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Hakase Agasa won a convention he attended, on which Bulma Briefs was one of the judges. She then invited him, Conan, and Haibara to come over to her house. What could go wrong?

Conan's POV

After class I still do my normal routine of taking Haibara home.

"Ai-chan..." I said to her.

"What is it, Kudo-kun?" She replied.

"I feel bored. Nothing's been happening in the past 2 weeks."

"It's a good thing, actually."

"What do you mean?" She smirked. "No one around us has been dead yet. You do know you are a death magnet, right?"

"Tch. Why do you have to say that?" I growled. "I wish something good happens."

We arrived at Hakase's house.

"Nothing happened." She said while smirking at me. "At least no one died."

"Tch. Ai-chan!" I said.

Then she proceeded to kiss me.

"There. Happy now, Mr. Detective?" She said with another smirk on her face.

I turned red and kept silent after that.

She opened the door to be greeted by our happy Professor.

"Oh Ai-kun, you arrived! Actually you have to prepare now. You're coming with me. Shinichi, You're also coming with us."

"Eh?" We both said in surprise.

"A fellow inventor invited me over to her house. She was one of the judges in that convention, and she was impressed with my work." Hakase said.

"That's good." I said. "But why do we need to come along?"

"She said to bring someone else with me. I couldn't think of anyone bringing with me, so the first ones that popped up in my head are you guys." He replied.

"W-wait. Do we really need to go with you? I'd rather stay, you know?" Haibara asked.

"Please come with me, just this once!" Hakase pleaded. "She said she also want to meet some of my friends or relatives."

She looked at me, then she replied, "Ok. Only if he goes."

"Uh.." I stuttered.

"Conan-kun, you mentioned something to me earlier about something good you're wishing to happen, right?" She said to me.

"Uh, alright! I'll go. Let me go home and get clothes. Pick me up at the agency." I responded, looking at her.

I immediately called Ran and told her of a sudden trip we're going. She just said we should take care of ourselves. And I should take care of Ai-chan.

Before I went home I kissed her which surprised her and made her fluster.

"Here's your kiss back. Something good happened today." I said smiling.

"Y-You're not sure if it is good yet." She stuttered.

I went home and took some clothes. Before I went out Ran reminded, "Take care of Ai-chan, Conan-kun." She said smiling.

"I will, Ran-neechan." I said.

Hakase's car arrived shortly. I hopped onto the car.

As we are travelling I talked to Ai-chan, thinking about the date she requested to me.

"Ai-chan... maybe this is a good-"

"Shut it, Kudo-kun." She replied. "This doesn't count as our date."

"Tch. You read my mind again."

"I may not be a detective, but I'm observant. I've observed you these days getting stressed ever since I told you that you owe me a date."

I ignored her the rest of the trip after that.

We arrived on a wasteland. And I mean, literal wasteland. Nothing but rocks.

"Hakase, are you sure this is the place where your 'new friend' lives?" Haibara asked.

"Well, no." Hakase replied. "She said we're meeting up with her in this location."

"But this is a wasteland!" I said.

"Let's just wait, Shinichi-kun." Hakase said.

Suddenly a flying machine that resembles a helicopter arrive at our current location. It landed near where we are. A woman came out of the machinery.

"Mr. Agasa, Hi." She greeted Hakase. This is probably his 'new friend'

"Hello, Mrs. Briefs. Nice to meet you again." Hakase greeted her as well.

She looked at us. "I assume they're your kids?" She asked.

"Um, no. But we're distantly related. And I have been taking care of them." .

"That's good. Trunks-kun will be pleased to meet them." She said smiling. "Without further ado, shall we take off? Hop in!"

"I didn't know we have to fly to your place." Hakase said. "I'm just worried about my car being left behind here."

"Oh, don't mind it." She said, then she took out one of capsule-like things. She then threw it at the car and a smoke appeared. The car vanished after that. We're all shocked when we saw that.

She picked back up the capsule and handed it over to Hakase. "Here. Press this button and throw it on the ground. Your car will go back." She said.

We just all hopped in to her "helicopter". We're all stunned at what we saw. We took off and flew at fast speeds.

-END of Part 1-

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