Disclaimer: For this crossover to work Ouran is gonna be a university. Since Haruhi did her high school with the class 3-E. It can work some people study almost four years in University, or more to get a PhD or Master. In timeline this take place two years after the graduation of Class 3-E and after the events of the first season of Ouran. Haruhi already payback everything but she stay with the Host because that's her new life and she love is it.

Also, I know there is a fanfic called ´´New Assignment´´. And I enjoyed that story, but I had a lot of problems. They make Haruhi a lot OOC and try to make her in the same level as Karma and Nagasi of assassination. In this story she was a class of 3-E but not ultimate assassin level. She will be more in part with her canon counterpart. Also, spoiler she ends with Karman in that fic, just no.

At somewhere in Japan

On an underground bunker a mysterious figure is looking in various monitors at the same time. Looking at different location or looking for different people. It had a total of 30 monitors present in his room. He appeared to be staring at those screens for it appears to be hours and not moving a single muscle yet. While he was doing his search, someone enter in his room.

''Sir.'' Said a cloth hooded man

''AAAAH.'' Said the mysterious person in horror.

''What happen?'' Asked the hooded man confused.

''You startled me you idiot. Knock first.'' Said the mysterious person with his face covered in darkness and all embarrassed

''Oh sorry.'' Said the hooded man with a sorry face

''Whatever. What did you learn?" Asked the

''We found the location of the last student.'' Said him

That got the mystery man curios

''Really. Where is she at?" Asked him

The hooded man gives some papers and the picture of the student

''Ouran Academy. The prestigious University?' Said the mysterious man.

''Yes. Apparently, she took an exam and was enroll there.'' Said the hooded

''I guess by this time she must be near the beginning of her second year.'' Said the mysterious person

'Sir we need to be careful on this one. Ouran is the school where many powerful kids go to, if we go there and cause a shootout, we are going to get more enemies.'' Said the Hooded man

''Fine. So, send a sniper and eliminate her.'' Said him.

''Roger. This will be done tomorrow.'' Said him understanding the order

''Alrgiht. Dismissed'' Said the man and them his colleague leave.

After that meeting the mysterious man looked at a huge board featuring all the students of the infamous class 3-E. The ones responsible to kill the octopus monster know as Koro. He had notes on every single one of them, with location, places where they go and where they live. And now with this information he was the location of every single student. He pick a knife in his table and look at the board enraged.

''Those brats destroyed the world first real monster. It should been us, we were the right people not those kids.'' Said him with pure rage, he wanted to cut one of them open and them harvest their organs just for fun.

He looked upon at some of the pictures of the class. Sure, he knows that most of them have now combat experience but that's the fun when you are chasing someone.

''We will finish off each one of you. And then you can all go to hell just like you monster of a teacher.'' Said him all dark and vicious cutting the pictures of Nagasi, Karma, Isogai and so many others.

''Just you wait brats.''

He throws a knife at one particular student. The one with the number 29 and the most recent one that he receive localization. Haruhi Fujioka.

''Each one of you dead.'' Said him going back to his set of monitors.

Ministry of defense Japan

Agent Tadaomi Karasuma was sitting in his desk filling some boring paperwork's. For him is kind of refresh doing this kind job, as much he love to be in the field and fighting people he still human so he need to stay put and relax. Ever since the graduation he had been promoted and receive nice raise from the government. But that was not enough for him to look at all those papers, he felt like grading each student again.

''That octopus could do that in like 2 seconds, and it takes me two weeks to finish this. Man.'' Said Karasuma all tired.

''Oh, is someone stressed out.'' Said a sexy voice

Karasama hear that and only grunts irritates. That was his coworker/ fiancé Irina Jelavic

''Oh, it's you come on in.'' Said Karasuma

''Wow couldn't you be a little nicer to your fiancé.'' Asked her with rage.

''We are in area of work. We need to know the right time to show affection.'' Said him all serious like always.

''And I thought having you all by myself would make things easier.' Said her all sad.

''If you behave today, I will take you out to dinner.'' Said him and that made her a little better.

