A dilapidated city stood before them - buildings crumbling, cars abandoned on the streets, and only the sound of wind whistling through the empty streets. In the distance, there was a faint glow of fire which only served to illuminate the destruction wrought upon the once-beautiful capital.

"What has happened here?" Bayek questioned, shocked at the ruin.

"War. The Empire," Prompto offered.

Nodding, Gladiolus added, "And the demons."

Based on the emotion in their eyes, Bayek suddenly understood the full meaning of Prompto's words - "losing home." They knew how he felt - they'd lost home and family. "I am sorry. You have lost as much as I."

"Thank you," Ignis responded before he moved on. "Well, it's not much of a home anymore, but we're going to take it back."


"Damn straight."

Honed instincts warned Bayek of incoming danger, and he moved just in time to avoid a bullet to the chest.

"Looks like they're not giving it up without a fight!" Prompto exclaimed, summoning his weapon as the others followed suit.

Sensing the Balmung materialize into Bayek's hand, Ignis turned in surprise. "You can access the Armiger? That is intriguing. Can you warp strike as well?"

"Can I… what?"

"Warp strike. Throw the sword at an enemy and envision yourself following it."

Shooting off a few rounds, Prompto shouted above the noise, "Um, Iggy, is now really the best time for experimenting!?"

But Bayek was already preparing to try. Targeting an eternal trooper farthest from the others, he brought the sword up, estimated the distance, and threw accordingly. As if on its own, his body flew after the sword at light speed, and he managed to catch the blade just as it sunk into the MT. A few more slashes upon extracting the sword, and the trooper was defeated.

With relative ease, all of the eternal troopers were taken down once the four had gotten used to their new rhythm.

"This… warp striking is quite convenient," Bayek remarked, examining Balmung as he summoned it.

"Indeed. It has helped on many an occasion, though, mind you, only Lucian royalty and the Kingsglaive have access to the ability."

"Which brings up the question of just how far your connection to Noctis goes," Gladiolus reminded, walking over.

"There's one way to find out… and he's waiting at the Citadel, so let's go!"

One run-in with an Iseultalon, another with two Nagas, and a few Sphinxes accompanied by eternal troopers in the subway later, Bayek, Ignis, Gladiolus, and Prompto found themselves at their destination.

Unfortunately, the way to the throne room where Ardyn undoubtedly awaited was blocked by an arrogant fire god who had no love for mortals.

"Oh, great. Another god to fight. 'Cause the other battles were so fun," Prompto sighed, summoning his gun.

"Stop bitching, start killing." As ever, Gladiolus's helpful advice was at the ready.

Per Ignis's instructions, Bayek stepped forward before anyone could really jump into the fray and pulled out a ball imbued with strong ice magic. The moment it made contact with Ifrit's skin, it burst, casting blizzara and killing the flames - for the time being.

With that out of the way, everyone rushed forward to attack the god.

Being close combat fighters, Bayek, Gladiolus, and Ignis stayed up close to the god, with Gladiolus focusing his efforts on the back of the legs and Bayek and Ignis at the sides and front so that they were not in each other's way. Of course, that was the plan for when the god wasn't fighting back, which was rarely. Therefore, when the god was trying to attack someone, Bayek generally tried to make sure it was him so that Ignis and Gladiolus, who worked better together, having fought alongside one another longer, could use the distraction to launch an assault.

While the other three continued in this way, Prompto sent a barrage of bullets raining down - sideways? - onto the gods upper half.

Suffice it to say that Ifrit was thoroughly irritated by this technique, and when the blizzara wore off, he would go on his own rampage until the next spell was ready to be thrown, during which everyone focused on not dying.

Three rounds of this strategy later, and they were out of magic - at least, Bayek was. At this point, Ifrit was about halfway worn down.

As the last blizzara wore off and Ifrit headed for Bayek, a sword cleaved through the sky, just off from grazing Ifrit's right shoulder.

"Bahamut!" Prompto shouted, pointing up at the Draconian as he hovered overhead, casting more swords at Ifrit, who nimbly dodged them.

Swooping down, Bahamut thrust his final sword at Ifrit, who diverted the attack using his own weapon. For a second, the two stared at each other before Bahamut's gaze shifted to Bayek.

Defeat the Pyreburner, and bring back the Light.

Closing his eyes, Bayek nodded solemnly, promising the god to do what he could. Summoning Balmung, he warped up above Ifrit before using his momentum to bring the sword down on Ifrit's head, breaking off part of the god's antler-like horns.

As Ifrit fell to his knees, Bahamut glanced to the sky, as if hearing a call, and faded away.

The rest is up to you, Chosen foreigner."

"Is it over?" Ignis asked.

In response, Ifrit stood once more and reignited, a wave of heat rolling over the battlefield.

"Looks like a 'no,'" Prompto announced.

Disbelievingly, Gladiolus muttered, "Even that wasn't enough?"

"It would seem not."

At this point, they had to forgo using magic to lessen the heat and just fight through it. However, Ifrit no longer had to choose one person to focus on, using more wide-range attacks that could hit more than one person, so the battle became more of a defend and then step in at certain openings to attack kind of deal.

Yet again, at the halfway mark, they received help from the gods in the form of the Armiger activating on its own. Bayek was fighting one moment and the next he was lifted into the air by the magic of thirteen royal arms, orbiting around him and attuned to his thoughts.

Without instruction, Bayek knew how to use them, and immediately began raining all kinds of blades down on the fire god. Then, as he felt the magic begin to fade, he brought himself back to the ground and summoned each weapon separately, weaving around the deity with each strike.

The ending attack was dealt by the Swords of the Wanderer, bringing the god back down to his knees as the cross-shaped slash of blue light left behind faded.

Suddenly, the temperature dropped as the air frosted. A black-haired woman wearing an elegant dress and black robe appeared and walked up next to Bayek from the side.

In a foreign language that was somehow familiar and understandable to Bayek, she spoke, "Pyreburner. That heart of flame was burned to ash once… a dead fire must burn no more. Taste again the chill wind of death."

Floating up into the air, the woman transformed into a blue-skinned fairy-like goddess, soon joined by several other incarnations, all part of the same Glaceon. Encircling Ifrit, they summoned a blizzard which soon encapsulated the Pyreburner and froze him solid.

With a surprisingly tender kiss, Shiva shattered Ifrit and flew away.

Oh foreign Chosen King, restore the Light to this world.

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