Some weeks previously, on the Aether Paradise

Desperate moans and the rapid *shlick shlick shlick* of sex echoed against the stark white walls of the chamber. Within the room, buried deep in the paradise's sub-levels, were three people, though only two of them were making very much noise. Laying with her sizable chest on the bed in the center of the chamber, and with her ass pointed in the air was a young woman with short brown hair and faintly tanned skin. Her faced was pressed into bed, tounge lolling out as she moaned needily, drooling onto the bright white sheets. Kneeling behind her was a pokegirl with soft lavender colored skin and a ruby gem in her forehead, her split tail nearly wagging behind her as she thrust into her partner. With each movement of her hips she buried her cock into the tight slit in front of her. She thrust hard enough that, if someone hadn't seen it before the fucking began, they would scarcely believe that the cock measured at least eleven inches.

The bed rocking back-and-forth with the movements of the two lovers wasn't the only thing in the room though. Several cameras held from the ceiling by mechanical arms recorded every second of the lovemaking from every angle, as well as a full suite of other kinds of sensors. Last but not least, tucked safely behind a lead glass barrier, and wearing a simple face mask, was the president of the Aether Foundation herself, Lusamine. Alternately watching the passionate fucking in front of her, the feed of data being recorded by the sensors, and the screen of the tablet on which she was currently taking notes, she spoke into the microphone she used to record her observations.

"Human subject was originally male, age 22, penis size 5 inches, height 5'11, weight 160 pounds. After being exposed to the UB-radiation, subject became fully female within one minute. Height was reduced to 5'5 while weight remained, the same, accounting for the extra mass around the breasts and butt. Breasts are EE cups, slightly above average for her age. Like the previous experiments, while basic appearance is maintained, there is no observable indicator of the magnitude of changes after exposure to the UB-radiation, nor is there a physiological way to distinguish between post-exposure males and females."

The results were exactly what she expected, almost four dozen of these formal experiments and the only observable pattern for how humans were affected by exposure to energy from the ultra-wormhole was that there was no pattern. The only consistent aspect was change was that none of the subjects ended up with breasts smaller than a C-cup, and even the most masculine individuals ended up looking indisputably feminine. Beyond that, it was random as far as she could tell, a girl who started out with D-cups could end up with Hs or they might barely grow at all. For men, penis size seemed to have no effect as well. That's without even beginning to get into the other changes, sometimes they get taller or shorter, sometimes they lose weight, sometimes they get more muscular, the list could go on. The effects on humans alone were so varied that she and her team didn't even bother trying to find more than superficial patterns among pokemon. It frustrated Lusamine a little bit, her inner scientist hungry for an answer, but at the same time it also excited her beyond belief. The sheer power and versatility of the UB-radiation made her look forward to the day her plan was complete even more.

Having recorded all of the most interesting physiological data, she decided it was time to move on. Informing the researcher outside the room that she had finished her observations, and that they could resume taking their own notes, Lusamine strode down the long hallway of the paradise's lower levels to another experiment currently in progress. While research in how exactly the UB-radiation affected subjects during the changes was going nowhere, research in what they could do after the exposure was making far more progress. Finally reaching her destination, she punched the 16-digit code into the keypad while the retina scanners and fingerprint reader confirmed her identity. At first Wicke had said she was paranoid setting up that much security, but after seeing what was inside, she agreed that it was appropriate. The room did, after all, contain the most important thing in the whole facility.

The Present

Moon sat down against a tree, exhausted from the tough battle. She and Morrigan had been doing some training in the meadows near the berry fields when they had been ambushed by a Cutiefly. The fight had been difficult even with their Z-stones, the wild pokegirl knocked her Zorua off her feet with a single magic infused gust, and sucked her cock dry nearly instantly with her proboscis like tongue. Moon had only barely been able to get the fairy bug off in turn, sneaking up behind her and jacking her off with one hand, while kneeling under her and eating her out too. Waiting for her pokemon to recover from her own exhausting ordeal, Moon remember how things had been going the past few days. This hadn't been the first time that a wild pokegirl had nearly overwhelmed them, but this was by far the worst yet. The boost to their endurance and libido had certainly helped, but it was only getting them so far when their technique was basically instincts and guessing. While their instincts had proved good, it wouldn't be enough against stronger, more experienced trainers. Slowly, Morrigan got up from the grass and sat back against the tree with her trainer.