''Oooh now you are getting good there darling. And you know if you behave, I let you have a piece of the desert. What do you think?' Asked her in the usual seductive tone.

''Huh.'' Said Karasuma trying to give a response. But then both him and Irina saw a random clerk of the government standing there with a pile of paper.

''Oh…'' Said the clerk nervous.

''What are you doing here clerk? Get out.'' Asked Irina ready to pick her gun but Karasuma stopped.

''Sorry, sorry. But we have an important message for agent Karasuma as well you agent Jelavic.'' Said him all worried.

''What is it?' Asked Karasuma.

''Well its seen somebody is trying to eliminate your old students.'' Said the clerk giving some files.

''What.'' Said both ex teacher worried.

''Let me see this.'' Said Karasuma wanting to see the papers.

Karasauma and Irina look at those files and they got really worried. It had been two years since Koro died and apparently most of the class had move on. Many entered highly qualified university, started working, etc. They saw that many people tried to gun them down, stab them, snipe shots and many others. Fortune all of them escaped.

''At least none of them got killed.'' Said Karasuma.

''Of course not, we trained them to know how to survive.'' Said Irina

''But why there are after them? I mean Koro was the one the target all this time. Why going off the students?' Said him all confused.

''We still don't know. What we should do sir?'' Asked the clerk.

Karasuma didn't understood the motive. The kids did what they were asked for it and they got reward. It couldn't be the government; it could be someone else. But who?

''Ka….'' Said Irina but the man cuts her off very quick.

''We will send a message to every single student of the Class. We will see their current situation and got them to an unknow location so we can talk about this series of attack?" Said him all serious. Nobody messed with his students.

''But how sir?' Asked the clerk. Trying to find 29 pre adults isn't gonna be easy

''With this.'' Said Karasuma showing his phone and them it appeared Ritsu in her agent uniform

''Hi.'' Said the A.I

''Ritsu. You little Ai, still lacking off in work.'' Said Irina with a mock tone.

''Excuse bitch sensei. Wait youre not my teacher anymore. So, can I call you bitch?'' Asked her with giggle.

''I will put you in the toilet any day.'' Said Irina irritated. Even after graduation those kids didn't respect her.

''Go ahead. I will be already gone.'' Said Ritsu with a smile

''enough you two.'' Said Karasuma all serious to his fiancé and his ex-student

''Ritsu. You need to find all the students of the Class 3-E and inform them that they are in dangerous.'' Said him all serious

''Right agent Karasuma.'' Said Ritsu who was already gone from his phone

''So, what we do.'' Asked Irina.

''Let's ask for the Prime Minister about all the resources and help that is gonna take to save all of them.'' Said Karasuma all serious. After dealing with Koro he got some little benefits and it was time to use them.

''You know for someone who was a teacher only a year, you grew very close to kids.'' Said Irina with a joke tone.

''I guess this is a side of me.'' Said him all grumpy.

Karasuma looked at a picture of one day that the kids decide to take a picture with him. All of them where there even the octopus decide to bomb in the picture. He might be a cold guy, but those kids were something special and nobody try to axe them off while he is on the job

Somewhere in Tokyo

Nagasi was walking in the city. His hair was now shorter instead of his long one, he had made several improvements in his life. He got his own apartment, his own car and even a girlfriend Kaede Kayano. At that moment Nagasi took a break from his study to meet with his old best friend Karma Akabane to get some coffee

''Hey Nagasi.'' Said Karma in a coffe shop and he looked the same.

''Karma.' Said Nagasi hugging his friend

''Nice to see you buddy.'' Said Karma all happy

''You too.'' Said Nagasi

The two then sit and start to talk about their life's after graduation

''Well here we are.'' Said Karma

''Yeah is so good to talk in face again.' Said Nagasi

''Tell me about. Studying to get a job sucks, I miss the good old days when we only have knives and some guns.'' Said Karma.

''Yeah I miss those things too.'' Said Nagasi while he was happy to have a normal life again, he missed Koro sensei a lot

''So how is your life?' Asked Karma.

