Note: The crew has Jinbei and Carrot. I know Jinbei is a confirmed Straw Hat and Carrot is questionable but come on. Why not? Also, in term of canon story this will take place after Wano so Kaido is defeated and the samurai stayed in their home. In term of Danmachi this will take place after the Apollo games, so the Hestia family has the gigantic mansion.

The Thousand Sunny was sailing with not a carry in the world in the waters of the New World. The fishman Jinbei was doing a fine job controlling the ship. While everyone else relaxed of a peaceful day. Luffy, Chopper, Carrot, Usopp and Brook where sitting on the grass laughing and enjoying the day. Zoro was sleeping. Sanji was cooking. Nami was looking at some maps, while Robin and Frank reads some books.

''Hey Jinbei, are you sure are you not tired bro. I can pilot for you.'' Said Frank, because for a while he was the ship helmsman.

''Appreciated Franky but I am glad to do my dotty on the crew.'' Said him with a laugh

''Ha he said dotty.'' Said Luffy laughing who was in the grass of the Sunny

''Shut up you.'' Said Nami kicking Luffy in the head. Doing poop jokes in a time like that was not funny.

''Ha this crew is never bored.'' Said Jinbei laughing. This the kind crew he always dream to join in

''No and this is one of the things that make them stand out.'' Said Robin agreeing with Jinbei.

''Hey, Robin, do you want some meat?" Asked Luffy offering a huge pack of meat.

''Thanks, Luffy but I am full at the moment.'' Said her with a smile.

''Alright. Hey carrot catch.'' Said Luffy tossing a part of the meat to the mink girl. Who caught with her mouth.

''Gaurch this is good.'' Said her.

''Oh, thank you carott-chan.'' Said Sanji with heart eyes seeing one of the girls enjoying his food.

''Man is kind good to relax after that whole war.'' Said Usopp.

''Yeah I know we still need to find one last Road Poneglfy but now is good to have some peace.'' Said Nami.

''Agreed Nami. Sometimes is good to have a little time for ourselves.'' Said Robin

''No pirates.' Said Nami

''No bounty hunters.'' Said Carrot

''No marine.'' Said Jinbei.

''No crazy monster with plans to devour us.'' Said Brook

''So peaceful.'' Said most of the crew

However, there was one person that wasn't liking that mood.

''Boring.'' Said Luffy

''So much for quiet time.'' Said Zoro waking up of Luffy whining.

''Come on guys we need an adventure to keep us entertained. Right Zoro?' Said Luffy to his swordsman.

''Sorry Luffy but right now I just wanna sleep for like an eternity.'' Said him trying to catch more sleep.

''You already do that.'' Said Nami irritated.

''Nami.'' Asked Luffy to his navigator.

''No way. I am still making the maps for the next island; this will take a long time. So, count me out.'' Said her showing the maps in the making.

''Usopp?'' Asked Luffy to his sniper.

''Sorry luffy I got the I-will-die-if-I-get-any-adventure disease.'' Said Usopp faking a being sick

''Oh, come on.'' Said Luffy irritated.

''Sanji?' Asked Luffy to his chef.

''No can do. I am going to perfect the raid suit this afternoon, maybe give an additional boost out my kicks'' Said him holding the can with the number 3.

''Ok that's cool. Chopper?'' Said Luffy to the reindeer.

''Sorry Luffy I need to check on my medicines for the crew.'' Said him


''I appreciate your enthusiasm, but I still have parts of the poneglfys that I need to read and translate.'' Said her

''Franky?" Asked Luffy

''Sorry bro. But I need to make sure that the Sunny has more fresh cola for the trip.'' Said him.

''What about you Brook?'' Asked Luffy to his musician.

''Sorry captain but I am busy composing new songs. If you wanna listen, you will have to wait.''

''Oh ok. Jinbei?" Asked Luffy to his helmsman.

''Sorry Luffy but I need to keep straight. This way we might get to a new destination fast.' Said him.

''Carrot?'' Asked Luffy to the carrot girl.

'Sorry Luffy but I am going to assist cho-bro with his medicines.'' Said her.

''Oh man.'' Said Luffy irritated. He wanted a new adventure, his war on Wano was over a few weeks ago. He wanted something new, but how can you beat fighting a Yonko.

''Go to sleep or stuff your face, I don't know'' Asked Sanji.

''Do we have food?" Asked Luffy wondering

''NOT FOR YOU.'' Said both Sanji and Nami in rage

''This crew sure is lively.'' Said Jinbei laughing

''I agree.'' Said Robin

''Hey luffy wanna play cards?"

''Oh yeah. This seen fun'' Said Luffy joining Usopp alongside Caroot and Chopper.

