H2O Just Add Water x Cardcaptor Sakura


Emma is traveling the world and her parents stop at the beach in Japan.

Emma sneaks off to go and dive in the ocean to be free and closer to her friends Cleo and Rikki.

But when she goes in the water, she hears, someone singing. Her voice is sweet and shallow. Like she's singing a lullaby to herself or to someone else. The fish maybe?

Emma swims around while staying close to the rocks so she's not seen by anyone, and there she is.

Half on the rocks and in the sea, Emma brings her head up and she is seeing a young girl, singing softly to herself, but her voice is echoing in the sea. Emma can tell she's singing Japanese, but she can tell, from the fish around her, hidden under the water, they are attracted to her voice.

Emma listens to the words even if she can't understand them, she listens to the emotions and feelings that are being pulled out and pouring into the ocean for all of the creatures to hear.

Emma watches for a little longer before she moves closer, which alerts her and she stops singing.

Emma doesn't know what to say or do. She doesn't speak Japanese, she didn't know how she was to explain how beautiful her voice and singing was, but she didn't have to. She went under the water and the girl followed. She saw her tail and realized what she was.

Under the water, they could speak the same language. Since sea creatures speak differently all the time.

"I'm Sakura."

"I'm Emma. I loved hearing your singing. And your voice was so beautiful." She said to her.

"Thank you, Emma. How did you become a mermaid like me?" She asked.

"It's a long story."

"I have time." Sakura smiled.

Emma then began telling her, her story.