"I think our problem is that we know basically nothing about sex, at least compared to everyone else now," Moon began to explain, "We've got a little over a week of knowledge compared to what seems like a lifetime for other people."

Morrigan nodded along, she had been thinking about the same thing, "We can't even ask anyone to teach us since they'll just think we're crazy, not knowing the absolute basics."

Moon agreed, standing up slowly and stretching out. One of the most convenient boons of the Z-stones was that they always bounced back quickly from both sexual exhaustion and physical injury. It was quite helpful in closing the experience gap, since they could go literally all day of they wanted to, while even the most energetic of the trainers they had met still had to stop and breath occasionally. Moon had even noticed that she wasn't nearly as hungry on days that she drank a lot of cum, but she wasn't quite ready to explore the full implications of that yet. The walk to the pokemon center wasn't far, so they decided to get going, before another opportunistic pokegirl or trainer tried to take advantage of their weakened state.

Moon sat up groggily from her bed in the center, jarred from sleep by a sudden noise outside her window. Or more accurately, she got up from the bed that she and Lily were sharing. Rubbing the sleep out of her eyes she made her way over to the window to figure out just what the hell was making that noise and how to shut it up. Pushing the curtains out of the way, what she saw not ten feet from the window rendered her wide awake. Right outside was the pokemon that had given her and Morrigan their Z-stones, but now, instead of the almost amazonian woman they had met, it looked like an actual pokemon. The moment it saw her at the window though, it bolted of into the night. Immediately sprinted to the door, only bothering to grab her pokeballs on the way past. As soon as she crossed the threshold of the center's automatic doors tossed out both balls, only slowing down for a moment to let the girls catch up. Fortunately, both pokemon were light sleepers, and so it only took them a few seconds to realize that something important was happening.

"Why are we running outside, isn't it like one am?" Morrigan asked as she caught up with her trainer.

"Yeah!" Scylla chimed in from a little further behind, "I mean, sometimes I like to hunt around this time but I thought most humans were asleep by now."

"No time to explain, we have to move fast. Scylla, move through the treetops and keep your eye out for a strange looking orange and yellow pokemon, believe me, you'll know it when you see it." Moon ordered, not breaking stride as they pushed further into the woods and up the mountain.

"Aye aye boss!" Scylla chirped back, shooting Morrigan a flirtatious wink before disappearing into the trees.

Moon waited a good thirty seconds before speaking again, making sure her other pokemon was out of earshot.

"Ok, now that she's gone I can tell you the real reason we're out here." Moon said softly, "Outside the window I saw the pokemon that gave us our Z-stones."

That on it's own was enough to get Morrigan's complete attention.

"Not only that, but it looked, well... normal. Like, it looked like how pokemon used to."

And with that, the Zorua was just as determined to find this pokemon as she was. Together they took off running again, following any conceivable sign Tapu-Koko might have left. As they made their way deeper into the woods and up the huge hill in the center of the island a strange feeling overtook both of them. The only thing they could remotely compare it to was the moment the Z-stones were put around their necks. Both girls took this as a sign that they were on the right track. Up ahead of them, they could see the treeline thinning when suddenly Scylla gracefully descended from one of the trees in front of them. The girls slowed their pace slightly as the Spinarak relayed what she had seen.

"I didn't see any strange yellow pokemon around, but I did see something weird," as she said this concern became evident in her voice, and she leaned closer to Morrigan, "There were a lot of really strong pokegirls making their way here. Seriously a lot. There were at least two Arcanine, a Hypno, some Lycanroc, a whole slew of some smaller ones, and I even think I saw a Salamence overhead!"

