Luke Skywalker stood watching the fire burn. Most of the galxy will be out for the rest of the week celebrating. Imeprial forces are on the run. The second Death Star is destroyed. Emperoror Palpatine is dead. And Darth Vader is dead. The later being one of the biggest buttons for celebration with his passing. Most people will just see the dark lord of the Sith. Luke however is the one person attending the funeral for his father.

Luke closed his eyes trying to regain his bearings from the day. He opened his eyes at a familiar feeling in the force activating his lightsaber.

"Put your light saber away kid, I'm not fighting anyone else today."

Luke watched as a member of Han's ground team walked out and deactivated his saber. "I'm sorry, I could have sworn I was about to fight a bounty hunter called..."

"Boba Fett?" The rebel answered revealing an old man with a white beard.

"Well, yes." Luke answered honestly.

The old man took his hat off revealing a bald head and a white beard showing he's far too old to be Bobba as he just looked at the burning fire. "So, who's on the funeral pyre?"

Luke looked down solemnly. "Darth Vader, look can you please give me some time alone with Vader."

The old man shook his head. "So, who's on the pyre? Anakin Skywalker, or Darth Vader."

Luke looked at him surprised. "Oh, Anakin I guess."

The Old man frowned but nodded getting the picture. "So, General Skywalker is one with the force. Did he at least achieve his destiny at the end. Did he destroy the Sith?"

Luke stood there dumbfounded he honestly didn't think anyone but him knew that word anymore. "Yes, who are you?"

The old man just focused on the fire. "Anakin is a friend, one of my oldest." Luke watched as the old man wobbled desperate for his legs. Luke moved quick and caught him and steadied him on a tree. "Now, it's just me."

Luke frowned hearing his words. "How did my father fall? How did you end up here?"

The man smiled. "I don't know. I was on the way back from Mandalore at the time. We didn't get there in time to help him against Sidious. And now... General Kenobi, General Tano, Tup, Fives, Echo, so many of my brothers, even your father in a way. All taken, killed by Sidious' schemes. An old man against the most powerful Sith user in the galaxy wouldn't have been a good fight. But when General Solo laid out a ground attack that would result in Sidious' death. That I could get behind for my friends and the galaxy no matter how old I am. So how did Sidious die?"

Luke ran down the fight with Vader. Chopping off his hand. The lightning strikes and Anakin turning away from the Sith to save him.

The old man laughed as Luke finished the story then crossly said. "Well, I'm glad you're entertained.

The old man stopped laughing and collected himself. He doesn't think he's ever laughed like that in his life. "You have your father's temper. But fortunately for the rest of the galaxy, you also have your mother's optimism, level head, and strong will. That's what saved us today."

Luke looked at him surprised. "You knew my mother!"

The old man kindly nodded. "Yes, Padme was an incredible woman."

Luke smiled finally having a name. "Can you tell me about her?"

The old man smiled. "Not today, if we keep you away from the village any longer Princess Organa will send the entire Rebel Alliance to the second Death Star's remains to collect your body."

Luke shook his head. That's exactly what she would do and they should probably hear this together. "I never got your name."

The man held his hand out. "Rex"

Luke gladly shook it. "Luke, you coming back."

"Not yet." Rex replied seeing Luke off. He turned back and watched the fire burn away the last of Anakin Skywaler as he saluted the funeral pyre. "I don't know where you went General? With Padme or somewhere else in the galaxy. But wherever you are, I hope you found peace old friend."

Author Notes

I'm sure the old Rebel has a different name all together in cannon but between how he looks and the fact that when they catch him he's in trooper armor I couldn't resist making him Rex.