A purple beam of oxygen destroying energy escaped Destroyah's mouth. Most visible objects were left completely untouched as the bean was brought sweeping through the city. But organic life? All organic life was reduced to skeletons and melted puddles of flesh. Destroyah swept his beam into the nearby forest, reducing all plant life to shriveled up grey stumps.

"Run!" Ruby didn't know who yelled that, but she did just that. By mere inches did Ruby manage to evade that purple beam. But she didn't evade its effects. The would be Huntress fell to the ground, convulsing as her body struggled to survive.

Yang did what she could, throwing her half sister over her shoulder, but the main thing that captured her attention were the... 'Grimm'. The Grimm which collapsed had somehow transformed into... something. Their eyes began glowing yellow, their black fur became a blood-red shell as several crab lega erupted out of them.

They now let loose hellish screeches, bleeding copious amounts of green blood from their mouths. These things were throwing themselves at anything that moved, trying to kill.

And the city of Vale didn't fare much better. Skeletons of men, women and children lined the streets. Vehicles — be they of air or land — were now crashing into walls or buildings. Sirens blared as Vale's automatic self-defense protocols were engaged.

Vale possessed an army of its own. All of the Kingdoms did. Albeit Atlas was easily the most powerful. Militarized Bullheads took to the air as large, floating green tank like vehicles began to emerge from under Beacon.

Giant, 360 turrets began to emerge from the great wall of Vale. Dozens of Dust infused rounds began pelt against the Beast's skeletal body. It almost seemed too... laugh. Like it was enjoying the brave yet futile effort to stop it.

It took a step. All of Vale quaked as it crushed several city blocks beneath its massive foot, causing an entire chunk of the continent of Sanus to split off. The very stone that held Vale together began to split and tare, until lava from deep within Remnant bubbled up.

Vale was bathed in a demonic red light as the Beast clutched its chest, seemingly struggle to stand as it laughed. Its tail's pincer tore into a, relative to its size, building. The structure was thrown across the sinking city, impacting against Beacon Academy.

The castle like building crumbled like a house of cards, ending Gods know how many lives. This was the end of Vale. For the few who would survive, this day well forever be in their memories. The day the Devil rose...

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