A/N: Hi, readers! If you're reading this, you're likely a newcomer or a long-time follower of my long-running mega anime crossover YuYuGiDigiMoon. If you're of the latter, then I'm so sorry to say this is not a new entry to YuYuGiDigiMoon. Or, let me backtrack: this is not a continuation of the original YuYuGiDigiMoon. This is for all intents and purposes, a complete reboot.

Yes, a reboot. This is a completely new experience and will have no ties to the original. This reboot is intended to be a 4-chaptered OVA series and specifically to be accessible for new readers, who have never read YuYuGiDigiMoon. For others who may have lost track or fell out of it ages ago, this is an attempt to recapture those lost readers.

Now to summarize what YuYuGiDigiMoon is: Many moons ago, I started a mega crossover series called YuYuGiDigiMoon. The titular series name comprises acronyms based on part of each titular series featuring the anime casts each series covers. Yu represents YuYu Hakusho, the second Yu simultaneously represents both YYH and Yu-Gi-Oh, the Gi naturally just represents Yu-Gi-Oh!, Digi is part of Digimon, and Moon is obviously Sailor Moon. My friend LazerWulf, who was my beta-reader, came up with this cool title.

Since 2003, YuYuGiDigiMoon has been a long-running fanfic franchise that has come and gone with me as time went on. Since then, I've completed a Seasonal Trilogy, one 'Movie' fic, an OVA done in a first-person POV, several side stories, a collection of Gaiden shorts, and mega crossover events based on interdimensional travel - hence called the Triad crossovers. However, as time went on, the series became too complex and overly long for any normal reader to follow. It became increasingly difficult for me since a few of these stories were collaborations and I endured creative differences. I only managed to finish up to the final Triad crossover called Cross Generations. Since then, I posted the final Gaiden chapter that detailed my recent burnout and thus I've placed the original YuYuGiDigiMoon on an indefinite hiatus. This comes at the cost of holding off the final story (Wrath of the Defiants), which would've ended the series.

After some time, I've worked on other writing projects, including in the process of writing my first professional novel I hope to publish this decade. Then, another friend, Allfather-Ford, presented a brand new concept for YuYuGiDigiMoon. Instead of a continuation, we could do a reboot with fresh ideas and make full use of canon concepts instead of fully relying on AU ideas and undergoing OC characters. The issues that hurt the original YuYuGiDigiMoon were the sheer lengths the Seasonal Trilogy and some of the Triad crossovers, the overindulgence of forgettable OC characters* (not all but most of them), and the overreliance of AU elements that made the stories less appealing to new readers. All in all, these new readers would be confused. Moreover, I do feel bad for new readers who'll take forever to catch up to where I stopped. **

*This only applies to OCs who didn't leave a lasting impression or were one-off characters in the original YuYuGiDigiMoon. Most if not all the OCs presented in this reboot are ones who had significant roles in the original version and thus they qualified to be part of this rebooted series.

**Of course, since there's a pandemic now ongoing and people are still less inclined to leave their house, you have time to catch-up. Heheh, but don't pass up this reboot either.

Anyway, Allfather-Ford presented the title for this reboot: Shin-YuYuGiDigiMoon. Shin in Japanese means "new". Like Shin Evangelion (Rebuild of Evangelion, Evangelion: New Theatrical Edition) and Shin Godzilla. Those are complete reboots from the original Neon Genesis Evangelion and Godzilla respectively. While they retain characters, core themes, and elements from their original incarnations, the reboots placed a new spin and direction for these characters, settings, and themes. They're also perfectly accessible to new fans, giving them a sampling before inevitably looking into the original material.

Other examples for frames of reference: If the original YuYuGiDigiMoon is like the mainstream Marvel comic books, then Shin-YuYuGiDigiMoon would be the Ultimate line and/or the MCU.

Shin-YuYuGiDigiMoon should hopefully do a similar job. It's a fresh start and a clean slate. The four-chaptered OVA series serves to be accessible to new readers, a general audience, and maybe attract old readers. You are absolutely not required to read the original YuYuGiDigiMoon stories before or after this one. If you feel fine with just reading Shin-YuYuGiDigiMoon, that's fine. It's your prerogative.

So, since this is a reboot, will there be any cast changes? Yes and no. The Digimon Tamers, the Legendary Warriors, and the Spirit Detectives are still in this. Though, the Digiteams are now teenagers instead of elementary kids from the start. However, the central Yu-Gi-Oh cast are Yuki Judai and his friends from Duel Academia. Mutou Yugi and his friends will be a secondary cast. For the Sailor Moon cast, I will be using their manga/Crystal versions and not the 90's variations. The casts of Digimon Savers and Digimon Adventure/02 are brand new additions. While Masaru and Agumon are part of the main cast, the Adventure/02 cast will serve secondary roles. Will we see other groups involved? With time, yes. You can expect the Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds cast to appear in the fourth OVA chapter.

Since we're on the subject of OVAs, these four chapters will be told in lengthy formats. So, what you're reading are essentially movie/OVA-style stories. And since these are longer-lengthed, I suggest taking breaks. Lastly, there will be summarized sections spread across these stories. Not every scene will have character dialogue. I just wanted to give you the heads up.

So, what else can be expected? Well, nothing else for new readers who've never read the original YuYuGiDigiMoon. But for those familiar with it, I expect older readers to draw comparisons and say which variations they like better. This is going to be no different whenever some form of entertainment media gets a fresh reboot. Many don't like reboots, but others do. I like and don't like certain reboots. However, I believe this is a reboot I'll grow to enjoy with time. It's already helping me craft new ideas to recapture my passion, which I lost overtime after writing the original YuYuGiDigiMoon for so long. I hope Shin-YuYuGiDigiMoon will garner some new fans and not just the same old readers (although I have no issues with older readers getting invested either!).

And so in closing, this is a legacy work for a series I've spent the better time of my life on. I'm already in the process of writing a novel and a pseudo-novel series (Akane no Mai, a Persona 5/Code Vein crossover). Once this 4-part OVA story is over, YuYuGiDigiMoon as a whole will largely be retired until I commit to the original series' final arc.

Anyway, thank you for your time.

Without further ado, here's arc I of Shin-YuYuGiDigiMoon! I hope you enjoy it! :D

Outer Rim of Space

(Cue Independence Day OST - The Darkest Day)

In an endless space, it was quiet and tranquil. There seemed to be little activity in this endless vast space outside the Solar System.

Then, a massive celestial object resembling a ship coasted over a planet not too far from its position. The massive warship descended over this unsuspecting planet. Beneath the belly of this ship, a ray of green light scanned over the planetary object.

Inside the warship's bridge sat a dark and tall monstrous figure on what appeared to be a throne. It was silver decorated with gargoyle dragon heads on each side and a three-headed dragon statue sitting on top of the throne. The figure stood up. His eyes glistened with a green flare. However, his appearance was completely concealed within the darkness of his throne room.

As a door opened, a soldier walked in and bowed to the seated figure.

"My lord, we're on our trek toward the Sol System past the Milky Way's Outer Rim. We'll find the Terran world called Earth. Rumor has it the Moon Queen's daughter and her court are currently residing there."

Curling his lips into a smile, the evil warlord grinned darkly.

"Let us finish here before we disembark," the warlord darkly muttered.

"Very well. Shall we prepare the cannon?"

"No, I will do it myself," the figure quickly answered. As the rooftop opened, the leader floated up and gazed over the planetoid they've been observing. Then, with a flick of his finger, the warlord wiped out the planet instantaneously. A bright explosion of fiery light shrouded the area where the planetoid used to be.

Chortling insidiously, the figurehead remarked. "We're done here, my loyal followers." He descended inside his ship as the roof closed. Four figures assembled near him. "My four generals, let us set a course for the Terran System. It's time to collect our bounty: the Silver Crystal and extinguish the remnants of the Lunar Court in the name of the Rajita Empire!"

(End theme)


Arc I

Wrath of Ghidorah

March 26, 2016/10:30 AM (JST)

(Cue Yu-Gi-Oh! GX OST - 02 Everyday Life at the Academy)

It was a bright and sunny start on a late-morning Saturday in Shinjuku, Tokyo. For many, it was the start of another monotonous workday. For students, it was the spring break between the end of the previous school year and the beginning of the next semester. This one week gave students time to spend with family and friends.

Today, for a recent Duel Academia graduate, it would be an eventful day at the country's premier anime convention - AnimeJapan 2016. Gazing toward the Tokyo Big Sight exhibition center, the young man garbed in an Osiris Red blazer, blue jeans, and red & black sneakers greeted several cosplayers and con-goers with a wave.

Scratching an itch from his nose, an exuberant smile adorned the graduate's features.

"Hey, isn't that him?" A little boy passerby whispered to his older brother.

"No way! It is!" The older sibling exclaimed as he recognized the young man's face.

Sporting an unkempt light brown hairstyle with bangs a few inches above his face, the graduate happily marched toward the convention with many onlookers recognizing his presence. In his mind, he became as renowned as the legendary duelist Mutou Yugi. This young man recently forged his own legendary duelist path.

"Yuki Judai!" A group of con-goers cheered him on.

Acknowledging them with a simple wave, Yuki Judai headed straight for the Tokyo Big Sight location.

"Yeah, it's me. Just three years since I first joined Duel Academia. How time flies. Now, I'm a graduate. Today, I'm hoping to compete again. Kaiba Seto is throwing a big duel event featuring some new duel summons. I hear they're going to change the entire dueling landscape. I hope so! I'm so ready for a new challenge!"

With a big grin on his face, Judai pumped his fist into the air and hollered. "Yeah, AnimeJapan! Yuki Judai is here and back on the scene!" As he quickly headed to his right, he accidentally bumped into a con-goer going the same direction. "Whoa! Yo, watch it!"

Nearly falling on his back, a young teen boy openly apologized to the Duel Academia graduate. "Oh, I'm so sorry!" For a moment, the teen stared at Judai, discerning his face. "Hmm, why do you look familiar?"

"Heh, I'm getting that a lot today, man," Judai sheepishly rubbed the back of his head, almost bursting out into laughter.

"No, I know who you are! Anyone who follows Duel Monsters would know the great Yuki Judai."

Hearing this, Judai chuckled in response. "C'mon, man. I'm flattered, but I'm no Mutou Yugi."

"No, but I'd say you're on your way! Say, can you sign…" As he looked into his smartphone and checked the time, the teen gasped. "Oh crap! I'm running late! My friends are wondering where I am! And oh boy, Ruki is going to have my neck!"

"Sorry for holding ya up, man."

"No worries. Say, my name is Matsuda Takato," the young man introduced himself. Takato is a teen with short light brown hair and brown eyes. He has on a light blue t-shirt with an unbuttoned light gray dress shirt, khaki jeans, and yellow & black tennis shoes. Hanging loosely around his neck is a pair of yellow goggles with blue lenses. "Maybe we'll run into each other?"

"Or, you could watch me duel in there?" Judai winked.

"That works, too! See ya!" Takato called out, snatching up his backpack as he bolted off to meet with his friends.

Just then, Judai then remembered. "Oh yeah! Sho, Asuka, Jun, Tyranno, and the others are supposed to be here. Hmm, guess I'll catch them by surprise."

"Catch me by surprise? Sorry, too late for that," a voice belonging to a young man, slightly deeper but with tinges of a higher-pitch chimed in. This surprised Judai enough to turn to meet him. "It hasn't been that long, huh, Judai?"

"Sho!" He met a young man with light blue hair section in three layers and gray eyes. Marufuji Sho has on a pair of round-lensed glasses, a dark blue collared shirt, khaki shorts, and yellow & white shoes.

"Judai, you're looking well!"

"I can say the same for you, man. So, how's post-graduate life been?"

"Nothing's too different, but then again we did just graduate. You remember Tyranno still has another year left and Rei has several left before she graduates."

Judai nodded. "Yep, I knew that. I wonder if we'll run into them here?"

"I wouldn't doubt it. I hope so. Asuka, too."

"So, you wanna hang with me and find them?"

"I was going to ask that."

Judai clapped Sho's back. "Sure! It'll be like old times, Sho! Heck, let's just check out the whole convention scene while we're at it! We got a whole weekend to ourselves!" He jovially laughed, taking his long time classmate into the exhibition center.

(End theme)

Tokyo Big Sight (東京ビッグサイト)/10:43 AM (JST)

"You're late, Takato! Where were you?!" The harsh tone from Makino Ruki chastised Takato, who arrived modestly itching the back of his head and chuckling. With her violet eyes meeting his, the bright orange-haired teen girl sighed in exasperation. She cosplayed as Asuka Shikinami Langley in her red plugsuit.

Modestly apologizing, Takato responded meekly. "Sorry, but my parents needed help with new bread shipments this morning!"

"You could've told us ahead of time," a calmer, reasonable voice from another teen boy added. Takato turned over to the teen with short dark blue hair and gray eyes. He came dressed as Ayanami Rei.

"Hey, sorry, Jianliang, but you know family business comes first."

"It's fine. We're just glad you could even come," Lee Jianliang replied with a smile.

"Yes, it wouldn't be fun without you, Takato," a girl with short brown hair approached with a gentle and polite tone, a stark contrast to Ruki's aggressive demeanor.

"I can't imagine you guys here without me, Juri," Takato addressed her. He looked over Juri's Aerith Gainsborough cosplay. "You look really good, Juri."

"Thanks, Takato. I put a lot of time into making this," Juri smiled, dancing around and showing off her handmade cosplay.

Suddenly, two hands grabbed Takato and pulled him into a headlock. "What's up, man?! Keep us waiting, will ya?!" A teen boy with spiky, light brown hair yelled out in an undignified but playful tone. "I was gonna suggest we go on without ya!"

Then, another teen boy with short blue hair and glasses sighed. "Yeah, like we'd ditch Takato, Hirokazu. Don't worry about it, Takato."

"Aww, who's side are you on, Kenta?" Hirokazu groaned while Takato jerked his head away from his friend's hold.

"So, is this everyone?" Takato asked, rubbing the back of his neck. He saw that his two friends dressed as My Hero Academia characters. Hirokazu came dressed as Bakugō Katsuki in his hero suit. Kenta cosplayed as Iida Tenya in his hero suit.

"Beyond our Digimon, there's my sister, Shaochung, here," Jianliang pointed toward a short, bright lavender-haired grade school girl sitting with two floppy-eared rabbit-like twins; one has cream-colored fur and green stripes and the other has chocolate brown-colored fur and pink stripes. Both have similar black beady eyes and noses.

The child came dressed as Whisper from Yo-kai Watch.

"Your sister looks so cute! Also Terriermon and Lopmon look like they're having a good time!" Juri happily chimed.

"Our Digimon can easily blend in as cosplayers and plushes," Ruki said.

"So, where's Renamon?" Jianliang asked her.

"She's closer than you think."

"Speaking of which, Guilmon! Hey, buddy! Over here!" Takato whistled over to a 4-foot tall red-scaled dinosaur-like reptile with black horizontal lines on his arms, legs, neck, back, and tail. Two black marks are under his eyes. Guilmon's hands have three claws and three claws on the front of each foot. Two wing-shaped appendages adorned his head. Centered on his white belly is a hazard symbol, which is known as the Digital Hazard.

His gleeful yellow eyes met the astonished and awestruck faces of many con-goers and cosplayers.

"They really like me, Takato!" The red-scaled Digimon playfully called out.

"That's great, Guilmon, but we should stick together!"

"Ok! I'm coming!" Guilmon turned before leaving and waving to his new fanbase. Sprinting over to meet Takato and the others, he poked his head out for Takato to pet him.

"Say, why don't we have a group photo later?" Takato asked Guilmon.

"Yeah! All of us together?!"

"Well, we'd have to go and find some of our Digimon. Boy, am I glad Guardromon can easily pass off as a metal man type of cosplay," Hirokazu remarked.

"I do feel bad for Renamon," Ruki sighed.

"Why do you say that?" Takato queried to the orange-haired girl.

"Ugh, what else? The hentai and furry fetish crowds."

"Maybe that's why she's been out of sight?" Juri wondered.

"No, it's because she doesn't do crowds all that well," Ruki replied.

"Hold on. This isn't everyone. Where's Kotori and Himura?" Takato asked, noting the absence of their colleagues.

"Yo, there you are!" A loud, brash-sounding feminine voice called to the group, driving their attention from the crowds. The group faced the direction where the loud yell came from. A young woman, roughly in her late-teens, with shoulder-length black hair and red eyes approached them. She was roughly taller than most of the Tamers, sans Hirokazu. She came dressed as Tifa Lockhart in her Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children clothing.

Sighing, Ruki remarked. "Speaking of late."

"Hey, Kotori! We're so glad you could even make it!" Takato called out to the older teen, who greeted them with a charismatic smile.

"Sorry we're late, but we had to stop and pose for some photos," a voice belonging to a deeper sounding teen interjected, garnering the group's attention toward him. Walking up beside Kotori is an older teen, approximately Kotori's age, with neck-length black hair and blue eyes. In contrast to Kotori's bright and charismatic personality, Himura has a seemingly cool and level-headed demeanor. He cosplayed as Cloud Strife.

"Man, don't we feel like a complete group now?" Kenta said. "I'm so glad you two can be here."

Himura nodded with a smile. "Yeah, likewise. This place is certainly packed."

"Duh, it is AnimeJapan, man!" Hirokazu said.

"Yep and we're going to have loads of fun! Isn't that right, Ruki?" Kotori turned over and winked to the orange-haired teen.

"Sure, I guess," Ruki sighed.

"Kotori! This floor is too cold for my feet! Can you carry me?" A whiny voice cried out, quickly getting the teen's attention.

Shaking her head, Kotori looked down at a green-scaled reptilian Digimon with a redfin on its head and single claws on each foot.

"You got claws, you don't even have toes."

"But, the floor is still kinda cold and very icky!"

"Heh, don't worry, Betamon. With all the humans amassed here, the temperatures are sure to get hotter," a black and white variation of Gabumon added as he approached Himura's side. With his yellow eyes, he scanned the crowds. "Boy, there sure are a lot of people in costumes."

"It's called an anime convention. People come dressed as their favorite characters. Look, some of us came dressed to impress!" Kotori exclaimed.

"Hey, why aren't you in cosplay, Takato?" Jianliang asked him.

"Heh, my cosplay is in my bag. Here, I'll go and get changed! Be right back!" Takato bolted off to the nearest restroom.

"We'll wait!" Juri called to him.

"Ugh, more waiting," Ruki groaned.

"Where's your sister, Himura?" Juri inquired to him.

"She's hanging with her friends. She went off with them as soon as I left. Oh, and where's your partner?"

"Bastemon? Oh, she's around getting her picture taken. I do need to get her."

"So, once Takato gets back, are we ready to roll?!" Hirokazu pumped his fist up.

"Yeah! Duel tournament here we come!" Kenta yelled out.

"Henry…" Terriermon was heard groaning as Shaochung handed him to her brother. "Don't go without me again."

"Sorry, Terriermon," Jianliang patted his partner's head.

Upon reaching the nearest restroom, Takato quickly got changed. When he came out dressed up as Ikari Shinji's plugsuit wear, he met with Guilmon.

"We're ready, Takato."

"Yeah, let's have some fun!"

"Ever since we reunited with our Digimon a few years ago, we met two new Tamers and added them into our unit. Ayami Kotori and Tsubasa Himura ran into us one day when some rogue Digimon invaded our world. Hypnos asked us to neutralize and send these rogues to the Digital World, but they were too quick for us to catch. These rogues were apparently after Kotori and Himura, who had Digimon partners previously affiliated with them. Rather than rejoin their own group, Betamon and BlackGabumon protected Kotori and Himura. With new bonds formed, new D-Arks appeared for Kotori and Himura to use, helping Betamon and BlackGabumon evolve into Seadramon and BlackGarurumon.

Once we arrived, we helped them send these rogues back to the Digital World. Thanking us, Kotori and Himura offered to join our group. We accepted them as new team members.

Based on what we've learned about Seadramon, he was supposedly the reincarnation of an evil MetalSeadramon that belonged to a nefarious group called the Dark Masters. They apparently once sealed the Sovereigns and conquered some other Digital World.

Juri also received a new Digimon partner, Bastemon, who happens to be Leomon's old friend. She gladly took in someone close to Leomon, which helped to fill that void. Bastemon is the latest member to join us.

With new members, our team became stronger than it ever has and we were often summoned to help Yamaki stop invading rogue Digimon. As Tamers, I feel it was our responsibility to help maintain the balance between the Digital World and Real World.

It's been five years since I met Guilmon. I was a boy then. Now, most of my friends and I are about to be first year high schoolers after this spring break. It's hard to believe it's been that long now.

But, this is just the beginning of another saga in our lives yet to be written."

While the Tamers and their Digimon partners explored the exhibition center, Judai and Sho scoured for their classmates. Along the way, they met a brawny, brown-skinned teen with dreadlocks and a torn-up sleeveless yellow vest. Sitting next to the teen is his inflatable T. rex costume.

"Well, I'll be darned! Look who it is, Judai!" Sho pointed to the muscular teen.

"Yo, Tyranno! How's it going?!" Judai called out, waving to the dinosaur duelist.

Upon hearing his name, Tyranno Kenzan whirled around and energetically hollered.

"Oh man, you guys are really here! It hasn't been that long since y'all graduated!" Tyranno yelled, running over to meet Judai and Sho. He and Judai quickly pulled each other into a handgrip, locking eyes with each other.

"You sure have gotten strong in a short time," Judai said enthusiastically.

"Heh, remember I have dino DNA in me." Tyranno then gave Sho a high-five. "Are you two excited about the tournament?"

"The one Kaiba Seto is hosting? Heck yeah, we are!" Sho nodded.

"Why else would we be here?" Judai added. "Say, are you really gonna dress up in that?"

Tyranno got inside the inflatable T. rex. "I sure am! Hey, wanna give me a hand here?"

"Sure thing, man," Judai nodded as he helped zip up Tyranno's costume.

Just then, an aloof tone cut into their conversation. "Well, well, look who all dragged in?"

Without even turning around, a composed smirk formed on Judai's face. "Is that you, Manjoume Jun?"

"More like Manjoume Thunder! Don't you forget it!" The arrogant duelist approached Judai and company. Manjoume has black spiked hair sectioned in two layers and eyes that matched his hair color. He cosplayed as Kaibaman. "No surprise you'd be here for Kaiba's duel tournament."

"Like I'd miss this!" Judai energetically replied.

"Hey, guys, Fancy seeing you all here," a young woman chimed in, getting the attention of the other duelists. They turned to meet three young ladies. The one who addressed them stood in the middle of her two friends. This girl has long, black-length dirty blonde hair and brown eyes.

"Tenjōin Asuka!" Judai cried out.

"Hey, guys! It hasn't been that long, has it?" The girl on the right waved. She has short neck-length Venetian red hair and dark gray eyes.

"Hey, Makurada Junko!" Tyranno acknowledged her.

"It's good to see you all again!" The girl on Asuka's left winked. She has long, back length gray hair tied into a long ponytail. Two pairs of bangs hovered a few inches above her brown eyes.

"Hamaguchi Momoe!" Sho called to her.

The three women came dressed as the Harpie Lady Sisters.

"Man, those costumes take me back," Judai said, his cheeks slightly blushing.

"I'm not surprised we're all here for Kaiba Seto's event, but surprised we're together like this so soon," Asuka said, turning over to Judai. "How have you been?"

"Well, it's just been me and Winged Kuriboh hanging together."

"Well, did any of you know Pegasus J. Crawford is going to be at the event, too?"

Most of the group were taken aback by this news.

"No way! Is that true?!" Sho exclaimed.

"You mean, you guys didn't even know?!" A flabbergasted Manjoume remarked.

"No, I knew," Asuka replied.

"I figured you'd know, but these three?" Manjoume pointed to Judai, Sho, and Tyranno.

"Well, now I'm even more excited," Judai said.

Sho deduced. "I wonder since Pegasus is here, could there be a new line of cards to go with those new dueling systems Kaiba is implementing?"

"There's only one way to find out. We'll need to attend that tournament event," Asuka said.

"And you bet we'll be attending! So, what time does it start?" Judai asked the other duelists.

"At 5:30 in the afternoon," answered Sho.

Momoe giggled. "So, we have plenty of time to kill. Let's go meet some cosplayers and get their pictures."

Tyranno offered Judai and Sho. "There's a gaming center we look into if y'all are up to it?"

Judai nodded. "Sure, I'm in. Hey, Manjoume. Wanna join us?"

"Pass," Manjoume turned and walked off. "I'm going to see if I can find Kaiba Seto. You play your games."

"Your loss," Judai shrugged as he went with Sho and Tyranno.

Watching the boys leave, Asuka heard her two friends gossiping to each other.

"What are you two chattering about?" She asked her two friends.

"Hey, I don't know if it's just me, but Sho…" Momoe giggled.

"What about Sho?" Asuka blinked.

"...he's gotten a little taller."

"Well, he did grow a little at Duel Academia."

Momoe covered her face. "Oh, but it's not just that! But, I think he's cute."

"Well, he does still look like a kid despite his age."

"No, Asuka. By cute, I mean he's good looking!"

Upon hearing this, Asuka balked. "Huh?"

"And Tyranno's pretty hot with those manly muscles and his charming smile," Junko added, letting out a girlish squeal.

"Wha…?" Asuka's mouth almost dropped. When Momoe and Junko got right up to her face, Asuka backed off. "So, you two like Judai's friends?"

"Speaking of Judai," Junko said.

"Do you like him, Asuka?" Momoe asked.


"Yeah, do you like him?" They asked in unison.

Unable to give a straight answer, Asuka reflected on her and Judai's interactions and previous adventures during their three-year period at Duel Academia. She remembered all the occasions he saved her, including beating her in a duel, which purified from Saio's influence when she was brainwashed into joining the Society of Light. And each time he'd save her, she would thank him but didn't know how to properly reciprocate her true feelings for him.

"Well, Asuka?!"

She quickly fired back. "I don't know! How am I supposed to answer that?! We're just friends!" She whipped around with arms folded. "Oh, whatever. C'mon, let's drop that lovey-dovey nonsense and just enjoy the convention scene. Maybe we'll find some random duels to watch?"

As Asuka walked away, Momoe and Junko giggled together.

"She totally likes Judai," they whispered.

"You two coming?"

"Coming, Asuka!" They followed their best friend and explored the convention.

(Cue SawanoHiroyuki[nZk] Feat. Gemie - Club Ki3ε2V-ALK)

While Judai, Sho, and Tyranno explored the con, they passed by some congoers and photographers taking pictures of a large cosplay group posing for them.

"Hey, look at that, Judai!" Sho pointed to the cosplay group.

"They're cosplaying as Duel Monsters! Cool!" Tyranno exclaimed.

"Yeah, they're cosplaying as Duel Monster Vampires," Judai said, taking out his smartphone to snap some pictures.

Out of the group of six, two of them stood out in the center. A young man with short, neck-length dirty blonde unkempt hair garbed in dark clothing, consisting mainly of a black leather full-bodied outfit, a long dark red cape, elbow-length black gloves and a long dark whip in his hand.

Standing next to him is a slightly short-statured, pale-skinned young woman with shoulder-length periwinkle hair garbed in a dark purple outfit. A red cross-shaped insignia embroidered on her bosom. A pair of purple bat wings with yellow claws poking outward adorned her back. Her top cut off near the waistline, revealing much of her pale skin. She has on a purple knee-length dress and long, shin-length dark purple boots. Similar red cross symbols are embroidered on the front of her boots and the sides of her shoulders. Golden rings also made up some parts of her attire, especially around her waist.

"If I recall correctly, those two are Vampire Hunter and Vampire Vamp. Don't they look so cool together?" Sho asked his two friends.

As the couple posed together, the other four Duel Monster Vampire cosplayers started getting more attention. Among them is a tall man with long, shoulder-length platinum blonde hair and pale skin. His pure yellow, pupilless eyes and vampiric-looking teeth were unsightly from a first glance. He wore a full-bodied dark purple and red armored suit underneath a full-bodied black bodysuit and a dark gray loincloth. His shoulder armor is massive and pentagon-shaped bearing the same colors as his body armor. He carried what seemed like weapon props: a dark purple and red rhombus-shaped shield and a long black sword. Yellow claws covered most of his body armor. Adorning the man's forehead is a purple headpiece that resembled the rhombus shield.

"That's gotta be Crimson Knight Vampire Bram!" Tyranno pointed out.

Another is an aristocratic man with a long-sleeved elegant shirt with a long black and red tattered cape and a tall neck-length collar. He has on black pants. His hands are covered in black clawed gloves. In his hands is a 17-inch long silver staff with a red orb attached to it.

"That one is Vampire Scarlet Scourge," Judai identified. "And that other lady is Vampire Fraulein."

Standing feet apart from the aristocratic vampire, an alluring pale-skinned, blonde-haired woman garbed in a black and red Victorian wear posed with her black umbrella. Her black dress went down as far as a few inches above her knees. Her back-length blonde hair has dark red seemingly dyed and highlighted into the back end of her hair tips. She has bat-like wings on her back. Black ribbons adorned the sides of her head. She has on black boots. Her red eyes scanned the crowds, including Judai and his friends, giving a smile to them.

"She's looking at us!" Sho blushed.

"Man, they look like the real thing!" Tyranno exclaimed.

The last member of this vampire group is a ghoulish, pale blue-skinned figure garbed in a dark red hood and cloak. His cloak was unbuttoned where his red and black aristocratic outfit is shown, including his red skirt, long black pants, and red boots. Most of his face is covered under his hood, save for his left eye that's covered by his gray hair. Two large black and red bat wings adorned his back, and when they opened up they were wider than his entire body in width. He carried a long black scythe with a deadly-looking blade. His appearance and figure appeared somewhat feminine, but it's purely based on his thin frame.

"That guy is just freaky," Sho shuddered.

"Yeah, that's Vampire Grimson," Judai identified the vampire.

"Grimson, huh? He sure lives up to his name," Tyranno added.

As Judi and his two friends finished taking pictures, they hurried over to the arcades.

On another side of the Tokyo Big Sight, another group amassed near the entrance as they met and took pictures of cosplayers.

"Tokyo Big Sight, here we are!" A girl with blonde hair and a twin-tailed odango hairstyle yelled out. Her baby blue eyes lit up enthusiasm at the array of various cosplayers. Dressed as Wonder Woman, she turned around, opening her arms up. "Isn't this just the best way to celebrate before we enter our third year?!"

Cosplaying as Scarlet Witch, a teenage girl with long dark violet hair and purple eyes added, folding her arms. "I suppose this is a nice change of pace instead of the usual hangouts." She was then joined by a girl with short neck-length blue hair and light blue eyes. "What do you think, Ami?"

"Well, this is a great way to decompress our minds after our exams," Ami, dressed as Batgirl, replied with a smile.

"You got that right. Man, exams are a pain," a tall, brawny girl with soft Venetian red hair and green eyes groaned with arms folded behind her head. This girl cosplayed Black Widow.

"Thank god, they're over with! Now, we can focus on having fun at Tokyo Big Sight!" Added a teen girl with long back-length blonde hair and blue eyes. She has on her red ribbon, tied through the top of her head. She came dressed as Supergirl. In her right hand, she carried a basket with two cats poking their heads out to breathe. One is black and the other is white.

The black female cat addressed them. "After what you girls went through in the last battle, I think you needed this."

The white cat concurred. "Luna's right, girls. Take as much time to enjoy yourselves."

"I'm glad you agree, Artemis," Luna smiled.

Artemis then turned to the blonde girl with the red ribbon. "That goes double for you, Minako."

With an affectionate smile on her face, Minako caressed Artemis' head with her fingers. "Hey, I'm not going to let this go to waste."

"Let's enjoy ourselves, Usako," a young man with short black hair, dressed as Nightwing, addressed his blonde twin-tailed lover.

"Oh yeah! I'm glad you're able to come, Mamo!" Usagi added, folding an arm around her lover with a loving smile.

"That's the spirit, you two!" Luna said.

Ami pivoted over to the tall girl. "And I think we picked out some good cosplays, didn't we?"

Makoto nodded. "We sure did and we couldn't have done it without input. Thanks, Ami."

"Alright, guys! Let's not waste any more time and have a kickass time!" Minako cheerfully rallied her friends, eliciting cheers from her friends.

With that, the Sailor Senshi and Mamoru began exploring the front area of Tokyo Big Sight before splitting up into smaller groups. Usagi and Mamoru scoured the western side of the building. Minako and Rei headed toward the northern side. Ami and Makoto went to the eastern side.

"That's right. We've just finished our second year of high school. A year prior to that, during our first year, we had eventful events that changed our lives as Sailor Senshi. It was also the last time we faced a greater threat. Our previous conflict involved Sailor Galaxia and the Shadow Galactica. It was a harrowing and heartbreaking experience, in which I nearly lost everyone I loved. My friends, my Mamo, and my planet.

All were taken from until as I faced Galaxia, who went as far as to turn my own friends loose against me. Being forced to vanquish my brainwashed friends, I then stood up to Galaxia. During our encounter, the entity Chaos turned up to tell me it's manipulated and created every major evil force I've faced up to that point. In the face of Chaos and against Sailor Cosmos's word, I wanted to return things to the way they were before.

Galaxia died while I tried to save her. In the end, I was granted a choice to end the conflict between Chaos & Cosmos or restore everything I lost. Which choice did I make?

Well, guess.

My friends and I wouldn't be here if I didn't make my choice. And so, with everything restored, our time as Sailor Senshi was put behind us. With no threats affecting our peace, we've effectively retired as Pretty Guardians and enjoyed our peace. One year more and I'll marry my beloved Chiba Mamoru.

But, in the meantime, I'm going to make the most out of my third year."

"Look at those adorable cosplays, Mamoru!" Usagi giggled incessantly, pointing to a group of Precure cosplayers.

"Want to get in a group pic with them?" Mamoru offered, holding up his smartphone.

"Don't mind if I do!" Usagi cried out as she approached the Precure cosplays for a group picture. When they did, she got in between Cure Black and Cure White cosplayers. After Mamoru took their picture, Usagi could hear some con-goers gossiping.

"Gee, these Precures are nice, but where the heck have those Sailor Senshi been?" A young man wondered, murmuring with his friend.

"It's been over a year. No big bad guys have turned up. Maybe they're on vacation on some remote island getting tans," his female friend answered, causing Usagi's to blush.

"Or, maybe they're cooped up in some stasis chambers until they're ready to come out and save the day."

"Oh, please! You'd believe that?!"

Hearing this from her own fans, Usagi chuckled. If anything, she's glad the masses haven't completely forgotten about them. When Mamoru noticed his girlfriend giggling, he raised an eyebrow.

"Hey, is something funny, Usako?"

"Huh? Nah, c'mon! Let's go and explore the con some more!" Usagi grabbed Mamoru's arm. Along the way, they bypassed Judai who was busy looking for a duelist to duel with.

After beating a long line of challengers at Street Fighter IV, Makoto turned and invited the next.

"Feel free to step up, boys. I'll take the next challenger," Makoto asked.

"Oh, me, me!" Hirokazu called out as he walked up and entered.

"Go get her, man!" Kenta cheered from the audience alongside Guardromon.

"Think you can handle this?" Makoto smirked, selecting Chun-Li.

"Get ready to taste defeat, lady!" Hirokazu declared, picking Ryu.

Not too far from the Street Fighter crowd, Ami watched some strategy games. She observed Sho playing Jianliang in virtual shogi.

"Now, this is right up my alley," Ami commented, keenly watching the Tamer and duelist play.

Elsewhere, Rei cheered on Minako playing a racing game.

"You can do it, Minako! You're close to the finish!" The Miko loudly rallied her friend on.

"Heheh, this one's in the bag!" Minako yelled as she turned a corner and outraced four other challengers. As the audible groans came from her challengers, Minako cleared the race. "Hell yeah!" She pumped her fist into the air and hollered. "And still the queen of racing!"

Hearing this, Rei shifted her eyes and muttered. "When Haruka isn't around."

"Huh? Did you say something?" Minako blinked.

"Um… congrats!"

"So, you wanna play me, Rei?"

"Uh, I'll pass," Rei declined, shifting over toward where Takato, Guilmon, and Ruki stood feet apart from a beautiful bipedal yellow fox wearing purple fingerless gloves, exposing her claws. Embellished on the fox's gloves are yin-yang symbols. The fox's blue eyes shifted over to Ruki. "Wow, what a beautiful fox spirit." She muttered, easily discerning this fox stood out from the other cosplayers she's seen. "That's no cosplayer." She then veered over to Guilmon. "And neither is that thing."

"Have you gotten enough attention, Renamon?" Ruki asked her Digimon partner.

"I'm sorry, but I was approached when I tried to slip away."

"So, what's it like getting photographed by fans, Renamon?" Takato asked her.

"It's… not so bad. Ruki, perhaps we should let them take pictures of us?" Renamon suggested.

"Really? I don't know," Ruki folded her arms.

"I thought you got over being in front of cameras, Ruki," Takato said.

"Only because mom asks me nicely. I'm still not a big camera person."

"Anyway, where to now?" Takato wondered.

"Anywhere but here," Ruki added as she and Renamon walked away.

"Wait for us!" Guilmon called out as he and Takato followed them.

Elsewhere, a young man in his late teens with unkempt black hair, dressed as Ging Freecss from Hunter x Hunter, approached a group of three young men.

"Yo! Sorry to keep ya waiting, but I had to pick up Keiko and our guests," the young man apologized.

"Gee, Urameshi. You couldn't have called me first?" An orange-haired young man with an overly masculine face scoffed. He cosplayed as Hanamuchi Sakuragi from Slam Dunk. Next to him a shorter mint green-haired girl dressed as Elsa from Frozen.

"Heheh, yeah, sorry about that, Kuwabara."

Just then, a young woman, dressed as Anna from Frozen, with long back-length brown hair bopped Urameshi's head.

"Ow! Watch it, Keiko!"

"Be nice to Kuwabara, Yusuke. He was rightfully worried."

"I'm excited for my first convention, Kazuma," the Elsa cosplayer turned to him with a sweet smile.

"And we're going to have loads of fun, my sweet Yukina," Kuwabara sweetly talked back.

"Hey, guys! Sorry, but they went to pick me up," a voice belonging to a younger girl interjected. All eyes turned toward a middle school-aged girl with long black hair tied into a ponytail. She came dressed up as San from Princess Mononoke. Her golden yellow eyes scanned Yusuke and his friends. With a smile on her face, she genuinely spoke up. "I'm glad you're all looking well!"

"You, too, Yui!" Kuwabara warmly replied.

"Look at all these cosplayers, Yui! There's a ton of them!" A young boy, dressed as Ashitaka from Princess Mononoke, cried out enthusiastically while scanning the crowds.

"Don't get too overwhelmed, Aoshi. Make sure and stay close to us, ok?" Yui reminded the boy with short black hair and brown eyes.

"Ok, Yui."

Keiko giggled. "Isn't Aoshi adorable, Yusuke?"

Yusuke sighed. "Sure if you like puppies."

A young man, who from first glance could've been mistaken as a woman with his shoulder-length red hair, walked over and greeted Yui with a rose. His green eyes stared right into hers. "I'm glad you could join us on this fun day, Yui. Here."

"Thank you, Kurama!" Yui gladly accepted the rose offering and noted his Hunter x Hunter Kurapika cosplay.

"And how have you been, Aoshi?" Kurama asked the middle school-aged child.

"I've been ok. I've been managing to control my Lycan nature," he confessed.

"Well, that's progress. Keep it up, Aoshi."

Scoffing, a short man with large red eyes and black hair with blue outlining and white streaks garnered the other group member's attention. He came dressed as Feitan from Hunter x Hunter.

"Gee, aren't we having a lovely day, Hiei," Yusuke sardonically remarked.

"I'm only here because Kurama dragged me here," rebuked the short demon.

"I told him we'd possibly see some fellow demons from our world here."

"Is that true?" Kuwabara asked. "'Cause I don't sense any other demon Ki besides you three, Aoshi, and of course my beautiful Yukina." He said this, looking over at his Koorime girlfriend, Yusuke, Kurama, Hiei, and Aoshi.

Yui added. "Don't worry. I don't sense any other demons here, but I'm sure if there are any more, we'll be the first ones to know, Kuwabara."

"We can always rely on you two to pick up on the supernatural presences better than we can," Kurama acknowledged their spiritual awareness.

"Anyway, who's ready to check the arcade area?" Yusuke asked, garnering cheers from Kuwabara, Yui, and Aoshi.

"Yep, these two are our newest Spirit Detective members, or Team Urameshi if you want to call us that. It all started shortly after the Makai World Tournament. You should know that's the one I fought Yomi in. Since I was effectively fired by Koenma as Spirit Detective, Spirit World needed a new Detective. It took them a while, but they found someone whose spiritual awareness was on par with Kuwabara's.

Botan and I watched this girl in action and boy let you tell you. She was already seeing ghosts when she was a kid. She could talk to spirits without batting an eye. So when Botan recruited her, Koenma was impressed but was hesitant to burden someone younger than I was when I became Detective take the job. Yui almost didn't get the job due to her age, but after I pulled a few strings, I was asked to coach Yui and monitor her activities. At age 12, she became the youngest Spirit Detective. Thanks to my help, Yui proved her worth for Koenma.

Inuki Aoshi would later join his classmate Yui on her Spirit Detective escapades. Oh, and get this. The kid's a half breed Lycan demon. His dad's an old Lycan who was exiled by Enma ages ago from Makai. After spending ages in the Living World, he ended up with a woman and helped her birth Aoshi. The poor kid's sense of smell was bad. He didn't even know he was a Lycan until one night his dad removed a bracelet restraint, which he used to suppress Aoshi's nature. When Yui saw Aoshi transform, she was taken aback. Aoshi nearly attacked her out of fear, but Yui took his hand and calmed him with a kiss on his face, turning him back to normal and curing his sense of smell.

Oh, speaking of Koenma, the little runt's now King these days. What happened to Enma, you ask? Well, we learned Koenma's old man is a corrupt leader. He brainwashed demons and let them loose to stir up trouble in the Living World. To think this was Spirit World's leader, a pleasant guy, isn't he? Note the sarcasm in my voice. All that to add meaning to his bullshit title as ruler. Well, learning of his father's shady practices, Koenma finally grew a pair and revolted alongside the rest in Spirit World to dethrone his father. Then, Koenma took his rightful place as King of Spirit World. After that, Enma disappeared.

With Koenma in power, he worked to bring balance to the Living World, Spirit World, Makai, and another realm I've just found out about recently: Meikai. It's supposed to be the Demon World Afterlife.

Right now, Keiko, Kuwabara, and Kurama are still in school. I'm working at a noodle cart since I'm not going back to school. Hiei's been working in Mukuro's patrol team. Beyond that, anything else? That's about it."

"Hey, who wants to hit the arcades?!" Yusuke rallied Kuwabara, Yui, and Aoshi up.

"I think we'll pass, but you and Kuwabara have some fun," Yui declined.

"Good choice, Yui. We can sit this out and let these boys play their games," Keiko remarked.

"Those two get awfully competitive, don't they?" Aoshi pondered as Keiko, Yukina, and Yui chuckled together.

"Step right up! Next challenger!" Makoto called out as Hirokazu stepped away in defeat.

"Me, me, me!" I'm next!" Yusuke hollered.

"No way, Urameshi! This one's mine!" Kuwabara bellowed as he and Yusuke shoved into each other, fighting over the right to challenge Makoto.

"Now, now, you boys have all day to get your turn!" Makoto attempted to cool Yusuke and Kuwabara down.

"Hey, Yukina, you want to come with me so people can take pics of us?" Keiko offered.

"Oh yes, I'd love to!" Yukina said, following Keiko's lead for some Frozen-themed cosplay photoshoots.

Elsewhere, Kurama scoured the exhibition center to search for an activity to partake in. When he wasn't looking, Minako bumped right into him, nearly causing both to fall back.

"Oh crap, I'm so sorry! I wasn't looking!"

Kurama chuckled lightly. "No, my apologies, miss. I should've looked where I was going." He turned and glanced at Minako, whose cheeks turned red when looking at him. "Miss? Is everything ok?"

"...huh? Oh, yeah. I apologize for that," Minako shook her head, trying to cover up her blushing cheeks.

"No, no, clumsy me on my part."

Much to Kurama's surprise, Minako offered a hand to him.

"Here, let me."

"Well, if you say so," Kurama smirked, taking Minako's hand as he propped himself back up on his feet. "Thank you."

"Sure. Did you come alone?"

"No, I left my group so I could explore."

"Really? Same here. My name is Aino Minako."

"Kur- I mean, you can call me Minamino Shuichi."

"Shuichi? Heh, cute name. Well, you have fun!" Minako winked and headed off to another vicinity.

"You, too, Aino," Kurama politely said, watching the exuberant young woman scurry off. "What an interesting character she is."

On another side of the convention, Rei bought herself fresh sparkling water to quench her dry mouth. After downing nearly half of her bottle, she let out a deep sigh.

"Ok, Minako, where did you run off to?" Rei wondered as unbeknownst to her she bypassed Hiei, who decided to solitarily explore the convention. Just then, Rei sensed a demon Ki nearby, causing her to meticulously look over the crowds. "What's a demon's presence doing here? It's strong. Too strong." She quickly turned to her right as Hiei quickly vanished from sight. Narrowing her eyes, she had a worrisome look. "...how bizarre. It vanished." She started off to investigate Hiei's presence.

"Aniki, wait up!" Called a rough sounding voice as a young man in his late-teens walked by numerous con-goers and cosplayers. He has shoulder-length auburn hair, worn in a half ponytail with bangs framing the sides of his face, and green eyes. His cosplay is Terry Bogard from the Fatal Fury series.

Turning around, Masaru hollered to his friend. "Yo, Agumon! You need to run some more!"

"You run too fast for me, Aniki," Agumon panted, crouching over to catch his breath. The orange-scaled dinosaur with red leather belts bound around his arms. "Maybe I shouldn't have stuffed myself with those delicious eggs your mom made for us."

"Yeah, you're starting to grow a gut on me, Agumon."

"Are you calling me fat, Aniki?"

"You know the best way to work off that food?" Masaru then pointed Agumon to the crowds.

"Wow, look at all these people in costumes!" Agumon cried out, his eyes gleaming with delight.

"We're gonna be walking a lot, buddy. And maybe you'll get some attention from these people."

"Like right now, Aniki?"

As Agumon said this, Masaru turned and watched con-goers asking Agumon to pose for them. When Agumon did, the lights flashed from the smartphones and cameras. Almost blinded, Agumon covered his eyes. His eyes quickly glazed over from the picture flashes. "Oof, I can't see, Aniki!"

"Hang on!" Masaru quickly snatched up Agumon and carried him off. "Next time, turn off your flashes!"

"Thanks, Aniki."

"Sure, no problem!" Masaru yelled out, carrying Agumon somewhere to lie down.

"Yep, leave it to Agumon to get some unwanted attention. It's been a while, but we just came out of the Digital World. So, we ended up fighting plenty of strong challengers. Agumon and I have gotten plenty stronger than before. However, DATS summoned us back to evaluate the data we've gathered from our fights. So, we were asked to pull out of Digital World activities for now.

In the meantime, we checked back with my mom and my sister Chika. It turns out Chika has been hanging with Ikuto more. Yoshino has applied for the local police force. Touma is still working hard to find a cure for his sister's illness. Everyone else's Digimon has been taking it easy. Since the defeat of Yggdrasil, life has been rather calm. Since we're here, we decided to get out and explore. And the best way to do it? By going to Tokyo Big Sight!

I wonder what kind of interesting folks we're going to run into today?"

As Masaru ran by carrying his Digimon, another Agumon turned and gasped.

"Taichi! You're not gonna believe this, but…"

"Hang on, Agumon. I'm on the phone," a tall young man, dressed as Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop, with brown spiked hair responded, pulling away from his phone conversation. "What? Oh sorry, Yamato. Yeah, we're here." He heard his friend on the other line. "Ok, Agumon and I will meet you and Gabumon there. Bye." He looked down at Agumon. "Hey, Agumon. Next time, could you wait while I'm still on the phone?"

"But, there was another Agumon passing by!"

"It was probably a cosplayer."

"No, I picked up his scent! He's a real Agumon, Taichi!"

Hearing this, Yagami Taichi was flabbergasted. "Are you for real?"

"We should ask Yamato and Gabumon to help us find him and his human partner."

"This Agumon has a human partner?" Taichi said, folding his arms. "Now, I'm curious."

Another group amassed inside the exhibition center, posing together in their cosplay for fans to take pictures of. This group of six consisted of a teenage boy with short dark brown hair and a pair of goggles dangling around his right sleeve, a tall teenage boy with Venetian red hair, a teenage boy with long dark blue hair, a teenage girl with long blonde hair, a moderate-sized preteen with light brown hair, and a teenage boy with short, unkempt dark blue hair.

The boy with the goggles posed for the crowd. "Go on! We can keep this up all day!"

The young man with the long dark blue hair groaned. "No, we can't, Takuya. Some of us want to explore the other parts of the convention."

"Yeah, Koji's right. I'm getting worn out here and I'm in good shape, too," the tall teen shook his head, looking rather fatigued.

"Junpei, all that working out to get that physique won't be good enough if you don't work on that cardio," the blonde girl advised him.

"Right, I keep forgetting that, Thanks, Izumi."

"I don't know. I think I can keep posing like this," the middle school age boy said, posing next to Takuya.

"That's the spirit, Tomoki! After all, we're cosplaying as Super Sentai heroes!"

Koji turned to his twin brother, the one with the short blue hair. "Hey, Kōichi. After this, you want to go see some exhibits?"

"Sure, I'd like that," Kōichi nodded to his twin brother.

"Hey, Takuya, whenever you're done, we'll be waiting over here," Izumi waved to Takuya, who stood finishing up his cosplay poses.

"Ok, I'll see you all there!" Takuya turned, facing a group of photographers as he struck a heroic pose. "Hee-yah!" As he continued posturing, his mind started recalling when he and his friends became the Legendary Warriors to fight Lucemon's forces of darkness. "Man, I so long for those days."

"As if it wasn't obvious, it is us, the former Legendary Warriors. Man, it's been what? Four years since our last adventure in the Digital World? Time does fly. It's been that long since we last wielded the spirits and kicked Lucemon's butt.

What has happened to us since then? All of us except Tomoki will be going into high school. Junpei will be a second year this coming spring. As of recently, Izumi and I have hit off and started seeing each other. Nothing intimate or anything, just a few outings together. Although I think Junpei might be upset I jumped on the chance to be with Izumi, but Junpei and I hashed out any differences. He even wished me luck with Izumi.

As recently as a month ago, we were called back to the Digital World to deal with a crisis. Seraphimon, Ophanimon, and Cherubimon gave us back our Spirits to fight these terrorist threats. After handling that crisis, they let us keep the Spirits should we ever need them for another Digital World mission. Gotta say it's good to be reunited with Agnimon.

As for what my plans are heading into high school? Man, I can't tell you, but I'm excited since we'll all be in the same high school together. It's gonna be great! Oh, but except Tomoki. Sorry, dude."

"Alright, I'm done!" Takuya stretched his arms over his head. As he walked by, he and Takato accidentally crossed paths. "Whoa, excuse me!"

"Nah, my bad. Hey, I totally dig your cosplay!"

Takuya raised a thumbs up. "Thanks, buddy. Wanna take a pic of me?"

Eagerly nodding, Takato whipped out his smartphone. "I'd love to! Thanks!" With that, he took a picture of Takuya's cosplay.

"Your cosplay is not too bad there… um."

"Heh, I'm Matsuda Takato. And uh, my cosplay is not as cool as yours."

"Nah, it's cool. My name is Kanbara Takuya. So, are you planning to watch that duel tournament?"

"Yep, my friends and I will be attending."

Takuya genuinely smiled. "Cool, I'll be there. Maybe we'll see each other there?"


"Takato, over here! They've got a duel game over here!" Guilmon called out from the distance.

"I'm coming, Guilmon!" Takato responded as he headed toward Guilmon.

Folding his arms, Takuya chuckled. "That guy had goggles on him." As he said this, he gazed over his own goggles and ironically chuckled. "Hmmm, it can't be just a coincidence, right? Is that fashion fad making a comeback or something?"

(End theme)

5:30 PM (JST)

Later that afternoon, half of the entire Tokyo Big Sight attendees gathered in a massive staging area. There were hundreds of seats for guests to fill up. Centered on the stage is a dueling stage for today's Duel Monsters tournament. Sitting across from the dueling stage are Tokyo Big Sight's honored guests: Kaiba Seto & his wife and Pegasus J. Crawford.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we hope you've enjoyed this year's Tokyo Big Sight! This year we're hosting our first dueling tournament and this wouldn't be possible without this year's guests! You the fans requested them. Please welcome the host of Tokyo Big Sight's Duel Monster tournament and CEO of Kaiba Corp, Kaiba Seto, along with his beautiful wife Lyn Stromberg-Kaiba!" An announcer hyped the crowd up into a frenzy.

Standing up from his seat, a man with brown hair and blue, steely eyes garbed in a white suit raised a hand and greeted the audience. Next to him, a fair-skinned young woman with long back-length pale blue hair, alluring baby blue eyes and wearing a light blue long-sleeved dress greeted the cheering audiences.

"And for our other guest, who is also responsible for putting this event together! Here's the CEO of Industrial Illusions, Pegasus J. Crawford!"

A man with long silverish hair and garbed in a red business suit stood clapping with the audience.

"Ohoho, thank you, thank you for having me," Pegasus chortled as he pivoted over to Kaiba and his wife. "My dear Kaiba, I am honored you'd have me co-host this event with you, despite our past grievances."

Kaiba gave him an intense glare. "My wife suggested you and I mend our differences."

"It's been a long time coming. Although, we have made successful business negotiations over the past few years."

"Only because those were business endeavors, Pegasus."

"Indeed," Pegasus then smiled and waved to Lyn. "And you are looking absolutely stunning, Mrs. Kaiba. How are your adorable children?"

"Helio and Kisara are doing well," Lyn chuckled, whipping her hair back. "And thank you, Mr. Crawford. I have been working my hardest to have my husband mend past differences with rivals and people who've changed their ways. I think this will be the beginning of a great business relationship between Kaiba Corp and Industrial Illusions."

Kaiba sighed. "Again, we're just business partners, Pegasus. This doesn't mean we're going to be cozy up."

"I wouldn't expect our relationship to go that far, dear Kaiba. You already have your wife to keep you on your toes." Pegasus's words struck a chord with Kaiba as the Kaiba Corp CEO knew he was right. The change in his shrewd behavior was partly influenced by his relationship and marriage to Lyn Stromberg.

Every time Kaiba looked at Lyn, he saw the same woman from Egypt's past that became his Blue-Eyes White Dragon. He saw Kisara, the woman assertively protecting Priest Seto with her life. Likewise, Lyn, who some believed to be Kisara's reincarnation, stood up for and addressed former misgivings other people had for her husband.

Their relationship started shortly after he and Mutou Yugi defeated Diva. Lyn's life story began in Amsterdam when she, her twin brothers Max & Sam, and a friend named Tyra Vanderbilt were orphans. When their orphanage shut down, they became street urchins, surviving on whatever scraps they could find. Acting like a big sister and mother figure, Lyn raised her brothers and Tyra. One day, the Strombergs met with a woman named Isis, who out of the kindness of her heart took the street urchins in. Unfortunately, she was only allowed to bring three of the four children. Tyra was asked to stay behind and allow a family to adopt her. The Strombergs departed for Cairo, Egypt as they worked with and assisted Isis.

Gaining knowledge in Egyptian history from Isis, Lyn left for Japan and graduated. Afterward, she applied for jobs to support herself and her brothers. One day, as luck would have it, she applied for a secretarial job at Kaiba Corp. That day, she met with Kaiba Seto. Upon seeing Lyn, Seto had a freakout moment when he thought he saw Kisara, a ghost from the past coming back to see him. Confused as to why she bewildered Seto, Lyn nailed her interview and got the job.

Through her time being employed, Seto would always be around to offer Lyn assistance, something he's never done for a lot of his employees. In fact, even the other office workers noticed something going on between Seto and Lyn. They both had similar dreams: Seto often saw Kisara. Likewise, Lyn found herself in Priest Seto's courtroom dressed in rags. Later on, the two placed the pieces together and learned they may in fact be reincarnated lovers.

