Chapter 1: the world DXD 1

Kuoh Park

"FUCK YOU JUMP-CHAN" was the first thing MC did. As she screams to the heavens about the situation she is in right now.

"I knew it, it was too good to be true. Man, why did I do this stupid shit." at this point MC just curled into a ball and began weighing her options.

As she has no idea where she is right now or where to go in this situation. as she looked again on the note that Jump-chan gave her.

"te-he sorry I sent you into the wrong world instead of the Bleach universe I sent you to the Highschool DXD universe instead. so as an apology I will give you another 500 JP to buy additional stuff from the Bleach Jump store. love jump-chan."

"Dammit sure the extra JP help and made me a similar hybrid to Ichigo but seriously what am suppose to do here."

MC had little idea how the DXD universe worked and did not now the canon storyline of the series. The only thing she was certain was about the memes of how women in this universe get strip naked in every fight no matter how strong they were basically this series is closer to softcore porn than a shonen series.

'I hope the enhancements I bought will spare me from being stripped naked here.' MC than began to walk around the park of this unknown city traying to figure out where she is.

Luckily she found a newspaper near a trash can and began to read it on the bench of the now empty park. Strange is what she thought but decided to ignore the feeling it as right now information is what she needed.

And from the paper, she found out the name of this town Kuoh. But before she could dive deeper into the newspaper. Again the strange feeling began to creep up this time it was so strong MC could not ignore it. 'uhh what is this feeling, wait could it be what I am felling is reatsu.' she pauses and began to focus on these feelings and as if it was second nature began to scan her environment and felt two energy sources from the couple right in front of her.

They look like the typical teenage couple that you can find anywhere in the world. One was a beautiful young woman with long black hair and wore modest clothes that did show her nice assets while her partner was a somewhat decent but nervous looking man with brown hair. Clearly, this was his first-ever date and they are simply enjoying themselves on the surface that is.

But MC sensory abilities tell a different story. The reastsu that the young girl is emitting though faint is tainted by some malicious intent and for some reason gives the aura of sexiness. The last part MC wasn't sure how to put into words but her reatsu for some reason clashes with the innocent image the young woman is trying to portrait.

While the boy is a bigger enigma because his reatsu is even smaller but it gives out the impression of power. Like he is just a chick that is still in the egg but given time and training would become a beast in the future.

After looking around the woman was kinda disappointed but just continued and looked at her boyfriend. "I thought we could be alone here in the park but oh well. Issei this was a wonderful date. so can I asked you a favor." with the pose and voice that would make any man say yes in a heartbeat.

the boy Issei nervously gulp "s-sure if its something I can do then don't hesitate to ask. "

The girl smiled which set up some alarm bells in MC mind as there was something wrong with that smile. "thank you Issei than can you please die for me."

"ehh" was the only response Issei could make after all what she asked was ludicrous.

And at that very moment is when a flash of light began to emerge on the girl and gone where her modest clothing and replace to something more resembling what a hentai female character would wear. In fact, she was wearing so little fabric that MC began to blush in embarrassment unsure where to look. oh and also she sprouted a pair of black wings but at this point, MC was more troubled by the outfit she was wearing.

while covering her red face MC began to curse her fate here 'oh man man I hate this world 10 minutes in and I am already being shown just how perverted this world is. now I know why this series is popular among men.'

"ohh how cute the lady over there is hiding from embarrassment but who could blame her my sexy body is just too captivating for humans to handle. " The winged women than focus on Issei.

At this point, Issei was lying on the floor shocked at was he as seen. after all its not every day you see someone change into a dominitrix outfit and grow a pair of wings. "Yumma-chan w-what are you?"

the sight of Issei shocked/ scared face brought an evil smile on the winged women's face. "HAHAHAHAHAHA that right human fear me I love it when you humans made that pathetic faces. but who I am is not important it the only thing I care about." Yumma began to make a spear out thin air "is for you to die." and threw it at Issei.

But before the spear could hit Issei two gunshots could be heard and instantly deflect the incoming spear. "What!"

"Seriously I did not think I would go into combat this soon. But then again I am not that heartless to let a naive boy die right in front of me." MC raised pointed her machinegun and move instantaneously in front of Issei.

"You how did you move that fast! and how did you deflect my spear of light with a simple machine gun. Conventional human weapons cant do that!." the winged woman screamed as she began to gain altitude and created additional spears.

