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Murdock fucked up. His Orca Firestorm shield was failing. Every plasma shots he received from the aliens were slowly raising up the temperature inside the cockpit.

The Scrin sure really wanted to kill him. There were like, dozens of other Orcas and Firehawks that were his escorts but they decided to put more than half of their strength on him alone?

Seriously, for a super advanced alien race with absurdly strong military with physics breaking technology, they sure lack of situational awareness in this situation. In contrast of the first few hours of Second Contact where the aliens do like to teleport behind the GDI defence and sow chaos within the ranks with their bullshit mind control. Effectively causing GDI to lose their operational strategic advantage in the Red Zone altogether.

As such, Murdock found himself having a flashback to being tasked with a super duper secret High Pay-off mission of high importance deep inside the alien occupied territory. HQ reasoned because he was a veteran elite pilot and all that for high chance of success rate.

The keyword was chance.

Murdock almost accomplished his mission without even need to fight a single enemy. That was until he was halfway reaching the drop-off point that led to the situation he was in.

He was ambushed by 30 Stormriders which greatly outnumbered them 6 to 1. Half of them ignored his men in favor of shooting him down. He loved his job as an Orca pilot. However, being shot at by alien swarms with plasma weapons instead of the usual NOD Venom aircraft made him think of changing military branch that didn't involve flying.

Well, to be fair, he should be thankful that he did not have to deal with a swarm of buzzers or some crazy Tiberium wildlife like the Visceroid on the surface.

He should be more appreciative towards the General Infantries. They were the most underrated branch with highest mortality rate.

However, thinking of all that would still not make the aliens magically disappear. Hence, he need to find an edge or he'll soon be cooked alive inside the Orca, if the aliens didn't manage to shoot him down first.

Murdock scanned his surrounding. He saw a landscape straight out of hell. The ground is a blasted and barren plateau of rock laced with veins of Tiberium that shine through with a malevolent green radiance. On the horizon are massive formations of pure Tiberium that have welled up through the surrounding Earth. These frozen crystalline glaciers cast a sickly emerald glow on the surrounding terrain.

There were barely any hill that provide covers. But, there were lot of canyons that could provide tactical advantage, though he wasn't really sure if his modified Orca could exploit the gap as there were sharp pointed Tiberium growing in the canyon.

Maybe, just maybe if he could circle that big spiral alien structure. He could trick and shoot these aliens from behind.

Murdock set the throttle of his Orca into its maximum capacity and did a steep vertical climb before letting himself do a flat-turn when he reached a certain altitude. The aliens, thankfully, didn't expect a VTOL aircraft to do the Wingover.

The aliens did a hasty turn when they found themselves being outmaneuvered, inertia working against them.

Murdock took advantage of the aliens surprise and flew toward the structure as fast as he could.

Murdock looked behind and the aliens were already recovered and were not too far behind. His escorts that were busy dogfighting with the aliens lent some help by shooting down half of the enemy that were pursuing Murdock. The aliens were now slowly closing in and their shots were beginning to hit home.

Murdock sped his Orca past the supersonic speed and circled the structure. It was a mortifying experience as the sheer G-Force pushed Murdock into his seat, enough to feel his brain racketing inside his skull. Sure enough, Murdock soon found himself facing the back of the remaning aliens with clear view of their spacecrafts. Murdock's ruse had worked.

The aliens mistakenly thought Murdock was simply using the tower as a cover to hide his escape. A grave mistake.

His sweaty gloved hands allowed the Orca to let loose a torrent of 30mm rounds of tungsten shells on the remaining aliens grapes. The autocannon high firing rate of 4900 rounds per second did its wonder by disabling the shielding in just mere seconds before completely obliterating them. The aliens did not saw them coming.

Murdock saw the rest of the alien Stormriders were already being taken care of by friendlies. Again, lack of situational awareness and tactical error on the aliens' part. They didn't take into account GDI new toys. The only casualties on his side were only damaged aircrafts.

"Fuck yeah!" Murdock hollered. He took a deep breath before sighing in relief. Murdock should count his blessings for the aliens had underestimated them.

There won't be next time. Murdock was also pretty sure the aliens would use this combat information to counter the GDI.

It would be a smooth sailing from here if the team could avoid anymore screw up. He revelled in the temporary lull.