''Right. Come over and let the super card master Usopp show his tricks.

''Well at least he is distracted. Lets hope until dinner.'' Said Sanji

''Agreed'' Said Brook drikng some tea.

Above the sky a mysterious being was watching the Straw Hat crew. This being was once called father of the gods and now is just a simple man in his world. However, he still retain some of his mighty power. He looked at the crew and specially at Luffy with curiosity and them whisper.

''They seen perfect'' Said him on the sky while the clouds hide his presence.

At night

Sanji had spent the whole afternoon cooking a marvelous dinner like always. This night there were potatoes, meat, fish and other kind of foods. It was a feast to behold.

''Alright let's eat.'' Said Sanji

''Oh man food.'' Said Luffy drooling

''Smell so good.'' Said Carrot looking at her carrot soup.

''I think my nose just fell off. Wait I don't have a nose Yohoho''

''Thank you for the food.'' Said everyone

Ever started to eat in their respective pace. That mean everyone normal or at least a little fast while Luffy ate everything that come in his view.

''This food is delicious. I never had things like this before.'' Said Jinbei eating some steak.

''Thanks, Jinbei. As a straw Hat prepare to eat the best every day.'' Said Sanji

''I appreciate that Sanj-kun.'' Said Jinbei with a smile

''Man, it sure is peaceful today. Could be any more than this?' Asked Usopp all happy

Just then Franky (who was in watch duty) come over to the dining hall to talk to his crew.

''Hey Frank, come over, take a break and come eat with us.'' Said Zoro.

''No guys I´m here to say something. The sky is weird out all the clouds are not normal.'' Said Franky

''What" Said most of the straw hat confused.

''Hey Nami, can you go outside?" Asked the cyborg.

''What is the mather?'' Asked her

''Is the wheatear being so weird and I don't understand nothing of that. Is super weird in my book.'' Said Frank

'Is super weird?' Said Nami confused. But she could feel the wind and the water more agitated than normal. She rushes off the table worried.

Everyone stand outside to see what was going on and Frank was right. The clouds were acting weird and the wheatear completely of the charts.

''The clouds are moving too fast.'' Said Robin

''The water is getting stronger by the second.'' Said Zoro

''I´m scared.'' Said Chopper

''Me too.'' Said Carrot

''Count me.'' Said Brook

''Do you have any idea of what is going on Nami?" Asked Jinbei

''Maybe. Possibly we are entering a new atmosphere of an island, the weather must be this violent. I don't know how tough this can be.'' Said Nami worried.

While most of them were worried Luffy was excited.

''Hey this seen fun lets go there.'' Said him

''No way if the wheatear is this bad and this island is bad news. Can this get any worse?' Asked Nami

Then on the sky the clouds all merged together into one big one. Covering the man who was once father of the gods Zeus. He with his all mighty voice address his presence

''Straw hat pirates.'' Said Zeus with his voice

''WHAAAAAT" Said most of the crew in horror looking at the sky. They saw a big cloud with a shape of man speaking to them. Was the cloud speaking?'

''Who is talking?" Asked Luffy

''Who are you? DO you come in peace?' Asked Usopp in tears potting his slingshot to the sky.

''My name is Zeus and I am a god.'' Said Zeus

''A GOD'' Said most of the crew in shock to hear that

''Who cares. We deal with gods before and I´m pretty sure we can deal with you too.'' Said Zoro getting Emma ready.

''I bring no harm to you. I come here in peace for you see I am here as a friend.'' Said Zeus

The straw Hats were a little dubious about that. Luffy however believed that on the spot

''Oh, so why didn't you say so Zeus. Speak up'' Said Luffy with a smile

''Oh gods.'' Thought most the crew with a sweat in their heads.

''I need your help. My grandson is in great danger, a big force is coming to get him, and I want you all to save him.'' Said Zeus getting the crew attention

''Your grandson?" Asked Chopper

''Yes, his name is Bell Cranel.'' Said Zeus

''Bell Crane.'' Said Robin memorizing the name

''Yes, for you see I am not a native of your world. I come from another plan of existence. I once rule as father of all gods and one of power was the ability of travel to others world. When I lost my powers and fell in love had children and eventually, I got a grandson.'' Explained Zeus his situation.

''Another world.'' Said Jinbei with his eyes wide open. Never in his life he would imagine hearing about another worlds.

''Fascinating.'' Said Robin with a hand on her chin. She loves to hear new information.

''I never imagined hearing about other worlds.'' Said Carrot all excited.

''So, you want us to go and protect your grandson from this great evil?" Asked Luffy to Zeus in the sky

''Exactly. Once Bell is saved, I will return you all to your world. You have my word.'' Said Zeus

''Well that's nice. But you better keep it.'' Said Sanji smoking a cigarette.

