"*SIGH* I am bored," says MC-chan as she just walks home from her 9 to 5 job as always. She walks holding her cellphone reading the digital version of her favorite manga Bleach for the million time.

"Seriously why did they end Bleach like that!" she complains as though her screams would amount to anything. MC is just a typical company slave with no power or influence what so ever. But she was frustrated like any fan that read the bone rush ending Tite Kubo had to made because of his superiors.

when she reaches her apartment and open the door MC saw a room of all white. "huh"

"well well, what do we got here a Jumper has come and play." MC looked around to see and found the source of the voice. It was a little girl dress in all white one-piece dress, she had long silky black hair that reaches her knees and deep blue eyes. Sitting on her chair while sipping her tea and munching on cookies.

MC stunned just speaks "Child what are you doing in my house?"

the child looked at MC and Smiled "So this Jumper sees me as a child interesting. "

MC now confused began to panic and start asking questions at this point "Who are you?"

The child upon seeing MC panic face made a warm smile that somehow melted MC soul 'damn she is cute.'

"I see you have calmed down a bit now come and sit down there are somethings that I need to discuss with you " as she said another chair just pop into existence.

MC now eyes wide open calmly and slowly walked examining the empty white room and again asks. "just who are you?"

the girl just made a playful smile and answered "my name is Jump-chan and I am here to welcome you to the start of your destrc-*cough* I mean fun adventure between worlds Jumper."

"Hey did you just say destructive adventure. " MC said with one eyebrow raised.

"Well, I better explain what a jumper is." MC was kinda annoyed that her little remark was brush off.

"you see Jumper are people like you *small voice*who are complete losers*small voice* get the chance to visit other worlds and do whatever you want there the time limit on each world is ten years. And at the end of each stay you are given three choices, either 1. stay in that world, 2. go to another world, or 3 go back to your original world.

By the way, time would completely stop here in your original world so even if you spent hundreds or even thousands of years away if you decide to return not a minute will pass and you will regain all of the powers you gain from successful complete jumps.

And ohh before I forget each time you visit a new world you get access to Jump-chans store and buy some powers and items suitable for you to survive in that world the budget is 1000 jp (jumper points) and you better spent them all as if there is any leftover they go, poof. so any question?"

At this point, MC is looking at Jump-chan with the face of 'do you think I am an idiot' "look kid I don't know why you are here but I am not interested in your make-belief. so either you start making sense or I will call your parents. "

To this Jump-chan just sigh and brings out a stack of paper from again thin air."*sigh*looks like you need some convincing. " and handed it over to MC.

MC looked at the first page and just went black after seeing the symbol of her favorite series plaster on the header of the page. In big bold letters, it spells out Bleach. Now she is still not buying the fact she can go to other worlds. but if it was true then.

"Usually we prefer that all Jumpers go to do Pokemon world as their first jump to you know to get their feet wet. But I am willing to make an exception this one time so remember you have 1000 JP to spend here and here some dice you will need it." Jump-chan than continued to sip her tea and cookies awaiting her guest choice.

After some consideration, MC decided to humor the child and began reading the paper and begin preparing for this so-called jump.

MC looked at the first page where she looks at the first page where she gets to choose her race, gender, age, and origins. She pauses for a minute at the race selection as it listed every known race that appears in the anime. Including the Bount a sigh could be heard from MC mouth as she remembered just how much she thought that filler arc was boring as f***. After some consideration, MC decided to take the Quincy race as she was always a fan of Ishida Uryu and the fact guns are awesome. She then spends 300 JP to buff her stats to be the same level as a captain lvl Shinigami with a Bankai.

She then keeps her current Gender of being female. For age, she then picked up a d8 and rolled it she got a 1 plus 20. "congratulation you are now a 21 female" a comment made by Jump-chan with piece signs and cute moe voice.

MC just looked at her and rolled her eyes. she then looked at the origins the options here were Drop-In, Scientist, Protector, and Villain with a small description of each. After some pondering, MC decided to go with the drop-in option. As she did not like the fact that some implanted memories will be present when she reaches the world. And according to the descriptions, these new memories will mix and make me act differently than how MC would usually be.

Next MC looks at the starting location and it gives her the option to roll a d8 or pay 100 jp to chose freely. MC decides to roll the d8 and got a 1 which is Las Noches. MC just sigh she was a Quincy and was sent to the enemy base full of Arrancar and hollows. lucky the description indicated that MC will be allowed to leave by Barragan and even gets a ride to the real world. Thank goodness ! as MC did not want to fight that monster so early on in her jump.

Next looks at the perks/ superpowers portions and was relieved that Origins and Races get their 100 jp perk free, and a 50% discount on the rest of their perk tree. Again thank god and the began to look at the perks of her origin. And choose the following abilities from the Quincy side MC chose. Fred's Blessing(Trap making specialist), Reishi Manipulation(the abilities to control particles have been upgraded to be more refined) and her favorite Sternritter -0, The Jumper (the ability to gain a Sternritter letter MC chose X - The X-Axis the ability to Spatial Piercing & Spatial Phasing and on top of getting absolute piercing. MC gains a major boost to all of her Quincy abilities. and Volstanding A Quincy version of Bankai ). this all cost 500 JP.

