Harry Potter x Get A Clue

Get A Clue: Teddy Lupin Style

Teddy Lupin was traveling through the world, being the rambunctious child he was while Harry Potter, his god father, was busy teaching his son Albus a lesson.

Teddy was stopping at this new city for his world round trip with his magic, New York City.

"HELLO NYC!" He yelled.

"Jezz. never been to the great city before?" Asked a lady. Teddy studied her for a moment then smirked. He walked over and took her hand. "You are correct, my fair lady." He said kissing her hand.

She took her hand away scared like but was blushing. Teddy smirked more seeing her face. "Got a clue about me yet?" He asked.

"Jen! Oh. Sorry. I didn't know you were talking with such a handsome man."

"A friend of yours?" Teddy asked.

"I just met him." Jen pointed to him.

"I'm Lexy Gold. I work for the paper. Is there something I can help you with? My friend Jen here, she's more in the fashion district and can't know her way around the city fully yet." Lexy spoke.

Teddy thought her odd, but he played along for now. Something about this girl was...strange.

"I see. I'm sorry to bother you. I'll be off then." And he ran for it.

"You okay Jen?" Lexy asked.

"That, was the most handsomest man I've ever seen. I know he's a tourist thought. But, he was a little...too forward."

"Reminds me of a photographer we know." Lexy grinned.

"Oh! Stop it! Gabe has nothing to do with this. Or do I need to bring in YOUR husband?" Jen asked.

Lexy laughed. "He's be honored. You know him like I do." She said.

"Yes, because I called it when I knew you two had it bad for each other. Even with the bad dates and the breaking up twice a year in college." Jen said.

"Whatever. Let's go and find some lunch before I have to head back." Lexy said. The two giggled and found a place to eat.

"So, how are you and the hubby doing these days?" Jen asked.

"Me and Jack are just perfect."

"Why did you say your last name is Gold?" Jen asked.

"Because on the papers, I use Gold. It's easier for us both. Jack keeps Downey and I keep Gold for our different papers." Lexy explained.

"Ah! Your married!"

"AH!" Both girls screamed. "Oh my gosh."

"Teddy Lupin. It's nice to meet you Lexy Gold-Downey. Makes more sense that your married. No woman acts like they are the queen unless they are a mean girl, or married. Because marriage builds their confidence in themselves." Teddy explained.

Lexy looked impressed with his words. "Really? Is this the whole world or just in London?" She asked.

"London?! You're from London?!" Jen hadn't realized by his accent that he was from the UK.

"Good catch. Are you sure your not a detective?" Teddy asked.

"I've played that enough. I did that in grade school and boy it got me in trouble. A LOT. Besides, I have a real job and a husband now."

"And soon kids." Jen added.

"Um...yeah. About that..." But Lexy never got around to it.

"So, your husband and you work for the same newspaper company?"

"No. He and I work in different ones. We keep our bosses unaware were, married. Since...they're enemies. Of sorts." Lexy said.

"Her and Gabe work together. He gets all the best pictures for you and you write the scoops." Jen explained.

"Sounds cool. Have you gotten any good stories of late?" Teddy asked.

"Not really. Been doing research for awhile now and-"

"How about I help you, the man who traveled the world in a week." Teddy said.

"A week?!" Jen and Lexy both asked.

"Yeah. I've been through all of Africa and Asia. Japan and China are this huge bomb and many people should be visiting them more." Teddy said.

"Well, that's something, but how are you doing that? Traveling around the world and all that?" Lexy asked.

Teddy thought about his answer. "Well, cars, trains, boats, what else is there?"

"In a day?! There are seven continents, and if your doing this in a week you finish on a day." Jen said.

"You know those people who have such great adventures? The impossible ones?" Teddy asks.

"Yeah. I've read about them." Lexy said.

"It's like that. Maybe I haven't gone around the world in a week, but sometimes people exaggerate a little too much. I'm just enjoying my life right now. I graduated a while back, and I haven't been able to travel the world because of...well, my parents. They died before they got to know me. An accident they say." Teddy said.

"I'm so sorry." Lexy said.

"I heard my dad was a huge flirt so, I try to be that and funny as heck like my mom. But the only thing is, I haven't traveled the world. So, I left home, worrying my grandmother and godfather I'm sure. But I needed to do this. At least build some connection to what kind of a life they had. They traveled the world in a week or so. But I could be wrong. I was more or less...talking about them." Teddy said.

Lexy and Jen looked to each other. "Say, care to stick around for a day or two? I think My husband and I need to get out of the house and our own workplace." Lexy said.

"The Gold-Downey news crew papers?" Teddy asked with a smirk.

"Live Your Story. Isn't that something an actress said?" Jen questioned.

"She sang it. It's a song, even the UK knows that." Teddy laughed.


"I'll be around." Teddy said and headed off. He smiled. He was glad, to be meeting the future mother of his child's wife or husband. Sure he's been messing with time, but he did want to know about his parents. And that, was exactly what he was doing.

Seeing his parents with time sand, around the world.

"Lupin. This is terrible." Tonks laughs.

"Come on. I'm the monster here. I should be saying that." Lupin says pulling her closer.

Tonks sighs. "Your no monster. I love you for who you are, not what you've become. That doesn't matter. Only what I feel in my heart." She told him.

Teddy smiled seeing images of his parents smiling and happy like. Would his parents taken him around the world telling him about how they fell in love and married? Who knows. But all Teddy can be...is happy he's seeing them in a small way.

Time sand form a turner is more precious and less dangerous then actually using them.

It at least gives him what he needs. His parents and seeing just how happy they were, and knowing this, he's sure that they are watching over him and smiling on him too. Being proud of who he has become because of them.

"Thanks mom and dad." He whispered to himself as the images fade out.