Having grown to like Lyn, Mokuba supported their budding relationship and convinced his older brother to take her out to see the world. Taking Mokuba's advice to heart, Seto took Lyn to various ventures. Then, one day on a warm summer night in Paris, he proposed to Lyn. Six months later, they got married and later had two children: a son named Kaiba Helio and a daughter named Kaiba Kisara.

Unbeknownst to Seto, Lyn would become the 'light' that kept him from ever falling into darkness again.

Although a rare sight to many, Lyn saw a smiling, affectionate side of her husband, which he hid from even colleagues.

"Seto? Hey, Seto?" Lyn whispered, quickly snapping her husband out of his trance.

"Huh? What?" Seto blinked as he heard whispers from the crowd.

"They're waiting for the announcement, dear Kaiba," Pegasus reminded him.

(Cue Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's - Sound Duel 1 - 30. Legend of the People of the Stars)

Clearing his throat, Seto stood and announced. "Ladies and gentlemen, before we begin the tournament, allow me to introduce new dueling cards that will be mass released to the public. While these cards have already been beta tested and some have already received advanced copies, these will be released to the public for the first time." As he turned toward a big screen, everyone saw the words, "XYZ" and "Pendulum" displayed for all to see.

"XYZ?" Judai whispered, seeing the screen. "Doesn't Manjoume already have Xyz-Dragon Cannon?"

Manjoume overheard. "No, this is a new method of Special Summoning an Xyz monster."

"And what's Pendulum?" wondered Sho.

The other groups also gossiped over these new developments.

"XYZ and Pendulum? Man, where does Kaiba keep coming up with these names?" Takato wondered.

"Whatever works for his game, I guess," Jianliang stated.

"Man, why did I wait last minute to sign up for those advanced copies?!" Hirokazu spat out.

"They were mostly beta tested. They were probably going to be flawed," Kenta said.

"That's a chance I'm willing to take if I wanted the latest state of the art dueling system!"

Ruki sighed. "Well, what if I told you I was one of those lucky few?"

"What?" Hirokazu and Kenta turned toward her.

"I might have some of those new cards Kaiba mentioned.

"Show us!"

Shaking her head, Ruki denied. "No way. Not unless you two beat me in a duel."

"Not even a little peek?" Hirokazu begged.

"Wow, why didn't you tell us before, Ruki?" Juri asked her.

"I wanted to wait until the time was right. Maybe once the tournament is over?"

"Hey, Takato!" Takuya called, garnering the Tamer's attention.

"Oh, hey! Takuya, right?"

"Yep, so what do you think about these new cards?"

"I'm very curious. I'd like to know how they play out."

Tomoki interjected into the conversation. "I heard the systems are going to be very complicated."

Jianliang spoke out. "But, that's with every new dueling system when they're first released. Duelists will have to adapt to the changes."

"Of course, but how complicated remains to be seen," Junpei added.

"Hi! You're Takuya's new friend? I'm Orimoto Izumi!" The blonde girl happily greeted Takato.

"Hehehe, hi," Takato chuckled before sensing a menacing aura behind him. Glancing over his shoulder, he saw Ruki with an aloof expression, causing him to slowly turn away. "Just look away."

Guilmon noticed Takato's uneasiness. "Hey, are you ok, Takato? You look scared stiff?"

"Nah, I'm cool. Very cool."

"Hehe, it looks like we'll need to start card collecting again, Jianliang," Terriermon murmured to his Tamer.

"As long as they don't hurt my wallet."

As the audiences saw the words displayed, there was loud murmuring and speculation as to what the Kaiba Corp CEO meant.

"Allow me to reiterate, XYZ and Pendulum will be the future of dueling," Seto addressed the confused audience. "Yes, I understand this is rather new, but Duel Monsters must evolve with the times to better compete with rival card companies. Even a company as powerful as Kaiba Corp will be met with some hefty competition, this is my way of combating my competitors and to give duelists an opportunity to enhance their experience. Yes, I know some can't and won't accept changes, but I believe others will embrace what XYZ and Pendulums will offer."

Somewhere in the audience, a young man with a striking resemblance to Atem keenly watched his former rival. Next to him is a young man with blonde hair and brown eyes.

"Man, Kaiba's really upping his game, isn't it, Yugi?"

"There's no doubt about it, Jounouchi," Yugi muttered, shifting his steely gaze toward the big screen as an XYZ summon played out. "Grandfather was lucky to get a few shipments of these few cards, but he hasn't put them out yet."

"Probably to adhere to street dates," a young man with a light brown complexion and dark brown hair with a pointy tip added.

"Good point, Honda. I do wonder how much of an impact these new summoning types will affect the dueling community," a brunette-haired young woman with blue eyes speculated.

"I expect the same kind of risks and successes Kaiba has met before, Anzu," inferred Yugi. "Also, I don't know if it's just me, but his demeanor has changed."

"It doesn't seem like he's changed much. Other than that he's married and has kids now," Jounouchi muttered.

"Don't be dense. Lyn has changed him for the better," Anzu said. "Besides, you're one to talk, soon to be Mr. Kujaku Mai." She playfully teased him

Honda chuckled. "I still can't believe she said yes, Jou."

Jounouchi smiled proudly. "Me either, but I can't wait! Too bad she couldn't be here due to some dueling competition overseas."

"Yes, I can see what you mean," Yugi scanned from the screen as he eyed Seto and Lyn.

"And so, be sure to buy the new Duel Disks that support these new summoning systems! Don't forget to purchase the newest XYZ and Pendulum cards at your nearest hobby and department stores! We've even set up booths so you may buy some to your heart's content!" Seto announced to a rousing ovation from the audience.

Lyn and Pegasus both clapped for him.

"Splendid show, Kaiba," Pegasus smiled, enthusiastically clapping for him.

"You did great, sweetie," Lyn smiled proudly.

Nodding approvingly to his wife, Seto then finished his announcement. "And now let us begin today's tournament!" With that, a bracket popped up on the screen displaying eight competitors. "We've drawn eight names from a lot of a hundred who've received their advanced XYZ and Pendulum cards! If you see your name, step right up to the duel arena!"

On the screen, the eight names listed were: Manjoume Jun, Pharaoh Brooks, Accelerator, Tenjōin Asuka, Tenjōin Fubuki, Saotome Rei, Yuki Judai, and Philippe Sagara.

"Yo, we actually got selected?! How lucky are we?!" Judai exclaimed.

"Unlucky if we end up dueling," Manjoume scoffed.

Asuka smiled. "Time to show what I've got."

"Hey, your brother's competing in this, Asuka," Judai pointed out.

"Yeah, but when it comes to dueling, he's just another opponent."

"Good luck, guys! I'm pulling for ya!" Sho cheered.

"Go, Asuka!" Momoe and Junko rallied for their best friend.

"One of ya has to win this!" Tyranno hollered.

Finding themselves sandwiched between Sho and Tyranno, Momoe and Junko blushed. Both ladies tried hard not to make contact with Sho and Tyranno.

As all eight competitors entered the dueling arena, the XYZ and Pendulum Tournament was updated on the board:

Tenjōin Fubuki vs. Tenjōin Asuka
Yuki Judai vs. Accelerator
Pharaoh Brooks vs. Philippe Sagara
Saotome Rei vs. Manjoume Jun

Among the eight duelists, a teenage boy with shoulder-length dirty blonde hair and blue eyes anxiously looked around, meeting the faces of the recent Duel Academia graduates. Putting on his blue-haired wig, he completed his Persona 3 Yuki Makoto cosplay. Overcoming his anxiety, the teen took a few deep breaths.

"I wouldn't even be here without my friend Sasha and her family's connections," Philippe murmured.

"You can do it, Philippe! Please cheer my brother on!" A loud cry from a young woman called out to him. As Philippe turned, he saw his sister, a woman in her early-20s with long back-length dirty blonde hair and brown eyes cheering him on. She was seen in her Kinomoto Sakura cosplay.

"Saya, you're embarrassing me."

"Win this for us, Philippe!" Kotori's voice shouted from the audience, further placing even more anxiety on the poor boy's shoulders.

"And you, too, Kotori? Oh man, between my sis and my cousin being here…" Philippe felt like a nervous wreck.

"C'mon, sit down," Himura whispered, pulling Kotori down.

"But, he needs the support," she whispered loudly.

"But, the duels haven't even started yet," Betamon reminded her.

"Give it time. They're still setting up the arena," BlackGabumon said.

"I feel so sorry for him," Juri pitifully eyed the nervous duelist.

"That should've been me in his place," Ruki scoffed.

"Guess you lucked out not having to face someone like Judai, Ruki," Hirokazu remarked.

"I wish I was that lucky," she mumbled, observing the duelists.

"But, who would've thought four of the Duel Academia graduates would be competing? Judai, Manjoume, Asuka, and Fubuki? It's amazing!" Takato gleefully watched the duelists stepping out of the arena, leaving Asuka and Fubuki to compete.

(Cue Yu-Gi-Oh! GX OST - An Exciting Duel)

Facing off against his sister, Fubuki in his Phoenix Wright cosplay wore a confident grin. "Who would've thought we'd be paired off, sister. Are you ready to taste defeat?" He prepared his duel disk.

Asuka rebuked. "Yeah, in your dreams, brother." She readied her duel disk.

"Duelists! Begin!" The referee beckoned the start of the first quarter-final match.

As one might expect, the duel between the Tenjōin siblings was evenly contested. Both pulled off offense and defensive strategies, throwing each other's plays off. Asuka heavily relied on her Cyber Girl deck to combat Fubuki's Dragon deck. At one point, Fubuki pulled out his Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon to deal a blow to Asuka's monsters and life points. Having seen the Red-Eyes in play, Jounouchi was invested in the duel. Just when it looked like it was over for her, the audience became mesmerized when Asuka summoned her new card: Cyber Angel Vishnu.

"Now, finish his Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon, Cyber Angel Vishnu!" Asuka beckoned as her Cyber Girl took out Fubuki's dragon.

"Damn it, I lost?!" Fubuki sank to his knees. As Asuka walked up, she offered him a hand.

"You dueled well, brother," she smiled, pulling him up as she raised his arm.

"Winner of the first match, Tenjōin Asuka!" The official announced.

"Ah, man! Fubuki almost had her! I almost betted on him," Jounouchi sighed loudly.

"Asuka is for sure a cut above the lady duelists I'm used to seeing," Anzu added.

"Indeed, these Duel Academia graduates have shown me greater potential than I thought," Yugi stated as Philippe and Pharaoh Brooks entered the duel ring.

"Ladies and gentlemen, our second quarter-final match puts Philippe Sagara against the mysterious masked duelist Pharaoh Brooks! Competitors begin!" The announcer called out as the duelists initiated their duel.

"You've got this, Philippe!" Saya cheered her brother on.

"Rumor has it that Pharaoh Brooks is the son of some CEO overseas," Himura whispered to Kotori.

"Oh yeah? Well, he's in for a tough duel with my cousin."

The duel was evenly contested. Pharaoh Brooks's dueling experience put him ahead of Philippe, who somewhat struggled due to his anxiety issues. However, once he gained leverage, Philippe firmly used his Guardian Eatos to defeat Pharaoh Brooks.

"And in a stunning upset, Philippe has beaten Pharaoh Brooks!" The announcer shouted as Pharaoh Brooks congratulated Philippe and walked off stage to meet with a young teen girl with long black hair and a name tag called Princess Eri.

Shaking his head in disappointment, Pharaoh Brooks received a shoulder pat and a kiss from Princess Eri.

"Alright, way to go, Philippe!" Kotori and Saya shouted together.

For the next match, Manjoume and Rei stepped into the duel arena. Rei came dressed in her Maiden in Love cosplay.

"And we have yet another match pitting two Duel Academia students against each other! We have the Genex Tournament final rematch! First, we have a recent graduate and a member of the Manjoume Group family! Here's Manjoume Jun!" The announcer called out.

Pointing a finger to the air, Manjoume acknowledged the roaring crowds. There was even a subsection of his loyal supporters hollering 'Manjoume Thunder!' in unison.

"Manjoume even brought his fan club with him!" Sho exclaimed.

"Of course, he did," Tyranno remarked.

"Hahaha, just as expected," Judai added with a smile.

"And his opponent is young Saotome Rei, who is still working her way up the ranks at Duel Academia!" The announcer continued on. "Duelists get ready!"

Nodding, Manjoume and Rei readied their duel disks.

"Feh, I have to duel you again? Well, I suppose I'll just make an example of you again," Manjoume prepped his deck.

"Heh, don't underestimate me! I ain't the same duelist like I was before!" Rei boasted.

With that, their duel commenced. For most of the duel, Manjoume dominated as expected, but Rei surprised him with counter traps and traps that had him reeling. At one point during the duel, Manjoume's Ojama spirits persuaded him to summon them to play. Ultimately conceding to their wishes, Manjoume brought out his Ojama family: Black, Red, Yellow, Blue, and Green.

"Ready?! Commence pre-battle postures!" Ojama Black called out as each one struck an overly silly posture, mimicking Super Sentai and the famed Ginyu Force.

"Ojama Yellow!"

"Ojama Blue!"

"Ojama Red!"

"Ojama Green!"

"Ojama Black!"

"And together we are: the Ojama Family!" The group of five imagined themselves standing behind a backdrop of roses.

Upon seeing their unorthodox postures, Rei balked. "...what the heck?" Even half of the attendees shared her expression.

However, Manjoume's loyalists cheered their idol on.

"I think our little show threw her off, master," Ojama Yellow addressed Manjoume.

"Yeah, I think we scared the pants off her!" Ojama Green added.

"For sure!" Ojama Red said in an Aussie accent.

"Want us to teach her a lesson in humility?" Ojama Blue asked.

"Give us the order, sir!" Ojama Black said.

Manjoume ordered. "Just make sure she doesn't win. Now, Ojama family, let's show her what we're made of! Manjoume-!"

"THUNDER!" They roared in unison.

The duel continued as the Ojamas helped chip away at Rei's life points. Rei tried her best to rebound. In the end, Manjoume took the win after his Light and Darkness Dragon blasted away Rei's remaining life points.

"And despite her great efforts, even Saotome Rei couldn't stave off the coordinated efforts of Manjoume Thunder's Ojama family! The winner of the duel, Manjoume Jun!"

"MANJOUME THUNDER!" The Manjoume Thunder fan club roared in unison for their idol.

In response, Manjoume and the Ojamas pointed their fingers into the air. Getting up, Rei smiled toward Manjoume.

"Oh well, I did my best. Thanks, Manjoume," Rei muttered.

"Whew, she almost had him! And after all those practice duels, too!" Tyranno said.

"Rei sure has gotten much better," Asuka observed.

"Because we inspired her to improve," Judai stated, watching Rei approach them. "Good dueling, Rei."

"Thanks, I did all I could."

"And you'll get better with time," Judai winked as Accelerator entered the ring. "Heh, it looks like it's my turn."

The fourth quarter-final match commenced. Standing feet apart, Judai and Accelerator faced off and readied their duel disks.

"Yuki Judai and Accelerator, you may begin!" The announcer called out as the duelists initiated their first moves.

The duel started off with Judai taking a slight lead, but Accelerator rebounded with an array of new monster cards. In one instance, he summoned the never before seen Xyz monster, Utopia. Upon seeing this new monster unraveled, Judai became overcome with apprehension, but excitement.

"So, this is an Xyz monster, huh?" Judai's gaping mouth turned into an enthused grin. "Now, I'm getting excited."

"C'mon, Judai! Hang in there!" Sho cheered his friend on.

"He might be in trouble," Manjoume remarked, keenly observing Accelerator's Xyz monster.

As the duel progressed, Judai overturned Utopia with a combination of trap, magic, and Elemental Hero cards. Accelerator conjured a few dragons from the heavily rumored line of Four Dimension Dragon cards. Once again, this display of new Xyz and Pendulum captivated the audiences. Near the end of the duel, Accelerator summoned his Number C107: Neo Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon.

"Wow, you're really pulling all the stops, huh? Now, you have me invested!" Judai exclaimed, readying his Elemental Hero Neos card.

Gazing upon Accelerator's dragon card, Seto fell into a dramatic trance, garnering Lyn's attention.

"Seto, are you ok?"

"Oh…" Seto muttered before throwing his back and yelling as if he was having an orgasm. "Oh… my… money!" He screamed to the surprise of many.

This reaction garnered an intense glare from Lyn, who grew sudden jealousy over Neo Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon attracting her husband.

In the audience, Jounouchi witnessed this happening and chortled.

"Heheh, did you guys see that? I think Kaiba had a dragon boner."

Anzu disproved his remark. "Jounouchi, that's not very nice!"

Yugi sighed. "And did you need to say that out in public?"

"What? But, we all know he has a dragon fetish."

"What was that, Jounouchi? Could you say that louder?" Seto addressed, giving him a cold and intense glare. "Or, perhaps you'd like to be kicked out of the convention?" With the snap of his fingers, two security guards approached Jounouchi.

"Hey, Seto. It's ok. Let Jounouchi have his fun," Lyn persuaded him. She winked at Yugi's group. "Right?"

"Indeed," Yugi nodded.

"Just make sure and stay on your behavior, man," Honda reminded Jounouchi.

"Yeah, yeah…" Jounouchi muttered sardonically.

"Hey, Seto! Look!" Mokuba, now a taller young man and wearing a white suit, pointed his older brother toward the duel arena.

The match eventually turned around to Judai's favor. Using Winged Kuriboh, Elemental Hero Cosmo Neos, and a slew of other Elemental Heroes, the Duel Academia graduate turned the duel around and defeated Accelerator's ace card dragon.

"And in a miraculous comeback, Judai Yuki wins the duel!" The announcer shouted.

Chuckling, Judai pointed to Accelerator. "Gotcha!"

"Alright, Judai! You did it!" Sho cheered him.

"We knew ya could pull it off!" Tyranno shouted.

"That was too close for comfort," Manjoume muttered. "These Xyz and Pendulum monsters are no joke."

Asuka concurred, having witnessed Accelerator's cards at play. "If we're not too careful, we'll get swept away."

After Judai and Accelerator shook hands, they parted ways. Judai regrouped with his friends and fellow graduates.

Wiping sweat from his side brow, Judai gave a thumbs up. "Now, that was a duel. I hope I get to duel him again."

Rei pumped her right fist up. "Now, I've gotta work to improve!"

"More like we're going to need some Xyz and Pendulum cards if we want to last," remarked Fubuki.

Watching Judai from afar, Yugi smirked. "Well done, Judai Yuki. You're well on your way to surpassing me."

"Well done, duelists! After a 15-minute recess, we shall update the brackets and commence the semi-finals!" Seto announced.

As the recess occurred, a young man with spiky brown hair and blue eyes approached the Tamers' location. He came dressed as Kirito from Sword Art Online. However, before he could get closer, a hand reached out and tapped his shoulder.

"Yes?" The young man turned facing a blonde-haired, pale-skinned girl and garbed in black gothic lolita fashion consisting of a black dress with long sleeves and purple crosses all over it, black stockings & shoes, and a metallic crux on her neck. She wore her hair in pigtails with black hair ribbons. Her pale blue eyes met the young man's. "Sorry, but I was going to meet some friends."

"It'll only be a second," the blonde girl vaguely smiled.

"Ok, what is it?"

"Are you Akiyama Ryō?"

"Who's asking?"

The girl smirked. "My name is Alice McCoy."

"McCoy…? Wait, but aren't you?" Ryō was silenced with a finger to his lips.

"I'm Professor Rob McCoy's granddaughter, yes," she answered. "Please, can we talk in private? I take it your partner, Cyberdramon, is around?"

"He is."

"Good. I have Dobermon waiting for us. Come."

As Ryō looked back to the Tamers, he turned and faced Alice again.

"Don't worry. You will see them again."

With that, Ryō walked with Alice from the dueling area.

On their way out, Ryō, Alice, and Dobermon passed by a crowd taking pictures of a tangerine-haired woman with a braided twin-tail style. She has on a sleeveless form-fitting dark green bodysuit that went down to her thighs. A beige desert hoodie covered her back and shoulders but kept the hood off. Two leathered belts criss crossed over her waist, holding and keeping a light blue cloth knotted together. She has on black knee-length stockings and dark brown shin-length boots. She also has dark green elbow-length fingerless gloves. Adorning her hair are a pair of goggles. She posed with a laser pistol prop. Based on her overall appearance, she looked like she stepped out of a Star Wars set.

Once the trio made their way out of the convention, the tangerine-haired woman's blue eyes keenly watched them.

After walking a good distance outside the convention, he paused as he was greeted by Alice and a large black Doberman Pinscher with red eyes, sharp claws, and a large silver spiked collar.

"What is this about?" Ryō asked. From out of nowhere, his partner, Cyberdramon, appeared next to him.

"The Sovereigns have sent me to warn you and the Tamers," Alice said.

"About what?"

Doberman answered. "There's an impending danger approaching your world, but the external threat is not from the Digital World."

"Where?" Ryō queried with caution.

"From beyond the stars," vaguely answered the girl in black.

7:05 PM (JST)

Back inside the dueling arena, the Sailor Senshi much like the rest of the audience were captivated by the semi-final duel. The next match pitted Manjoume Jun against Sagara Philippe.

"Wow, these guys really know how to entertain a crowd!" Makoto exclaimed.

"I like the strategies they've been utilizing," Ami analyzed.

"Man, but dueling looks exhausting though," Minako said. "Oh, Rei still isn't back yet?"

Usagi blinked. "She called me and told me she was investigating something."

Luna wondered. "What could she be looking for?"

On the opposite side from where the Senshi were, the Spirit Detectives watched the semi-final round play out. The group wondered about Hiei's sudden absence.

"Alright! Keep it up, Philippe!" Yui cheered him on.

"Hiei has been gone for a long while," Kurama observed.

"Yeah, where the heck has he been?" Kuwabara wondered.

"Eh, I don't think Hiei's all that interested in card games. That's why he decided to skip out?" Yusuke speculated.

The red-haired fox demon tapped his chin. "Hmm, or perhaps he's sidetracked with something."

(Cue Yu-Gi-Oh! GX OST - Enjoying the Duel (Unreleased))

As the match ended, Manjoume was declared the winner. The next match pitted Tenjōin Asuka against Judai Yuki.

"Ready to see who's improved their game?" Judai proposed to Asuka.

"I'm ready, Judai! Bring it!" Asuka beckoned.

With that, Judai and Asuka commenced their duel. As one might expect, the graduates captivated the audiences with their dueling skills and utilizing their array of ace cards. Asuka's Cyber Girl deck put up a good counter against Judai's Heroes.

"Not bad, Asuka. You've gotten better!"

"Now, I'm about to show you the fruits of my post-graduate training!" Asuka declared, summoning Cyber Angel Vishnu.

Judai readied his Elemental Hero Neos. "Yeah, that's the spirit!"

As the duel went on, Asuka came close to grasping victory, but Judai rebounded by locking Asuka's monster in a trap. As a result, Judai sent Elemental Hero Neos to wipe out Asuka's remaining life points. Judai narrowly hung on with just 100 life points.

"And your winner is Judai Yuki! Our final match has been decided, Judai will meet Manjoume Jun!" The announcer shouted.

Standing up on her two feet, Asuka faced the cheering crowds and smiled.

"Gotcha! That was an awesome duel, Asuka!" Judai walked up to her.

"Thanks, but I was so close."

"But, you got the crowd totally behind you. I honestly didn't think I'd win."

Asuka frowned. "You're just saying that…"

"No, I mean it," Judai smiled as he walked off, letting Asuka soak in the cheers from the crowd.

As she raised her hand, Asuka waved to the cheering audience.

"That girl's fabulous. These graduates all are great duelists. Who knew your academy would produce a slew of incredible duelists, Kaiba," Pegasus commented. "Judai Yuki is someone I've had my eye on."

With arms folded, Seto replied. "Of course, it's my school. I only expect the best to graduate."

Lyn shrugged. "Maybe you'd like to duel these kids one day, Seto?"

Seto turned away, eyeing Judai and his friends. "Maybe."

7:20 PM (JST)

Elsewhere, Hiei continued exploring the convention to get away from his group. As he entered an empty hall, he was confronted by Hino Rei, who had her arms folded and holding a pair of ofuda in her right hand.

"It's not often I run into demons here. What's your business here?" Rei sternly inquired.

Not making a sound, Hiei backed off.

"Not going to give me a straight answer?" Rei sighed. "Very well. We can do this the hard way." She walked toward Hiei, who started running the opposite way.

"Hey! Come back here!" She raced off after him. When she threw her ofuda, Hiei sliced it in two with a quick slash.

Upon seeing Hiei's swift cutting of her ofuda, Rei blinked. "What the hell? What kind of demon are you?" As she continued her way, Rei sensed a malevolent presence manifesting. "There's a greater evil presence here?!"

Having escaped Rei, Hiei, too, sensed this approaching evil presence.

7:42 PM (JST)

(Cue Yu-Gi-Oh! GX OST - Enjoying the Duel (Unreleased))

The XYZ and Pendulum Tournament finals commenced with Judai and Manjoume captivating the audiences. These two's umpteenth rematch reminded Yugi and Seto of their many past duel encounters.

As the rival duelists pushed each other's limits and played their best cards, the crowd whipped themselves into a frenzy. With his fan club cheering him on, Manjoume's Ojama family brought a lot of trouble for Judai and his Heroes. Yugi and Seto intensely watched while anticipating their every move.

"What's wrong, Judai? Is that all you have?!" Manjoume roared at the Heroes duelist.

"You oughta know me better than that, Manjoume!"

"That's Manjoume Thunder to you!" He beckoned his Ojama King to attack Judai's Elemental Hero Necroid Shaman.

Being blown back from his monster's destruction, Judai rebounded with traps that protected his life point. Judai then fused a Neo-Spacian with Elemental Hero Neos, conjuring one of his strongest ace monsters: Elemental Hero Divine Neos.

"Well, what now?" Judai asked, wearing a smirk exuding confidence.

"So, our monsters have the same attack power," Manjoume stated. "Now, let's see which of us is the top Duel Academia graduate?!"

As the rivals went forward with their final plays, the other Duel Academia graduates and students rallied and cheered for both duelists, but mainly showed their support for Judai. Manjoume's fan club roared in unison, shouting 'Manjoume Thunder!'

"Which of you really wants it more?" Seto muttered.

"C'mon, Judai!" Yugi roared.

When Judai and Manjoume made their final move, it was Manjoume who landed the decisive blow to his rival's life points. In a shocking turn of events, everyone witnessed Manjoume finally overcome his rival. Falling to one knee, Judai realized he had been bested by his rival. Manjoume couldn't believe it either.

"...Judai lost…" Sho was flabbergasted.

"No way," Rei gasped.

"Manjoume really did it," Fubuki stated.

"No way, Judai," Asuka muttered, watching him stand up with his head held high.

"Now, that was a great duel, Manjoume Thunder," Judai acknowledged, giving his rival props.

Scoffing, Manjoume turned away and smiled. "You, too." Then, facing his fan club, he pointed to the sky. "Manjoume Thunder!"


"The tournament has been decided! Your winner, Manjoume Jun in a stunning turnaround!" The announcer called out as Manjoume basked in his glory.

"The stage is all yours, Manjoume," chuckled Judai as he walked off the arena and regrouped with his friends. "Sorry, guys. This wasn't mine to win."

"That was an incredible duel, Judai!" Sho exclaimed.

"Yeah, now I've gotta step up my game!" Tyranno declared with enthusiasm.

"Manjoume really wanted to win more," Fubuki said.

"Judai, are you going to be ok from this?" Asuka asked him.

"Of course. I'll just keep it up and not fall behind. It's what I do best!" Judai replied energetically, not for a single moment letting the loss demoralize him.

Having witnessed an incredible duel, Yugi and his friends were taken in by the graduates' competitive play.

"Man, Judai was so close!" Honda said.

"Who knew that Manjoume kid wanted it more?" Anzu added.

Jounouchi noticed Yugi smiling. "Hey, I know you were pulling for Judai. I mean, you did give him your card."

"It's fine. We don't always win them all, don't we, Jou?" Yugi turned, genuinely smiling over toward Jounouchi.

In response, Jounouchi grinned, itching the bridge of his nose. "Heh, yeah you're right, Yugi."

As he stood from his chair, Seto walked down to hand Manjoume a trophy and a certificate.

"Congratulations on your victory, Manjoume Jun. Here are your rewards," Seto handed him a trophy depicting a duelist's hand holding a card and the certificate.

"Thank you, Mr. Kaiba," Manjoume bowed, accepting his rewards.

"Is there anything you'd like to say before we end this event?"

As he turned and faced the cheering audience, Manjoume coolly smiled. "Maybe one…"

As Manjoume prepared a motivational speech, Rei and Hiei arrived with great timing. They scanned around for the malevolent source they sensed and headed to find their respective groups.

(Cue Godzilla: King of the Monsters - Rise of Ghidorah - Bear McCreary)

Suddenly, it happened so quickly that no one expected it. Beams of green light instantly tore through the roof, igniting quick and random explosions around and near the dueling area. This sudden occurrence caused crowds to panic and flee for their lives. As more beams tore through the roof, the ground shook and more con-goers quickly filed out.

During the attack, Manjoume and Seto were knocked off their feet. Lyn, Pegasus, and Mokuba quickly stormed over them. The Duel Academia students bolted toward the arena to check with Manjoume.

"Manjoume! Are you ok?!" Judai called out.

"Kaiba!" Yugi roared as he and his friends headed over to the stage.

Even the Tamers, the Legendary Warriors, the Sailor Senshi, and the Spirit Detectives had enough initiative to respond to the danger. Some started to evacuate con-goers while others scoured the arena to see if help bystanders. Others looked up toward the roof where beams of green light seeped through the damaged roof sections.

"What the hell is blasting through and attacking us?!" Takato exclaimed.

"It's dangerous, Takato! I can feel a bad power coming for us!" Guilmon snarled as his eyes turned viral.

"Everyone get back and take cover!" Renamon requested Ruki and the others.

"This can't be an attack from the Digital World, right?" Ruki asked.

"Somehow, I doubt that. There would've been a Digital Field by now," Jianliang answered with certainty.

"Yeah, this is something else entirely!" Terriermon cried out.

"Aliens?!" Hirokazu and Kenta cried out in unison. Just then, MarineAngemon popped out of Kenta's shirt pocket and Guardromon stood ready to fight on Hirokazu's behalf.

"Hey, everyone!" A voice that the Tamers recognized as Ryō drew their attention away from the sudden incursion. They spotted Ryō with Cyberdramon along with Alice and Dobermon, which baffled Takato, Jialnliang, Ruki, and their Digimon.

"Ryō?!" Takato and Ruki exclaimed.

"And… Alice McCoy?!" Jianliang recognized the blonde-haired girl in black.

"Hello again, Tamers," Alice greeted them.

"It looks like we came too late," Ryō noted more green beams pouring through the roof.

"We're being attacked, but by what?!" Juri frantically asked Ryō.

"Yeah, this isn't just some invasion from the Digital World," Bastemon said.

"You're right. Alice and Dobermon came to warn me that there'd be an impending attack from beyond the stars. They came on behalf of the Digimon Sovereigns," Ryō repeated nearly everything Alice and Dobermon warned them.

"The Sovereigns sent you?" Renamon queried Alice and Dobermon.

"Yes, but I'm afraid we won't have time to discuss strategies," Alice said as material figures appeared inside these beams of light.

"Hey, you guys saw that, right?" Kotori called out to the Tamers. She, Betamon, Himura, and BlackGabumon headed over to meet with their friends.

"We did, but this wasn't the attack by Digimon," Takato clarified.

"They're aliens!" Hirokazu cried out.

"Uh, we kinda got the idea," Himura remarked.

"Did you get Philippe and Saya to safety?" Jianliang asked Kotori.

"Yeah, we did. Saya was so freaked out she needed Philippe to escort her."

"Thankfully, my sister managed to get away with her friends. I'm relieved," Himura sighed.

"Well, that's covered. Now, we gotta deal with these aliens," Takato said as he and the Tamers faced the figures walking out of these green light beams.

8:05 PM (JST)

After relocating Keiko and Yukina to safety, the Spirit Detectives convened outside the arena.

"So, you already sensed something approaching and came to warn us," Kurama said.

"But, now they're here. Whatever they are," Hiei said. "I don't sense demon Ki from these invaders."

"I already figured that since they gave off some weird energies I'm not familiar with. No human or demon Ki at all," Kuwabara elaborated.

"It's a good thing you came to warn us the way you did, Hiei. Thanks," Yui nodded.

"That gave us time to get Keiko and Yukina to safety," Aoshi said.

"And thanks for that. Now that she's out of the way, we can go figure out what's up," Yusuke said, cracking his knuckles. "C'mon, let's show them what we're made of."

8:07 PM (JST)

Having regrouped outside the arena, the Sailor Senshi briefed over the sudden happenings. Rei reported her pursuit of a certain demon and then sensing the imminent threat.

"Man, I don't know what we'd do without your keen supernatural abilities, Rei," Minako said.

"I've been able to scan readings from those beams that came through the roof," Ami added, tapping on her compact supercomputer. "These energy readings are off the charts. They're nothing like I've seen before."

"Well, we know we're dealing with an intergalactic enemy. Look!" Makoto pointed them toward the sky where the green beams of light poured down.

"Yes, and I'm getting a huge reading of the source. There's a massive spaceship hanging above Earth's orbit," Ami verified as her computer displayed a 40-mile long mothership with numerous space carriers floating around it.

"Geez, we're outnumbered!" Usagi exclaimed.

"And this is absolutely bad timing since none of your powers actively work," Mamoru reminded them of their drawbacks.

"It's my fault. When I wished for everything to be normal, I didn't think about resetting our Sailor powers," Usagi said.

"Don't be hard on yourself, Usagi. We had no idea we'd face another threat," Minako calmly reassured her dispirited friend.

"Well, I wouldn't necessarily say all of you are without access to your abilities," Luna informed them.

"If anything, your powers have been dormant and need some kind of recharge. Your powers are still in the process of regenerating to the peak levels you had before," Artemis said.

"So, our powers aren't entirely gone? Just asleep?" Makoto construed what the cats told them.

"And we can bring them out again?" Ami wondered.

"Come to think of it, I have been able to access my abilities. I did heal a wound not too long ago," Mamoru said.

"Then, you might be able to turn back into Tuxedo Mask," Usagi said. "But, what about the rest of us?"

"Minako, you might be able to access your Sailor V powers," Artemis informed her.

"Really? You think?"

Nodding, the white cat replied. "For the time being until your full Sailor Venus powers return."

"But, the rest of us don't have forms like Sailor V. We can't exactly fight back against a standing alien army," Rei stated.

"Well, not necessarily," Luna nodded. "As long as you can tap into your dormant powers, you may be able to bring out the littlest amount of power possible to create your own Sailor forms. These are mere extensions of your true Sailor Senshi forms.."

"They'd be essential 'prototype' forms, much like Minako's Sailor V form," Artemis clarified. "You won't be quite as powerful as you were when we fought against the Shadow Galactica, but it's better than nothing."

"So, we're working our way back to our top forms. Right, I understand," Minako nodded. "How about the rest of you?"

The other Sailor Senshi nodded in unison.

"We can help, but it's mostly on you to release your powers," Luna instructed as she and Artemis closed her eyes and focused on the internal mystic energies inside their half-crescent foreheads. The Sailor Senshi formed a circle around the cats and grasped each other's hands. "Ready?"

As the Sailor Senshi nodded, the cats concentrated beams of light into the girls' foreheads. Each one felt immense energies coursing through them, revitalizing some of their active Sailor powers.

Just then, more beams blasted the ground near them. Quickly turning to face their attackers, Mamoru instinctively transformed into Tuxedo Mask.

"Mamo!" Usagi cried out.

"Focus, Usagi! We can't move out of our positions!" Minako barked.

As Tuxedo Mask readied his cane and drew his sword from it, a group of short, bipedal half-fox and lizard hybrids emerged, each carrying wrist cannons, laser guns, and bayonets. They each have varied green, purple, and yellow reptilian complexion with orange feather-like fur covering their bodies. Their faces have fox-like visages, but their yellow eyes are lizard-like.

"Foxzard squad, we've found them!" One of the creatures screamed as they readied and opened fire at the Sailor Senshi.

However, Tuxedo Kamen intervened on the Senshi's behalf and batted away as many beams heading their way. He ran up, bashing and slashing several of the Foxzard squad members until one shot him in the back.

"MAMO!" Usagi screamed.

"Damn it! Are we almost done, Luna and Artemis?!" Makoto shouted.

(Cue Sailor Moon Crystal OST - Moon Prism Power, Make Up!)

Then, it happened. Each Sailor Senshi was enveloped in their respective Sailor uniform color. Coming out of golden yellow light, Minako became Sailor V once again.

"It worked!" Sailor V gazed over her famous hero form, getting nostalgic vibes of her time as a vigilante. She glanced over to the other Sailor Senshi, who emerged in their new prototype wardrobes.

From a veil of light blue, Ami emerged in an outfit that contrasted her Sailor Mercury uniform. She has on a dark blue sailor collar with clear shoulder guards and a long-sleeved, sleek, high-waisted white top with pink ribbons over her wrists. Her center bosom has a bright green broach with the Mercury symbol embellished on it coupled with a pink bow under it. Her thigh-length blue skirt meshed with her top. Four golden buttons mesh on the front of her blue skirt. She has light blue shoes as opposed to boots. Adorning the right side of her face is an earpiece with a walkie talkie. Like Sailor V, she has on a white mask, doubling as a visor.

From the veil of red light, Rei emerged in an outfit similar to Sailor V's, but with Mars' uniform colors. She has no gloves. She has on a red sailor collar with clear shoulder guards. A red beaded bracelet fashioned over her left wrist. Her top mostly covered all, but a modest section of her midriff, revealing her waist. A dark violet bow was centered on her bosom with a golden Mars astrological symbol on it. She has on a bright yellow and red mask, fashioned like Sailor V's shape. A golden bracelet with a red gem adorning adorned her forehead. Her red skirt and high-heel shoes stayed the same. Her hair gained some tinges of red, exuding the fiery power having been revitalized

From the veil of green light, Makoto emerged with an outfit that greatly differed from her Sailor Jupiter wardrobe. The biggest difference was her hair became bright green, but some of her reddish brown was noticeable. She has on dark blue & red shoulder guards, a bright green neck collar, and a white top going down to the topmost of her waistline, revealing most of her midriff even her belly button. Centered on her chest is a golden broach with the Jupiter symbol on it with a pinkish red bow under it. Forearm-length white gloves covered her arms coupled with yellow pieces of cloth, tied by blue bands, with the Jupiter symbol tagged on them. She has on a bright green skirt going down to her upper thighs. Yellow feather-like protrusions lined around her waist and the top sections of her skirt. Her green shoes stayed the same. Covering her face is a clear visor-like mask with an antenna attached to it.

From the veil of pink light, Usagi emerged with a uniform that was identical to Sailor V's, except with the obvious color differences. In fact, the biggest change of all is Usagi's blonde hair turning bright pink like Chibiusa's. She has on a white mask, which is shaped like Sailor V's. Her overall uniform colors are identical to her Sailor Moon colors, but her top covered all but her midriff. Her gloves are almost the same, but with added yellow forearm guards. Her boots are white instead of red. Red bands with golden crescent moon marks adorned the top of her boots. A compact with a pink crescent moon and a red bow adorned her bosom.

As they examined their new 'Sailor V-esque' forms, the Sailor Senshi assembled and faced the Foxzard squad.

Having exhausted themselves from invoking the girls' powers, Luna and Artemis collapsed.

"Rest easy, you two. We've got this!" Sailor V declared.

"Hmm, I guess I'm Sailor J now?" Sailor Jupiter wondered.

"So, what about us?" Moon wondered. "Mercury, Mars, and I can't be Sailor M."

"Doesn't matter. Just stick with your usual names!" Sailor V replied. Taking out a compact, which she converted into a glowing boomerang. She quickly vaporized two Foxzard with her Crescent Boomerang.

"Wow, look at her go!" Sailor Mercury cried out.

"Hey, she has the most experience with these prototype forms. Now, let's show them what we got!" Sailor J rushed an incoming Foxzard and wiped it out with a fistful of lightning.

Throwing several ofuda, Sailor Mars paralyzed three Foxzards. Then, she conjured a volley of rapid fireballs that burned the aliens.

After scanning a Foxzard, Sailor Mercury conjured water from her hands and used them like whips. She ensnared the alien and concentrated, absorbing the water out of the creature's body, shriveling it into dust.

After helping Tuxedo Mask up, Sailor Moon took out the remaining Foxzards with her Moon Tiara Action.

"Great work, girls! Alright, I think it's clear to say the Sailor Senshi are back in action!" Sailor V declared.

"Yeah! But, that was just one army. There's gotta be more where that came from," Sailor Moon truthfully stated.

"Then, we'll just keep hammering them until they can't go anymore!" Sailor J said, punching a fist into her palm.

"Actually, I think we might need to act more covertly since our full powers haven't regenerated," Sailor Mercury suggested.

"That's a good point. There's still more of them than us," Sailor Mars elaborated.

"Hmm, what about those other people in there?" Sailor Moon wondered. "The ones with those animals? I think they call them… Digimon?"

"Were those real Digimon?" Tuxedo Mask queried.

"I don't know, but if they are, those Tamers we heard about from the reports should be with them! They could help us out a great deal!" Sailor Moon suggested to her friends.

"Hmm, it's worth a shot. The more allies, the better I say," Sailor V approved. "Then, let's get in there and rally our new allies!"

8:15 PM (JST)

(Cue Final Fantasy VII Remake - Bombing Mission)

As the invaders amassed inside the arena, four high-ranking officers stepped forward with an army of Foxzards and a variety of other alien soldiers.

Among the soldiers are large 9-foot tall, two-horned ceratopsian-like behemoths with bony frills. Covering their frills are thick knob-like bumps and bony spikes, each pointing laterally. These are Brutes.

Then, tall, slender creatures that looked like a cross between an ostrich and a bird-like oviraptor theropod scoured the arena with bayonets, green laser swords, and shields. These are Bio-Vivians.

Another unit of aliens came forward. Each standing between 5-8 feet tall, these biped horned and frilled Dilophosaurus-like aliens scanned the humans within their sights. They came in a variety of colors: green, gray, light blue, and brown reptilian skin, but some even had feather-like tufts covering areas of their bodies. Each carried laser rifles, laser swords, wrist cannons, and shields. These are Draconian Guardians.

"Generals," one of the Draconian Guardians addressed his four high-ranking officers.

"So, their signals are here," one of the generals conferred with his subordinate and confirmed with a scanning apparatus on his left wrist. This creature, unlike his subordinates, appeared more humanoid but with a dark green complexion. He is garbed in black-and-green body armor. His face looked remotely human, minus the uncharacteristic an enlarged cranium and small horns jutting from his temples. His eyes were concealed behind a red visor. "Generals Nāginī, Kujiko, and Morpheous, what do you make of this?"

Walking away from his Brutes, an eight-feet tall muscular brute emerged, backed up his imposing presence. This general has mixed green and gray skin complexion with black spots. His head has a full set of shaggy and stringy black hair. His war gear consisted of black body armor, a dark gray shoulder armor, dark pants, and brown boots. Kujiko responded in a deep, brutish tone. "It has to be them. I say we find and hunt them down. I'll send my Brutes to obliterate them!"

The third general, average-looking compared to Kuiiza and Kujiko, looked around the arena, spotting the Duel Academia graduates & students, Yugi's group, Seto & the others, the Tamers, and the Legendary Warriors. He looked more human minus the green complexion. He wore black leather clothing, including boots and shades. "Easy, Kujiko. I know your raging impulses are kicking in, but let's take this hunt nice and methodical."

Chortling, a human-like woman with a light green complexion scanned the Sailor Senshi's energies with her wrist apparatus. "No need to pursue them, Morpheous. They're coming to us apparently." She has her long dark hair in braids. She has on silver armor, which covered up most of her body sans her arms, left shoulder, and legs. She came armed with clawed gauntlet armor.

"Good point, Nāginī. Nevertheless, we will eliminate Princess Serenity, her Guardians, and the remaining vestiges of the Lunar Court. In the name of the Rajita Empire!" Kuiiza declared as he, the other generals, and their subordinates roared and stamped in feet in unison.

Glancing over her shoulder, Nāginī summoned forth a small group of hand-picked minions to lead their soldiers.

Another light green-skinned woman with stringy black hair and wearing similar armored garb like Nāginī approached the lady general.

"Rhea, my love. Today, we finish the remnants of the Lunar Court," Nāginī addressed Rhea, pulling her into a kiss as they lip-locked passionately.

Morpheous faced two Rajita warriors. Both were garbed in black outfits and wearing dragon masks. Embedded on the front of the masks were green emeralds. "Xian-Yuio and Ravan, your assassin training is complete. You may kill whoever stands in your way, but most importantly eliminate the Sailor Senshi." He then turned toward as a Bio-Vivian opened a box, releasing something out of this world. A creature who looked like it stepped out of a Looney Tunes cartoon emerged. It resembled the Tasmanian Devil with Daffy Duck's feet, the Dodo's umbrella hat, and Yosemite Sam's mustache. Its body fur is purple, its eyes are spinning, and a long tongue stuck out of a mouth filled with dagger-teeth. Embedded on its chest was a clock with the hands moving backward. "Emag Oediv, find any source of technology you can integrate with and hack into this entire planet's satellite and defense systems."

Kujiko turned around to meet two Rajita warriors. "Ztreko-Li, show no mercy."

Ztreko-Li is a light green-skinned, amber-eyed individual with a slim, lithe figure. Long, dark green hair stretched down her back as two long bangs were hanging down her face. A silver ornament adorned her forehead, exactly where a red crystal was encased in the center. Covering her face is a silver mask. She has on a revealing silver top, showing off her midriff and breast line. She has on pants that only reached five inches above her knees. A long cape hung down her back, which was attached to the outfit by a red gem buttoned above her well-endowed chest. Her silver, high-heeled boots tapped the floor.

"And Lobo, you may hunt however you wish," Kujiko addressed the other warrior, a tall man with wavy, shoulder-length black hair that he kept parted in the middle. On his chin, the man wore a somewhat faded goatee. His frame was concealed behind a dark gray jacket outlined in black. His collar was upturned, revealing a small area of his bare chest. He wore black pants and white gloves.

Then, Kuiiza confronted his two subordinates. "Yes, my trusted right-hand men: Blitzkrieg and Melancholia. I have no doubt you'll be more than enough to end the Sailor Senshi. Our lordship won't even need to lift a finger."

The first of Kuiiza's subordinates, Blitzkrieg, walked forward. The first is an olive green-skinned man with distinctive dark-blue spiky hair and eyes, light green lines underneath the eyes. His build is moderately built with some muscle definition, especially around his chest. His choice of attire consists of white pants and a black sash carrying a laser sword. He has on a dark gray jacket over the pants, which was ragged with an upturned collar. The shoes are black and leather with metal studs lined at the center. His sleeves are completely rolled up and his chest is on full display.

The second subordinate, Melancholia, stepped forward, kneeling and bowing his head. He resembled a young, fresh-faced man in his twenties. His overall complexion is light gray. He has on a black coat, concealing most of his body, sans the collar area. He has his sleeves folded up, unveiling his forearms and hands. An emerald green belt is fastened around his waist. His pants matched the color of his black coat. His shoes are green, matching the color of his belt. He has long, shaggy jet black hair; one of his bangs is parted away from his face. His face closely resembled a sad mime's visage. Teal 'tear' markings descend from his eyes and his upper lip is painted black. His eyes matched the color of his belt and shoes: emerald green. Inside his green eyes were slit-shaped pupils like a cat's. Adorning the warrior's back is a long, emerald green sheath, holding his laser sword.

"Yes! In the name of Lord Ghidorah, Earth shall be ours for the taking!" Kuiiza declared.

Suddenly, a single shot of blue energy fired toward Kuiiza, who sidestepped it with quick reflexes. He, the generals, and their subordinates turned toward their first line of opposition: the Spirit Detectives.

With finger still pointed at Kuiiza's direction, Yusuke snarled. "You want to take our planet hostage? Go through us first!"

"What do we have here? Some Terran interlopers?" Nāginī scoffed toward the Spirit Detectives.

"Don't worry, we can take care of them!" Kujiko bellowed.

"There won't be a need for us to lift a finger if we have our troops here," Kuiiza said, beckoning Melancholia and Blitzkrieg toward the Detectives. Several Draconian Guardians and Bio-Vivians accompanied them.

"Ztreko-Li and Lobo, you know what to do," Kujiko growled, letting the two colonels lead his Brutes.

"How about we fight them together?" Nāginī lovingly grasped Rhea's hand.

"Assassin duo, I'll let you handle this," Morpheous stepped aside, allowing Ravan and Xian-Yuio to fight in his place.

"Feh, don't wanna fight us yourselves? You ain't getting away with ruining our day off!" Kuwabara snarled, readying his Spirit Sword.

"Which one do you want to take, Hiei?" Kurama asked the dark-clad demon.

"I don't care either way," remarked the sword-wielding demon.

Yui turned to Aoshi. "This is our chance, Aoshi! Our first big fight!"

Aoshi nodded. "Let's be careful though, Yui. I think I see your brother over there."

"Himura?" Yui blinked, glancing over toward the audience stands where the Tamers climbed down to meet them. "Himura, what are you doing here?!"

Himura ran up to Yui and Aoshi with BlackGabumon. "I should be saying that to you! What are you doing here with these alien invaders here?!"

"I'm doing my job is what!" Yui retorted.

Facing Yusuke, Himura narrowed his eyes. "You know this is the after school detective gig she told me about? And you knew about this?!"

"What was she supposed to tell you, man?!" Yusuke spat out.

"Guys, enough! The enemy is coming for us!" Kotori shouted, drawing their attention back to the crisis at hand.

As a fleet of Rajita troops stormed toward the Detectives and Tamers, Takato, Ruki, and Jianliang sent their Digimon into battle. Opening his mouth, Guilmon launched a powerful Fireball that blasted away several Foxzards. Renamon unleashed a barrage of glass-like shards, striking down a Bio-Vivian. Jianliang made use of his Card Slash technique, granting Terriermon a giant hammer used by Zudomon. Rushing at a Brute, Terriermon cracked the hammer against the Brute's knees, bringing it down before smashing it over its head.

As Kotori sent Betamon to fight a Brute, the little green amphibian shot a burst of water from his mouth, dowsing the behemoth. Then, after his Water Shot, Betamon followed up and generated 1 million volts from his fin, shocking the Brute with his Dengiki Biririn.

"Nicely done, Kotori and Betamon!" Takato praised their strategy.

"It's one way to bring down a giant," Kotori said, fending off a Foxzard with left and right boxing jabs. When more Foxzards arrived to blast her, BlackGabumon joined in, firing dark flames from his horn. The flames quickly intercepted the Foxzards, keeping them away from Kotori.

"Mind if we cut in?" Himura asked Kotori and Betamon.

"No, but thanks. I could've handled them!" Kotori said, popping her knuckles.

"Yo, your friend looks like she can handle herself! Just let her handle them!" Yusuke addressed Himura while he effortlessly wailed on some Bio-Vivians with punches.

"She's my friend! And don't tell me who I should or shouldn't protect!" Himura called out.

"Will you two quit bickering?!" Yui shouted, pointing her finger toward some Draconian Guardians. Firing her own Spirit Gun, she wiped out the aliens. "And I can take care of myself, too, Himura."

Sighing, Himura conceded. "Fine, but I'm keeping an eye on you and Kotori."

Meanwhile, Kuwabara shoved his Spirit Sword through a Brute, taking it down. When several Bio-Vivians and Foxzards tried to ambush him, a long green vine with thorns flew out and skewered the aliens into pieces.

"Thanks, Kurama!" Kuwabara called out to his red-haired colleague, who nodded in response.

Running fast at Draconian Guardians, Hiei quickly sliced them up and made short work of them.

Meanwhile, the Duel Academia graduates & students, Yugi & his friends, and Seto's group retreated from the arena. They watched from afar as the Tamers and Spirit Detectives fought off the Rajita invaders.

"Hey, but can you explain to me how this happened so fast?!" Sho cried out.

"They just came through the roof like nobody's business and next thing you know, the duel arena's turned into a death arena!" Tyranno exclaimed.

"Thank goodness we got out of there. Mr. Kaiba, are you, your wife, and Mr. Pegasus ok?" Judai asked them.

"We're fine. Thank you, Judai," Pegasus nodded.

"We're grateful to you," Lyn added.

"We should leave. This is no place for us now," Yugi suggested.

"He's right, Judai. We need to get out of here," Asuka concurred.

As he turned toward the arena, Judai felt something stir within him. The presence of the powerful entity awakened within him.

"Judai, I feel the urge to fight these otherworlders. I sense they are linked to the ancient source of evil once used by a human on this planet. These otherworlders use that same power! They're using the Orichalcos's power!" The effeminate voice of Yubel telepathically communicated within Judai's mind.

"What's an Orichalcos?" Judai asked out loud, catching Yugi, Seto, and the others outside the Duel Academia group.

"Orichalcos? What do you know about it, Judai?" Yugi asked him.

"Wait, you know about it?"

"Know about it? We dealt with it years ago, man!" Jounouchi cried out.

"Some of us were on the receiving end of its terrible power," Pegasus replied.

"Yes, and it was utilized by a man named Dartz, who we stopped before. Now, how do you know about it?" Yugi once again queried the Duel Academia graduate.

"A voice in my head told me," Judai plainly answered without hesitation.

"Voice in the head? Another one like Yugi?" Seto asked Judai.

"So, you have some spirit living inside you?" Honda queried.

"Something like that. She tends to get pretty cranky, too," Judai half-chuckled, hearing an audible scoff inside his mind. "Hey, you know it's true, Yubel."

"Yubel? Is that the name of your spirit?" Mokuba asked.

"Yep. We had a rocky start and she could've easily killed me with her power, but she kinda has a crush on me and wishes for a world with just us two in it."

"You're a hearty fool, Judai. I could easily bend you to my will if I so chose."

"Heh, but you won't," Judai smirked as everyone but Yugi gawked at him.

"I see your spirit is like mine except a little more volatile," Yugi assessed Jaden's partner spirit.

"Well, she's more stable now, but we depend on each other. Though, she ain't the only duel spirit I've got. You would know about that, Yugi."

Realizing what Judai referred to, Yugi got the hint. "Yes, I see now."

"Guys, look! Judai really called it!" Jounouchi pointed everyone toward the Rajita soldiers producing green barriers, protecting them from the Tamers and Spirit Detectives' attacks.

"That's certainly proof these creatures wield the Orichalcos!" Yugi realized.

"But, what can we do? We can't fight those things!" Momoe asked, putting her arms around Sho. "You'll protect me, right, Sho?!" She didn't realize it, but she squeezed Sho so hard he could hardly breathe.

"You're squeezing me!" Sho cried out.

"Tyranno, what will we do?" Junko turned to the dinosaur duelist, holding his hands.

"I… I… uh…" Tyranno stammered, his cheeks blushing.

"Getting out of here is our best option," Asuka said.

"You can all go, but I'm staying behind," Judai stood ready to face danger head-on.

"Look, we know you got some strange powers and all, but you're way over your dumb head!" Manjoume chided Judai from going.

"Don't worry. I've got Yubel protecting me after all," Judai reassured the group. With that, he headed off back into the arena.

"Judai!" Yugi called out as two Draconian Guardians interceded him and the others. "No!"

"C'mon, let's get out of here!" Jonouichi yelped out.

"JUDAI!" Sho shouted, quickly getting his friend's attention.

As he turned around, Judai responded to his friends' plight. His eyes changed into Yubel's dichromatic colors. As he manifested Yubel's powers, he swiftly paralyzed the Rajita soldiers and shut down their minds. As the alien dropped to the floor, Judai sealed through a black door, sending them through a rift.

"Holy shit, did you see that?!" Honda exclaimed.

"Y-Yeah… he just made them disappear," Anzu nervously muttered.

"That was the extent of Yubel's power?" Yugi asked Judai.

"Yeah, you can say," Judai grimly said, staring into his right hand. "It's not something I'd like to use often, but you guys were in danger. And I'm the only one out of us who can fight these aliens. Unless…" He scanned over to his group of friends. "...maybe Yubel can grant the ability for you all to use your monsters in real fights."

