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Ben sat at Mr. Smoothies drinking a blueberry smoothie. He was enjoying the peace and quiet. It was rare for him to get such silence nowadays. With his Grandpa Max out playing Magister of the Plumbers for the whole Galaxy and rook working overtime overseeing Earth's plumber base Ben had become a solo hero. He was working full time as a hero living at the plumbers base. He was always in some part of the world defeating a mob boss, fighting an alien overlord, or fighting some world threatening villain. Then there was the press.

At one time Ben had liked being a world famous Superhero. Being known and loved by almost everyone. But he missed being able to walk down the street without being flooded with picture requests and people trying to interview him. The only place he got a sense of normalcy was at Mr. Smoothies. He was there often enough that the celebrity glamour had pretty much worn off for the regular staff. For them he was just Ben Tennyson. A regular paying customer who just so happened to have the world's most powerful device on his wrist. The Omnitrix.

Ben finished his smoothie. He walked by a jewelry store theft but did nothing. In Bellwood a petty criminal never got very far. Bellwood's police force was one of the first in the world to allow aliens to join the force. Tetramands and Kinecelerans were the main aliens to join the force. Bellwood had become full of aliens and humans working together ever since the residents of Undertown were welcomed to the surface world.

Galvans and Cerebrocrustaceans working as teachers or scientists. There was even an all appoplexian football team. It was great progress towards Earth becoming a more advanced and intergalactic aware world. Unfortunately it meant that the only time he got to go hero was when he was saving an entire city at least. He missed turning XLR8 and going on good old fashioned car chases.

Ben walked by a glass window and looked at his own reflection. His green T-shirt under a black jacket with the number 10 engraved on the left side of the jacket in white. His blue jeans tucked into large black boots. He had become more muscular from time spent actually training outside of alien form. The Omnitrix looked exactly as it had when he had received it two years ago. If there was one brightside to everything it was that he never had to deal with timing out at the wrong time thanks to the Master Control having been unlocked by Azmuth on his eighteenth birthday. It gave him access to all the aliens in the Omnitrix though he usually used the ones he had unlocked over six years of having the Omnitrix.

The Omnitrix beeped and Ben pressed it. A holographic image of Rook appeared. "Hey Rook what's up? Got an assignment for me?" He asked.

"Yes. It is Albedo he's escaped custody and stole a very powerful device from the base." Rook said. "It was a project that Azmuth had given us to keep under lock and key."

"On my way." Ben said. He tapped the Omnitrix and slammed down on the core transforming.

"Rolly-Portally!" The alien called out. It was a multicolored alien that looked similar to a pill bug with only four limbs and about the size of an American football and two antennas on his head.

He aimed the antenna directly in front of himself and a blue energy shot from the Antenna and formed into a portal that showed the plumber's base with Rook on the other side. He scuttled through the portal on all fours before he stood up transforming back to normal.

"What's the problem?" He asked. "What did Albedo take?"

"Please follow me." Rook said leading Ben.

"He stole some technology built by Azmuth. It was supposed to let us visit different universes." He said.

"So what? Albedo got sick of losing to me so he went somewhere else in the Omniverse. Let that world's Omnitrix wielder deal with it. It's not like he's gonna be able to beat them if they're half as good as me." Ben dismissed.

"Not in the Omniverse. The Multiverse." Rook said. "The idea was to allow us to explore other universes that share no similarities with ours."

"Whoa. Why would Azmuth build something like that?" Ben asked, rubbing his chin.

"Because." Azmuth said from behind them. "I wanted to send you through."

Ben jumped. "Azmuth! When did you get here?"

"Ben Tennyson I've been here for several days you just never seemed to notice. You were always too wrapped up in your own head." Azmuth explained.

"Wait. What do you mean send me through?" Ben asked.

"The Universe is vast Ben Tennyson. And you hold a great deal of it at your fingertips. But the Multiverse is infinite with life forms and being that could never exist here. It was just a project to satisfy my own curiosity. I wanted to see if I could obtain DNA samples from never before seen creatures within the Omnitrix. I was going to send you through to do that." He said.

"And what if I said no?" Ben asked.

Azmuth rolled his eyes, "We both know you would not have said no Ben Tennyson. You love the Omnitrix and your transformations, and the idea of the adventures you could have would appeal to you far too much for you to resist for long." He said.

