Hi! This dumb thing is inspired on the Danganronpa x Animal Crossing style videos animated by Arbiter Ken on Youtube.

This particular piece is inspired by the "Closing Argument" section of the DR games.

Just know Arbiter Ken's videos and play Danganronpa before reading this, I guess? Enjoy!

This all started three days ago when Tom Nook gathered us at the beach to give us our next motive. We were all wary at first, but, ultimately, the tanuki made an offer we couldn't refuse: he gave us each a recent picture of a current family member or friend.

We all panicked. In each of our hearts, Tom Nook planted a renewed need to get off this deserted island. Most of our pictures were of our families in despair—Isabelle, your picture was blank, yet you were wondering what happened to Digby. People thought you were involved in this case for that reason alone, but that wasn't true at all.

In fact, it was a certain someone whose picture we all should've been paying attention to. And that person was the culprit's would-be accomplice, who drived them to commit murder.

The culprit's lure was simple: invite the victim, Tortimer, over to talk about the motive picture in private. This wasn't hard to do: Tortimer had personally offered to be anyone's "therapist" around the campfire. The old man really had changed the last few days...

The culprit invited Tortimer inside after dinner, and offered him a drink. But what Tortimer didn't know was that it was laced.

You see, according to both Rover and Sable, Gracie's house was still open for a short time after the last trial. It seems Tom Nook forgot to lock it down like normal. While many of us were unaware, it created the perfect opportunity for the culprit to sneak in, and steal some of her makeup, just in case. We already know from before that her makeup has harmful properties when ingested: namely, throwing up, and eventually falling unconcious if given in large amounts. It has no discernable taste, either, making it extra dangerous. *This* was the weird substance we found under the culprit's nails.

This also explains why the culprit offered to be on cooking duty yesterday too, but I'll get back to that.

Anyways, once Tortimer consumed the laced tea, his fate was sealed just a few minutes into the conversation. Once he started hacking up, the culprit took the nearby lamp and smashed it on his head, killing him instantly. The hammer in the culprit's jacket likely was a backup, but, otherwise, the culprit wanted to make the case as open and shut as possible.

That's all there is to it. We were all trying to figure out the logic behind the culprit's actions, because evidence of tampering and outside involvement were everywhere. Rover's spare shirt, a piece of ribbon from Phyllis, Isabelle's papers she said she dropped... None of it was natural or fitting for the crime scene. The reason so much evidence was hastily planted was because half of this crime wasn't meant to take place in the way it was. They were all red herrings planted by the partner after the murder.

This is why I'm bringing up the motive now: it's too integral to the case to ignore. The partner's picture was of a certain relative, who now seemed to be on their death bed. Despite the culprit's partner showing his distaste for this particular animal, it's obvious to everyone how much they wanted to make up with them. The culprit must have realized that this may have been their partner's last chance to get off the island, if they were ever going to reconnect with that relative.

Booker, you spotted the culprit and partner meeting up two days ago; normally, that's typical for them, but you said something seemed off when the partner left. I believe that's because the culprit told their partner a plan they couldn't believe... That the partner should murder their best friend. They've already admitted as such. But they couldn't follow through.

The culprit must have spotted you at some point, and realized you were a big issue. You've been on guard duty every night, in sickness and health, so they must have poisoned the fish they served to you. And while they had to wait for Tortimer, not knowing if he would still come over if he got sick, they knew you would try to tough it out, and eventually cave in. While you were "distracted", that's when the partner must have come into the culprit's house, and saw the murder.

We all know that the culprit's biggest fear was being killed, execution or otherwise. They knew their partner knew that, so they blackmailed them: to be specific, they killed Tortimer to goad their partner into giving them a merciful murder. And we know the setup already. First, they would insert fishing hooks into their lips to make sure no one could hear them scream or beg for their life. Then, they took their fishing harpoon, and stuffed it between two couch cushions...and slammed their guts right into it via a push. But to us, it would make it look like a suicide, that he walked right into it. The culprit wanted to trick us into assuming their partner had nothing to do with the crime, allowing them to escape the island unharmed.

But their plan failed. Even after seeing that they had become the blackened, their partner still refused to participate in the murder-suicide scheme. The blackmail of a mercy kill wasn't enough. Even now, the partner claims they murdered someone. But that's a lie. The culprit went through with the plan, and killed himself anyways. But we all know how fearful they had become of dying...and that's where the last piece of evidence comes in.

The butterfly doormat, which was easy to slip on. As Isabelle showed, even a single wrong step would send you flying. If it wasn't for the blood drag marks, and Isabelle's little demonstration, there's no way we would have been able to tell that this *wasn't* related to the suicide. And there's no way the partner slipped on the mat either: after all, they were the one who gave it to the culprit as a gift.
Instead, the culprit set it up so they would trip and fall...right onto the harpoon.

The partner, after finding whatever trash or hung up clothing he could find on the island, must have snuck back into the culprit's house and planted it all to confuse us on what really took place last night. Even now, they don't want to admit what happened, or why!

I'm sorry, but you can't hide the truth anymore... You are the reason the culprit, C.J., the Ultimate Angler went so far!

Flick, the Ultimate Bug Catcher!