Apologies if this seems odd or unprofessional, I am not use this new layout and its intricacies escape me. now, I am going with a Legendary-ified Destroyah. that is all.


'I can breathe, it burns!'

'why!? we did nothing wrong!'

'rip out their intestines! Kill them! And their children! Their children's children, too!'


'tear out his spine!'

'Break their necks!"

An eye opened. An eye that glowed entirely yellow, except for a singular blood-red glowing slit in its center. In terms of size, most houses couldn't even begin to compare.

'stop breathing!'

'Breathers must die!'


A absolutely gigantic, three 'fingered' claw began to open, disturbing dozens of feet worth of abyssal black water. The claws were bronze in color, but the arm was covered in a rusty red exoskeleton which had countless spikes jutting off into several different directions. In terms of length, it was half the length of an Aircraft Carriers.

'must find them!'

'they want us dead!'

'kill everything!'

A gigantic, bat-like wing began to rise upward. The wing's skeletal structure seemed to be built from raw obsidian, and the membrane was dark red. Where the three bones that spiked off to form a wing sat a single claw. In terms of size, the wing was two times longer than the Empire State building was tall. An identical, albeit much smaller pair of wings adorned the creature's hips.


'Destroy the air! kill them!'

'kill the rival!'

'hunt and kill!'

A tail three times as long as the creature's arms began to stir, splitting apart stone and earth alike. It was covered in red spinal ridges, ending in two pincers.

'I can feel them! the breathers!'

'no! don't do this! please!'

'kill all the breathers!'

'its too cold! stop it!'

A massive leg began to stir, sending thousands of fish fleeing. In terms of structure, it was a digitigrade and ended in a mass of exoskeleton. Three enormous, boney claws jutted out, similar with the knee. Albeit, the knee's claws were facing up and not down.



'we must destroy!'

'kill, I said kill!'

Its chest was almost entirely covered by a yellowish white circular formation. The formation was vaguely resembled six, closed claws. Its shoulders were adorned with what one could call armor pauldrens. The 'pauldrens' each held one massive, obsidian black spikes that faced straight up, relative to its body.


'Please, no!'

'kill everything!'

Its head began to rise up. Its mouth was wide, with two mandibles on each side. Larger than most vehicles and planes. Its mouth was filled to the brim with several rows of white needle like fangs, thicker and longer than any human to have ever live. On the left and right of the head sat two enormous, double sided horns. The horns were massive, even compared to the head. Speaking of horns, a single one rested on its forehead, and resembled a blood-red spike. It was longer than its jaws were.

Finally and fully awoken, the beast rose from the sea. Thousands of tonnes worth of water were displaced as the Beast started to stand. Its eyes glowed dark purple as the water around it began to bubble, all organic life aside from the Beast being reduced to skeletons.


'it no longer burns!'


'I want more death! kill! kill! kill!'

It didn't take long before the Beast breached the waters surface. Yet it kept rising and rising and rising. Once it reached its full height of over a thousand feet tall, the beast reared its head back and let loose a roar. The roar was both deep and incredibly high pitched, and loud enough to shatter glass.

Its wings blocked out the mighty sun, blanketing the nearby land in darkness. Its demonic eyes found themselves starring at beautiful green trees. Trees exuding oxygen.

'Destroy everything!'