A blaring alarm clock cut through the quiet stillness, the morning sun barely peeking over the clouds. Fourteen year old Urameshi Akemi opened bleary eyes with a groan, slamming her palm over the snooze button, attempting to rub the sleep out of her eyes with the other. Her body attempted to float back into sleep , jolting awake as the scene flashed before her eyelids again. Her body was covered in a cold sweat, her nightmare still hanging on the edges of her consciousness. A shiver rocked down her body sending her heart and stomach into a frenzy. Even though her alarm had gone off, she woke slightly later than normal. As quietly as she could, she slid out of bed gathering her things to prepare for school. Slipping into their small apartments bathroom and turning her shower the hottest she could stand, she braced her hands on the sink taking a deep breath.

It's not true. It can't be. It was just a dream.

She looked up into the mirror, fear still gripping the edges of her heart. She'd had the dreams and the feelings before. Not to mention the older she got the more she saw them. Those things that couldn't be explained no matter how hard she tried. Last night's nightmare only told her she would need to do more research. Who knew how long she had? How long till her dream come true? How long did he have? The cold prickling feeling rolled down her spine again. She shivered slightly while sliding off her clothes and slipping into the warmth of the water. She slid her fingers through her hair, lathering it with her lavender and vanilla shampoo. She washed quickly, trying to hurry so she could wake up her twin.

Akemi smiled slightly thinking of her twin. She let out a small chuckle as she went through the motions of stepping out of the shower to brush her teeth, dry off and get dressed for the day. Her twin was none other than Urameshi Yusuke, the self named toughest punk of Sarayashiki Junior High. For being twins, the two were quite the opposite. Where Akemi was studious and quiet, Yusuke was loud and could give a crap less about school. Akemi was always there for classmates and friends and as much as Yusuke tried to act like he didn't care about others, deep down Akemi knew he had a big heart. He'd helped take care of her while their mother was, for lack of better words taking care of herself. It had always been her and Yusuke against the world. The thought made her blood run cold as she recalled her dream.

Everything is about to change. I'm scared I can't stop what's going to happen soon.

Akemi let out a huff of air. Maybe she'd go running after school. Try and let out some of the steam and anxiety building up inside of her. Maybe Yusuke would spar with her again. He'd been the one who taught her how to fight after all. Finally emerging from the bathroom, she skipped over to her twin's door, slamming it open while getting a running start.


She landed solidly on top of her brother's sleeping form, laughing while the air left him in a whoosh.


Yusuke shoved her hard, Akemi sliding off and landing solidly on the floor. She continued to laugh. His head popped over the bed while he glared at her, sprawled out on the floor laughing.

"You're such a brat Akemi."

She couldn't stop the giggles that were sliding out. Grinning he reached down and grabbed her in a head lock.

"Dammnit Yusuke LET GO."

He laughed loudly, ruffling her hair with his knuckles until she was able to shove him off. She huffed, straightening her hair and uniform to its former perfection.

"You're so rude. Get up it's time for school. You've gotta actually show up or I swear they're gonna kick you out today. Oh and please at least put on the blue uniform today?"

Yusuke grunted, rolling his eyes. He got up and stretched, yawning while pushing on Akemi's head and knocking her over.

"Yeah yeah. Whatever you say brat."

"Yusuke! I just fixed my hair!"

She sighed, getting up off the floor and walking out to the kitchen to fix them breakfast. Glancing into the living room, she could see her mother passed out on the living room floor, TV still blaring. Akemi snorted and rolled her eyes. Shaking her head she covered Atsuko up with a blanket.

"I swear mother."

She could hear the shower starting and rushed to prepare a quick breakfast. Quickly eating her share, she heard the shower shut off. Making sure Yusuke had something to eat set out on the counter she hollered down the hallway her goodbye. After quickly slipping her shoes on , Akemi darted out the door for school. She was halfway down the street when Yusuke hollered for her to wait while jogging to catch up.

"Hey brat. I was just wondering how long I have to be at school. I didn't even feel like going today."

"Just try to be there for the entire day. At this point , I swear you're not even going to go on to high school with me Yusuke."

He chuckled, rubbing his knuckles on the top of her head again. Standing a good few inches shorter than Yusuke she swung her fist up , solidly connecting with his chest.

"Stop doing that stupid I already told you I JUST fixed my hair."