'oh no you don't' at this point MC began to use her Blut Arterier to shot and destroy the light spears.

Being surprised at this point was an understatement for what Yumma was seeing. Not only that this human was able to deflect her first attack. She was also capable of destroying spears made out of light. The Spears were made of Fucking light how do you destroy light. But that is not the worst part, the worst part is that by some reason this worm was able to absorb the light particles of a fallen angel spear into her won weapon. Not to mention the speed of those bullets was insane, it was to fast for Yumma to fully dodge.

While bitting her lip the fallen angel could do only 1 thing and that is run away. "Fuck to think I would need to ru-" But before Yumma could finish she felt something hitting her head. It was fast, it was strong, it also sent her crashing down to the Earth.

As the angle began to recover from the impact she heard the voice of that woman. "If you think I will let you run away from this. Then you must be stupid I have a lot of questions and I need you to answer them for me."

'You got to be Fucking Kidding me! This worm was able to move to my location, karate chops me in the head, and move again in front of me all before I could even notice her. What is kind of monster am I fighting? '

"What are you human?" the fallen ask with a shaky angry filled voice.

"My name is Mellisa Cohen or MC for short and I am a Quincy-Hybrid."

'Quincy-Hybrid what is that even mean? But a Quincy(Monk of Destruction) huh. that would explain why she would butt in. Damn it there is no way she is going to let me live after I tried to kill a human right in front of her. Shit, I guess this is it, she is too strong for me to even escape from.

"So about my question I wa- "

"Don't bother I know you are going to kill me anyway so get on with it. I ain't going to give you anything. "

MC's eyes became cold as ice "ok." And shot Yumma through the head. MC than began to puke over the deed she has done. After all, this was the first time she ever killed a sentient creature.

MC realizes right now that she was not a soldier, a serial killer, or even a hero. After all, before even coming to this world, she was just a normal person living a normal life. "Damn it so this what it means to take a life huh?"

The weight is almost unbearable, and I have to kill in my 10-year stay here. FUCK THIS IS MESSUP. But I know for one thing I would regret it more if let the kid behind me get killed or even let that psycho lived.

'Oh right the kid I bet he can answer my questions.' but unfortunately that would have to wait as right now the kid was unconscious limp on the ground. Luckily no injury was seen on his body and after everything that just happens MC could not blame the boy.

As MC was about to get up she felt a source of new reatsu coming in with somewhat fast speed. The reatsu was similar to the winged girl but with a key difference. And that was power however is coming this way is leagues more powerful. It was so powerful in fact that MC new she had to go all out to be able to beat whoever they may be.

And in the sky there MC saw a man with long black hair, evil red eyes, elf ears and 5 pairs of black wings. "well well what do we have here. I ordered Reynare to kill that brat over there. But never in a million years that I would meet my equal here and I bet my underling didn't event gave you a challenge. "

"Why did you order your minion to kill this boy?" MC said as She uses Hirenkyaku to be at the same elevation as the evil elf.

"Interesting instead of using a flight spell you use a special jumping ability in tangent with condensing mana under your feet. Its as if you are walking on air very interesting. As for your question in why I ordered to kill that brat. Its because he holds the potential to be a threat to us just like you. " the evil elf than waved his arms and beast began to appear from the shadows. They all come to an encircle the unconscious boy with eyes red from blood lust.

But before the man can give his orders machine gunfire could be heard killing every single one of the beast leaving a trail of blood and death in its wake. "I am not letting you kill the boy just because he is a potential threat you evil elf!."


"I don't care who you are. I have already decided to protect him so if you want to kill him you would need to get through me." MC than drew her Zanpaktaou from her hilt and activate her Shikai "bloom Ten no Suiren." with this command the katana transforms into a blue Halberd and high-frequency sounds could be heard from the edge of the blades.

"I see you are not only a capable warrior with unique techniques but you also have an unknown sacred gear this is getting even more interesting. now my name is Kokabiel one of the leaders of both the Grigori and Fallen angels. Now tell me who are you Warrior?"

"My name is Mellisa Cohen and I am a Quincy-Hybrid. "

"Very well Mellisa are you ready to cause Armageddon." Both warriors than readied their weapons and began to clash. This decision however shakes the world to its foundation.