''Can you come along Zeus?' Asked Chopper

''No, I'm sorry. I am not the powerful god I once was in my world. I can have some powers in your world and others but in my own I am nothing but a simple man. But I will be always watching over all of you from the sky.'' Said Zeus

''Wow.'' Said Luffy, Usopp, Chopper, Caroot, Brook and Frank amazed by Zeus ability.

''Ok as long I get to bring a god to his knees I´m going to help you out.'' Said Zoro with a smirk.

''How ruthless.'' Thought most of the crew

''But zeus-sama, where is your grandson right now? He is with his family or friends?" Asked Carrot.

''He is part of a Familia.'' Said Zeus

''A Familia?" Asked the crew confused

''A Familia is a special group of people led by a god. They are mostly going around doing missions and exploring unknow locations. They have captains and other ranks, but the God is the one that rules over.''

''Interesting' 'Said both Robin and Jinbei.

''So is like a crew.'' Said Luffy

''Who is the God of your grandson Familia?" Asked Frank

''She is called Hestia.'' Said Zeus

''Is she cute.'' Asked Sanji only to receive a kick in the head by Nami. Zeus even got a few chuckles.

''I can't specify on that. I just need to say, she is small but have a two big ´´personality's´´'' Said Zeus with a hint at the end

''This guy is kind of pervert.'' Thought Usopp

''Lord Zeus.'' Asked Nami

''Yes.'' Said the god

''So is your grandson being in danger. Should we tell him or try to make you two meet each other?" Asked the navigator

''don't do that. This could cause a big crash between our two worlds, what am I doing is not exactly approved by the other gods. I could see Hermes doing that but not me.''

''Who is Hermes?' Thought the crew.

''But Bell can't know about this and also don't tell you are from another world yet. This can cause problems between both worlds; I can inform you all when is the time to reveal the true. But the most import of all protect Bell.'' Said Zeus

''You love your grandson hein Zeus-Bro?" Asked Frank'

''He is the last family I have left in my world. All the others were gone, the other gods now wonder where I am. But for Bell sake I need to stay far away, he had the potential to become the greatest of all captains. I just hope he is well.'' Said Zeus all sad thinking on his grandson.

''Poor Bell.'' Said Carrot

''don't worry Zeus. Me and my crew will protect Bell from whatever this big problem is. You can count on my world as the captain of the straw hat pirates that we will save him.'' Said Luffy

''Yeah.'' Said most of the crew in cheer

''I´m glad that I found you Monkey D. luffy.''

Zeus then using his powers made the water float in the air so it could transform into a water portal to his world. The straw hats were other impressed by that.

''Wow '' Said Luffy, Usopp, Chopper and Caroot amazed

''So, this the door for your world?" Asked Jinbei

''Yes, you will find your way to a small lake. There you can walk to the main city and look for the Hestia Familia. There where you will find Bell.'' Said Zeus

''Alright guys lets set sail.'' Said Luffy

''Hold on luffy. Did you ever thought about all the monster that could be in this new world;'' Asked Usopp trebling in fear

''If you save stay with him you will be almost invincible.'' Said Zeus

''I don't wanna know. I kind concern with my health on the moment.'' Said Nami trying to play sick

''There is also plenty of dungeons filled with all kind treasures.'' Said Zeus and that was enough to wake Nami

''Treasures'' Said her with her eyes into gold

''What are you all waiting? SET SAIL!'' Scream Nami all serious

''Yes Nami.'' Said Luffy, Usopp and Chopper all scared

''What happen?' Asked Jinbei

''Zeus said the magic word'' Said Robin

''I heard that.'' Said Nami to the other woman who only giggles

The Sunny then goes to the portal with the crew ready to kick some as.

''don't worry Zeus. Your grandson will be in good care. This is my world as future king of the pirates.'' Said Luffy with a smile to the god in the sky

''I have faith in you Straw Hat Luffy'' Said Zeus diapering


The Thousand Sunny passed to the middle of the waters of the New World to a random lake in god knows where. It was dark and there was plenty of weird plants around

''Jinbei are you ok here with this fog?' Asked Luffy

''Yes Luffy-kun. Don't worry.'' Said Jinbei

''Man, this fog is sure thick'' Said Sanji

''Agreed I can barely see with my own two eyes. Oh wait…I don't have eyes. Yohoho.'' Said Brook

''Hey I see land.'' Said Chopper at the mast

''Great. Let's stop.'' Said Zoro

After landing on this new World. The crew decide to look around the first place, so they know what they are doing.