Yusuke chuckled, rubbing the sore spot where she hit. They spent the rest of the walk to school in silence each consumed in their own thoughts. Akemi clutched the handle of her bag a little tighter, thinking back to her dream last night. Ever since she was young, these dreams haunted her. And they always came true. Her blood ran cold as she slowed down and watched her brother's back. It wasn't right though. This wasn't' the scene she had seen in her nightmares. He glanced back at her a worried look flickering across his features.



"You alright?"

"I'm fine Yusuke, let's hurry up. Race you!"

She picked up her pace, jogging ahead of him. He shook his head and took off after her, beating her to the front gate of the school. Akemi laughed, high fiving him at the gate before splitting off to find their childhood friend Keiko. She stopped a little way away, turning back to look at Yusuke.

"Hey Yusuke. Do me a favor?"

"What now Kemi?"

"Just. Be careful today. I know I can't force you to stay but please.. If you could stay today it would be best. I just.. want you to watch out for yourself okay?"

He cocked his head to the side, frowning. He studied her face, silently asking if she was alright. She grinned at him and held out her pinky. He smirked, rolling his eyes and wrapped his pinky around hers.

"Yeah yeah."

She nodded satisfied and waved before heading over to Keiko. The other girl narrowed her eyes over Akemi's shoulder at Yusuke. Akemi shook her head laughing a little under her breath. The two girls sighed and Akemi hooked her arm through Keiko's.

"At least he came today. Yesterday he told me to shove it when I tried to wake him up."

Keiko laughed a little, shaking her head.

"He really hasn't changed any has he?"

"No he hasn't but it's Yusuke what do you expect? Anyways, how do you think you did on the math test."

Akemi let the chatter of the day wash over her trying to shake off the ominous feeling that washed over her bones.

"Yusuke Urameshi. Report to Mr. Takenaka's office immediately."

Akemi rolled her eyes walking to home room.

The hours that dragged on until lunch felt like forever to Akemi. She could see why her brother continuously skipped school. In between the teachers and the school assignments even Akemi could feel the want to be anywhere other than here.

"Akemi Urameshi, please report to Mr. Takenaka's office immediately."

Akemi groaned , dropping her head onto the desk. Class was just about to let out for lunch! What could Yusuke have done now. Gathering up her things, she rolled her eyes, promising to meet her friends shortly after she met with the principle. She timidly knocked on the door to his office, trying not to worry that this was finally the day Yusuke was going to be kicked out of school.

"Come in."

"You called for me Mr. Takenaka?"

He nodded, gesturing for her to have a seat in front of the desk. She plopped down into the chair, huffing a sigh and resting her elbow on her knee, her chin propped in her hand. Mr. Takenaka sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose with two fingers and breathing out slowly.

"Would you like some tea? I just offered your darling brother some, right before he slipped away from me using this."

He tossed an item into her lap and she shrieked. Akemi was taken a back for a second before she realized that the ear she held in her lap was fake. She groaned, threading her fingers through her hair and massaging her scalp, trying to ward off the oncoming headache.

"How did he manage that this time?"

Mr. Takenaka shook his head.

"I had him by the ear fully intending to bring him in to talk to him. I just don't understand Ms. Urameshi. I'm trying my best to level with him but he just doesn't seem to want any of my help."

Akemi swallowed hard, accepting the tea from the older gentleman. She glanced up, watching the tiredness run over the elder gentleman's face. She knew that Takenaka cared for Yusuke. He was always griping about how Yusuke could do better. How much potential Yusuke had. She took a sip from the hot tea, using the second to gather her thoughts. The principal sat down in his desk chair, intertwining his fingers while he sat back to listen to Akemi.

"I don't think my brother wants any help Mr. Takenaka. I know every one thinks that he's just a low life and a loser but I promise you, my brother is much more than what people see him as. Mom pressures him a lot to get a job if he's not going to be in school as often. Some of these teachers don't make it easy on him to be here. From what I hear it was Mr. Iwamoto that kicked him out today sir. No one makes it any easier for him to want to be here. Keiko and I do the best we can as class reps but.. I can't do much more. Even if I were to bug him more about it, he just tells me to focus on my own studies. Sometimes I think he wants me to continue in school more than he wants himself to."

