H2O Just Add Water x Cardcaptor Sakura

Chapter 1: Shipwrecked

Cleo, Bella, and Rikka were in the cave talking and laughing about what their future is going to be like.

"I'm going to move to California as soon as I can. But I need to make my parents happy first." Bella said.

"Well, I'm going to sign up for all the science and biology classes so I can be a marine biologist." Cheo said.

Rikki laughed. "I'm staying here. Zane and I are taking the year off and running the cafe. He's going to try and work for his father more. Leaving me to be the boss." Rikki said.

"That's great!"

"No kidding. Maybe I can sing part time there still." Bella giggled.

The girls then headed out of the cave and home to pack for their plans.

Cleo was ready to be with her boyfriend, Lewis. She had been waiting since graduation to be with him for a long time, for real, and they weren't going to be apart this time. She and him were working and living together. Nothing was changing that.

Till, she got the call.


"Cleo. It's Zane. You better get to the cafe fast. Someone is here and..they say they are friends with Emma." Just saying that she rushed to the cafe as fast as she could. Rikki and Zane stood by the entrance and saw a girl sitting in one of the booths.

"Has she spoken much?"

"She's not good with English. But she said She's Emma's friend and looking for others." Rikki said.

"Did you tell her?" Cleo asked.

"I waited for you to get here first. And Bella is on her way as well, in case this is some trick." Rikki said.

"Alright." Cleo said.

The two approached her and she looked happy. "Cl-eo? Rikki?" She pointed to them.

"Yes. I'm Cleo. Emma's friend."

"And I'm Rikki. How do you know Emma?" Rikki asked.

"Sakura." She pointed to herself. "Mermaids?" She asked.

The two looked to each other then to Zane. "I'll get Bella. And close up early." He said and left.

"We...are...Mermaids." Cleo hesitated to say.

The girl, Sakura, smiled and said one more word. "Ocean." She said.

Rikki and Cleo didn't understand, but they headed to the shore where Bella, Will, and Zane caught up.

"Ocean." Sakura ran in the water and dove in it. She came up looking like a mermaid.

Cleo and Bella weren't sure about this, but Rikki was as she ran and dove in after her.

"Good. You joined in."

"How are we-"

"A thing I taught Emma. We can communicate underwater, sea language. She helped me with English, thought I don't speak well. I'm Sakura Kinomoto, and I'm afraid I have terrible news. Emma has been taken and I need help to get her back." She explained.

Rikki then went above water and called the other two in. Cleo and Bella ran and dove in as Sakura explained what happened.

"So, Emma and I were walking around Japan, me learning to speak English, then this guy comes up to us, he's making bad jokes, Emma tells him off, and we walk away. But the next thing we knew, he chased up down the street, we jumped in the water to hide, but it was a trap." Sakura explained first.

"Emma's been living in Japan?"

"College." Sakura told Cleo. "Anyway, this creature, is behind us and grabs Emma. I follow them while trying not to be taken as well, and it's lead me to the deepest and darkest part of the ocean world, the Abyss." She said.

"What's the abyss?" Bella asks.

"Normally, the abyss is, a never ending pit or a bottomless jar of sorts, but this one, I've heard of for...non-humans, it's another dimension." Sakura said.

"Another...dimension?" Cleo questioned.

"For this, it's one for sea creatures. There's one for demons as well, I've done my reading on it. When I became this one night, I did my research with my best friend and we found out many things about the magical world." Sakura said. "She and I were very shocked to hear about the abyss, but normally, they aren't found or used unless it's by someone who's hopeless and lost and won't be remembered." Sakura added.

"What shall we do?"

"I thought you'd help me." Sakura said.

"We don't even know you. What is this is a trap? You remember Charlotte." Cleo said.

"Fine. If you don't believe me, then look for me at the Shipwreck off the pacific coast. I'll be waiting for a few days, then I'm going to save Emma on my own." Sakura said and swam off.

The three resurfaced and headed back to the cafe to talk about a plan.

"Do we believe her?" Cleo asked.

"I would say let's call or email her, but if that's the case, she won't answer and we've wasted time." Rikki said.

"I don't know who Emma is, but if this girl is a mermaid and knows her, saying she's been taken, that's pretty serious." Bella said.

"You have no idea. Charlotte caused the girls much trouble. Especially Cleo." Zane said.

"Still, if this is true, you'd be turning your back on a friend." Will said.

Rikki and Cleo looked to each other and Zane. They knew how bad Charlotte was, were they willing to risk this chance?

"I say go for it. I mean, what's the worst that could happen? Did she show powers at all?" Zane asked.

"Actually, no. She didn't." Rikki said.

"Then we have the upper hand." Cleo smiled.

"Great. Then lets go. Fast. Before she may leave and get herself in more trouble and never save Emma." Bella said.

"We'll be here waiting." Zane said.

"Be safe and careful." Will said kissing Bella on her forehead.

"I will."

The three hurried back outside and went for a long swim.

They didn't know how long it took to find the shipwreck, but once they found it. Sakura was waiting like she said she would be.

"So, you believe me." She said.

"For now. But the first sight of trouble from you, we will use all of our strength to hurt you back." Cleo said.

"Fair. But I'll say this, since you girls have powers, I'll tell you this, mine isn't that harmful or useful, so you are very safe." Sakura said.

The three looked to each other. She had powers but were...not of use?

"Alright. Where is this abyss?" Rikki asked.

"This way, it's more in the China Sea. But it's possible it could have moved." Sakura said. "We need to be fast if it is still there." She said.

The three girls followed Sakura for a while before finding this big deep black hole in the bottom of the sea.

"This is it?"

"Yup. All we need to do is swim down and hope we find Emma fast and get out of there." Sakura said.

"Fine with me." Bella said.

"We better be careful since it's dark." Rikki said.

"You do know, you can see in this darkness." Sakura said.

"We can?!" The three asked.

"Have you three never tried to be more in the water? You can even sing to call for the creatures if you tried hard enough." Sakura said.

The three shook their heads.

"Maybe I'll teach you some tricks I know. Trust me, it's harder when you don't have someone teaching you. Emma thought it was smooth when I taught her some tricks." Sakura smiled.

"Cool." Bella seemed to be the only one who was interested or caring to Sakura. Cleo and Rikki just wanted to wait and see Emma and hear her story, if she's really down here that is. And this isn't a waste of a trip turning trap.