''What should we do first?" Asked Carrot

''Let's do a search party. Identify all the things that are unknow by our world and then let's try to find our way to the nearest city or village.'' Said Nami

''Alright then. Sounds good.'' Said Luffy positive

Suddenly before they could move Luffy ,Zoro, Sanji, Usopp and Jinbei stopped in their track all weird

''Boys what wrong?" Asked Robin

''There is something in the ground.'' Said Zoro

''What do you…' Said Frank and then a big explosion happens

Then out of the ground appear giants' ants the size of a mini giants. They could eat an entire cow with one bit and by the look they were hungry.

''What are those things?" Asked Nami in pure fear

''Ants. Giant ants.'' Scream Chopper scared out of his mind

''Let's squash some bugs.'' Said Zoro grabbing his swords.

''Alright.'' Said Luffy, Sanji and Jinbei ready to fight

The first thing that the crew didn't imagine to happen was to fight a bunch giant carnivorous ants in their first second on this new world. They need to hurry up so they could find Bell and them move over. But those ants were more tough than they imagined

''Man, these things are brutal.'' Said Franky punching a ant

''Well they are a colony. Their service is to feed the queen.'' Said Robin using her devil fruit power to crush one ant.

''Can we just trying to stay alive?" Asked Nami hiding behind a rock

''Shut up and try to fight.'' Said Zoro cutting an ant in half;

Near that battle scene

What the Straw Hats didn't knew was that a group of adventures known as the Hestia Familia were near that beach. They were just exploring the surrounding before heading back home. There was their captain Bell and his companion Welf and Lily.

''Bell-kun do you think this is a good idea?" Asked Lily near her captain, she knows this area are full of dangerous animas

''I think so Lily. I mean we might get a mission nearby so is good for us to get used to the location before heading this direction.'' Said the captain with his usual smile.

''Well I guess you´re right Bell. It is better to learn where are we going. What are the odds that we are meet by a ogre or cyclops again?" Asked Welf

''Exactly Welf. There has been many shouts out of people disappearing in missions around areas like these so is good to we learn how navigate proper.'' Said Bell.

''Hey why isn't Yamato-san and Sanjouno with us? We are all in the same team you know.'' Asked Lily talking their adventurer and new sorcery.

''Well Goddesses asked them for some help so I guess we will bring them next time. Is a shame really but hey what to do?'' Said Bell with a laugh alongside his other companies

Then suddenly Lily ears peak out and she looked around tense. It was her animals' senses acting out.

''Lilith what's wrong?" Asked Bell, he knew when Lily does that thing. Something bad was near.

''I can sense danger nearby. Something big.'' Said her and then Welf and Bell took out their swords.

''What are we waiting for let's charge.'' Said Welf

''Over there. I can hear some people struggling to fight.'' Said Lilth potting at a beach area.

''Let's go.'' Said Bell and soon him and his companion charge on.

Bell and the Familia went to the beach area and saw a group of individuals fighting a little army of gigantic ants. They were people they never seen before, maybe travelers from another regions?

''What are thoses things?' Asked Lilith

''Killer ants. They eat human flesh.'' Said Welf picking his sword

''But who are these people?'' Asked Bell.

Bell saw the most mystical thing ever. He saw a swordsman cutting ants left and right with no problem, a man kicking the others and making them explode. A rabbit girl jumping around, a weird creature all buffed out, a woman controlling a cloud and electrocuting everything. Another woman making a pose and weird things breaking the ants, a large blue fish man punching more ants, a living skeleton cutting them with a sword, a sniper shooting with a slingshot and finally a straw-hat guy punching them out.

''What are they? I never seen amazing people like those;'' Thought Bell

''Hey!" Scream Luffy jumping with his rubber power and shocking the team

''What that hell was that?' Asked a scary Lilh

''IS that magic. Or something else?' Asked Welf.

''Interesting.'' Said Bell in wonder

''Bell-kun not right now.'' Said the girl in sorry.

''Sorry Lilth, just curious.'' Said Bell smiling

Luffy hear the girl called out that white haired boy by the named of Bell and that got his attention

''Wait did you say your name is Bell?" Asked him

''Yeah.'' Said Bell confused

Luffy then smiled knowing that he and his friend found their mission

''My name is Luffy and me and my friends were looking for you.'' Said him

''What why?' Asked Bell confused.

''After we defeat these ants, we wanna join your Familia.'' Said Luffy with a smile looking at the boy who was just confused as all hell alongside his team.

There you have it. I kind like Danmachi and I like the characters so I would love to see the Straw Hats interact with them. You all are gonna see a bunch of crazy stuff happening to the crew in this world of Greek gods, get ready to some adventure. See you next time. Also favorite character Hermes and least favorite character Bete.