"Hey there, Marlin. What'cha doin?" said Freddi as she swam by to see Marlin looking for his son, Nemo.

"I'm trying to find my son. He's been lost after I warned him not to touch the boat." told Marlin to Freddi, who did not who Marlin's son was.

"What's your son's name, Marlin?" asked Freddi Fish, wanting a name from Marlin's son.

"His name's Nemo. And the boat ran off with him in a bag full of water." said Marlin, worried about his son. "I wonder where he is now."

"Don't worry, Marlin. We'll help you look for Nemo." said Freddi. "But first, have you seen my pal, Luther?"

"Did the boat run off with him as well?" said Marlin, thinking Freddi's pal, Luther was on the boat with Nemo too.

"No, Marlin, why would you think that?" asked Freddi. "Luther was not on the boat. I was searching for him in the maze, but he wasn't there."

"In that case, we gotta go find Luther and Nemo!" said Marlin, who swam after Freddi who was ready to save his pal and Marlin's son.