"I owe you guys a beer back at base, Eagle team." Murdock said in a relaxed voice.

"Damn right!" A voice replied with a snort earning a small chuckle from everyone.

As if the aliens heard their banter, the alien structure, without warning, began to hum and beginning to emanate streaks of white beam into the surrounding.

"The Threshold are activating! Return to base immediately!" Command warned.

Of course, no need to tell him twice. However, he found himself facing a problem.

The structure was like a stone's throw away from his cockpit. There's no way his Orca could get him away from the ground zero in time.

The least he could do is to let the command know he failed.

"Command, this is Eagle-1. I don't think I coul-." Murdock didn't manage to complete his sentence as he was enveloped in a blinding white light.

The loud sound of cracks and rumbles woke Murdock up from his impromptu nap. As soon as he opened his eyes, he was greeted by a dark and large ominous looking thunderstorm clouds in the distance. Worse, he was heading straight into it.

Murdock didn't hesitate to do a 180 turn.

Murdock rubbed his chest to calm himself down. Waking up seeing that would do no good to anyone.

That was until he saw black smoke rising up to the sky. Murdock tensed. He did a methodical search for any threat.

He found found none.

Instead, there was a city and some the buildings were on fire. Murdock could see a stampede of people heading somewhere. Murdock narrowed it down to anarchism which beg more questions.

How the hell did he get himself into one of those falling Yellow Zone cities? He racked his brain.

Murdock was just going to assume that the autopilot brought him here. Contacting command was the top priority.

"Command, this is Eagle-1. Do you copy?" Murdock spoke into the mouthpiece. No response. Murdock checked his frequencies and it was correctly set up. Murdock scratched his forehead before retrying solving the issues. The radio frequency checked out. The transmitter and receiver were not broken. It didn't make any sense to Murdock.

Murdock was still fumbling with his radios until the Orca interface warned him of a sudden spike of heat signature near the edge of the city. Curious, he went to investigate.

Alas, he found himself seeing a mob armed with melee weapons and some kind of group wearing some kind blue coloured clothes. The mob seemed to be blocking the people in blue from going anywhere and was slowly approaching the people in blue.

Murdock gasped as realization struck him. The mob was about to lynch them!

He found himself in a dilemma. Should he intervene and assist the people in blues or not? Murdock didn't even know their affiliation. Maybe the people in blue did something bad that he didn't know of and the orange people simply wanted revenge. He hated seeing people being killed in front of him if he could do something albeit with some exceptions.

Like, the NOD for example.

, NODs usually wear red outfits and carries guns, not civilian clothes adorned with orange and carrying homemade overglorified melee weapons! Not to mention that the people in blue lacked the GDI emblem and instead was replaced with eccentric choices of different clothes that shared a similar trait, blue.

Murdock zoomed in the camera. The mob was being led by...a woman?

Amidst the people in blue, there were a male that looked a lot like a soldier, a man that looked like he belonged to a lab and some teenage girls cosplaying some kind of humanoid animals. What? Everything didn't make sense to Murdock.

There was an adorable girl with bunny ears that caught his eyes. The girl had a very determined expression despite the fact that her eyes betrayed her feelings of intense fears.

The sight triggered some kind of maternal instinct inside Murdock.

Murdock found himself not caring about harming the mob. He had a new objective, protect the group at all cost.

He knew which one was the bad guy. Surely normal people don't have the intent to harm a child and teenagers that barely reached adulthood?

"Command, this is Eagle-1. Do you copy?" Murdock did a last futile attempt to connect with HQ. He need to call the shot on his own. Didn't matter. He already made up his mind.

Here goes nothing! He hoped he didn't dug his own grave. Impulsive action, really.

He hovered close not too far but not too close either, just enough for a grand entrance and just enough room for maneuver. He needed to buy the people in blue some time to escape. That was his new objective.

The mob and the people in blue craned their neck upwards when they heard the loud jet engine engine.

Murdock grinned. Goddamn, he loved the look of awe and surprise on their faces. One of the mob even had her jaw hanging open. Heh.

The presumed leader of the mob recoiled before quickly gained her composure as fast as Murdock appeared. She sent a glare that promised death towards Murdock. Yeah, totally a bad guy. Or girl, in this case.

