Hello all Storm here with a new story! Here we have another idea from OverLord Wang-Yu, a Naruto/Fate-Series story with an interesting twist. So, without further ado.

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Sitting within a cell, in the Konoha Intelligence Division, was a thirteen-year-old boy wearing a straightjacket, and chains connected to his legs, neck and body, keeping him immobile. The boy had spiky blonde hair, and lightly tanned skin, while wearing blue Ninja sandals, and a pair of tattered bright orange pants. The most eye catching parts of the boy though, were his three jagged whiskers marks on each cheek, elongated canines, and crimson red eyes, with slit pupils.

This was Naruto Uzumaki, or at least it was his body.

In truth this was really Kurama, the Kyūbi no Yōko, possessing the body of its former Jinchūriki. And despite being trapped in a cell, lined with Suppression Seals strong, enough to keep even his power locked away, Kurama couldn't help but smirk.

Even with the chains, the straightjacket, and the seals, Kurama kept smirking, despite knowing what will likely happen soon. And that because no matter these pathetic humans do, the Kyūbi still had the last laugh. All for the suffering he managed to inflict on these worthless villagers, and the "friends" of the boy he was wearing like a suit.

'The best part has to be the pain I inflicted on that bastard, Namikaze, and that bitch, Kushina.' Kurama thought, laughing darkly to itself, as the best part was, he didn't have to lay a finger on them.

All the fox had to do, was give them the cold, hard, and cruel truth.


"Naruto" groaned, as he began waking up, only find himself confused as to why he was in a cell, wearing a straightjacket and chains. Though he frowned in annoyance, when he also realized there were Suppression Seals lining the cell, since he couldn't access his Chakra.

'Well, this is a problem.' Thought "Naruto", as he began remembered what happened, before he was knocked out.

He had just defeated that damn Uchiha by using two tails worth of his power, before the scarecrow, Kakashi, showed up. With them heading back to the village, though "Naruto" noticing how the scarecrow seemed to be tense around him. Which made the disguised Bijū a little confused and suspicious, since he was sure the scarecrow hadn't sensed his power, before he suppressed it.

"Naruto" didn't question him about it, though, given he still had to keep up the act, until the time was right.

Unfortunately, that was ruined when they got back to the village, with "Naruto" freezing, when he saw the alive Yondaime, Kushina, and a little blonde, blue eyed girl, who he now realized was his former Jinchūriki's twin sister, Miso. Though the real surprise was the presence of a young redhead girl, who looked to be a couple years young than Miso, while also having blue eyes, as well. With all four of them smiling at him, until Minato and Kushina tensed, followed by Namikaze knocking him out, with a chop to the neck.

Now he woke up here, with "Naruto" knowing he's likely been found out. But he supposed he could still try and pretend, to see if he can find a way out of this situation.

The disguised Bijū's attention, then turned towards the cell door, where he saw the scarecrow, the perverted toad Jiraiya, the old hag Tsunade, and Namikaze himself.

"Granny, Pervy-Sage, Kakashi-sensei?! What's going on, why am I locked up, and how is the Yondaime still alive?!" Asked "Naruto", seeing if he could still trick them, only to see the four glare at him, with Tsunade about to attack as well, before Jiraiya stopped her.

"You might as well drop the act. We know it's you, Kyūbi." Minato said, glaring at the creature wearing his sons face, as "Naruto" lost his confusion, replaced by a malicious smirk as his eyes turned red and slitted, his canines extended, and his whiskers became more jagged

"Well, can't blame a fox for trying." Kurama said, sensing their hatred and anger spiking, at seeing it was in fact in control.

"So, this entire time, you've been wearing Naruto's body?!" Minato demanded, wanting to know just how long Naruto's been gone.

"Hm, why do you care what happened to the brat? You certainly had no problem abandoning him in this cesspool." Kurama said, with Minato stepping forward and glaring at the Bijū.

"We didn't abandon Naruto! We were going to come back, and tell him why we left, so that one day, we could seal you away permanently! And then we would try and fix things, to be a family!" Minato retorted, as Kurama's smirk never left its face.