"Wait, we've seen stuff like that before," Mokuba pointed out.

"Duel Monsters coming to life?" Seto frowned. "But, these were mere malfunctions and dark magic was involved."

"You'll have to trust Judai to do what's necessary. We have no means to fight back without our monsters and they're largely useless if they're digitized," Yugi stated. "But with magic or through another source of external supernatural powers, they can come to life."

"Yubel, can you lend us a hand?" Judai asked the spirit.

"Perhaps. If only to purge the Orichalcos from this world," Yubel willfully answered.

(Cue Yu-Gi-Oh! GX OST - A Pinch!)

With that, Judai's whole body emitted a purple aura. Numerous beams of light expelled from his glowing aura, hitting each duelist. Everyone had sported the same aura that Judai has.

Then, each one saw their respective ace cards float in front of them. For Yugi, his Black Magician came to life. For Seto, Lyn, and Mokuba, three Blue-Eyes White Dragons came out. For someone like Asuka, her Cyber Angel Vishnu came to life. For Manjoume, his Ojama and Light & Darkness Dragon emerged. For Sho, a Cyber Nova Dragon materialized. For Tyranno, a Black Tyranno materialized. For Jounouchi, his Gearfried the Iron Knight emerged. For Anzu, a Black Magician Girl appeared. For Honda, a Cyber Commander appeared. For Fubuki, his Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon emerged. For Rei, a Power Angel Valkyria appeared. Even for the likes of Momoe and Junko, a Cyber Angel Izana and Cyber Angel Dakini appeared. For Pegasus, Relinquished appeared.

Finally, Judai gazed upon Elemental Hero Neos and Winged Kuriboh came to life.

"You just brought our monsters to life?!" Sho exclaimed.

"Aw man," Manjoume was flabbergasted as the Ojama crowded around him.

"This is awesome!" Rei gleefully cried out.

"I don't know how ya did it, but thanks, Judai!" Tyranno yelled enthusiastically.

"Heh, don't just thank me. Yubel played her part, too," Judai modestly chuckled.

"Thank you, Judai. Now I like our chances," Yugi acknowledged Judai and his miraculous power.

"My god…" Seto gazed upon the three Blue-Eyes White Dragons.

"Heh, I wonder if this means my Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon is able to come to life, too," Lyn sneakily grinned.

"Every one of your monsters can come to life whenever you need to use them for battle," Judai informed the duelists. "Just Yubel advises to use them responsibly.

"Of course," nodded Yugi.

With that, Judai and his friends headed off into the arena to help assist with the Rajita invaders. When more Rajita soldiers attacked outside the Tokyo Big Sight, Yugi and his compatriots headed off to contend with them.

(Cue Final Fantasy VII Remake - Bombing Mission)

As Judai and Elemental Hero Neos knocked away several Brutes, the Tamers' Digimon reached their Champion-Level forms: Growmon, Galgomon, Kyuubimon, Seadramon, and BlackGarurumon. Alice's Dobermon already evolved into Cerberumon. MarineAngemon, Bastemon, and Cyberdramon helped fend off Rajita soldiers.

During the time Judai and Yubel imbued the duelists their new powers, the Legendary Warriors arrived on the scene to help the Tamers and Spirit Detectives. Agnimon assisted Growmon, unleashing his Burning Salamander on several Foxzards. Wolfmon helped BlackGarurumon, blasting Bio-Vivians with his Licht Kugel. Blitzmon aided Galgomon. Chakkoumon helped Seadramon fend off Brutes with ice attacks. Fairymon assisted Kyuubimon, taking down Foxzards.

Much to Juri's surprise, Löwemon saved her from a close encounter with a Draconian Guardian. Then, the Warrior of Darkness and Bastemon double teamed against the Brute.

"Thank you," Juri acknowledged Löwemon.

"Yes, I'm glad you're ok, miss," the Warrior of Darkness genuinely replied.

As more Rajita soldiers stormed in, the Tamers, the Duel Academia duelists, and the Legendary Warriors kept fighting on. At one point, Takato was knocked off his feet from a Bio-Vivian's laser beam. In response to his Tamer's plight, Growmon evolved into MegaloGrowmon and quickly vaporized the alien with an Atomic Laser. Then, when a Brute came up to crush Takato under its foot, MegaloGrowmon rushed to save his Tamer, but then a powerful blow connected with Takato's face, knocking the Brute off its feet.

When Takato looked up, he and the others saw Daimon Masaru, standing over the fallen Rajita behemoth. Upon seeing Masaru punch the behemoth, Yusuke and Kotori were taken aback by his feat.

None were more shocked than Takato, who was given a helping hand from Masaru.

"Are you ok, man?" Masaru asked the teenage Tamer.

"Yeah, thanks."

"Aniki! I'm here!" Agumon stormed right in, delivering a headbutt to Draconian Guardian. He then rushed over to meet with Masaru.

"What took ya, Agumon?"

"Sorry, but those fox-looking lizards kept getting in the way!"

"Hold on. This Agumon is yours?! Are you a Tamer?!" Takato asked Masaru.

"A what? No, I'm a DATS agent."

"A DATS agent?"

"Takato, are you ok?" MegaloGrowmon approached Takato.

"I am now, but we still have more of these aliens to contend with," Takato shifted his sights on the Rajita invaders. "Think you and Agumon can lend us help?"

"It's why we're here," Masaru smirked, popping his knuckles. "Ready to go, Agumon?!"

"Let's do it, Aniki!"

As Agumon evolved into GeoGreymon, he and Masaru helped the Tamers and Legendary Warriors contend with Rajita invaders.

Meanwhile, the Spirit Detectives went head to head with the Rajita generals and colonels. Yusuke went head to head with Kuiiza, unleashing a flurry of punches. As Kuiiza moved away, Melancholia and Blitzkrieg guarded him. Evading Blitzkrieg's sword, Yusuke decked the Rajita colonel with a punch. Melancholia floated behind Yusuke and fired a destructive beam from his finger. Yusuke quickly countered with a Spirit Gun, which cut through and nullified the alien's attack.

Hiei engaged Ztreko-Li while evading her water techniques. Kurama fought off Lobo. Kuwabara fought off Xian-Yuio and Ravan with his Spirit Sword. Yui and Aoshi contended with Rhea.

As the battles progressed, the Rajita generals interjected into the ongoing skirmishes and with their powers helped fight back against the heroes. However, the Sailor Senshi entered the conflict and turned the tide against the Rajita invaders.

"It's them! Princess Serenity and her guardians!" Nāginī recognized the Sailor Senshi.

"Yes, and no doubt Lord Ghidorah is watching this as we speak," Kuiiza remarked, transmitting a visual feed of the Sailor Senshi to the Rajita mothership.

The Tamers, the Duel Academia duelists, the Legendary Warriors, the Spirit Detectives, and Masaru & GeoGreymon were more surprised, believing the Sailor Senshi vanished into obscurity. However, the urban legends were back in the flesh and in unrecognizable outfits.

Sailor V helped Kurama fight Lobo, using her compact to summon a rain of energy beams toward the laser gun-wielding Rajita colonel.

"Thank you, Sailor V," Kurama acknowledged the urban hero. "Where have you and the other Sailors been?"

"We needed some time away. Can you still fight?" Sailor V winked at him.

Recognizing her scent and her wink, Kurama smiled. "I can." He and Sailor V faced off with Morpheous.

Scanning Emag Oediv with her visor, Sailor Mercury prepared to douse the creature with water. However, Emag found the nearest smartphone left by a con-goer, converted into a beam of light, and slipped through the smartphone, teleporting straight into cyberspace.

Assisting Kuwabara, Sailor J tossed a lightning bolt at the Rajita assassins. The assassins dodged Sailor J's attack. Channeling electricity through her antennae. Sailor J fired a bigger bolt at Ravan and Xian-Yuio. Taking advantage of the situation, Kujiko charged toward Sailor J and Kuwabara.

As Ztreko-Li quickly appeared above Hiei, the Rajita colonel tossed a water shark projectile at him. Then, a wave of fire cut through and pushed back Ztreko-Li's water shark. It didn't last long as the water put out the flames. As he whipped around, Hiei saw Sailor Mars holding an ofuda imbued with fire. Recognizing the ofuda, Hiei called the young woman who chased him earlier.

Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask helped Yusuke against Kuiiza, Melancholia, and Blitzkrieg. Tossing her Moon Tiara Disc at Kuiiza, the general effortlessly dodged and primed an attack, but Moon reversed the disc as it came hurtling toward Kuiiza's back. Blitzkrieg quickly blasted the disc away, saving the general.

"Nice try, Princess Serenity!" Kuiiza chuckled.

Suddenly, Nāginī teleported behind Moon and seized her arm, pulling her away and holding her hostage. As Tuxedo Mask went to save her, Nāginī placed an energy knife to Moon's throat. Coming to Moon's rescue was the unexpected arrival of Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune. One World Shaking was enough to force Nāginī off Sailor Moon. When Rhea rushed to attack Uranus and Neptune, the Outer duo obliterated her, some Bio-Vivians, and Draconian Guardians with a powerful combined World Shaking/Deep Submerge attack. Upon seeing her lover being wiped out, Nāginī screamed with fury and rushed to avenge Rhea, but Sailor Pluto and Sailor Saturn intercepted her.

"Are you ok, Sailor Moon?" Sailor Pluto asked her.

"Yes, but you're all in your old Sailor outfits?" Moon asked.

"Largely because our powers regenerated faster," Sailor Saturn answered.

"You normally wouldn't let your guard down like that. You're definitely rusty," Sailor Uranus said.

"And since you and your friends' powers haven't fully recovered, we'll help pick up the slack on your behalf," Sailor Neptune stated.

"Thank you," Moon genuinely replied, standing up with the Outers guarding her.

As the battle continued on, the heroes gained enough numbers to overcome the Rajita invaders. With most of their battalion wiped out, the Rajita generals and the colonels called back their troops.

"Know this, Sailor Senshi and allies! Kaiser Ghidorah knows you're here and the Silver Crystal will belong to him!" Kuiiza openly declared as he and his colleagues were beamed up back to the Rajita mothership.

"Kaiser Ghidorah?" Takato muttered.

"If that's just one part of their army, then we're in big trouble," Judai said.

"So, their leader knows about the Silver Crystal," Sailor Pluto muttered.

"We won't let him get it," Sailor V vowed to carry out her guardian duty.

Sailor Mars quickly faced Hiei. "Hey, I never thought I'd fight alongside a demon." All she got was an irritated grunt from the demon. "Not even a thank you? How rude."

Tuxedo Mask embraced Sailor Moon. "We'll fight them and protect the crystal. Whatever it takes."

"Thanks, Mamo," Moon smiled, grasping the tuxedo of her boyfriend. She then looked up to the ceiling with a determined look. "You're not getting this crystal, Ghidorah."

With that, this event forged a new alliance among these heroes. The Sailor Senshi gained support from the Tamers, the Spirit Detectives, the Duel Academia duelists, DATS, and the Legendary Warriors, defending their city from the Rajita invaders.

Rajita Warship/Ghidorah's Throne/8:57 PM (JST)

(Cue Justice League War OST - Darkseid's Arrival)

Sitting on his throne, the insidious figurehead rose from his dark throne. Kaiser Ghidorah, the key figurehead of the Rajita Empire, emerged from the veil of darkness shrouding his throne. Before he stepped out of the dark veil, the Rajita warlord's eyes burned bright green. A few loud brutish grunts became out of his mouth as he stepped into the light of his chamber.

A few creatures concealed in hoods bowed their heads. Her faces, while mostly obscured by their hoods, revealed they have beaks and olive green flesh. As their leader passed by them, they pivoted toward Ghidorah.

"At last, they finally reveal themselves. Princess Serenity and her guardians are on this backwater world," the warlord, wearing solid black and silver body armor complete with spiked edges, faced a screen projecting a visual feed from Kuiiza's recorded message. It showed the Sailor Senshi and Tuxedo Mask aiding the other heroes.

"Know this, Sailor Senshi and allies! Kaiser Ghidorah knows you're here and the Silver Crystal will belong to him!" The recorded voice of Kuiiza was processed.

Jutting from his shoulders are six purple crystallized protrusions. He has a dark red cape, covering most of his back. Longhorns protruded from his temples and curved at the front. His green and black facemask is rock hard coupled with a triple-spiked crown on his head. Embellished on the center of his mask and beneath the central spike crown is a dark purple claw-shaped emblem. A similar purple claw crest deeply meshes on his chest armor. His green eyes meticulously scanned the screen, which showed a defiant Sailor Moon looking up to the ceiling.

"You're not getting this crystal, Ghidorah." The recorded voice of Sailor Moon is then processed.

Narrowing his eyes, Ghidorah's eyes filled with malice as he blasted the screen with eye beams. Unfolding his crossed arms, Ghidorah pressed his fingers together and gave an unsettling but composed chuckle. "My, how you look so much like your mother, the queen. I was unable to end her ages ago. Once I take the crystal from you, it'll be my pleasure to spill and smear your blood all over my throne, Princess Serenity."

"My liege, pardon my intrusion," Kuiiza entered as he bowed his head. "Apologies, but we were unable to kill the Senshi and take the Silver Crystal. Unfortunately, we suffered a handful of losses, including one of our esteemed colonels. I promise we will have more opportunities to secure the crystal."

"Of course," Ghidorah frowned, his eyes still burning with a bright green light.

"Suffice to say, the princess's presence is quite pitiful now. Could this be the same woman who ended Sailor Galaxia?"

"It is, which is why we should not overlook Queen Serenity's daughter. Currently, she's the only one who can harvest its power. I must have her and the crystal."

"Then, don't execute a hit on the princess's life?"

"Until I have that crystal, hold off on her execution, because I'd personally like to do it myself."

"As you command, Lord Ghidorah," Kuiiza bowed.

"Is there anything else?"

"Our troops have forged networks on the planet. We will be monitoring this backwater world's Terran apes and their resources. I'm sure there's plenty for us to plunder."

"Whatever it takes, General Kuiiza. I shall summon you and your colleagues whenever I have a mission for you."

"Yes, my liege," Kuiiza nodded as he took his leave from Ghidorah's quarters.

Turning around, Ghidorah eyed a holographic visual of Earth. He pointed to Tokyo's location and deeply chortled, mentally conjuring images of himself sitting on top of a throne with billions of people either slain or worshipping him like a deity.

"Once the Silver Crystal is mine and Serenity's court ceases to be, I shall have full sovereignty of this universe unopposed!"

(End theme)

Outside Tokyo Big Sight (東京ビッグサイト)/9:00 PM (JST)

The crowd situation grew chaotic outside the arena. Among those caught in the panicked crowd were Philippe and Saya. While Philippe escorted his older sister away from the attacks, some people in the crowd bumped into them, causing the siblings to get separated.

"Saya! Hang on!" He called out, pushing his way toward her.

"This is crazy! How am I going to get through these people?!" Saya cried out. When someone accidentally bumped into her, she fell into a lot where there were fewer people, but a few Bio-Vivians and Foxzards fired shots near some crowds. When a Foxzard approached her, Saya screamed.

"SAYA!" Phillippe heard his sister's cries, but the crowds became too great for him to push through.

Before the alien fired a shot, the alien quickly got disarmed. When the alien turned to see who attacked it, a black sword plunged down and sliced it in two. Saya shrieked as the alien got cut in half. Looking up, she saw Crimson Knight Vampire Bram standing over her.

(Cue Castlevania - Vampire Killer [Remix] - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)

"Are you ok, miss?" Vampire Bram asked Saya.

"Y-Yeah, I am…" Saya blinked in confusion. "But, you're a cosplayer? Ah, but you aren't supposed to bring real weapons!"

"This? No, it's no prop," Vampire Bram said, wiping the Foxzard's green blood from his blade.

Just then, Saya caught wind of the other Rajita soldiers fighting off the other Vampire Duel Monsters. Vampire Hunter used his whip to disarm a Bio-Vivian of its rifle, allowing Vampire Vamp to drain its life with a bite to its throat. Vampire Scarlet Scourge blasted a few Foxzards with his staff. Vampire Fraulein used her umbrella like a bayonet, firing rounds of bullets through an unguarded Bio-Vivian. Swinging his scythe down effortlessly, Vampire Grimson bisected another Bio-Vivian.

"Are they…?" Before Saya can finish, Vampire Bram offers a helping hand to her.

"They're with me. Come, let's get you to safety, miss…?"

"Saya. I'm Sagara Saya and thank you, but I got separated from my brother."

"I see. But, we need to get you out of here first," Vampire Bram watched as more Rajita soldiers arrived, firing rifle blasts at his friends. "Comrades, it's time for us to leave!" He beckoned the other Vampire Duel Monsters to flee.

"You heard, Bram, guys!" Vampire Hunter in a European accent called to the others.

"Adam, but I wasn't done draining this one!" Vampire Vamp cried out, getting off the Bio-Vivian she drained to death.

"Now's not the time to feed, Demona! We have our orders!" Adam shouted back. He turned toward Vampire Scarlet Scourge. "Did you hear me, Sebastian?"

"Yea! Alright, Rachel and Walter, we're done here," Sebastian addressed Vampire Fraulein and Vampire Grimson.

Hearing this, Walter scoffed. "Alright, as you say."

Lowering her umbrella, Rachel frowned. "No complaining, Walter. Let's get going."

As the Vampire Duel Monster retreated from Tokyo Big Sight, Bram helped carry Saya. After distancing themselves from the arena, they avoided getting caught in the crossfire of the Rajita soldier's beams.

"But, we still need to find my brother."

"Is he your blood brother?" Bram asked her.

"Yeah, why do you ask?"

"I should be able to discern him with your scent. He should have the same scent as you," Bram said.

Hearing this, Saya was confused. "Then, you're not just some cosplayer. You and your friends really are…"

"Sorry, I should've told you sooner, but you probably should've figured it out, Miss Saya."

Saya recalled Vampire Vamp biting and draining the life from the Bio-Vivian. After figuring it out, she wasn't sure whether to trust these vampires, but Bram went out of his way to protect her and send his friends to fend off the other aliens.

"Just take me to my brother, please."

"As you wish, Miss Saya."

(End theme)

Following the Rajita's retreat, the Tamers and their Digimon hurried out of the convention. Along the way, Ryō, Cyberdramon, Alice, and Dobermon heard the humming sound of a lightsaber being drawn and cutting through objects. Then came the sound of pained howls from Rajita aliens.

"Did you hear that, Ryō?" Cyberdramon asked him.

"Yeah! What's going on?" Ryō replied as he hurried over to investigate.

"Wait, you two!" Alice called out as she and Dobermon followed them. Upon entering the space where Ryō and Cyberdramon went, they saw the tangerine-haired woman striking down and slicing a few Bio-Vivians and Foxzards with a light blue lightsaber-like construct.

"A Jedi?!" Ryō exclaimed.

(Cue Star Wars Main Theme)

Turning around, the woman fiercely glared and pointed her lightsaber to them.

"You…?!" The woman stared in confusion. "Oh thank goodness."

"You did all this?" Alice eyed the remains of the Rajita soldiers fading away into green light.

"Are any of you hurt?" The young woman asked them.

"We're fine, but we did just come out of a fight with these aliens," replied Ryō.

"Ryō, that's no ordinary human. She doesn't even have a fully organic nature," Cyberdramon assessed the stranger.

"She's not human. Then, what is she? A Digimon?" Ryō wondered.

"Digi-? No, I'm Kozmo Farmgirl," the woman answered. "But, you may call me Dorothel. You see, the Force told me to come here because I'd meet a band of resistance fighters fighting an oppressive force on Earth."

"Well, it looks like you found them," Alice stated.

"Yes, but you're not what I expected… unless this is a mistake? Am I supposed to be looking for another group?" Dorothel wondered. "Hmm, what am I going to tell my friends?"

"Your friends?" Alice queried.

Just then, a small band of cosplayers approached Dorothel. One of them is a bright green-skinned woman with shoulder-length orange curly hair, wearing a long-sleeved beige desert shirt with a brown vest over it, knee-length black boots, forearm-length brown & black gloves, and pink fairy wings.

"Kozmo Goodwitch, did you and the others evacuate those civilians?" Dorothel asked her friend.

Kozmo Goodwitch nodded. Accompanying her are three other individuals, including a golden yellow and brown anthropomorphic male lion garbed in a full-bodied black leather suit, a walking thin-bodied & limbed faceless, and short walking tin can with red eyes, a slot for a mouth, two arms, and four wheels used for strolling.

"Kozmo Scaredy Lion, Kozmo Strawman, and Kozmo Tincan, I'm glad you're all ok!" Dorothel said, patting the anthropomorphic lion as her touch relieved him of his fear of the invaders. "There, there."

"Star Wars and Wizard of Oz? Huh, what an odd combination," Ryō assessed their shared characteristics. "Wait, these are Duel Monsters."

"What do you mean? They're actual monsters from that card game?" Alice asked him.

"And more specifically, these are the Kozmo Duel Monsters."

"I see you're aware of our cards. Yes, we are Duel Monsters," Dorothel addressed Ryō and the others. "But, we're as real as you, my friends. We eat, bear emotions, bleed, and share camaraderie as you humans do."

"So, are you here specifically to fight these invaders that attacked us?" Ryō asked the Kozmo Duel Monsters. "Because no offense, but you're outnumbered."

"Yes, which is why we're searching for allies. We even infiltrated this facility in hopes we could find others like us, but so far we've only met a group of vampires, but they have their own mission different from our own," Dorothel explained their situation. "But, seeing that there are humans with Digimon, perhaps you can assist us?"

"And you know about Digimon?" Cyberdramon asked her.

"Of course, your kind and my kind are aware of each other's existence," Dorothel plainly answered. She turned toward Alice and Dobermon. "And we know about your Digimon Sovereigns, but we've yet to reach out to them. I doubt they'd be willing to help with our kind."

"Well, I have friends with Digimon who could possibly aid you," Ryō offered Dorothel.

"Thank you. Yes, please take us to them if you can. In actuality, we're really here to look for other Kozmo Duel Monsters like us."

"Who are you looking for?" Alice asked her.

"Kozmoll Wickedwitch, the apprentice of Dark Lady. She and her band of Soartroopers are around here, but they've been extremely difficult to locate," Dorothel said, sighing deeply. "Wickedwitch is blocking out my senses with her Force abilities. She doesn't want to be found."

"That's going to be troublesome if she doesn't want you to find her," Alice said. "Well, do you have a place to stay?"

"We don't, but we're ok going out and about. We've survived this long on our own."

"No, we can't let you go out with all that's going on now," Ryō firmly stated. "Alice, do you have room for them to stay?"

"It's a pocket dimension where Dobermon and I live, but I doubt I have enough room to hold all of them."

"It's ok. Thank you, but we'll manage just fine."

Nodding, Ryō extended a hand to Dorothel. "My place is pretty empty. When my foster dad isn't home, it's just me and he's usually gone away for work. I don't expect him back for a while."

"Are you sure?" Dorothel blinked, unsure of how to respond to Ryō's offer.

"You know, all of you are more than welcome to come to my place. That includes you, too, Alice and Dobermon."

"Oh, but I wouldn't want to…"

"It's ok, Alice. I don't mind and it'd make my place livelier than before."

Sighing, Dorothel scratched the back of her head. "I'm not sure what to say. Are we not intriguing?"

"When I'm offering you a place to stay, you either say 'yes' or 'no'. And think about it. Would you and your friends want to sleep on the streets? Do you have yen?"

"Yen? Oh, is that your currency? No, we don't. We only have our own currency, which may not be useful here," Dorothel replied. "Alright, we shall accept your offer… um, your name?"

"Akiyama Ryō. This is my Digimon partner, Cyberdramon."

"I'm Alice McCoy and this is Dobermon."

Dorothel brightly smiled. "Ryō and Alice… and you already know me as Dorothel. Well, it's a pleasure to meet you all." She shook Ryō and Alice's hands. "We accept your generous hospitality!"

(End theme)

As the groups hurried out of the arena, the Tamers and their Digimon were watched from afar by Yagami Taichi and Agumon. They keenly watched Takato and Guilmon conversing with Masaru and the other Agumon.

"Everything's clear, Taichi," Agumon responded, taking notice of Masaru's Agumon and Guilmon. "Hey, those are… it's that other Agumon!"

"Yeah, and the red dinosaur-looking Digimon is Guilmon," Taichi identified with his Digivice.

"I see. So, how soon until we meet them, Taichi?"

"Sooner than you might think, Agumon."

Just then, Taichi's smartphone buzzed. He pulled it out and read a text message.

"Yamato just sent a message. He and Gabumon want us to rendezvous outside the arena. Let's go."

"Ok, Taichi!"

Taking one last look at Takato, Taichi smirked. "Hopefully, we'll meet soon enough, kid."

Sagara Residence/Shibuya, Tokyo (渋谷、東京)/9:36 PM (JST)

Once Bram helped trace Saya to her brother, he picked up on Philippe's scent and reunited Saya with her brother. Watching the two embrace, Bram turned away to meet with the other Vampire Duel Monsters.

"Thank you, Bram," Saya approached him, reaching for his hand.

"You're welcome, Miss Saya," Bram acknowledged, reconvening with his vampire colleagues.

"Are these new friends of yours, Saya? Who are they?" Philippe asked her. After getting closer glimpses of the vampires, he gasped. "Hey, you're those Duel Monster Vampire cosplayers!"

Upon hearing this, Adam sighed. "Why do people think we're just cosplayers?"

Demona giggled. "Well, we did blend in very well."

"You're right. We're not cosplayers. We are real vampires," Bram turned around, facing Saya and Philippe. "But, you have no fear. We shall protect you for however long as we can."

"Remember Sheridan is still out there who knows doing what, Bram," Sebastian reminded his colleague.

"I know. I haven't forgotten our purpose," Bram said, handing a red gem to Saya. "Should you ever need us for anything, just invoke your wishes into this thing. I or one of my colleagues will come to you."

"We're ready, Bram," Rachel said.

"We need to look for Sheridan," Walter added.

"Yes, let's go," Bram nodded as he and his vampire group jumped up as if flying straight into the night sky.

"Wow, they're so cool," Philippe became awestruck by the Duel Monster Vampires. "Wait, so they're not just Duel Monsters, but they're good vampires?"

"I think so. They did save me. Guess we'll know what'll happen if we need them again," Saya said, grasping the red gem in her hand.

Kabukichō, Shinjuku (歌舞伎町, 新宿区)/10:30 PM (JST)

(Cue JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Phantom Blood Ost - 09 [Himeru Omoi])

In Shinjuku's red light district, recent activity has put the entertainment center in a restless state. There have been reports of young women left laying on side streets and back alleys. All of them have bite marks on the right side of her necks. The perpetrator behind these attacks has yet to be caught, but his shadow presence lingers and hungers for more fresh maiden blood.

Unfortunately for one helpless prostitute, he came for more than just pleasure. After feeding and draining her blood, he dropped the weakened prostitute.

Wiping the prostitute's blood from his lips, he stalked toward another prostitute cowering in a back alley corner.

"Please don't be afraid, young miss. All I want is to feed. So, please…" The man's eyes glowed bright red, utilizing a hypnotic spell on the prostitute. As her eyes and mind glazed over, she obediently walked forward against her will and fell into his waiting arms. Closing his cape over them, he bit into her neck and drained her blood through his fangs.

Making feasting, he flew onto a rooftop and gazed over the bright and lively entertainment sector of Shinjuku.

Chortling, the vampire opened up his white cloak, revealing himself. He has the outward appearance of an aristocrat garbed in a white suit with red and gold embellishments. Golden armored guards covered wrists. Skulls adorned his broad shoulders, which were covered up by a black flowing cape made up of swarming bats clattering in the night. He has neck-length properly-groomed blonde hair. A red monocle adorned his left eye. His neck collar looked like a purple fingered claw. The vampire's facial demeanor is calm and smug.

"The nights here bring me delectable morsels for me to feed, but even I grow bored of feeding on these helpless whelps," the vampiric individual muttered in a high falutin tone. "Perhaps I should relocate. Of course, Bram and his band of fools are out looking for me. I do sense their activity." He adjusted his monocle and smirked. "Now that they're distracted with these otherworlders, the time is right for me to confront my old colleagues." With that, his entire body dispersed into a swarm of bats that flew off into the night.

(End theme)

Shinjuku Gyoen (新宿御苑)/Shinjuku, Tokyo (新宿区, 東京)/March 27, 2016/12:37 PM (JST)

The very next night, the news broadcasts ran rampant across the world about last night's alien attack at Tokyo Big Sight. As a result of the Rajita attack in and outside the convention center, AnimeJapan 2016's remaining days were effectively canceled with the likelihood of the third day being postponed for a later date.

However, Tokyo wasn't the only metropolitan city in the world that faced Rajita sightings and attacks. Every country's military faced the invaders but was met with quick resistance. Then, in a stunning turn of events, Rajita forces quickly pulled out for inexplicable reasons. It was because Kaiser Ghidorah recalled his forces to his mothership to further assess Earth's military power and resources.

Not even a whole day removed from last night's attack, the Tamers called for a meeting near Guilmon's old den. Feeling nostalgic for being close to a place they used to hang out as kids, the Tamers found it a fitting meeting venue to discuss the current situation.

"I can't believe AnimeJapan is done. Just like that," Hirokazu sighed.

"Man, don't you even know why it was canceled to begin with?" Kenta scoffed.

"It still sucks."

"Let's get serious here, Hirokazu. Aliens came, attacked us, and we were lucky to send them packing," Ruki reminded Hirokazu.

"Lucky is the right word here, Ruki," Jianliang added, sitting down with arms folded. "You know if they really wanted to, they could've called ships and bombarded us with blasts we couldn't defend ourselves from."

"Yeah, and you saw all those ships on the news? Let's all count our blessings here!" Himura said.

"Dude, but that one guy who punched that alien. You remember that guy with the Agumon?" Kotori asked Himura.

"Yeah, what about him?"

"Who was he?!"

"How am I supposed to know?" Shrugged Himura.

"His name is Daimon Masaru. Or, that's what he told me. That guy really helped us a lot," Takato said. "But so did those other Digimon led by that Agnimon guy. And then there's the legendary Sailor Senshi, who've been gone for a little while. Now, they're back?"

"They picked the best time for a comeback," Guilmon said.

"You said it, boy," Takato concurred, scratching the back of Guilmon's head.

"And then there's your sister's group of friends, Himura," Juri reminded him of the Spirit Detectives.

"Oh you mean, Yui's 'besties'?" He rolled his eyes. "I can't believe Yusuke is that irresponsible bringing my sister and Aoshi to that fight! What if they'd gotten hurt?"

Kotori patted Himura's shoulder. "But, they didn't and that's what matters. Besides, you saw Yui. She can handle herself just fine."

BlackGabumon nodded. "Yes, Yui's a big girl now."

"But, she's only in middle school."

Betamon added. "So, what? Takato and his friends were just in elementary school when they fused with their Digimon partners, right?"

"Ah, those were the good ol' days," Terriermon sighed. "Just like this ol' hang-out place."

Renamon scanned Guilmon's den, smiling. "It does take me back being here with all of you."

"So, what are we going to do when those aliens attack again?" Hirokazu asked the others. "You know they aren't gonna let up. Next thing you know there's another invasion and Japan's SDF will be called in to deal with them."

Jianliang dismissively shook his head. "You saw just how effective the military was against the Rajita on the news. The social media platforms showed how quickly the invaders outmanned our military. Thankfully, our country was spared a major attack from those ships."

"Don't forget, we have Digimon with power that outmatches the military," Takato whipped out his D-Ark. "We can just Biomerge and that should make the difference."

"Yes, but that's only so few of you, Takato. You and your friends would be fighting against a massive extraterrestrial army," a deep man's voice interjected, garnering the attention of the Tamers and their Digimon. They all turned to meet a blonde-haired man in a dark blue suit, dark pants, and wearing shades.

"Yamaki! Long time no see, sir!" Takato formally addressed the Hypnos director.

"What brings you here, Yamaki?" Jianliang queried.

"I brought someone here who'd like to meet you all. He's someone with expertise, although not in the way of handling extraterrestrial forces. But, more like your senior in terms of Digimon relations," Yamaki said, stepping aside to allow Yagami Taichi and Agumon room to walk forward.

(Cue Digimon Adventure tri. OST - Happy End (tri. version))

"Hello, Tamers. It's good to finally meet you all," Taichi addressed the group.

"Hi, and wow look at all these Digimon!" Agumon chimed in, waving to the Tamers and their Digimon.

"Look, Takato! Another Agumon!" Guilmon pointed to Taichi's partner.

"Wow, this is the second Agumon we've seen!" Terriermon exclaimed.

"Second? Oh, he must mean that other Agumon we saw, Taichi!"

Folding his arms across his chest, Taichi mulled over recalling last night's events. "Right, when Takato and all of his friends walked out of the arena immediately after the attack, I do remember that guy with the other Agumon."

"His name is Daimon Masaru if you needed to know," Takato said.

"Yeah, we know. Yamaki told us all about him. He used to work for DATS," Taichi replied.

"DATS?" Ruki blinked in confusion.

"Digital Accident Tactics Squad, a peacekeeping organization established to maintain peace between the Real World and Digital World. Their purpose is to neutralize any disruptions caused by Digimon in the Real World. They helped revert Digimon into Digieggs and send them back into their Digital World. Their methods of handling Digimon are far less excessive than what Hypnos used to do," Yamaki entailed the Tamers about DATS and their mission statement.

Furrowing his brows, Jianliang nodded. "Far less excessive is right."

"Regardless, Hypnos handles Wild Ones with much more care thanks to you, Tamers."

"Wait, peace between the Digital World and the Real World? But, you mean the Digital World my friends and I go to?" Takato asked Taichi.

"Not exactly, kid."

"And your name is Yagami Taichi, right?"

"Yeah, said my name…"

Takato gasped. "You're that kid with the Agumon I saw several years ago! You two fought a giant red insect. I think that was a Kuwagamon! Oh, and then Agumon evolved into Greymon. Then, there was that black knight Digimon!" He recalled everything that happened over 10 years ago.

"Yeah, those were the days," Taichi chuckled. "But, how would you know? You would've been a little kid when all that stuff happened."

"Don't underestimate the power of the Internet and research," Himura said.

"Right, I forgot you kids have everything at your disposal."

"But, man. It's good to finally meet our senior," Takato shook Taichi's hand.

Guilmon approached Agumon, sniffing him.

"Heheh, hey. Cut that out! That tickles!"

"You do smell different from that other Agumon. He has a stronger scent than you!"

Agumon rubbed his head. "Gee, he must have bad hygiene?"

"But, you smell so familiar. I don't know why."

As Betamon faced Agumon, he trembled nervously as if he'd seen him before. Taking notice of her partner's sudden apprehension, Kotori crouched down and picked up her amphibious friend.

"What's got ya worked up, Betamon?"

"I get the strange feeling I've met that Agumon before. Almost as if we've crossed paths in another lifetime."

"Huh, I wonder why?" Kotori confusedly stared at Agumon.

"As I was saying, the Digital World you guys are familiar with isn't the same one my friends and I once explored," Taichi explained. "In fact, the Digital World that DATS explored is not mine either. You see, there are multiple Digital Worlds. Think of it like… uh… what did Koushiro call them…"

"A multiverse of Digital Worlds," Ryō chimed in as he and Cyberdramon walked up to Taichi.

"Yep, that's the word I was looking for!" Taichi pointed out.

"Ryō, so you're in on this, too?" Takato asked him.

"Out of all of us Tamers, Cyberdramon and I are the only ones who've explored other parallel Digital Worlds," Ryō elaborated. "I've explored these other Digital Worlds. They're each situated in a quadrant ruled by a respective Digimon Sovereign. I'm sure you're all aware, Tamers. The Digital World you're familiar with is Zhuqiaomon's domain."

"And get this. The Digital World where Agumon, me, and our friends come from is Qinglongmon's domain."

"No way, that's crazy! The Qinglongmon we met knows you?!" Takato exclaimed.

"Well, I'll be damned," Ruki said, finding herself intrigued with these tidbits.

"Yeah, and Guilmon. I'm sure you're aware of Omegamon?" Taichi asked Guilmon.

"You know my name?" The red dinosaur pointed to himself.

"I sure do. Get this, Guilmon. The Omegamon you know is one half of my buddy here," Taichi winked as he pointed to Agumon.

"Yep, Gabumon and I make up Omegamon!" Agumon said.

"Wow, no wonder your scent is familiar!" Guilmon realized.

"When you two become Omegamon and Dukemon, you make up the Royal Knights," Ryō addressed Guilmon and Agumon.

"That's right. Now I know why Guilmon has to go back to the Digital World most of the time. He has duties to perform," Takato said. "It sure does make life less fun when you're not around."

Looking at Takato's saddened look, Guilmon held his hand. "Don't feel bad, Takato. I always have you on my mind."

"I know you do."

"Hey, I know what it's like when your Digimon has to meet those duty calls," Taichi sympathized with the teenage Tamer's feelings.

"Ok so, you told us the Sovereigns warned Alice and Dobermon about that alien attack. So, how long did they know?" Ruki openly asked Ryō.

"On that very same day. It was entirely out of the left field. The Sovereigns were lucky enough to notice the digital grids were being affected," Ryō replied.

"Good thing you and Alice tried warning us beforehand. By the way, where's Alice?" Takato asked Ryō.

"She couldn't make it, but she hopes to see you all again."

"Now, let's get right down to business. We're going to meet DATS. Hopefully, we can find those armored-looking Digimon that helped you, Tamers," Taichi recalled the Legendary Warriors. "Whoever they are, we're gonna need their help, too."

Kotori raised her hand, getting Taichi's attention. "Are we going to meet that Masaru guy?"

"Yeah, he should be over with DATS's team when we head there."

Upon hearing this, Kotori grinned sneakily. "Fantastic."

"What's your obsession with that guy, Kotori?" Himura asked her.

"'Cause I want to know where he got that strength to punch that alien. That guy's packing some serious heat in that fist of his."

"Taichi. I think we should try getting into contact with the Sailor Senshi and the others who helped us fight those aliens," Takato spoke up.

"Sure if we can find them, but we should prioritize groups with Digimon partners. Then, we can start looking for those other aforementioned groups," Taichi reinforced his statement.

"Alright, your call. You can count us in," Takato firmly nodded.

"Good, let's get going," Yamaki nodded, escorting the Tamers and their Digimon out of the park.

(End theme)

Museum/Domino City (童実野どみの町ちょう)/1:15 PM (JST)

(Cue Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions OST - Presentiment)

Holding a meet-up in the Egyptian hall, Yugi invited Judai and his friends to the local museum to discuss last night's events. Among those Judai brought with him were Sho, Asuka, Manjoume, Tyranno, Fubuki, Rei, Momoe, and Junko. When the subject changed to Yubel, Judai explained the nature of her power to Yugi and elaborated on her past.

"Since Yubel has been able to allow us to conjure our Duel Monsters to life, I wanted to ask if she'd be willing to offer the same bargain for a few colleagues I know?"

Judai nodded. "It depends on how Yubel feels and like I said she can get pretty cranky sometimes."

"With all due respect, I don't want to sound like I'm forcing her hand or anything."

"It's fine. She has no issue with you, Yugi. It's just she's not sure everyone should have the same abilities as us now."

"Well, it's just a select few I had in mind."

Judai replied. "I see. Well, please give Yubel time to decide."

"Wow, so this is the place where Pharaoh Atem's artifacts are," Sho said while exploring the hall.

"Hey, wait up, Sho!" Momoe called out, following the short young man.

"Say, what's the whole deal with your friend going gaga over Sho?" Manjoume whispered to Asuka.

"Beats me. All of a sudden she now finds Sho cute and Junko has a thing for Tyranno."

Manjoume facepalmed. "Oh geez, your friends have weird tastes."

Rei walked up to Manjoume. "Awww, but we had fun last night, didn't we?"

"Yeah, and I beat you. Show respect to a champion duelist," Manjoume rebuked.

"Now, I want a title shot!" Rei poked Manjoume's forehead.

"Hey, watch where you're pointing!" Manjoume snarled as he lunged at Rei, who quickly sidestepped.

"So, what are we going to do about the Rajita? Now, you said you had previous beef with the last person that used these Orichalcos powers?" Judai asked Yugi.

"Yes, and we've just seen these creatures utilize Orichalcos stones last night. We were lucky to get the jump on them before they had any good chance to use the stones. We might not be so lucky next time," Yugi advised the Duel Academia duelists. "Now as I'm aware, the Orichalcos God is no more and has long since been purified after I defeated Dartz."

"So then, you were able to defeat their God. Now, they wanna pay you back for taking their God away?"

"I doubt they're aware I'm the one who defeated the Orichalcos Gods, Judai."

"I know, but now they're here and are using these stones as Dartz did. Only now we're fighting the true source of the Orichalcos."

Nodding, Yugi added. "Correct. I'm willing to bet the Rajita corrupted a Duel Monster serpent and converted it into their Orichalcos Gods those 10,000 years ago."

"10,000 years ago?!" Judai exclaimed. "Geez, that's so long ago. These aliens have been around that long?"

"Perhaps, and they've been scouring the cosmos for who knows how long. I surmise they wish to find that same Duel Monster and revive their Orichalcos God."

Clenching his fist, Judai gritted with determination. "Well, count on me to stop that from happening, Yugi!"

"Of course, you won't be in this fight alone, Judai. You've shown me some promise. You helped avert Darkness's influence on the world. I know you'll do the same with these intergalactic fiends."

"I've got you, my friends, and those other groups. I hope we can acquire help from those people with their Digimon. Oh, and I can't forget the Sailor Senshi and those guys with those awesome spirit powers. We have so many allies to choose from!" Judai exuberantly cried out, eliciting a smile from Yugi.

Yugi patted Judai's shoulder. "Perhaps, we will, Judai. After all, we can't do this alone."

"I mean, after all, this isn't the first time we've teamed up and…"


"Sorry, what I meant to say was you and I teamed up in some dream I had, but now we're teaming for real!" Judai quickly covered up the instance when he teamed with a Mutou Yugi from the past and a duelist from an alternate future timeline against a foe named Paradox.

"Ah, I see," Yugi smirked. "Yes, this time we shall unite in reality."

"You got that right, Yugi. Count on me and my friends. We won't let you down!" Judai assured the veteran duelist.

(End theme)

Secret Base/Game Crown Center/Azabu-Jūban, Minato (麻布十番, 港区)/1:35 PM (JST)

(Cue Sailor Moon Crystal OST - Fuan to Shousou)

Meeting up in the base underneath their favorite arcade hangout, the Sailor Senshi met to discuss last night's run-in with the Rajita. Recalling their memories from the past, Luna and Artemis informed Senshi about the Moon Kingdom's previous enemies, including those from beyond the Solar System.

"So, the Rajita Empire is an old enemy of not just the Moon Kingdom, but Earth's kingdom as well?" Mamoru asked the cats.

"They hail from a world beyond the Solar System and evolved from an age long before the Moon Kingdom. They harvested a power so corrupt anything it touches taints even god-like beings," Luna foretold them.

"It would explain why none of us can recollect anything about them from our memories," Minako said, sitting on a chair next to Usagi. "And now their leader wants the Silver Crystal."

"This Kaiser Ghidorah sounds like someone I normally wouldn't want to mess with, but since he's after us and the crystal, I can't just let that go," Makoto added, more determined to defend her princess.

"He's a malevolent tyrant who has held sovereignty for untold thousands of years. If anyone has knowledge of the universe's uncharted realms and secrets, it's him. He's even tapped into the power known as the Orichalcos, a power that even reached Earth and corrupted a host of its people," Artemis entailed.

"And now they're back. They chose now after Galaxia has been vanquished," Rei said. "Is Ghidorah in any way connected to Chaos like our previous enemies?"

"It doesn't seem that way. Ghidorah operates on his own power," Luna informed them.

"It's possible these Rajita were some of those outsiders we've stopped from breaching the inner planets?" Haruka said, shifting her question to Michiru, Setsuna, and Hotaru.

"Yes, it's entirely possible," Hotaru said.

"When Uranus and I destroyed that one Rajita, I seemed to have recalled slaying a creature like her," Michiru said, elaborating on her and Uranus obliterating Rhea.

Setsuna openly addressed Usagi. "And you and your four guardians could use all the protection you'll need while you're recovering your Sailor powers."

"Thank you, Setsuna. Yeah, we're not even at our full powers just yet. We won't be ready to fight Ghidorah or his elite guards," Usagi said.

"I deduce our full powers should regenerate sooner than later," Ami calculated an estimated time of recovery.

"Let's hope so for our sake. I doubt the Rajita incursion will be sitting around waiting for us to make the next move," Rei stated.

"No kidding. We can't fight their elite guards as we are now, but we should act more covertly like Ami suggested," Minako mulled over their choices. "Then again, we've now gained new allies outside our circle."

"Oh right! There's those kids with their Digimon!" Makoto recalled the Tamers, the Legendary Warriors, and Masaru.

"And there's that group with those demons," Ami said.

"Demon," Rei frowned when she remembered Hiei's snide remark toward her.

"Yeah, we should ask for their help!" Usagi suggested.

"Maybe, but we know so little about them," Haruka hesitated.

"Surely it wouldn't hurt, Haruka," Michiru replied.

"I'm in agreement with the others. Let's accept the outside assistance," Hotaru suggested.

"If we're all in agreement here, then I'm in," Mamoru promptly stated.

"Let's stay vigilant. Just because things are calm now, doesn't mean the Rajita will cease any more attacks. This is most certainly a calm before another storm," Luna advised the Senshi and Mamoru.

"I've run a scan across Tokyo and there doesn't seem to be any Rajita-related incidents. We should be good to go," Ami said, checking the base's big screen computer for any local enemy activity.

"You got that right. Ok, let's do it!" Usagi declared, getting up from her chair.

(End theme)

Spirit World (霊界)/King Koenma's Quarters/2:02 PM (JST)

(Cue Yu Yu Hakusho Soundtrack - Koenma's Theme)

After getting messages from Botan, the Spirit Detectives were summoned to Spirit World. They amassed in front of King Koenma, who sat in a smaller throne than the giant-scaled one his father used to occupy. In addition to wearing a crown and royal garb, Koenma was also in his adult form. The Spirit Detectives discussed with Koenma about last night's events.

"Yes, the Rajita. Hmmm, I haven't heard that name in such a long time," Koenma muttered.

"What do you know about them, Koenma?" Kuwabara asked.

"Ahem, it's King Koenma now, Kuwabara," Koenma replied, trying hard to keep a straight face. "Heh, oh who am I kidding? Since we've known each other for so long, I guess I can permit you to call me Koenma so casually."

Yusuke rolled his eyes. "You dick. You haven't changed."

"Yusuke, you should at least show some respect?" Botan scoffed at Yusuke's demeaning behavior.

"Easy. I'm just teasing Koenma, Botan."

"Right. Anyway, let's get on with more pressing matters with the Rajita. As you're aware, my father, the now ex-king, has held sovereignty over Spirit World for thousands of years. He has seen many events come and go. He's even had relations with other kingdoms. One such is the Moon Kingdom," Koenma pressed on.

"The Moon Kingdom?" Yui asked.

"It was once a prosperous and enlightened kingdom ruled by Queen Serenity, who knew my father and they've had many disagreements. However, they both were firm in keeping the Rajita Empire from invading Earth. A full-on Rajita Empire incursion would've surely thrown the Spirit World and Makai into chaos."

"Geez, sounds like these aliens are no joke," Kuwabara remarked.

"Of course, they aren't. If they really wanted to, they would've sent their whole army to wear us down," Hiei said.

"Yeah, but I would've driven them back with my full demon power," Yusuke boasted.

"Surely, you would've, but their leader, Kaiser Ghidorah, would surely best you in strength. He alone has enough power to destroy worlds effortlessly. I'd be careful if you're going to fight against him," Koenma warned his former Detective. "Your best bet in defeating him is to ensure Queen Serenity's daughter, Princess Serenity, harvests the power of the Silver Crystal."

"And where can we find this princess?" Kurama inquired.

"You won't look too far. In fact, you guys were already fighting alongside her. Princess Serenity is Sailor Moon," Koenma revealed.

"No way, she's the princess of this queen?!" Yusuke spat out in disbelief. "Like how old is she? She looks too young to be pushing the thousands."

"She, in fact, is not the princess from ages old, but the reincarnation of Queen Serenity's daughter. However, she has the princess's powers and memories," Koenma informed the Detectives.

"Does she even remember Ghidorah?" Botan wondered.

"Who even knows? That's why I'm asking you to work very closely with the Sailor Senshi. Your duty is to ensure the princess and the Silver Crystal are safe."

Hiei scoffed. "That would mean having to work with a priestess, who is among those Sailor Senshi. I must decline this."

"C'mon, Hiei, they need our help," Kuwabara turned to the dark clad demon.

"Need our help? From what we've seen, they clearly can handle themselves in a battle just fine and this Ghidorah is their enemy to face. Nothing I should be concerned with," Hiei started walking away.

"Hold on, Hiei! We can't go turn our backs on these people! These aliens are now our problem, too!" Yusuke chided the dark-haired demon's rash decision.

"I could lift those Living World restrictions my father placed on you, Hiei," Koenma considered, immediately garnering Hiei's attention. He watched the demon stop at his tracks. "Ah, I see you can still be reasoned with. So, what do you say, Hiei? Commit to this mission and you can kiss those restrictions goodbye."

Hearing this, Hiei turned his head. "This better not be you jerking my chain, your highness." He remarked sardonically.

"That's a good Hiei. Now, let's all play nice with our new allies."

"Well played, Koenma," Kurama chuckled.

"Alright, but who's going to be in charge of this mission?" Yui asked Koenma.

"You and Aoshi will be following their lead," Botan advised her. "Even though you're our Spirit Detective, you're still very young and need some guidance from people with experience. Yusuke certainly fits that bill."

"Heh, you heard that, big brother Yusuke? You better set a good example leading me, ok?" Yui turned to him with a wink.

Sighing, Yusuke waved her off. "Yeah, yeah whatever."

"This is so exciting! We won't let you four down!" Aoshi said.

"And you two certainly haven't," Kurama said.

"Yeah, you two showed you can pull your weight with us!" Kuwabara said.

Smiling sadly, Yui looked toward Yusuke. "I just hope I'll make Genkai proud. After all, she did teach me the basics before she passed."

Everyone in the room went quiet after the girl mentioned their late-friend.

With an equally sad smile on his face, Yusuke nodded. "Don't be ridiculous, Yui. Of course, she'd be proud of you. If anything, she's still nagging me from beyond the grave. She saw promise in you and told me to continue your training on her behalf. And in my opinion, you're going good for yourself."

"I'm glad to hear this," Yui said with a hand on her chest.

"Alright, we're off. Time to find the Sailor Senshi, guys!" Yusuke declared as he and his team headed out of the palace.

Botan whispered to Koenma. "Yui certainly has progressed as much as Yusuke did when he became our Spirit Detective."

"Indeed, Genkai found the best choice before she passed on."

"But, does Yui know?"


Botan frowned. "That she's a…"

Leaning back in his seat, Koenma then firmly asserted. "Well, we can be thankful she's not a Mazoku. That's for sure."

(End theme)

DATS Headquarters/2:45 PM (JST)

Later that day, the Tamers and their Digimon met with Masaru and Team DATS. Following some competitive interaction between Masaru and Kotori, the group was then introduced to the other DATS team members: Touma H. Nornstein & Gaomon, Fujieda Yoshino & Lalamon, and Noguchi Ikuto & Falcomon. After friendly introductions with the DATS members, Captain Satsuma and Kudamon welcomed the Tamers.

After briefing the Tamers about their organization's mission statement, Ryō explained the four quadrants each ruled by the Digimon Sovereigns. The southern sector, Zhuqiaomon's territory, is the world which the Tamers have already explored. The eastern sector, Qinglongmon's territory, is the world where Taichi and his friends first met their Digimon partners and defeated the evil forces that plagued it. The western sector, Baihumon's territory, is the world that Masaru and DATS have explored. But, what about the northern sector, Xuanwumon's territory? According to Ryō, this is the world where the Legendary Warriors hail from.

The Tamers still couldn't wrap their minds around the concept of there being more than one Digital World. However, Jianliang was certainly open to the possibilities of other digital territories. The fact each Sovereign occupying a separate dominion makes more sense than all four presiding over one. In hindsight, this made the D-Reaper a far more formidable opponent.

Another stunning revelation: Huanglongmon is revealed as the deity who supervises the Sovereigns. With eight eyes and twelve external red Digicores, it's massive consisted of golden scales made of a rare ore called 'Huanglong Ore', boasting absolute hardness that made it possible to inflict any wound to it. Huanglongmon is said to be the entity that maintained an equilibrium across the four realms. Without Huanglongmon, the four realms would be thrown in a sea of chaos and despair.

If that wasn't enough to surprise the Tamers, Ryō revealed Alice is a messenger from the Digital World afterlife and that her partner can fully evolve into Plutomon, the champion of the Digital World afterlife.

When Yggdrasil was mentioned, Taichi questioned whether this was the same Yggdrasil he and his friends heard about. Ryō confirmed this as true, which made Masaru and Agumon's victory over the corrupted entity that much more impressive.

Currently, there have been some nefarious activity in the eastern sector. There were confirmed reports of a dark being with an appearance similar to Gennai roaming. Upon hearing this, Taichi and Agumon demanded to know the whereabouts of Evil Gennai's location. Unfortunately, not even Ryō could confirm his current whereabouts and advised holding off on searching for their suspect until the Rajita situation is resolved.

However, Ryō did suggest Taichi and Agumon go see Qinglongmon very soon. Should the Rajita launch a global incursion, Omegamon may be necessary to summon the Royal Knights to help fend off a possible intrusion into the Digital World.

The Tamers and DATS were given the task to search for the Legendary Warriors. Once united, they'd form a Digiteam faction to fight off the Rajita invaders on Earth's side. With a firm handshake, Takato and Masaru vowed to complete their mission without delay.

Hikawa Shrine (氷川神社)/Azabu-Jūban, Minato (麻布十番, 港区)/7:36 PM (JST)

(Cue Yu Yu Hakusho Movie OST - Osae kirenu Ikari)

By nightfall, the Sailor Senshi and Spirit Detectives crossed paths once again. Before any tensions escalated between Sailor Mars and Hiei, Koenma, Botan, Luna, and Artemis arrived to prevent the shrine maiden and the demon from getting into a fight. As Spirit World's king and the cats helped cool the tensions, the Senshi and the Detectives were asked to work together.

Koenma charged the Spirit Detectives to help the other Sailor Senshi safeguard Sailor Moon and her Silver Crystal, which at the moment has been rendered dormant.

"I see. So, you're their boss?" Sailor Moon approached Koenma.

"It's an honor to finally meet you, Princess Serenity. I am King Koenma, ruler of Spirit World."

"Your highness. It's good to see you," Botan bowed. "And likewise, it's good to see you, Prince Endymion." She happily greeted Tuxedo Mask.

"King Koenma, it's an honor," Sailor Pluto properly knelt before the new Spirit World king. "I must say Spirit World has been long overdue for a genuine ruler."

"Please, no need to be so formal, Sailor Pluto," Koenma modestly chuckled over the formalities being displayed for him.

"So, what's the story with this guy?" Sailor J asked.

"Koenma is the son of former king Enma," Luna addressed the Sailor Senshi.

"King Enma exists? I once read folklore about him," Sailor Mars was flabbergasted to hear this.

"He's not some fairy tale character from your bedtime stories if that's what you're wondering, woman," Hiei snidely remarked, getting a cold glare from Sailor Mars.

"Ok, chill you two," Kuwabara and Sailor J both tried to calm them.

"Koenma, we appreciate your team helping us out during these troubling times," Sailor V stated.

Koenma nodded. "Yes, there's simply no telling when the Rajita will strike. I just hope two of your team members can get along."

Sailor Uranus sighed. "That might be somewhat difficult."

Kurama concurred with Uranus. "Indeed, you're right, but I'm fairly confident there will come a situation when they'll have to mend their differences."

"I hope you're right, Kurama," Yusuke said. "Because I don't want to get caught between those two."

