Hey Everyone

I'm back yet again with another story.

Now as you may have noticed, yes I still have a few other ideas for stories, but this was one idea that was far into development, so I decided to present this one first while the others are simultaneously being worked on.

For this one, I decided to go forward with the idea of a Nicktoons crossover story. The reason for that is because back when I was writing Cartoon vs. Pixels, I've been wanting to do another story similar to that, inspired by the Codename: Kids Next Door movie Operation : Z.E.R.O. Also, I thought about having K.O. and Dendy return, but then decided to only have it be focused on the Nickelodeon characters. However, this story will take place after the events of Cartoons Vs Pixels. So consider this as a sequel.

And don't worry about the other two stories. I will publish those eventually. but for now, please enjoy this one.

NOTE: This story is just for fun. I don't own anything. All Nicktoon characters are made and owned by Nickelodeon.

There are many stories about heroes throughout history. Some are strong. Some are big. Some don't even know they're heroes.

But what many don't know is that most heroes are actually kids. And there so happens to be one that fits in that category.

It all started many decades ago, at a familiar elementary school in Royal Woods.

In a fifth grade classroom, there was a young boy who had an orange shirt with suspenders. He also had freckles, a chipped overbite and some white hair with a cowlick on the left side of his head.

Just as the bell rang, numerous other students came in to fill the room. Right next to the white haired boy sat another boy, only this one had darker skin and hair and wore a dark green shirt with glasses.

"Hey Albert, what brings you here so early?" He asked.

"You can never be too early for class, Seymour," said Albert. "Thought I'd get a head start on everything."

Seymour rolls his eyes. "Whatever you say, Al."

Just then, their teacher came in. She was a tall, beautiful, red haired woman with a green dress.

"Everyone, I have an announcement to make. Today, we have a new student joining our class. I'd like you all to meet Finbarr."

Right behind her was a rather quiet boy with glasses and a combover. Except he wasn't not speaking out of shyness, but rather out of grumpiness.

"Finn, why don't you take a seat next to Albert over there?"

Finbarr said nothing, but made his way towards the empty desk and sat in it.

When noticing that he wasn't really the talkative type, Albert decided to make conversation.

"So….Finney. Where are you from?"

No response.

"Not much of a talker, huh? No worries, I respect that."

"Hey Al?" Whispers Seymour. "I don't know if you should be talking to him. Something about this kid seems pretty sinister."

"Oh relax, Seymour. Since when does talking to someone mean the end of the world?"

"You never know."

"Okay, class. Settle down," their teacher announces. "Give him some space. Now I want to remind you all that the annual school science fair is coming up. So be sure to have your projects ready."

"Yes Ms Goodvibe."

"Good. Now everyone, open your books so we can begin."

Everyone does so. But by the time they had finished, Finbarr was one of the last to get to the end.

Albert noticed and tried to be helpful. "Hey Finney, need any help?"

But Finbarr just said nothing. Just gave a furious grunt.

But that didn't mean Albert would give up on being hospitable. Yet, it wasn't easy either.

Even during lunchtime, Finbarr didn't even care to share his food, let alone finish it.

"You gonna finish that?" Albert asked.

Once again, nothing in response but a grunt.

Finally it was time for everyone to head home.

Albert noticed that Finnbarr was the last to leave.

"Hey, Finney," he waves. "What do you say you head on over to my place? We could finish both our projects together."

"Thanks, but no thanks," Finbarr grumbled. "I work….Uh…...that thing with no one else with you."


"Right. Alone. See you tomorrow. Not that I'll be happy about it." And he marched away.

Then Seymour approaches Albert. "Still at it again, huh Al?"

"At least I'm trying, Seymour. It's not easy trying to get someone to open up."

"Looks like you'll have to face facts. You can lead a cat to water but you can't make him swim."

"I don't care. I know he has a caring soul. He just needs some help trying to bring it out of him."

"Well you can try all you want, but I still think it's best to quit while you're ahead."

In another part of Royal Woods, Finbarr was busy working on his own project in a vacant lot. Which was actually a human sized robot.

The only problem is that while the exterior was extravagant, it didn't have any internal mechanism to power it up.

This is what frustrates the young prodigy to no end. "Confound it! Why can't I ever get anything finished! How am I supposed to found a power source to fuel up my….um…..argh! Everytime!"

That's another thing, for whatever reason, despite being a genius, he has never been able to finish anything. Not his inventions, not a jigsaw puzzle, not even his own sentences.

"There must be something I'm missing. But what?"

Finbarr kicks a round looking rock against a hard wall, and it splits right in two. Inside the rock were two types of gems. One was dark red and sharp, whereas the other was light blue and smoother.

When Finbarr noticed these gems, he was utterly fascinated.

But when he tried to touch them, he got immediately shocked.

Seeing as how powerful they were, he realized that those gems could have potential.

"At last! At last! This is what I've been searching for! With the power of these gems, I shall become the greatest mastermind in the universe! Then everyone will know the name Finbarr…...um…..something."

The next day at school, the students all brought their science projects into the classroom.