Mr. Takenaka sighed again. He felt pity for the Urameshi siblings. He knew that Akemi was trying her best to stay ahead in school, especially since Atsuko lacked in the parent department. He couldn't remember the last time he had seen the woman sober and remembered Akemi rushing her off the school grounds after she had shown up quite lush to the last parent teacher conference. As far as he knew Akemi was doing her best to run the household while Yusuke did his best to watch out for her. The boy was inherently selfish unless it came to Akemi.

"I understand Akemi. Why don't you finish your lunch and tea up in here until the bell rings?"

She nodded once, trying to hide the fact that she was tearing up. Mr. Takenaka handed her a tissue, coughing awkwardly as she wiped her eyes. She smiled her thanks and silently began to eat her lunch, using the opportunity to also get the extra math tutoring she needed.

A half hour passed before the bell rung for her next class. She packed away her things, standing to go when a sharp pain in her chest made her gasp. She staggered against the door frame, her things dropping from her hands. Mr. Takenaka sprung out of his seat and rushed to her side.

"Ms. Urameshi! Ms. Urameshi are you alright?"

Ice ran through her veins. She couldn't breathe. She felt frozen. Everything hurt and the cold seeped through her. She knew. There was no mistaking this feeling. There was something wrong with her twin.

"Yusuke. Something's wrong with Yusuke."

Akemi ran out of Takenaka's office, sprinting out of the school building, dread filling her as she ran as fast as she could home.

Akemi burst through the front door of the apartment, having sprinted home as fast as she could from school.


Atsuko, sat up, blinking her eyes at the daughter.

"Akemi? What are you doing home early? Don't tell me you're finally taking after your brother and skipping school?"

Akemi's heart stopped as she struggled to breathe.

"Yusuke was here? When did he leave?"

Atsuko shrugged.

"Couldn't tell ya kid . Maybe and hour ago or so? Two hours? I don't know I decided to nap before work."

Akemi couldn't stop the frustrated noise that left her throat.

Maybe he's just running around town. Or he ran into the dude Kuwabara. He's gotta be okay. Yusuke HAS to be okay.

Trying to shake the feeling that something was terribly wrong, Akemi went to her room, tossing her book bag on her bed. She stretched, trying to calm her nerves. Stripping her school uniform off and tossing into her hamper, she dressed comfortably in black ripped jeans, combat boots and a grey off the shoulder sweater. She tossed her long black hair up into a ponytail. She grabbed her house keys and phone, prepared to leave as quick as she could.

Akemi glanced back as she reached the kitchen to see Atsuko strolling into the bathroom to get ready for work. She didn't seem at all concerned about Yusuke, but then again she never had the dreams and feelings that Akemi seemed to have. She shook her head, heading for the front door. When her hand hit the handle, the phone rang. She sprung for it, picking it up as fast as she could.

"Hello is this the parent of Yusuke Urameshi?"

If anything could have stopped her dead and cold it was this.

"No but this is his sister, our mother is out. Can I help you?"

There was a pregnant pause. Akemi gripped onto the counter, the ice in her veins running even colder. She didn't have a good feeling about this.

"Ma'am I'm going to need you to come down to the Kaidan hospital."

The phone clattered to the floor as Akemi screamed for Atsuko. Her voice shaking she explained to her mother what the nurse on the phone had said. Atsuko paled slightly running out the door with Akemi on her heels.

Numb. It was the only Akemi could describe how she was feeling. Laying on the bathroom floor she curled into a tight ball, the tears slipping down her cheeks rapidly.


She closed her eyes tightly, trying to reign in her sobs as she watched the scene replaying behind her eyelids once more.

A child's laughter.

Yusuke's laughter.

The bouncing of a soccer ball.

No one paid any mind to the middle schooler entertaining the toddler. She could see her brother smiling softly at the kid, ruffling his hair while telling him to stay out of the road. He handed the ball back and started to turn away when he whipped back around quickly.

She watched, frozen as the ball bounced into oncoming traffic and the little boy dived for it. She heard her brother screaming for the kid to watch out. And then the unthinkable.

Her brother dove pushing the kid out of the way, the car hitting him instantly.

Akemi's eyes snapped open, her breath coming in quick gasps as she bent over the toilet and emptied the contents of her stomach. Her grief was all consuming. A quiet knock on the door had her head lifting weakly. She stood slowly, rinsing her mouth out in the sink.

