Natsu looked over at Lucy and smiled. Just being with her was enough to make him happy. He knew he was in trouble when she looked at him with frustration and said "Natsu, were you even listening to me?" Natsu blushed and said "Sorry Luce, my mind was somewhere else. What did you say?"

Lucy sighed and rolled her eyes and said "What do you think about the upcoming party the Master is throwing?" Now it was Natsu's turn to frown, not because he wasn't looking forward to it, but because he wasn't looking forward to having to share Lucy. She was special, heck she was very important to him and while he loved his guild mates, he didn't want to share her even with them. What was wrong with him?

Lucy laughed softly, bringing his attention back to her and she said "You know you don't have to dance if you don't want to Natsu. Master won't force you to." It was all Natsu could do to keep from sighing, little did she know that it was the opposite, that he wanted to dance every dance with her that was bothering him. Lucy took Natsu's silence as acceptance of what he said.

Letting out a sigh and drawing Natsu's startled face to her disappointed one, she said "I'll see you there tomorrow Natsu." Natsu couldn't gather his thoughts together fast enough to keep her from walking away. As he stared after her, he heard the voice of Gray saying "Well that was painful to watch." Growling he turned his attention to Gray and said "Can it Gray!"

Gray held up his hands and said "Easy there Natsu. Honestly, I'm just sick of you both making longing puppy dog faces at each other." This calmed Natsu instantly, as he looked at his frenemy with confusion and asked "Huh? What do you mean?" Gray slapped his forehead with his palm, he really didn't think Natsu was this dense, but he guessed he would have to spell it out for him.

"Look man, everyone can see you both like each other as more then friends, but you're both so scared of ruining what you already have that you won't chance taking the next step. Just ask her to the dance tomorrow and you will make her the happiest in all of Fiore, if not Earthland. Or at least dance with her." Gray said, his tone leaking through a bit of the exasperation he was feeling at the pair, but Natsu didn't notice.

He didn't even say goodbye to Gray as he mulled over the words that he had spoken to Natsu. Did Lucy really want more just like he did? Maybe his friends were just being hopeful like he was, that she would want to be his girlfriend and maybe, someday, something more. A familiar scent tickled at Natsu's nose and he was startled out of his thoughts as he realized it was Lucy's.

Looking around, he realized he had walked straight to her apartment and, on impulse, he jumped up to her window and entered through it. "Natsu! How many times have I told you not to do that?!" Lucy exclaimed. She would have continued if not for Natsu's lips mashing against her. After a moment of surprise, Lucy found herself responding as both of their minds screamed the same thing "Finally!"

When they finally parted for air, Natsu leaned his forehead against hers as he panted. When he had caught his breath a little he said "I've wanted to do that for so long, but I was worried that I would push you away." Lucy gave a small smile before saying gently "Idiot, I was just waiting for that." Natsu's signature grin made an appearance then before he asked "Can I do that again then?" Lucy nodded and that was all the answer he both needed and waited for, his lips meeting hers as she was still doing so.


The next day at the party, the others had already arrived when Lucy and Natsu entered through the Guild's doors. Everyone's eyes immediately flew to the hands that were clasped tightly together and went still with shock. The awkward silence that came with it, in which Lucy was starting to squirm a little uncomfortably, was broken with the Master shouting out what everyone was thinking "Finally!"

Those words were what it took to break the spell that had fallen over everyone and all of them started talking at once. Some were congratulating the new couple, some were bemoaning that they hadn't made a bet or had made the wrong one, while the winners of said bets scrambled to collect their winnings which were being held by Mira.

Soon the uproar was over, much to Lucy's relief as her flaming cheeks would testify to. Most of the people started dancing as the music began to fill the room, some were over with Cana making new bets on when Lucy and Natsu's many firsts would happen and a few were gathered around the tables filled with food. Natsu's stomach wanted to be with them, but his full heart only needed to look down at Lucy for him to be able to ignore it. Instead he asked "Can I have his dance?"

Lucy nodded, whispering "You lead, I'll follow." Natsu nodded nervously. When Master had announced that this party was to have dancing, he went and took lessons in order to impress Lucy. Not from Erza though, definitely not from her. As the glided across the dance floor, Lucy's smile was all it took to melt the nervousness away and her praise made him grin, especially when she said "Natsu, I'm impressed! You've been practicing!"

"I wanted to surprise you." He said, grin still in place. Lucy gave him a matching one as she answered "You did, a pleasant surprise at that too!" Soon the music turned to something slow and only true couples were left out on the floor. Natsu and Lucy had forgotten by this time they weren't alone. Halfway through the song, they stopped moving and leaned into a kiss. Their guild mates were good, they let their lips connect for a few seconds before whistles and other noises were released, reminding the new couple where they were.

But for once, Lucy wasn't embarrassed by the attention, for her eyes were on Natsu's as he whispered "I'm glad I finally made a move." "Me too." She whispered back as their lips moved to meet one another. This time none of their guild mates were able to distract them from the kiss, they were just happy to finally be able to show their love to the other in any way that they wanted too. Softly against his lips, Lucy whispered "I love you." Natsu teared up a bit, though none fell as he huskily replied "I love you too."

Life has been crazy lately, so I haven't had much time for writing. You have no idea how happy I was to be able to sit down and write this story today. Please excuse any grammar errors, etc I don't have time to reread it tonight and I worry that if I don't post it, it will never get up with the way life is going on my end :'D