''Oh, is great. I got a car for my birthday last year and I started studying to become a teacher.''

''You are going to pass the octopus ways to the world. Good luck.'' Said Karma with a smirk.

''Yeah, I´m still not as good as I expected. And you?" Said Nagasi with a laugh

''Oh, is great. I´m still studying to become a government ambition. Just you wait Nagasi one day this whole country will be mine.'' Said Karma in his usual villain tone

''Sound like you are busy. Not lot of time for people.'' Said Nagasi with a sweat and laugh

''Not exactly me and Okuda are going very well if you wanna know.'' Said Karma complete shocking Nagasi

''So, you two are…dating.'' Said Nagasi almost spilling his coffee out.

''Yeah, we started over 4 months ago and I got say I like that witch. If we were an idol of school most of you will be on our knees.'' Said Karma with a smile. He really like Okuda and she was his personal witch so she will be great by his side once he becomes a politician.

''I´m glad that wasn't the case.'' Said Nagasi with a sweat in his head.

''So how are you with Kayano?'' Asked Karma. After graduation Nagasi and Kayano had started to see each other over in dates. Not frequent but it was a beginning.

''Is great. I never imagined having a girlfriend or someone as beautiful and as talented as her.'' Said Nagasi with a blush.

''I know. I saw her on the theater and in tv. She can act.' Said Karma with a laugh

''Yeah and they are offering her deals for movies. I don't know how we will manage time for each other with her on sets and me teaching classes.'' Said Nagasi

''Sound like you two are doing fine. No problems so far?' Asked Karma drinking his coffee

''Well…'' Said Nagasi rembering a certain instance that happen not to long ago.


Nagasi was making out with Kayano in his couch. The girl had certainly changed since high school, her hair was now long, brown instead of green and her breast were finally starting to show.

''Nagasi please say that I´m a bad girl. It gives me in the mood.'' Said Kaede wanting to get more ´´excitement´´

''Uh you are a bad girl?" Said Nagasi in mid kisses.

''Yeah.'' Said Kaede more exicted.

''I wanna spank you.'' Said Nagasi with a smirk as he keep kissing her neck

''Ooh yeah.'' Said Kaede more turned on.

''I will throw away your pudding.'' Said Nagasi thinking of another thing to say

''Oh this…. aaaaah.'' Said Kaede at first on the mood but now in pure rage.

''AAAAH.'' Said Nagasi being chocked by his girlfriend

''You're dead Nagasi. How could you do that to my pudding?" Scream her strangling him.

''AAAAH'' Said Nagasi in pain


Karma was only laughing at friend luck. How do you go from making out to be strangle?

''Ha Ha HA. Oh man only you.'' Siad Karma cleaning tears from his eyes.

''Yeah.'' Said Nagasi with a sad look. Even after everything he was still not a bright guy.

''I only thought that her love of pudding was just for her ´´character´´;'' Said Karma referring to Kaede first few months at 3-E when she try to kill Koro.

''No apparently, she got addictive. I swear there is more pudding in my fridge than water.'' Said Nagasi. He also wonder how someone that ate so much pudding had such a nice body

''Sweet.'' Said Karma with a thumbs up.

Nagasi then decided to change the subject to save himself from more humiliation.

''Have you kept in touch with people from school?'' Asked Nagasi

''Some of them. But hey do you know what happen to Haruhi?' Asked Karma remembering their sweet friend of long hair

''Huh.'' Said Nagasi

Nagasi stopped and think he haven't heard from Haruhi since their graduation party. She remember on how hard work and sweet the girl was in the class. But after that she only gave a few news about her.

''I mean I heard she got to Ouran and that's a main university.'' Said Nagasi making Karma impressed

''Yeah, I heard that. Crazy huh, also haven't seen her since our graduation party. I just wandering what a sweet and poor girl like her is doing there?'' Said Karma. In terms of social status in their class Haruhi was worse than Isogai.

''She said that she got a scholarship and become a honor student.'' Said Nagasi

''Yeah she was in the top 3 of the class.'' Said Karma. Haruhi was only above him and Nakamura, the girl was very smart in the end.