"And you couldn't bring him with you, because? Oh that's right, he was a Jinchūriki, aka a weapon to be unleashed on Konoha's enemies. So rather than take him with you, and love both your children, you only took one and left the other to be beaten into submission. Go ahead, tell me I'm wrong." Said Kurama, with Jiraiya growling and grabbing the fox by its collar.

"Shut it, Kyūbi! You don't get to talk about Minato, or his family, like that after what you did!" Jiraiya said, with Kurama remaining unfazed at the Sannin's anger.

"Oooooh, that wasn't an answer now, was it. Seeming awfully defensive about the subject, and in my experience, that really seems like you're trying to cover something up." Taunted Kurama, with Jiraiya snarling, and prepared to punch it in the face, only stopping when Kurama changed his face back to "Naruto's"

"What's the matter Pervy-Sage, did Granny kick your ass for trying to peep on her again." "Naruto" said, grinning, with Jiraiya's fist stopping inches from his face, as he hesitated, before Kurama switched back smirking.

"Go ahead, you know you want to. Wouldn't be the first beating this body's taken from humans." Mocked Kurama, with Jiraiya looking ready to do just that, before Minato pulled him back.

"Jiraiya, don't. That's what the fox wants, to get a reaction from us. Now, answer the question, when did you take Naruto's body? When he was a baby, and I first sealed you in him?" Minato demanded, with Kurama throwing its head back and laughing.

"AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Are you really that naïve?! I didn't take over the brat's body, until he was seven-years-old!" Kurama revealed, grinning evilly at their shocked reactions.

"What're you talking about?!" Demanded Kakashi.

"Exactly that. The brat lived for a grand total of seven years, before I ripped him apart. Oh, you should have seen him, crying and begging that fool Sarutobi for answers "Why am I hated old? Who are my parents? Did they even love me?", it was hilarious! And you wanna know the best part of it all? He knew." Kurama said cruelly, as their eyes widened in shock and horror.

"Wh-what?" Asked Minato, mentally begging that he heard wrong.

"Yeah, right before I took over, he found out the truth, about me and about his "beloved" family. He found one of the letters you sent the old monkey, learning why he was hated, as well as that his family was alive and abandoned him. Just to be a weapon, or at least, that's what I told him." Said Kurama.

"What did you tell him?!" Jiraiya shouted, glaring hatefully at the Bijū.

"The truth, that he was just meant to be a weapon for Konoha to use, while making sure he's submissive and loyal, that he didn't even think about rebelling, if he wanted to live. That his parents didn't want him, leaving him behind to be hated and beaten down. All of it, it finally broke his will, and I, being the kind and benevolent creature I am, I offered to take away the hurt, the pain, the loneliness. And I did, by tearing his soul apart and taking over his body. After all, you can't be hurt or in pain, if you're dead." Kurama said, chuckling wickedly at their horrified and angry expressions.

"And the best part of all this, is you can only blame yourselves. If you had just taken the brat with you, he would have grown up loved, safe, and happy. He would have been able to contain me for the rest of his life, and when his time came, he would have taken me down with him. But instead, you left him alone to be hated. And now he's dead! Your son is dead, Namikaze, and it's all your fault!" Said Kurama cruelly, as Minato's anger finally reaching its boiling point, as he prepared to attack the fox, only for it to switch to "Naruto's" face once again.

"Wh-why, why did you a-abandon me? Did-did you re-really h-hate me?" "Naruto" asked, with tears in his eyes, with Minato freezing at the sight, before wordlessly he stormed out of the cell soon followed by Kakashi, Jiraiya, and Tsunade.

All while Kurama's laughter echoed in their minds.

*End Flashback*

That had been five days ago, with Kurama learning that Namikaze announced to the entire village, what happened, and what he learned. With the fox taking a special kind of pleasure at the brats "friends" showing up, just to cursed and damn him for killing Naruto, only for Kurama to remind them how it was their own actions, and inactions, that lead to his demise. Enjoying their pain and anguish, as it gave them the truth of how it's their fault the brat's gone, even better, when they tried attacking it, only for the fox to use his "Naruto" face to further hurt them.