"As long as the Silver Crystal remains inactive, Ghidorah may not come after you, princess," Koenma informed Sailor Moon as she showed him her crystal. "Yes, it doesn't have any potency, but with time it'll regenerate its full power. When it does, there's no doubt Ghidorah will come after it."

"But, why doesn't he get it now?" Botan wondered.

"Perhaps he only sees value once its powers resurface. In its current state, the Silver Crystal is but a piece of jewelry," Kurama said.

"That's why it's paramount I have Yusuke and his friends help you out before Ghidorah shows up," Koenma said.

Yusuke walked up to Sailor Moon. "Don't worry. You'll have us around to knock some heads while you recover those powers of yours."

"Thanks, Yusuke. And thank you, Koenma," Sailor Moon openly said, grasping the dull Silver Crystal in her fingers. "Once I'm back at full strength, I'll be ready to face Ghidorah."

(End theme)

March 29, 2016

(Cue Final Fantasy VII Remake - Those Who Fight Further)

Two days later, the next Rajita attack occurred near the Shibuya Station. A fleet of Brutes and Bio-Vivivans dropped in and launched an attack on the populace. General Kujiko and Colonel Lobo arrived to watch the proceedings happen, hoping their attack would draw the attention of their new adversaries.

Naturally, Takato & Guilmon and Masaru & Agumon arrived to deal with the situation. After evolving their partners into Growmon and GeoGreymon, Takato and Masaru sent their partners to mow down the Rajita troops. Masaru went into a brawl with various Brutes and Bio-Vivians, punching them so hard he sent a few flying into the air. The troops then resorted to Orichalcos stones, forging powerful barriers that nullified most of their attacks. Not even Masaru's punches could break these barriers. Enhancing themselves with these stones, the Brutes managed to beat down Growmon and GeoGreymon.

After evolving into MegaloGrowmon and RizeGreymon, they pushed back against the Rajita troops. Then, Agnimon arrived, lending a helping hand to the Perfect-level Digimon. As he turned into Vritramon, the Warrior of Flames turned the tide in the heroes' favor. Then, Lobo decided to step in. Hailing as the Rajita's expert marksman, Lobo used two pistols, firing blasts with enough power to wipe out city blocks. Protecting as many bystanders as they could, MegaloGrowmon, RizeGreymon, and Vritramon used their bodies as shields, taking Lobo's deadly blasts.

By the time Judai arrived, he joined with Takato and Masaru. Helping even the odds, Judai summoned Elemental Hero Neos to distract Lobo. Firing a precise shot at Neos, Lobo nearly struck down Judai's monster. Neos used his speed to evade Lobo's gunfire. Growing bored with his adversaries, Lobo charged a massive blue beam toward Neos, but MegaloGrowmon jumped in the way to take Lobo's attack, bringing the half-cyborg down to his knees.

Once Sailor V and Kurama arrived, the heroes struggled to put down the Rajita's marksman. Identifying Sailor V's presence, Kujiko confronted her and Kurama. Using his Rose Whip, Kurama almost tied up Kujiko, but the Rajita general used an aura to burn Kurama's whip. Trying her hand to take on the general, Sailor V used a variation of her Venus Love Me Chain, but Kujiko seized and broke her chain with raw power. He then brushed Sailor V away with an immense aura. As she was thrown in the middle of the Lobo fight, the Rajita colonel fired a barrage of dense energy bullets from his left gun. Sailor V dodged as many as she could. In response to Sailor V's plight, the Warrior of Flames became Ardhamon, countering Lobo's energy bullets with his Brahmastra, fiery blasts shot from his arm gauntlets.

Taking this time to recover, Sailor V looked on at the others fighting on her behalf. Feeling helpless, Sailor V reminded herself that no matter how grim the situation her star would shine. Then, like a wish being granted, her resolve reignited her dormant powers. In that instant, Sailor V turned into Sailor Venus. Turning toward Venus's direction, Kujiko and Lobo set their sights on the Guardian of Love. With his right gun, Lobo fired a powerful blast with enough potency to wipe out a continent. Rushing over to help Venus, the determined Sailor Senshi stopped the blast with a Rolling Heart Vibration. Shocked that his own attack was canceled, Lobo went into rapid fire mode, firing 1000 energy bullets at once. MegaloGrowmon, RizeGreymon, and Ardhamon helped cancel out half of these bullets, but many others passed them by.

Observing Lobo's guns, Kurama tossed a seed into one of the Rajita colonel's guns, causing one of them to combust. Left with one gun, Lobo fired larger dense blasts. Just then, Kotori & MetalSeadramon arrived, halting Lobo's blasts. As Kujiko headed off MetalSeadramon's intervention, Masaru struck the general with a punch, suddenly drawing energy from the alien and using it to evolve RizeGreymon into ShineGreymon. Once again impressed with Masaru's feat, Kotori asked about his special ability, but before he could answer, ShineGreymon and MetalSeadramon fended off Kujiko.

As the conflict neared its end, Takato and Guilmon Biomerged into Dukemon. In response to the Biomerged Digimon's awakening, Lobo conjured a pack of wolves from an Orichalcos stone. Dukemon swiftly fought off the wolves with his Gram sword and guarded himself with his Aegis Shield. Igniting Lightning Charge, a sphere of electricity surrounded Dukemon and protected him from the wolves. He quickly blasted away half of the wolves with Lightning Charge. While Dukemon and the others handled the wolves, Sailor Venus and Kurama double teamed against Lobo. Disarming Lobo with his Rose Whip, Kurama took several energy blasts into his body. Matching Lobo's fast speed, Sailor Venus severely maimed him with Venus Wink Chain Sword. Dukemon then took the initiative and finished Lobo off with Final Elysion.

Upon witnessing the demise of an elite Rajita colonel, Kujiko retreated with his remaining troops. As Sailor Venus tended to Kurama, she was surprised by his fast healing wounds, which were the result of herbs planted in his body.

With this united effort, this marked an important victory and sent a clear message to the Rajita to not underestimate these foes.

March 30, 2016

The next day, the heroes were met with a smaller-scaled Rajita attack. Led by General Morpheous, the Rajita assassins, Ravan and Xian-Yuio, attacked Tokyo Bridge in an attempt to lure out their adversaries. Increasing the stakes, General Morpheous summoned an army of Draconian Guardians, Bio-Vivians, and Foxzards.

The first heroes to answer the distress were Jianliang & Terriermon, Himura & BlackGabumon, and Touma & Gaomon. Evolving their partners into Galgomon, BlackGarurumon, and Gaogamon, the two Champion-level Digimon were swiftly beaten by the Rajita assassins. Then, to the surprise of the DATS member and the Tamers, Wolfmon and Löwemon arrived to help them fend off the Rajita invaders.

Once Rapidmon, BlackWereGarurumon, and MachGaogamon evolved, they managed to fight off the Rajita troops. Then, the troops utilized Orichalcos stones to create barrier constructs, which absorbed the Digimon's attacks. While the fighting occurred, Wolfmon and Löwemon engaged the Rajita assassins. At one point, it appeared the assassin would get the upper hand, but Sailor J and Kuwabara intervened, narrowly saving the Legendary Warriors of Light and Darkness.

Amidst the battle, one of the Rajita ignited an explosion that split the bridge in two. To prevent any casualties, other heroes (Takato & Guilmon, Judai & Elemental Hero Neos, Masaru & Agumon, Ruki & Renamon, Kotori & Betamon, Manjoume & the Ojama family, Asuka & Cyber Angel Vishnu, Fairymon, Chakkoumon, Blitzmon, Sailor Venus, Kurama, and Yoshino & Lalamon) helped patch the bridge and relocate casualties from the bridge skirmish. During the rescue, some debris nearly fell on top of some bystanders. In response to this danger, Sailor J and Blitzmon combined their electrical attacks to blast away the debris.

Once Judai entered the battle, he summoned his other Elemental Heroes to help the Digimon against the Rajita troops. Morpheous would then confront the heroes, challenging and beating most of them. Trying her hand against the Rajita general, Sailor J went for a kick, but Morpheous quickly knocked her away with a handwave. As Sailor J was knocked off the bridge, Blitzmon dove in and grabbed her, saving her from a long fall into the water.

Frustrated that her current power wasn't enough to beat Morpheous, Sailor J cursed her own dilemma. Then, something happened. A renewed power stirred within her. Drawing out this reawakened power, Sailor J successfully transformed into Sailor Jupiter. Having gained a substantial power boost, Sailor Jupiter wiped out Xian-Yuio with her Sparkling Wide Pressure. Ravan was then quickly slain by Beowulfmon. Turning to meet Morpheous, Sailor Venus and Kurama attacked the general. Putting up more of a fight, Jupiter summoned her Jupiter Coconut Cyclone, prompting Morpheous to escape with his life.

As she confronted Blitzmon, Jupiter thanked the Warrior of Thunder. Unbeknownst to these two, an electrical affinity forged between them.

Shortly after the bridge battle, the Tamers and DATS team asked the Legendary Warriors to join them. Without hesitation, Agnimon and his team agreed to join the Digiteam alliance.

(End theme)

April 1, 2016

(Cue Sonic Spinball - Boss Music (Remix))

After two intense battles against the Rajita forces, some of the heroes went to Game Crown Center to take their minds off the battles. Takato invited Jianliang, Hirokazu, Kenta, Himura, Kotori, and Juri to play some games. Likewise, Masaru invited Yoshino, Ikuto, and Chika. Takuya invited Izumi, Tomoki, and Kouichi. Judai invited Sho and Tyranno, who were then joined by Asuka, Momoe, and Junko. Yusuke invited Kuwabara, Kurama, Yui, and Aoshi. Minako invited Usagi, Makoto, and Ami.

As everyone enjoyed their gaming, an insidious entity that escaped during the first Rajita attack resurfaced from cyberspace and began infiltrating digitized devices. Once he infiltrated Game Crown Center, he located the Sailor Senshi's base and began hacking into their system, causing an alarm to go off. Hearing the alarm, the Senshi intended to investigate, but Emag used his power to send the heroes into various video games. While inside cyberspace, Emag shaped everything to his will and created clones to deal with the heroes.

With certain groups mixed up and divided inside each game, they were forced to play these games at the cost of their own lives. While this occurred, Ami, who was stuck in a game with Jianliang, Terriermon, Juri & Bastemon, and Kouichi, figured out Emag's meddling. She used her computer to isolate the clones directly to the source himself.

Upon locating Emag in his digitized fortress, Emag unveiled his latest plan: hacking into an American base that would launch nuclear missiles into numerous global cities. Appalled by Emag's scheme, Sailor Mercury, Jianliang, and their group fought Emag, only for the Rajita alien to propose a game. If they can figure out his real name, then he'll undo the nuclear missile attack.

Each taking turns, each group failed to guess his name until it came down to Mercury and Jianliang. The biggest clue was the arrangement of his name: it was spelled backward. Mercury and Jianliang answered with a simple: Video game.

As this occurred, Eamg's power over reality diminished and everyone else was released from the video game traps. Although he was beaten in his own game, Emag wasn't ready to go and boasted that the missile heading over Tokyo was well on its way.

Kouichi Spirit Evolved into Duskmon and helped Rapidmon and Bastemon deal with Emag. Watching everyone give it their all against the Rajita fiend, Mercury resolved to use her inner strength to fight and protect the Silver Crystal. With that, Mercury's dormant powers were fully released, transforming Mercury back to her regular Sailor Mercury self.

With her full power restored, Sailor Mercury conjured Hyperspatial Sphere Generate to regain control of their Secret Base and created a powerful firewall that purged Emag's computer virus. With her allies' support, she wiped out Emag with Shine Snow Illusion. With the Rajita creature gone, the nuclear missile headed for Tokyo fell harmlessly into the coastline. Tokyo was spared from a nuclear disaster.

After everything was restored, Sailor Mercury thanked Jianliang for working with her. Together, they prevented a global disaster.

(End theme)

April 3, 2016

(Cue Final Fantasy VII Remake - Critical Shot)

The next Rajita attack occurred near Hino Rei's catholic school. After meeting with students for tomorrow's reopening, Rei left to see her friends. Suddenly, and without warning, water shaped like a shark crashed near her. The attacker was Ztreko-Li, one of the Rajita colonels sent to eliminate the remaining vulnerable Sailor Senshi. General Nāginī was also present to observe Mars's execution.

After getting Mars' distress, the other Sailor Senshi hurried to her location. However, the one who came to Mars' rescue before anyone else was Hiei, who just happened to be close by. Hiei intercepted Ztreko-Li's attack, narrowly saving Sailor Mars. When Mars asked why he saved her, the demon simply answered with settling unfinished business, directing his next attack on Ztreko-Li. Not one to idly stand by, Mars aided Hiei against the Rajita colonel.

When Nāginī attempted to intervene, the Sailor Senshi and Tuxedo Mask stopped her. Not too soon afterward, Yusuke and the Spirit Detectives arrived, following Hiei's demon Ki.

Combining their fire attacks, Mars and Hiei held off Ztreko-Li. However, two water sharks poked from the ground and went straight for Hiei's back. Attempting to take out the stronger of the two first, Ztreko-Li almost put Hiei down, but Mars pushed him away and took the water sharks in his place.

As their friend fell in battle, the Sailor Senshi hurried over to tend to her, but Nāginī stopped them. When Yusuke and the others tried, Kuiiza appeared and blocked their way.

When Ztreko-Li approached the fallen Sailor Mars, she raised a sword to finish Mars off. However, Hiei intercepted her sword with his, blocking Ztreko-Li's. Taken aback by this, Mars questioned him. He gave no response and focused on the Rajita colonel. As Ztreko-Li and Hiei engaged in sword combat, Mars recovered and watched Hiei fighting on her behalf. She didn't quite get it. Why would a demon fight for her? Then, she remembered she sacrificed her body to save his life. She thought maybe she and Hiei aren't so different when it comes to defending someone's life. She wondered if Hiei has someone he's still fighting for.

Then, much to Mars' surprise, her full powers returned to her. As her prototype outfit faded, Sailor Mars was back in prime form. Summoning numerous ofuda from her sleeves, she flung them at Ztreko-Li's direction. Avoiding and cutting through most of these paper seals, two managed to bind her left arm and forehead. Left paralyzed, Hiei chopped off her left arm and aimed for her heart. Nāginī used a spell to break Ztreko-Li free, but this only prolonged her impending demise.

Infusing her sword with water, Ztreko-Li fought off Sailor Mars and Hiei. The shrine maiden and demon fought tooth and nail to wear her down. With only an arm, Ztreko-Li could only hold out for so long. The Rajita colonel's demise came when Hiei cut off her other arm. Mars then finished her off with a Mars Snake Fire. Witnessing Mars' attack, the serpent reminded Hiei of his Dragon of the Darkness Flame.

Suddenly, Kuiiza summoned Draconian Guardians and Brutes to help apprehend Sailor Moon, but the arrival of Dukemon, ShineGreymon, Ardhamon, and Judai's Elemental Hero Neos put a halt to that. After the heroes took out the troops, Kuiiza and Nāginī retreated, vowing to capture Sailor Moon for Kaiser Ghidorah.

With Sailor Moon the only one who's yet to reawaken her full powers, the heroes agree she must be protected at all times. Ghidorah's patience was growing ever thinner.

(End theme)

April 6, 2016

A few days have passed and the Rajita haven't launched another attack. However, the heroes couldn't stay complacent with Ghidorah targeting Sailor Moon's vulnerability.

While most of the heroes remained vigilant, Kaiba Seto announced his next project: a partnership with Hypnos in an effort to merge the Digital World and the Duel Monster World. In an effort to outdo his competitors, he hoped to enhance a duelist's experience through the way of virtual reality, giving them an opportunity to explore the Digital World and Duel Monster Worlds.

When hearing this, advocates from Hypnos, including the Monster Makers, adamantly disproved of this ordeal. In the eyes of skeptics, merging two virtual worlds could prove disastrous. Even the Digiteams, Duel Academia duelists, and Yugi's group were against Seto's ambitious idea. Yugi warned this could cause an imbalance between two worlds. Being the shrewd businessman he is, Seto argued that life just like business is full of risks needed to be taken. Takato tried talking Yamaki out of this, but it was revealed Seto bought shares of Hypnos to help allocate funds for his project. The project would be called the KC-HYPNOS Union.

Little did Seto know, Rajita spy robots gathered detail about the project and relayed it to General Kuiiza. When Kuiiza informed Ghidorah, the Rajita warlord looked at this as a sign for them to launch their full-scale attack. Having been informed of the Digital World's existence, Ghidorah couldn't pass an opportunity to invade multiple worlds at once.

April 8, 2016

With the first week of his first year of high school almost done, Takato returned home to his cousin, Urazoe Kai, visiting. Embracing his cousin, Kai asked how Takato's friends were doing and hoped to see them again. He asked Takato if he planned to see him. Casually responding with a yes, Kai asked if he could accompany him.

When Takato and Guilmon met with their friends, the other Tamers were surprised to see Kai again. Although he was thrilled to see Takato's friends again, there was one among them that suddenly caught his eye: Renamon.

Shinjuku Gyoen (新宿御苑)/Shinjuku, Tokyo (新宿区, 東京)/5:32 PM (JST)

"Kai?!" Ruki and Jianliang exclaimed in unison.

"Yep, my cousin's back to visit us!" Takato announced.

"What's up, guys? Man, y'all have grown!" Kai beamed with a happy smile.

"Yeah, we're in high school now if you didn't notice," Ruki answered.

"What brings you here to visit?" Jianliang asked him.

"Besides to see my cool cousin here? I wanna see Tokyo. It's been years since I was last here! There's a lot more people than I imagined!"

Terriermon shrugged. "But, there's always been a lot of people here."

"Terriermon, what's up, you floppy-eared prankster?" Kai waved to Jianliang's partner. Veering toward Takato's other friends, Kai introduced himself to Juri, Hirokazu, Kenta, Kotori, and Himura. "Hey, nice to meet you all. I'm Urazoe Kai."

"Hello, I'm Katou Juri."

"You look like my kinda dude. Call me Shiota Hirokazu!"

"I'm Kitagawa Kenta."

"Hey, Kai. You can call me Ayami Kotori."

"And I'm Tsubasa Himura."

"Great to meet you all!" Kai nodded. "So, I heard you all have Digimon, too?"

"Mine's back home. His name is Guardromon if you wanna know."

"Well, mine's always small enough to fit in my pockets," Kenta opened his shirt pocket, letting MarineAngemon fly out and greet Kai. "This is MarineAngemon."

"Wow, he's so small!" Kai watched the tiny pink cherub-looking creature hover around him blowing heart bubbles in his face.

"I think he likes you," Juri giggled. "As for my Digimon, she usually hangs around here."

"Hang around? I'm right up here!" Bastemon called out, waving to Juri and the others. Standing right next to her is Renamon.

"And you remember Renamon, right?" Ruki asked Kai.

"I sure do. Hi, Renamon. It's been a while," Kai waved to the yellow-furred, biped fox, who hopped down.

"You're looking well, Kai," Renamon said.

"And you're still as beautiful as I remember."

(Cue Digimon Tamers OST - Kage no Yasahisa)

Hearing this, Renamon was taken aback, not sure what to even say to a human boy describing her so affectionately.

"What's wrong, Renamon?" Ruki asked her.

"It's… oh, it's nothing," Renamon tilted her head away, concealing her shocked look from her partner.

"Yo, Kai. This is my partner Betamon," Kotori introduced him to Takato's cousin.

"Oh, that's nice," Kai replied, petting Betamon.

As Himura introduced BlackGabumon to Kai, Renamon meticulously watched Kai interact with the other Digimon. She couldn't help but notice how attractive Kai had gotten since they last met. She was taken in by his charming smile, his gentle demeanor, and his casual approach with the other Digimon. That's not even counting the surfer build Kai has going for him: traits that would woo any naive woman. However, Renamon saw a pure spirit underneath the surfer's exterior.

"Renamon?" Ruki's voice interrupted Renamon's deep train of thought. "Hey, are you listening?"

"...Ruki?" Renamon nodded. "I apologize. It seemed I had spaced out."

"You had me worried there for a minute, Renamon."

"So, how long are you planning to stay in town, Kai?" Jianliang asked him.

"I dunno. Maybe a week? That's plenty of time to look around? I know y'all are in school. Maybe we can do some sight-seeing after classes or somethin'?

"That's a great idea! Hey, you should come with us to some eating places! There's a lot to choose from!" Hirokazu gleefully exclaimed.

"And we still have arcades. You've gotta play some games with us!" Kenta added with exhilaration.

"Sure, guys."

"And there's lots of beautiful places to see. I think you'll like it," Juri said.

"Hey, you like fighting? I know a cool dojo we can hang out in," Kotori offered. "What do you think, Himura? We can take him to sensei's place for a demonstration?"

"Well, I suppose we could," Himura replied.

"One at a time, guys. Kai's probably going to be here for a week or two!" Takato stepped in.

While the Tamers argued over who'd spend the most time with Kai, the country boy met the gaze of Renamon again. Renamon slowly turned away, but Kai did notice her slight blush from them making eye contact.

"Renamon," Kai addressed her.


"What do you and Ruki wanna do with me?"

"Uh, well…" Renamon muttered.

"We could play some card games if you're up to it, but no pressure. You can come to see my family's shrine if you want," Ruki offered.

"Really? Well, I'm glad I brought my cards. Do you play Duel Monsters, Ruki?"

The orange-haired girl coolly smirked. "Oh, do I? Bring your best deck you've got."

"You're on," Kai nodded.

Realizing Kai could possibly be coming over, Renamon relaxed her demeanor and posture.

"We'd be honored if you visited, Kai," Renamon genuinely gave him an open invite. However, her inner voice asked her why she said that. Renamon thought if this was a good idea.

"Thanks, Renamon. I'll come since you asked," Kai smiled.

"Uh, what's going on here?" Terriermon blinked. "Renamon's usually never this chatty."

"What's the deal?" Jianliang whispered.

"Do I sense a vibe between them?" Terriermon wondered.

"That's ridiculous, Terriermon. Keep quiet."

Covering his mouth with his ears, Terriermon. "Momentai. We'll see who's right, Jianliang."

(End theme)

Ryō's Home/Shinjuku, Tokyo (新宿区, 東京)/7:30 PM (JST)

It has been a little over a week since Dorothel and her friends moved into Ryō's place. With his foster father still gone out of town, Ryō's new friends settled in and treated the place like their own. Every now and then, Alice would drop by to check with Ryō. Tonight would be another one of those visitation evenings.

"I hope I'm not disturbing anyone today?" Alice asked, walking as Ryō let her in.

"No, not all. It's just me and our Star Wars wannabe ragtag group," Ryō replied, closing the door. Looking back to the living room, he saw Alice greeting Dorothel, Kozmo Goodwitch, and the other Kozmo Duel Monsters.

"So, I heard you're still out looking for that Wickedwitch character?" Alice asked Dorothel.

"Yes, and we did briefly run into her, but she got away. Ugh, we were so close!" Dorothel closed her fists.

"We almost caught up with Wickedwitch, but we were caught in a fight with those Rajita soldiers. Thankfully, some of Takato's friends were there to help us," Ryō explained, pulling up a chair next to Dorothel.

"I see. Then, you've already introduced Dorothel and her friends to the Tamers?" Alice queried.

"Yeah. It went well and Takato's friends said they'd be glad to help us find Wickedwitch," Ryō said.

"How did they handle Dorothel and her friends being Duel Monsters?"

"Well, actually they took it better than I thought they would," Dorothel replied. "Maybe because they're now acquainted with some group of duelists who summon real Duel Monsters. I don't know how, but whatever."

"Their monsters were brought to life by some type of mystic power, but Dorothel and her friends are as real as you and I are, Alice," Ryō plainly stated, opening a cup of still warm ramen. As he handed it to Dorothel, he opened up his ramen cup.

"Of course, I'm real. I mean, look! I can eat your world's food!" Dorothel clasped her hands in prayer before dunking chopsticks and slurping up noodles into her mouth. "Mmmm, so good!"

Alice giggled. "Well, don't have too much of that. It's bad for you."

"Anything you'd like to say about the Digiteams being together?"

"You and Taichi did splendid work gathering them. They've worked so well handling the local alien attacks," Alice said, observing Ryō and Dorothel sitting close to the other. "Well, I'm glad Dorothel's settled in nicely. How long do you and your friends plan to stay, Dorothel?"

Lifting her head, Dorothel's mouth was full of noodles. After slurping up some, she answered. "As long as it takes us to find Wickedwitch. Hopefully, it won't take long."

Clasping her fingers together, Alice coolly smiled. "I see. Well, take as much time as you need."

"I'd rather find her and resolve things so my friends and I can return home, but we're in no real hurry."

Ryō and Alice watched Dorothel resume eating her ramen. As they exchanged looks, they smiled and chuckled together. At that moment, their eyes met as something sparked between them. They wondered, 'Was this something akin to a friendship?' Little did they know, Dorothel noticed this as well.

Sagara Residence/Shibuya, Tokyo (渋谷、東京)/8:45 PM (JST)

Ever since the attack at Tokyo Big Sight, Saya has been in close contact with the Vampire Duel Monsters. After getting further acquainted with them, she learned of their mission to hunt down a traitor to their clan: Dhampir Vampire Sheridan.

Hearing the knock on her window, Saya opened it. Bram floated inside her room.

"Good evening to you, Miss Saya. You are looking well."

"Thank you, Bram. So, how has your search been going?"

Bram deeply sighed, a sign that their search for Sheridan hasn't gone as well as they hoped. "Sadly, he keeps giving us the slip. We've hit all the stops he's been in after following the trail of the bodies he's left behind."

"Yes, I've been reading the reports of those young women who've been left sick and comatose. All of them drained of their blood. The bite marks on their necks are the biggest indicator," Saya nodded, sitting on her bed with her laptop in front of her. "I wish I could help."

"You're better off not getting yourself involved. We'd rather not put you in the line of danger with Sheridan still at large."

"I know, but I'd hate for this monster to get away with all he's done!" Saya cried out.

"I know you mean well, Miss Saya."

"Then, let me help."

"You are helping by staying here, Miss Saya. If Sheridan got to you, I wouldn't know what to do," Bram said regretfully, not wanting to mull over the worst case scenarios. He felt Saya holding his hand. "I'd rather you and your brother stay safe here."

"Alright, if you think I should," Saya conceded with Bram sitting next to her.

"Those invaders that attacked your city lately have become quite a nuisance. My colleagues and I had another run-in with them, but thankfully we managed to get away."

"They have been troublesome, but thankfully Philippe's friends have Digimon to deal with bad guys. And then there's all those other heroes. Can you believe the Sailor Senshi are back fighting the bad guys again?!"

"Heh, indeed. It gives us less work so we can focus on Sheridan," Bram chuckled, trying to hide his internal frustrations with failing to find and capture Sheridan. As Saya grasped his hand, he relaxed.

Outside the residence, the other Vampire Duel Monsters stared at the quiet night sky, waiting for Bram to finish talking with Saya.

"Bram's truly fallen for that young woman," Sebastian chortled, picking up a rose from the garden.

"Are you sure he hasn't gotten smitten with Saya?" Rachel wondered, standing and balancing on a laundry wire while holding an umbrella in her right hand.

"I would've hoped he ditched her by now. Getting her involved will be detrimental with our mission," Walter added.

Sitting next to Demona, Adam fiddled with his whip. "We can't let Sheridan keep giving us the slip each time."

"He is a sneaky one, but I'm sure we'll corner him. We'll catch him when he least expects it," Demona said, leaning her head on his shoulder.

"Easy for you to say. He knows us too well. I hope he somehow hasn't struck a deal with these invaders. Because that will surely be the worst scenario for us," Adam informed his colleagues. Just then, he caught Bram sneaking out through Saya's window. "Looks like he's done. Let's get going, everyone."

Makino Residence/Shinjuku, Tokyo (新宿区, 東京)/April 10, 2016/5:50 PM (JST)

The very next day, Takato, Guilmon, and Kai visited Ruki at her shrine. Takato was surprised that his cousin chose to visit Ruki and Renamon. For today, he passed up going to the arcades with Hirokazu and Kenta. Takato and Guilmon followed Kai into Ruki's quarters where they played a fairly competitive game of Duel Monsters. Watching from the corner is Renamon, who kept to herself during the duel.

After giving Ruki some stiff competition, Kai ultimately fell to Ruki's trap and final attack. Kai bowed his head accepting defeat.

"Well played, Kai. No one's played me that well besides Takato and Jianliang. I never thought you had that kind of dueling spirit in you," Ruki complimented him.

"Thanks, Kai. It was a good game!" Kai gave a beaming smile, eliciting a calm and collective smirk from Ruki, unfreezing her usually cool exterior.

"That was an awesome game, Kai! There were times I thought you had her!" Takato exclaimed.

"Gee, thanks, but I'm not one to brag," Kai chuckled. Then, he noticed Renamon get up and walk out toward the garden.

"Is something wrong, Kai?" Takato asked him.

"Nah. Listen, I'm gonna get some fresh air. Ruki, your family garden looks nice. Can I look?"

"Sure. Hey, Takato, I'm going to check with grandma's cooking. You want to come with me?"

"Huh? Oh, sure!" Takato happily accepted her invite as they headed into the kitchen.

"Wait for me!" Guilmon wailed, following Takato and Ruki.

(Cue Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works OST - Disc. 1 - 10 - Daydream)

As Kai walked out, he could hear Ruki chiding Guilmon for not touching her grandmother's kitchen utensils. As he walked into the garden, Kai admired the view. The refreshing natural scent from the garden helped calm his spirit. Having lived his life being near the ocean, he learned to become attuned to nature and he used the ocean to help alleviate his mind through hours of meditation. He approached the garden pond and closed his eyes.

Taking a deep breath, Kai heard someone else breathing in a similar fashion. Opening his eyes, he pivoted and saw her. Renamon stood on the other side of the pond, clamping her hands together. Upon gazing at Renamon from a closer view, Kai admired her tranquil beauty. She was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen.

"H...hi, Renamon?"

Seemingly closing her mind off from the world, Renamon started falling into a meditative state. Even Kai's words didn't seem to reach her.

"It's a nice night, isn't it? And the garden here is beautiful."

"Indeed, it is," Renamon surprisingly answered. Opening her eyes, Kai became enamored by her fox blue eyes.

"But, not as beautiful as you are, Renamon."

"You think so?" Renamon asked, taken aback by Kai's compliments. She didn't know what to think, a human boy giving her an honest compliment. She could sense he was attuned with natural surroundings like she was and enjoyed meditating. He was unlike the other boys she has known in Takato's circle, and even those she's seen walking with or without a lady companion in the park. "Thank you, I suppose."

"I mean what I say, Renamon. You are beautiful. I just never had the chance to say it the last time we met."

Hopping from her side of the pond to Kai's side, she leaned over slightly, her blue eyes looking into his. "Do you still think so up close like this?"

"Yeah, I do."

"Are you certain?"

"Yeah. May I…?" He asked, reaching to caress her fur, to which she nodded as he stroked her facial fur and her maw. As he caressed her face, Renamon seemingly enjoyed his touch. "Let me know if you feel uncomfortable, ok?"

"No, you're doing fine, Kai. That does feel good," Renamon sighed with pleasure, then allowing Kai to get up close to her. Then, with her consent, she allowed him to caress her furred chest, eliciting a relaxed sigh and demure look on her face. As she sat down, Kai knelt next to her. Holding his hands, Renamon sensed his kindred spirit, which has a similar vibe as her own. This was a young man unlike any other she's seen. He was certainly nowhere as naive as Takato once was. No, Kai was a whole different kind of human she's ever met.

"Let me know if you want me to let go."

Nodding, Renamon invited him in to stay with her. "No, don't stop, Kai." She grasped Kai's hand and leaned her maw toward his face. As they leaned in, their two faces met. They then kissed. As awkward as this would've appeared from another perspective, these two didn't seem to mind at all. In fact, Kai and Renamon were enjoying it.

(End theme)

Suddenly, out came a loud outcry.

"RENAMON?!" Ruki screamed as she caught them in the act.

As they pulled away from their kiss, Renamon and Kai saw not just Ruki, but Takato, Guilmon, and the other Tamers, who all couldn't believe their eyes. Only Terriermon had a sneaky grin etched on his bunny face, seemingly calling it as he saw it.

"Ruki, I can…" Renamon tried and utterly failed at covering up the fact she kissed a human boy.

"Explain?! That you're making out with Takato's cousin in our garden?!"

Kai pleaded to her. "Please, let us…"

"Yeah, explain?! Is that what were you going to say?!"

Feeling deeply ashamed, Renamon stood up. "Ruki, you don't understand. Kai, he has a spirit like me."

"What does that mean?"

"Ruki, maybe you can let her explain?" Jianliang suggested.

"Yeah, you're not giving her a chance to speak."

Juri concurred. "Have you considered her feelings, Ruki?"

"Geez, I never would've imagined Renamon was into dudes," Kenta quietly muttered.

"Me either. Kai's freaking smooth," whispered Hirokazu.

Before Renamon and Kai could give an honest answer, the Digimon sensed the presence of another Rajita attack. Guilmon's eyes went viral as he growled, quickly getting Takato's attention.

"Guilmon? Is it another enemy in the area?"

Ruki then saw Renamon's fur standing. "We'll talk about this another time." She then veered over to Kai. "And as for you…" She felt Renamon grab her shoulder. "Renamon?"

"We have matters to attend to, don't we?"

"Of course," Ruki nodded.

"Juri, can you, Bastemon, Shaochung, and Lopmon stay behind and look after Kai?" Renamon asked them.

"Sure, leave it us!" Juri nodded in compliance.

"Beat them up real good, my friends!" Bastemon cheered them on.

"We won't let you down!" Shaochung and Lopmon added together.

With that, the Tamers and their Digimon headed off toward their destination. On the way, Renamon nearly lost her train of thought as images of Kai and herself burned in her mind. Ruki noticed this and showed concern for her friend.

"We really need to talk about this after this thing blows over," Ruki muttered.

Inuki Residence/Shibuya, Tokyo (渋谷、東京)/7:05 PM (JST)

(Cue Sailor Moon Crystal OST - Tsuki no Densetsu)

On that same evening, Aoshi's father, Inuki Ōkami, invited the Spirit Detectives and the Sailor Senshi to discuss the long storied relationship between Spirit World and the Moon Kingdom. Koenma, Botan, Keiko, Yukina, and Shizuru were also present during the fateful meeting.

Ōkami opened the dialogue by confirming their questions: King Enma and Queen Serenity once had business relations. But, it was Ōkami who had a more personal and intimate relationship with the Queen herself.

Long ago, Ōkami was a pack leader of a Lycan tribe in the Makai. Before the borders between the Living World and Spirit World closed, Makai residents like Ōkami were allowed to roam free. Ōkami decreed that his pack not harm any humans during their passage into the Living World. One day, he came across a lost child, who was attacked by a large Uwabami serpent Yōkai. Before diving in for a fresh meal, Ōkami intercepted the serpent and tore it apart. As he saved the child, Ōkami offered to take her home. Much to his surprise, the child pointed to the moon and said she's the princess of the Moon Kingdom.

That child was Princess Serenity. Usagi couldn't believe she knew Ōkami in another lifetime.

Having been given access to the moon, Ōkami arrived in Queen Serenity's court and returned the princess. Before taking his leave, Queen Serenity asked Ōkami to stay for a feat. As he declined, the princess asked him, who she called 'Papa Wolf', to stay and eat with them. Later after a big meal, the Queen put her child to sleep and met with Ōkami in her garden. As she thanked him, Ōkami said he cannot stay long as he understands Makai residents are not permitted to be on Moon Kingdom grounds. However, Queen Serenity refused to bend to Enma's ruling and exercised her authority to allow Ōkami permission to visit the Moon Kingdom. She asked Ōkami to be a father figure, which the princess sorely lacked at the time. King Serenity had passed on.

As time went on, Ōkami would often visit the Moon Kingdom to see the Queen and her daughter. He would also meet Sailor Pluto, who at the time was guarding the Space-Time Door.

Unlike the current time Sailor Senshi, Setsuna remembered everything, including her interactions with Ōkami. At the time, she remembered being infatuated with him, but even she knew his heart was with Queen Serenity. Nonetheless, the Time Guardian accepted Ōkami as a friend. Ōkami regarded Pluto as the 'lone wolf who guards the gates'.

(Cue Sailor Moon Crystal OST - Kattou suru Kokoro)

During Ōkami's stay, the Rajita Empire launched an attack on the Moon Kingdom. Along with the Sailor Senshi, Ōkami was given the task to safeguard Princess Serenity. Queen Serenity along with other allies diligently fought off Kaiser Ghidorah and his generals. The battle was decided when Queen Serenity drove Ghidorah back with the legendary Silver Crystal. Ōkami found a new admiration for Queen Serenity's power.

One day, Ōkami asked Queen Serenity to use her Silver Crystal to grant him a human form. As a reward for protecting her daughter, Queen Serenity granted Ōkami his wish. Now with a disguised human form, Ōkami could blend in with the Moon Kingdom's citizens.

However, those dreams were quickly dashed when Enma learned of Ōkami's presence in the Moon Kingdom. In the tyrannical king's eyes, Ōkami had broken a pact that he and Queen Serenity forged. As a result, a ferry woman showed up and informed Ōkami that he must leave the Moon Kingdom. Enraged by Enma's decision, he knew Enma was out to get benevolent demons like him. Enma then decided to end relations with Queen Serenity after she broke their pact. Ōkami and his tribe were then asked to return to the Makai, but Ōkami relented and decided to stay in the Living World. The night before his departure from the Moon Kingdom, he and Queen Serenity made love. With a final kiss, he bid his lover farewell and gave a tearful goodbye to the princess, whom he viewed as a daughter he never had. This was also roughly when Spirit World forged a barrier, dividing the Living World from the Makai.

Shortly after Ōkami's departure, Queen Metalia and Earth's people attacked the Moon Kingdom. The once prominent fell with Queen Serenity's sacrifice and sealing of the great evil. King Enma, who was a witness to this, didn't lift a finger to aid his former ally.

As if Yusuke hadn't hated Enma enough, this fueled his disdain for the former Spirit World king. King Koenma begged for forgiveness from Ōkami, which he accepted and bore no grudge against Enma's offspring. Ōkami also revealed to Kurama that he was the hunter that critically injured Yoko many years ago, forcing the demon fox to search for a human vessel, later to be born as Minamino Shuichi. Needless to say, Kurama had a feeling after recognizing Ōkami's scent.

During the millennia staying in the Living World, Ōkami lived a solitary life until he met Suzuno. Even after learning of her husband's Lycan nature, Suzuno still loved him unconditionally and married him. A few years into their marriage, they bore a son. Ōkami and Suzuno turned to Aoshi, who modestly blushed. As Usagi faced Aoshi, she looked to him as a second brother. Ōkami even regards Usagi as a member of his family.

As for Usagi, she was still not in high spirits. She informed Ōkami that her Silver Crystal hasn't regained its glow and that her full powers haven't returned to her yet. Finding this deeply concerning, Ōkami hoped the power would return since the Rajita have returned.

(Cue Code Vein OST - Return of the Knight -Danse Macabre-)

At that instant, the Rajita attacked outside Ōkami's home. The Detectives and the Senshi headed out to meet Kuiiza and his two colonels, Melancholia and Blitzkrieg. When Rajita troops arrived to distract the groups, Melancholia grabbed Sailor Moon and pulled her into a pocket dimension. With Kuwabara's Dimension Sword, he cut through the dimension, granting Tuxedo Mask and Yusuke entry to save Sailor Moon.

Upon entering Melancholia's realm, Tuxedo Kamen and Yusuke entered a 50-foot tall tower. As both reached the top of the tower, they faced Melancholia, who had Sailor Moon pinned to a wall. Hoping to force Moon to invoke the Silver Crystal's power, Melancholia planned to send its power directly to Ghidorah. Taking Melancholia on, Tuxedo Mask and Yusuke double teamed against Melancholia, who transformed not once, but twice.

Having transformed twice, Melancholia gave Tuxedo Mask a fight for his life. Yusuke used his Sacred Ki to injure Melancholia, who prepared to throw an attack with enough power to destroy the whole pocket dimension. In response to her lover's plight and the grave situation they were in, Sailor Moon's full power was unleashed in conjunction with the Silver Crystal. With her recognizable garb restored, Sailor Moon faced the menacing Rajita colonel. Then, using the Silver Crystal's power, she forged a wand similar to her Eternal Tiare, the instrument she used when she was Eternal Sailor Moon. With little effort, Sailor Moon evaded Melancholia's attacks and even diverted his dimension destroying blast. Finally, with her wand, she effortlessly obliterated Melancholia. With the Rajita colonel vanquished, the dimension ceased. Moon then used her Silver Crystal to help her, Tuxedo Mask, and Yusuke escape.

Meanwhile, as the Senshi and Detectives defeated the troops, Sailor Venus took the initiative and engaged Blitzkrieg, who underwent an animalistic transformation, turning into a humanoid panther-like beast. Summoning her Holy Blade, Venus fought Blitzkrieg tooth and nail. He initially wore her down with his quick reflexes and vicious strikes. When the other Sailor Senshi intervened, Blitzkrieg knocked them away with a handwave. Sailor Saturn put up a Silent Wall, protecting everyone from Blitzkrieg's attack.

When Venus fell, Kurama threw his Rose Whip at Blitzkrieg and turned into Yoko. He attacked the panther-like warrior with similar ferocity. Seemingly enjoying his bloody fight with Yoko Kurama, Blitzkrieg was ready to go all-out. As he did, Sailor Venus regained enough strength to run the Holy Blade through his chest. Critically injuring the Rajita colonel, Sailor Venus then finished him with Venus Love and Beauty Shock.

With great timing, Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask, and Yusuke returned from Melancholia's pocket dimension. The groups united against Kuiiza, who prepared to retreat, but then like a hurricane, Ghidorah arrived with great force. The Rajita warlord effortlessly made short work of the Detectives and Sailor Senshi. As the only one left standing, Moon resisted against Ghidorah and used the Silver Crystal, but her fight with Melancholia exhausted her, leaving her open for Ghidorah to knock her out. The Sailor Senshi made one last attempt to save their princess, but Kuiiza quickly blasted them away. Having captured Sailor Moon and the Silver Crystal, Ghidorah left with his newly won possessions.

(End theme)

Upon recovering, the Sailor Senshi and the Spirit Detectives planned a rescue mission. The Rajita mothership would be their next target.

Then, as soon as they prepared to head for the mothership, the Rajita incursion was well underway.

Shinjuku, Tokyo (新宿区, 東京)/8:30 PM (JST)

Elsewhere, the Tamers and their Digimon aided the Legendary Warriors, DATS, and the Duel Academia duelists with an army of Rajita troops. As easy as the troops were, their mechanized war machines and spaceships were harder to get around due to their Orichalcos barriers. The Legendary Warriors managed to get around that by invoking and giving their spirits to Takuya & Kouji, giving them the power to become KaiserGreymon and MagnaGarurumon.

With aid from the two Z-Hybrid Digimon, the Tamer trio Biomerged with their partners. Dukemon, Sakuyamon, and MegaGalgomon helped bring down the enemy numbers. Kotori and Himura's partners evolved into MetalSeadramon and BlackMetalGarurumon to assist the Biomerged trio.

DATS added more fuel to the fire, evolving their partners into Ultimate-levels. ShineGreymon, MirageGaogamon, Rosemon, and Ravemon.

The Duel Academia duelists sent their strongest monsters to help the Digimon cut down on the enemy numbers.

After the enemy numbers were depleted, Justimon and Alice's evolved partner, Plutomon, arrived to warn them of larger battalions descending on the planet. The Rajita mothership was seen hovering over Tokyo. Realizing they were outgunned and worn from fighting off armies, the Digiteam and Duel Academia duelists retreated to recover.

Dorothel and her group quickly reconvened with Ryō and Alice. She hoped she'd possibly find Kozmo Wickedwitch, but the Rajita incursion dashed those hopes completely.

Kaiba Corporation/Domino City/8:40 PM (JST)

Before the full-scale invasion occurred, Kaiba Seto was firmly ready to initiate the KC-HYPNOS Project, finalizing the merger between the Digital World and Duel Monster World. Mokuba and Lyn came running in. Following behind their sister, Lyn, are Max and Sam Stromberg; the former has spiky black hair, hazel eyes, and glasses while the latter has medium-length blonde hair and green eyes.

When all four stormed into Seto's facility to warn him about the Rajita invasion, Seto refused to delay his project and pulled the switch.

(Cue Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions - Dark Adapt)

With one swift move, Seto was successful. Two digitized worlds meshed into one.

However, there was a major caveat. The merger caused a rift to open up in the middle of Domino City. Because of this, both Digimon and Duel Monsters could wander into the Real World.

Having realized his actions, Seto walked out to see numerous Duel Monsters and Digimon migrating into Domino City's streets.

As his face grew pale with shock, Seto timorously muttered. "...what have I done?"

Digital World and Duel Monster World

The two worlds were pulled together like two networks being crossed over. Their worlds meshed together like pieces of a larger puzzle. With their worlds combined, landscapes were changed. Realms altered. Now, thousands of Digimon found themselves sharing domains with Duel Monsters. Many were confused. Others fiercely fought over territories. There was an array of chaos spreading in many parts of the land.

Having witnessed their infrastructures changed by one man's ambitious actions, the Sovereigns were bewildered with the swift alterations to their dominions. Huanglongmon informed the four Sovereigns that their world had been forcefully merged with another similar universe called the Duel Monster World. He also warned as a result of the merger, a physical fissure formed, allowing Digimon and Duel Monsters to freely enter the Digital World.

Among the Duel Monsters that crossed over into the Digital World included, but were not limited to: the Amazons, Buster Blader the Dragon Destroyer Swordsman, Ebon Illusion Magician, the Gravekeeper's, the Kozmo, the Kaijū, the Vampires, the Dragonmaids, the Valkyries, Kaibaman, the Black Scorpions, Dark World, Lady Ninja Yae, the Dragon Ninjas, Princess Curran, Princess Pikeru, the Spirit Charmers, Bazoo the Soul-Eater, the X-Sabers, the Inzektors, the Masked HEROes, three Thunder Dragons who fused into Thunder Dragon Titan, the Watt, Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon, Necroworld Banshee, Zombie Master, the Danger! monsters, the Raid Raptors, the Dinomist, Tactical Espionage Expert, Baby Tiragon, Time Thief Redoer, Time Thief Winder, Time Thief Perpetua, the Crystron, the Predator Plants, and Ten Thousand Dragon.

These Duel Monsters, among many others, faced their Digimon counterparts. Some interactions led to conflict, but others formed new alliances. A Pharaohmon was among the Digimon who formed peace with the Duel Monsters.

As the oldest Duel Monster, Ten Thousand Dragon, an immortal from time immemorial since the foundation of the Duel Monsters World, sensed the Orichalcos power and warned his compatriots that the evil forces wielding the Orichalcos stones have returned. He informed the Digimon that he was among those that fought the Orichalcos God and its forces. He wished to speak with the Sovereigns to warn them of the impending danger.

(End theme)

Domino City/9:15 PM (JST)

When Digimon and Duel Monsters successfully crossed over into the Real World, they became as problematic as the Rajita invaders. Infrastructures were torn. Civilians fled in terror. The end times were already being declared with the chaos running amok.

Having emerged from his KaibaCorp stronghold, Seto couldn't believe what hell he had unleashed in Tokyo. As he fell to his knees, Lyn quickly pulled him up and told him he needed to fix this. As he lost his drive, Lyn reminded him of all his accomplishments.

"With every failure, you get up and try again. Isn't that what you used to tell me when I served you morning coffee?" Lyn reminded him when she was just his employee. He felt his hand tightly holding hers. "Yes, that's right. I believe in you, Seto."

Standing up on his own, Seto prepared to get back inside to resolve this issue. Then, Yugi and his friends arrived to confront Seto, but none were angrier than Jounouchi, who had to get his sister, Shizuka, and his fiancé, Kujaku Mai, from the airport and have Duel Monsters suddenly block their road.

"Are you gonna fix this, Kaiba?!" Jounouchi yelled at him.

"We know you can do this, Kaiba," Yugi gave him assurance.

As Seto walked back into his building, a wall of vines spread and blocked everyone's path, including Lyn, Mokuba, Max, and Sam. Seto was left trapped inside his own building without anyone's help, but this also served to help him work without intervention. Placing a hand on the glass window, Lyn asked Seto to work hard. Lyn led her family and Yugi's group toward Kaiba Manor. However, with more Duel Monsters and Digimon pouring in, the group got divided. With Helios and Kisara at Kaiba Manor, Lyn vowed to reach her children one way or another.

9:30 PM (JST)

As the Digimon and Duel Monster incursion spread throughout the various prefectures, the Digiteams and Duel Academia duelists became wholly aware of the situation. When they headed off to investigate, they split to cover different sectors of Tokyo. The Tamers covered Shinjuku. The Legendary Warriors covered Shibuya. The Duel Academia duelists headed for Domino. DATS covered Minato.

The Duel Academia duelists eventually caught up with Edo Phoenix, whom they met again sometime after AnimeJapan. Having been granted power from Yubel, Edo, like the others, can summon his Duel Monsters for combat. He assisted Judai and his friends fending off wild Duel Monsters.

The Tamers met up with Impmon, his Tamers, Ai & Makoto, and Culumon. When several Wild Ones attacked, Impmon evolved into Beelzebumon and defended his Tamers from their fierce attacks. Ultimately, the Tamers and their Digimon had to fight through Wild Ones to get through the city to find their families.

Kotori, Betamon, Himura, and BlackGabumon headed straight for the Sagara residence to check in with Saya and Philippe. However, unbeknownst to them, Sheridan watched them from a distance. In that instance, Sheridan watched some Rajita troops plant Orichalcos stones in some Duel Monsters and Digimon. Corrupted by these stones, the Duel Monsters and Digimon were converted into Rajita slaves. The malevolent vampire had an idea in mind.

(Cue Justice League War OST - Darkseid's Arrival)

Likewise, Kozmoll Wickedwitch witnessed Rajita troops place Duel Monsters under control with Orichalcos stones. She confronted the Rajita soldiers and willfully surrendered, asking permission to use the Rajita stones to settle an old score. Before the Rajita troops blasted at her and her Soartroopers, Nāginī arrived and agreed to give her some Orichalcos stones. The Rajita general warned Wickedwitch to use them wisely.

As for Sheridan, he was met by General Kuiiza, who offered Orichalcos stones to the vampire. The Rajita general asked why Sheridan would willfully need them for.

Sheridan simply answered. "To enslave members of my clan and turn them loose to kill my personal enemies once and for all. I wish to see blood being spilled for my own pleasure."

With that, Kuiiza handed several Orichalcos stones to the vampire and beckoned his troops to let him go free. Kuiiza is astounded that such cruel-hearted monsters exist on this planet but sees them as useful pawns for the Rajita Empire.

Sheridan wasn't the only cruel monster who'd make his next move. The evil Gennai entered the Real World and watched Rajita troops enslave Digimon with the Orichalcos stones. Confronting a few Rajita troops, he called for a meeting with the Rajita leader. He asked for some stones and he'd be willing to grant their leader entry into the Sovereign's realm. Upon hearing his offer, Kaiser Ghidorah couldn't refuse and he descended to meet with evil Gennai.

"You wish to use my Orichalcos stones, Terran?" Ghidorah queried.

"Yes, I've seen what they can do to regular Digimon, but think of what it can do to Gods," Evil Gennai's words placated to Ghidorah's desire to control deities to his will again. Not too long ago, he had the Orichalcos God, a Duel Monster, under his control. Now, he has an opportunity to have five Orichalcos Gods instead of one. "Five Orichalcos Gods under my will? The notion is very tempting." With that, he forged several Orichalcos stones and gave them to evil Gennai. "Take me to these Sovereigns, Terran."

Bowing his head, evil Gennai responded with an insidious grin. "As you command, Lord Ghidorah." He then escorted the Rajita warlord into a wormhole leading straight into the Sovereign's realm.

(End theme)

Sagara Residence/Shibuya, Tokyo (渋谷、東京)/9:50 PM (JST)

The Vampire Duel Monsters fought off invading monsters from attacking Saya and Philippe's family home. Standing in front of Saya, Bram smacked a Droll Bird away with his shield. Adam and Demona fought off some Harpie Ladies. Sebastian hastily swung his sword around, chasing away some Armored Lizards. Rachel fired rapid shots from her bayonet. Walter scared away an Insect Knight.

"Saya, get behind me!" Bram called out.

"You, too, kid! Get inside the house!" Adam ordered Philippe.

"Saya, c'mon, grab my hand!" Philippe reached for his sister's hand.

"Saya! Philippe!" Kotori was heard calling from afar. The Sagara siblings recognized their cousin's voice as they saw Kotori, Betamon, Himura, and BlackGabumon racing toward the front.

"Kotori! Himura!" Saya and Philippe cried out in unison.

"We've got company!" Betamon cried out as he evolved into Seadramon. Spewing an icy breath, Seadramon froze several Insect Knights.

"Heads up!" BlackGabumon announced, evolving into BlackGarurumon. He spewed dark flames, incinerating some Armored Lizards.

"Hey, are you two ok?!" Kotori called out to her cousins.

"We are now!" Saya shouted back.

Just then, Bram stood in Kotori and Himura's way.

"Are you with them?" Bram fiercely asked the two Tamers.

"Yeah, those are my cousins! I came to see them!" Kotori retorted. "Get out of my way!"

"It's ok, Bram. Those two are with us," Saya calmly reassured him.

As Bram stepped aside, Kotori checked in with her cousins.

"So, when Saya said she had some protectors, I wasn't expecting vampires," Kotori glanced at the Vampire Duel Monsters.

"They're the ones who saved me at the convention over a week ago," Saya replied.

"They've been looking after us while they've been hunting some guy who betrayed him," Philippe explained.

"And the coward still hasn't shown himself," Bram growled.

(Cue JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders OST - Tension)

"Who are you calling a coward, old friend?" Came a deep, haughty voice accompanied by the sound of clattering bat's wings. As everyone turned toward the source of this highfalutin voice, Sheridan revealed himself to all present. "Good evening, old friends." With an evil grin, he unveiled his vampire teeth.

"Is that him? Dhampir Vampire Sheridan?" Philippe asked Bram.

"You've finally shown yourself! You've been running from us this long now you've decided to come out of the shadows?!" Bram vehemently chastised his archnemesis.

"Bram, Bram, my dear old friend, you haven't changed. Why bear such a deep grudge because I wanted out of your little ragtag group? I was destined for greatness outside your group. I just like you, Bram, am part of the royal bloodline destined to rule the throne! However, you being the first heir kept me from claiming what is rightfully mine!"

"Is this what it's about, Sheridan? A petty grudge because you were exiled for shamefully disgracing our clan?!" Adam berated him. "Bram is the rightful heir!"

"That's right! We were already suspicious of your treacherous nature before you left!" Demona scornfully added.

"Say what you must, but you know it to be true. I will not rest until the throne is mine. And now here I stand ready to make an example out of each of you!" Sheridan arrogantly declared. Just then, his insidious gaze met Saya's presence. "Ah, and you've found quite the alluring woman, Bram." He deeply chortled. "And you've just shown me how soft you've gotten to let a human woman domesticate you. I thought you better than that, Bram!"

Bram quickly stood in front of Saya, obstructing her from Sheridan's sight. "Keep your horrible eyes off her, you beast!"

"Hah, I can tell you haven't kissed that woman yet, Bram! But, that's ok I'll give her what she wants," Sheridan chuckled, licking his fanged lips.

"Saya, you and Philippe get in the house!" Kotori instructed.

"Too late for that," Sheridan chuckled. Then, with the snap of his fingers, the Vampire Duel Monsters were met with horrifying shock when seven familiar faces appeared before them. All seven of these vampires stood aligned with Sheridan. Each one with Orichalcos forehead insignias.

"No…" Rachel muttered in horror.

"They're from our clan!" Walter exclaimed.

"No, not just from our clan," Sebastian added dreadfully.

"They're some of the noblemen!" Demona cried out, pressing her hands against her face.

"Vampire Lord, Vampire Lady, Vampire Grace, Vampire Duke, Vampire Retainer, Vampire Red Baron, and Vampire Sorcerer!" Adam identified their fellow vampires. "Sheridan, you conniving bastard! What did you do to them?!"