Ben nodded. "Okay yeah. You have a point." He conceded.

"But what does this have to do with Albedo?"

"He stole it and went to another universe within the Multiverse. We are unclear if he has a plan but havoc he could wreck in other Universes could be catastrophic." Rook said.

"Okay. But how do you expect me to follow him? If he stole the thing and took it with him." Ben pointed out.

"He doesn't have the only one." Azmuth said.

"He just has the complete version. I created a prototype some time ago before the one he used. It's a little unstable and there is some risk to using it. But you should be safe as long you travel in alien form." He said, pulling out a small oval object with a screen and a button.

"Like with the Omnitrix it is synched with the complete multi-jumper and should take you wherever the one Albedo has is currently located." Azmuth said.

Ben took it. "So just… go alien and press the button?" He asked.

"That is it. You must absolutely make sure that you are in alien form before you travel. It should protect you from the unstable radiation that you will be exposed to while travelling." Azmuth said.

"Great." Ben said tapping on the Omnitrix. He slammed down on the core.

"NRG!" He called out. "So I'm going it alone?" He asked in a russian accent.

"My responsibilities mean that I have to stay and oversee the base. I am sorry Ben." Rook said.

"Hey don't worry about it." NRG dismissed. "I got this." He pressed the button and immediately felt as though he was falling and spinning and shaking violently all at the same time.

Everything went black. Then white. Then black again as a loud high pitched whirring noise went on and on. It was a very unpleasant situation to be in.

Suddenly he was standing on something again. He felt motion sick and had to take a second to register his surroundings. He was standing on what looked to be a rainbow bridge. Ahead of him was a golden city surrounded by water.

Nrg returned to his normal form and he started walking across the bridge towards the huge city. As he did he was suddenly lifted into the air. "Whoa!" He yelled as hif feet left the ground.

"Let me go!" He yelled. "No. You have appeared on the bifrost without heimdall allowing you to cross. You are a trespasser in Asgard and will be treated as such." A deep royal voice said.

"I'm not a trespasser. Not an intentional one!" Ben fiddled with the omnitrix.

"Unregistered DNA sample detected." It said out loud.

"What sort of witchery is that on your wrist?" The voice asked.

"Not witchery. Now let me go." Ben demanded struggling.

"DNA scan complete." The Omnitrix said.

"Finally." Ben tapped the Omnitrix and transformed.

"Echo Echo!" The alien called out.

He looked up at whoever was holding him. It was a man in armor with long glowing blonde hair and a large muscular fame. "I warned you." Echo Echo said, before opening his mouth and letting out a sonic scream.

The man winced in pain and let go. Echo Echo started falling towards the water. He slapped the Omnitrix dial on his forehead and transformed again.

"Ripjaws!" He called out as he landed in the water and swam deeper in.

The man followed him into the water and threw some kind of hammer at him. Ripjaws grabbed it with intent to throw it back but instead was pulled with it toward the ground. He let go of the hammer and swam toward the man. He grabbed him and went to bite him.

The blonde was much stronger than he had anticipated and threw Ripjaws out of the water. Quickly followed by the hammer hitting him in the chest. He was pinned to the ground and couldn't get up. The man landed in front of him.

"A strange power trespasser but you cannot defeat the Mighty Thor." He said.

Ripjaws grabbed the hammer trying to life it off of him but to no avail. "It is of no use. You are not worthy enough to move Mjolnir. " Thor said, standing over Ripjaws.

Ripjaws chuckled and smacked the Omnitrix dial on his waist transforming once more. "Ghostfreak!" He called out.

He turned intangible and flew up through Mjolnir. "Don't need to move it if I can phase through it." He said.

"By Odin's beard. You've become a ghost." Thor said.

"Not a ghost. Just ghostlike. Now can I please talk to you without us fighting it out?" Ghostfreak asked. "I'm not trespassing, I'm tracking someone down." He explained.

"Someone who looks a lot like me but with white hair and red eyes." He turned back to normal.

Thor seemed to be listening. "Are you really the Norse god Thor?" He asked.

"Aye… but perhaps not in the sense that you are thinking. I am mighty but I am not an almighty being like the one above all." Thor said.

"The Omnitrix scanned you. That means you aren't human." Ben said, mostly to himself. "Even if you look similar."

