Stiff and aching was not quite the right words to describe how her back felt, but it would work. After Jabba had captured her when she tried to rescue Han, she had feared getting blasted into dust. In any case, seeing those twisted faces laugh and jeer at Han in his state, as well as her embarresment, had done enugh to ruin her day. The guards took her to a cell, an locked her in there untill Jabba decided what to do with her. Ugh, it was disgusting just to think about it.

They had taken practiclly everything off her, so now she just had on a basic jumpsuit. Not that she minded, it was better than being stuck in her underwear. Standing up, she surveyed the room. Not too big, relativley clean, though since you could barely see ahead 12 inches, it didn't really matter. A set of bars for an entrance, with one Gomearian there.

Clearing her mind, she remembered what she could about that species. Dumb, but easily commandable, and usually worked for crime lords and others who needed muscle.

So, she thought, what could she do? Throwing a rock to get his attention, flirting and luring him in to beat him might work, but that only happened in the holovids. She doubted she could win hand to hand against this thing. A chokehold might work, but what would she use? Looking around, she saw...nothing. No cloth in the room. Bummer.

But, she did have a pretty crappy jumpsuit. Looking down, she smiled, before realizing that she would have to strip for this to work. Damn. Not that she was ashamed, she was hot, and could handle herself well, but stripping down in a cell where anyone could see you was not something she ever wanted to do. Ah well.

She unzipped her front, letting her boobs fall out, then silently taking the rest of the jumpsuit down, then off. Damn, she thought, it was surprisingly cold in here. Feeling her body, she realized just how pent up she was. Focus princess, she thought.

Sneaking to the guard, she realized he was asleep. Well, this is gonna be easy. Instead of finishing the job, she bowed, twirled, and a few other ridiculous thing just cause she could. Mostly just cause she could laugh at the fact the guard hadn't even realized that she was doing this.

Slipping the pants legs first through, she got the jumpsuit around it's neck. Bracing herself, she pulled. And pulled. But the guard woke up. It's massive fist grabbed the jumpsuit and tore it from her grasp. Falling back, Leia was stunned. How did it do that?

The guard, angry, grabbed it's pike and looked in the cell. To see her naked. Sniffing the air, it threw it's pike on the ground, grunted, then opened the gate. Leia was confused. Then she realized what it meant. The guard stepped in, tearing off it's pants, and stalked toward her, massive green dick just hanging out.

This was definitly NOT in the plan. Realizing just how naked she was, she stepped back.

"Hold on big guy, j-just step b-back ok!"

It didn't. The guard grabbed her shoulders, lifted her up, and pinned her against the wall, it's giant dick just inches away. Leia kicked and yelled, but no one was coming to rescue her.

Leia thought, "What am I supposed to do? Oh no, he's gonna do it! Wait, why am I wet?"

The guard went in slowly, every inch making her squeal a little more. Her pussy was shaking so hard. The guard sped up, making her body throb like it never had. Now she was full on moaning, barely able to control herself. "It's so AH!" The guard lunged in again an again, now going full speed. Her tits moved up an down every time, and she realized she loved this.


The guard lunched one final time, cumming inside her. It dropped her to the ground. She was dazed, her legs spread out, when she heard it. A call. A dozen guards rumbled down the stairs, only to stop an look at her, then take off their pants.

Standing up, she backed to the corner, her pussy still throbing from the ounding it had taken. "Boys, don't do anything you'll regret...ok?" They marched toward her, grabbed her shoulders and lifted her up. Squeling, she saw their lust, and tried to fight it to no avail. One guard thrust his cock straight into her without any warning, gasping. She only had a second before another put his in a more...sensitive place. She moaned more loudly than she should have. They rammed her again an again, making her orgasm before she could even try to fight it. When the first two finished, another two rose up. This time though, she rode it while on top of him. Laying on the ground, the guard roughly pulled her down onto his cock. The others surrounded her, fondling her breasts, and slapping her when she didn't please them.

When the guard cam, she pushed down harder, letting every little thing into her. Stepping up, she grabbed one of the guards, and pushed hum down toward her wide open pussy. It did as she asked, and another came up from behind, it's dick entering her. Feeling herself orgasm, she let go, fucking each an every single one of them until they cam an collapsed. When the final one squeled in it's weird language, she arched her back, moaning as it's dick throbbed inside her.

Standing up, she surveyed the room. Stepping gently out, she ran to what she thought was freedom.