Sheridan answered with a low chortle. "Yes, just a few days ago before we arrived in this world, I attempted to overthrow these noble fools, but even their greater numbers were too great to overcome. So, I planned and was compensated with new gifts thanks to these otherworlders. They gave me these priceless stones. I planted powerful items called Orichalcos stones inside the fools. It seems once the two worlds merged, your colleagues here came looking for you, but I was lucky to ambush them and plant the stones inside their bodies."

Bram angrily chided at his former colleague. "That's low of you, Sheridan! Even for you!"

"Brains will always outdo brute power, my old friend, but who says you can't use brute force to overcome your enemy?!" Sheridan boasted as he planted an Orichalcos stone into his forehead. The green shine from the stone beamed out of his forehead. As his face contorted violently, he became imbued with power and enhanced his strength. With a thick green aura forming over him and the Orichalcos symbol on his forehead, Sheridan boasted with zeal. "Ahahaha! Yes, the incredible power courses through me! I've never felt this powerful! Now, get them, my noble slaves! Tear them apart!"

(End theme)

(Cue Castlevania - Bloody Tears / Monster Dance - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)

As the mind-controlled Vampire Duel Monsters rushed to attack, Bram & his colleagues, Seadramon, and BlackGarurumon fought them off. Adam and Demona fought off Vampire Lord and Vampire Lady. Sebastian held off Vampire Grace. Rachel fired bayonet shots at Vampire Duke. Walter held off Vampire Retainer. Seadramon went straight for Vampire Red Baron. BlackGarurumon attacked Vampire Sorcerer.

Bram and Sheridan dueled briefly, giving Kotori and Himura time to help Saya and Philippe escape. Catching the humans trying to escape, Sheridan launched a swarm of bats from his cape, sending them to attack them. As the bats swarmed the humans, Bram turned to save Saya, but Sheridan slipped by Bram and flew while lifting Saya off the ground.

"SAYA!" Kotori, Philippe, and Bram roared in horror.

"LET MY SISTER GO!" Philippe yelled, but Sheridan blasted him far away and out of sight with a black wave.

"NO! PHILIPPE!" Kotori screamed.

"Heheh, that'll take care of that pest. Now, Bram! Behold what you could've done with this woman before I arrived! Oh, what a shame this has to happen to a nicer guy," Sheridan smirked as he turned to Saya. "Oh well, your loss is my gain!' With that, he committed the cardinal sin and kissed Saya on her lips.

"Oh shit…" Himura couldn't believe it.

"Get your lips off my cousin, you pervert!" Kotori berated him.

Throwing his head back, Sheridan licked the savory sweetness from Saya's lips. "Mmmm, she tastes so delectably sweet." Casting an overly expressive gaze and a maniacal smile, Sheridan pointed a thumb to his chest. "You expected Bram who kissed your savory lips, but no it was me, Sheridan!" He boasted as Saya fell unconscious in his arms.

"LET HER GO, SHERIDAN! THIS IS BETWEEN US!" Bram roared, swiftly gliding into the air to attack the traitorous vampire. As he reached for Sheridan, the evil vampire swiftly moved out of his reach and flew up carrying Saya.

"If you want your woman again, you'll have to find me! My noble slaves and I will meet you for a vampire war! Once Camula has been revived with these stones, it will be a fight to the finish for the throne!" As he vanished with Saya, the mind-controlled Vampire Duel Monsters turned into a swarm of bats and fluttered away into the night.

"DAMN YOU, SHERIDAN!" Bram bellowed with fury. He quickly reconvened with his colleagues.

"We have to find them and save Saya!" Adam declared.

"You're right, but we won't know where to find them?" Rachel said.

"No, I doubt he'll resort to hiding in the shadows anymore. He'll be waiting for us and we'll follow his scent," Demona said. "And if he's attempting to revive Camula, we're in serious trouble."

"Yes, Camula is the last creature I ever want to see again," Walter added with disgust.

"Saya and Philippe… gone?! Damn it, I can't believe this!" Kotori cursed, slamming a fist to the ground.

"We're going to find them, Kotori. I promise," Seadramon vowed to help her find her family.

"I think we can trust the vampires to find Saya. So, that leaves us to find Philippe," Himura said.

"Yes, that's a good idea," Sebastian concurred with Himura's strategy. "Please, allow us to retrieve Saya. You find her brother."

Himura knelt down beside Kotori. "C'mon, let's go. Philippe shouldn't have gone too far."

Nodding, Kotori muttered. "I just hope he's not badly hurt."

"We're ready whenever you are," BlackGarurumon nodded.

As Kotori and Himura rode away on their Digimon, the Vampire Duel Monsters searched for Sheridan's whereabouts.

(End theme)

Domino City/10:10 PM (JST)

On their way toward Kaiba Manor, Lyn and her brothers became separated from the rest of Yugi's group. They walked right into a forest, which seemingly messed with a section of the city. They realized the merger created an imbalance, merging the Digital and Duel Monster Worlds with Earth's physical realm. Despite that, Lyn was hellbent that nothing would stand in their way. Then, the Strombergs ended up in the path of a Luster Dragon and a Tyrannomon. Both monsters wrestled with each other over territory. Attempting to get out of the way, the two monsters fell near them. Then, Luster Dragon turned and attacked the Strombergs.

Suddenly, an assortment of shuriken and kodachi struck the large dragon, driving it back from the Strombergs. A Lady Ninja Yae and some Dragon Ninjas saved the Strombergs. Just then, the Tyrannomon rose and charged toward the group. As it spewed fiery blasts, the Dragon Ninjas mounted a counterattack. During the attack, Max and Sam accidentally slid down a hill, falling into a ditch. Before Lyn and the ninjas could catch them, two figures swiftly swooped in and saved the twin brothers. As Lyn arrived near the ditch, she saw two young women with long black hair. The one carrying Max wore a red leotard-like outfit. The other one, carrying Sam, wore a purple leotard.

Upon handing Max and Sam over to Lyn, the two mysterious women introduced themselves. Revealing themselves to be Deimos and Phobos, they searched for Sailor Mars and the other Sailor Senshi, but they made a detour to save Max and Sam. Thanking Rei's crows, Lyn asked if they could safeguard her brothers. They accepted much to Max and Sam's delight. Lyn also developed a new friendship with Lady Ninja Yae, who kindly accepted to help the Strombergs reach Kaiba Manor. To reach the manor, they had to enter the Digital-Duel Monsters World. Overcoming some obstacles along the way, the Strombergs and their new allies reached Kaiba Manor and recovered the Kaiba children.

In another section of Domino, the Duel Academia duelists surveyed the city which has been merged with the Digital-Duel Monsters universe. Forests and valleys meshed with their surroundings, throwing off their sense of direction. Along the way, they reunited with Gravekeeper's Assailant, who Judai and the others remembered as Sara. Recognizing Fubuki, Sara reunited with him after some time apart. Both he and Sara showed each other their pendant halves.

At the same time, Kuiiza noticed Duel Academia duelists traveling through an open field. He and several troops attacked the Duel Academia duelists. Judai and his friends summoned their Duel Monsters, fending off the Rajita troops.

Amid the battle, Kuiiza noted the Orichalcos stone in his hand reacted to a dark source. Picking up a dark reading from Fubuki, Kuiiza directly attacked him. As he tried fighting off Kuiiza with his Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon, Fubuki was quickly knocked out and captured by the Rajita general. In an attempt to rescue her brother, Asuka summoned her Cyber Angel Vishnu and the other Cyber Girls, but Kuiiza's troops held her and the other duelists at bay. When Judai readied his Elemental Hero Neos, Kuiiza trapped the duelists in an Orichalcos seal.

After trapping them, Kuiiza warned that their souls would be absorbed along with the rest of humanity. As Kuiiza and her troops escaped with Fubuki, Judai summoned Yubel to break them free from their seal.

Rajita Warship/10:45 PM (JST)

(Cue Yu-Gi-Oh! GX OST - Darkness)

As he awakened, Fubuki found himself bound to a seat. Standing in front of him with a sadistic grin, Kuiiza prodded his new guinea pig. He asked Fubuki about the dormant dark power in him. When Fubuki refused, Kuiiza gave him an electric shock. Each time Fubuki relented, he was met with more torturous electrical shocks. Shoving a prodding device into Fubuki's left ear, Kuiiza thoroughly examined Fubuki's past and the influence the Darkness had on him.

Apparently, Fubuki had just some remnants of the Darkness inside him. Kuiiza not only intended to exploit these dark remnants but use them to turn Fubuki into his own dark soldier. Then, the Darkness voice chuckled and warned Kuiiza telepathically.

"Are you sure you want to use this boy to do your dirty work? Be careful what you wish for, because you may get the exact opposite."

Kuiiza retorted and informed the voice that as a man of science risks must be taken. The voice gave a chuckle and subsided, leaving a final warning.

"Heheh, so be it. Just understand you can't fully control the darkness."

Shaking off the voice's warning, Kuiiza continued to manipulate Fubuki's, distorting his memories and filling them with malice. He showed him alternate memories of his sister, Asuka, fearing him. There were even flash memories of Judai and the others turning against and abandoning Fubuki. Fubuki awoke in a dark void. Kuiiza's voice manipulated Fubuki, further twisting his memories and desires.

With one push, a dark veil enveloped Fubuki and transformed him. As he emerged, Fubuki wore a full-bodied black armor and wielding a sword. With eyes now brimming red, Fubuki became Kuiiza's Red-Eyes Darkness Knight.

Kneeling, Fubuki pledged his allegiance to Kuiiza. "How may I serve you, Master Kuiiza?"

"Yes! It worked!" Kuiiza boasted proudly over his successful experiment. "Wait until Lord Ghidorah learns of this. If we can acquire more humans tainted with darkness, we could amass new soldiers. Now, my friend. How about we test your new abilities against those friends of yours?"

(End theme)

Shibuya, Tokyo (渋谷、東京)/10:55 PM (JST)

(Cue Tribal Jungle Music - Amazon Princess)

"Hey, are you awake?" An unfamiliar voice from a young girl whispered over Philippe, who slowly opened his eyes and stirred after taking a tumble after Sheridan knocked him far back. As his blurry vision clarified, he was able to discern a coffee brown-skinned girl with red tribal marks on her cheeks. He also noted a headpiece with horns and bushy white hair pulled back into a ponytail.

"Huh? Who are you…?" Philippe sat up, clutching the back of his head.

"I found you lying here. I thought you were asleep or something."

"No, I wasn't… Oh god, Saya!" Philippe shouted as the tribal-looking girl pushed him down.

"Whoa, hold on! Take it easy!" She cried out, holding him back.

"But, I have to find my sister!"

"Sister? Oh gosh, where was she last time you remember?!"

Philippe frowned. "I… I don't remember. And this place…" He surveyed his surroundings, finding himself in the middle of a forest and bushes meshed with infrastructure and an area that looked similar to Shibuya. "This is Shibuya, but why is there a forest?"

"I wondered the same thing. I got separated from my tribe and I found you. I'm looking for my sister clan, too."

Philippe glanced over the tribal girl. She has on a revealing outfit befitting a tribal woman. She has on a red bikini top, a purple feathered skirt coupled with a brown loincloth and red knee-length leg warmers with golden shin guards over them. She also wore white tape around her wrists and over the back of her leg calves. She wore no footwear, choosing to remain barefooted.

Staring at Philippe with her violet eyes, the girl smiled. "Say, why don't we look for our sisters together, sis?"

"Sis?" Philippe blinked in confusion.

"Yeah! You're a girl, right?"

Taking a deep breath, Philippe held back his anger. Throughout his whole life, his outward feminine facial looks, usually longer length hair, and thin body, he would lose his temper whenever someone mistook him to be a girl.

"Hey, are you ok?" She asked him, sensing an anger bubble about to burst from the teen.

"No, listen. I don't mean to disappoint you, but I'm a boy."

Upon realizing this, the girl was flabbergasted. She quickly threw herself on top of Philippe, using her body's weight to hold him down. She then grabbed his crotch, eliciting a red face from the teenage boy. The tribal girl's face, too, turned beet red as she quickly pulled away.

"Whoa, you've got an elephant in your pants!"

"Huh? You mean a penis?"

She gasped. "You really are a guy!"

"Yeah, I just said that!"

"But… I've never met a boy before."

"You haven't? What kind of… wait a second. A tribe of women who turn away men from their societies. Can you be an Amazon?"

Nodding, the girl answered. "Yeah, I'm from an Amazoness clan. I'm Amazoness Princess, the rightful heir to the throne."

"I'm Philippe Sagara."

"Philippe? I like that name. And I like you."

"But, aren't you going to attack me because I'm a man?"

"No? Because I've met a boy. Though my sisters would warn me never to meet one, because they're not to be trusted. But, you seem like a good guy!" Amazoness Princess beamed happily, sensing a good first impression with the first man she's ever met. "Hey, do you wanna meet my sisters?"

"I… I don't think that's a good idea…" Philippe backed off, but Amazoness Princess grabbed his right arm.

"I can explain our situation! Don't worry they'll listen to me!"

"Are you sure? Because I don't want to die…"

Amazoness Princess chuckled. "Trust me. They won't. I'll convince them."

"Somehow, I have a bad feeling about this."

"This way! I think I saw some of my sisters looking for me!" She dragged Philippe along, who feared for what may possibly happen to him.

"But, what about finding my sister Saya?"

(End theme)

Amazoness Village/11:20 PM (JST)

(Cue Tribal Jungle Music - Aztec Jungle)

As Philippe and Amazoness Princess met with the Amazoness search party, Princess convinced them to take Philippe back with her. The search party took them to the Amazoness Village, which remained in the Digital-Duel Monster realm. Princess requested an audience with the village leader, Amazoness Queen.

Upon learning Philippe's true gender, guards tied Philippe up and presented him before Amazoness Queen, a tall, dark brown-skinned woman garbed in Amazonian, revealing attire. She wore animal skin bra armor. A row of spikes curved upward out of the sections covering her breasts. She wore a low-cut skirt that reached several inches below her hips. She wore blue arm bracelets around her biceps and beige wrist bands. Hanging from her neck was a necklace with teeth coupled with a blue neck bracelet adorning her neckline. Covering her knees and shins were blue armored shin guards with black leather straps tying down more armor to her shins. Her lower legs were mostly wrapped in bandages, save for the toes, where her red toenails were exposed. The entire right side of her body was embroidered with tribal tattoos. Wearing long blue hair, the Amazoness wore a black eyepatch over her right eye and embellished on the patch was a skull's face.

Philippe surveyed the other areas inside Queen's hut. He saw many scantily-clad warrior women garbed in animal-skin bikini wear, revealing battle armor, and some garbed in cloaks. He recognized some, including a tall light brown-skinned muscular woman with silver hair tied in a ponytail and holding chains. He also noticed another tall brown-skinned muscular woman with spiky brown hair and fists covered with tape. There were also smaller Amazon women present. One was a younger girl, roughly Princess' height and age, with reddish brown skin and is less endowed than her larger sisters. She is garbed in a revealing green animal-skin wear. This one has a small and sleeveless green, back striped halter top, arm sleeves adorning her biceps, thigh-length green and black-striped tribal dress. Her abdomen and waist were on full display, even her belly button was shown. She has on golden wrist bracelets and a necklace. She also has on light brown tape wrapped around her legs. She has on no footwear, choosing to be barefooted.

"Amazones Chainmaster, Amazoness Fighter, and even Amazoness Trainee," Philippe recognized them. He then noticed another Amazoness warrior standing next to Amazoness Queen's side. She is a tanned Amazon with a peak muscular frame. Her arms and legs are thick and muscular. Fiery, wild red hair adorned her head with a blue cloth around her forehead. A blue armored top covered her chest but revealed her six-pack abdominals. Animal skinned bands covered her wrists and forearms. She has armored boots with leather at the end of the shoes. In her right hand was a massive scimitar. "And Amazoness Swords Woman."

Shocked that he knew their names so casually, the Amazons gossiped over this. Amazoness Princess surveyed her sisters with nervous sweat covering her was starting to regret bringing Philippe to her village.

"How does he know our names, my queen?" Swords Woman whispered to Queen.

"Philippe Sagara, was it?" Amazoness Queen addressed him.


"You came here because Princess found you unconscious hundreds of kilometers from our boundaries?"

"Yeah, and I am sorry. I had no idea."

Queen stood up from her seat and walked up to Philippe. Grasping his face, she closely analyzed him.

"Yes, you have a man's features, but from a glance, you could pass off as a woman."

Princess blurted out. "And I even confirmed he's a man! Because he has an elephant in his pants!" Eliciting gasps from the other Amazons.

Confirming Princess' claim, Queen grabbed Philippe's crotch as her face turned red. She quickly yanked her hand away and coughed.

"Excuse me, young Philippe."

"So, am I going to be your prisoner?"

Queen frowned. "No, but we will let you go."

"Listen, my queen. He got lost after being separated from his sister. Just like I was when the great earthquake occurred just moments ago!" Princess explained how she and Philippe ended up meeting.

"The great earthquake?" Philippe queried.

"Something caused a merger between our world and this other parallel world with creatures we've never seen before. My sisters have had to fight off some of these invading monsters."

"Were they aliens with laser weapons and ships?"

"No, they were just simple beasts."

"Digimon then."

Princess turned to Philippe. "Digi-mon?"

"They're also called Digital Monsters. They're based on a popular card game just like all of you are in Duel Monsters." As Philippe explained the nature and concept of Digimon, Queen and her sisters became educated on their new neighbors. "I see. So, they're no different from us. It was humans who created our universes based on data?"

"Yeah, I know it's hard to grasp."

"Every universe starts off with a beginning. We would tell stories about our origins through mythological tales. Perhaps there's some truth on what you're telling us. The humans are the gods that created our gods and then us," Queen replied, opening a book to show Philippe a picture depicting the cosmos and the Duel Monster World is just one of many worlds in a bigger, uncharted universe.

"Amazing you know about astrology."

"We're not all battle hardened warriors. We have shamans who've assessed and communicated with the spirits. The spirits would tell us about the stars, the moon, and the sun. We've named them after long passed sisters from previous clans."

Having gained enough of Philippe's trust, they untied his ropes. Philippe was then shown around the Amazoness Village.

"So, is Princess set to be the next in line to rule this village?" Philippe asked Queen.

"Yes, when she's old enough. Once she takes her rightful place, she will become Amazoness Empress," Queen answered, watching Princess standing next to Philippe. "You're becoming quite attached to Philippe, are you?"

"Huh?" Princess didn't even realize how close she was to Philippe. "Oh, heheh. Yeah, maybe."

"Then, perhaps you'd like to accompany him to find his sister?"

"What?" Philippe and Princess both blinked in shock.

"Well, after a goodnight's rest. Philippe, I'll show you to your resting quarters."

"But, I have to find my sister!"

Queen nodded. "Have you looked at yourself? You look exhausted."

"But, if I don't find my sister, who knows what Sheridan's going to do to her?!"

As he revealed the identity of his sister's kidnapper, the Amazoness became quiet as the name 'Sheridan' caused a stir amongst the Amazons.

"Sheridan? Your sister was captured by that monster?!" Swords Woman asked him.

"Yes, but what do you all know about him?"

Queen quickly answered with anger in her tone. "That fiend was responsible for feeding on some of our sisters and draining them of their blood. He left them shriveled and withered to die."

"I'm sorry. I had no idea."

"Which is why for a while, we kept Princess sheltered in the village. We didn't want to lose the heir to my throne."

Princess sighed. "You could've told me that, big sister Queen."

Queen patted Princess' head. "Yes, and I'm sorry for that."

"Ok, then that's more reason to find my sister! I don't even want to know what he intends to do with Saya! Please, I'll need you all to help me," Philippe pleaded to Queen and her subjects. "I'll do anything. I'll even protect Princess for you."

"Well, don't worry about Princess. She can protect you," Swords Woman reassured him.

"As you wish," Queen nodded. "But if I know Sheridan and based on his activities, he probably captured your sister to turn her into his bride."

"I'll never let that monster marry my sister," angrily growled Philippe.

"Sheridan will attempt to prolong one's suffering until he gets what he wants. He won't marry your sister until he gets rid of all of his enemies."

"There's Bram and his vampire friends. They're no doubt going after Sheridan to save Saya."

"Ah, yes, the Vampires of the Noble Blood," Queen acknowledged the Vampire Duel Monsters. "From what I understand, Sheridan recently betrayed them."

"He even brainwashed some of them with these green stones."

"Green stones? No, those wouldn't happen to be Orichalcos stones?"

"I don't know, Queen, but they gave Sheridan quite a power boost. He so easily knocked me so far I ended up waking up in Princess's arms."

Princess giggled. "Right in my arms? I found you lying unconscious!"

"That's beside the point, so can you help me?" Philippe asked Queen.

"I would put your faith in Bram and his cohorts, Philippe. However, we will help you find your sister tomorrow," Queen said. "But, you'll need to sleep. Princess, would you be so kind as to accompany him to your quarters?"

(End theme)

Nodding, Princess grabbed Philippe's hands and escorted him to her hut.

"Here, you can sleep in my place. Sorry about the mess, but I'm not very organized," Princess knocked away books and paper from her bed.

"Are you sure you don't need your bed?"

"Nah, you can have it. I'll sleep on my chair."

"Alright," Philippe nodded, curling himself up in Princess' bed and throwing a sheet over himself.

"Get some good sleep, Philippe."

"I don't know how to thank you all."

Sitting in her chair, Princess smiled. "Don't think nothing of it. I'm glad I found you or else you'd probably have been food for some beast."

"Uhhh, I don't think I wanted to know that."

Dimming the lights in her hut, Princess watched Philippe fall fast asleep. After a while, she grew restless and curled up inside bed with him. As she looked over his girlish face, she blushed and leaned over for a kiss. As Philippe awoke to Princess trying to sneak a kiss, but he pushed her off. Taken aback, Princess yelled at his face. Philippe angrily retorted. Then, after a misunderstanding, both looked each in their eyes and smiled.

"Hey, Princess?"


"Did I ever tell you about a friend of mine?"

"No, what's he or she like?"

"Her name's Sasha. And well… I don't know how to even talk to her."

"What? Are you shy?" Princess grinned.

"Kinda. I just want to be more than just a friend with her."

After hearing his side of the story, Princess waved a finger in his face.

"Tsk, tsk, I think you should open up to her, Philippe! You're a very kind and good-looking guy!"


"Uh, ok. Maybe nix the whole good-looking guy part."

Philippe furrowed his brows. "Oh, so I'm not handsome? Or, am I just pretty like a girl?"

"No, that's not what I meant! I mean…!" Princess facepalmed. "Ugh, I'm such an idiot." She sat down cross-legged and grabbed Philippe's hands. "How about I pretend to be Sasha?"

"But, she's prettier than you…" As he said this, Princess groaned.

"Just talk to me like I'm Sasha."

As the two roleplayed, Philippe treated Princess like she was Sasha. She got a full grasp of his relationship with his French friend. Then, she leaned over and kissed the teenage boy's lips. Pulling away, Princess licked her lips and affectionately smiled.

"You're a good kisser. I think Sasha will be pleased to know that."

Hearing this, Philippe smiled with satisfaction knowing he has a chance to impress Sasha. Princess then grabbed his hands and undid her unkempt ponytail.

"Now to show you something else that'll knock Sasha's world," Princess said, pushing Philippe on her bed. She lied on top of him as her right hand firmly grasped his crotch.

Through the course of the night, Princess helped Philippe to let go of his suppressed emotions and gave him a night he'll never forget. He hoped he could one day apply this knowledge with Sasha.

Azabu-Jūban, Minato (麻布十番, 港区)/11:30 PM (JST)

Through the course of the evening, the Sailor Senshi and the Spirit Detective fought through scores of Rajita troops and armored vehicles. They went through great lengths to cut through Ghidorah's forces to reach the mothership. However, during the middle of the fighting, some infighting occurred within the group, especially one heated conflict between a shrine maiden and a demon.

"Guys, let's calm down here!" Sailor Venus tried to ease tensions between Sailor Mars and Hiei.

"Hey, c'mon, you two! This ain't the time for this!" Kuwabara pleaded to them.

"He's right! Take back what you said about their friend!" Yusuke berated the dark clad demon.

"He better damn well take it back!" Sailor Jupiter growled, seething enough to want to punch Hiei's face.

Scoffing, Hiei retorted. "Take back what? Are my choice words too honest and scathing for you to accept?!"

Sailor Mars furrowed her brows and pointed at him. "You called Sailor Moon weak, but worst of all you called her a liability to our cause?"

"Yes, and I'm not taking back what I said. Only a weak fool would let herself get captured by the enemy. Now, their leader has her locked away in his spaceship. You think I'm going to waste time rescuing your princess?" Hiei sharply chastised Sailor Mars. As he turned his back to her and the others, he walked away.

"Where are you going, Hiei?!" Kurama demanded.

"Someplace where I don't have to hear this woman lecture me."

Yui folded her arms. "Man, what a stubborn jerk he is."

"This woman has a name! Hey, I'm not done talking to you!" Sailor Mars yelled out at Hiei.

"But, I am," Hiei frowned.

Before Kurama could stop him, Sailor Mars ran past the red-haired fox demon. She quickly grabbed Hiei's shoulder and turned him around.

"Listen…!" Before she had a chance to finish speaking, a quick swing from Hiei's sword swiped at her faster than she can blink, but she had enough reflexes to dodge and backflip from the blade. She noted only a few strands of her hair being cut off, which was enough to vex her.

"Impressive reflexes, woman, but I won't miss next time," Hiei coldly narrowed his eyes at the shrine maiden. He watched her take out some ofuda. "You won't be fast enough to hit me with those."

"Try me, Hiei. I've heard enough of you disparaging my princess," she rebuked, shooting a fierce and icy glare at the demon, who removed his cloak and brandished his sword. She and Hiei meticulously encircled the other, waiting for the other to initiate the next move.

"Sailor Mars, please stop!" Sailor Mercury cried out.

"This is exactly what we don't need now. If we're infighting, then the Rajita have won!" Sailor Pluto stated.

Sailor Uranus growled. "I should be the one putting that jackass in his place."

Sailor Neptune frowned. "Perhaps, but let's not deny Sailor Mars this chance."

Aoshi shook his head. "We have to stop them."

Yusuke clenched his fists. "Of course, if there's anything Hiei taught me, a good ass kicking can help resolve things." He smirked, remembering the instance when Hiei briefly fought him in their rematch just before heading to Demon's Door cave to stop Sensui.

"But, there ain't no way Sailor Mars can beat Hiei, right?" Kuwabara wondered.

Upon hearing this, Sailor Venus bit her bottom lip. "I just wish it didn't have to come down to this." She conjured a chain in hopes of breaking up the fight if things go south.

(Cue Dragonforce - Through the Fire and Flames)

"Well, are you ready to meet your end, woman?" Hiei snarled, rushing toward her with his sword. As he swung, Mars narrowly sidestepped him and tossed an ofuda in his direction. Quickly slicing the paper seal in two, a fire arrow hurtled his way.

Quickly sidestepping her Mars Flame Sniper, Hiei spun around and swung his sword at her. Having adapted to his attack patterns from observations, Mars dodged his fast sword swings. At one point, Hiei went for a straight thrust for her head, but she tucked her head and infused fire into her right heel. She then landed a kick, igniting a fiery explosion that sent Hiei flying off the platform they were fighting on.

"Wow, she got him!" Kuwabara was bewildered.

"Amazing she's able to keep up with him, but it's no surprise since we've been fighting side by side frequently as of late," Kurama said.

"Stay on him, Mars!" Sailor Jupiter hollered.

"Mars, look out!" Sailor Saturn warned the shrine maiden, who was met with Hiei's sword being thrown at her.

As she jumped out of the sword's way, Sailor Mars slid over on a rampway. Sensing the darker variation of her element raining from above, Mars tossed a barrage of ofuda. Performing lightning fast hand seals, Sailor Mars ignited each ofuda with explosive fire, which nullified the black fire.

However, this tactic made Mars lower her guard. Hiei sneakily appeared on her left side. He landed a black flame-imbued fist into her side. As his Fist of the Mortal Flame connected with Mars, he sent the shrine maiden sailing off the platform and falling 60 feet below. Alarmed, the Sailor Senshi and the Spirit Detectives hurried over, watching in horror as Mars fell seemingly to her death. Taking no chances, Hiei fell off the edge and took a deep plunge, following Mars to see her demise.

"MARS!" The Senshi, Tuxedo Mask, and the cats cried in unison.

"Somebody do something!" Aoshi exclaimed.

"Yusuke, we have to stop this!" Yui cried out to him.

However, Yusuke said and did nothing. He watched Kurama and Sailor Venus exchanging nods. Then, Venus and Kurama both jumped off. As Sailor Venus flew downward, Kurama turned into Yoko Kurama and summoned butterfly-like wings from his back, which are really the leaves of a Makai plant that doubled for a glider. Yoko Kurama grabbed Sailor Venus as they floated over where Hiei and Sailor Mars both fell.

"What's wrong? Have you conceded to your demise?!" Hiei taunted Sailor Mars, who stared him dead in his eyes. What surprised him was the lack of fear on her face. He used his Jagan to read her mind. "You're not afraid because you have something planned?!"

Hearing this from Hiei, Sailor Mars coolly smiled. Suddenly, flames burst from Mars' heels, giving her a substantial upward push. Using the momentum of the fire burning from her heels, she propelled toward Hiei. Hiei quickly swerved around Sailor Mars and punched the air, unleashing black flames at her. Sailor Mars propelled around and launched herself headfirst into Hiei's abdomen. Feeling the air being knocked out of him, Hiei doubled over. Sailor Mars then grabbed Hiei and stomped his face, sending him crashing into the ground.

From Hiei's crash, a resounding blast occurred and shook the surroundings. Using her fiery feet to descend, Sailor Mars surveyed the pothole made from Hiei's fall. Closing her eyes, she tried sensing the demon's whereabouts. She sensed nothing.

"Where are you, Hiei? Come out," Sailor Mars muttered. Just then, she whipped around and saw a pile of debris thrown her way. She quickly blasted it with a fiery arrow. Just then, Hiei quickly appeared in front of her, landing a flurry of black fire-imbued fists. She countered with a barrage of fire kicks.

Following a few seconds of the fire warriors countering each other, Hiei caught her with a quick jab to her gut and blasted her away with a flamethrower-like wave. As the flames' power slammed Mars into a wall, Hiei forged another sword and cut her with it. Putting up her guard, Mars took Hiei's sword slashes, which would've sliced up any lower-class human and demon. Hiei realized firsthand about a Sailor Senshi's durability. He improvised and imbued his sword with dark flames. He unleashed quick slashes, sending fiery projectiles that cut through some infrastructure.

Quickly recovering, Sailor Mars rolled away, evading the deadly flamed techniques. As Hiei summoned more flamed projectiles, she threw another ofuda, forging a flame barrier that nullified the demon's attack. She flew up to meet Hiei, but when she went for a kick, Hiei after imaged away. She frantically surveyed her surroundings, but then she heard the sound of a drawn blade. When she turned, she barely caught Hiei's sword with two hands.

"Heh, not bad for a human, woman," Hiei gritted and sneered in front of her fiercely determined face. "Oh, but I forget. You're not a regular human, are you? You're an alien woman."

Suddenly, a sneaky grin formed on Mars' face. Befuddled as to why she was smiling, Hiei yanked his sword away and prepared to slash her. Then, Mars performed a hand seal, triggering an ofuda attached to Hiei's back. Paralyzing him with her ofuda, Sailor Mars jumped up and kicked Hiei's head. Then, she landed a palm strike to his belly, sending a fiery blast through him. She sent Hiei flying high into the air and landing on a rooftop. As Mars flew up and landed on his location, she watched him seething and tearing the ofuda from his back. He burned it with his black flames.

Stumbling forward, Mars grasped her right shoulder, reeling from Hiei slamming her into a wall.

"That was underhanded of you, woman. When and how did you put it on my back? I would've known."

Mars answered. "When I headbutted you after I flew up at you. You were too caught up trying to recover and so I slipped a little surprise courtesy of me."

"Clever. That's a tactic Yusuke would've pulled."

Mars scoffed. "Hey, don't compare me to that dimwit." After hearing this from Mars, the demon chuckled a little. Then, she humored Hiei with a faint laugh. "Hey, what's so funny? Aren't we supposed to be beating each other senseless?"

"We both like to make fun of that ex-Spirit Detective, huh?"

Mars half-smiled and wiped the sweat from her brow. "I guess so. He and Usagi are both not so different. Likewise for us both."

Hiei nonchalantly shrugged. "I suppose."

Observing their aloof and clever exchanges, Sailor Venus and Yoko Kurama sighed with relief their friends hadn't burned each other alive by now.

However, the atmosphere changed as Mars and Hiei's bodies ignited with flames. Light flames formed over Mars. Dark flames enveloped Hiei. After tearing off his right arm bandages, Hiei jumped high on a platform and raised his hand above him. The sky was painted with a slightly dark red color. Then, a maelstrom of powerful energies swirled in the sky, opening up a hole and releasing a torrent of dark energy, which coalesced with Hiei's hand. Yoko Kurama recognized the black dragon insignia tattooed on his right arm, which started coming to life.

"No, he's calling for it!" Yoko Kurama exclaimed.

"Calling for what?" Sailor Venus asked the silver-haired fox thief.

"The Dragon of the Darkness Flame technique. It's Hiei's ultimate technique! I'm afraid your friend won't be able to survive it!"

"Mars, get out of there!" Venus called out.

Standing her ground, Sailor Mars extended her arms outward and floated into the air. Having absorbed the Dark Dragon, Hiei emerged fully charged and his body immersed with the dragon's power.

"Don't forget, woman! I still think your leader is worthless if she can't save herself!" Hiei openly mocked Sailor Moon, trying his best to mentally break Sailor Mars.

"Oh, that jerk. Why I oughta," Venus grumbled.

"Wait, Sailor Venus. Look," Yoko Kurama pointed her toward Sailor Mars.

Halting his attack, Hiei heard Sailor Mars muttering an incantation.

"Rin, Pyou, Tou, Sha, Kai, Jin, Retsu, Zai, Zen!" Sailor Mars completed her Shinto incantation, causing the flames surrounding her to expand. Opening her eyes, the violet color in her eyes gained a bright red tint. Readying an ofuda in her hand, she ignited it with flames.

"This is the end for you!" Hiei roared, throwing a massive black flamed dragon toward Sailor Mars. As the Dragon of the Darkness Flame collided with her flame barrier, Hiei pushed harder to break Mars' defense.

Despite Hiei's push, Sailor Mars willfully resisted, augmenting her barrier with her purifying flames. As the dragon started tearing through her barrier, Mars conjured an immense fireball from her ofuda. She directly pushed the powerful fireball, sending it flying toward the dark dragon. Mars' Youma Taisan surprisingly tore through Hiei's dark dragon. Hiei's eyes shot wide as the fireball, morphed into a firebird as it screeched. The firebird engulfed Hiei, burning him as it slammed him hard into the ground.

Dropping to the ground, Sailor Mars collapsed catching her breath. As Yoko Kurama landed him and Venus down, Sailor Venus raced over to her friend. Yoko Kurama checked over Hiei.

(End theme)

"Mars, oh my god! Don't scare us like that!" Venus shook Mars hard.

"Sorry, but he needed to learn a lesson."

"Hiei, can you hear me?!" Yoko Kurama called out to the half-fire demon. As he scanned over Hiei, he saw the flames that covered him dispersed. However, Hiei was still a little worse for wear.

"...well done, I hope that was… enough motivation for you, Sailor Mars…" Hiei muttered.

Upon hearing this, Sailor Mars' mouth almost dropped. Flabbergasted, she couldn't believe what she heard. Not just the fact he finally acknowledged her by her name but revealed this was all just a sparring match. "T-That was all just to motivate me? Please tell me you're joking."

Yoko Kurama chortled. "Oh, Hiei, the ever masochist."

"...you're one to talk, Kurama…"

"Touche," the silver-haired fox rolled his eyes.

"You mean that entire fight was just to motivate me?!" Sailor Mars growled.

"Easy, Mars," Sailor Venus patted her friend's shoulder.

"...don't worry… I'm not making any excuses… you won this duel. You've shown me you want it more."

Mars blinked in disbelief. "...huh?"

"You want to save your princess more than I do. Her life means more to you and blondie there than I do," Hiei raised his head, pointing toward her.

Sailor Venus nodded. "Yep, you're right." She elbowed Mars' side. "Right?"

Sighing deeply, Sailor Mars faced Hiei and smiled. "Yeah. Thanks, Hiei."

"Heh, so now you know how I feel, Sailor Mars," Yusuke playfully chimed in as he, the Spirit Detectives, and the other Sailor Senshi arrived. "Hiei will act like he wants to kill ya, but deep down he only wants to bring the best out of us."

"Don't forget. You and I still need to settle our proper rematch, ex-Detective," Hiei reminded him

"Heheh, yeah, yeah. Duly noted, Hiei."

"Way to go show him off, Mars," Jupiter gave a thumbs up.

"We all knew you had it in you," Sailor Mercury said.

Sailor Neptune turned and winked to Uranus. "So, did you think our Mars had a sliver of a chance?"

Sailor Uranus scratched the back of her head. "Eh, maybe just a bit?"

Sailor Saturn added. "Well, I knew she'd do it."

Sailor Pluto slammed her staff down. "Ok, everyone now that we've settled matters, we have a more important mission ahead of us. Tonight wasn't our night, but don't let this setback demoralize you all. I've just gotten word from King Koenma. He said Sailor Moon is currently imprisoned, but she's safe. However, he believes tomorrow will be a different story. Tomorrow must be our final chance to retrieve Sailor Moon."

"So, we rest up and get ready for another fight tomorrow. Because we're going to save Sailor Moon and turn the tide back on the Rajita. So, we faced a setback. If what Sailor Mars and Hiei's fight has shown us, we just need to be motivated to keep going. We must persevere!" Sailor Venus adamantly declared, rallying the others behind her.

"Hell yeah!" Kuwabara roared.

"We will save the day!" Yui declared.

"You should be our motivational speaker, Venus," Yusuke remarked.

"Thanks, Yusuke. I do try."

"Yes, this is exactly what I want to see," Sailor Pluto commented.

Turning over to Hiei, Sailor Mars nodded to him. Hiei turned away, wiping a black ash smear from his side lip.

"Thanks for the motivation, Hiei. I won't forget this," Mars muttered, exhibiting newfound respect for the half-fire demon.

"Same here," Hiei grunted.

Following the fight, Yoko Kurama treated Hiei's wounds. Mars offered to carry Hiei as a means to repay the favor. Conceding to her wishes, she carried Hiei back to the Inuki Shrine where the Detectives and Senshi rested for the night.

By the time they returned, Keiko, Yukina, Shizuru, King Koenma, and Botan greeted them. Showing concern for Hiei, Yukina followed Mars inside to place him in a bed. Yukina asked to sit by and look after Hiei. Kuwabara walked in hearing Yukina talk about her mother with a sleeping Hiei. He then overheard Yukina mention a cursed burning demon infant that was exiled from the Koorime realm. She mentioned a particular demon being her brother. She asked Hiei if he even found her brother.

Yukina then smiled and nodded. "Actually, you don't even need to hide the fact anymore, Hiei. I know you're my brother. Thank you for looking after me."

As this revelation hit him, Kuwabara felt his heart skip a beat and he shed tears.

"Yukina," he whispered as he walked in.

"Kazuma? Did you…" Yukina gasped. "Did you hear?"

Nodding, Kuwabara finally found out the truth.

"Yeah, but I'm happy for you, Yukina. You found your brother, but I never would've imagined he's your brother. What a freakin' world, huh?"

Yukina placed a hand on Kuwabara's lap and genuinely smiled. "Yes, indeed. I'm glad you're taking this well."

"Yeah, me too." He affectionately smirked.

Qinglongmon's Realm/Digital World/11:55 PM (JST)

(Cue Digimon Adventure tri. OST - Soshitsu (Holy Beasts Creation Theme))

Yagami Taichi, Agumon, Ishida Yamato, and Gabumon were previously summoned by Qinglongmon to discuss concerns about Evil Gennai's recent activities. He cautioned Taichi, Yamato, and the Digimon. The reason being? Gennai's evil clone may already have revived Demon and Diablomon. Fearing but not ruling out the possibility that Evil Gennai is waiting to bide his time, Taichi and Yamato decided to focus on the Rajita invasion, which was a bigger priority.

Before departing, Qinglongmon used one of his Digicores to empower Taichi and Yamato's Digivices, giving Agumon and Gabumon a substantial boost for when they combine into Omegamon.

As soon as they left, Qinglongmon received a distress message from the other Sovereigns that the Rajita invaders had breached Huanglongmon's sacred realm. By the time Qinglongmon arrived, he witnessed Rajita armies fighting off the Sovereign's defenders. Among these defenders was Jesmon. As they consolidated their divine powers, the Sovereign drove the invaders, but when Kaiser Ghidorah arrived, the tide turned against the Sovereigns.

When Evil Gennai arrived, he openly taunted the Sovereigns, having promised to live long enough to see them fall. He then summoned Demon and Diablomon, the former he helped free from the Dark Ocean and revived the latter after extracting his data from the afterlife. Using some Orichalcos stones, he helped boost the demon entities. As a result of the Orichalcos stone's powers, Demon turned into Demon X and Diablomon became Diablomon X. These two proved more than a match for the likes of Jesmon and the Sovereigns.

With Huanglongmon joining them, the four divine beasts unleashed an untold power on Ghidorah. With enough force to destroy a digital universe, the force collided with Ghidorah. However, much to their horror, Ghidorah walked out unscathed. Then, he quickly unleashed destructive beams, destroying the Sovereign's divine auras and quickly felled them.

Horrified by what he saw, Jesmon attempted another attack, but Ghidorah brushed him away with ease. Huanglongmon pleaded with Jesmon to escape and find Alphamon. Complying with the golden sovereign's request, Jesmon departed and headed off to meet with Alphamon.

After defeating the Sovereigns, Ghidorah planted them with the Orichalcos stones. Just as he controlled the previous Orichalcos God, the Sovereign's wills belonged to Ghidorah. To reflect their new conversions, the Sovereigns gained dark shades of their normal auras. For example, Huanglongmon's usual bright golden aura turned dark gold. Their eyes brimmed bright green and the Orichalcos insignias embellished their foreheads. To further illustrate his dominance, Ghidorah fashioned Rajita armor around the five Sovereigns, making all five his divine steeds.

With the Sovereigns under his control, the balance of the Digital Realms, now merged with the Duel Monsters world, became muddled. Evil Gennai has gotten what he wanted.

When Ten Thousand Dragon approached Huanglongmon's realm, Jesmon asked him to turn back and follow him to see Alphamon. Jesmon warned that Digimon and Duel Monsters now face a greater crisis as they've never seen before. Once they reached Alphamon, they sent distress messages to Taichi and Yamato, who summoned back the Digiteams.

DATS Headquarters/April 11, 2016/6:30 AM (JST)

It was day 2 of the full-scale Rajita invasion. Half of the entire planet has already been occupied by the aliens. Many military powers continued to diligently fight tooth and nail against the Rajita, but others surrendered. Ghidorah even appeared before the UN with the five Sovereigns in tow, vowing to use his new Orichalcos Gods to destroy their militaries. He gave the world powers an ultimatum: surrender the planet or face extinction.

Having seen the Sovereigns enslaved by Ghidorah, Taichi, Agumon, Yamato, and Gabumon were mortified. They never would've imagined anyone subjugating the Sovereigns in the manner Ghidorah has demonstrated. The Tamers, the Legendary Warriors, and DATS wondered what chance they have against five Sovereigns. However, Alphamon contacted them and informed them to not give up hope. He reminded Agumon and Gabumon that they have the Bonds of Courage and Friendship, which will help reform Omegamon.

Also learning that Evil Gennai also had a part in this, Taichi vowed to take the evil clone down once and for all. In the meantime, Alphamon reassured that he and his colleagues would come to help the Digiteams avert the crisis. He also warned if the Sovereigns aren't returned to their positions then the Digital Realms will collapse and destabilize.

Then, Yamaki walked into the meeting. He informed the Digiteams that the longer the wormhole caused by Kaiba's project stays open, Earth will also destabilize and become permanently fused with the Digital-Duel Monster Worlds. And if that were to happen and the longer they remain merged, the entire network collapses, global warming will accelerate, biospheres will become unbalanced, and the planet will ultimately die out. Everyone loses. Humans, Digimon, and Duel Monsters now face the possibility of their entire worlds being wiped out.

With a lot at stake, Takato, Takuya, and Masaru strongly vowed to not let this disaster happen. Their friends, too, concurred and promised to restore balance to the three worlds. Takato then remembered about Judai and his friends.

(End theme)

Domino City/6:35 AM (JST)

Having secluded themselves inside an abandoned warehouse, Sheridan and the brainwashed vampires prepared to revive Camula. Now as Sheridan's hostage, Saya witnessed a coffin being dragged in the center of the warehouse. Emblazoned on the front of the coffin is a golden bat insignia, the sign of Camula. Inside the coffin were Camula's ashes, which was all that was left of her after Judai defeated her.

(Cue Yu-Gi-Oh! GX OST - Power of Darkness)

Performing a dark arts ritual with an Orichalcos stone, Sheridan used Camula's ashes to revive the former member of the Seven Stars Assassins. The ashes reformed Camula's body. Awakening from her coffin, a woman with long waist-length green hair with a large curl on her forehead emerged. Her yellow eyes surveyed the vampires surrounding her. She emerged fully naked, both arms crossed over her bosom.

Sheridan bowed before the revived Camula, who stepped out admiring her new vampire followers. She then sighted Saya, giving a fierce scowl. Sheridan reassures her that Saya will become his bride and offers her blood to satisfy Camula. Holding down Saya, Sheridan cut Saya's finger and fed Camula, satisfying the revived vampire's taste.

Once gaining her bearings, Camula magically conjured her clothing: a long red dress, displaying her cleavage with slits revealing the side of her legs, and red-heeled shoes with straps that continued up her shins. Red straps crossed her arms below her shoulders attached to a cape and bat broaches below her cleavage and above the slits. She then magically formed golden armbands and bracelets on her arms.

Whipping her hair right in Saya's face, Camula taunted the woman.

"Heheh, won't it be fun to use you to lure Bram and his band of fools? That hunter and those traitors to the vampire race will meet their end," Camula coyly smiled. She then slapped Saya's face. "Then, once they're out of the way, you'll become Sheridan's bride and I'll have another chance for revenge against Yuki Judai!" She malevolently laughed.

"Yes, won't it be entertaining to see the looks on Bram's face when he sees you alive, Camula?" Sheridan chortled.

"Let him be mortified. He and his band will be dealt with once our subjects destroy them!"

Saya could only look on, horrified but also trying to look for a way out. The last thing she wants is to be married to Sheridan, who no doubt intends to use her as a pawn to lure Bram and his group. He also hoped Philippe was out there safe.

(End theme)

Domino City/7:30 AM (JST)

The Duel Academia students awoke after taking refuge in a hotel, which was already overly packed with people trying to escape capture by the Rajita. When Rajita finally did attack the hotel, Judai and his friends escaped but they used their Duel Monsters to defend bystanders and themselves from Rajita troops.

As they escaped, they were ambushed by Rajita troops with guard beasts resembling a cross between a bulldog and a Gorgonops. Preparing themselves for another attack, a tidal wave of water resembling a dragon's head crashed into some infrastructure and caused debris to fall on top of the Rajita forces.

When recognizing the water dragon, Judai called him out by name.

"Is that you, Misawa?!" Judai yelled as he and the others were met by a young man in a Ra Yellow uniform and a neck-length gray hair with the back end of his hair sticking out.

Next to Misawa is a tall, coffee brown-skinned, blue-eyed muscular woman wearing a dark blue tank top, a double buckled, light green combat pants, ankle bracelets, an elbow-length left & a wrist-length right glove with studded knuckles. She has her dark red hair pulled into a ponytail which went down to her waist. She looked like she would fit right in the Amazoness Village.

"It's been a while, number one! Or, should I say Yuki Judai?" Misawa Daichi called out to his former classmate.

"You're looking like you're eating well, Judai!" The Amazonian woman waved to him.

"Misawa, Tania! Man, am I glad to see you two!" Judai excitedly shouted back to them.

"Hey, we've got more of them coming!" Manjoume warned, pointing to more Rajita troops firing beams at them.

After a brief reunion, the Duel Academia duelists found an abandoned office building and locked themselves in. Misawa and Tania explained to them about the recent merger of the Duel Monsters World with a parallel universe known as the Digital World. This became painfully clear when Digimon and Duel Monsters started appearing across Tokyo. Misawa said the worlds have not only become merged with each other, but also with Earth. Misawa then confirmed this was all Kaiba Seto's responsibility, who at the moment is trying to fix his grave error.

Moreover, Judai told Misawa that Fubuki was captured by the Rajita.

Tania found Sara by herself and talked with her about Fubuki. After a pep talk with the Amazon, Sara's faith in saving Fubuki became restored.

"Not only do we need to save Fubuki, but we need to find Mutou Yugi and the others. And my others, I mean those Tamers, the Sailor Senshi, and the others. We're all fighting the same enemy," Judai rallied his friends.

"But first things first, we need to get my brother back," Asuka suggested.

"But, how? Where do we begin to look?" Sho wondered, almost losing hope.

"The mothership. That's the one place I'd say they took him," Manjoume stated.

"Then, that's where we'll go," Judai declared. Then, with Yubel's powers, he granted Misawa and Tania the power to summon their monsters to life. With that, the group explored Domino City, exploring the Digimon-Duel Monster areas that became meshed with their home.

Makino Residence/Shinjuku, Tokyo (新宿区, 東京)/9:30 AM (JST)

Before the Tamers returned with the Legendary Warriors and DATS to the Makino shrine, Lee Shaochung and Lopmon, who also stayed behind with Juri & Bastemon, were briefly summoned to the Digital World by an unknown source. That source turned out to be the Devas, who were given new life by the Sovereigns in the years after the D-Reaper was defeated. Having seen the Tamers and Digimon effectively working together, the Devas' harsh views toward humans subsided. When they learned one of their own became partnered to Shaochung, they saw the great potential she brought out of Lopmon.

Now with their Sovereigns gone, the Devas have turned to Shaochung to help bring out their full potential. The Dog Deva, Caturamon, apologized to Shaochung for attacking her. When Shaochung willingly accepted, her D-Ark glowed with life. Then, twelve beams of light connected with the twelve Devas. Each one became bestowed with Shaochung's D-Ark power. Then all but Lopmon were pulled inside the D-Ark.

Caturamon informed her that she has the ability to summon any individual or multiple numbers of Deva at a time. She had been named the Deva Tamer. As a first demonstration, she and Lopmon were returned to the Real World to defend Makino Shrine from a Rajita attack. She used her D-Ark to summon Mihiramon and Majiramon. Then, she combined them with Antiramon to form a new Jogress Digimon: a miniature version of Qinglongmon named QingDevamon.

QingDevamon unleashed powerful electrical charges, blasting away and incinerating numerous Rajita troops. When the troops put up Orichalcos barriers, Shaochung summoned the other Devas. When Sandiramon, Indaramon, and Pajiramon combined, they became a miniature Zhuqiaomon named ZhuDevamon. When Vikaralamon, Kumbhiramon, and Vajramon combined, they formed a miniature Xuanwumon named XuanDevamon. When Makuramon, Sinduramon, and Caturamon combined, they formed a miniature Baihumon named BaiDevamon.

As the four Jogress Devas and Bastemon fended off the Rajita troops, Jianliang and Rapidmon showed up. With help from the other Tamers, they defeated the alien soldiers.

When Shaochung revealed who the four new Digimon were, Jianliang and the others were stunned to learn who they were. Former enemies were now allies in this conflict. With her ability to command all of the Devas, Shaochung became a big asset for the Tamers.

Upon checking in with Kai, Renamon was relieved he was safe. After checking in with him, Ruki confronted her about Kai. Renamon revealed that Kai has a unique understanding of nature and the spirits, which established a bond between them. Unsure how a human and a Digimon relationship beyond friendship even works, Ruki stated she'd keep a close eye on her and Kai.

Later, the Tamers, the Legendary Warriors, and DATS spread out into various sections of Tokyo.

Takato & Guilmon, Takuya, Masaru & Agumon, Kotori & Betamon, and Ryō & Cyberdramon went together as a group.

Jianliang & Terriermon amassed Kouji, Kouichi, Hirokazu & Guardromon, Kenta & MarineAngemon, and Touma & Gaomon.

Ruki & Renamon led a group consisting of Kai, Izumi, Yoshino & Lalamon, Juri & Bastemon, Alice & Dobermon, and Dorothel & her Kozmo friends.

Himura & BlackGabumon led a group consisting of Junpei, Tomoki, Shaochung & Lopmon, Ikuto & Falcomon, and Chika & Piyomon.

As for Taichi, Agumon, Yamato, and Gabumon, they headed off to find the other Digidestined, in an effort to help Alphamon prepare for a likely battle against the mind-controlled Sovereigns.

Shinjuku, Tokyo (新宿区, 東京)/10:15 AM (JST)

Takato's group had a run-in with some Rajita troops and numerous Orichalcos-controlled Digimon & Duel Monsters. MegaloGrowmon, Ardhamon, RizeGreymon, MegaSeadramon, and Cyberdramon were more than enough to handle the enemies. They managed to free the Digimon and Duel Monsters after shattering the stones on their foreheads and various parts of their bodies.

During the battle, two Duel Monster Valkyries saved Kotori from a Fangmon. The two Valkyries, Brunhilde and Sigrun, swiftly removed the Orichalcos stone and freed the Fangmon.

With a helping hand, Brunhilde pulled Kotori up.


"You tried fighting that beast on your own. That was brave yet foolish," Brunhilde acknowledged Kotori's headstrong fighting strategy.

"Heh, I usually think with my fists, but sometimes when push comes to shove I'll use my brains," Kotori boasted, wearing a big grin. "Hey, you two are Duel Monsters!"

"I am Brunhilde and this is my colleague Sigrun."

Sigrun nodded. "Hello."

"Nice to meet you both! I'm Ayami Kotori!"

MegaSeadramon sighed. "Yep, she's headstrong alright. I can attest to that."

Gaining two new allies, the group continued their trek through the city, which is now overrun by Rajita, Wild One Digimon, and Duel Monsters. They encountered a giant Rajita mech that resembled Orichalcos Shunoros. During this skirmish, Dukemon, KaiserGreymon, and Justimon helped fight off the mechanized war machine. Then, Masaru and Kotori competed to see who'd hit the giant mech hardest first. When both their fists connected with the Rajita mech, Masaru's fist glowed and Kotori's D-Ark glowed.

As a result, ShineGreymon and MetalSeadramon emerged to fight. Together, the Digimon brought down the giant mech and brought down an entire Rajita base with it. Having gained a new admiration for Kotori, Brunhilde and Sigrun were won over by her courage.

Shibuya, Tokyo (渋谷、東京)/10:40 AM (JST)

Ruki's group fought through similar foes, but no giant mech bosses. Instead, they freed a bunch of Digimon and Duel Monsters from being converted into brainwashed slaves. Dorothel had a chance to demonstrate her lightsaber skills, striking down many Rajita troops. Then, it was there they finally encountered Kozmoll Wickedwitch and her Soartroopers.

"It can't be. They got you, too?" Dorothel was aghast, recognizing the Orichalcos symbol on Wickedwitch's forehead.

Then, a battle straight out of a Star Wars occurred, leading to Dorothel to duel Wickedwitch with their lightsabers. Ruki and the others fought off Rajita troops and the Soartroopers. At one point, Kai was caught in a predicament, finding himself cornered by Rajita troops. Taomon swiftly rescued Kai from the Rajita soldiers.

"Thanks, Renamon," Kai embraced her, causing her to blush and smile.

During the skirmish, Izumi, who mostly fought in her A-Hybrid form, JetSilphymon, unlocked a new power. After saving Juri from a powerful cannon beam, she was knocked unconscious and left for near dead. It was then her Wood Spirits communicated with her. Ophanimon then communicated with Izumi, encouraging her to stand and continue to fight. As Izumi stood gingerly, her D-Scanner glowed with life as her two Wind Spirits merged to form a brand new one.

