At the end of the day-finally- the two men went outside and saw the kid and his father talking. Their boss told them that they would also be getting time off to watch his kid, (still getting paid, of course.) Time off sounded good, but with a kid? Oh boy. The father and boy said their goodbyes to each other and their bosses' car drove off. The kid turned around and tilted his head.

Paul smiled. "Aww, he's kinda cute."

Patryk sighed. "Yeah, now. Get ready when we get home." Patryk noticed the kid's stuff was still outside. "What the hell, the boss couldn't put it away for us?!"

Paul shrugged. "He's the boss. He doesn't do that stuff."

Patryk sighed. "Whatever. Let's get going."

After a car ride, they made it back to their place and brought all of Tord's stuff inside. They luckily had a guest room so the brought it in there. Tord hadn't said one word while they were in the car, and he walked into the house behind them.

Paul smiled. "Welcome to your new place for a while, Tord! It ain't much, but I hope you enjoy!"

Tord said nothing. Paul frowned and leaned close to Patryk, whispering: "Does he talk? Is he mute?"

Patryk blinked. "The boss didn't say anything like that. Maybe he's nervous."

Paul pulled away and nodded. "Probably. This is all new to him."

Suddenly Tord yawned and made his way to the couch. He jumped up and sat with his arms crossed. He looked to them: "You guys are weird."

They both flinched. "Oh my word, he talks!" Paul yelled.

Tord smiled proudly. "Yes, I talk. And I'm good at it."

Patryk blinked. "Well then, why didn't you talk before?"

Tord shrugged. "I didn't think I could trust you guys yet. But I guess I can."

They looked at each other. "This kid seems really smart for his age. It's scary." Patryk said.

Paul nodded. "Yeah. Almost like the boss."

Tord jumped off the couch. "I'm gonna check out my new room. See ya." He walked away. The two stood there watching him, mouths agape. Did that seriously just happen? Seriously, did that seriously just happen?!


Every once in a while they would check on him. He seemed to be writing in a book called: "Steps on learning how to write."

He was four after all.

This kid honestly looked like he could take care of himself. The boss should've left him home alone.

But he was still just a kid.

Tord yawned. He had been writing for a while. He wanted to learn how to write to make his dad proud! But he had been writing for a while now and he was getting bored. He was just practicing writing letters, and his hand writing wasn't that good, but he would make it good, dammit! He would make it good.


Tord was hungry. He sighed. What kind of food did these morons have? He jumped off the bed to go ask them.


That made him run behind the bed, terrified.

"Oh no!"

"Paul, what did you do?!"

"I dropped a plate!"

"Did it break?"



Tord couldn't help but giggle. This Paul guy seemed kinda clumsy and funny. This Patryk guy looked like he was just trying to deal with his shit.

After the two morons calmed down, Tord walked out of the room, trying to be brave. He passed Patryk who was in his room, reading. He made it to the kitchen to see Eyebrows cooking. He hid behind the wall a little and poked his head around the corner.

Paul noticed him from the corner of eye. He turned to him and smiled. "Hey, kiddo! What's up?"

Tord blinked. "What are you making?"

"Scrambled eggs."

Tord was confused. "For dinner?" It was six o'clock. That was usually a breakfast food.

Paul laughed. "Yeah! It's called breakfast for dinner. It's fun!" Then Paul frowned. "Don't your...parents ever do this with you?"

The word "parents" made Tord flinch and his eyes widened. Huh. That was weird. Why was he so nervous? He seemed to love his father. " dad doesn't do that," He said. "He just makes dinner stuff."

Paul laughed. "Well here we have fun!"

This actually made Tord smile. Huh. Maybe living with these two morons wasn't gonna be so bad at all.

Paul smiled at him. "You hungry, little man?"

Tord wasn't sure if he should say yes or no, but then his stomach growled, making him blush and Paul laugh.

Tord's blush deepened. "That's- that's not funny! That was me growling at you! Cause you're so stupid! Grrrr!"

Paul waved a hand. "Yeah, yeah, sure. I'm not that gullible."

"Yes you are!" Patryk called from down the hall.

Paul frowned. Then he turned back to Tord and smiled. "Don't listen to Patryk. He's stupid."

They couldn't see it, but Patryk rolled his eyes.

Paul looked to the eggs and smiled. "Ah! They're ready!" Then he called down the hall: "Pat, get your ass out here! Dinner's ready!"

Tord flinched at the yell. Paul looked down at him and smiled sympathetically. "Sorry, kid. Didn't mean to scare ya."