Kurama had to admit, the reactions he loved best came from Iruka, Hinata, and Kushina, especially its former container.

'I don't think I'll ever get over with how easy it is to manipulate humans.' Kurama thought, loving how all it had to do, was make a face, and these sentimental fools couldn't bring themselves to attack.

The fox would actually find it hilarious, if it wasn't so pathetic.

Unfortunately, Kurama was annoyed that it hadn't been able to break Miso, when she showed up, the girl only becoming determined to make it up to her twin brother for her actions. The same being with Gaara, who still chose to stay on his new path in life, despite the circumstances behind his changes. Along with the young redhead, who Kurama learned is Naruto and Miso's younger sister, Shio.

'Sadly, I also forgot how quickly these insects cling to hope. But that just makes it all the sweeter, when its ripped away from them.' Kurama thought, before smirking, as no matter what happens, it will have the last laugh.

The disguised Bijū's attention then turned to the cell door, which opened, as four Anbu walked in.

"It's time Kyūbi." One Anbu said, as they began detaching the chains from the wall, and removing the straightjacket, placing Chakra Suppression Cuffs, and more seals on it.

'Yes, it is humans. It is time.' Thought Kurama, as he was escorted out of the cell and the prison.

Even when they walked out to the village, where a massive crowd was gathered shouting, cursing, even throwing trash and rocks at Kurama, it never lost its smirk. Even when it was taken to a sealing altar in the middle of the village, where Minato, Kushina, and Jiraiya were standing, ready to seal its conscious away, while leaving its power, Kurama still smirked.

"This is for my sochi, fox." Said Kushina, glaring at the monster wearing her son's body, burying the pain and sadness she felt, after learning what happened to Naruto, now wanting to put his body to rest.

"You're going to die Kyūbi, permanently. Your soul or mind, or whatever gives you life, we're going to seal it away and leave it somewhere, where no one can find it. In fact, it's not really dying, you'll simply fade away into people's memory." Said Minato, wanting to make sure the Bijū was gone forever.

The villagers cheered, as Kurama hung its head and his shoulders began shaking, everyone believing it was from fear. Only for everyone to immediately fall silent, when they realized Kurama was shaking in fear, it was shaking from laughing.

Kurama threw its head back laughing loudly, a dark, insane laughter, that sent shivers up everyone's spines. Before the disguised Bijū looked at its would-be executioners, with a demented gleam in its eyes.

"I will…never be a memory!" Kurama roared, before dark red Chakra erupted off its body, destroying the cuffs and seals on it, much to everyone's shock and horror.

Their horror only grew when Naruto's body melted away and began growing, before soon standing in the center of the village was the fully emerged Kyūbi no Yōko as it unleashed a loud roar.

Immediately, Kushina unleashed dozens of her Chakra Chains that wrapped around Kurama restraining it, with the villagers calming down slightly, believing the fox was trapped.

"Oh no, whatever will I do. Oh wait, I'll do this!" Kurama said wickedly, before grabbing the chains and tearing them apart, much to Kushina's shock and everyone else's renewed horror.

"H-how?" Kushina asked, her eyes wide open in shock at seeing the Kyūbi break her Chakra Chains.

"You humans still don't get it? You sealed me away into two Fūinjutsu Masters. Did you really think, in all those years, I didn't watch and learn for myself? I did, and I created a very special seal, when I took the brat's body, one that I could activate, even if my power was suppressed, that would destroy the body and restore me to my true glory. Even better, I made sure I'm now immune to Genjutsu, other seals, and that cursed Mokuton. In other words, I am truly unstoppable!" Kurama roared, much to everyone's complete horror, as the villagers started screaming and running around terrified at the now more powerful Kyūbi.

"And before I kill you insects, here's something to consider as you die Namikaze. The Masked Man, that wasn't Madara, it was your Uchiha student." Revealed Kurama, with Minato's eyes widening at this.