Then, with a yell, she raised her D-Scanner and invoked a new command.

Execute; Hyper Spirit Evolution.

(Cue Digimon Frontier - The Last Element)

Izumi's Spirits of Wind whirled around her while her body, too, became digitized. Taking in the power from her two Spirits, she gathered enough to produce her Z-Hybrid form. Strong gusts of wind blew around Izumi. As the Spirits immersed within her, Izumi turned into a woman with lavender hair, tied in a ponytail and with long bangs hanging down the sides of her face. She was now garbed in silver and lavender armor with a pair of glider-shaped butterfly wings extending across her back. Her emerald eyes had an alluring look to them. Her feet were fitted in lavender boots trimmed with gold. Emblazoned on the area above her bosom was her symbol of Wind. She landed gracefully as the wind swirled around her lithe figure.

The Warrior of Wind shouted and struck a sexy pose, flicking her hair back. She became Ventimon, the Z-Hybrid Warrior of Wind.

"Thanks, Wind Spirits and Ophanimon. I won't let this new power go to waste!" Ventimon declared.

Now on par with KaiserGreymon and MagnaGarurumon, Ventimon helped her allies turn the battle to their favor.

(End theme)

(Cue Star Wars - Duel of the Fates)

When Wickedwitch fought Dorothel on a rooftop, she nearly pushed Dorothel to her death. However, Dorothel grabbed a railing and hung on with dear life. She quickly reflected on holding and mourning a dying black-haired woman in a black witch's garb. It was Kozmoll Dark Lady during her final moments. She asked Dorothel to save her apprentice before she turned completely to the dark side.

Dorothel awoke to Wickedwitch taunting her.

"Now join my former master in the next world!" Wickedwitch declared.

Suddenly, Dorothel heard a voice in her head. Someone within the Force reached out to Dorothel. She then saw the Force ghost of Kozmell Dark Lady without her helmet pleading her to save Wickedwitch before it's too late.

Seeing an opportunity to stop another from dying, Dorothel used the Force to repel Wickedwitch. They then dueled until Dorothel gained an upper hand and knocked away Wickedwitch's double-sided red lightsaber. Then, with the help of the Force, Dorothel removed the Orichalcos stone controlling Wickedwitch and purified the darkness tainting her soul. Having been saved, Wickedwitch realized her wrongdoings.

Dorothel offered a helping hand. "Thank goodness you're alive, Wickedwitch. Now you can start over and help us beat these invaders. What do you say?"

Mulling over helping her former enemy, Wickedwitch conceded and accepted. By the time they returned to aid Ruki's group, the Orichalcos stones were removed from the Soartroopers. Gathering her Soartroopers, Wickedwitch helped turn the tide against the Rajita troops. Ruki's group then destroyed the base. As a result, they also gained new allies through Kozmell Wickedwitch and the Soartroopers.

(End theme)

Minato, Tokyo (港区, 東京)/11:05 AM (JST)

Another Rajita base was met with resistance by Jianliang and his group. While fighting off Rajita troops, another giant mech resembling Serpent God Geh. The mechanized serpent expelled earth-shattering blasts, knocking away most of Jianliang's allies.

During the battle with the mechanized snake, Raihimon sensed his Spirits of Darkness communicating with him. Then, he heard Cherubimon encouraging him. The voices instilled the Warrior of Darkness with newfound power, giving him a second wind. Once Kouichi regained his bearings, MagnaGarurumon witnessed his brother raising his glowing D-Scanner. The two Darkness Spirits inside his D-Scanner merged into a brand new Spirit of Darkness.

As he held his D-Scanner over his head, Kouichi invoked his new command.

(Cue Digimon Frontier - The Last Element)

Kouichi's Spirits of Darkness hovered over him as his digitized body took them in. Drawing power from his two Spirits, he amassed their energies to produce his Z-Hybrid form. A cloud of darkness expelled out of his armor and engulfed the teen. As the Spirits became one with him, Kouichi transformed into a tall and black armored humanoid warrior with a lion's head doubling as a mask. His mane consisted of sharp and pointy ends. Embroidered on his chest was the symbol of darkness. Straddled on his right hip was a sheath holding a sword. His body has a modest build behind the heavy armor. His eyes burned red as he released darkness energy from his armor.

The Warrior of Darkness bellowed and shadowboxed a few times. He became YamiLeomon, the Z-Hybrid Warrior of Darkness.

"Yes, with this new form, I will shroud these otherworlders in despair!" YamiLeomon roared, spreading a veil of darkness over Rajita troops, including horrifying hallucinations that inhibited their senses.

YamiLeomon and MagnaGarurumon united to bring down the mechanized serpent. SaintGalgomon then delivered the finishing blow, crushing the snake's head.

In another section of Minato, Himura's group contended with a battalion of Rajita troops accompanied by massive tanks and large enslaved Digimon & Duel Monsters. BlackWereGarurumon began by fiercely pummeling Brutes and Draconian Guardians. Shaochung helped even the odds, summoning all the Devas to combat the Rajita troops. The larger Devas clashed with the tanks and the larger enslaved Digimon.

When the Rajita troops conjured Orichalcos barriers, they managed to stave off their enemies' attacks. When a cruiser flew over the group, it rained down green beams that tore the ground asunder and knocked away half of the group. RhinoKabuterimon and Daipenmon were nearly killed by these beams.

Suddenly, they heard the voices of their respective spirits. Junpei's Thunder Spirits communicated with him. Likewise, Tomoki's Ice Spirits reached them. Then, they heard Seraphimon encouraging them to stay strong. Like Izumi and Kouichi before them, their D-Scanners glowed with new life as their Spirits merged into new ones. Upon receiving their new powers, Junpei and Tomoki accessed their Z-Hybrid Spirits and invoked these new Spirit Evolutions.

Junpei's Spirits of Thunder hovered and revolved around him as his body became digitized. Drawing power from the two Spirits, he had enough to finally invoke and unleash his Z-Hybrid form. As streaks of lightning hit and fizzled over Junpei, the Spirits merged with him, turning him into a 10-foot tall humanoid Rhinoceros beetle garbed in stylish and extra modified blue armor armed with two large switchblade-like protrusions from his back. He looked like a cross between Blitzmon and RhinoKabuterimon. Streaks of electricity leaked out of his blue armor as he pounded his two fists together and roared, slamming both electrified fists into the ground.

The Warrior of Thunder roared with tremendous force. He became Donarmon, the Z-Hybrid Warrior of Thunder.

Tomoki's Spirits of Ice hovered and flew around him as his body, like Junpei's, became digitized. Drawing more power from his two Spirits, he harnessed it to invoke his long-awaited Z-Hybrid form. Sheets of ice surrounded and covered Tomoki. When the Spirits merged with him, Tomoki transformed into a 20-foot tall behemoth with white thick fur like the legendary Yeti. A large battle ax was seen strapped behind his back. Pounding his chest, the beast bellowed as sheets of ice rained down over him.

The Warrior of Ice bellowed, finishing pounding his chest with authority. He became Yetimon, the Z-Hybrid Warrior of Ice.

Donarmon turned to Yetimon. "Are you ready to wreck some alien ships, buddy?"

Yetimon smashed his fists together. "Let's do it!"

With that, the two Z-Hybrids used their empowered thunder and ice attacks to decimate the Rajita armored tanks. As BlackMetalGarurumon took to the air, Himura's partner tore through the cruiser and froze it with Grace Cross Freezer. Ravemon and Garudamon helped take down the remaining tanks. After removing their Orichalcos stones, the group freed the once enslaved Digimon and Duel Monsters.

(End theme)

Azabu-Jūban, Minato (麻布十番, 港区)/1:20 PM (JST)

Meanwhile, after learning from Spirit World's intelligence, it was confirmed Kaiser Ghidorah is not inside the Rajita mothership. This was no better time than any to stage a rescue mission. The Sailor Senshi and Spirit Detectives agreed to initiate the rescue. The Sailor Senshi flew toward the spaceship with the Spirit Detectives in tow. They managed to get in without a hitch.

Rajita Warship/1:45 PM (JST)

"Ok, everyone. We must make this fast and find where they're holding Sailor Moon," Sailor Pluto advised everyone.

"I suggest we split into groups. We'll be less conspicuous if we're together like this," Sailor Jupiter suggested.

"Do you know if this was a horror movie, that's a bad idea?" Sailor Venus reminded Jupiter, eliciting amused chuckles from some.

"It's fine. We can get by the guards with stealth," Kurama said. "And some of us are very much suited for stealth missions."

"Not all of us," Yusuke said, turning toward Kuwabara.

"What the hell are you looking at me for, Urameshi."

"Ok, enough. Let's get this over with," Sailor Uranus stated.

"Are we all ready?" Tuxedo Mask asked everyone, who nodded in unison.

With that, the Senshi and Detectives split into their smaller groups: Sailor Venus, Tuxedo Mask, Kurama, and Yusuke. Sailor Mars, Hiei, and Sailor Saturn. Sailor Jupiter, Kuwabara, and Sailor Pluto. Sailor Mercury, Sailor Neptune, and Aoshi.

When Venus' group stumbled into a spacious training center, they hid behind crate boxes and watched Kujiko amassing Brutes for a mission.

"So, where do you think they're holding her?" whispered Yusuke.

"A containment room of some kind," Sailor Venus answered.

"Perhaps in one of Ghidorah's private quarters?" Kurama deduced, carefully watching Kujiko escorting the Brutes into a cruiser ship.

"We also have to be careful not to attract too much attention or set off alarms," Tuxedo Mask advised them.

"Alright, but where do we even know where to find one of his private quarters?" Venus wondered.

Just then, a group of Foxzards walked by, prompting Yusuke to grab one and Venus to tie up the other with her chains.

"Alright, you little bastards. Tell us where the hell they're holding the princess?!" Yusuke demanded, charging spirit Ki into his right index finger.

"Wait, Yusuke. We need them alive," Kurama said, readying a rose whip in case they squeal for help.

"I-I don't know!" One of the Foxzards shrieked.

"Wrong answer," Venus frowned, squeezing her chain tightly.

Tuxedo Mask barked, pulling out a blade from his cane. He shoved it right in front of the Foxzard's face. "Where is Sailor Moon?!"

"Ok, ok! I know where they're holding her!" The other Foxzard cried out. "Just don't kill us!"

"Where the hell is she?" Yusuke asked, pointing his index finger point blank in the alien's face.

"I-In his throne room… it's on the topmost level… but be warned it's heavily guarded now…" The Foxzard revealed.

Venus nodded. "That's all we needed to know." Then, Kurama planted seeds in the Foxzards' heads, erasing any recollections of them ever interacting with the fox demon and his three friends.

"Ok, that should put them out for a while," Yusuke remarked.

Tuxedo Mask muttered. "I just hope we're not too late." He sensed Sailor Moon's presence. "I can feel her. Sailor Moon is indeed at the top level!"

"Let's get going!" Venus whispered loudly as she and the two men searched and found a flight of stairs to use to get up to the top level.

Elsewhere, Sailor Mars' group scoured an empty corridor and turned a series of rooms. Each room had unoccupied laboratories.

"Can you sense Sailor Moon's presence anywhere here?" Sailor Mars asked Saturn.

"Not here. We'll have to take another floor level," Saturn replied as they crossed another corridor only to be met with some Draconian Guardians resisting them. They readied their laser rifles and fired.

Blocking their shots with her glaive, Saturn attacked them with ferocity. Sailor Mars and Hiei quickly joined in, taking out the remaining Rajita troops. After Mars burned one into crisp, Hiei slashed another on in two.

"Great, just the last thing we need. Now they're going to know we're here," Mars glanced over the slain Rajita corpses. She and Hiei burned them, leaving no trace of them. However, a security camera managed to capture them.

Hiei took out the security cameras with his sword.

As the trio headed out of the hall, Sailor Mars froze in place. She heard a faint cry in her head.

"...can you hear me? Please, I need help."

"Mars? What's wrong? C'mon, we need to keep going," Saturn whispered.

"A voice," Mars replied, confusing Saturn. "I'm hearing a voice."

"Where?" Saturn surveyed the hall.

Hiei realized what Mars referred to. "In her mind. Someone's trying to communicate with you."

"Yeah, but I don't have the faintest idea who it could be," Mars nodded as the voice returned faintly pleading.

"Please help… I've been contained…"

"This person calling to me has been contained and needs help."

"I'm on the next floor. Please, help… my power has long been diminishing since I was captured ages ago…"

"Mars, we need to go find Sailor Moon."

"I know, but hold on," Mars nodded while communicating with the disembodied voice. "Hey, are you there?"

"Hurry, Sailor Senshi… I know you're looking for your princess… release me and I can help you reach her…"

"She says she can help us find Sailor Moon."

Saturn frowned. "I don't know about this, Mars. It could be a trap."

The voice telepathically entered Saturn's mind. "This is no trap… I am sealed… I can help you all."

Saturn pressed her fingers on her head. "So, this is who's been talking to you, Mars? She does sound genuine in her intentions."

"She said she's on the next floor up. Let's check it and hopefully, we don't run into more hall patrollers," Mars said as they headed up a flight of stairs to the next floor. They slipped behind a door as guards passed by. "Ok, it's clear." They walked down a long corridor leading to some metal doors.

"Behind these doors… you will find me…" The voice faintly verified.

"Saturn, I'll let you handle the doors," Mars stepped aside, allowing Saturn to carve through the metal doors with her Silence Glaive.

(Cue Final Fantasy XIV OST - Phoenix Theme (From the Ashes))

Upon entering, the group surveyed a room full of contained specimens of various fauna and flora across the cosmos. It seemed like storage for all their experiments. Sailor Mars gazed over one container with two green elven-like creatures. One with light blue hair and the other with pink hair.

"Over here…" The voice communicated with the trio, luring them toward a large capsule. Inside is a formless ball of fiery matter glowing inside. As the trio approached the container, they could feel an immense power that they've never felt before.

"It's as if I'm approaching a supernova," Saturn whispered, finding herself intrigued by the cosmic force moving freely inside the container.

"This is beyond anything I've ever felt," Hiei muttered. Much to his surprise, he noticed the dark flames from his right arm coming to life and engaging with the cosmic fiery energy. "Even my darkness flames are becoming intrigued with this power."

"Is that you in there?" Sailor Mars asked, cautiously approaching the container.

"Yes. Thank you all for coming here… now I need your help freeing me…"

"How do we know you don't have malicious intent? How can we be sure you won't turn against us if we release you?" Sailor Mars asked the entity.

"You have my word… and I have no intent to harm anyone seeking to protect the Silver Crystal…"

"You know about the Silver Crystal?" Saturn asked the mysterious entity.

"I am an entity that has existed since the beginning of the universe. I was born from the cosmic energy that birthed many planets. I know everything."

"Who are you?" Sailor Mars queried.

"I am the Hōō. I am the manifestation of the universal force of life and passion. I am what you would call a 'child of the universe'. At my prime before my capture, I was revered and feared by many across the universe. Many civilizations viewed me as a god, often called a god of creation and a god of destruction. For those who perverted my power and image for evil were dealt with unrelenting force."

"Of course, there'd be power hungry individuals who'd use your power for their selfish gain," Sailor Mars added, reproving the actions of these aforementioned reprehensible individuals.

The Hōō continued on. "Throughout my existence, I have even acquired avatars to contain my power. Many have perished tragically, but few have managed to access my powers to their fullest. Some were powerful psychics. Others had powerful spiritual awareness." The ancient entity probed Sailor Mars, reading her thoughts. "I see, you are someone who's attuned with the spirits of your planet. You're a shrine maiden who vows to protect those you love, including the moon princess."

"How was something as powerful as you sealed by the Rajita leader?" Sailor Saturn inquired.

"Not even I am all infallible. Powerful as I am, my power diminishes every time I vacate a vessel. The last vessel I occupied was a powerful psychic on another planet far away. After vacating her body, the state we were in left me weakened and in need of recovery. I surmise when Ghidorah learned of my existence, he wanted to eliminate any threats to his empire. He and his armies attacked me. I fought fiercely, wiping out as many of his subjects, but Ghidorah cast a seal on me and placed me in this containment. Since then, I've been held in captivity against my will. Due to the extremities of this seal, I haven't been able to recoup my full powers."

Upon hearing this, Sailor Mars nodded. "That's why you want us to break you free."

"Yes, but once I'm released I must require a body to regenerate my full strength. Sailor Mars, will you be my avatar? You, too, invoke the passion of fire just like me. "

Taken aback by the Hōō's offer, Sailor Mars took a step back and hesitated. "I… I'm not sure if my body can handle you."

"We won't know until you release me. Please, I don't wish to remain sealed in here against my will."

Frowning, Sailor Saturn turned to Mars. "I'm not sure this is wise. Yes, she doesn't like Ghidorah as much as we do, but I'm not sure about releasing an entity whose power could grow too dangerous to control. This sounds like a bad idea."

Hiei placed his hand on the container. "It's your choice, Sailor Mars, but you better make it fast." He glanced over his shoulder as the alarms resounded from outside the room. "We're going to have some unwanted company very soon."

"Damn it. What to do?" Sailor Mars cursed under her breath. She stared over the container and sensed the Hōō's unwavering power. "I don't think I can do it."

(End theme)

(Cue Sailor Moon Crystal OST - Tragic Battle)

Before the Hōō could respond, numerous Rajita troops stormed in and fired at the three intruders. Sailor Saturn quickly deflected their beams with her Silence Wall. Executing his Sword of the Darkness Flame, Hiei swiftly made short work of them. Readying an ofuda, Sailor Mars ignited it with flames and tossed it at some Bio-Vivians, setting them ablaze.

Just then, they heard clapping from outside the room. The trio pivoted forward as Nāginī walked in while mockingly clapping. She wore a deadpan look on her face.

"Spectacular performance, you three. Do you feel like you've accomplished anything by killing these cannon fodder?" Nāginī took on a fighting stance. "How about tangling with me?!" With that, she rushed forward, dodging all of Sailor Saturn's glaive strikes. She performed quick pressure point strikes, immobilizing Sailor Saturn as she fell to the floor.

"I see. You can block Ki with pressure points," Hiei assessed, using all three eyes to pick up on Nāginī's technique. He rushed the Rajita general, carefully avoiding her pressure point strikes and slicing at her with his sword.

Catching his sword, Nāginī pinned it down and snapped it in two with her foot. Hiei blasted her chest with his Fist of the Darkness Flame. Sailor Mars followed through and fired a Mars Flame Sniper at Nāginī's direction. Dodging Mars' flame attack, Nāginī performed a mid-air somersault to do so. She then rolled over and placed a hand on Saturn's forearm, absorbing some of her power and created her own Silence Wall to block Hiei and Mars' attacks.

"You steal other people's powers?!" Saturn was horrified to see her own power used against her allies.

"Yes, and what of it? You do what you must to beat your enemy!" Nāginī boasted, throwing daggers at Hiei and Sailor Mars.

As the two dodged, Nāginī reached Mars and exchanged punches with her. Mars tried pivoting the Rajita general's blows and even landed a kick, knocking back. Then, Nāginī rushed over and vanished in an instant. Before Mars even knew it, Nāginī shoved a blade through Mars' torso.

"MARS!" Saturn cried out, watching Mars stumble forward bleeding from her gut.

Hiei quickly blasted Nāginī into a wall with a dark flame blast.

All the while this happened, Sailor Mars pressed one hand against her torso to try stopping the bleeding. She conveniently walked over to the Hōō's container and fell on top of it.

"Mars…" Saturn struggled to sit up, but the Rajita general's energy blocking technique kept her paralyzed and unable to save Mars. "If only I could heal you!"

"You're too late! Now you watch your friend bleed to death!" Nāginī laughed while parrying Hiei's punches.

(End theme)

As her bloodied hand smeared over the container, Mars stared into the cosmic entity beckoning to her.

"I can save your life, Sailor Mars. But for me to do so, you must release me."

"Ugh… I won't stop bleeding…" Mars muttered as her face paled.

"I can help, but in my current state I can't be of any help. You know what must be done."

Mars bit her bottom lip as she punched the container.

"That's it. Together we can save Sailor Moon. Let our bond of fire coalesce. Together, we can help bring the Rajita Empire to ruin."

Taking out another ofuda, Sailor Mars placed it over the container. Performing some hand seals, she muttered her Shinto incantation.

Upon seeing Mars preparing to release the cosmic entity, Nāginī growled and rushed over to stop her.

"No! Get away from that containment!" Nāginī roared but was quickly stopped by Hiei.

Finishing her ritual, Mars' ofuda caused the container to crack open like an egg. Just then, Kujiko and Morpheous entered the room.

"Damn it all! She's broken the Hōō's seal!" Nāginī shouted.

(Cue X-Men: The Last Stand OST - Phoenix Theme)

Everyone in the room witnessed a mix of molten red, yellow, and orange light pouring from the broken container. This light quickly whipped around Sailor Mars and coalesced with the red aura surrounding her. As Mars' and the Hōō's auras intertwined, a fiery cloak resembling the shape of a firebird. The Hōō not only regained its form but assumed the appearance of the animal closely linked to Sailor Mars. The entity's aura enveloped over Mars, healing all of her injuries, including the torso wound. When Mars' eyes opened, cosmic flames burst forth. Quickly picking up Saturn, Hiei and Saturn sensed an overwhelming surge of cosmic power filling Sailor Mars, whose Sailor uniform slightly changed before their eyes.

Though she retained some traits of her Sailor uniform, the broach on her bosom became a bright red phoenix emblem. Her forehead tiara gained red bird wings on its sides. Her red heels turned into knee-length bright red boots. Her gloves matched the color of her new footwear. The color scheme of her eyes turned fiery red, burning with a renewed passion.

The three Rajita generals backed away, finding themselves petrified of the Hōō's new vessel. Fueled with the desire to destroy the Rajita, the Hōō channeled her fury through Sailor Mars, who floated into the air. The Hōō's cloak spread, burning everything in her path.

"Mars, I can't believe…" Saturn stammered while Hiei retrieved her Silence Glaive.

"She can't seem to get a hold of the Hōō's power. At this rate, she'll destroy herself!" Hiei meticulously watched Sailor Mars struggling to contain the Hōō inside her.

"No… I won't die here!" Sailor Mars shouted, regaining her sense of control. Tightening her fists and clenching her teeth, Mars unleashed fiery blast toward the Rajita generals, who quickly escaped the room. Then, shifting her eyes toward the ceiling, she sensed Sailor Moon's presence. "She's above us." She beckoned Hiei and Saturn over. "Come on!"

"Mars, are you yourself?" Saturn asked the fire Senshi.

"Yeah, but who knows for how long," Mars replied, grabbing hold of Hiei and Saturn. She then blasted through the ceiling while carrying her two colleagues.

Meanwhile, the other Sailor Senshi and Spirit Detectives sensed an immense power radiating from within the ship. They quickly followed the Hōō's presence toward the top floor. The three Rajita generals sounded the alarm, calling forth many Rajita troops to head for the top floor to stop the intruders and protect Ghidorah's throne room.

As soon as the other Senshi and Detectives arrived, over a hundred Rajita troops attacked them. Sailor Venus led the charge, swinging her chain and incapacitating many troops. Yusuke went all out, firing his Shotgun to blast away numerous Brutes and Draconian Guardians. Tuxedo Mask fired a fully-charged Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber, wiping out numerous Bio-Vivians and Foxzards. Kurama used rose petals to slice through Foxzards. Sailor Jupiter cleared a path after wiping out some Bio-Vivians and Brutes with her Jupiter Oak Evolution. Sailor Mercury blasted many troops away with her Mercury Aqua Rhapsody. Kuwabara slashed down many with his Double Spirit Sword. Channeling some type of specialized gold spirit energy, Yui fired a gold and blue-colored Spirit Gun, which caught Yusuke's attention for a moment. Aoshi went full-on Lycan and tackled down a Brute while biting off the head of a Bio-Vivian. Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune took turns; the former slashed up troops with her Space Sword Blaster and the latter washed away some Draconian Guardians with Submarine Violon Tide. After kicking away some Draconian Guardians, Sailor Pluto effortlessly wiped them out with her Chronos Typhoon.

"You all felt that enormous power just now?!" Kuwabara asked the others.

"Yeah, that wasn't one of us!" Sailor Jupiter called back.

"But, yet it's linked to Sailor Mars somehow!" Sailor Mercury added.

"That's because it is. This entity has taken hold of Sailor Mars and is using her as a vessel to tear through this mothership to save Sailor Moon!" Sailor Pluto exclaimed. "We must hurry! Just ahead is Sailor Moon!" She pointed her Garnet Staff toward a door guarded by numerous Rajita troops.

"Ugh, get out of our way!" Sailor Venus roared, ferociously striking and dismembering as many Rajia troops as possible.

"Sailor Moon, we're almost there!" Tuxedo Mask yelled out for his beloved.

Just then, Kuiiza and the other three Rajita generals stormed over to stop the Senshi and Detectives.

"This is as far as you go!" Kuiiza bellowed before Venus swung her Holy Blade at him, narrowly cutting him in two. "Try all you can, but you won't get your princess back."

"But, Kuiiza! There's a Sailor Senshi that's been possessed by the Hōō! She's on her way to retrieve the princess!" Morpheous warned him.

"What?! Has she actually breached the throne room?!"

Suddenly, everyone heard a loud explosion emanating from inside Ghidorah's royal quarters. The force coming from Hōō Mars' aura knocked the doors down, immediately giving the Senshi and Detective entry. As they entered, they saw a figure enveloped in a firebird cloak placing a hand over the seal holding Sailor Moon. Hōō Mars quickly undid the seal, freeing Sailor Moon.

"Sailor Moon!" Tuxedo Mask yelled out, but Venus stopped him.

"Hold on. She'll be ok, but what's the deal with that firebird surrounding Mars?" Venus wondered, painstakingly observing the Hōō's cloak covering Sailor Mars.

"Everyone, Sailor Mars has been taken over, but she's somehow gotten control over the entity!" Saturn cried out.

"Hiei, are y'all ok?!" Yusuke asked them.

"What do you think?" Hiei snorted as he glanced over to Hōō Mars holding Sailor Moon.

"Sailor Mars, is that you?" Moon asked, initially confused by Mars' modified wardrobe and the firebird aura surrounding her.

"It's me… and something else entirely. It's a long story. Can you use the Silver Crystal?" Hōō Mars asked Moon, who gingerly stood and picked up the Silver Crystal.

Having enough strength to invoke her crystal, it glowed brilliantly and enveloped Sailor Moon, healing her of her previous injuries. At this critical juncture, Eternal Sailor Moon emerged holding up the Silver Crystal in her right hand and her Eternal Tiare in her left one. Setting her sights on the Rajita generals and their troops, Moon fiercely waved her Tiare, sending a powerful wave that effortlessly knocked them away.

"Let's get out of here, everyone," Eternal Moon calmly muttered, her tone equally menacing toward her enemies. "And tell your leader I'm free and ready to settle this war."

Standing up and scowling, Kuiiza met Eternal Moon with resistance. "Heh, don't a fool. Lord Ghidorah will eviscerate you and take the crystal!" As he prepared to attack, Morpheous grabbed his arm and restrained him. "What is this, Morpheous?! Unhand me!"

"You're a fool to fight her as he is. All four of us would be fools. Also, there's no honor leaving our men here with no one to lead them," Morpheous calmly reproached. He motioned his three colleagues toward several injured and incapacitated troops. "Correct?"

As he shifted back to the Senshi and Detectives, Kuiiza regrettably scowled. As they teleported off the ship, Kuiiza walked away, leaving his fellow generals behind.

"Morpheous, you're going to regret those actions," Kuiiza muttered as Morpheous assisted with the troops.

(End theme)

Inuki Residence/Shibuya, Tokyo (渋谷、東京)/3:45 PM (JST)

As the Senshi and Detectives returned to Ōkami's home, he and Suzuno were relieved to see their son back, but Suzuno was surprised by how big Aoshi had gotten in his Lycan form. Aoshi modestly whimpered and apologized to his mother for letting his true nature out. The image of a large wolf boy kneeling before a moderate-sized woman was hilarious to see in person.

"Isn't he a good wolf boy, Miss Inuki?" Yui asked Suzuno while petting Aoshi's head.

"Sailor Moon, I'm glad you're ok. I was worried you'd never come back," Ōkami confronted Moon. He eyed the Silver Crystal. "Yes, I remember the queen wielded this. The Silver Crystal's legendary power is unparalleled."

"I'm glad to even be here with all of you," Moon replied.

"And I'm happy you're safe with us," Tuxedo Mask said as he and Moon kissed each other's lips.

"Mars, are you going to be ok?" Sailor Mercury asked Hōō Mars, who remained in her new form but sans the firebird cloak.

"I think so, but that was an incredible rush. It was nothing like I've felt before. I feel like a new me if that makes sense," Hōō Mars said, sitting down.

"So, the legend of the Hōō is true," Sailor Pluto said.

"What do you know about it, Pluto?" Sailor Saturn asked the Time Guardian.

"The Hōō is a primordial entity that has existed long before my time. Ever since the beginnings of the universe, it has represented as the physical manifestation of the very passion of creation. Its spark helped give life to many in the universe. The Hōō has gained many avatars as well. At one point, she visited Earth and came in contact with a powerful priestess. Perhaps, that's what sparked the Hōō's interest in you, Sailor Mars."

"Wait, so this thing gave life to us?" Yusuke asked. "Just thinking about that blows my mind."

"Well, not quite us, but the matter that would create the blueprints to life itself. Every lifeform owes their existence to one common cosmic event: the Big Bang," Kurama pressed his knowledge onto his colleagues.

"I don't know. Sounds far-fetched to me," Kuwabara remarked.

"Maybe to a simpleton like yourself, but you didn't sense the energy I felt. I was up close to the Hōō," Hiei added while spicing it up with a verbal jab at Kuwabara's expense.

"Hey, are you going to be this thing's vessel?" Sailor Uranus asked Mars.

"For now, it looks like the Hōō and I will be working together to defeat the Rajita Empire," Hōō Mars said. "Beyond that, who knows, but she did save my life."

"You want to repay the favor, do you?" Tuxedo Mask queried.

Just then, Moon placed a hand on Hōō Mars' shoulder and affectionately smiled.

"If she saved your life and helped free me, then the Hōō is ok in my eyes."

Just then, the Hōō sent a telepathic link to Eternal Sailor Moon. "And I'd be honored to fight alongside the Light of Hope herself. Anyone that stands up to the physical manifestation of Chaos itself has my admiration."

Hōō Mars let out a relaxed sigh. "Then, we're in this together, Hōō."

"Welcome to the team, Hōō," Eternal Moon nodded in approval.

"This is wonderful. Who'd thought we'd have an entity born from the universe's beginnings on our side? Hōō, I have many questions I want to ask with your permission," Sailor Mercury said.

"Well, she did save Sailor Mars. I guess she's ok in my book," Sailor Uranus approved.

"Yes, and based on what I've heard from her, she sounds like she'd be elegant to talk to," Sailor Neptune said.

"We're honored to have you fight on our side, child of the universe," Sailor Pluto acknowledged the entity.

Hōō Mars was unsure of the sudden special treatment she was getting, but she knew it's because she's the entity's vessel. As far as she was concerned, Mars didn't ask or want the special treatment.

"Guys, just because I'm the Hōō's avatar, don't treat me any differently. As far as I'm concerned, I'm still me."

Sailor Venus playfully winked, placating Mars' wishes. "Of course, you're still you. The only difference is that you helped bring a new friend to our side."

"Thanks, now I feel better."

Eternal Moon chuckled as she sat down next to Hōō Mars. "But, with both of you working together, I like our chances better than before. Ghidorah is in for a surprise."

Another brief conversation occurred in another room. Yusuke pulled Yui over to talk with King Koenma and Botan. When Yusuke related his discovery of the new spirit power Yui exhibited, the King of Spirit World revealed Yui's nature.

"Yui, you're a descendant of a Tennyo," Koenma revealed much to Yui's shock.

"So, I'm some kind of demon like Yusuke?"

"No, sweetie. Quite the opposite. Your latent power is derived from a celestial maiden," Botan reassured her. "Through an atavism, Yusuke is a descendant of the Mazoku bloodline, which we know came from Raizen. Yui, you're a descendant of a powerful Tennyo."

"Do you know who that ancestor of mine is?" Yui curiously asked though she expected no clear response. When they nodded, she sighed. "I see."

"Don't worry about it now. I'm looking into it," King Koenma reassured Yui. "In the meantime, harness this newfound power and utilize it one you're out there fighting. Yusuke, I leave you in charge of Yui's progress."

"Right, we've got this," Yusuke smirked, patting Yui's head.

"Thanks, Yusuke," Yui replied.

As the Sailor Senshi and Spirit Detectives finished briefing, they headed out to scour Tokyo and search for their other allies. By Mars' request, the Hōō suppressed her power and became the fire Senshi's headspace voice.

Rajita Warship/4:05 PM (JST)

When Kuiiza reported the loss of Sailor Moon and the Hōō, Kaiser Ghidorah's fury reached new heights. He then clarified that the Hōō has bonded with a vessel. In response to Kuiiza's failure to facilitate the two biggest threats to his life, Ghidorah fired two beams that shot through the screen and vaporized every Rajita troop inside his throne room, save for his four generals. Having witnessed this horrific execution, Morpheous saw the same soldiers he helped treat being reduced to ashes.

"You will make up for this, General Kuiiza. All four of you are on thin ice. This is your chance to redeem yourselves. I am returning with five prized possessions." The tyrant then informed them of the five Sovereigns, which he had converted into their new Orichalcos Gods.

"So, we may actually have a chance to turn the tide of the war against our enemies," Kuiiza nodded.

"We await your return, Lord Ghidorah!" Kujiko praised him.

"And worry not. We shall have Sailor Moon and the Hōō back where they belong," Nāginī placated to her leader.

However, Morpheous said nothing, not wanting to cross any lines, and just bowed his head.

"Indeed, this war has not been decided. Return to leading our troops and await my arrival."

The generals nodded. "Yes, Lord Ghidorah."

Suddenly, Kuiiza marched out of the royal chamber.

"Where are you going?" Nāginī asked her colleague.

"I have a little errand to run. Time to test my new warrior out before I send him after the Sailor Senshi and their allies," Kuiiza chuckled, walking out to retrieve Fubuki.

Shibuya, Tokyo (渋谷、東京)/5:30 PM (JST)

Later that day, Kotori, Himura, and their Digimon separated from Takato's group to look for Philippe and Yui. The Valkyrie Duel Monsters, Brunhilde and Sigrun, accompanied them.

Kotori learned new facts about the two Valkyries. Brunhilde and Sigrun are reincarnations of the actual Brunhilde and Sigrun from Norse Mythology. This revelation fascinated Kotori, who revealed to have read stories about Valkyries when she was little. Her favorite Norse character was Brunhilde and she was delighted to have her as an ally. Brunhilde felt mutual toward Kotori's veneration for her.

Along the way, the group found the Amazoness clan marching through Shibuya. With hawk-like vision, Kotori spotted Philippe among them. As MetalSeadramon descended, Kotori ran over and embraced her cousin. The Amazons initially questioned Kotori, but Philippe told them she's his cousin. Amazoness Princess introduced herself to Kotori and Himura, saying Philippe is more 'man' enough to fight his own battles. She also left out the part of her and Philippe's one night stand to help boost his self confidence once he sees Sasha again.

When Brunhilde and Sigrun arrived, Amazoness Queen recognized them as Duel Monsters and conversed about the state of the Duel Monster world.

After a brief reunion, Philippe told Kotori they were out looking for Saya. Kotori offered to help, but Philippe insisted on finding Saya on his own. When Kotori tried persuading him, Himura talked her out of it. Himura reminded Kotori they needed to regroup with the Digiteams. When Kotori asked about Yui, Himura confessed that Yui has Yusuke and the Detectives to safeguard her. Moreover, he feels Yui's grown more independent since becoming a Spirit Detective.

After wishing Philippe luck, Kotori, Himura, their Digimon, and the two Valkyries departed. The Amazoness clan pressed on and continued their march, seeking new allies and gaining a few, including Buster Blader the Dragon Destroyer Swordsman. They reached a point where they were met with resistance. Camula stood in their way, summoning Goblin Zombies, Gernias, Immortal Werewolves, and Vampire Bats. The Amazons and their allies fought the undead army briefly, but aided by the Orichalcos stones, Camula's forces overwhelmed the Amazons. Then, Camula cast an Orichalcos barrier, separating Philippe from the Amazons. Amazoness Princess grabbed onto Philippe but ended up captured by Camula as well. Before leaving with her two captives, Camula then called off her undead army for tonight's Vampire Civil War.

Shibuya, Tokyo (渋谷、東京)/7:35 PM (JST)

The Duel Academia duelists spent the better part of the day resisting Rajita troops, saving helpless civilians & relocating them, and avoiding as many battles as they can to conserve their Duel Monsters' energies.

Every battle varied between easy and moderately difficult, but their biggest battle would finally hit them with force.

Sensing an incoming blast, Yubel warned Judai, who then beckoned everyone to take cover. A black beam flew over them and wiped out some nearby infrastructure. When the Duel Academia duelists recovered, they saw Kuiiza standing on top of a hill of debris.

"Heheh, we meet again, Terran apes," Kuiiza chuckled.

"You! Where's Fubuki?!" Judai demanded, raising a clenched fist.

"You have my brother! Give him back!" Asuka shouted, readily summoning her Cyber Girls.

"Heh, he's right here," Kuiiza turned away, unveiling the brainwashed, black dragon-armored Fubuki, whose eyes were red and full of malice.

(Cue Code Vein OST - Extremum Belli)

Upon seeing their friend again, the group was horrified. However, Asuka and Sara were petrified by Fubuki's corrupted appearance.

"No… Fubuki…" Sara gasped, clamping her mouth in shock and trying to make out words to describe her beloved's corrupted look.

"FUBUKI!" Asuka screamed in terror.

"Aww, what's wrong? Don't you like the new Fubuki? I think he looks better than ever," Kuiiza chuckled, showing the corrupted Fubuki off to the terrified Duel Academia duelists.

"What did you do to Fubuki?!" Judai roared.

"I made him a new Fubuki. What else?" Kuiiza retorted.

"He brought the Darkness out of Fubuki, didn't he?!" Edo exclaimed.

"Yes, it appears so," Misawa replied.

"Darkness? Perhaps, but it was this man's inner darkness that made the conversion process a lot easier," Kuiiza explained. "Add an Orichalcos stone and tada, he's my new instrument of destruction. If I can do this to Fubuki, just imagine what I can do with every human with darkness in their hearts? The Rajita would have a new supply of super soldiers to do Lord Ghidorah's bidding!"

"You're insane! There's no way we're letting you get your way using our friend!" Judai shouted, quickly summoning Elemental Hero Featherman and Elemental Hero Burst Lady first. He then summoned his two Elemental Heroes to attack Kuiiza, who beckoned Fubuki to guard him.

As Fubuki unleashed molten red blasts from his hands, he fought off Judai's Duel Monsters. When Judai used his Polymerization fusion, he merged his two Heroes into Elemental Hero Flame Wingman. When the fusion monster blasted fire toward Fubuki, he jumped up evading in flames and threw molten balls to stop these fireballs.

"Don't think I'm fresh out of monsters yet!" Judai declared, conjuring more Elemental Heroes: Elemental Hero Bubbleman, Elemental Hero Necrodarkman, Elemental Hero Wildheart, Elemental Hero Clayman, Elemental Hero Bladedge, Elemental Hero The Heat, Elemental Hero Lady Heat, Elemental Hero Forestman, Elemental Hero Captain Gold, Elemental Hero Sparkman, Elemental Hero Ocean, and Elemental Hero Prisma.

"You think all of those monsters will make a difference? Not if I'm fighting alongside your friend!" Kuiiza rebuked, producing green orbs of light, which he tossed at Judai's Elemental Heroes.

As the Elemental Heroes flew around and evaded Kuiiza's attacks, Fubuki hastily blasted a few away with molten beams.

"Ugh, this is bad!" Sho exclaimed. "Let's get in there and help him, Tyranno!"

"I'm in! Help's on the way, Judai!" Tyranno roared.

With that, Sho and Tyranno summoned their army of monsters. Sho summoned three Cyber Dragons, Cyber Phoenix, Dragonroid, Drillroid, and Gyroid. Tyranno brought out Black Stego, Dark Diceratops, Dark Tyranno, Giant Rex, and Ultimate Tyranno.

Sho and Tyranno's monsters charged toward Kuiiza, who quickly brought them down with fast attacks and blasts. When Sho fused his three Cyber Dragons, Cyber End Dragon emerged and attacked Kuiiza. Kuiiza jumped around, evading the three-headed dragon's mouths and fiery blasts.

"How cute! You're trying to make me sweat here!" Kuiiza cackled, lobbing a barrage of green blasts at Cyber End Dragon.

Responding to Judai and company's monsters, Fubuki summoned a Red-Eyes Black Dragon to defend him. The Red-Eyes launched molten blasts, driving back some of the Heroes, the machines, and dinosaurs.

"FUBUKI! PLEASE STOP!" Asuka screamed at the top of her voice, trying her best to reach out to her corrupted brother. As she raced forward, Momoe and Junko stopped her.

"Asuka, get back!" Momoe cried out.

"Yeah, you're going to get caught up and get hurt!" Junko pleaded to her friend, who was nearly down on her knees in defeat.

"Asuka!" Sara called out to her. As she ran over and tended to Asuka, she shook her shoulders. "Listen, I know how you feel seeing a loved one being turned against your friends! It's hurting me, too!"

"But, Fubuki…"

"He's in pain inside. That creature or whatever has tainted him with evil!" Sara yelled out, tears pouring from her eyes. She embraced Asuka. "And I know we're the ones who can save him, Asuka."

"Us? We can save him?"

"Yes, that's right, Asuka, but the question is: do you want to save your brother?"

"What kind of question is that?!" Junko exclaimed.

"Of course, she does! That's her brother out there attacking our friends!" Momo shouted.

Still embracing Asuka tight, Sara pulled away and looked her dead in her eyes. Asuka almost didn't want to face her, but as her brother continued his relentless assault, she looked at Sara.

"Do you want to save your brother, Asuka?"



"I said… YES!" Asuka screamed passionately, her voice almost reached Fubuki. Her emotional outburst supplied her Cyber Girls with a substantial boost, increasing their attack and defense powers.

Each Cyber Girl (Cyber Tutu, Cyber Gymnast, Cyber Prima, Etoile Cyber, Blade Skater, Cyber Girl Benten, Cyber Angel Daikini, and Cyber Angel Idaten) joined the battle against Fubuki and Kuiiza.

During Asuka's recovery, Manjoume, Rei, and Edo helped fend off Kuiiza with their monsters. Manjoume summoned his XYZ-Dragon Cannon, Masked Dragon, Infernal Incinerator, and Ojama King to blast Kuiiza, but he continually teleported and laughed off their efforts. Rei's Mystic Dragon and Dynamis Valkyria were effortlessly taken down by Kuiiza's relentless attacks. Edo's Destiny Heroes (Diamondguy, Dreadguy, Bloo-D, Daggerguy, Die Hard Guy, and Devilguy) and Elemental Hero Shining Phoenix Guy defended Rei and her monsters from Kuiiza's fierce attacks.

Misawa summoned Water Dragon Cluster, expelling water blasts toward Fubuki and his Red-Eyes Black Dragon. Fubuki's dragon's molten blasts wiped out Misawa's water attacks. In response to her lover's plight, Tania summoned Amazoness Paladin, Amazoness Swords Woman, and Amazoness Tiger to fend off the Red-Eyes Black Dragon.

"Is this really all you've got, foolish Terrans?!" Kuiiza laughed as he and Fubuki were making short work of the Duel Academia duelists. Shifting away from the duelists, he turned toward Fubuki, who prepared to launch a counterattack on Judai and his friends. "Why don't we make things more interesting? Destroy them with your full power!"

At Kuiiza's behest, a dark red aura enveloped over Fubuki as his body started changing. As he dropped on all fours, his human form morphed into a 20-foot tall, 30-foot long black dragon covered with spiky obsidian armor and vermillion fire imbued various sections of its body, namely his wings, its 10-foot long tail, and limbs. Its entire appearance looked like a fiery meteor rock. Its wings appeared roughly 15-foot in length. Opening its eyes, the black-bodied dragon's red eyes scanned over its opposition.

"Th-That's Meteor Black Comet Dragon!" Judai was aghast at Fubuki's transformed state.

"Please, Fubuki! Resist his influence!" Sara pleaded to the Meteor Black Comet Dragon, who turned and crushed the ground with its front feet. It quickly expelled a cloak of flames, which spread over the vicinity.

"It's too late! He's fully under my control and he won't stop until you're all dead!" Kuiiza boasted, laughing at the Duel Academia duelists' seemingly dire situation.

The Meteor Black Comet Dragon unleashed molten blasts from its mouth and wings, incinerating and clearing out the area of the duelists' monsters.

"Damn it! He's a lot stronger than a regular Meteor Black Comet Dragon would normally be!" Manjoume gritted, witnessing the annihilation of some of his monsters.

"It's because of that Orichalcos stone inside your friend! It gives anyone a substantial boost in strength!" Tania informed them about the Orichalcos' effects on a user.

"That doesn't mean we're going down without a fight!" Judai adamantly declared as he summoned his ace monster: Elemental Hero Neos. "Let's give it our all, Neos!"

As Judai rushed toward Meteor Black Comet Dragon, Neos flew into the fiery dragon and pummeled it with various body blows, which did nothing more than irritate it. Meteor Black Comet Dragon defended from Neos' attacks with its fiery cloak.

"Fubuki, I know you're in there, buddy! We're going to do all we can to bring you back!" Judai vowed to restore his friend.

Watching Judai and Neos distract Meteor Black Comet Dragon, Asuka rushed over with her Cyber Girls and Sara.

"Fubuki!" Asuka called out to the dragon.

"Send your monsters to aid Judai!" Sara called out.

"Cyber Girls, assist Elemental Hero Neos!" Asuka beckoned her female monsters to surround Meteor Black Comet Dragon and assist Neos. She even sent Cyber Angel Vishnu to even the odds.

"Asuka, great timing!" Judai turned as she and Sara reached him. "Listen, the best we can do is pummel him until he can go no more. I doubt whatever's powering him will last. He's gonna burn out."

"We can also subdue him with magic," Asuka suggested.

"Since I'm a Duel Monster myself, you can send me out there to assist your monsters, you two," Sara offered to play her part.

"Thanks, but let's keep you on reserve. No way I'm sacrificing a friend," Judai said.

"But perhaps seeing me and my pendant will help revive his memories," Sara said, showing off her pendant half.

"Heheh, that's a good strategy if I wasn't eavesdropping," Kuiiza interjected, floating over Judai, Asuka, and Sara. "Too bad you three die here!" He tossed a barrage of green energy blades at the three.

Just then, a magic beam nullified Kuiiza's blades, saving Judai and his friends.

"What in Orichalcos name?!" The Rajita general snarled as he and the duelists turned to see a group of newcomers intervene at the last possible moment.

"I'm glad we arrived. Judai, are you and your friends ok?!" A voice belonging to Yugi called out.

"Oh yeah! Yugi!" Judai cried out with relief.

(Cue Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions OST - Passionate Duelist (Re-arranged))

The Duel Academia duelists and their allies turned away to see Mutou Yugi with Black Magician. Standing along with Yugi are his friends: Jounouchi, Anzu, Honda, Mai, and Shizuka.

"Jou, look! There's a Red-Eyes Black Dragon!" Honda pointed toward the aforementioned monster attack the Duel Academia duelists.

"I hate to see it," Jounouchi disproved seeing one of his ace monsters being used for evil purposes. "But, I've got something just as good." With that, he summoned his Red-Eyes Black Dragon and sent it to attack Fubuki's.

"Thanks a lot, Jounouchi!" Tyranno called out.

"Yugi, look!" Anzu pointed to the Meteor Black Comet Dragon fighting off Judai and Asuka's monsters.

"Yes, I see the Orichalcos mark on its head!" Yugi observed the glowing green insignia on its forehead.

"That monster is my brother Fubuki! That bastard over there converted him with those stones and turned him into this dragon!" Asuka yelled out.

"No, that's horrible," Shizuka gasped.

"That's low," Honda muttered.

"I never would've imagined I'd see the Orichalcos being used again," Mai muttered fearfully, remembering when she was under its influence and turned loose against her friends. She glanced over to Jounouchi, the very same man she's due to marry and can't get the painful images of her pummeling him in their life and death duel.

"It's in the past, Mai. We have a chance to save someone else who was affected as you and Yugi were," Jonouchi reassured her.

Glancing up toward Kuiiza, Yugi snarled. "You have some nerve turning an innocent man and turning him against his friends, including his sister!"

"And no one knows about protecting one's family than me!" Jounouchi fiercely added, eyeing Shizuka, his voice revitalizing her confidence.

"Heheh, you're going to pay for intervening," Kuiiza chuckled, his smile turning into a menacing scowl. "I'll make you pay for that!" He quickly tossed more energy blades at Yugi's group.

Then, Judai's remaining Elemental Heroes countered Kuiiza's blades. Yugi's Black Magician wiped out some blades with Black Magic Attack. Anzu summoned her Black Magician Girl to aid Yugi's Black Magician.

"Judai, can you spare some of Yubel's power for these two?" Jounouchi asked Judai, referring to Mai and Shizuka.

"Sure thing!" Judai called out as he telepathically communicated with Yubel. She willfully passed over her power to Mai and Shizuka's decks, granting them the ability to summon their Duel Monsters to life.

Shizuka demonstrated her new ability, summoning two Duel Monsters: Red-Eyes Alternative Black Dragon and St. Joan. Mai conjured her Harpie family (Harpie Lady Sisters, Harpie Queen, Harpie Channeler, Harpie Dancer, and Cyber Harpie Lady) and Harpie's Pet Phantasmal Dragon. As Mai sent her Harpies to assist the Duel Academia duelists, Shizuka's Red-Eyes Alternative Dragon assisted Jounouchi's Red-Eyes Black Dragon. After taking down Fubuki's Red-Eyes Black Dragon, Jounouchi and Shizuka sent their dragons to attack Meteor Black Comet Dragon.

As Kuiiza held off Black Magician and Black Magician Girl, Meteor Black Comet Dragon fought off Elemental Hero Neos, Cyber Angel Vishnu, Red-Eyes Black Dragon, and Red-Eyes Alternative Dragon.

"Fubuki, no matter what we're going to save you!" Asuka openly vowed, watching Cyber Angel Vishnu fiercely attacking Meteor Black Comet Dragon.

"Alright, Elemental Hero Neos! Time to fuse!" Judai declared, using his Super Polymerization to merge his Neos with Yubel, summoning the dark hero Neos Wiseman. It was the same monster Judai used to duel the Darkness.

Sensing Yubel's power emanating from Judai's monster, Kuiiza grew distressed. Never before had he witnessed a chaotic power being used for inherently good purposes. As he dove in to help Meteor Black Comet Dragon, Neos Wiseman effortlessly repelled him with incredible power.

With his eyes glowing, Judai intensely glared toward Kuiiza. "Stay out of this. You've caused enough damage already." He then beckoned Neos Wiseman to fly over and attack Meteor Black Comet Dragon. Calling forth his remaining Elemental Heroes, he sent them to pummel the dragon with various blasts.

"It's time! Let's go, Sara!" Asuka called out to the Gravekeeper's Assailant, getting no response. She quickly caught Sara running up the back of Meteor Black Comet Dragon's back tail. "Wait, hold on!" She and Cyber Angel Vishnu headed off to help Sara.

As Sara shoved her blade through the back of the dragon's neck, she elicited a pained bellow from it. Meteor Black Comet Dragon wildly rattled its large body, trying to shake off Sara and the two Red-Eyes monsters.

"Jounouchi, let's merge our monsters! My Black Magician and your Red-Eyes Black Dragon!" Yugi declared.

"Into what?" Jounouchi asked before realizing the monster he told him about beforehand. "Oh, yeah. That monster! I'm on it!" He then beckoned his Red-Eyes Black Dragon to converge with the Black Magician.

Immediately whipping out Polymerization, Yugi forged their fusion. As the dragon and the spellcaster combined, a spellcaster in full-bodied black and gold armor with red gems embedded across parts of its body emerged. It has features of the Red-Eyes Black Dragon, including the long black tail. The black dragon's head and large wings adorned the magician's back. Grasping its right hand, the magician carried a long black and silver magical scepter.

"When fusing our two monsters, we special summon Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon!" Yugi and Jounouchi shouted in unison, sending their fused monster to attack Meteor Black Comet Dragon.

As Sara and Red-Eyes Alternative Dragon continued attacking the corrupted dragon, the beast rebounded, firing black rays of light from its back. As it knocked away Red-Eyes Alternative Dragon, Sara hung on with dear life and stabbed Meteor Black Comet Dragon's face with her Assassin Blade. Aided by Neos Wiseman and Cyber Angel Vishnu, Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon fired a powerful magical blast from its scepter. Hitting Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon head-on, Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon knocked it back.

"Thanks, Yugi and Jounouchi! Now, let's end this, Neos Wiseman!" Judai roared.

"Cyber Angel Vishnu, bring back my brother!" Asuka cried out passionately.

(Cue Code Vein OST - Extremum Belli)

When Meteor Black Comet Dragon opened its mouth, it belched several molten blasts. Evading the incoming fiery projectiles, Neos Wiseman swerved around these blasts and punched Meteor Black Comet Dragon's head, nearly breaking its whole face with a crushing blow. Neos Wiseman then blasted the dragon with Ultimate Nova. Asuka's Cyber Angel Vishnu combined its power with Neos Wiseman and shattered its defense with Ascension Effect.

"That's not enough! We need more!" Judai called out.

Then, in an effort to save their friend, the Duel Academia duelists' monsters sent their energies to augment Neos Wiseman and Cyber Angel Vishu. After increasing Judai and Asuka's monsters' strength levels tenfold, the two unleashed their Ultimate Nova and Ascension Effect, combining their attacks into a massive silver ball of light. Unleashing Ultimate Ascension Nova, the two monsters swiftly brought down Meteor Black Comet Dragon and destroyed the Orichalcos stone inside it.

After felling the dragon with their overwhelming attack, it shook Sara off its back. Following a few pained roars, the dragon collapsed. As a black aura spread over Meteor Black Comet Dragon, it shrank down to Fubuki. With Yubel's help, Judai helped purge Kuiiza's dark energy from his body, returning him to normal.

Upon seeing his experiment fall through the cracks, Kuiiza flew into the air ready to fight. Charging up a beam filled with destructive energies, he realized he was outnumbered by numerous powerful monsters, including Neos Wiseman, Cyber Angel Vishnu, and Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon.

"Argh, fine. You won this skirmish and I lost my experiment, but you still haven't won this war! You shall rue this night!" Kuiiza roared as he teleported back to the mothership.

After the Rajita general left, Asuka and Sara checked over Fubuki. The Duel Academia duelists and Yugi's group headed over, grouping around Asuka, Sara, and Fubuki. Picking up Fubuki off the floor, Sara held him close and leaned over to fit her half pendant with Fubuki's. After piecing together their pendants, Sara then kissed Fubuki's lips.

"Fubuki…" Asuka muttered sadly, hanging her head.

Then, Fubuki's eyes slowly opened and scanned his friends. Naturally, Sara and Asuka hugged him. Everyone else was relieved to see Fubuki back to normal.

"Thank you, my friends," Fubuki acknowledged his friends' selfless efforts to save him. "But, most of all, thank you, Sara, Asuka, and Judai." He then pivoted and faced Yugi's group. "And I can't forget you, Mutou Yugi and Jounouchi."

"You're very welcome," Yugi nodded.

"Hey, we both got some cool sisters, don't we?" Jounouchi asked Fubuki.

Facing Asuka, Fubuki grinned happily. "We sure do."

Suddenly, Fubuki noticed something glowing in his card deck. While scanning through his deck, he showed off the glowing card. It turned out to be a Meteor Black Comet Dragon card.

"Awesome, you got a new card, Fubuki!" Judai gleefully eyed Fubuki's newest card.

"And it's the monster I turned into. Now, I can use it to help me in battles," Fubuki said, proudly eyeing his newest dragon card. "Even if it brings back bad memories, it's gonna be very useful to me in duels."