''I am happy for her.'' Said Nagasi with a smile. Haruhi was always a good friend to him even when Karma and Nakamura dressed him up.

''Yeah sometimes we don't know where life take us.'' Said Karma

''You right'' Said Nagasi with a smile

While the two were chatting, all normal Karma notice a black car coming very slowly toward the road. It open a window and Karma then react quickly

''GET DOWN.'' Scream Karma tossing Nagasi to the ground

''AAAA'' Scream the blue haired boy as bullet fy in the air.

Bang Bang Bag

A shootdown was happening in broad daylight and after a few seconds the black car was gone of sight.

After that whole experience Karma looked around if there any wounded and thankfully there was nobody.

''Are you ok?"' Asked Karma to Nagasi

'''Yeah and you?' Asked Nagasi

''Same.'' Said Karma helping his friend get back up after this whole experience

''what was that?' Asked Nagasi seeing the people with shock faces.

''I think somebody was trying to kill us.'' Said Karma

''what but why?' Asked Nagasi and as soon he speak his phone start to buzz

Buzz Buzz

''Don't…'' Said Karma not wanting to put Nagasi in danger only to see it wasn't a call it was Ritsu.

''Karma. Nagasi.'' Said the pink haired A.I

''Ritsu.'' Said the two boys happy to see their friend.

''We have a problem. Someone is tracking down all the members of Class 3-E and trying to kill every single one of them.'' Said Ritsu shocking both boys

''What.'' Said Karma in pure anger

''Oh my god.'' Said Nagasi

''Ritsu did anybody got killed?'' Asked Karma demanding answers

''No so far everyone that I contact had at least one encounter and they all managed to escape.'' Said Ritsu making the situation more calm

''Of course. We are not amateurs.'' Said Karma

''Also, agents Karasuma and Jelavic are requesting a reunion of all the members of Class 3-E. Once we see that you are all saved, we can follow the clues and catch the culprit.'' Said Ritsu

''Wait does that mean?'' Asked Nagasi wondering and Karma answered him

''Yeah is time for a reunion.'' Said Karma with a doubt look in his face.

In the internet

Ritsu had spent the whole day going to service to service to found every single of her classmates. Each one got a different situation and an escape. Nakamura was gonna get stab from behind in her English class but escape, Chiba and Rinka were intercept by a assassin but the duo took off with their guns. Terakasa was attacked from behind by a guy with a knife but he beat down. This was something similar to everyone, fourtanly Ritsu managed to reach to everyone. Well almost

''I found everyone and give the message. Who is left?" Asked her trying to think and she remember the last one

''Haruhi.'' Said her trying to find the girl

Ouran University

Host Club

The infamous Host Club was doing their usual style of entertaining ladies. All the 7 boys (even though one is a girl) were busy talking to their customers and giving a good time.

'This is such a such a great afternoon. The only thing that would make this evening even better is your company.'' Said Tamaki flirting with some girls

''Oh tamaki.'' Said the fan girl

''Please girls there is room for everyone. While you are waiting why not check our latest magazines? I warned you all is a little spicy.'' Said Kyoya with his sweet smile of devil to trick girls.

''Kyoya-senpai.'' Said the fan firls

''Come Hikaru you know you wanted.' Said Hikaru doing his ´´flirting´´ with his brother Kaoru.

''No, you are wrong. I wanted that and even more from you.'' Said Kaoru receiving the flirt.

''Hikaru! Kaoru' Said the fan girls all melting away.

''Let's all have cake together right.' Said Honey with his cheerful smile and with a table full of cake.

''Yeah.'' Said Mori only replying.

''Mori sempai. Honey-sempai.'' Said the girls falling over the group of cousins.

''Well girls I saw those lovely flowers and my neighborhood and decide to bring here to the club. What do you think?" Asked Haruhi to her clients.

''Oh Haruhi. They are beautiful as you are.'' Said one of the girls in total blush for ´´him´´.