Though most of them were pretty typical and basic.

Even Seymour and Albert brought a baking soda volcano and a solar system mobile respectively.

"Very nice project, Al," Seymour compliments.

"Thanks. Yours is pretty good too."

Then the two noticed Finbarr was wheeling in his project, which was covered by a large cloth.

"What do you suppose that is?" Whispered Seymour.

"I don't know," answers Albert. "But whatever it is, I don't think there's anything that can top it."

That's when their teacher stepped in.

"Good morning class," greeted Ms Goodvibe. "I see you've all brought your projects with you. Now if you're all ready, we shall begin one by one. Now, let's start with…..Finbarr? Would you mind coming up?"

Finbarr didn't say anything. Just brought his project over to the front of the classroom. It wasn't until he got there when he finally spoke.

"May I present…."

He took off the sheet, revealing a big robot.

"...my masterpiece."

The class it seems was…...stunned (to say the least).

"And what exactly does this 'masterpiece' do?" The teacher asked curiously.

"Oh it's not about what it can do," Finbarr answers. "It's about what it is. This is my own magnum opus. Worthy of a science fair award and more. All it needs is the…..um….power source!"

So Finbarr reached into his backpack and took out one of the gems. Unfortunately, he took out the red, more sharper one. Once he did, he placed it into the main core chamber, which happened to be located in the chest of the robot.

He then took out a remote and pressed the button.

"And presto."

But to everyone's surprise, nothing was happening.

"I said 'presto'!"

He pressed the button again, and still nothing.

Of course, this made him infuriated. "Useless machine!"

The teacher looks concerned. "Finbarr, this is a very nice presentation. But perhaps we should move on."

"Not until I get this to work! You stupid, wretched, peice of…"

Then he kicked the robot in the leg, and something unexpected was happening.

The gem that was powering the robot glowed bright red as lightning started forming around it. The bolts got so powerful that they started flying everywhere. The students all hid under their desks to avoid the blasts, but unfortunately, one of them happened to hit the teacher, leaving her unconscious in the process.

As for the robot itself, it not only gained more power, but things were getting so out of control that it grew bigger than the school, crashing through the roof.

Everyone was so scared that they all ran out the door and fled. Even Finbarr left to go into hiding. Then the robot stomped out of the class and headed towards the city.

But out of everyone who left, there were still two boys that stayed behind.

"Well that was uncalled for," Albert said.

"I don't feel good about this!" Seymour said, cowering in fear. "I knew I should have stayed home today!"

Albert slaps him in the face. "Pull yourself together Seymour! Our teacher and friends are suffering and all you're doing is wimping out."

"Well, can you think of anything better to do? We're doomed! There's nothing we can do to help!"

"Well I'm not ready to give up! There must be a way."

Just then, they spotted something glowing out of Finbarr's backpack. When Albert decides to look into it, he finds another gemstone. But unlike the other one that was sharp and dark red, this one was light blue and smooth.

As soon as Albert touches it, it starts to glow bright.

"What's that?" Seymour asked.

"It looks like the same gem that powered Finney's robot."

"Well put it back! Who knows what that could do to us? We could be destroyed!"

"We don't know that, Seymour."

"Well I can't take that risk. If that other gem turns things evil, what makes you think this one is any better?"

"Well if the other gem was bad, maybe this one can neutralize it. Don't you get it Seymour? We have the key to fix things. And if we're lucky, we could become the greatest heroes in history."

"We are going to be history if we don't hightail it out of here! Besides, we're just kids!"

"Even kids can be heroes. All I know is that if we're not going to step up, chances are nobody will. So what do you say?"

Albert let's his hand out.

Seymour thought about it and gave Albert his hand. "Okay. I'm in. But you do the fighting."


"But what are we gonna use against that thing?"

Albert looks around and sees the other science projects and then gets an idea.

"I might know. You go out there and do what you can to stall that robot. I'll meet you out as soon as I can."

Seymour salutes and runs out the door.

"Time to show the world what even a little hero can do."

So with quick thinking, Albert took all the projects and combined them all into one big defense weapon. Including a slingshot, a blaster of baking soda and vinegar, a turbofan, and to top it all off, the gem as a power source.

Outside in the city, the giant robot was destroying the entire neighborhood.

The police, the fire department and even the military tried everything they could to put a stop to it, but to no avail.

As a result, the robot ended up destroying the vehicles.

It even began chasing Seymour throughout the city.

"Al sure owes me big time for this!"

Just then, another fifth grade student riding a red scooter zoomed right by.

Seymour hopped onto the back of it. "Floor it, Scoots!"

"Whatever you say, sir!"

But despite them both trying to escape, it wasn't enough to stop the rampage of destruction.

If only someone could step in to take it down once and for all.


Well what do you know?

Everyone looked towards a tall hill and saw young Albert standing firm looking ready for battle. He wore a battle suit with a belt going over his shoulder and a bandanna tied around his head like a sweatband. He also had dark black paint under his eyes.

"Hey tin-grin! Get ready for a slice of pound-cake!"