"So, what now?" Rei wondered.

"Certainly no reason for us to stay here," Manjoume logically replied.

"We're out looking for Kaiba and his wife Lyn," Yugi said. "Judai, you and your friends are more than welcome to come with us."

"Thanks, but we need to find the Tamers and the others," Judai said as he and Yugi shook hands. "Thanks a lot, Mutou Yugi. We couldn't have pulled this off without you."

"You pulled your weight, Judai. We're proud of you and your friends," Yugi nodded as the older duelists waved off to the Duel Academia duelists before going their separate ways.

As they walked apart from the other, Yugi and Judai had similar thoughts.

We will run into each other again, Yugi/Judai. Both quietly thought while leaving with their respective groups.

(End theme)

Domino City/8:40 PM (JST)

Away from the massive Rajita activity, Sheridan and Camula amassed their forces for the impending Vampire Civil War. The insidious duo beckoned Bram and his group to find them in Domino's town square. To further instigate war, Sheridan revealed that he has Saya and Philippe. To set them free, Bram and his company must confront them in a war for vampire supremacy.

Before meeting Sheridan and Camula for war, Bram and his entourage reunited with a few ghoulish companions. Some of them included Necroworld Banshee, Zombie Master, who is a reincarnation of the former duelist 'Ghost' Kotsuzuka, and his steed Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon. The Vampire Duel Monsters asked for Zombie Master's help to stop Sheridan and Camula. When the two villains were mentioned, Zombie Master agreed to offer his zombie monsters to help them.

(Cue VAMPS - Underworld)

As Bram and his colleagues arrived at Domino's town square, a full moon was fully displayed, giving the proper atmosphere for a ghoulish war. On one side, Bram and his vampire compatriots (Adam the Vampire Hunter, Demona the Vampire Vamp, Sebastian the Vampire Scarlet Scourge, Rachel the Vampire Fraulein, & Walter the Vampire Grimson) came with Necroworld Banshee, Zombie Master and Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon.

On the other, Sheridan and Camula appeared with the controlled Vampire clan (Vampire Lord, Vampire Lady, Vampire Grace, Vampire Duke, Vampire Retainer, Vampire Red Baron, & Vampire Sorcerer) and army consisting of Goblin Zombies, Gernias, Immortal Werewolves, and Vampire Bats.

In order to even the playing field, Zombie Master summoned his zombie and ghoul to counter Sheridan and Camula's army. He conjured Pumpking the King of Ghosts, and Pumprincess the Princess of Ghosts. Then, he summoned an army of Dragon Zombies, Armored Warrior Zombies, and Murder Circus Zombies. With Pumpking's ecto power, Zombie Master boosted his zombie army.

"Saya, Philippe, we're here!" Bram called out to them.

Looking on from a distance, Saya, Philippe, and Amazoness Princess were tied with ropes. In Princess's case, a magical rope suppressed her Amazonian strength.

"Bram, it has been so long, hasn't it?" Camula chortled as Bram's eyes turned red. "Oh my, what a scary look. You really want that human woman that badly?"

"Return Saya, her brother, and that Amazon to us!" Adam demanded from the villainous duo.

"And don't forget our noblemen!" Demona shouted, her eyes glowed red as well.

Sheridan replied with a haughty laugh. "Heheh, you'll have them back soon enough after we've settled this dispute! But chances are, you'll all be dust when I'm through with you!" Then, as he opened his cape, he unleashed a horde of Vampire Bats at Bram and the others. The Vampire Civil War immediately spilled out across Domino's town square. The battle scenes looked like they came straight out of a horror anime as zombie limbs were being torn off and zombie heads being crushed. Swarms of Vampire Bats devoured a Murder Circus Zombie. Immortal Werewolves attacked and mauled a few zombies. Some zombies even fought back, stabbing Vampire Bats, Immortal Werewolves, and Gernias.

Adam and Demona once again engaged Vampire Lord and Vampire Lady. During his fierce duel with Vampire Lord, Adam ensnared him with a flaming whip, burning the Vampire Lord, but this only agitated the vampire. Vampire Lord transformed into Vampire Genesis and retaliated against Adam. Demona and Vampire Lady continued their fight, both hissing and slashing each other.

In response to Vampire Grace's attacks, Sebastian converted his right arm into a demonic hand and defended himself from the mind-controlled vampire's attacks.

Rachel ran circles around Vampire Duke and fired multiple shots into him with her bayonet. When Vampire Duke ran through Rachel's bayonet shots, Rachel summoned a long metal scorpion-like tail, stabbing Vampire Duke's right shoulder with it.

Walter defended himself and fought Vampire Retainer with his scythe. Zombie Master, riding Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon, and some zombies fought off Vampire Red Baron and Vampire Sorcerer.

As for Bram, he and Sheridan clashed head-on, flying around and slamming each other through infrastructure. When Bram tried to slash Sheridan, the highfalutin vampire unleashed a Vampire Bat horde, which almost devoured Bram alive.

"BRAM!" Saya cried out, fidgeting and trying to break loose from her ropes.

"What now? These ropes are too tight," Philippe wondered.

"If only these ropes holding me weren't imbued with magic. Ugh, I hate feeling helpless!" Amazoness Princess whined.

Suddenly, Sheridan grabbed Bram by his face and lifted him.

Laughing triumphantly, Sheridan boasted. "What's that? Did you come to save your woman? Well, she doesn't want a weak fool like you. She's already accepted my hand in marriage!"

"You're lying!" Saya rebuked.

"Don't deny my charismatic swagger," Sheridan chortled, spinning around while tossing Bram away. "Now watch as I make an example out of him!" With that, he swiftly flew over Bram and unleashed a flurry of punches while maniacally laughing with malicious glee. "Hahahah! C'mon, defend yourself! What's that?! You can't?! Well, your efforts are USELESS! USELESS! USELESS!" He yelled out in manta, pummeling Bram with devastating blows. He then followed up with an overhead head, sending Bram sailing into the air and falling to the ground.

"BRAM! NO!" Saya screamed.

"Heheh, that's the way, Sheridan. Now, finish him," Camula chortled.

"You're enjoying this too much!" Philippe snapped at Camula, who quickly grabbed the teenage boy's cheeks and licked her lips, revealing her vampiric teeth.

"So, what if I am, boy?" Camula breathed in as if she's about to suck out his soul, but Amazoness Princess kicked her knee. She quickly hissed and picked up Amazoness Princess. "Do you wish to test me?!"

"Go ahead. Kill me and my entire sister clan will hunt you down," Princess smiled with defiance.

Meanwhile, Necroworld Banshee managed to escape the ghoulish battles. She slipped over, untying Saya and Philippe's ropes. After freeing them, Camula caught the spirit woman in the act and reached for her, but Saya pushed into Camula, sending them both tumbling down.

"Oh no, Saya!" Philippe cried out.

As Banshee used her spirit power to undo Amazoness Princess' ropes, the Amazon grabbed Philippe and slid down after Saya. As Camula rose, she beckoned a few Goblin Zombies to attack the trio. When Banshee joined in, she called forth a Dragon Zombie, a few Armored Warrior Zombies, and Murder Cirus Zombies to attack Camula's undead army.

"If we want to save our friends, we're going to need to kill Camula," Adam firmly stated.

"We better hurry or Sheridan's going to finish Bram!" Demona suggested.

After subduing the mind-controlled Vampire Duel Monsters and removing their Orichalcos stones, Adam and his group headed off Camula.

(Cue Castlevania Chronicles - Last Boss (Dracula))

"You want some of me?!" Camula hissed, fighting off Adam and Demona first. After grabbing his whip, Camula tossed Adam into Demona. She then parried Sebastian's demonic hand and knocked him away. She dodged Rachel's bayonet shots and Walter's scythe blows. Then, Adam mounted Camula's back and held her in a headlock.

"Now, everyone! Feed off her!" Adam called out.

With that, Demona, Sebastian, Rachel, and Walter surrounded Camula. Each vampire bit Camula and drained her blood. They drained her enough as she started weakening.

"No, get off me! Unhand me!" Camula quickly unleashed an aura, pushing away her adversaries. Although she was drained, she wasn't completely weak yet. "I'm still able to fight…"

Suddenly, a piece of wood was driven through Camula's chest. The vampiress gazed down, seeing the piece of wood poking through her bosom. The Vampire Duel Monsters saw Saya stabbing Camula with the wood.

"You… bitch…!" Camula snarled as her eyes turned red. She then backhanded Saya, sending her flying back.

As Philippe caught Saya, Adam and Demona moved in for the kill. Adam and Demona both tackled Camula. While Adam bound her with his whip, Demona bit into her neck and drained her life essence.

"No! It can't end like this! Augh!" Camula screamed as Adam conjured a fiery spell that burned Camula. As he and Demona jumped back. He cast a holy spell, setting Camula ablaze.

Following a few holy spells, Adam finally ended Camula's terror as she collapsed.

"...so, I've been killed by a vampire hunter… who is in love with a vampire… how ironic…" Camula muttered, eyeing Adam and Demona as her burnt body withered into bones until there was nothing left of her but dust.

Adam scrambled over and collected Camula's remains in a bag.

(Cue Castlevania - Divine Bloodlines - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)

Having seen Camula's demise, Sheridan became more frenzied than before. His face turned demonic and bat wings sprouted from his back.

"Camula is gone, but… I WILL NOT DIE!" Sheridan roared as he flew down to attack Adam and the Vampire Duel Monsters.

Just then, Bram quickly interceded Sheridan with his sword and knocked away. Sheridan took to the air and roared with fury.

"Wryyyyyy!" Sheridan screamed, diving headfirst into Bram as the two came into blows. As Sheridan went for a straight punch, Bram kicked his shield up, blocking Sheridan's punch. Then, he grabbed his sword and unleashed a flurry of multiple slashes, slicing into Sheridan's body and cutting him up.

When Sheridan's body spewed blood all over, Bram ran his sword through Sheridan's chest. Sheridan grabbed his enemy's sword and taunted him.


"Who said this is all I'm going to do?!" Bram yelled out as he channeled energy through his sword.


"Sealing your fate, Sheridan! May your pestilence cease to be!" Bram quickly turned his sword upward horizontally and bisected Sheridan in two.

"NO! THIS CANNOT BE! I WAS MEANT TO BE THE NEXT NOBLEMAN! AUGH!" Sheridan screamed with anguish as his bisected body dissolved into fiery ashes. The Orichalcos stones that empowered Sheridan shattered into pieces.

Dropping to his knees, Bram let out a relieved sigh. It was over. Sheridan was no more. Camula was also put to rest. With the evil vampires vanquished, their undead zombies vanished. The mind-controlled Duel Monsters returned to normal.

(End theme)

"Bram! Thank god, you're ok!" Saya hugged Bram.

"I'm glad you and your brother are safe, Saya," he put an arm over the woman.

Watching Bram and Saya embrace, Demona held Adam's arm.

"Say, doesn't that take you back?" Demona reminded him of their first loving embrace.

"Yes, and that was after the few times we tried to kill each other," Adam chortled.

"That was the past, Adam! Besides, remember you were a hunter sent to kill me and my friends. You thought all vampires were pure evil monsters, when that's far from the truth," Demona said, looking over to the other Vampire Duel Monsters. "We have our good and bad just like any society. You just assumed we were monsters just like Sheridan and Camula."

"Indeed, and now I've grown so attached to you and the others. You're like my family."

"Ah, quit being so nice!" Demona lightly punched Adam's arm. She then kissed his face. "But we're ok now."

"Saya, we still need to get you and your brother to safety," Bram said, holding Saya's hand.

"Yes, but we're so far off from my family's home and there's still those aliens all over," Saya said.

"How about I get my sister clan to come and help us?" Amazoness Princess raised her hand.

"Is that ok?" Philippe asked.

"Sure, we're fighting the same enemy. We're in this together, Philippe."

"Thanks," Philippe nodded to Amazoness Princess.

"You have our gratitude," Saya added.

Following the Vampire Civil War, the Vampire Duel Monsters and their allies went to meet with the Amazons.

Tokyo Bay (東京湾)/Odaiba, Tokyo (お台場, 東京)/9:30 PM (JST)

As the invasion spread over Tokyo, the Rajita forces were met with continued resistance from the various heroes. The Digiteams, the Sailor Senshi, the Spirit Detectives, and the Duel Academia duelists pressed through the massive Rajita numbers. It came to the point where the Rajita resorted to their mechanized suits and weapons. They even turned to the enslaved Digimon and Duel Monsters to keep the heroes occupied. Kuiiza then enforced Orichalcos stones to spread over the planet and extract the souls from billions of humans.

Just when the situation couldn't get any grimmer, Kaiser Ghidorah made his return from the Digital World. He didn't come alone. Accompanying him are the five mind-controlled Sovereigns, which had been influenced by Orichalcos stones and converted into new Orichalcos Gods.

Upon seeing the brainwashed Sovereigns, the Digidestined were mortified. Omegamon, Alphamon, and Jesmon ultimately decided in order to save the Sovereigns they must fight them. With the other Digidestined rallying their support, Taichi and Yamato departed with Omegamon to confront the mind-controlled Sovereigns.

As they approached the Sovereigns, numerous flying Rajita ships headed off Omegamon, Alphamon, and Jesmon, but the Royal Knights effortlessly wiped out the alien ships. More ships fought back and used Orichalcos shields to absorb the impact of the Royal Knights' attacks.

Amid the ongoing aerial battles, a Royal Knight ally named Omedamon fought against numerous brainwashed Digimon and Duel Monsters. He was joined by Ten Thousand Dragon and numerous dragon-type Duel Monsters in an effort to facilitate the heated battles. Soon, dragon Digimon helped Omedamon and the Duel Monster dragons.

(Cue Digimon Adventure tri. OST - Zetsubou (tri version)

When Evil Gennai appeared on top of Odaiba TV Station, Omegamon headed over to confront the insidious clone. Once unveiling Demon X and Diablomon X, he surprised Omegamon, Taichi, and Yamato. He taunted that the four Digital Realms will soon collapse along with the entire network, leading to Earth's inevitable collapse. Evil Gennai then claimed he hoped the one who gave him life was gleefully waiting for the impending chaos.

As Omegamon fought Demon X and Diablomon X, the two X-Antibody Digimon attacked him with devastating blows. With the Crown of Wrath empowering him, the Demon Lord blasted Omegamon with his deadly Flame Inferno, scorching Taichi and Yamato's merged partner. Swinging his sword, Omegamon cut through with flames, but Demon X enveloped himself in his own flames and hit him with his fiery Inferno Burst. Diablomon X briefly fought back against his nemesis, spinning like a top and tearing into Omegamon with his claws, After cutting through Omegamon with his Spooky Zapper, Diablomon X used its twelve eyes to cast its Fatal Gaze spell while extracting the data from Omegamon. With a bulk of his power drained, Omegamon split back into WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon.

Fearing the worst, Taichi and Yamato's partners were easily being taken apart by Demon X and Diablomon. Alphamon and Jesmon hurried over to save WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon, but Huanglongmon and the other four Sovereigns blocked their path. As the five Digimon deities unleashed coordinated attacks, Alphamon and Jesmon both went on the defense. Upon delving into his true power, Jesmon's inner strength manifested a new form for him. As he evolved into Jesmon GX, he revealed to have been carrying an X-Antibody, giving him a substantial power boost and enough to last against the five Sovereigns.

With his Ultimate Gauntlet, Jesmon GX swiftly beat around the four Sovereigns, but Huanglongmon resisted and fought back. Alphamon then interjected on Jesmon GX's behalf and used his Alpha inForce special ability, not only inhibiting the golden Sovereign's senses but instantaneously replaying their elapsed battle. Being led to believe Alphamon had finished attacking him with Ouryuken, it couldn't be any further from the truth. In fact, Huanglongmon couldn't see any of the blows register except for the final one, which dealt a crushing blow that knocked out Huanglongmon.

(Cue Digimon Last Evolution Kizuna - brave heart Last Ver)

Meanwhile, the tide against Demon X and Diablomon X started turning. Evil Gennai watched in disbelief when Taichi and Yamato's partners evolved into tall humanoid beings, Both had the defining features of their respective partners. Through indomitable courage, Taichi's partner once again unlocked his Bond of Courage form. Likewise, Yamato's partner unleashed his Bond of Friendship form. Recalling these two achieved these forms against Eosmon, Evil Gennai became intrigued and anticipated to see how they fare.

Needless to say, the two humanoid Digimon put up a better fight against Demon X and Diablomon X. Flying at high velocity and speeds, Bond of Courage quickly enveloped Diablomon X with intense red beams from his claws, After subduing Diablomon X with Red Reamer, Bond of Courage used the spear from his tail and cut Diablomon X in two, finishing off the evil virus Digimon with Str-lash Salamander. Then, Bond of Friendship unleashed laser beams from all directions and blasted Demon X. Activating his Full Metal Machine Gun, Bond of Friendship then followed through by downpouring missiles and iron weapons from its cowl parts.

However, Demon X, the tougher of the two revived evil Digimon, unleashed supergravity lasers from his shoulders and sections of its abdomen. Attempting to erase Bond of Friendship with Seventh Graviton, Demon X looked for a quick kill. However, Bond of Courage stepped in and canceled it out with a slash with his trident. Then, Bond of Courage and Bond of Friendship combined their powers to eradicate Demon X.

Having witnessed the Demon Lord's demise, Evil Gennai threw an angry fit and beckoned the mind-controlled Sovereigns to finish the job. As their Orichalcos stones revived them, the Huanglongmon and the other Sovereigns rebounded to fight Alphamon, Jesmon GX, Bond of Courage, and Bond of Friendship.

Just then, Kaiser Ghidorah intervened on his new Orichalcos Gods' behalf, keeping Alphamon occupied, leaving Jesmon GX to help Taichi and Yamato's partners. Ghidorah kept Alphamon away from helping his compatriots, taunting him about how he'll bend his colleagues to his will.

At some point, Jesmon GX took a devastating combined attack from Huanglongmon and the Sovereigns, briefly sacrificing himself for Taichi and Yamato's partners. As the other Digidestined arrived, their Digimon evolved into their Ultimate-level forms. Hōōmon, HerculesKabuterimon, Rosemon, Vikemon, Seraphimon, and Magnadramon turned into beams of light, coalescing with Agumon and Gabumon. In addition to Taichi and Yamato's Crests glowing and giving power to their Digimon, Agumon and Gabumon became Omegamon again. However, Omegamon's appearance changed. Born from sadness and resolve, Omegamon's armor gained pale blue neon colors and light bluish wings instead of the usual cape. Now wielding its Fearsome Blade, Omegamon Merciful Mode swung down its powerful blade, striking Huanglongmon and the Sovereigns.

As Alphamon pushed Ghidorah away with a magic circle, he turned and witnessed Omegamon Merciful Mode's resolve to help him push back against Huanglongmon and the Sovereign's almighty powers.

Producing a majestic aura from its body, Omegamon Merciful Mode purified the Orichalcos stones and purged them from the Sovereigns. However, Omegamon Merciful Mode didn't stop there. When Gennai tried to escape and vow revenge, Omegamon Merciful Mode quickly obliterated him with one shot from his Garuru Cannon. With that, Evil Gennai was exterminated like the parasite he was.

However, Ghidorah quickly floated up to meet Omegamon Merciful Mode, Alphamon, and Jesmon GX. The Rajita warlord briefly engaged them, firing powerful rays from his eyes. As the three Royal Knights dodged, the beams managed to get through that issue as his zig-zagged around. He tagged Jesmon GX first, quickly putting him down. However, Omegamon Merciful Mode and Alphamon produced barriers, protecting them from the tyrant's devastating rays.

As Alphamon combined his power with his sword Ouryuken, he briefly turned into Ouryuken Mode. Using Digitize of Soul, Alphamon conjured a portal, which opened up and released a draconic beast, which fired multiple beams at Ghidorah. Omegamon Merciful Mode then swung and struck Ghidorah with Fearsome Blade. At the end of the battle, Omegamon Merciful Mode and Alphamon were pushed to their limits. Having been tested, Ghidorah prepared to finish off his opponents, but then he received word from his generals that nearly every soul has been extracted from Earth's population. Realizing he now has a bountiful amount of energy to extract from, Ghidorah left the two Digimon to lick their wounds as he teleported away.

(End theme)

After the intense battle, the Digidestined gathered near Omegamon Merciful Mode. Alphamon collected Jesmon and informed them they've managed to save the Sovereigns, but the Digital Realms are still in danger of collapsing.

Just then, half of the portals were starting to close. Many Digimon and Duel Monsters started to migrate back to the other side.

The reason for this? Kaiba Seto was finally able to fix the flaws in his machine. Although he couldn't do anything to split the Digital and Duel Monster Worlds, he successfully closed the holes that were affecting the four Digital Realms and creating the imbalances. Because of this, the distortions in Earth's space were closing up. Koushiro even confirmed this with his friends. Relieved, the Digidestined were glad that the fissures were closing up.

However, there were still many Digimon and Duel Monsters to send back into their realms. Omegamon Merciful Mode, the Digidestined, Alphamon, Jesmon, Omedamon, and Ten Thousand Dragon worked together to collect the stranded Digimon and Duel Monsters.

Meanwhile, the other Digiteams and their allies were left to handle Kaiser Ghidorah and his Rajita forces.

Shinjuku, Tokyo (新宿区, 東京)/10:45 PM (JST)

Helping the SDF military stave off the Rajita forces, the Digiteams worked through vanquishing the invader's bases and freeing captives. As an Orichalcos Shunoros mech rolled in and fired barrage lasers, Dukemon and KaiserGreymon guarded civilians. Noncombatants such as Kai were kept safe inside the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building.

"Hey, Takato! Let's show them not to mess with us!" KaiserGreymon declared.

"Oh yeah!" Dukemon hollered. As he charged up Final Elysion, KaiserGreymon shoved his massive sword through the ground, conjuring fiery dragons in conjunction with his sword. KaiserGreymon's Kuzuryūjin collided and tore through the mechanized robot, but it was Dukemon's blast that finished the job.

"Alright, take that, you big bastard!" Masaru hollered as he and ShineGreymon clobbered another giant mech effortlessly.

Even during this skirmish, Shaochung unlocked the full potential of her D-Ark, merging her four mini-Sovereign Digimon into HuangDevamon, a miniature variation of the golden dragon Sovereign. HuangDevamon helped SaintGalgmon, Sakuyamon, Beelzebumon Blast Mode, Justimon, and Plutomon reduce the Rajita numbers.

As the battles pressed on, the Monster Makers recreated Grani after previously extracting remnants from Guilmon. When Grani returned, Dukemon rode his noble steed and soared through the air, raining down and wiping out Rajita soldiers with Yuggoth Blaster.

"It's good to have you back, Grani!" Dukemon proudly exclaimed, riding high with momentum on his side.

The other Z-Hybrids, MagnaGarurumon, Rosemon, and Ravemon also helped out in the efforts, rescuing captives and subduing Orichalcos-influenced Digimon.

(Cue Digimon Savers OST - Believer)

When a giant mech blasted MetalSeadramon and BlackMetalGarurumon, Kotori and Himura raced over to their partners and encouraged them to keep fighting. As the mech approached and reached for the Tamers, Masaru and ShineGreymon stepped in to save them. Also saving them were Brunhilde and Sigrun. Brunhilde encouraged Kotori to stand strong and remain loyal to her partner.

Clenching her right hand, Kotori ran forward and jumped over Masaru's back. With enough resolve, she punched the mech and gathered digitized energy in her right hand. With this collected digital power, she charged up her D-Ark and transferred power over to Himura's D-Ark. As their D-Arks lit up in unison, the amassed energy was used to merge MetalSeadramon and BlackMetalGarurumon. Their bodies folded until they were just the heads of MetalSeadramon and BlackMetalGarurumon. The collected energy formed Omegamon's familiar bipedal knight body design. However, the armored body is nearly all black, save for yellow spikes and the three-horned crown. The newly formed Digimon appeared similar to Omegamon Zwart, save for a few notable differences. There was no WarGreymon head, but instead MetalSeadramon's head doubled for the cannon. BlackMetalGarurumon's head protruded a sword.

Everyone, especially the Tamers, was flabbergasted by Kotori and Himura's surprise partner merger.

"Holy smokes, he looks like Omegamon!" Dukemon exclaimed, talking in Takato and Guilmon's voice. "Wow, congratulations, you guys!"

"I never thought they'd pull this off," SaintGalgomon remarked in Jianliang and Terriermon's merged voice.

"I thought for sure they'd Biomerge," Sakuyamon observed, speaking like Ruki and Renamon.

"Wow to go, you two!" Juri cheered them on.

"I knew you had it in you, Kotori," Brunhilde nodded in approval.

"Hell yeah! That's what I'm talking about!" Masaru hollered.

After hearing their friends and allies cheer them on, Kotori and Himura exchanged nods and determined looks.

"Ready to do this, Kotori?"

Rolling her goggles over her eyes, Kotori grinned enthusiastically. "Let's kick some ass! How about you, Omegamon InuMizuchi?!"

"InuMizuchi? A 'Dog Dragon'? Hmm, I like it," the newly fused Digimon approved of their mode name.

With that, Omegamon InuMizuchi flew over the mech and with its MetalSeadramon's head fired ice shells from its cannon. With its Supreme Subzero Cannon, each ice beam froze sections of the mechanized giant until it couldn't go anymore. When the Rajita troops fired multiple laser beams toward Omegamon InuMizuchi, the dark-armored entity swung its sword and Transcendent Sword to wipe out the Rajita troops in one fell swoop. Omegamon InuMizuchi then pressed both MetalSeadramon and BlackMetalGarurumon heads together, unleashing a frozen wave that turned the mech into a block of ice. Then, with another mighty swing from its Transcendent Sword, the mech was destroyed in an instant.

Omegamon InuMizuchi not only left an impression but proved its effectiveness against the Rajita mechs.

"Yeah! Who wants some of us now?!" Kotori boasted.

(End theme)

When Judai and his friends arrived, they helped the Digiteams clear away the Rajita forces. Using their Duel Monsters, the Duel Academia duelists subdued Orichalcos-controlled monsters. Dorothel and her Kozmo friends offered to help Judai's group in cutting down the enemy numbers.

By the time the Sailor Senshi and Spirit Detectives arrived, the odds were looking up in the heroes' favor.

Once the Rajita forces were cleared from hitting the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, the heroes were met with the last form of resistance. Four beams of green light impacted the ground in front of them. The four Rajita generals emerged from these beams.

Then, a fifth, larger beam of light impacted and tore a giant hole in the center. From the veil of green light, Kaiser Ghidorah raised his head. His menacing gaze met those of his adversaries. Intense green light glowed from his intense eyes.

Outside the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building (東京都庁舎)/Shinjuku, Tokyo (新宿区, 東京)/11:20 PM (JST)

"That's Ghidorah? Man, I can already feel that immense power just being this close to him," Dukemon muttered dreadfully, but he did his best to conceal the anxiety Takato was feeling.

"We're really gonna need Susanoomon to fight him," KaiserGreymon remarked, addressing the other five Legendary Warriors.

"Yeah, be careful, you guys. My team and Sailor Moon's team know what it's like getting our asses handed to us," Yusuke remarked, not taking his eyes off the Rajita warlord.

"This is Ghidorah, huh? He looks tough, but nothing we can't handle, right?" Masaru said, looking up at ShineGreymon. He waited and received no immediate response from ShineGreymon. "Ok, I mean we did beat Yggdrasil."

Just then, Yubel telepathically warned Judai. "We must be careful fighting him, Judai. His power could easily tear us apart."

"No joke," Judai muttered, feeling his throat drying up.

Standing off fearlessly against the Rajita warlord, Sailor Moon pointed toward him. "It's over, Ghidorah! Release all the souls you've taken and remove your followers from our planet!"

Lifting his right hand, two long purple claws jutted out in full display. As these claws glowed with green light, Ghidorah slashed through the air, sending projectiles that cut through the air. The heroes immediately dodged Ghidorah's attacks as they sliced through infrastructure behind them like a hot knife cutting through butter. The buildings behind them collapsed into a heap.

"Sailor Moon!" Tuxedo Mask called out as Moon beckoned him off.

"I'm ok, Tuxedo Mask," Moon reassured him, not taking her eyes off Ghidorah for a single moment.

"You're too late. The Orichalcos Crystal has gathered nearly every human soul on this planet, but the pocket few of you left," Ghidorah proudly stated. "Heheh, and when I'm done with you all, your souls will be added to the crystal."

"That's not going to happen!" Dukemon retorted.

"You're gonna have to fight us for our souls!" Masaru roared defiantly.

Chuckling, Ghidorah floated around his adversaries, scanning them with his glowing eyes. "Don't you worry. I'll make your dreams possible and worthwhile, Terran." With a snap of his fingers, his four Rajita generals spread out and formed a circle around the heroes. "Yes, you're all ready to go. Then, that tells me you're all in a hurry to die!"

With that, Ghidorah fired green beams from his eyes. Some evaded the beams, but others got tagged and paralyzed, knocking them out from the impending battle.

"You're a bunch of fools to want to face us with your planet becoming devoid of life!" Kuiiza declared. "But, who are we to deny you the right to die by our hands?"

Kujiko growled, smashing the earth with his fists. "I'm ready to crush them! Let me smash them now!"

Nāginī quickly imbued green energy in her hands. "Don't worry, my strong and inept friend, you'll have your chance!"

Morpheous sighed, taking on a fighting stance. "Sorry, but you decided to resist us."

"Ok, everybody! Let's save our planet!" Sailor Moon openly declared as the Sailor Senshi and her new allies spread out.

(Cue Godzilla: King of the Monsters - Battle in Boston - Bear McCreary)

The heroes became divided into groups to fight each Rajita warrior. Led by Sailor Moon, her group consisted of Sailor Mars, Tuxedo Mask, Yusuke, Yui, Judai, Dukemon, the Six Legendary Warriors, Masaru & ShineGreymon, and Dorothel.

As Ghidorah quickly made short work of the Legendary Warriors first, the Warriors combined and formed Susanoomon. Yusuke went all out, mixing his Spirit and Mazoku energy against Kaiser Ghidorah. The ex-Spirit Detective then utilized Sacred Energy on Ghidorah, but the Rajita warlord ran through Yusuke's powerful aura and punched him far back. Yui attempted to sneak attack Ghidorah, but he blasted Yui down.

Suddenly, Yusuke recovered and transformed into his Mazoku form. Clenching and popping his knuckles, Mazoku Yusuke hastily fought Ghidorah with fisticuffs, but the Rajita warlord blocked and parried his blows.

Meanwhile, Yui awoke with a start as golden light enveloped her body, changing her appearance somewhat as blue tribal marks, including some on her cheeks appeared. Her dark hair came loose and turned golden yellow. As she rose, two ōdachi appeared in her hands, which she used to swiftly attack Ghidorah during his fight with Mazoku Yusuke. Upon seeing Yui's new form, he remembered Koenma mentioning the 'Tennyo'. Yui not only awakened with new power but became a Tennyo. As she slashed Ghidorah with her Celestial Ōdachi, Yui jumped over him and landed beside Yusuke.

"So, what do I call you now?" Mazoku Yusuke asked Yui.

"I'm still Yui, but the Tennyo bloodline is telling me I should be called Shaka."

"Shaka, huh?" Mazoku Yusuke smirked. However, he and Shaka were quickly blasted back by Ghidorah. As he and Shaka were sent flying far back, he grabbed Shaka as they both crashed through a heap of infrastructure debris.

"Is that all you Terrans have?" Kaiser Ghidorah scowled with irritation. He was then met with Masaru's punch to his face.

"Your guard's down! You shouldn't run your mouth like-!" Before Masaru could finish, Ghidorah backhanded him so hard he sent him crashing face first into the ground.

"MASARU!" ShineGreymon roared. Seeing Masaru getting hurt invoked his fury, invoking his Burst Mode evolution. Now enveloped with a fiery orange aura, ShineGreymon Burst Mode attacked Ghidorah head-on, sending him flying into the air.

ShineGreymon Burst Mode took to the sky and blasted him with incandescent beams. After shooting him with his Torrid Weiss, ShineGreymon Burst Mode fused his sword and shield, forming a long blazing sword. Swinging his Corona Blaze Sword, ShineGreymon Burst Mode attempted to set him ablaze, but Ghidorah effortlessly caught his sword with one hand. Not even a hand, but a finger.

"Truth be told, I only allowed you to get the one-up on me," Ghidorah informed him before swinging ShineGreymon Burst Mode around with his sword. He then quickly tossed ShineGreymon Burst Mode away and blasted him with a barrage of green blasts.

Glancing over his shoulder, Ghidorah saw Susanoomon charge with a punch. With a single punch, he sent Ghidorah sailing through a nearby building. Waiting for him on the other side, Dukemon swooped down with Grani and fired Royal Saber at him. Taking Dukemon's lightning-charged shot from Gram, Ghidorah absorbed enough of the blast's impact. He recovered enough to punch Dukemon off Grani. As Dukemon crashed to the ground, Ghidorah didn't give him the chance to recover and drove a fist into his abdomen. Recoiling with pain, Dukemon howled in agony.

"Your blood-curdling screams are beautiful music to my ears, pitiful knight," Ghidorah taunted the fallen Biomerged Digimon.

Just then, Ghidorah heard the sound of a lightsaber being swung at his direction, The Rajita warlord easily anticipated Dorothel's sneak attack and sidestepped her, letting her run through with her lightsaber cutting through thin air. Ghidorah then blasted Dorothel back.

Suddenly, Elemental Hero Neos unleashed Neos Force right in Ghidorah's face. However, Ghidorah rocketed upward, flying headfirst and plunging through Neos' attack. Takane by surprise, Judai watched in horror as Ghidorah one-shotted Elemental Hero Neos with an uppercut.

"Neos!" Judai called out as he ran over to him, but Ghidorah quickly phased in front of him.

"Going somewhere, pitiful Terran ape?" Ghidorah fiendishly smiled, grabbing Judai by the scruff of his collar. Before he could strangle Judai, Yubel telekinetically blasted him back.

Although Yubel's telekinetic attack barely fazed Ghidorah, her presence got his attention.

"Interesting, so you have the spirit of a protector guarding you," Ghidorah assessed Yubel's presence resonating through Judai. "Then, you must be the reincarnation of someone this spirit vowed to guard with her life."

Yubel growled inside Judai's mind. "He knows about me?"

"I have seen many throughout my time in the universe," Ghidorah easily scanned Judai's mind, reading Yubel's thoughts. "You cannot hide your secrets from me." As he prepared to wipe them out with beams, a beam collided with his face.

As Ghidorah turned around, Tuxedo Mask charged at Ghidorah. He went for a few punches, but Ghidorah parried his blows. Eternal Sailor Mars jumped into the air, imbuing fire into her heels as she dropped rain of fire on the Rajita warlord. Evading Mars' attacks, Ghidorah wiped out her flames with eye beams. Sailor Mars then followed through, unleashing a flurry of kicks while shooting flames from every punch and kick. Mars then shot him with her Mars Flame Sniper. Ghidorah easily nullified her fire with his aura.

Readying her Eternal Tiare, Eternal Sailor Moon quickly caught him with Silver Moon Crystal Power Therapy Kiss, which was enough to deal some damage and send him flying far back.

"You made a big mistake crossing me and my new allies, Ghidorah," Eternal Sailor Moon fiercely faced him down with tiare in front of her. "Now, I won't ask again. Release everyone's souls! Or, meet your fate."

Suddenly, Sailor Moon and her group felt the ground shake under them. They then felt an immense power shoot up into the air and hover over them. Revealing himself to his adversaries, Ghidorah floated high above them with two hands amassing a 50-foot wide glowing dark green sphere. The sphere contained unrestrained energies with the power to easily wipe out Earth.

"Let's see you handle this, Princess Serenity!" Kaiser Ghidorah roared, hurling the immense sphere toward Eternal Sailor Moon and the others.

As the sphere quickly descended on them, Eternal Sailor Moon stood at the forefront, hefting her tiare in the air. When she concentrated, Eternal Sailor Moon casually fired another Silver Moon Crystal Power Therapy Kiss. As both attacks collided, Eternal Sailor Moon and Ghidorah faced off in a brief standstill, both trying to overtake the other in a battle of the wills.

"She needs some support, guys!" Dukemon called out, running in next to Eternal Sailor Moon. He raised his Aegis Shield, firing Final Elysion toward Ghidorah's massive sphere.

Susanoomon stepped in and conjured his massive ZERO-ARMS: Orochi sword of light, which glowed with holy power. With it, Susanoomon shoved the glowing blade into Ghidorah's sphere and conjured incessant lightning blasts toward Ghidorah's sphere.

Yusuke and Yui then stepped in. The former fired a massive Spirit Gun, mixing Spirit and Demon Ki to push against Ghidorah's devastating sphere. Yui fired off a Spirit Wave, mixing Spirit and Celestial Ki, which helped Yusuke's blast hold off the sphere from hitting the planet's surface.

Invoking Yubel's power, Judai merged her with Elemental Hero Neos to reform Neos Wiseman. Neos Wiseman joined in and unleashed Ultimate Nova against Ghidorah's force.

Looking on as these heroes held their ground against adversity, Sailor Mars heard Hōō in her mind trying to entice her to join them. Hesitate to rely on the cosmic entity to help her, Sailor Mars ultimately embraced the new power that saved her life and transformed. As cosmic flames enveloped over her, Hōō Mars flew in and unleashed a wave of cosmic flames toward Ghidorah's sphere.

Upon witnessing the Hōō's presence, Ghidorah's face contorted apprehensively. Between the Silver Crystal being used against him and now the Hōō, Ghidorah was caught in a no win situation. When Eternal Sailor Moon unleashed more power, she and the others pushed the sphere back to Ghidorah.

Quickly zipping away from the sphere, Ghidorah watched it hurtling far into space and explode. The after effects ignited a brilliant light show and shook the entire city. What could've been the end of the planet was averted at the last few moments.

Growling angrily, Ghidorah tore his face mask and gritted his teeth. Biting down his bottom lip, the tyrant raised a clenched fist. "Yes, you have shown me great power. Well done. However, hold your celebrations. Because this is not over yet!" Ghidorah raised a hand as he harvested green streams of light from his warship, which seeped into his body.

Not giving him any chance to get a leg up on them, Eternal Sailor Moon, Dukemon, Susanoomon, Yusuke, Hōō Mars, and Neos Wiseman attempted to halt Ghidorah's next attack. However, he wasn't just gathering more power to attack them with, but rather he used it to transform into something more horrific.

As the rich green energies mixed with human souls coursed through Ghidorah's body, the tyrant's face contorted with a maniacal grin and wide-eyed expression. "Yes! Now feast your eyes on my metamorphosis! Watch as the skies rain fire, the oceans shall boil, the cities become red with the blood of billions I've already harvested! Only then, after your pitiful hopes are gone, will I end your lives! Come." He began his almighty and divine transformation, one that would eclipse the bright moon, the very source of Sailor Moon's entire existence.

Flying over on top of his leader's warship, Morpheous waited for his opponents to show up. He sensed a group heading his way. Pushing up his sunglasses with a finger, Morpheous met his opponents: Eternal Sailor Pluto, Fubuki & Sara riding on Meteor Black Comet Dragon, Edo & his Elemental Hero Shining Phoenix Guy, Justimon, and Alice & Plutomon.

"Welcome. Unlike my colleagues, I shall grant you a fair battle, but still a battle to the death," Morpheous offered. "And you have my utmost respect. To make it this far still alive is quite astonishing. Your planet's military failed to breach our defenses, but yet you, a small group of heroes, have made quite the impression." After removing his sunglasses, his seemingly lifeless eyes conveyed subtle traces of some humanity.

"So, you say, but we'll be the judge of that," Sailor Pluto replied, readying her Garnet Staff.

Nodding, Morpheous shot forward and tossed green energy beams. Pluto and her compatriots dodged Morpheous' incoming beams. While Pluto batted away Morpheous' blasts, Meteor Black Comet Dragon and Elemental Hero Shining Phoenix Guy canceled out Morpheous' beams. Justimon slammed the top of the warship, sending a shockwave along the roof and canceling Morpheous' beams. Plutomon conjured black chaotic energy resembling fangs, using Haggard Cluster to knock away Morpheous.

After being blown back, Sailor Pluto dove over the Rajita general and hit him with a Chronos Typhoon. The cyclone wind knocked him away and dealt some damage to him.

As he crashed on top of the warship, a green aura formed over Morpheous. He felt his head pulsate. His body burst open and expanded while his clothing tore off. His green complexion became a lighter shade of blue.

"Ugh, no… I can't control it!" Morpheous roared painfully as he continued his physical transformation into a Kaijū-sized blue Draco lizard. He let out a high-pitched roar, shaking the top of the ship and causing window glass to shatter.

Opening his arm flaps, he glided into the air to attack Sailor Pluto and her entourage. Opening his mouth, Morpheus expelled acidic saliva, causing them to move around from getting melted alive. Eternal Sailor Pluto hastily conjured powerful energies from her Garnet Staff's orb, unleashing Garnet Ball on Morpheous. Justimon and Plutomon then followed up with their attacks. Hitting the giant Draco lizard with Justice Kick, Justimon slashed him with Critical Arm. Plutomon cast his Chaos Rights, using his divine underworld power to judge Morpheous' character.

"I see. So while you have faithfully served Ghidorah, you always cared for the well being of your men. You made it a rule to never harm a child. And of the four Rajita generals, you demonstrate chivalrous actions when faced with an opponent," Plutomon assessed Morpheous. "However, you are still guilty of serving the tyrant."

After Justimon dealt him a critical blow, Morpheous collapsed on top of the warship roof. Pluto then shoved her Garnet Staff through Morpheous' head.

"Well done… you've bested me… I have no regrets where I will go…" Morpheous resigned to whatever fate awaited him.

"Don't worry. Where you'll go you'll have a lot of time to consider your fate," Eternal Sailor Pluto cast Dark Dome Close, a door to Space-Time Door opened. Having been defeated, Morpheous regressed back to his normal self. His body was pulled into the underworld confines as it closed behind him. "Rest easy, fallen soldier."

On the western section from the government building, Kujiko fought Eternal Sailor Jupiter, Eternal Sailor Mercury, Kuwabara, Sho & Cyber End Dragon, SaintGalgomon, and Tyranno & Ultimate Tyranno.

Flying high above Kujiko, Eternal Sailor Jupiter flew down and caught him with a strong punch to his face. With her fists charging with electricity, she blasted him away with Jupiter Coconut Cyclone.

"Great shot, Jupiter!" Sailor Mercury cheered her on.

"That's only just a taste of what's coming," Sailor Jupiter put on an intense game face.

As the massive thunder sent Kujiko crashing through a wall of debris, Ultimate Tyranno rushed Kujiko and delivered a Vicious Bite, ensnaring the brute's left arm. However, Kujiko savagely pummeled Ultimate Tyranno's face, stunning enough to get the dinosaur to let him go. When Kujiko went to throw Ultimate Tyranno around by its tail, Sho's Cyber End Dragon charged three energy balls from all three mouths and converged them into a single Eternal Evolution Burst. Firing off a fully charged ray, Cyber End Dragon pushed Kujiko back.

However, Kujiko pushed back against Sho's monster. As Sho watched with distress, Kujiko punched the attack toward the Cyber End Dragon. SaintGalgomon then stepped in and batted the sphere away. Firing Burst Shot, SaintGalgomon's barrage shots overwhelmed Kujiko and brought him down to a knee. Then, Kuwabara seized the chance and cut into him with his Dual Spirit Swords.

Trying to block Kuwabara's attacks, Kujiko became annoyed when the swords cut through his hide Rebounding from his predicament, Kujiko clapped his hands together and unleashed a shockwave that swept all but SaintGalgomon back. While the Biomerged Digimon's size helped, even the green-armored walking tank found himself sliding back from the sheer brute power.

"Whew, that big boy's pulling Hulk moves!" Terriermon's voice was heard coming out of SaintGalgomon.

"Oh great, this isn't good!" Jianliang added.

"Uh, yeah! This isn't good!" Sho exclaimed.

"AUGH! NOW ME CRUSH YOU ALL!" Kujiko roared with ferocity as he, too, was enveloped in a bright green aura. Like Morpheous before him, his body grew. A massive turtle-like shell formed over his back. Kujiko's neck stretched out. His face contorted and lifted, granting him a terrapin-like look. His entire skin complexion became black to complement his dark turtle's back. He took on the form of a Kaijū-sized black Alligator snapping turtle.

As the group recovered from the brute's shockwave, they gazed upon Kujiko's horrific transformed state.

"Ugh, you've gotta be kidding me!" Sho freaked out.

"He's bigger than any of my dinos!" Tyranno exclaimed in shock.

"Yeah, our problems have gotten a whole lot bigger," remarked Terriermon's voice.

Conjuring lightning through her body, Eternal Sailor Jupiter primed herself for a fight with the transformed Kujiko.

"Seems you're raring to go, Jupiter?" Sailor Mercury asked her, activating her visor to scan Kujiko's energy readings. "Be careful, his power is dangerously high now."

"Thanks for the heads up!" Sailor Jupiter punched her right fist into her left palm. "Alright, big guy! Bring it!"

"And don't mind if some of us join in!" Kuwabara stepped in, brandishing his dual spirit swords.

Kujiko screeched and stretched his neck out. Attempting to ensnare and crush the bodies of his soon-to-be victims, Kujiko was hungry for blood. The group spread out. SaintGalgomon rushed Kujiko and pummeled him with a Saint Punch to Kujiko's face. However, the snapping turtle clamped its metal-crushing jaw down on SaintGalgomon's left arm.


"Relax, Terriermon! We still have other techniques up our sleeve!"

Just then, SaintGalgomon used Mega Twister to swing Kujiko around and so fast he pried the Kaijū turtle off him.


Jianliang was heard sighing inside SaintGalgomon. "Sure you did, bud."

Suddenly, the giant turtle flipped on its stomach and belched mouth beams. The group instinctively dodged these incoming beams.

"Alright, I'm ready to end this!" Sailor Jupiter declared, flying over the behemoth's shell and bombarded him with Jupiter Oak Evolution.

Calling on Mercury Aqua Rhapsody, Sailor Mercury played watery notes from her Mercury Harp, which rained water blasts down on her enemy.

Sho's Cyber End Dragon then cracked Kujiko's shell with another Eternal Evolution Burst. Afterward, SaintGalgomon further shattered the turtle's shell with Giant Missiles, which were fired from its shoulder gun turrets.

"Thanks, now it's my turn!" Kuwabara roared, swinging his Dual Spirit Sword to cut through Kujiko's exposed and vulnerable raw back.

After numerous sword slashes from Kuwabara, Eternal Sailor Jupiter dropped a powerfully enhanced electrical blast that collided the remnants of his shell. Using an enhanced Supreme Thunder. Her massive lightning ball electrocuted Kujiko enough to make him explode into dust.

Eternal Sailor Mercury washed away the explosive dust with torrents of water.

"Hell yeah! That's the stuff, Jupiter!" Kuwabara praised her.

"Heheh, thanks," Sailor Jupiter winked.

"Ok, that's two generals down. Pluto and her team took down Morpheous," Sailor Mercury confirmed.

"That just leaves two," SaintGalgomon added.

On the south side from the government building, Nāginī went on the defense fighting off Eternal Sailor Uranus, Eternal Sailor Neptune, Rei & Dynamis Valkyria, Asuka & Cyber Angel Vishnu, Momoe & Cyber Angel Izana, Junko & Cyber Angel Daikini, and Sakuyamon.

Conjuring a laser blade, Nāginī tossed it toward Sailor Uranus, who sidestepped it and ran forward slashing her with her Space Sword. Then, Sailor Neptune interjected and unleashed Deep Submerge at the Rajita general.

"Ugh, don't think I haven't forgotten you two killing my love Rhea! Your crimes will not go unpunished!" Nāginī declared as she teleported behind Eternal Sailor Neptune and placed a bare hand on Neptune's face, copying and stealing her power. Utilizing Neptune's knowledge, Nāginī unleashed her own Deep Submerge, sending Sailor Uranus flying back. When she ran toward and grabbed Uranus, she copied her abilities.

Turning over toward the Duel Academia duelists, Nāginī smashed a fist into the ground, conjuring World Shaking toward them. Asuka, Rei, Momoe, and Junko sent their monsters to form a barrier, guarding them against Nāginī's copied attack.

"Hey, don't go copying us!" Eternal Sailor Uranus cut off Nāginī, tagging her with her Space Sword Blaster.

After taking Uranus' attack, Nāginī was ceremoniously blasted into a wall. Sailor Neptune then blasted her with her Submarine Violon Tide.

"Augh, damn you all!" Nāginī furiously screamed. As she went for a green energy ball, she phased out and reappeared above the group. "Now, die!" She fiendishly grinned, but Sakuyamon got the drop on her and kicked her using her Thunder Dragon Leg technique.

After kicking her down into the ground, Nāginī crashed into the earth. Upon recovering, Nāginī dodged Sakyuamon's Izuna, which summoned four spirit foxes with the elements of fire, water, wind, and thunder.

Nāginī taunted Sakuyamon. "Is that all you have?!"

Ruki was heard snidely remarking inside Sakuyamon. "Ugh, is that a rhetorical question?" Sakuyamon then tossed a Fox Paper Seal, which Nāginī cut in two with an energy blade. When Nāginī tossed a barrage of energy blades, Sakuyamon formed a spherical barrier imbued with cherry blossoms and lightning bolts. As she reinforced her Diamond Realm Mandala, Sakuyamon stopped the Rajita general's attacks. Nāginī formed an energy blade and tried dissecting through Sakuyamon's barrier to no avail.

Then, Asuka sent Cyber Angel Vishnu to distract Nāginī. As Cyber Angel Vishnu attacked her head-on, Nāginī dodged around the dancer's attacks. Dynamis Valkyria, Cyber Angel Izana, and Cyber Angel Daikini tried to fend off Nāginī, but she fought back. Then, she targeted the duelists and went to strike their pressure points. After taking down Rei, Momoe, and Junko, she went straight for Asuka, but the Duel Monsters stood in Nāginī's path.

"Out of my way!" Nāginī hissed, but then Eternal Sailor Uranus narrowly stepped in and sliced her in two with her Space Sword. The Rajita general formed a blade and recreated her own Space Sword Blaster, but Uranus quickly evaded.

Eternal Sailor Neptune quickly blasted her away with her mirror, saving Uranus from a frontal attack.

Recovering to her feet, Nāginī screamed furiously. "I won't be humiliated like this! I am an elite and one of Lord Ghidorah's trusted generals!" As her eyes burned with fury, they changed from yellow to bright green. Then, a similar green aura enveloped her. Her transformation came quickly. Nāginī's body elongated into a serpent's form. Her green complexion changed dark red. Her face contorted, changing her human-like features into a serpent's. She also gained a hood seen on a cobra. After finishing her transformation, she turned into a giant serpent closely resembling a red Indian Cobra with a fiery hood.

Nāginī hissed loudly. "I shall devour you all!" Baring her massive fangs, they dripped with acidic venom. Drops of the venom ate through the ground.

"Oh my god…!" Momoe gasped in horror.

"I-I don't like our chances now!" Junko cried out.

"Don't give up, you two!" Asuka said, pulling her paralyzed friends off the ground. "We're not done yet."

"Be on your guard!" Eternal Sailor Neptune called out to the Duel Academia duelists.

As she opened up her mouth, Nāginī sprayed venom from her fangs.

Sakuyamon sprang into action and formed another barrier, protecting herself and the others from Nāginī's venomous spray. Acidic saliva did manage to eat through Sakuyamon's barrier, putting herself at risk.

Eternal Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune flew up to meet Nāginī. Nāginī whirled her massive snake body around and swung her tail, knocking away the duo. After grabbing and saving Neptune, Sailor Uranus landed on her feet and raised her Space Sword as Nāginī dove toward them.

"Come on and get you some!" Sailor Uranus goaded the large serpent.

As Nāginī closed in, Sakuyamon intercepted her and summoned blue flames to hold her back. After holding Nāginī back with Purifying Fox Flame Dance, Sakuyamon cast Izuna, ensnaring the serpent with her four fox spirits. Asuka then commanded Cyber Angel Vishnu to attack Nāginī. Vishnu kicked and broke off one of Nāginī's fangs. Rei then commanded Dynamis Valkyria to slash Nāginī's right eye.

"AUGH!" Nāginī screamed before spraying venom from her other fang.

Sailor Neptune quickly dove in and saved the still paralyzed Rei from the acidic downpour.

"Ready, Neptune?" Uranus asked as she flew above Nāginī.

Readying her Deep Aqua Mirror, Eternal Sailor Neptune blasted Nāginī's mouth with Submarine Violon Tide. Neptune dulled out Nāginī's venom, weakening its potency. Eternal Sailor Uranus then jumped into her mouth, bisecting it with her Space Sword. Finally, Uranus finished Nāginī by slicing through her body with Space Turbulence, eradicating the general as her bisected body dissolved and her last screams faded.

"Now that's how you handle things," Renamon's voice was heard through Sakuyamon.

"Thank goodness that's over with," Asuka sighed with relief.

Eternal Sailor Uranus turned to Neptune. "That just leaves one more general."

Eternal Sailor Neptune replied. "Yes, and then Ghidorah."

On top of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, Kuiiza fought off Eternal Sailor Venus, Eternal Sailor Saturn, Hiei, Kurama, Manjoume & Ojama King, and Kotori/Himura & Omegamon InuMizuchi.

After being blown back from Eternal Sailor Saturn's Silence Wall, Kuiiza crashed into a satellite dish. Recovering to his feet, Kuiiza eyed his adversaries.

"It's over, Kuiiza!" Eternal Sailor Venus harshly chastised him. "Your other generals are gone! You'd best surrender now!"

Readying her Silence Glaive, Saturn coldly threatened. "Or, I could carve you up if you wish."

"Perhaps Hiei would like to do the honors," Kurama said, eyeing Hiei.

"Feh… I'll never surrender to Princess Serenity's whores!" Kuiiza spat out disparagingly. He forged two blades and tossed them on the ground near the group. With a motion from his hands, he triggered the blades and manipulated them to shift upward willfully and fly around like boomerangs.

"Keep your guards up!" Sailor Venus warned as the energy boomerangs came from their rear.

Kotori called out. "Behind us!"

Eternal Sailor Venus and Kurama countered the energy boomerangs. Venus batted one away with her Love Whip. Kurama took the other down with his Rose Whip. Then, Hiei sliced up another with his sword. Eternal Sailor Saturn swung her glaive, bisecting another one.

As Kuiiza immediately took to the air, Manjoume sent Ojama King to attack. While evading Ojama King's attacks, Omegamon InuMizuhi hastily flew toward the Rajita general. He caught Kuiiza with a cannon beam from Omegamon InuMizuchi. After crashing through the rooftop, Kuiiza fell into a heap of debris. He rose and floated out of the debris, emerging with a green aura already covering him.

His face contorted with anger, invoking the powerful energies coursing through Kuiiza.

"That tears it! Your end is at hand!" Kuiiza boasted as his group grew and tore out of his clothing. His green skin became pale white. Kuiiza transformed into a Kaijū-sized white Leopard Gecko covered in black spots.

"Geez, this is just what we ended," Himura remarked.

"No way, we can take him. Right, Omegamon?" Kotori asked their merged partner.

Omegamon InuMizuchi readied his sword. "Yes, we can!"

"Let's take him down, Ojama King, with some Manjoume Thunder!" Manjoume rallied on his Duel Monster.

Eternal Sailor Venus, Eternal Sailor Saturn, Kurama, and Hiei stood their ground against the transformed Kuiiza.

"It's time we seal his fate, Sailor Venus!" Saturn declared.

"No arguments from me!" Venus concurred.

Before Saturn or Venus could attack, Kuiiza quickly expelled saliva. While the Senshi and demons dodged, the gunk covered Ojama King and Manjoume, quickly pinning them down.

"Ugh, gross! Get this off me!" Manjoume shouted, trying to tear his way through the disgusting gunk.

Omegamon InuMizuchi sprayed ice over the saliva covering Manjoume and Ojama King. As the saliva gunk turned into solid ice, it shattered, freeing Manjoume and his Duel Monster.

"Thanks!" Manjoume called out, dusting the ice off his coat.