Haruhi had been on the club for almost a year now. She was clear of her debt but someone she felt connect to this place. Like she was now a fully member and she loved the companies of the boys. After the entire stress that was her high school years, things like the Host Club were very calming to her.

Near to Haruhi was Renge the club manager who made sure that everything goes out according to plan.

''This is perfect. Each of you are expressing your character marks with the perfect amount. Kyoya I see some girls there humming over the twins, offer the combos.'' Said Renge

''Yes Renge. You are the manager.'' Said Kyoya going with his clipboard.

'''Of course. It is my job to make this place fills like a true palace where all these hungry girls are desperate to spent.'' Said her.

''You sure can make stuff like this happen.' Said Haruhi laughing

''Of course, my beloved Haruhi. Things like this are expected to happen.'' Said Renge drinking from her tea.

Haruhi looked around her new group of friends and saw how much she had grown. Now she with the rich jerks that first insulted her and her entire class because of low grades. If wasn't for Koro-sensei teaching she would never had applied to Ouran Academy, for a weird octopus he was one of the most important people in her life.

''I miss him so much. He would have loved the club.'' Thought her imagining Koro sensei hanging out in the host Club. Probably scaring Tamaki, running away from Mori and Kyoya, eating mountains of cake with Honey and flirting the girls alongside the twins.

Haruhi also thought of her classmates. It's been two years since they graduate, and they had hanged out altogether. Sure, she talk to one of them sometimes on her phone, but they never meet again. Also, she didn't told any of them about the Host club for obvious

''I miss everyone but here I found another group. They might be annoying, but they are great.'' Thought her seeing her friend's

''Haruhi.'' Said Kyoya

''Yes.'' Asked her

''We need more sweets. Honey ate the entire selection of cakes again.'' Said him

''Oh ok.' Said Haruhi going to the back to bring more sweets.

The hosts all looked at Haruhi with smiles. Sure, she was difficult to understand sometimes for being of a lower class but soon they all found great joy of her. Even some (Tamaki and Hikaru) found a little more than just a simple ´´friendship´´ for her.

''Can you believe is been almost a year that she joined us.'' Said Hikaru with a smile

''Yeah sometimes we need to thank the boos to have that vase there on the entrance.'' Said Kaoru.

''That vase was one of a kind. She luck that I didn't call the police.'' Said Kyoya.

''Come on Kyoya give a break. Stop being such attached to a thing that you only cared because it was expansive.'' Said Kaoru

''Alright.' Said Kyoya with a smile

''Since Haru-chan joined us the club has become more fun.'' Said Honey hugging Usa

''Yeah.' Said Mori

''Of course, Haruhi joining had made things better. She is an angel sent to the heaves with the purpose of going to us. I should had counted all the days that I spent without her, how sad I was.'' Said Tamaki with his over the top ways of expressing

''Slow down there boss. Don't be such a creeper around her, that ´´Daddy´ ´thing is still weird.'' Said Hikaru all angst when the boss talked that way about Haurhi.

All the host didn't get that idea. Only Kaoru got it

''Is at again. Don't worry brother, your day will come.'' Thought Kaoru looking at his twin.

''Hey Renge so do you have any new ideas for themes of the club?" Asked Tamaki to the girl

''Yes, I was thinking of doing a High School style. Since Ouran University is so strict, maybe having a little High School touch would bring some girls down here.'' Said Renge imaging the boys in typical High School clothes of the United States. In the most ridiculous way.

''Uh I liked it. Is new and we haven't done this kind scenario before.'' Said Tamaki all excited imagining on the colorful clothes the hosts will be putting on

''Me too.'' Said Honey.

''I will contact some costume shops right away to have the best selection of High school clothes. We still have a youthful appearance.'' Said Kyoya looking at his group.

''Having high school style will be rad.'' Said both twins

''Hey guys I´m back.'' Said Haruhi coming back with the shivers.

''Haurhi" Shout out Tamaki in his ´´daddy´´ way

''Haru-chan we chose or next theme for the club.'' Said Honey all excided

''Oh, really what is it?'' Asked Haruhi going near the boys

''Hight school style.'' Said the Hitachi twins

''High School.'' Said Haruhi a little nervous. And then things only got worst.