Though both girls were a little worried by the report, they had already made up their minds. Not even Arceus herself would deter them from their search. Hesitating slightly, but deciding to trust in Moon's and Morrigan's judgment, Scylla fell into step right behind them. Within a minute of resuming their search they found what they were almost certain they were looking for. A triangular stone tunnel dug into the side of the hill. The presence they felt was stronger than ever here, and beyond that, all three of them could feel traces of static in the air. Single file they entered, before after twenty feet, the tunnel opened up into an huge rectangular room open to the sky. The room was about fifty feet wide on the side they exited from, and almost two hundred feet long. At the end of the room was a simple raised shrine, painted yellow and orange. The three girls thought themselves alone as they stepped forward into the room, when suddenly not ten feet in front of them the air rippled and someone seemed to pop out of thin air. Instantly before them stood Tapu-Koko, in the same amazonian glory that they had first met her.

Unlike the other two, who had met her before, Scylla was utterly slack jawed at seeing the legendary pokemon. Which was why all three were too distracted to notice something moving behind them.

"Moon, I brought you here with the purpose of making a few apologies," Tapu-Koko spoke without speaking, her mouth never moving but her words echoing in their minds.

"First I wish to apologize for the trickery required to bring you here. Unfortunately I have not yet found a way to reverse the effects of this event, even temporarily."

Moon wanted to be disappointed to hear that, but instead all she could bring herself to do was admire the island guardian's body, and think about how much of a shame it would be for it to disappear.

"Secondly, I want to apologize for leaving you on your own after I bestowed these stones upon you," As she spoke, the legendary pokemon sauntered closer, her hips swaying sensually as she approached the enraptured trainer. "I shouldn't have expected you to be able to learn everything on your own. I realize that now, but still, I'm very proud of the progress you have made these past few days."

Stopping mere feet from the trainer, Tapu-Koko softly caressed her face, one hand sliding down to gently stroke the stone around her neck, the other poking a finger between Moon's slightly parted lips.

"I wish to make a contract with you little Luna. I will teach you how to use this stone to it's fullest potential. Grant you power and pleasure beyond your wildest dreams. In return you will become my champion, a force of my will in the places where I cannot go. Do you accept the terms of this contract?"

Moon tried to answer, but all that came out was a moan. Instead, she quickly leaned forward and pressed her lips together with the pokegirl's, hoping that her tounge against Tapu-Koko's would be a more than sufficient answer. The deity let out a soft psychic chuckle as she returned the kiss.

"Very well, we shall begin your training immediately. Oh, and don't worry about your team, some old friends of mine will be giving them their own lessons."

At that moment Moon became aware of several other pokegirls in the chamber with them. Surrounding Scylla were five Lycanroc, two Midday and three Midnight. The Spinarak was jerking of four of them at once using her insectoid arms, and giving passionate head to the odd one out. Slightly closer to Moon, Morrigan and a Mismagius were engaged in what seemed to be some comparatively vanilla lovemaking, if it weren't for the fact that reality itself seemed to be distorting around them with each movement.

Tapu-Koko slowly knelt down, pulling Moon with her. Now that she was sitting, the trainer noticed that despite the fact that the floor looked like solid stone, it felt just as soft as any bed. Normally the only clothing the guardian of Mele-Mele wore was a simple floor length skirt made from two overlapping pieces of black and orange cloth. Now she pulled back the cloth, revealing to Moon for the first time her legendary cock. Living up to it's title her Koko's cock was easily longer and wider than Moon's forearm, but it size, while incredible, was probably only the second most interesting thing about it. In a line running from just underneath the tip all the way to the base was a series of rounded bumps. The young trainer gently took hold of the cock, and carefully ran her fingers down the shaft and along the fleshy bumps. To her it almost felt like someone had taken a bead necklace and stuck it underneath the skin. In response to her ministrations, a small amount of pre-cum began to form at the tip, which Moon licked up without even thinking about it. She blushed when she realized what she had done, but it also occurred to her how silly it was to be embarrassed about that when she was literally stroking a cock with her own two hands right now. The other thing she noticed as her hands slid up and down the pillar of throbbing fuckmeat was that while at the tip, it was only (in the relative sense) about as wide as her wrist. But by the time she worked down the rest of the nearly two foot long shaft, it became almost twice as wide.

Though Tapu-Koko was very much enjoying the not-quite handjob she was receiving, she had other plans for the night's proceedings. Gently, she pushed on Moon's shoulders with both hands until the trainer was lying down on her back. From there she simply floated a foot into the air and turned herself around until she was staring directly at the girl's slit. She jutted her ass into the air so that her cock was hanging but a few tantalizing inches over Moon's mouth. The trainer desperately craned her neck upwards and began sucking on Koko's shaft.