"I am Asgardian. There is a difference, yes. " Thor said. "That device on your wrist. You called it the Omnitrix. What is such a thing?"

Ben looked at him. "First things first." He said. "My name is Ben Tennyson and I'm from a different universe… This is the Omnitrix." He held it up so Thor could get a good look at it. "It gives me the ability to transform into over one million different alien species in my universe… and I guess now it has a sample for Asgardians too."

"Amazing. How did you receive such a weapon?" Thor asked.

"I didn't get it on purpose. And it wasn't supposed to be a weapon at first. I found it when I was ten years old. But that was just the prototype. This is the finished article." He said.

"Not a weapon? But with the ability to become so many different creatures…" Thor mused.

"It was supposed to promote peace across the Galaxy." Ben said. "Let on species walk a mile in the other's shoes help create understanding that kind of thing."

"Yes. I can see how that would work. But you-"

"Managed to use it as a weapon. I know." Ben said.

"Well you seem like a capable warrior. And if what you say is true then you will find yourself welcom is Asgard. Now my next query… how did you arrive here without use of Heimdal's portal?" Thor asked.

Ben pulled the Prototype Multi-Jumper from his pocket. "With this the prototype for the multi-jumper Albedo, that's my enemy, used to travel here. It travelled to where he last travelled. I don't know where he went from here but I have to find some way to follow him." Ben said pressing the button. It whirred slightly but did nothing.

If it was still set to follow Albedo's device then he hadn't made another jump yet.

"I see. This Albedo as you call him must be a dangerous foe." Thor said.

"He is. He has the ability to transform into aliens just like me. But, unlike me he doesn't go easy on misunderstandings. He would have used much more dangerous aliens against you than I did."

Thor nodded. "I understand. I make it point to try and not underestimate my foes. Come maybe Heimdal's all seeing on can locate your foe." He said.

Ben smiled. "Dude. Awesome." He went to follow Thor before his stomach rumbled.

Ben chuckled sheepishly but Thor just smiled. "Perhaps a meal first would be in order. I will take you into Asgard to get you some food. And there you can regale me with tales of this watch and the ways that you have used it for the betterment of your world."

Ben found himself really starting to like this guy. "Sounds great." Ben said. "I could go for some grub."

Thor nodded. "Come mortal. And look in awe of Asgard. The city of gods. Also, do be careful not to insult any other Asgardians. Many of them do not share my fondness of mortals." He said.

Ben nodded. "But they won't attack me if I'm with you right?" He asked following the God of Thunder.

"The chances of them attacking you while you're with me are slim." Thor answered. "So stay close and don't cause any mischief."

Ben nodded, he could keep close and try to stay out of trouble for sure. Trouble would usually end up finding him anyway but that wasn't the point. And right now the only thing that mattered to Ben was getting some food.

"You are quite strange, young mortal. You are but a child yet your mastery of this Omnitrix is an impressive one." Thor said.

"Child? I'm eighteen." Ben said.

"And I am over a thousand years old. To me you would still be an infant. This is not the point I am making young Tennyson. I merely compliment your ability as a warrior." Thor replied.

"Oh… right." Ben said sheepishly. He always got defensive when someone still referred to him as being a kid or a child.

Thor led him through Asgard where most of the population seemed to look at him with not quite disdain, but like he was a lesser being than they were. "Do not let their stares affect you. I know first hand that mortals are worth more than they seem at first glance." Thor told him not to worry.

At the great hall Thor got them a feast fit for an army. Roast beasts and foods that Ben had never seen but looked appetizing all the same. After spending a whole summer with Grandpa Max's food it took a certain level of gross to bother him. And a huge roast that looked browned to perfection did not fit that category.

Ben grabbed some food and began to dig in. "Now then tell me of this Omnitrix. And this world you are from." Thor requested sitting across from Ben.

Ben nodded and began to tell his story from beginning to end. From the Prototype Omnitrix falling from the sky all the way to following Albedo to this Universe. By the time he had finished telling Thor everything Ben didn't think he could eat another bite.

"For one so young you've certainly been on a great many adventures." Thor mused.

"Well… now that you are properly fed we can-" There was the sound of fighting outside.

Ben looked out too. They both heard a voice. "Always with the brutish strength. Surely by now you must know that your brawn is no match for the cunning of Loki. The god of mischief."