''Hey Haruhi, come to think we never heard about your high school years. You only brushes off and tell it was hard but that is it. Nothing more.'' Said Hikaru now curious

''Yeah were you just like in middle school or were you…different?" Asked Kaoru with smirk making the rest of the group look at Haruhi in curiosity. That was a subject that she always avoid. To be fair they didn't care that much for her background but this time she seen tense, like she wanted to hide something.

''Well…' Said her all sweaty and nervous but then Kyoya made the situation worst.

''She went to Kunugigaoka High School as a part of a government plan. She was an upstart student at first year but then something happen to her grades making her end up in the class with the lowest scores.'' Said Kyoya looking at his files making everyone including Haruhi more tense the normal

''Wait…' Said Haruhi all nervous but the vice president gave his file to the other members

''But it says here. She was on top of the class on the first year, but almost was held back on the second. And then on the third year you were put on so called here Class-E. The ´´E´´ by the way means end of the class...'' Said Kyoya being very serious as all the Host were taken back by this revelation. Haruhi was hell of smart, she got in Ouran because of being an Honor student and they learned that she almost held back. What story was that.

Haruhi looked tense but calm at the same time. Mostly because the things about Koro-sensei weren't in the file.

''Wait does he only knows about the lower grades. He doesn't know about the rest?' Thought her in fear

''Is this true Haruhi?'' Asked Tamaki in concern alongside the others boys.

Haruhi took a deep breath and answers.

''Yeah…my high school days weren't the best years of my life. My dad lost his job, so I had to take care of him for a while and trying to balance that, high school life and trying to have a roof over our heads wasn't easy. It was frustrating and stressful I almost blacked out. My grades suffer very much later, and I ended up in the worst class, but hey I got over and I am now here. SO, let's not judge others because of the past.'' Said Haruhi explaining her history on high school but leaving aside the whole ´´Kill giant yellow octopus to save the world thing´´.

''Oh, I didn't know that.'' Said Kyoya surprised alongside the others boys.

''You need something like water or…'' Asked Hikaru but she denies

''No, I am good. I….I just need a little air.'' Said her all nervous and walking away from the music room

''That was closes. The government did a good job hiding about Koro sensei, but I don't know much I can hide that from them.'' Thought Haruhi all nervous cleaning the sweat from her face.

Back to the music room

''Have you notice that Haruhi got relaly nervous when we asked about her High School?'' Asked Hikaru now very curious

''Yeah this is kind interesting. I know she hates to talk about her past but this was…something different.'' Said Kaoru. He knew Haruhi wasn't lying because she is a horrible actress.

''You both right. I may need to do a little more dinging and if I don't find nothing important my man will do a little chat with her.'' Said Kyoya with the most cold and calculated tone voice possible making everybody in the room to stay away.

''Do you need to treat anyone as a criminal?" Asked Tamaki

''Yes.'' Said the vice president


The girl was looking at her reflection at the windom and wonder if was the right thing to keep all this stuff for herself. She need to tell them but she didn't know when

''One day I have to tell them. I need, for my sake.'' Thought her all sad. The boys are like her best friends and they treat her so good (most of the time).

She imagined the reactions of the hosts when she reveal about her true nature. She imagined Kyoya looking at her in disgust, Mori taking Honey away from her and both the twins and Tamaki walking away leaving her alone.

''They see me as this pure innocent girl. When I had actually training to exterminate someone.'' Though her all sad. She hasn't used her weapons since the last day of high school and she promised herself to never try to kill anyone ever again.

She remember the night that Koro-sensei die. She was surrounded by her classmates as the wind blow her long hair. She know he had to die but she didn't want to see him depart. She remember the last rool call before the monster died.

''Haruhi Fujioka.'' Said Koro

''Present'' Said her all sad.


''Technically Nagasi finished him off we all were his witness.'' Thought her in defense. She looked at the sky as was becoming afternoon and the moon still damaged was still there.