"Oooh yes, you're an enthusiastic one aren't you," the legendary cooed, "I made the right choice picking you."

Rewarding Moon's initiative, she leaned her own head down and began to return the favor, slowly dragging her tounge across her already soaking slit. The effects were instantaneous, and Tapu-Koko could feel the trainer's moans and shudders through her cock.

"Enjoying yourself are you? The guardian teased, her ability to speak telepathically meant she still continued eating the girl out as she spoke.

After about a minute or she and her protege had gotten themselves into a nice rhythm, not to fast, not to slow. So the legendary pokegirl decided to turn her attention to the other shows going on within the ruins. Scylla was still surrounded by Lycanroc, although a few of the wolf-like pokegirls were sitting down nearby for a rest. The Spinarak herself however was still going strong. She was kneeling in the center of a circle of pokegirls, continuing to get them all off. Switching between hands and mouth as each Lycanroc took turns. She was so covered in white by now that it looked like she'd covered herself with webbing. One could wonder why a pokegirl that had been so domineering would be content with such a servile role. Until of course the noticed that some of the white was webbing, and the countless little white ropes were connected to the necks of the other pokegirls like a collar, and Scylla held the leash.

With a satisfied chuckle she shifted her attention to the other pair of pokegirls enjoying themselves not ten feet away. The Mismagius was in the middle of teaching Morrigan a little bit about how to use her illusion powers, and so far the lesson was going well. They had both been shifting between various forms, Morrigan using her species' unique abilities, and the Mismagius using the much cruder but nonetheless effective abilities of all ghost types. Look at one, they'd be a Butterfree, look at the other they'd be a Pikachu, and by the time you looked back at the first one she'd have turned into a Lilligant. After cycling through the forms of a few of the pokegirls on the island, and a little bit of memory sharing they way only ghost types can, they settled on two they thought would be fun. Morrigan had turned herself into a near perfect facsimile of her trainer, except of course for the massive hard-on she was sporting between her legs. The Mismagius on the other hand had changed a little more completely, the thick shoulder length brown hair, tanned skin, and huge H-cup breasts. If you were to put the copy side by side with the original you might notice a difference or two, but as it were, the ghost pokegirl had turned herself into a perfect recreation of Stella White, Moon's mother, pulled from Morrigan's memory, she had even phased her own cock inside her body, to really sell the illusion.

Tapu-Koko was impressed, she hadn't expected things to get this kinky nearly this quickly. She got up from her position over Moon and gestured for the trainer to do the same. As she sat up Moon had a mini-heart attack when she say what was going on, but calmed down when she remembered that both pokegirls were adept illusionists. She just stared at the two as they fucked cowgirl-style, the illusion of her mother bouncing up and down on 'her' cock, saying things like, "Oh yes, who's mommy's little girl!" the Mismagius had gotten the voice wrong and some of the things she said were completely out of character, but it was effective enough that Moon couldn't help but touch herself and imagine what the real thing would be like.

Eventually, she simply couldn't take it anymore, she walked over to the pair, sat herself down on Morrigan's face, and pulled Mismagius into a sloppy kiss. But before they could really start making out, Tapu-Koko who no one noticed had disappeared, loudly performed the psychic equivalent of clearing her throat. Just to her side stood one of the other pokegirls Scylla had seen in the forest, the Salamence.

If Moon thought some of the other pokegirls she had seen were amazonian, then this one was their queen. The dragoness stood nearly eight feet tall and every inch of her rippled with scale-covered muscle. With her crimson wings spread out behind her she seemed even larger, with a wingspan that would be more than twice her height fully outstretched. Even her face was regal as well, the sharply defined features accentuated by the two aqua-blue spines that extended from either side of her face. Moon was so caught up in a gay panic about the rest of her appearance that it took her a moment to notice the pokegirl's sexual characteristics. The Salamence's breasts were quite large but on her large frame they looked almost average, and as Moon trailed her eyes down across her abs, she was shocked to notice that she didn't have to trail her eyes nearly as far as she expected. While her breast were large they were at least proportional, her cock on the other hand looked enormous even on her statuesque body. Her draconian shaft was easily over three feet long and as thick as her thigh, every inch of it's titanic length rippled with the ridges and knobs so common to draconic dicks. The mammoth cock was complemented by an equally ridiculous pair of balls, each of them just a little smaller than a soccer ball. Moon's jaw dropped as all she could do was stare, she could not believe there was any way that Koko expected her to take that entire length inside of her.

