"Jadejadejade! JADE!" Cat weaved through the hallways, past a confused Tori and a complacent Beck. Wait a second… "Beck! Do you know where Jade is?" Cat asked the smug boyfriend of the girl she was looking for.

"Yeah. She was smiling and that always means trouble, so I put her in time-out. She's in the library. Why?" Beck was cut off at the end because Cat had rushed past him. She bounded up the stairs to the library.

"JADE! Can you believe it?" She burst in joyfully. Jade was sitting in the corner of the library sadly, so Cat walked over to figure out what was wrong. When asked, Jade spilled.

"It's Beck. I was so happy and he just assumed I was being troublesome and gave me a timeout, effectively ruining the joy. And you know I run low on joy." Jade started crying, so her best friend took a wet wipe and wiped off her ruined mascara.

"Hey, it's okay. And if Beck doesn't make you happy, just dump him. And then we can get back to celebrating!" All of a sudden, the normally-icy girl turned and shouted that her best friend was a genius. After reapplying some light eye makeup, lighter than normal anyway, the two girls sprinted downstairs.

Just in time to see Tori Vega backing away from Beck Oliver, saying things like, 'No! I won't hook up with you! You have a girlfriend!' So that it wouldn't be misinterpreted as being because of the whole cheating scandal, she waited an hour and then walked up to Beck.

"Hey babe." Beck tried to kiss her. Key word, tried. She stepped sideways.

"I'm breaking up with you." Jade broke it cleanly.

"Wait, what! Is this because I cheated on you? I'm sorry-" Beck got cut off.


"Oh. This is something bigger, then."

"And I'm quitting Hollywood Arts so I don't have to see your face every day."

"You'll end up a boring accountant at a corporation, going nowhere in life." Beck was still cool because he was sure that this was just a horrible prank.

"Oh, really." And with that, Jade walked away. Per her request, Cat had filmed the interaction and posted it to Splashface.

"Oh and Beck! I'm quitting too, so that I can stay with my best friend!" Cat pronounced, grinning.

"Hey, wait. I'm your best friend." Tori protested.

"Nope! Jade is. Hehe." Cat skipped off, but Beck asked Jade one last question.

"Why did you break up with me?"

"I've had four genuinely happy days in my life. One, the day Cat and I became friends. Two, the day I came to Hollywood Arts. Three, my first day at my first job. And four, today. You've put just a little dark on each of those days, and Cat was always there to pick me up. One, you were bullying Cat and I had to step in. Two, you insulted Cat and I had to step in. Three, you told me I was dumb for taking the job. And four? You know what you did today." And with that, the two girls left the premises of Hollywood Arts for the last time as students.


Ring, ring. Cat picked up the phone.

"Hello? This is Eric Nelsen. Have I reached Cat-"

"Eric! Hiiii!"

"I guess I did reach Cat Valentine. Anyway, I have some news. 13 is back on, but we'll be on a tour in all the places with English as a first or second language, along with the US. And then, they'll make it into a movie! But, for the movie, Delaney won't be able to play Patrice, so you will, and she'll get another actress to play Charlotte."

"Oh. My. God! Tori will freak!"


"Victoria Vega, girl that likes Jade's boyfriend and always thinks she's the most talented."

"Oh! I know her. She auditioned for Kendra and got Cassie, but she stormed off. I heard she loves the show though."

"That sounds like her, hehe. I see why Jade likes antagonizing her and not just for kissing her boyfriend."

"WHAT! I'LL DEAL WITH THIS! See you later!"

"Kay kay. Bye!"


It was the next week, in New York City. Cat had dyed her hair back to her natural brown, albeit a lighter and more reddish tone. It was falling in loose mahogany waves to her mid-back. She was wearing a fitted white-and-blue horizontally striped t-shirt with ruffled short sleeves and a wide boat neckline that highlighted her collarbones. On the front, over her right lung, there was a small red embroidering of two hearts surrounded by fireworks. The t-shirt was tucked into a short pink-with-white-polka-dots a-line skirt. On her feet, she had blue kitten heel gladiator sandals.

Jade, on the other hand, had taken out her colorful extensions and changed her hair from an inky black to a soft black for a less gothic look. It fell down her back, brushed behind her shoulders. She was wearing a black mesh cropped t-shirt over a black sports bra. She also wore a tight black distressed jean miniskirt and black high-heeled combat boots.

They were a mismatched pair, but when they walked into the pizza place where they were meeting the rest of the cast about fifteen minutes late, a blonde girl flew towards them.

"Cat! Jade! Eee!"

Six Months Later, Los Angeles California

"It's our second-to-last performance. A stage right near the Hollywood Sign." Allie ushered them into their dressing rooms. Jade gulped. This performance was just two blocks down from their former school, starting thirty minutes after school ended. Cat patted her back and they both swallowed the lumps in their throats and ran onstage.

13! Everything switches

13! Everything turns around

13! End up in stitches

13! Hide away underground

13! Can I get through it

13! Life has changed overnight

13! How will I do it

13! Nothing is going right

The best and the worst and the most and the least and the crazy and the scary and I'm standing on the edge!

Hi, my name is Evan Goldman, I'm 13 years old, and I live at 224 West 92nd Street in the heart of Manhattan

And my life just went to hell

You want to talk about turning thirteen? It's a nightmare. First of all, my parents are splitting up. Second of all, what is this? Do you see that? What did I do to deserve this?

I have one good thing happening this entire year: my bar mitzvah. The biggest party on the Upper West Side. The Jewish Superbowl!

As the two kept going, the faces blended together and the girls' worries subsided. After the play, though, was a different matter altogether.

"Cat? Jade? I thought you guys quit acting." Tori walked up to them curiously.

"No, we just quit Hollywood Arts." Cat bounced on her heels. Both Cat and Jade had changed out of their costumes and Cat was wearing a lilac shift dress that went down to her mid-thigh and had no sleeves. It had a small keyhole cutout on the back. She was also wearing 2.5-inch t-strap baby pink stilettos and circular baby pink studded earrings. She had grown up a lot in the previous six months, now understanding "sexy," "insulting," "revenge," and, mostly, "individuality". She had always done what someone else would've done at Hollywood Arts, never dished out revenge, not understanding just how horrible people were towards her or how provocatively she dressed. That's not to say that she didn't know that people were insulting her, just that she had trusted her "friends" too implicitly. So she had decided to act like the child she had used to be around her ex-friends to see what they thought of her. Jade played along, of course.

Jade was wearing a jade green turtleneck long-sleeved tight mini dress that barely covered her butt. The top inch on the neck was black, resembling a choker. Over the dress, she wore a v-neck loose large-weave fishnet dress that came to two inches below her other dress. She wore black ballet shoes- not ballet flats, ballet shoes. Over the previous six months, she had grown her hair hip length and henna'd it dark auburn. However, the most stunning changes had happened inside. She had grown more confident and hence, was tougher and more dangerous. Her sense of style had become more elegant and less harsh, dark, and bleak. Instead of oozing, 'look at me, I'm sexy, I'm dangerous,' she exuded more of 'I'm pretty and hot and way above you' but she could actually hurt people a lot more. Cat had wanted to play the innocent, naive child she used to be, and of course Jade played along.

Tori, in light-wash straight-cut jeans and white Nike sneakers with a flowy blue t-shirt, smiled sadly. Beck wore a gray tank and a pair of jeans while obviously checking the two girls out. Robbie had left Rex in his car to see his ex-crush perform. Andre had signed with Sean Quincy and left HA.

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