With only 200 JP left began to look the drop in perks and was not impressed with any of them and decided to get the free perk of fashion( being fashionable is not a bad skill to have ). MC than in a hearth beat chose the Canon option in the companion section. As being an Uryu fan girl the chance to get him to accompanying MC is just to hot to pass on.

with that only 100 JP remains the next section is the item section. And nothing really catch MC eye so only took the freebies in this section which was a Sewing Kit and a Mod Soul( yay I get my own Kon! ).

After this, the next section is the power supplements and from the description, she gains special currency to be used only in this section. This currency is called Source of Power (SOP) which was used to augment the Abilities of the Quincy. MC began to spend 100 JP to gain more points Gaining a total of 1600 SOP and an extra 500pp usable only in the Quincy section and the ranged based tree of this section.

Within the Quincy tree three options on who MC trained under the options of Yhwach Compound, Older Mentor, and Unheard Offshoot Camp each with a short description and what benefits each gives. After much deliberation, MC chose to be trained by Yhwach Compound as it gives a further increase in Quincy abilities.

After that MC decided to ditch the traditional Bow used by the Quincy in favor of using A machine gun. Well, who would not like the idea of using A machine gun right!.

The other powers that MC chooses within the Quincy tree are Hirenkyaku (ability to travel at lightning-fast speeds), Blut(the ability to boost attacks and defense), Pure Blood(all abilities to harm targets are increased.) this all totaling of 700 SOP.

Within the Ranged weapon section, MC decided to spend another 900 SOP to get the following upgrades: Fire Rate(fire rate of the machine gun is crank to max), Laser Speed(bullets travel in the speed of light.) and Extra Barrel(yay MC gets another machine gun.)

The last 500 SOP was used to buy an upgrade to the Quincy Volstanding with the abilities of Ashes of My Enemies(slain enemy becomes zombies that fight for MC) and Full awareness(the ability to know just the right amount to kill someone).

After looking through all of the buying options MC began to look at the last section of the Jumpchain drawbacks. And after looking at their description MC just went nope. As some of them were nightmare fueled. Fighting Aizen, fighting hollows 24/7 or even fighting the king of the Quincy 1 on 1 nope, nope, nope just nope.

After everything said and done MC just responded "I am done."

"well took you long enough. " Jump-chan than snaps her finger and a door appears.

"Walk through it and you start your adventure in the world of Bleach, of course, you can test your powers in here if you still have some doubt."

MC did and tried to pull out her Machine guns and low and behold from her writs two Quincy cross began to glow and in each of her hands, two M27 IAR appeared and made of spirit particles.

MC than looked at the door gulp a bit and with a shaking hand open the door for anew adventure will begin soon.

But unfortunately, it will not start in the world MC wanted it to be. After all, Jump-chan was a B**** and like to mess with losers like MC. Even though she could not change and mess with the purchases that MC has made she could change to which world MC would go to.

"Now let see which world should I send MC-chan to *giggle*" Jump-chan than looked at a list. A list of Jumps most girls wouldn't dare go because of how ecchi it is.

"I guess this one would be nice and fun for the first-timer to go to. *giggle* I hope you don't mind being in a world public nudity is a common occurrence. Too bad I am not allowed to add drawbacks without the Jumper's consent and I must give her an extra 500JP for me sending her to the wrong world. "

after some time pass, Jump-chan receives a notification that MC has bought some extra stuff from the Bleach file. "Ok let's see what MC has bought. "

To her surprised, MC went with the most bang for her bucks. As MC has chosen to go back to the origin section a bought the hybrid section making her pa

rt Shinigami, Hollow, and Fullbringer for the total extra JP she got from Jump-chans fun.

Damn, that girl went all out. Choosing all of the extra races gave her an extra 3000 SOP to use and some extra points from those races.

For Shinigami powers, MC chose the following abilities :

Zanpaktou Shikai is called Ten no suiren(water lily of the heavens ) it transforms her katana to a halberd and its water attribute and makes hard and powerful waves.

Bankai is called Futsu ga aisuru tenkū no suiren(water lily of the heavens that Buddha loves) here the water potency of the Shikai is 4 times more powerful and base attribute in order of magnitude.

also gives control 10 extra blades, makes a full armor created from water that greatly reduces damage from attacks.

she also chooses CQC mastery and complete mastery of both Shikai and Bankai.

For Fullbring powers the MC choose:

Base Fullbring will be the Zanpaktaou giving it additional abilities which includes high-speed vibration, move without being touch, can extend and shrink in size, and gives partial armor (shape underwear) that increase user strength and resistance

For Hollow or Visourd Powers MC choose:

Mask will be that of a Hamster that increases the user str and reatsu.

wearing the mask its boosts the user abilities 2x, stat enhancing aura and makes the water poisonous.

fire Cero and Grand ray cero.

Resurrection is called the Senectud hámster(the hamster that ends life) in this form MC gains cute hamster ears and tail and ow everything she touches begins to decay and can drain the life force of opponents.

Ressurection, MC has also the impossible lvl of regeneration, and strikes can shatter dimensions.

also not to mention she also got all of the freebies in perks and items from each new race.

To think she went all out just because iI sent her to a different world. oh well lets see what she can do in High school DXD.

well hope you guys enjoy.