"C'mon, let's get this over with!" Kotori called out as Omegamon InuMizuchi carried her and Himura forward into battle.

As Kuiiza shot his tongue out, Sailor Saturn evaded and slashed his left front leg with her Silence Glaive. Hiei slashed the right back leg. Sailor Venus jumped up and blasted Kuiiza with a barrage of beams. While blasting him with Venus Love and Beauty Shock, Venus managed to push back and subdue Kuiiza. Kurama then produced a rain of rose petals, which pierced and cut through Kuiiza's reptilian hide.

"Your efforts will be futile!" Kuiiza taunted the Senshi. As he shot another tongue out, he slapped away Venus, but Saturn forged a mist, shrouding the area.

Blindsided by Saturn's Silence Glaive Surprise, Kuiiza tried scanning for his foes. Then, he felt piercing slashes and energy beams hitting him from all corners. He madly shot his tongue out in hopes of ensnaring one of his enemies. Then, he spotted Kurama and rushed to grab him. As he roped in Kurama with his tongue, Kuiiza prepared to devour him, but the giant gecko felt his entire body stop on its own.

"Wh-Why can I not move?!" Kuiiza was flabbergasted.

"The rose petals I sprayed you with planted pollen made from a rare plant that temporarily paralyzes its prey. I increased their potency to ensure it holds you in place," Kurama explained, transforming into Yoko Kurama and using his Rose Whip to tear through Kuiiza's tongue. "But, based on your size, the effects will be temporary, but it should be enough for the others to do their work."

With that, Omegamon InuMizuchi dove in and drove his blade through Kuiiza's right shoulder. Omegamon InuMizuchi then picked up and slammed Kuiiza down. Manjoume sent Ojama King to pummel Kuiiza.

Slowly regaining movement in his body, Kuiiza fought back and swung his tail at Omegamon InuMizuchi, but the merged Digimon sliced off his tail. Screaming in pain, Kuiiza regenerated another tail. When he prepared another attack, Hiei intercepted and blasted him head-on with his Dragon of the Darkness Flame. Pushing his way through the powerful dark flames, Kuiiza eventually became burned.

Rushing through with black flames burning sections of his body, Eternal Sailor Saturn swung her Silence Glaive and carved through the gecko's body. Then, Eternal Sailor Venus swooped down, shoving her Holy Sword through Kuiiza's forehead, delivering the killing blow.

After being slain, Kuiiza's body dissolved into dust.

"And that's that," Eternal Sailor Venus said, wiping Kuiiza's blood from her blade. She turned to Yoko Kurama and smiled. "And it's partly thanks to your foxy self."

"I shouldn't take all the credit," Yoko Kurama modestly replied.

"We all pitched in and it worked out well for us," Eternal Sailor Saturn added.

"So, that's it for him then," Himura added.

"Great work, team!" Kotori hollered. "Hey, Venus, does that mean there's just one left?"

"Yeah, and it's their leader," Sailor Venus nodded.

"Yusuke is already actively involved in that battle as we speak," Hiei informed them.

"Yes, and so is Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars, and Tuxedo Mask," added Sailor Saturn.

Omegamon InuMizuchi then addressed Kotori and Himura. "Takato and Guilmon should be there, too."

"Yeah, we need to give our hopes they can beat the big boss," Kotori said, removing the goggles from her eyes.

"They will. We just need to put our faith in them," Sailor Venus said, staring to the sky where a giant glowing sphere unleashed shockwaves, almost knocking her and the others back. "Ugh, damn! Did I just speak too soon?!"

"It's Ghidorah! His power is increasing!" Sailor Saturn cried out.

As they took their heated battle into the sky, Eternal Sailor Moon and Ghidorah flew around Earth. From a normal human eye, all one could see are streaks of pink and green of light colliding with force, sending immense shockwaves.

Flying straight above the atmosphere, Eternal Sailor Moon swung her Eternal Tiare, which impacted Ghidorah's right hand. Moon struggled to match Ghidorah's brute strength. Ghidorah twisted Moon's tiare around and tossed her aside. The tyrant's claws imbued with green energy. Slashing with his claws, he unleashed green projectiles that blasted and shredded through some areas of Eternal Sailor Moon's outfit and body.

"Is this really the power that defeated the Golden Queen?! Pitiful!" Ghidorah bellowed. Then, he observed Moon, despite taking piercing attacks sharp enough to cut through the strongest of metal substances, did little damage to her. "Hn, perhaps I was wrong. Still, you've only lasted this long because I've permitted it."

"You're a vile creature, Ghidorah. You nearly destroyed the Moon Kingdom and now you want to finish me when you couldn't defeat Queen Serenity?!" Eternal Sailor Moon sharply rebuked, which unnerved Ghidorah enough for him to shoot beams at her. She hefted her Eternal Tiare, taking his devastating beams head-on. "I won't be beaten by you!"

Curling his lips into a sneer, Ghidorah's beam zig-zagged around Moon and blasted her back. Crying out in pain, Moon fell to Ghidorah's sneak attack. The Rajita warlord hastily flew up, snatching Moon by her throat.

"I couldn't kill the queen, but killing her daughter will suffice!" Ghidorah evilly grinned, crushing her throat, but before he could get that chance, a cosmic wave of fire brushed him aside. As he let go, Tuxedo Mask jumped up to catch his lover. He landed on Susanoomon's shoulder.

"Sailor Moon, are you ok?!" Tuxedo Mask shook his beloved, who recovered in his arms.

"I am now," Eternal Sailor Moon rubbed her neck, seeing Hōō Mars unleash cosmic waves, which staved off Ghidorah.

"Put your hands on my princess again and you're going to get more than just burned!" Hōō Mars growled, throwing more cosmic flames at Ghidorah, who forged an Orichalcos barrier, protecting him from the Hōō's blazing fire.

Riding Grani toward Ghidorah, Dukemon swung Gram at the Rajita warlord. Ghidorah stopped Dukemon's attack and drove him back with eye beams.

"Dukemon, let us merge into one!" Grani declared as a crimson aura enveloped him and Dukemon. As the two components coalesced, a knight encased in bright red armor emerged. The armor radiated a beautiful crimson color, which emblazoned all but his mouth plate, sides, gauntlets, and ankles. Golden trimming covered parts of his body. Forming from his back are five pairs of angelic white wings. A Digicore, adorned with the Digital Hazard insignia, is centered on his chest. His forehead and poleyns bear the Zero Unit symbol. Two glowing white blades formed in his hands; the energy lance, Blutgang, and the sword, Gungnir.

"A warrior bearing crimson armor?!" Tuxedo Mask exclaimed.

"Wow, how pretty," Eternal Sailor Moon became intrigued by Dukemon's crimson transformation.

"I am Dukemon Crimson Mode," the newly evolved Digimon announced, hastily flying head-on with Ghidorah. As Ghidorah prepared to disarm him, Dukemon Crimson Mode slashed him with his Invincible Swords.

Hitting him with fast sword strikes using Blutgang, Ghidorah was on the receiving end of Dukemon Crimson Mode's blows. Then, the crimson knight blasted him with Quo Vadis, sending him falling from orbit and toward Earth.

"Alright, way to go, Takato!" Masaru cheered on, sitting on ShineGreymon Burst Mode's left shoulder.

Quickly descending over Tokyo, Ghidorah waited for his entire opposition to show up. Eternal Sailor Moon, Hōō Mars, Dukemon Crimson Mode, Susanoomon, Tuxedo Mask, Masaru & ShineGreymon Burst Mode, Judai & Neos Wiseman, Yusuke, and Shaka landed to confront him.

Despite being outnumbered, Ghidorah cackled, which unnerved his adversaries.

"What's so funny?!" Eternal Sailor Moon yelled out at her nemesis.

"Did you not forget I've taken in a bulk of the Orichalcos Crystal's power?!" Ghidorah boasted while a dark green aura mixed with purple bathed over his massive frame. "I'm not so easily defeated as you might surmise! Behold as the weight of my unrelenting force crushes the life out of you!" He clenched his hands as the green and purple aura radiated off him.

As Eternal Sailor Moon, Hōō Mars, and Dukemon Crimson Mode first attacked, the Rajita warlord's aura fired beams. The trio was bombarded and knocked away. Swinging her tiare, Moon nullified as many of these beams. Hōō Mars' fiery aura absorbed many of these beams. Dukemon Crimson Mode used Invincible Sword to cut down the beam barrage.

"Are you three ok?!" Susanoomon called out in Takuya and Koji's voices.

"We won't be until Ghidorah's done for!" Dukemon Crimson Mode replied.

Just then, their momentum took a turn for the worst. Ghidorah immediately grew into a gargantuan size. His body armor broke apart as the larger his body got. He grew up to roughly 60 meters high. Two massive wings sprouted from the tyrant's back, each growing up to a wingspan of 80 meters long.

"YOUR END IS AT HAND, TERRAN INSECTS!" The warlord's voice boomed across Earth.

The Rajita warlord transformed into a Kaijū-sized three-headed dragon complete with two tails and large wings. His spiked helmet and body & shoulder armor became meshed with his now dark golden scales.

"NOW COME AND MEET YOUR INEVITABLE END!" Ghidorah gave a deafening roar as the three heads expelled green blasts at his adversaries.

(Cue Rebirth of Mothra Soundtrack - Battle of 65 Million Years Ago, Revisited)

Responding to Ghidorah's threat, Eternal Sailor Moon, Hōō Mars, and Dukemon Crimson Mode counterattacked the three-headed behemoth. Invoking her Silver Crystal, Moon fired a beam that stopped the middle beam. Hōō Mars conjured cosmic flames to halt another beam. Dukemon Crimson Mode stopped the third one. However, a few smaller beams hurtled by the trio and aimed for the others.

"Heads up, everyone!" ShineGreymon Burst Mode took the initiative and enveloped himself in a glowing aura.

"Go for it, ShineGreymon!" Masaru encouraged his partner.

Tackling the incoming beams, ShineGreymon Burst Mode relied on his aura to absorb these beams. However, a few still managed to fly over him. This was when Susanoomon put his hands to nullify the stray blasts. Tuxedo Mask, Yusuke, Shaka, and Dorothel helped take out the remaining stray blasts.

"That was close! That should be all of them!" Susanoomon cried out.

With the Hōō backing her up, Hōō Mars berated the Rajita tyrant. "Your blasts, while destructive enough to destroy a planet, will never be a match for the Hōō's cloak!"

"THEN WHY DON'T I RID OF YOU FIRST?!" Ghidorah bellowed, firing and converged three beams, firing them at Hōō Mars' direction.

Hōō Mars quickly flew out of Ghidorah's direct attack and unleashed fiery blasts into his large frame. Each shot left lasting burns to Ghidorah's hide. Susanoomon then rushed and tackled Ghidorah. The two behemoths wrestled around, but Ghidorah gained leverage and knocked Susanoomon back with his two tails. As Susanoomon crashed into the ground, Ghidorah flew into the air and expelled beams toward Susanoomon. Narrowly rolling out of Ghidorah's attack range, Susanoomon summoned his ZERO-ARMS: Orochi sword and created a long golden blade with it. The almighty god-like Digimon swung his sword, slashing through the air with the extended blade of light, but just narrowly missing Ghidorah. Ghidorah rained down green blasts toward Susanoomon, knocking him down to one knee.

ShineGreymon Burst Mode and Masaru flew head-on with the three-headed behemoth. As ShineGreymon Burst Mode ignited Final Shining Burst, he set off a big explosion that collided with Ghidorah. The force was enough to send him sailing back.

Then, as he drew more power from the Orichalcos Crystal inside the mothership, Ghidorah's body surged with intense Orichalcos energies that filled him to the brim. He then discharged hundreds of bolts of green lightning-like bolts that blasted nearly everything within his range, including a few of his larger opposition, such as Susanoomon. Others, such as Eternal Sailor Moon, Hōō Mars, Dukemon Crimson Mode, ShineGreymon Burst Mode, Tuxedo Mask, Mazoku Yusuke, and Shaka absorbed the blasts or escaped being caught in the attacks.

Shaking all three of his heads, Ghidorah let out a disgruntled growl. All three heads scanned the ravaged sections of Shinjuku and the neighboring prefectures. He then spotted a glowing beacon of white light right in front of him. He spotted Eternal Sailor Moon floating with her Eternal Tiare already raised over her head. Hōō Mars, and Dukemon Crimson Mode floated beside her.

"I'm still here," Eternal Sailor Moon muttered boldly.

All three heads snarled as Ghidorah bum-rushed Eternal Sailor Moon. As he reached her, Susanoomon grabbed his right leg and pulled him back. Ghidorah turned all three heads and stomped hard on Susanoomon's head. Then, Judai summoned his entire Duel Monster arsenal, consisting of Elemental Heroes and Neo-Spacians, piled on Ghidorah's massive frame and bombarded him with multiple attacks. Neos Wiseman flew over the left head and blasted it with Ultimate Nova.

"Keep it up, Elemental Heroes and Neo-Spacians! Stay on him!" Judai hollered on while riding on Neos Wiseman's back.

Yusuke and Shaka both joined in. Both fired off their double Spirit Guns into his left head.

Throwing all three heads back, Kaiser Ghidorah roared. "NONE SHALL DEFEAT THE RAJITA EMPIRE!" He screamed, flapping his wings again to send hurricane-like shockwaves that repelled most of his enemies away. Even the other groups that arrived to aid them were blown back.

Despite this, Eternal Sailor Moon fearlessly faced Ghidorah. Having stopped Chaos before, a tyrannical three-headed monster wasn't going to waltz in and walk all over her. Raising her Eternal Tiare again, Eternal Sailor Moon primed herself for the last stand against Ghidorah.

"Ghidorah, evil like you will never learn! You and your people made a grave mistake invading our world! I can hear the cries of the souls you've devoured! They wish to be free and I'm going to save them!" Eternal Sailor Moon openly declared.

Ghidorah launched continuous blasts toward Eternal Sailor Moon. However, she deeply concentrated and invoked her Silver Crystal, which channeled through her Eternal Tiare.


Eternal Sailor Moon sternly rebuked with the moon's light shining down behind her. "You're wrong! Your evil ways are over, Ghidorah! I am the Pretty Guardian who fights for love and for justice! I am Sailor Moon! And in the name of the Moon I'll punish you!"

As Ghidorah's three beams collided with Eternal Sailor Moon's concentrated crystal beam, Hōō Mars rose to the occasion and formed a fiery phoenix aura, which surrounded her. She took to the air and headed straight for Ghidorah.

"Hōō, give me all your strength!" Hōō Mars beckoned, flying and tearing through Ghidorah's torso.

Seeing a pillar of cosmic flames burst out of his torso, Ghidorah bellowed. "AUGH! DAMN IT ALL!" He watched Hōō Mars flying out through his torso.

Then, Dukemon Crimson Mode stabbed the center head with his dual blades. After that, the crimson knight blasted half of the left head's face off along with a portion of its right claw. Both pieces were sent scattering far away. Ghidorah fired three beams in retaliation, pushing Dukemon Crimson Mode back.

"I bet you didn't see this coming, Ghidorah?!" Hōō Mars spoke on behalf of the cosmic entity. "You kept the Hōō contained for so long, I'm giving her the opportunity to pay you back tenfold!" She then turned toward the Rajita mothership and watched Sailor Saturn dispose of it with her power.

"Ghidorah, your reign of terror ends here!" The Hōō telepathically screamed inside the Rajita warlord's head.

"MY SHIP!" Ghidorah bellowed with fury.

Then, every Rajita ship in the vicinity immediately ceased to be. The culprits behind their destruction: the Digiteams, the other Sailor Senshi, the other Spirit Detectives, Omegamon Merciful Mode, Alphamon, and other allies.

"Now, your Orichalcos Crystal has been destroyed!" Eternal Sailor Moon cried out. "Our friends destroyed it along with your ship."


"Ghidorah, it's over!" Moon declared as she jetted up to confront the three-headed behemoth.

"I WILL NEVER YIELD TO YOU!" Ghidorah bum-rushed Moon again and collided with her. His green light clashed with her divine white aura. He repelled her with force and impulsively acted out of desperation, firing three blasts, which then converged into a spherical golden beam. The golden sphere descended toward the ground, intending to crash through the Earth's core and detonate the planet. However, Eternal Sailor Moon, aided by Hōō Mars and Dukemon Crimson Mode, plunged into the golden sphere.

With Grani's power, Dukemon Crimson Mode pushed back against the sphere. Using her cosmic flare, Hōō Mars blasted it upward and away from touching the ground. With her Silver Crystal's power, Eternal Sailor Moon purged the planetary destroying attack.

Raising her Eternal Tiare, Moon collected everyone's energy to amass a radiant white aura around herself. She then transferred some of that power to Dukemon Crimson Mode, Susanoomon, Yusuke, ShineGreymon Burst Mode, Judai's Duel Monsters, and Hōō Mars. They along with Sailor Moon unleashed a clear wave of energy that collided with Ghidorah, burning off sections of his body, including his wings and his helmet & shoulder armor.

The heroes pushed another white aura blast that burned nearly his entire body and his heads. Ghidorah let out pained roars, succumbing to the devastating force cleansing his existence. He tried to regenerate his lost wings, skin, and tissue, but another combined blast melted half of his entire body. Then, Eternal Sailor Moon headed off with Hōō Mars and Dukemon Crimson Mode behind her.

"I AM LORD GHIDORAH OF THE RAJITA EMPIRE! I CANNOT BE DEFEATED IN THIS MANNER!" The Rajita tyrant roared in anguish, his deafening and terrifying tone sounded distorted and weakened.

Forging a crimson rope, Dukemon Crimson Mode bound the three-headed behemoth. Then, Hōō Mars ignited the ropes and set Ghidorah ablaze with her cosmic flames. Finally, Eternal Sailor Moon forged her Eternal Tiare into a sword, which she grasped and swung. With a single swing from the sword, a wave of white light plunged through the dark golden leviathan's chest.

The life in Ghidorah's left and right heads faded. The center head fought to survive, but Eternal Sailor Moon charged up her Silver Crystal and mercilessly obliterated the center head with immense force. Then, vertical eyes formed over the behemoth, trisecting him. The monster's trisected body dissolved into dust that rained over Tokyo.

Then, with her Silver Crystal, Eternal Sailor Moon healed the entire planet, purging every remaining Rajita soldier. In little time before anyone realized what happened, Earth, its cities, and its people were restored prior to the impromptu Rajita incursion. Every soul that the Rajita stole returned to their rightful bodies.

At the same time, Kaiba Seto closed the remaining portals, Every Digimon and Duel Monsters that wandered Tokyo and other sections of the globe were returned to their native world.

As Eternal Sailor Moon descended at the heart of Shinjuku, Tuxedo Mask jumped up to catch her. He landed where Hōō Mars and Dukemon Crimson Mode arrived. Soon, every other ally came to see the battle aftermath.

Lifting her head, Eternal Sailor Moon raised a thumbs up. "We did it. It's over."

With their victory, the Rajita incursion was averted and Earth was saved.

(End theme)

April 12, 2016

(Cue Persona 5 - Sunset Bridge)

Over a day has passed since the Earth was saved from the Rajita Empire. People all over the world witnessed a band of heroes unite to defeat Kaiser Ghidorah and his armies. The world witnessed the Sailor Senshi's greatest comeback since falling out of obscurity for almost a year. Moreover, they witnessed another invading force being thwarted.

However, this begged the question from dissenters and those with opposing viewpoints: Is it worth the risk relying on heroes with no apparent affiliation with any law enforcement or government? And what would happen if these heroes were allowed too many privileges and abused their power to control the masses?

There were others that greatly opposed these 'would be heroes' because they were trying to appease the ignorant masses and make them forget their city was almost reduced to rubble.

One such opposing voice is an American representative working closely with the National Diet of Japan: Cain Bearer, a member of the Committee on Foreign Relations and the owner of Cain Corporations.

Despite these oppositions, these new bands of heroes were ingrained in the forum of current discussions and a hot trend with the younger generations.

DATS Headquarters/5:30 PM (JST)

Taichi, Yamato, Yamaki, and Captain Satsuma congratulated the Digiteams for their victory. Taichi called forth Takato, Takuya, and Masaru, giving each of them props for leading their teams through rough spots during this invasion. Yamato passed praise for the other members of the respective Digiteams.

"Like me, Taichi, and our friends before you all, you've all done well to save this world," Yamato addressed, arms folded and a proud smile etched on his face.

"Yeah, and you three definitely know how to lead by example," Taichi said to Takato, Takuya, and Masaru.

"Gee, thanks, but we didn't win the day alone," Takato chuckled modestly.

"Yeah, we had help from those Sailor Senshi, those duelists from Duel Academia, and those Spirit Detective peeps," Takuya informed them.

"Hey, don't forget about me and Himura!" Kotori called out to Taichi. She walked right up to Taichi. "I'm sure you already know but Himura and I have our own Omegamon."

"We saw and that was something to behold," Taichi nervously chortled, backing off from Kotori.

"I wanna know whose Omegamon is stronger."

"Um, well… hey, Yamato, wanna help me out here?" Taichi asked him.

"Sorry, man. You're on your own," Yamato nodded.

"Right, who really cares?" Himura asked.

"Well, I care!" Kotori shouted.

"You're some help, Yamakins," Taichi scoffed, referring to Yamato's pet name.

"I told you not to call me that, Taichi!"

Agumon, Gabumon, Betamon, and DarkGabumon watched their partners argue. Each of them shook their heads.

"Say, where is Ryō? Shouldn't he be here?" Jianliang wondered, noticing his absence.

Ruki folded her arms. "Who knows? He's probably tired and needs his old man sleep."

Renamon sighed. "Ruki, Ruki."

"But, he's not that much older than us, Ruki," Juri added.

"She's right. Ryō's a guy who's been through a lot," Taichi stated. "No slight against him for not showing up. Besides, he, Alice, and others were busy helping the Sovereigns restore their dominions after Ghidorah invaded their realms."

"So, now we have the Digital Realms now merged with the Duel Monsters World? That's crazy to think about," Touma stated.

"Not only too crazy when I'm the one who caused it," a voice belonging to Kaiba Seto surprised everyone in the room. Everyone turned to see Seto accompanied by his wife, Lyn, as well as Yugi and Judai.

"It's Kaiba Seto!" Takato exclaimed.

Masaru pointed out. "Yeah, not to mention Mutou Yugi and Yuki Judai!"

"You have some nerve to show up here, Kaiba," Yamaki scowled, remembering it was Kaiba Seto who bought some of his space, assets, and technology to create the KC-Project, which turned out to both be a disaster and a success. Had it not been Kaiba's ambitious project, just the prospect of the Digital and Duel Monster Worlds would've never been a reality.

"Easy, Yamaki. Let the man speak," Captain Satsuma suggested.

"I don't have much to say, but I am returning some assets over to your organization, Yamaki. Our business is done," Kaiba affirmed. "The good news is I was able to prevent a total collapse of the network, thus closing the portals and preventing any more monsters from crossing over into our side. The bad news… well, unless you don't mind Digimon and Duel Monsters being neighbors, then there isn't bad news to report."

"I can't believe this is real. Do Digimon and Duel Monsters now share the same world? It's like cats and dogs roaming the same place!" Takato exclaimed.

"Uh, cats and dogs do roam in our reality, Takato," Jianliang reminded him.

"I knew that. Ok, bad example. Then, how about aliens and humans? Or dinos and people?"

"Ok, you can stop, Takato," Ruki shook her head, rubbing her forehead.

"Heheh, sorry!"

"It's a reality we must space regardless if it's good or bad," Yugi stated.

"I don't know. It sounds pretty exciting to me," Judai smiled. "What do you guys say?" He stirred a discussion among the Digiteams. This would be a topic for many debates for a while but the Digiteams and Duelists saw this as a whole new opportunity to explore the restructured Digital Realms.

Secret Base/Game Crown Center/Azabu-Jūban, Minato (麻布十番, 港区)/6:45 PM (JST)

The Sailor Senshi and Spirit Detectives gathered for a celebration over their latest victory, However, it was also a meeting arranged by Setsuna and Koenma, discussing their future partnership.

"I've decided for the foreseeable future that we should keep our working relations intact," King Koenma decreed. "You've certainly shown you all can work together."

Minako chuckled, eyeing Rei and Hiei. "Some better than others, right?" She playfully winked. This elicited some muffled laughs, including chortling from Kurama.

As Rei and Hiei turned to each other, the former folded her arms and Hiei scoffed.

"But, our latest victory has shown we can also work well with those other heroes," Usagi added. "I say, we should keep in contact with them."

Michiru nodded. "I somewhat agree. Besides, those Tamers have partners with incredible powers, especially that Takato boy and his adorable dinosaur friend."

"Takato? Yeah, he's ok in my book," Haruka shrugged.

"Then, it's decided! Our alliance lives on! Cheers!" Botan raised a glass into the air.

Everyone else followed suit and lifted cups high over them.

"By the way, how has the Hōō been doing, Rei?" Hotaru asked her.

"She's settling well inside me. I mean, I don't really feel any different until I release her power," Rei replied, pressing a hand on her chest. "But, we've had some meaningful conversations. I'm learning a lot about her."

Usagi approached Rei. "Tell me, we're glad she's on our side."

Then, the Hōō telepathically responded to Usagi. "You're very welcome, Sailor Moon. Let's work together again."

"Now that I still have to get used to. She brings your voices into my head when she's conversing with more than just one person," Rei facepalmed.

"Ugh, I don't think I could talk voices in my head," Minako rubbed her head while drinking a cup and feeling a buzz coming along.

"Hey, um. Did I get my alcoholic drink?" Botan wondered, drinking what tasted like orange soda. "Whoa, this isn't it! Ok, who has my alcoholic beverage?!" That's when she and the others heard Minako hiccuping.

"Oh shit…" Makoto balked as Minako turned around. Her cheeks were red and she was looking shitfaced.

"Hehehe! Hallo, ich bin Aino Minako!" Minako blurted out in a drunken manner and spoke in another language.

"What the hell is she saying?!" Yusuke asked the others.

"'Hello, my name is Aino Minako'. She's speaking German. She is drunk!" Ami cried out.

"Wait, so she can talk German when she's drunk?" Kuwabara blinked in confusion.

"Oh dear! Jorge, how could you get our drinks mixed up?!" Botan spat and pointed to the blue ogre.

"Your drinks looked too similar! How could I tell?!"

Koenma grumbled. "You would've done a taste test, Jorge?!"

"Ehehehe, Ich bin Sailor V, der Verfechter von Liebe und Gerechtigkeit!" Minako blurted out while Makoto and Kurama sat her down.

"Now, she just said, 'I am Sailor V, the champion of love and justice'," Ami translated.

"How about less translating and get us some water, Ami?" Makoto asked.

"Oh, Minako," Artemis sighed as he hopped over to her. "Minako, it's ok. Just lie your head down."

"Diese Katze kann reden! Ist er eine magische Katze?" Minako waved a finger in Artemis' face.

"'That cat can talk. Is he a magic cat?' Yes, he's a magical cat, Minako. He's your cat," Kurama reminded her as Ami handed him a water glass. He let Minako drink some water.

"Whew! Danke, Fuchsjunge!" Minako chirped.

Kurama chuckled and humored the drunken blonde. "Gern geschehen, schöne Frau."

"Now, Kurama can speak German? I feel like I'm missing out," Kuwabara balked at the two having a German conversation.

"Don't worry about it, Kazuma. C'mon, let's check this place around," Yukina dragged Kuwabara around the Senshi's secret base. As she passed by Hiei, she briefly smiled at him. Hiei acknowledged her with a small nod and turned away.

Hiei telepathically warned Kuwabara. "You best take care of her, fool. Should any harm come to my sister, well… not even Yusuke can stop me."

Shuddering, Kuwabara followed Yukina. "Yeah, I know, man."

Later, Kurama and a still drunken Minako performed a karaoke performance, but in pure German, which entertained their friends. Yui and Aoshi were sitting close cheering them on.

"You get anything they're saying, Yui?" Aoshi asked her.

"Nuh-uh, but I like it!" Yui clapped along with their song.

"Hey, Usagi," Yusuke approached her and Mamoru. "From now on, if you need us, you know when and where to call us."

Nodding, Usagi responded in kind. "Same to you, Yusuke." She and Yusuke shook each other's hands.

(Cue Guilty Crown - Alpha)

On an isolated corner of the secret base, Setsuna sat and watched a news broadcast on a screen. Luna walked over to check with the Time Guardian.

"Are you ok, Setsuna? Don't you want to join us?"

"In a minute, I'm watching this debate talking about us," Setsuna replied as Luna turned and viewed the broadcast showing a middle-aged man in a business suit and near cueball shaven head save for some blonde fade around the middle sections of his head. He was seen talking with a Japanese anchorwoman.

"Mr. Cain Bearer, and you say these heroes aren't to be trusted with the long term solutions for Tokyo going forward?"

"Correct, Mrs. Yamasaki."

"A lot of the masses would seem to disagree with that assertion."

"Perhaps, but I'm not one of the ignorant masses. I am a man who knows where the best interests of the people should lie. The people in power are the ones they should rely on. Not some ragtag group of vigilantes and superheroes like the Sailor Senshi. Beneath their genuine facades, they have hidden agendas."

Luna frowned. "Well, that's a bunch of nonsense."

Setsuna pressed a hand on her chin. "I agree, but it's interesting to hear from an opposing viewpoint. Sadly not everyone's going to agree with our way of handling disasters. It has been like that before when we were active and will continue to be going forward."

Mrs. Yamasaki continued conversing with Cain Bearer. "Is there anything you'd like to add? I understand you and your company was able to find some interesting discoveries?"

"Indeed, we've managed to salvage some of the Rajita technology and we hope it can provide some use for the betterment of mankind. Perhaps we could use it to enhance our current technologies?" Cain opened up another forum of discussion.

"Oooo, that would be exciting! Will your company, Cain Corp, attempt to compete with Kaiba Corp with this technology?"

"No, but I can't discuss any future plans on air."

Just then, two newcomers appeared on a separate screen opposite from Cain. Both featured a man with short, well-groomed blonde hair and wearing a black suit. Next to him is an attractive woman with long brown hair and an uncanny resemblance to Setsuna herself.

"I hope you haven't forgotten about us, Mr. Bearer?" The blonde-haired man calmly interjected, his voice smoother than Cain's. "My secretary here and I are hurt you'd leave Paradius out of these discussions."

"Oh my god, we have Jeremiah Grand, the new CEO of Paradius, and his lovely secretary, Sharon Rivers, on screen!" Mrs. Yamasaki shrieked with surprise.

Clamping both hands underneath his chin, Cain took a deep breath. "What do you two want? You're cutting into my interview."

"We do apologize for the intrusion, but we'd like you to know you're not the only power player in town. I'm looking to restore good relations after Dartz mysteriously left his company behind," Jeremiah replied, his smooth demeanor irked Cain.

"Don't you think it'd be great if we could do business, Mr. Bearer? Mr. Grand and I would deeply appreciate it," Sharon politely said.

"Feh, don't try and entice me. As far as I'm concerned, you're just in my way," Cain rebuked. "Tell me, what have you two done worthwhile? I'll tell you that I've salvaged some alien technology that can potentially produce the latest state of the art projects in the impending future. What do you have to compete against my ambitions?"

Both Jeremiah and Sharon remained silent.

"What's wrong? Cat got your tongues?" Cain taunted them.

"You'll have to wait and see like everyone else, Mr. Bearer," Jeremiah calmly replied.

"And trust me you'll be in for a shock," Sharon added.

"Now if you'll excuse us. We'll take our leave. A good evening to you, Mr. Bearer," Jeremiah bid farewell as his and Sharon's screens vanished.

"Well, that was an interesting conversation. Mr. Bearer, what do you have to say about our unexpected guests?"

"I said more than what needed to be said, Mrs. Yamasaki. This interview is over."

Shaking her head, Luna sighed. "I tell you those politicians and business people are always up to no good. Don't you think, Setsuna?" She waited for a response but noticed Setsuna blankly staring at the screen as she had seen a ghost.


"...huh?" Setsuna blinked, snapping out of her trance. "My apologies, Luna."

"What had you spooked?'


Luna walked away. "Ok, but c'mon let's go have some fun with the others."

"I'm on my way," Setsuna said, turning around and facing the screen. "That woman. She looks just like… me?" Nodding her head, she dismissed any connections. "No, just a coincidence."

(End theme)

Sagara Residence/Shibuya, Tokyo (渋谷、東京)/8:35 PM (JST)

(Cue Code Vein OST - Requiem (English Version))

After their victory over Sheridan and Camula, Bram and his colleagues saw Vampire Lord and the noblemen off as they departed into the newly formed Digital-Duel Monsters World. Then, The Vampire Duel Monsters decided to stay behind and remain close to Saya and her family.

Every other night, Bram would drop by to visit Saya outside her window. Finally, on this night, the two kissed one night and confessed to each other's love. They then proceeded to have sexual intercourse, the ultimate pay-off after all the hardship they went through.

Outside the household, Sebastian and Rachel sat next to each other on a bench. Both held hands and admired the stars in the sky. Grimson looked on as he sat down to meditate.

Saya wasn't the only one to have guests see her periodically. Amazoness Princess dropped by to visit Philippe. He showed her around his home and invited her into his room. He showed her pictures of Sasha, the French girl Philippe mentioned, and someone he has a sweet crush on. Reminding him of their one night stand, Princess said to apply what he learned and to confess his feelings for Sasha whenever she visits again. Princess then handed Philippe a key, which granted him access to the Amazoness Village. Grasping the key in his hand, Philippe asked if he could come tonight. In response, Amazoness Princess nodded and smiled.

Elsewhere within the household, Adam and Demona borrowed the guest room for some needed privacy. Having learned Bram made out with Saya, they weren't planning to be one-upped by their leader.

Sitting on the guest bed, Adam waited for Demona to finish getting dressed. He had nearly all of his clothes off, save for an unbuttoned dress shirt and his pants. As Demona walked in, she wore revealing black corset lingerie, black leg lace garters around her thighs, and thigh-high black see-through stockings. She walked up to Adam, running her fingers across his chest.

"You know when to dress to impress, Demona," Adam said, tingling from her nails and cold fingers running down his chest.

"C'mon, this isn't the first time we've done this, my love," Demona seductively smirked, leaning over to kiss him.

"No, but this is the first time we're doing it in someone else's home."

"Well, that's true, but who's going to know?"

Adam replied with a playful grin. "No one, except Bram and Saya. Saya's family stepped out. We have this room to ourselves." He watched as she folded her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. "Not wasting time, are we?"

"Take me, Adam!" Demona shouted as they lip locked. She rubbed her crotch against his as he straddled her on his lap. After they lip locked, Adam placed her on the bed and mounted on top of her, kissing her and caressing her exposed buttocks. "Yes! Let's do this all night!"

"It's a good thing I took that immortal elixir."

"Yes, and that way a human like you can remain forever young like us vampires. We'll be together for a long time."

"Yes, we will, my love," Adam leaned over and kissed her lips as the couple made erotic intercourse throughout the rest of the night.

(End theme)

Outside Tokyo Metropolitan Shinjuku High School (東京都新宿高校)/Shinjuku, Tokyo (新宿区, 東京)/April 13, 2016/3:45 PM (JST)

(Cue Persona 5 - Sunset Bridge)

The bell rang and the student body left their last classes for the day. Matsuda Takato walked out of the front gates. Waiting for him was Jianliang, Ruki, Hirokazu, Kenta, Juri, Kotori, and Himura. Save for Jianliang and Ruki who wore different uniforms and went to other schools, the others wore similar colored uniforms as Takato. Starting this school year, Takato and his friends became first year high school students. Kotori and Himura are now second year students.

"About time you came out of there, Takato," Hirokazu grumbled. "C'mon, let's go to the arcade so I can whoop you again."

"Sure, but are we all going?"

"Um, yeah. That's what we planned, right?" Kenta asked.

"I'm tagging along so I can beat Hirokazu and Kenta at their own game," Ruki confessed.

"Did any of you see Philippe today?" Kotori asked Takato and the others.

"We didn't. He wasn't there for homeroom," Juri said.

"Why? What's wrong, Kotori?" Takato asked her.

Himura answered. "He hasn't come home since last night. Now, we thought he got himself into trouble, but Saya reassured me he was fine and he left with a friend."

"A friend? But going out all night and not coming to school today?" Takato wondered.

"I mean, if he's with a friend then I guess I shouldn't worry," Kotori sighed as Himura tapped her shoulder.

"It'll be ok, Kotori. He should get home today."

"I hope so."

"Philippe should be fine, but if he isn't we'll help look for him," Jianliang offered.

"Thanks. So, to the arcade and hobby shop then?" Kotori asked.

"Say, shouldn't we get Kai? He's still in town, right?" Kenta asked Takato.

"Yeah, but the thing is… I tried calling him and he hasn't picked up."

"Hey, you don't think he's doing what I think he's doing…" Before Hirokazu could finish, Ruki gasped and cursed out loud.

"Oh shit! Renamon!"

(End theme)

Makino Residence/Shinjuku, Tokyo (新宿区, 東京)/4:15 PM (JST)

(Cue Guilty Crown - Close your eyes)

As Kai sat on a floor mat, Renamon leaned over him. The two shut their eyes and kissed. After some lip locking, the two french kissed, her tongue going inside his mouth and likewise his wiggling inside hers. He removed his shirt, letting Renamon caress, lick, and suck on his nipples. While licking his nipples, Renamon gave him a seductive look right in his face.

"Renamon… you're so beautiful…"

"Thank you, Kai. You have gorgeous eyes and a handsome face," Renamon whispered, continuing to lick and suck on his nipples.

Later in private quarters, they performed standing intercourse. Renamon has her right arm around her lover's neck and left hand caressing his butt. At the same time, Kai has his right arm folded over the fox's back and his left hand holding and caressing Renamon's bushy tail. The two then lip locked, not letting go of each other.

"Renamon, what if Ruki finds out…?"

"Let her. She'll have to accept us together at some point."

Kai nodded. "I hope you're right." He and Renamon kissed again.

As the two lovers made out, Impmon and Culumon heard their intercourse on the rooftop.

"Gee, I wonder what they're moaning about?" Culumon wondered as Impmon covered his ears.

"Nothin'. Just forget it," Impmon scoffed. "Dang, what does she see in that kid?"

Digital World/Amazoness Village/4:45 PM (JST)

Waking up from a long nap, Philippe shot up from a bed and scanned for his phone. He glanced over, finding it on a side table. As he reached for it, he saw Amazoness Princess laying under the covers next to him. He then scanned her whole hut, finding the naked forms of the other Amazoness women sprawled out asleep. Turning over to the left side of the bed, he saw Amazoness Queen awake with arms folded behind her head.

"Leaving so soon, Philippe?" Queen asked him.

"I lost track of time…"

Princess spoke up. "It's ok. Why not stay another day? We don't mind."

Queen and Princess both placed hands across Philippe's chest. Then, Amazoness Swords Woman crawled up and patted his crotch. Philippe's face turned beet red.

"Please say you'll stay another day, Philippe!" the Amazons pleaded for him to stay.

Eyeing each Amazon, Philippe resigned, chuckling. "I guess another day won't hurt." As he said that, Princess got on top of him.

"After we're done with you, Sasha will see you as a whole new man," Princess playfully winked as she and Philippe lip locked.

Club SEGA/Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku (西新宿, 新宿区)/5:30 PM (JST)

The Tamers played several games to their heart's content, taking their minds off school. However, the Rajita battles were still fresh on their mind. Just as they were about to leave, the Tamers were met with three surprise guests.

"Ryō, Alice…?! Whoa, this is a surprise!" Takato was taken aback.

"And you're Dorothel, right?" Kenta asked the Kozmo Farmgirl.

"Yes, and it's good to see you all, Tamers," Dorothel kindly replied.

"So, what brings you three here?" Jianliang asked.

"Well, we have good news to report. The Digital Realms are stabilizing. The Sovereigns have restored much of their dominions," Ryō confirmed.

"That's good and all, but why else would you come here?" Ruki crossed her arms.

"That Alice and Dorothel will be sticking around here for a little longer. My dad's ok with these two staying with us," Ryō stated.

Nodding, Alice smiled. "It'll be refreshing to walk around and interact with you, Tamers. It's much better here than being in the Digital World."

"Yes, and now that Wickedwitch left for the Digital World, I figured me and my Kozmo friends can stick around a while longer," Dorothel said.

"That's great to hear! Well, whenever you need to talk to us, don't hesitate to talk to us!" Takato welcomed their two new colleagues - Alice and Dorothel.

"Say, Dorothel, don't weirdos already recognize you as Kozmo Farmgirl?" Hirokazu asked her.

"Well, I have gotten some looks and some people wanted me to take pictures with them. They think I'm a cosplayer."

"I told you that you could've borrowed some of my clothes," Ryō reminded Dorothel.

"Yeah, I should've, but most of your clothes are too big and baggy for me."

Juri giggled. "Maybe you and Alice would like to go shop for some clothes for you?"

Dorothel smiled. "That certainly would be beneficial. Thank you."

"Beats dressing like some Star Wars cosplayer every day," Kotori remarked.

"Yeah, no joke," Himura concurred with Kotori.

"Alright, we beat some bad aliens, saved the world, and gained some new friends. I think things are looking up for us," Takato nodded.

(End theme)

"You can say that again," Judai's voice chimed, causing the Tamers to turn around and watch Judai walking up to them. With Winged Kuriboh floating next to him, everyone but Dorothel wasn't able to see Judai's Duel Monster spirit.

"Yuki Judai!" Takato exclaimed as he and Judai shook hands. "It's good to see you."

"Same here. By the way, I just wanna say thanks for helping me and my friends out during that battle."

"No problem. So, are you up for a duel?"

(Cue Avengers: Infinity War - The Avengers)

With a big grin on his face, Judai exuberantly replied. "Now, we're talking! Give me your best shot!" With that, the duelists readied their Duel Disks.

The Tamers and other spectators moved away, giving Judai and Takato space for their exhibition match.

"Ready, Takato?"

"Let's do this!"


(End theme)


It was a dark, tranquil, and chilly atmosphere. It seemed like a dark space devoid of any activity. A dominion disconnected from any known realm on Earth. Then, a veil of light passed through the room as two outsiders stepped inside this mysterious space.

(Cue Kakegurui OST - One Who Wields Authority)

Two figures walked inside this dark space and stood together facing a 40-foot high container full of neon orange liquid. One of the figures is a dark hooded figure, whose identity was obscured. Accompanying him is a woman.

"Is this all we managed to salvage from that Rajita warlord?" The hooded figure asked without looking at Sailor Charon. He meticulously peered inside the capsule, revealing what looked like a large clawed hand and half of the warlord's large scaled face. The liquid inside the container is blue with green light permeating from Ghidorah's remains.

"Yes, and enough for us to contain, Prophet," the woman addressed him in a faux polite tone. Beneath this cultivated veil, the woman's insidious intentions were easily read by this aforementioned 'Prophet', who dismissed her tone.

"Do you really want to strike me down now? Now that we've identified our enemy and collected something to use to our benefit?"

"Do not question me, Prophet. We only forged this alliance because our working minds will put us several steps ahead of our enemies," the woman scowled, shifting toward another but a smaller liquid-filled container. "And the ones revived by the Cauldron have shown themselves to me."

"Isn't one of them related to-?"

The woman hissed. "Do not refer to her as such, Prophet. We have long stopped calling each other that ages ago."

The hooded figure gave a subdued chuckle. "Of course, Charon." When he faced her, a veil of light from the containers revealed someone who is a mirror image of Sailor Pluto, sans the darker brown complexion, but with a similar hairstyle and length. Rather instead of hair being green, it was brown. Her skin is a fair complexion. She has on a Sailor garb worn by the Sailor Senshi. Her uniform colors are similar to Pluto's, but her elbow-length gloves are black. Her bodysuit is dark gray as opposed to white. A black bow with a dark purple orb-shaped brooch centered on her chest. Her uniform's collar is white with three black-colored stripes. Her back bow is solid black. A dark gray choker with a dark purple gem centered on it adorned her neck. Matching the color of her back bow, her thigh-length skirt is also solid black. A silver tiara with a black gem adorning her forehead. She has silver earrings.

Scanning what appeared to be a full-sized humanoid beast with black spikes poking out its back and face, Charon's red eyes assessed the genetically-engineered entity. "So, I take it our project will take a while to complete?"

"This is just a mere prototype. It will take some trial and error before our Gamera is fully realized."

"Gamera? I guess it's a fitting name after Ghidorah," Charon replied, folding her arms while standing and monitoring their project's growth.

"I'm glad you like it. These groups of heroes won't see what Paradius has set into motion for them," the Prophet gave a burst of subdued laughter while he and Charon continued observing Gamera's development.

(End theme)

Next arc: Advent of Mythologies

A/N: And that my friends is the end of arc I for Shin-YuYuGiDigiMoon!

So, thoughts? Was this an entertaining story? Older readers of the original stories, did this honor what came before it?

For intents and purposes, this chapter adapts the original first two YuYuGiDigiMoon seasons: Wrath of Pharaohmon and The Invasion of the Rajita. This time it's Kaiser Ghidorah as the starter Big Bad instead of Pharaohmon. Think Darkseid as the starter Big Bad in the first big team-up for the Justice League. Instead of Digimon baddies as the minions, it's Ghidorah's generals and his entire army. Instead of Pharaohmon throwing an entire tournament arc leading to the climactic showdown, it's a planetary-scale invasion.

Hell, a lot of the AU themes from the original series are gone. There's no Beast Spirits for the five Tamers (Takato, Ruki, Jianliang, Himura, and Ryō) like in the original YuYuGiDigiMoon to transform into Beast Tamer warriors. The Tamers' Digimon partners don't merge with these Beast Spirits. Digimon OCs from the original have been cut down. Sadly that means no Inumon for Himura's partner and Renamon's love interest. The likes of Valmarmon and Granasmon don't exist. The Amazon Digimon don't exist either, but the Duel Monster Amazons still exist to take their place. Philippe, who was a Tamer in the original, will not have a Digimon partner, but instead Amazoness Princess is more or less his 'partner' now (and has gained himself an Amazon harem). Leomon won't be revived like in the original, but instead Juri gains Bastemon as a new Digimon partner. Rather than Inumon, BlackGabumon is Himura's partner. Kotori and Betamon's partnership remains intact.

Like the original YYGDM, Shaochung has leveled up to Deva Tamer and can merge some Devas to create mini-Sovereigns. Pretty cool, huh?

The only OC Digimon we've seen are the remaining Z-Hybrid Legendary forms and Omegamon InuMizuchi, which is just a recolored Omegamon Zwart with a MetalSeadramon arm head instead of BlackWarGreymon. Unlike in the original, Takato (Shin-YYGDM) doesn't suffer depression breakdowns and has his emotions manipulated several times like his original YYGDM self. Kotori, who was reawakened into a Valkyrie named Brunhilde, is now just a Tamer and has similar abilities like Masaru, but she's seen teaming with a Duel Monster named Brunhilde.

In relation to the Z-Hybrid Legendary forms: They are OC carryovers from the original made exclusively for Izumi, Junpei, Tomoki, and Kōichi. Additionally, I had wielders for the Spirits of Metal, Wood, Earth, and Water, but they did not carry here to Shin-YuYuGiDigiMoon. Largely being, three of them are male OCs and Henry's sister, Jaarin, possessed the Water Spirits. Those four spirits will not have wielders in this version for the foreseeable future.

While we're on the Digimon subject, yes, we did a Digimon x Human pairing. To be honest, I was hesitant to try this, because I'm not into furry fetishes. However, since Shin-YuYuGiDigiMoon is going to be an experiment project, why not expand certain horizons. Renamon was chosen because she's one of the most popular Digimon fetish characters (don't believe me? Ask any Digimon furry fan and artists, they can tell you) and Kai is often an overlooked character. And since Inumon doesn't exist in this continuity, Allfather-Ford thought what would happen if we placated the furry audience? We'll see how this experiment goes.

And this story doesn't shy away from some spicy moments. Sexual intercourse scenes will get spicier in the upcoming arcs! Although, I'm not sure if I'll push anything close to or beyond an MA rating.

The original Chosen also have their own battle against the brainwashed Sovereigns, courtesy of the Evil Gennai from Digimon Adventure tri. Unfortunately, as of Digimon Adventure: Lost Evolution Kizuna, Evil Gennai didn't return. And neither did Demon nor Diablomon as he hinted at before. Well, whatever happens doesn't matter in this continuity. Not only do Demon and Diablomon get deleted, but Evil Gennai gets his comeuppance! Take that you creepy jerk. We also get Alphamon and Jesmon from the tri movies involved. I also make good use out of Agumon & Gabumon's Bond forms and Omegamon Merciful Mode since they were dealing with Sovereigns and two powered up viral Digimon.

One of my favorite Digimon scenes in this is Taichi meeting Takato, Takuya, and Masaru, but mostly his interactions with Takato. I also liked writing the parts where Kotori challenged Taichi and Yamato's Omegamon to fight her and Himura's Omegamon.

One of the biggest changes in the guards is Yuki Judai. In the original YuYuGiDigiMoon, Yugi and his group were the core representatives of the Yu-Gi-Oh side while 'Jaden' (yes in the original I went by English dub names for the Yu-Gi-Oh and Tamers cast) and his friends were a secondary cast. For Shin-YuYuGiDigiMoon, it's the reverse. Beyond this story, Yugi and his friends will play less active roles until the final arc while Judai and company take over as the prominent cast. However, you will see more of Seto, his wife Lyn, Mokuba, and Lyn's brothers. Speaking of which, yes, Lyn and her brothers have carried over from the original YuYuGiDigiMoon. Lyn is essentially Kisara's reincarnation (and even names her and Seto's daughter Kisara to honor her spirit). She and her brothers are OC creations of LazerWulf.

Another big change from the original: Fubuki gets captured by Kuiiza, brainwashed, and turned into a dark warrior. In the original Invasion of the Rajita, Joey gets turned into Kuiiza's dark warrior. The tone in the original is a lot darker and a character gets temporarily killed (Morpheous was the fall guy and sacrificed himself for Serenity). Here, no one dies and the battle while dramatic isn't as overly dark.

Although the Xyz and Pendulum cards have been introduced, there are no plans to incorporate the characters from Zexal and Arc-V. They don't exist in this continuity.

I also quite enjoyed writing Judai's interactions with Takato and Yugi in the beginning as well as the other non-YGO characters. He was a fun character to write.

For Yu Yu Hakusho, it's post-series and since manga elements are being used, Genkai is gone and Yusuke's group now owns her property. Moreover, those Anti-Demon Fanatics that held Spirit World hostage in the last manga arc are dealt with. Another big reveal: Koenma is now King Koenma! :D Yes, Enma was forcefully removed and he's in parts unknown. Yui and Aoshi are a few more OC carryovers from the original YuYuGiDigiMoon. Unlike the original Yui who was a Spirit Detective, a Tamer, and a duelist, the Shin version is only a Spirit Detective and is Yusuke's successor. Aoshi remains a Lycan like in the original.

For Sailor Moon, like I said before it's the manga/Crystal variations and set post-series after the Shadow Galactica arc. After making her wish to the Galaxy Cauldron, Usagi has reset everything related to herself and her friends. However, instead of skipping straight to her marrying Mamoru, they're in high school. Their powers were reset. Thus, they've gradually had to regain their full Sailor Senshi powers. The prototype Sailor forms are based on Naoko Takeuchi's designs (which were supposed to be more in line with Sailor V's designs) before they were scrapped for the iconic Sailor uniforms we've come to know and love. Another carryover from the original YuYuGiDigiMoon is the cosmic entity called the Houou, or Hōō in the case of Shin-YuYuGiDigiMoon. The Hōō is now Mars' go to power whenever shit hits the fan, but she'll only be used for limited doses.

The Sailor Senshi don't get Valkyrie armor power-ups like they do in the original YuYuGiDigiMoon, instead peaking at their Eternal forms, which to be honest is fine because the Sailors are more powerful in the manga anyway. The manga!Senshi's Eternal forms would be equal to the YYGDM!Senshi's Valkyrie forms.

Unlike in the original Invasion of the Rajita, Ghidorah doesn't kill Sailor Moon here but captures her instead. Kuwabara doesn't get killed either like in the original. The Hōō is not contained inside the Rajita mothership like in the original where she was already inhabiting Sailor Mars since childhood (specifically her pre-incarnated lifetime).

Just like in the original, I've united the Sailor Senshi and Spirit Detectives, paying homage to Takeuchi x Togashi's marriage. Moreover, I used Aoshi's father, Ōkami, to connect the lore of the Spirit World and Moon Kingdom. I gave Queen Serenity a love interest since Princess Serenity's father was never shown in the SM lore. I gave more reason for readers to hate Enma (he did nothing when Metalia destroyed the Moon Kingdom out of pettiness). Instead of one, I've developed two SM/YYH pairings. In the original, it was just Sailor Mars and Hiei. Now, it's that pairing and Kurama & Sailor Venus (an idea Allfather-Ford came up with). Where does that leave Jupiter and Mercury? Jupiter might go with Junpei while Mercury might go with Jianliang.

The fight between Sailor Mars and Hiei, which also happened in the original Invasion of the Rajita, was one of my favorite parts to write. I quite enjoy seeing these two interacting. But, Kurama and Venus' scenes are sweet and will grow on me.

The whole Digimon and Duel Monster Worlds merger was an angle from The Invasion of the Rajita. That now carries over here. Now instead of groups like the Amazons getting focus, the Vampire and Kozmo Duel Monsters have taken center stage. We have characters like Bram, Adam & Demon, and Dorothel becoming central characters in Shin-YuYuGiDigiMoon. We got a full-on JJBA homage through Sheridan (DIO), Bram (Jonathan), and Saya (Erina). Additionally, I've introduced Valkyrie Duel Monsters. Could there be more Valkyrie involvement in the next arc? Possibly! It wouldn't be YuYuGiDigiMoon without some kind of Valkyrie presence (and Norse Mythology made up a good chunk of the original YYGDM lore anyway).

The Rajita generals are largely bad with no redeeming qualities, except Morpheous (who showed us some humanity), and they get offed like the villains they are. Of the four generals, only Nāginī had her name altered. She was called Nagah in the original series. Her relationship with Rhea is a lot more fleshed in the original, too, unlike here where Rhea is the first named Rajita character to die.

Ghidorah gets a more cathartic defeat than in the original. There's no 'Yami Houou' (Dark Phoenix) to destroy him in Shin-YuYuGiDigiMoon. Instead of a one-sided curbstomp, we get an epic-length final battle with our heroes united and destroying Ghidorah. Btw, yes. I know I ripped the name from the villainous Kaijū from the Godzilla franchise. It's a cool name and thought it'd fit. Besides, he does take on the three-headed monster's likeness in his transformed state. Ghidorah here is also an amalgamation of Darkseid (JLU) and Ch'rell/The Shredder (2003 TMNT).

Since we're on potential antagonists, Cain Bearer is another OC carryover from the original, except here he has a different 'head canon' voice actor. He's someone to look out after in the future arcs. Moreover, we have the two elephants in the room: the mysterious Prophet and Sailor Charon. In the original YuYuGiDigiMoon, these two referred to each other as 'lovers' (though in Charon's case, it was more of a possessive type love), but in this new take, they're more or less like Sith Lords and won't hesitate to stab each other in the back when the opportunity calls for it. They snatched up Ghidorah's remains to create a clone, which is set up as sequel bait.

Yeah, so the second arc will be about mythologies, monsters, gods, and reawakened heroes. Who will these 'new heroes' be? You'll have to wait and see. Since I plan on writing and spreading these stories out almost quarterly, I intended to release Advent of Mythologies in the fall, but with all that's going on and wanting to divert my time to my novel (and Akane no Mai), I'm pushing Shin-YuYuGiDigiMoon's second arc to Q1 2021/January 2021. That's plenty of time to plan out and write scenes in advance during my free time.

Is there anything else to add? This proved to be an interesting experiment. It was a bit challenging. This took me nearly a whole month to complete. I hope you'll enjoy this either as a new reader experiencing YYGDM for the first time or a long-time follower giving this reboot a chance. Regardless, thanks for giving this a shot.

Until then, much thanks to Allfather-Ford for helping me conceive this tribute to YuYuGiDigiMoon and renewing our faith in it.

Until the next update, which will be long ways away, leave a comment and review!

Later! :D