"You don't have to worry, you won't be fucking her proper, not tonight anyway." The guardian deity assured, reading the trainer's thoughts. "I brought my old friend Andromeda here to help me teach you a different lesson.

Tapu-Koko gestured for Moon to approach, and before the trainer was fully aware of what was happening, the Salamence was laying on her back while Moon was kneeling on the ground straddling one of the pokegirl's thighs, while the enormous pillar of cock stood straight up into the air directly in front of her.

"Well go on then, I'm sure you know what to do." Tapu-Koko said, gesturing to her own ample breasts to indicate what she meant.

Hesitantly Moon leaned her body into the shaft, one hand on either side of her breasts pushing them up against the Salamence's length. She hesitated not out of embarrassment, but because she had no idea how she was supposed to make a cock this huge feel anything. She had thought her new breasts were big, but up against this, it felt like she was rubbing two grapes against a Steelix. Poking her tounge out, she began to run the slick muscle up and down the draconic dick along with the movements of her body, but the improvement was still marginal. At the very least the pokegirl didn't seem annoyed with her, she just seemed content to let Moon continue to try.

"As I figured, you haven't figured out how to control it yet." Tapu-Koko mused, moving as though floating, kneeling down behind Moon and wrapping her arms around her, putting her hands over the trainers.

"The Z-stone is capable of far more than merely magnify your arousal. By absorbing and channeling sexual energy, it affords you an incredible degree of control over your own body." She explained. Moon tried to stare at her incredulously, but the goddess held her in place.

"I will help you coax out the energy, feel it flow through you, focus on the form you desire and direct the power to fulfill your wish."

Moon could feel the strange energy flow through her body, pulled forth by the two pairs of hands on her breasts. She focused on the task in front of her, she wanted to give this colossal cock a tit-job, then she needed tits to match it. A memory of her trip to the pokemon center that day popped into her mind unbidden, particularly the Blissey who was helping the attendant Nurse Joy, particularly the pokegirl's titanic breasts. As she thought about it, she felt the power emanating from the Z-stone begin to tug and pull at her chest. With each beat of her heart her chest expanded like a balloon, expanding at once from D-cups to F-cups, then from F to H, then from H to K, and then beyond the point that bra-sizes would even begin to suffice. By the time they stopped, her breasts were easily larger than a pair of beach balls, if they stayed like this, Moon would probably have a bit of trouble with doors. Along with the incredible growth of her chest, she also felt the tell-tale tingling along her spine, reinforcing her back muscles so that her new rack wouldn't give her any trouble at all.

Finally content with her growth, Moon resumed her titfuck with renewed gusto, her new tits easily able to swallow more than half the length of the Salamence's shaft. Not only had her breasts grown, but as Moon noticed as her hands sunk deep into her own tit-flesh, they had become incredibly plush. The trainer took deep satisfaction from the fact that her partner's encouraging smile had transformed into a pleasured moan as she slid her pale orbs up and down the pillar before her, but it wasn't enough for her. Again she focused on the power of the Z-stone, but this time her object was different. She remembered a pokemon she saw back in Kanto, Lickitung in particular, and it's six foot tongue. There was no need for that much tongue though, and instead, she let it grow until it had reached nearly a foot-long, before letting it loll out of her mouth, to the shock of her own pokemon, who had begun to watch the show. With the extra inches, she began to frag her tongue up and down the pokegirl's cock once again, using the prehensile muscle to get every nook and cranny slick with her spit.