"Wh-what? O-Obito? No, no! You're lying!" Minato shouted, refusing to believe Obito was the Masked Man that attacked thirteen years ago.

"Hehehe. And why would I waste time lying to a dead man?" Kurama said wickedly, with Minato stepping back in horrifying realization, knowing the fox was right.

'O-Obito? He's the one who caused this?' Minato thought, falling to his hands and knees, thatit was his own student responsible for what happened.

"You're spirit is broken, good. Now, let's break your body!" Said Kurama, pleased at having shattered Minato's spirit even further, and now would take even more pleasure in reducing Konoha to rubble.


Kurama stopped, just before it could start rampaging, at the sudden cracking sound. Along with the rest of the villagers stopping at the loud cracking, which they could still hear.

Looking around for the source, everyone soon looked up, only for their eyes to widen in shock, with even Kurama being shocked at what it was seeing.

With it being a massive fissure/crack in the sky itself, showing a myriad of colors within it. The sight confused and shocked everyone, even more so with several lights shot out of the fissure, and flew off into the distance, except for one, that fell straight towards Konoha.

The light continued falling, until it crashed down, right in front of Kurama, creating a large smokescreen.

When the smoke began clearing, everyone saw that the light was in fact it was a young man, with long spiky white hair, whose face was covered by a black modified gas mask, modeled after a beast, with glowing aquamarine eyes on the visors, giving him a terrifying look to anyone that glanced upon him, not helped by the two dragon horns, one coming from each side of his head.

His outfit consisted of a black long sleeved sweater, outlined in red, from which a green mark, in an intricate design, could be seen glowing, with black pants also outlined with red and brown leather combat boots. All of them being covered by steel grey armor, giving off the appearance of a dragon, covering his shoulders, elbows, arms, hands, both sides of his waist, knees, and feet. Finally, he has a purple cape, divided on two sides, each forming a dragon wing.

The stranger also wielded two blades, a doubled bladed sword, in his left hand, with the blades glowing the same aquamarine as his mask's lenses, and a large silver and black greatsword with blue jewels in the hilt, and glowing gold, in his right.

The knight stood up straight, and looked around in confusion at where they were, before taking notice of Kurama standing in front of them. And to the shock of everyone, the stranger chuckled darkly, and gripped their blades tightly.

Nervous at this strangers appearance, and the power it could sense they had, Kurama was also angry that they seemed to be laughing at it.

"Who the hell are you?!" Kurama growled, while the stranger stopped chuckling, before jumping to the top of a building, and pointed their double-bladed sword at them.

"Really? You don't remember me? Even after how you tricked me, took my body, and then tried erasing my existence. How sad, here I was hoping you were smarter than that. But I never forgot you…Kurama." The stranger said, with everyone looking at them in stunned silence at what they just said, while Kurama's eyes widened in shock, as it began realizing who this was, which should be impossible.

"N-Naruto?!" Kurama shouted, not believing this was the same brat it had thought was gone, forever.

The now revealed Naruto's mask retracted revealing his face, which still had his whisker marks, but now were very faint, his eyes were now aquamarine, and his skin was much paler. Naruto smirked, as he aimed his swords at Kurama.

"That's right, I'm back. And while I'd prefer being anywhere else, but this hellhole again, seeing you will let me settle the score we have." Naruto said, with Kurama growling as it glared at its former host.

"I killed you once, and I'll do it again!" Kurama roared, bringing its fist down on the building that Naruto was standing on, intent to reduce him to a red stain.

Only for Naruto's cape to transform into a pair of dragon wings, allowing him to fly away from the attack, and into the air. Before the armored teen flew straight down, and smashed his feet straight onto Kurama's head, knocking the fox off balance, as he crashed into the ground..

Naruto then grabbed Kurama by his ears, and to everyone's sheer shock, Naruto managed to lift the Kyūbi straight into the air. Before swinging the fox around, and throwing it clear across the village, where it crashed down, destroying a large part of Konoha. Not that either Kurama or Naruto were concerned about destroying the village, just as long as they killed the other.