"Just a minute."

She took a deep breath, looking into the mirror and inspecting her reflection. Her long black hair bushed over her elbows as she braced herself against the sink. Her skin looked paler than normal and her eyes were blood shot and swollen, her cheeks and the tip of her nose bright red. She scooped some water into her hands, rubbing it over her face. She dried her face on a towel, trying to blot it dry but her eyes still glistening with tears. She couldn't help but almost smirk at the irony that they looked somewhat pretty that way.

Don't cry Kemi. Please.

She gasped, dropping the towel. Her hands shaking.


The whisper left her lips and she sat down hard on the side of the tub.

I could have sworn I heard Yusuke.

Once more she stood, washing her face clean again. The tears in her eyes made her sigh deeply. They made the color of her eyes stand out more. Her eyes were a beautiful combination of brown and deep navy blue with flecks of purple scattered throughout. Opening the bathroom door, she found herself pulled into a strong grip.

"I'm so sorry Akemi."

She wrapped her arms around Keiko, hanging on even tighter. Her shoulders shook with her sobs as Keiko shushed her, the tears leaking through her own voice. They held onto each other tightly, sobs shaking both of their forms. Akemi pulled away from Keiko when she heard a knock on the front door.

"Is that my mom?"

Keiko shook her head.

"Your mom is in the living room."

Akemi wiped her eyes on her sleeve and walked to front door, taking a deep breath. She let the people from the funeral home in, knees shaking as they began to set up for the wake. Akemi wrapped a blanket around Atsuko, trying hard to swallow her tears. This would be a long night.

No. This will be a long life without Yusuke.

The wake was mostly uneventful until Keiko left. Having no one else to hold her together, Akemi took a seat next to Atsuko, hugging her knees to her chest and burying her face into them. She was tired of playing hostess. She took deep shuddering breaths trying to breath past the pain that she felt. It felt like a gaping hole had opened in her chest. She was missing the half of her that was her twin. Who would take care of her now? Who would help her now?


Akemi's head snapped up at the deep yell. Her eyes widened as she watched a few boys from school restrain the boy who fought with Yusuke the most. Kuwabara Kazuma. He stood out from most with his deep voice, tall stature and bright orange hair.


Yusuke was never scared.

"Kuwabara this plae is for mourning." His two friends were struggling to hold him back as he advanced step by step.

"I'm not gonna leave! Not until he comes out here and lets me fight him!" Akemi felt her insides shake. Yusuke never backed down from a fight.

"He can't do that!" Akemi felt her heart shatter and her stomach twist even more at those words. She tried to swallow past the knot in her throat.

No he can't.

"I'm gonna beat you down you punk! You hear me?!" Akemi hugged herself even tighter. Why was he here?

"Who do you think you are huh?! Dirty punk. Who am I going to fight now? Who am I going to fight?!."

"He's gone!" Kuwarabara's friend she recognized as Okubo pushed him back as hard as he could.

"NO. You're supposed to be here. FOR ME!" Kuwabara's fist went sailing forward, stopping just short of Yusuke's picture. Akemi watched the scene with eyes as wide as saucers. Kuwabara's friends finally managed to drag him out of the apartment, shouting apologies over their shoulders. Something that boy said resonated so deeply within Akemi. He was supposed to be here. For Kuwabara. For Keiko. For Atsuko. For her.

Akemi placed her hands over her face trying to breathe deeply. When she lowered them she was surprised to find Mr. Takenaka bowing to her and her mother. Her lower lip trembled at the sadness in his eyes. She swallowed hard and nodded to him, closing her eyes and leaning her head back against the wall while he walked towards the shrine.

"At first I was so surprised Yusuke. To hear you'd saved a kid at the cost of your own life. You've always acted much more selfishly than that. Darn Yusuke. I don't know why I don't feel like speaking well of you. Why didn't you stay?" Akemi could her the principal's voice breaking the more he talked to Yusuke. "You could have made something great out of yourself." Akemi's shoulders shook as tears started to race down her face again.

"Yusuke." Akemi's head snapped towards her mother, the first word she'd said since she got the news. Her son's name. Akemi laid her head on her mom's shoulders as Atsuko's sobs slowly got louder.


Akemi and Atsuko wrapped their arms around each other. Together they let their grief consume them.

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