Harry was tired of being scared of this Grimm the few time he had seen the dog trouble wasn't so far away, as he sat by the window closest to his bed, he looked out to see Crookshanks walking on the edge of the Forbidden Forest. Harry took a sharp intake a breath, of course, tonight of all nights. He sees the Grimm he watched for a moment as the cat walked going through and around the dog's legs. Harry wondered why Crookshanks was so friendly with the Grimm. the dog and cat seem to be friends. harry worried what seeing the dog might mean for tomorrow without thinking Harry gets up puts on warmer clothes pulls out his invisibility cloak and heads down to the Forest.

Once he got out of the castle and onto the ground, he wondered why I had rushed out so quickly thinking the dog. The cat will probably long gone by now. harry took a glimpse around only to see Crookshanks and dog sitting close together about where he had seen them from his dorm room window he snuck quietly hoping not to be sensed by the two creatures before him. Still, he was not even two yards away when the dog stood looking right at him and barking sharply once. Harry stood frozen for a moment the dog walked towards him. He stood still hoping the dog only heard the sound of his feet. The dog sniffed putting his nose to the ground before it bumped into Harry's leg. Harry stepped back quickly the dog snaps forward and grabbing a bit of the Invisibility cloak in it teeth Harry froze, not wanting the clock to fall off him and to be seen the dog. The dog pulled slightly pulling the cloak off him. The wind of the cold night air hit Harry along with the fear. The dog, however to Harry surprise seem unfazed by the sudden appearance of the boy in front of it. The dog looked at him and then turned still with invisibility cloak in its mouth and starts trotting away.

" Hey give that back!" Harry shouted follow the dog didn't stop it just keep hopping over fallen logs and roots heading deeper into the Forest. This continued until Harry looked behind himself he couldn't see Hogwarts anymore and then he tripped.

The wind left his chest, and he was gasping he couldn't breathe Harry push up on his raw hands getting up still gasping, his glass had fallen off,

" slowly Harry that was a nasty fall you had, breathe slowly it will come back to you" the voice was gruff like it hadn't been used in a long time. Still, it had a kind and almost familiar undertone. Harry looked up into the face of the man who was helping him up it looked like to Harry that a mini Hagrid judging by the long black hair and beard was helping him.

"Who?" Harry asked the man who didn't answer Harry felt the man but his glasses into his hand and Harry Potter looked into the face of Sirius Black

" never saw one without the other the number of times I've had them in here- oh they used to make me laugh quite the double act, Sirius Black and James Potter."

"You would have thought Black and Potter we're brothers."

"Black was best man when James married Lily in the named godfather to Harry."

"-in league with you-know-who."

" James Potter told Dumbledore that Black would die rather than tell where they were"

"Barely a week"

"Black may not have laid a finger on the potters, but he's the reason they're dead."

The words of McGonagall Flitwick fudge and Hagrid swarmed Harry mind this was the man who had betrayed his parents to Voldemort and was trying to kill him Sirius reached into the get pocket for what harry assumed was a wand out of what was stolen robes, but before Harry could reach for his pocket to pull out his own wand, Sirius Black pulls out a handkerchief.

"You cut your hand, Harry, you should be more careful these woods aren't the safest place," Sirius Black said softly taking Harry's hand placing the handkerchief on where Harry had indeed sliced his palm opened. Sirius gently put pressure on the cut before gently curling Harry's hand into a fist.

"Keep putting pressure on it to stop the bleeding," he said Harry looked to his hand and then to Black's face this man looked nothing like the mad man in the wanted poster this man looked like a man you had lost everything just like Harry. Harry couldn't understand why Black was being so kind to him wasn't he try to kill him but the most surprising this was probably the look in blacks eyes there were scared Harry didn't know what to do so he asked a question.

"aren't you supposed to be trying to kill me?"

I have been getting back into Fanfic writing just recently so this may be a little ruff but hey I haven't since a fic like it so thanks for reading cheerio! - Jelly