The armored teen then threw his double-bladed sword into the air, and grabbed his greatsword with both hands, and twisted the hilt. Causing blue energy to shoot off it, and straight into the sky, cutting through the clouds.

"The Evil Dragon will fall. All will be separated into light and shadow. The world will now reach the twilight. Fall, Balmung!" Naruto said, swinging Balmung down, with the beam falling down right onto Kurama.

When the beam hit, Kurama cried out in pain as it felt its body being sliced in half, as the beam carved through it, and the village itself. When the beam connected with the ground, it caused a massive earthquake, uplifting the ground and destroying hundreds of buildings, in the process.

Naruto then stopped the attack, revealing the destruction caused from it, along with Kurama slowly regenerating from its injuries. The teen then took flight once more, and flew over to the Bijū.

"I'm not the same brat you knew, fox. Now, it's time you got to know how it feels to be ripped apart." Said Naruto, flying over to Kurama's tails before grabbing them and swinging it around, throwing the fox outside the village.

Kurama grunted as it crashed into the forest, carving a large trench through the ground, before growling in anger as it glared at Naruto. Standing up straight, Kurama gathered up several giant trees in its tails, before it began throwing them at Naruto. Only for the white-haired teen to dodge or slice through them, as he flew towards the fox.

Meanwhile the Ninja had finally snapped out of their shock, and quickly began evacuating the civilians, as the flying trees were now crashing into the village. Though several people were still in shock at Naruto's appearance, and stood completely still, including the Uzumaki Family, the Rookies, and Iruka.

'N-Naruto? My baby, he's alive!' Kushina thought, shocked and overjoyed to see Naruto was alive, but also worried and terrified at seeing him fight the Kyūbi.

'Naruto, how is he alive? Where did he get that armor and those swords, and how did he get this strong?' Thought Minato, looking in shock that Naruto's actually fighting the Kyūbi, without any help.

'Nii-san.' Miso thought, shocked to see her brother alive, and what he was doing.

Back in the fight, Kurama roared, as it swiped its tails at Naruto to knock him out of the sky, only for him to dodge all the attacks, and fly even higher up.

Naruto then tossed his broadsword into the air, and had his double-bladed sword float in front of him, as several black and silver daggers appeared and began circling the sword. Then with a shout, Naruto threw his hand forward launching the daggers straight at Kurama at high speeds, with the Bijū shouting in pain, as the daggers punched straight through its body.

"Bölverk Gram!" Naruto shouted, grabbing Gram, before throwing it right at Kurama.

Kurama roared in pain as the sword stabbing it right into the chest, pinning the fox to the forest floor. Its eyes then widened, as Naruto flew at hypersonic speed towards him, before slamming his fist into the sword, triggering a massive explosion, that engulfed a good portion of the forest.

When the explosion faded, it revealed Kurama panting as its entire body was covered in wounds and burns, while Naruto flew a short distance away.

"As fun as it is to throw you around. I also have things to do, so I'll be ending this." Naruto said, Kurama growling as it struggled to stand up and attack, as the armored teen flew back to the ground, and stabbed his blades into the ground.

"Damn you, Naruto Uzumaki!" Kurama roared, holding its head up as it began forming a Tailed Beast Bomb, as Naruto knelt down in front of his blades, with a black and green aura surrounding him, as his mask covered his face again.

"Be prepared, to witness a power unlike any other. For the Evil Dragon shall rise once more! Awaken now, Fafnir!" Naruto declared, as he was engulfed in a pillar of black and green energy.

From within the energy, Naruto's body began transforming, while Gram and Balmung began growing in size. Along with his armor fusing to his skin, and transforming into scales, his mask stretching out to cover his entire head, as horns sprouted from the top of his head, while his mask split open, revealing a mouth of razor sharp teeth.

His body began growing larger and larger, until he dwarfed even Kurama in size.

Soon, the energy faded, revealing that Naruto had transformed into the Evil Dragon, Fafnir.