Without warning, the Orca detected energy build up inside the woman before the energy was exuded into the surrounding buildings, causing her goons to back away as far as they could from her instantly. Murdock could see why as the asphalt paved road and the buildings began to melt like butter. The mob began to fire...Crossbow bolts towards him which only damaged the paint job. Some of the mobs began chanting.

For those reasons alone, Murdock realized that the woman and the mob were about to go on offensive. With the intent to kill him.

Lethal force was now authorized.

Murdock didn't waste a single second as he fired 2 Hellfire VI air-to-ground missiles towards the woman, leaving trails of white smoke. The mob gave a panicked look before they tried to scramble away from their impending doom.

The missiles didn't quite reach the intended target as the woman conjured a visible black barrier out from nowhere. The missiles exploded in an anticlimactic small fireball as the missiles impacted directly in the center of the shield.

Energy shielding, Murdock spat.

She didn't fully block the full extent of the damage as the shockwave from the second blast managed to disable the hastily made shield and threw her into the wall of a building. The new generation of missiles were capable of damaging even the most heaviest NOD armour. Of course, that lady won't stand a chance.

Some of the mob that didn't manage to run away were caught in the blast, sending some of them flying without body parts.

Well, it's the time time to end this little charade. He fired 2 more missiles aimed at places that guaranteed the most kills. Blowing some into smithereens while mutilating the others.

Murdock decided to diversify as he aimed the autocannon at the remaining combatants and fired. A bright red exclamation mark popped into his visor. Murdock cursed.

He fired the missiles and received the same response from the system. God damn it! Murdock checked his remaining armaments, all of them were expended.

To make the matter worse, there was movement inside the building the woman came crashing in earlier. And behold, The woman came out from the hole, unscathed and was preparing for another attack.

Murdock was basically screwed. What the hell that woman was made of?

She seemed to mutter something under her breath before sending a stream of dark beam to the aircraft. Murdock cursed as he pulled evasive maneuvers in random directions. Unfortunately for him, the stream of the dark coloured beam onslaught didn't stop, draining his shield.

Murdock took a glance on his sensors

The people in blue were nowhere in the vicinity and the thing told him that they were far enough for the mob to give chase. The people in blue were smart enough to use him.

Thus, Murdock had achieved his objective and proceeded to hightail it out from there. The nimble VTOL aircraft did some barrel rolls before he was out of the woman's range.

Murdock looked back at the city, just to confirm the superwoman didn't fly and murder him. His paranoia were unfounded. Instead, Murdock was met with a view he thought was impossible.

The city was built onto a platform that was built on a platform with huge treads. A HUGE threads. Murdock awed at the sight. This was straight out from a fantasy world. Who on Earth would build such an expensive impractical city on wheels?

Murdock snorted. Everything so far didn't make any sense to him. He decided to spare his brain from a fruitless labor. Murdock

Without warning, his ears registered screeching sounds before he found himself being flanked on both side by 2 aircrafts.

The jets were Firehawks. The sound was distinct enough for Murdock to differentiate between a Vertigo and a Firehawk.

Murdock was about to hail the pilots.

"This is Commander Parker of GDSS Straton."


"Passcode:W0123HM. Lieutenant Murdock, this is a new order. Head towards the designated location. I found your teammates being in the same situation as you. Over." His mind wasn't playing tricks on him.

"Copy, Command. Over." Murdock replied.

The Firehawks began to gradually pick up speed, just enough to to be in front of Murdock's Orca.

The pilot decided to break the silence. "Glad to see you are still alive and kicking, Eagle-1." One of the pilots greeted in an upbeat tone. Oh, he recognized the voice.

"You too Eagle-3 and Eagle-2." Murdock returned the pleasantries. "I'm surprised that you made it this far."

The pilot gave a hearty chuckle, "Would do a bad job of escorting if we died."

Murdock got a clear view of the Firehawks. "What happened to the rest of you?" Murdock asked.

"Disappeared into thin air." The pilot answered curtly. It was a different voice replying this time. It was much more younger sounding.

Murdock realized something. "About the beer I owe ya."

"Yeah. It can wait." The older pilot deadpanned.

The travel back to the rendezvous zone was uneventful. Murdock decided to keep his silent and so did the pilots. It was pure boredom of having to keep a vigilant watch in the airspace. Murdock decided to depend on his tracker and the two pilots. Let's just say that he believed he wasn't on Earth to worry anymore.