''God what I do? Thought her in despair

''Haruhi are you ok?" Asked Hikaru putting a hand on her shoulder waking her up

''Hikaru! '' Scream Haruhi in shock

''Why are you so nervous. You are so calibrated and calm. What is the deal? Can you tell me?' 'Asked him.

Haruhi saw her friend and was wondering if this was the right time or not

''Is just…' Said her

''Just…?" Asked Hikaru wanting to know what this was about

''hot I need to take something to drink.'' Said her with a fake laugh pretending to be in the need of water.

''What that…'' Thought Hakijaru

''I mean I need a cold drink. Do we have Iced tea?' Asked her

''Yeah.'' Said him and Haruhi runs back to the club

''What is up with her?' Thought Hikaru confused.

Haruhi was now back to the club and driking her ice tea in a very rapid pace. It wasn't long before she notice the rest of the Host club looking at her in concern.

''Guys.'' Said her

'Haruhi are you ok?" Asked Hikaru

''What do you mean? I´m fine.'' Said her with a laugh.

''Well…'' Said Kyoya pointing the flows

''You are shaking. You are sweating more than usual. You keep walking away from the conversations about the High School theme and you been very distracted lately.'' Said Kyoya with all clues. Nothing passes him

''Crap.'' Thought Haruhi

''Haru-chan are you in trouble? If you are then me and Takashi can protect you.'' Said Honey all serious in his way

''Agreed.'' Said Mori

''AAAAAH. Haruhi please don't hide secret for us. We are your friends, I´m your Daddy.'' Said Tamaki hugging her.

'Senpai not the time.'' Said Haruhi with a sweat drop before Mori get Tamaki back to the group.

''Haruhi please tell us what's wrong. You can always count on us we are your friends.'' Said Haikaru all sad.

Haruhi looked at them and was ready to cry but she hold back. She took a long breath and decide to finally drop the bomb

''Well guys please take a sit.' Said her all serious which surprised the boys.

''Alright I don't know why we need to seat. You can tell us right away.'' Said Tamaki

''Yeah why do we have to seat?" Asked Hikaru as all the boy sit in their respective places

''This is a long story. It started when…'' Said her ready to tell the full story when her phone started to buzz

Buzz Buzz

It was annoying but she didn't wanna deal with that at the moment. But Kyoya let her take

''Take it. Might be your father.'' Said him.

''Right.'' Said her walking away

Haruhi exit the room making the host more concerned than normal

''What is wrong with her?" Asked Karou

''I don't but it might be something personal to her. That she doesn't wanna talk about it, but she needs.'' Said Kyoya

''Haru-chan.' Said Honey all sad alongside Tamaki

Mori then looked at the window and could feel something weird

''Something very bad is near us. I can sense it.'' Said the tall boy

Haruhi went to the halls of Ouran and answered her phone

''Hello.'' Said her only to see a familiar pink haired AI girl in her phone.

''Haruhi!' Said Ritus

''Ritsu. What are you doing in my phone?' Asked Haruhi

''Man, I still can't believe on that haircut. You look so much like a boy.'' Said the AI laughing at Haruhi who only growls.

''What are you doing? We haven't seen each other since the graduation party, and this is not the best time for visit.'' Said Haruhi a little frustrated.

''Oh yeah is urgent. Haruhi you need to hide until the government finds you. There are people targeting the students of Class 3-E and you might be the next.'' Said Ritsu all serious

''What" Asked Haruhi in shock to hear that.

Outside of Ouran

What nobody knew was a sniper was called upon the mysterious group and using disguise of janitor climbed the roof of the school and stayed in the best position. He picked his riffle and put in the best angle; his target was Haruhi Fujioka.

''Stay put.'' Said him locking eyes on the target.

He was seeing the girl talking to somebody in her phone. He didn't know who, but that wasn't important.

''Now is time to end you.'' Said him firing the trigger.

Cliffhanger. Don't worry I am not gonna take that long to post another chapter. I hope you all enjoyed the first chapter. I really liked how both series captures the high school life with a touch surreal to make the things more fun. See ya next time.