"You heard me. While I'm on this mission, you will be watching my son."

"But...why us?..."

"Because you two are already roommates, Patryk is smart, and Paul's a little dimwitted so I think he'll get along with kids."


Patryk sighed. "Sir, I don't know if we can-"

"Of course, there's a promotion."

Ding! "What?"

"And a raise."


Patryk could tell Paul was on board too. "We're in," they said together.

Their boss smiled. "Excellent. I knew that would get you. Now, let me introduce you to my son." Suddenly a young boy walked out from behind their bosses' desk. He was smirking, his arms crossed.

Their eyes widened.

"This is Tord," their boss said. "He's a good boy, and he is four years old."

This kid had hair that went into horns. How strange. "Uh...he's adorable sir..."

"Isn't he?" They're boss patted him on the head. "Now, I already packed his things, and you will take him home at the end of your shift. I'm trusting you."

Patryk bowed. "You can count on us, sir. Right Paul?" Paul looked like he was daydreaming. Patryk elbowed him in the side. "I said, right Paul?"

Paul flinched then bowed. "Oh, yeah, yeah! Totally! We'll watch him sir. We promise."

Patryk sighed a rolled his eyes.

Their boss nodded. "Good." Then he waved his hand towards the door. "You can leave now."

"Of course, sir!" Patryk said. "Let's go, Paul."

Paul nodded and walked out of the room with him. When they were far enough away, Patryk panicked. "What are we doing man?! Taking care of a kid?! Can we do that?! Can I-"

Paul put a hand over his mouth. "Hey, hey, relax buddy. There's two of us and one of him. It'll be easy. Besides, you have me, and I'm totally trustworthy." Paul smiled confidently.

Patryk sighed and pulled a hand down his face. "Ughh, sure, you're so reliable."

"I know!"

God, he was oblivious. Patryk sighed. Let's just get back to work. Let's get this day over with so we can go home and start this journey."

"Ok!" Paul smiled. Patryk smiled. Paul's dimwittedness was cute at sometimes.

As the kept walking, Paul mentioned something. "The boss said I'm dimwitted. You don't think I'm dimwitted, do you?"

Patryk flinched. "No, of course not."