There was only vast desert as far as his eyes could see. He watched as the sun set in the distance, slowly changing the colour of the blue sky into orange. The moon becoming more visible as time went.

Murdock felt nostalgic at the sight.

It was such a breathtaking view. Murdock wished he could stay in this moment forever. No fighting, no NODS, no alien, no Tiberium. Only peace and tranquility.

Murdock had never saw the need to enjoy a sunset. Most of his childhood compromised of non-stop studying advised by the GDI after the end of Second Tiberium War. He even rarely got any moment to relax after he graduated because of the damned Conscription Law that was passed during the onset of the Third one.

After the war ended, Murdock decided to stay in the army and joined the airforce instead and rising up through the rank. Murdock wasn't an idiot. The cancellation of the Conscription Law was only temporary.

Murdock was still lost in thought as the beeping of the navigation system brought him out of the stupor. Murdock had finally arrived. It was already dark and the sky was clear. The moon shone brilliant, bathing the desert in a mystical glow.

The 2 Firehawks were begining to slow down before becoming still in the air. Murdock followed suit.

A minute later, a massive object descended from sky through the clouds and casted a huge looming shadow upon the 3 aircrafts. The sleek but solid rectangular design of the spacecraft and very few bleeping navigation lights were the thing that Murdock identified as GDI. That spacecraft was definitely an upgrade from the Global Stratospheric Transport. It was goddamn enormous as the spacecraft completely hid the moon from Murdock's view.

Murdock had to admit that it was a rare sight to see one of the GDI spacecraft carrier descending to Earth just for the sake of an Orca. Most of the times, they were in space doing God knows what. Murdock was flattered.

It took several minutes before the GDSS Straton opened the hangar. Murdock had to squint his eyes from the sudden change of brightness. There were lot less of parked aircrafts than Murdock had expected. Hence, there were lot of empty space that could fill in a football stadiums.

Murdock chose to land on the spot the closest to the door because, reasons. Murdock was the first one to enter followed by the Firehawks.

The aircraft bumped as it landed. The landing process was perfect and straight up from the pilot manual book. .

Murdock opened the hatch and climbed out from the cockpit. He stretched his body and let out a slight moan. Sitting for too long in the long cramped his muscles and hurting his butt.

"Lieutenant Murdock." The voice greeted him from behind.

Murdock almost tripped on his leg. Murdock straightened his back and gave a firm salute. Muscle memory saved him from further embarrassment.

The commander returned the gesture but not before raising his eyebrows in confusion.

Murdock hoped he didn't make a fool of himself in front of the commander.

"I believe you have completed your mission and retrieved the cookie?" The commander asked with his hands behind his back. Realization hits Murdock.

"Yes, orange flavored cookie and strawberry."

"My grandma and grandpas love them." The commander replied without a hitch with a calm voice and smiling.

The grunt and people that overheard the exchange scratched their respective heads. Murdock admitted it was the weirdest phrase code ever but it did its job.

Murdock walked back to his Orca.

He proceeded to open the small storage compartment located underneath it. Murdock took the steel military briefcase and presented it to the commander.

The commander took the briefcase and inspected it and the content for any damage. The commander seemed to be satisfied.

"Catch some sleep, lieutenant. It was a long day. You and them deserved it." The commander gave a small smile before motioning the Firehawks pilot to come. The pilots were already dismounted from their aircrafts.

Murdock opened his mouth to ask some questions about the briefcase before closing them. Demanding answer from the commander with his emotions out into the open would no him no good. He hoped he made the right decision.

The commander looked at Murdock and the 2 pilots. "There are some empty beds available in the second deck. Sargeant Johnson will show you the way." The commander motioned to the grunt accompanying him.

Without a word, Murdock nodded and the pilots gave a salute before the commander walked to wherever he wanted to be, leaving Murdock and the pilots with the grunt.

"Sargeant Brian 'Murdock' Craig." He offered his hand. The grunt named Johnson simply looked at his offered hand before scoffing.

"This way." The grunt was frowning. He sounded like he didn't want to be here at all.

Murdock could only nod.

The grunt turned his back and walked towards the only door with Murdock and the pilots not too far behind.

Murdock looked at the other 2 pilots as they walked. They simply shrugged. He hoped that Johnson guy wasn't a dick.

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