Of course it didn't take long for the robot to notice as well, as he immediately aimed his blaster at the white haired kid.

Luckily, Albert was able to dodge the blast.

"So you want to play games, huh? Well I got one just for you."

He then took out his defense weapon and began firing it. But the robot exterior was tougher than reinforced titanium.

Nearby, there was two young women and a boy. An old woman of Latino heritage with her hair in a bun and a blue apron, a little boy with glasses and a puce sweater vest who looked like he could be her son, and finally, a little girl around the same age as him, but had long flowing hair and a pink dress.

"Mama? What's going on?" Asked the boy.

"I have no idea, Carlosito," answered his mother. "But if this continues, we're moving to a new city."

At the same time, the young girl that was with him was rather intrigued by what was happening that she even took a picture of the young hero.

But unfortunately, the wind ended up blowing it away.

"Hey! Come back!"

Meanwhile, Albert was still dodging the blasts that were coming from the robot.

"That all you got? I've seen better aims in a dart tournament."

Then Seymour ran up to him. "Al? I don't know if I can take anymore of this stalling stuff."

"Well you won't have to wait any longer Seymour. I might've figured out how to shut off that robot. If we can get that corruption crystal out of the core, that might be enough to power it down. I just need a clear shot."

Seymour had an uneasy feeling. "Something tells me my job's not done yet."

Then two other kids came up. One was the same girl with the scooter from earlier, and the other was a boy with glasses, a yellow-orange polo and a black, pompadour hairstyle.

"Okay, Seymour, Bernie, Scoots, I need you to run interference with it until I say otherwise."

Both Bernie and Scoots salute. "Roger that!"

But Seymour was still hesitant. "Uh….maybe I should just wait here."

But Scoots grabbed him by the arm and dragged him away. "Aw, where's your spirit of adventure."

And with the plan made, it was time to put it into action. And that's just what they did.

All throughout the town as the robot began demolishing everything in sight, the kids each did their own distractions.

Bernie came up with numerous taunts and insults like "hey! Your mother is a trash can!"

Scoots circles around the robot's feet with her scooter rapidly fast, making it (along with everyone else) quite dizzy.

As for Seymour…...well he mostly just backed away in fear.

But nevertheless, the plan worked for a while, but only for so long. The robot seemed to be more annoyed than ever and was about to finish them off.

Or at least it would've been able to if it wasn't for a certain someone raring to go.

"Time to take out the trash!"

Albert aimed the blaster right towards the robot's heart. Now that the good gem had the weapon at full power, it was able to fire the blast right where the corruption crystal was. The blast had knocked the gem right out of the core and launched it into the air.

Without the crystal, the robot had no power, and in turn began to shrink back to its harmless size before it fell to the ground.

Everyone then gathered around it and pondered to themselves and each other.

Nearby, Finbarr saw what was going on and tried to sneak away.

That is, until…

"Hold it right there, mister." An officer grabs him by the arm and holds up a piece of the robot (the head to be exact).

Finbarr looked pretty nervous. "Whatever gave you that…?"

Before he could finish that sentence, the officer turned the head around revealing that what was written on it said 'property of Finbarr C.'."

"I think you better come with us," the officer said as he handcuffed the young genius.

Meanwhile, Albert and Seymour were watching the whole thing, with the former shaking his head in shame.

"I sure hope old Finn learns not to cut corners some day."

"I gotta admit it Al," said Seymour. "That certainly was a blast. Do you think this will ever go down in the history book?"

"Only time will tell, Seymour," replies Albert. "It'll definitely be something to remember. But for now, let's keep this our little secret."

Then Albert took the blue gem and kept it hidden away so it could never fall into the wrong hands.

As for the corrupted one, after the blast, it flew off into the distance where no one was able to find it.

Or at the very least, nobody would ever hope to find it.

Nearby, as he was being taken into custody, Finbarr was angrily shaking his fists. "Meddling hero! He'll pay for this! All heroes will pay! Someday, the universe will be mine! And not even Albert can stop…..um….oh you know."

And he was taken away to jail.

Unfortunately, Finbarr wasn't the only person who had to suffer during the event.

Back in the nearly completely destroyed classroom, the teacher, Ms Goodvibe, was all curled behind her desk

Now you know the old saying 'actions can lead to serious consequences', right? Well, this is one of those cases.

The blast that came from the crystal powering the robot had corrupted something inside of her. Somehow, all the hope for goodness that was inside of her was gone.

"That Finbarr! There's no goodness inside of him! There's no goodness in anyone! Nothing but evil! Goodness is useless in this world!"

As you can tell, she was filled with nothing but rage.

As for the then-young hero Albert, he was known as one of the bravest heroes that ever lived. Or at least, that's what he felt proud about, even if he never really announced who he truly was.

Some say that very few heroes like this existed ever since the beginning of time, and even fewer still exist today. The whereabouts of these heroes is unknown.

However, others have said that these stories are fictitious. That these heroes never existed in the first place. But perhaps there is some truth to these stories.

One thing is for sure, where one story ends, another begins.

Stay tuned