Ben narrowed his eyes. He went to go outside but Thor grabbed him. "Stay here Benjamin Tennyson. This foe is my brother Loki. A fight like this is no place for mortals." Thor spun Mjolnir in his hand and flew out the door. "Loki! Your vile plan ends here!"

Ben was left standing there as a fight went on outside. "Yeah right dude." He said tapping the Omnitrix and slamming down on the core.

"Yellowjacket!" He called out

He looked like a large yellowjacket with yellow and blue stripes, a grey face and two arms and a set of four legs and a large stinger dripping with a green venom. The Omnitrix Dial showed on his Thorax.

He flew out into the battle seeing that the place was overrun with a bunch of blue giants. "What the heck are these things?" He asked pointing his stinger one and firing stingers in a projectile like manner. Normally these stingers would administer a paralytic poison but they bounced uselessly off of the giant's flesh.

"Loki has come with an army of Frost Giants. This isn't a battle for-"

"Mortal's yeah you said that." Yellowjacket said, shooting some green energy from his hands.

The omnitrix dial beeped and glowed yellow. Yellowjacket looked down. "Well whatever you call them. The Omnitrix says their alien." He said as the Omnitrix scanned the nearby DNA samples.

A frost giant walked up and tried to swat Yellowjacket like an insect. Insect transformed.

"Fourarms!" He grabbed the Giant's fist and managed to throw the giant to the left of him.

"Booyah!" He yelled.

"And what sort of creature are you?" Loki asked, appearing before him.

"The kind that's about to kick your sorry butt." Fourarms said, going to punch Loki.

His fist went straight through The God of Mischief as if he wasn't even there. The man appeared as no more than an illusion. Loki rolled his eyes.

"Nother brute, no cleverness or brain to follow." He said.

Foureyes grit his teeth. "Yeah, better to be a brute than to be hiding from the fight like a chicken." He taunted.

"What did you just call me… mortal?" Loki asked, his eyes suddenly narrowing.

"A big, fat, chicken." Fourarms repeated before he started bocking like a chicken.

"How dare you insult me in such a manner!" The Illusion disappeared and the real one appeared.

"Finally."" Fourarms clapped his hands together hard sending a shockwave at Loki.

Loki slid back a few feet. Fourarms ran up and punched him in the stomach and then grabbed his cape and spun him around before throwing him into a wall. "How's that feel? You are the lamest god I've ever smashed." Fourarms taunted smacking his fists together.

"Well you aren't the average brute." Loki came walking from the rubble with little more than a cut lip.

"Had you kept on your assault you may have even beaten me. I admit I underestimated you. A mistake I do not plan to make a second time." He commended Fourarm's above average strength.

"You're all talk." Fourarms called out throwing another set of punches as he ran toward Loki.

His fists went through uselessly. Suddenly several daggers stuck into his back. "Argh!" Fourarms yelped dropping to a knee.

He tried to attack Loki again but missed and Loki kicked him in the gut. Fourarms doubled over in pain.

"You're stronger than anticipated but still no match for an Asgardian." Loki was the one taunting now.

Fourarms looked at him and then around. Thor and the other Asgardian warriors were in a bad way. Whatever Loki's plan was it was working.

"My kingdom needs lesser beings to serve. Give up and I will consider letting you live." He said.

Fourarms weighed his options. He had aliens like Waybig and Humungousaur. He could end this himself if he wanted to but the possible casualties from using an alien like Waybig was too high. He turned back to normal.

"You win." Ben said.

Loki smirked. "At least you have some semblance of self preservation." He knocked Ben out.

Ben awoke in chains. Next to him was Thor and a few other Asgardians. Thor was the first to notice he was awake. "Benjamin. You are awake." He said.

"Yeah. What happened?" Ben asked, rubbing his aching head.

"Loki's plan succeeded. He's seized control of Asgard, and with my father in the Odinsleep there is nothing that can be done. He has defeated me and Asgard's greatest warriors." Thor sighed.

"That sounds like a loser's attitude." Ben said, with a smile.

"You're not a loser are you Thor? Of course not. You only wield one of the coolest weapons in existence. God of Thunder, The Mighty Thor, even among Asgardians you're a hero." He said.

"Aye," Thor replied. "Where do you go with this?"

"You're not a loser." Ben said as a plan formed in his head. "Now Loki, he's a loser. He just doesn't know it yet."

