way. "Good grief!"

"What, April?"

"You can't always use the true power of the iron fist to control other people, Richard."

Chapter 3: Back home and back to the way things should really be

"I really love you, Toby," Richard said to him. "no matter what you really love playing with or whatever types of hobbies you really enjoy doing."

Toby was okay with what Richard was agreeing with and he finally began playing with his wooden train sets and Lego Mini Figures. Eddie and April seemed okay with it as well too.