Tord nodded. "It's alright."

"Yeah, yeah, I heard you the first time!" Patryk called back. He came walking out, making Tord run behind a dining room chair nervously. Patryk rose an eyebrow. "What happened? You were acting so tough before. Where'd all that tough-ery go?"

Tord growled and blushed in embarrassment. "Sh-shut up!" He growled.

Paul put a hand on Pat's shoulder. "Easy, he's just a kid. Let him be how he wants to be."

Patryk rose an eyebrow. "Says the guy wearing an apron."

Paul blushed.

Suddenly Tord yelled. "L-leave eyebrows alone! L-let him dress how he wants!"

They both flinched and turned to him. Tord flinched and his eyes widened, realizing he shouldn't've yelled. He hid behind the chair again. "S-sorry. Are you gonna yell at me?"

Patryk wanted to say yes, but Paul stopped him with a laugh. "No way, kid! You defended me!"

Patryk sighed then smiled. "Look at that, Paul. He likes you."

Tord felt shy and hid his eyes behind his hands. He looked like a baby raccoon. Paul laughed. "It's cool, kid, it's cool."

Tord revealed his eyes again and smiled. "Really? You're not going to yell at me like dad does?"

That made them feel bad. "No, of course not." Paul said.

Patryk crossed his arms and frowned. "Only if you do REALLY bad things."

Tord flinched. "Ok."

They both nodded. "Glad you understand." Paul said. He turned to Patryk, smiling. "Now can we eat already? I'm starving!"

Patryk rolled his eyes. "You and your food. That must explain why you're so chubby."


"I said don't make fun of him!" Tord yelled, then hid behind the chair again.

Patryk rolled his eyes. "We do it for fun, kid. When we say shit to each other we don't actually mean it. Right, Paul?"

Paul was teary-eyed from the insult. Patryk sighed. "Oh, prove me wrong. You touchy loser."

This time Tord didn't say anything. He decided to believe what Patryk said.

Tord tried to jump onto the chair but he was too short. Dammit, he felt silly! He squeaked when he felt someone pick him up. Patryk put him on the chair. "Easy, kid, stop squirming like a fuckin cat." Pat said. He let go of him and Tord calmed down. However, Tord raised a finger like he was the boss:

"Don't do that without a warning! You startled me!"

To entertain him, Patryk saluted and smiled. "Yes, sir!"

Paul laughed.


After dinner, they sat on the couch and decided to watch TV. Paul turned to Tord and smiled. "You wanna watch a cartoon?"

Tord shrugged. "Eh, just flip through the channels to see what's on."

Paul nodded. "Ok." He did just that. Finally Tord stopped him.

"STOP! Stop. This one."

The history channel? What four year old kid wanted this? There were guns and battles! The show suddenly played scenes of war, making Paul flinch. The kid shouldn't watch this-!

"Yeah, get 'em!" Tord yelled smiling. He was making swiping motions with his fists. He turned to Paul and smiled. "I really like guns. My dad had a huge collection of them."

Paul was nervous. "That so?"

"Uh-huh!" Tord nodded proudly. Paul turned to Patryk, eyes wide and terrified. Patryk had the same expression, but shrugged it off. Hey, this is the bosses' kid.

After a while of TV, Tord yawned and pulled on Paul's sweater. "I'm tired."

Paul smiled. "Aww. Then go to bed, kid!"

Tord blushed in embarrassment, then pushed his fingers together. " dad usually takes me to bed."

Pat snickered.

Paul turned to him and frowned. "Stop that, he's just a kid."

Tord heard Pat's snicker and turned to him, blushing and pouting. He had his arms crossed.

Paul smiled." Ignore him, he's stupid."

Patryk rolled his eyes.

Tord frowned. "Yeah, he's stupid."

Pat flinched and looked at him. He frowned. "Hey! Watch your mouth!"

Tord stuck out his tongue at him. "Not with you!" Tord turned to Paul and grabbed onto his sweater, digging his face into it. "Take me to bed! I command you!"

Paul smiled. Ahh, that sounded like the boss. "Ok, come on." Paul took his hand and walked him to bed.

Patryk rolled his eyes. His roommate was spoiling him.

When Paul came back out, he dusted his hands together and smiled proudly. "Ha. He likes me more."

Pat looked at him. "So?"

"Eventually you'll get jealous. I know it."

"Not really." Patryk said.

"Yes, really."

"Stop that, Paul."

"Whatever you saaaayyyy~" Paul teased. Pat frowned.

Author's note!

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