"Be honored, it's rare for me to use my original Noble Phantasm against an opponent. But for you, I'm making sure when I kill you, you don't come back!" Naruto roared, grabbing his now gigantic blades, before slamming them together, combining them into one, and gathering a large amount of power, the air itself practically vibrating from the power being unleashed from him and Kurama.

While everyone could only watch in shock at what they were witnessing, with many of them being forced to their knees, or falling unconscious, at the power they were being exposed to. Though no one noticed how Miso slipped away from her parents, and actually started running towards the transformed Naruto in the forest. The girl refusing to take the chance of losing her brother, just when she got him back, even if she couldn't anything to help, she didn't want to just stand and do nothing.

After a few moments, Naruto and Kurama had both gathered enough power for their respective attacks. Before launching them, with Kurama firing its Tailed Beast Bombs, and Naruto unleashing a massive blast of destructive energy from his blade.

"Tailed Beast Bomb!"

"Akafiloga Bölverk Balmung Gram!"

The attacks collided, resulted in a powerful shockwave that decimated the surrounding area, reducing the trees to little more than splinters. While Kurama desperately began pouring every ounce of its Chakra into the Tailed Beast Bomb, to overpower Naruto's energy wave.

Only for Naruto's attack to soon prove superior, as it began consuming the Tailed Beast Bomb, before rushing straight towards Kurama, much to the fox's horror.

Before the Bijū could attempt to move out of the way of the blast, it screamed in pure agony as it was engulfed by the attack. Kurama being able to do nothing as its body was consumed, and reduced to ashes from the blast, with it proceeding to destroy miles and miles of land behind, and around where Kurama was. Until it reduced Konoha's famed forest into little more than a barren wasteland.

Much to the shock, disbelief, and fear to everyone in Konoha, at what they just saw. Along with anyone else who was able to see the beam, or even felt the shockwave and power released from it.

Eventually the beam began dissipating, as Naruto saw the Kyūbi was no more, pleasing him at paying the fox back.

Naruto then began shrinking down, as he returned to his human form, with Gram and Balmung reforming on his back. Though not a moment later, Naruto fell to his knees panting in exhaustion, feeling most of his power being drained.

"Yeah…I definitely over did it. Totally worth it." Naruto said, as his body began vanishing, the armored teen willing himself to go into his spirit form, to rest and regain his energy.


Hearing his name, Naruto looked to see his twin sister, Miso, running towards him with a look of fear and panic on her face. His eyes widening when she reached out towards him, as he began feeling a connection forming between them.

'NO!' Naruto thought, seeing that his body had stopped disappearing, and was now returning, while feeling his energy start returning, knowing what just happened.

A Master-Servant Pact was just formed between them.

"Fucking E-Rank Luck." Muttered Naruto, knowing he was now stuck, before glaring towards Konoha.

Though perhaps, he could use this to get the rest of his revenge. And after everything Konoha and its people did to him, Naruto intended to return the favor a thousand fold.

Oh, E-Rank Luck indeed Naruto, because unknown to everyone else, someone could be seen walking through the Uzumaki Mask Shrine, before grabbing the Mask of the Shinigami. Their body draped in a cloak; the individual looked at the mask with Red Slit Eyes.

"I will admit, you almost got me, Naruto. I never would have expected you to have survived. But now, I have seen what you're capable of, and will be better prepared, next time." Kurama said, before coughing blood into its hand, before disappearing in a swirl of red chakra.

The body it took to escape death, is starting to break down, since it wasn't accustomed to holding its Chakra and consciousness, like how Naruto's old body was. But it won't matter, as once it regains its Yin-Half, it won't need to use these mortals as vessels, anymore. And when the time is right, Kurama will make its return from the shadows, and have its revenge.