"You have a plan then? I hope it involves an idea on how to break out of unbreakable chains." Thor said, pulling against his chains. "Otherwise I do not know how you intend to reach your Omnitrix."

"I don't need to." Ben said, "I just do it out of habit." There was a flash of green light.

"Greymatter!" The six inch alien called out. "I'm going to find the key for these chains and you get out. When I do I need you and your pals to keep these frost giants busy. Can you do that?" He asked.

Thor smiled. "Distrace frost giants. Aye I can do that." He said.

"Good." Greymatter said looking at the Frost giant guard with the key.

The tiny alien ran toward the giant and began to climb up it's leg. If a frost giant barely noticed Yellowjacket's sting attacks then there was no way one would feel the six inch Galvan climbing up it's leg. For Greymatter it was a long crime but worth it. He took the key ring stealthily and hopped down.

The keys made a loud noise that did get the giant's attention. It looked down at the keyring and saw Greymatter dragging it. "Uh-oh." Greymatter said as it stepped toward him growling.

He transformed in a flash of emerald green light. "XLR8!" The Kineceleran called out.

He sped to the Asgardian warriors and released them from their chains one by one at an incredible speed. Thor held out his no free arm. "To me Mjolnir!" He shouted, The hammer crashed through several walls before it eventually reached his hand.

XLR8 sped past the frost giant and toward the throne room. If Loki was so bent on ruling Asgard that's where he'd be. Asgard looked very different from he had just remembered seeing it. The city was on fire and battle worn. The place was partoled by frost giants that weren't fast enough to stop XLR8 as he sped past them.

Okay. He's too strong for Fouramrs, Waybig will cause too much collateral damage. He has magic that'll probably make him resistant to Heatblast or Swampfire. Maybe it's time to try something new.

He stopped in the throne room. It was a large luxurious hall and mostly still intact. Sitting across from XLR8 was indeed Loki.

"Another unknown creature." Loki mused. "You must be the shape changer from before. So you escaped…" He sighed as if it was more of an inconvenience than a real problem.

"Very well. I suppose that the loss of one lesser being will do me no harm." He said casually standing up.

"You're underestimating me again." XLR8 said quickly.

"If being anything other than an Asgardian means I'm too lesser than I guess I better level the playing field."

"Level the playing field? This should make for a wonderful joke." Loki said amused. "Go on then. Show me how a mortal like yourself will level the so-called field."

XLR8 tapped the Omnitrix and transformed in a flash of green light.

"Cosmigod!" The alien roared. He was a tall muscular humanoid form wearing armor like clothing. He had grown a beard and his hair had grown longer now flowing past his shoulders. The Omnitrix was on his chest.

"I'll just become an Asgardian myself." Cosmigod said in a deep regal voice.

Loki frowned. "You cannot become an Asgardian just by changing your form. You are a mortal and you will bow like one-" Loki started but he was cut off when Cosmigod fired a green bolt of Cosmic energy at him.

"I've no more patience for you Loki." Cosmigod said. "This is the end of your very short reign."

He flew at Loki using his cosmic power and punched him in the gut. "If you leave now I'll let you go." He offered. "Otherwise this is going to be very painful."

Loki punched him sending him back a few feet. "You may have an Asgardian form but you don't have the experience or skill of one. This is an unwinnable fight mortal. "Loki said.

"Keep talking pal. It'll just make it more humiliating when you lose." Cosmigod said.

"No how can you already know how to use your new abilities?" Loki asked in disbelief.

Cosmigod just smirked running at Loki and gut punching him. As he did green cosmic energy built in his hand and he fired it into Loki's stomach sending him flying into a wall. Loki slumped to the ground.

He walked toward Loki changing back into Ben. "Don't underestimate the greatest hero in the universe." He said.

The sounds of fighting outside also drew to a close. Thor walked into the throne room. "Loki." He said darkly.

"I believe father will have some words for you when he awakes. Until such a time you will be held in the dungeons." He said. "It will be a long lonely time." He said.

He looked at Ben. "You are a powerful ally Ben Tennyson. You said you had a mission of your own." He said with a smile.

Ben smiled with a nod. "Yeah." He confirmed. "Searching for an enemy of mine."

Thor nodded. "Well friend. Let's see what Asgard can do to help you."

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