After a few minutes, Andromeda began to show the signs of her climax. As her breathing began to quicken she sat up a bit, and with one hand aimed her cock so that the trainer would be completely covered in her load. Moon moved so that the head was just protruding from her cleavage, closed her eyes, and opened her mouth wide. The dragoness blew with the force of a volcano, the first shot splashing on Moon's neck and the next one landing almost directly on her outstretched tongue. While Morrigan's cum tasted sort of like licorice, Scylla's tasted like peaches, and Tapu-Koko's tasted like holding a battery dipped in savory to her tongue, Andromeda's was somehow infinitely more overwhelming. It was then that Moon realized that a bigger tongue meant more taste buds, and considering the source of her power, they were probably far more sensitive. In her experience so far, all of the semen that she drank (something Moon never thought she would think about) shared that unique salty-sweet-and-savory flavor of sex, but this was turned up to 11 in addition to the new flavors that she guess were unique to dragons.

Moon sloshed her first mouthful of cum around for a few seconds while Andromeda continued to soak her entire upper body in white spooge. She swallowed at the same time the spurts of cum finally died down, and she took a deep breath while she looked down at herself. Basically every part of her body not covered by her breasts was soaked in white, there was only barely more skin visible than cum, and if she had to guess based on the feeling, her face was the same way. With ravenous intent, she whipped her tongue out and used it's impressive length to lick herself clean. Although cleaning herself off was far lower on the list of priorities in her mind than simply lapping up as much cum as she possibly could. Once she finished her feast of cum, she let herself fall backwards and sat down. Her mind clearing from it's semen induced frenzy as the residual flavor cleared from her mouth. It was then that she noticed the mildly shocked look that most of the pokegirls in the chamber were giving her. She blushed when she realized that even in a world where sex is the primary way of life, there are still people who are sluttier than the rest. She also realized that this was the firs time she had completely lost control of herself. Moon could only imagine how much respect she would lose from her pokemon. At least until Scylla, still covered head to to in Lycanroc spooge walked over to where she sat, wiped a hand along her cum-soaked breasts, licked it clean, and then pulled her trainer into a deep kiss. Then she knew that amount was zero.

Again the haze of cum began to cloud her mind and overwhelm her senses again, but this time she was prepared for it and maintained her composure. After breaking the kiss she bent down to kiss the other parts of the Spinarak's body. She also noticed that her breasts had begun to shrink again, and while still much larger than normal, they would be far less cumbersome. With each kiss to the breasts, the neck, the navel, etc, Moon lapped up more come from Scylla's body. Before she was satisfied with the amount in her mouth and resumed their semen-soaked make-out session. Tired of simply watching her trainer, Morrigan marched over to the pair and pulled them apart, pressing her lips against her master's. But this time Moon broke the kiss early.

"I realize that I've probably been a terrible trainer this past week," Moon said coyly, "I haven't fucked you, or even given you a blowjob since that first morning. I think it's time I fixed that."

Immediately she dropped to her knees and started kissing something else instead. Her plush lips caressed the head, while her tongue slithered out underneath, tasting the Mismagius' quim leftover on the shaft. With her right hand she took hold of Scylla's cock, so that she didn't feel to miffed about their kiss being interrupted. Tapu-Koko for her part, moved behind the trainer and merely looked on for a moment, deciding her next move. Once Moon had pushed herself all the way down to the base of her pokemon's cock, she decided to get a little bit creative. Snaking her tongue out and around Morrigan's balls, she took her nearly twelve inches of slick muscle and stuffed it into the pokegirl's pussy. The Zorua came almost instantly, partially from the shock of something moving so quickly in her relatively neglected snatch. Moon still didn't stop her assault, continuing to writhe her tongue inside Morrigan and to massage her length with her throat. Even as she lapped up fem-cum with her tongue and spooge was poured directly into her gullet.

However, she was unprepared for the sensation of her rear being telekinetically lifted up so that she was standing with her whole body at a right angle. And she was definitely unprepared for the sensation of Tapu-Koko's cock rubbing up against her soaking wet slit. The deity shoved herself inside without the slightest bit of resistance. Moon' s moans resonated through her throat and tounge, stimulating Morrigan to orgasm again instantly on the tail of her last one. As two loads in a row blasted down her throat, the trainer noticed that her pokemon's shaft hadn't softened in the slightest from the moment her lips first touched it. It was then that she realized just how long this night was going to shape up to be for them.