So, what did you think, good. Yep Naruto has become a Demi-Servant, having merged with Siegfried and Sigurd, due to a glitch in the Moon Cell, and participated in the Moon Holy Grail War along with his own Servants, with him and them being sent to the Elemental Nations afterwards. Where we see that Kurama had taken over Naruto's body while his family was also alive with his twin sister Miso and new little sister Shio, where they learn exactly what happened to Naruto and can only blame themselves. Only for Kurama to pull out another trick and reveal he created his own seal, making it so he can never be trapped or control again, but before it can take his revenge Naruto arrives and proceeds to pay Kurama back for what the fox did, along with showing off his own original Noble Phantasm to wipe Kurama from the face of the planet (or so it seems). Finally we see Naruto used too much energy and now has to recharge himself, only for Miso to inadvertently form a Master-Servant Pact between them (a shame no one but Naruto knows what that really entails). Also down below his a Before and After list of Naruto's Stats provided by OverLord.

Naruto's Stats Prior to using Akafiloga Bölverk Balmung Gram:

STR: A++


END: A++


LUCK: E+ (Naruto, Sigurd and Siegfried ALL have Shitty Luck XD), EX (When Gambling)


Class Skills:

Magic Resistance: A

Riding: A+

Divinity: B-

Independent Action: ? (Originally EX)

Personal Skills:

Man-made Hero (False): B++

Magecraft: C+ (He learned Magecraft from Sigurd and the Moon Cell)

Dead Count Shapeshifter: Dragon Revelation Command Spells: EX

Golden Rule: C-

Disengage: A

Dragon Slayer: EX

Primeval Rune (Warrior): B+

Dragonkind Modification: EX

Crystallized Wisdom: A

Noble Phantasms:

Gram: Damn of Ruin

TYPE: Anti-Unit

RANK: A (EX when Broken)


MAX # OF TARGETS: 1 person

Bölverk Gram: Heaven's Wheel of Destruction

TYPE: Anti-Fortress

RANK: A+ (EX at its Full Power)

RANGE: 1~50

MAX # OF TARGETS: 1~900 people

Balmung: Phantasmal Greatsword, Felling of the Sky Demon

TYPE: Anti-Army

RANK: A+ (EX against Dragonkind)

RANGE: 1~50

MAX # OF TARGETS: 500 people

Armor of Fafnir: Blood Armor of the Evil Dragon

TYPE: Anti-Unit (Self), Support



MAX # OF TARGETS: 1 person

Akafiloga All-Grið: Incandescent Dragon's BreathEarth Liquefaction

TYPE: Anti-Unit (Self)


RANGE: 0-50 (Breath)

MAX # OF TARGETS: 1 person

Tarnkappe: Camouflage Cape of Hidden Actions

TYPE: Anti-Unit (Self), Support



MAX # OF TARGETS: 1 person

Das Rheingold: Cursed Treasure of the Evil Dragon

TYPE: Anti-Unit (Self)



MAX # OF TARGETS: 1 person~?

Akafiloga Bölverk Balmung Gram: Phantasmal Heavenly Dawn of the Demonic Dragon's Incandescent Destruction

TYPE: Anti-Unit, Anti-Fortress, Anti-Continent


RANGE: 1~100

MAX # OF TARGETS: 1~9000 people

Naruto's Stats after using Akafiloga Bölverk Balmung Gram:







-Class Skills:

Riding: B

Magic Resistance: A

Divinity: B-

-Personal Skills:

Man-made Hero (False): B+

Golden Rule: C-

Dragon Slayer: A

Primeval Rune (Warrior): B

-Noble Phantasms:

Gram: Dawn of Ruin

TYPE: Anti-Unit

RANK: A (EX when Broken)



Balmung: Phantasmal Greatsword, Felling of the Sky Demon

TYPE: Anti-Army

RANK: A+ (EX against Dragonkind)

RANGE: 1~50


Tarnkappe: Camouflage Cape of Hidden Actions

TYPE: Anti-Unit (Self), Support



MAX # OF TARGETS: 1 person

Das Rheingold: Cursed Treasure of the Evil Dragon

TYPE: Anti-Unit (Self)



MAX # OF TARGETS: 1 person~?

The rest of Skills and NPS are Sealed Away until Naruto starts recovering and getting stronger once more, with each Bond Level Unlocking the Sealed Abilities and Raising his Stats back to his Prime.

So, review if you liked go away if you didn't.

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