'What if I told you that I was the one who wanted to kiss your charming forehead?'




Sakura closed her eyes as the night breeze shook her strands of hair slowly. His body had shivered because of the biting cold feeling when he first arrived, but it was obviously Hokage's robe now slung over his shoulder makes his body warm and comfortable at the same time.

Slowly her lips curved into a smile. Enjoying the wind and leaving the hustle and bustle for a moment turned out not a bad idea. Being able to take three days off makes him beaming all day long. Sakura has arranged various plans to enjoy her day off to coincide with this weekend. Sleep all day, read books other than medical dictionaries, go out with Ino, or meet with Kakashi-sensei, Yamato-sensei, Sasuke, Sai and—

"Here, Sakura-chan!"

Noisy man who just shouted in front of him. Naruto suddenly appeared right in front of him after a small 'pom' sound and a puff of white smoke. Success made him flinch for a moment.

Really, sometimes Sakura gets upset if Naruto intentionally uses the fourth Hokage's jutsu to shock him.

"Stop doing that, baka!"

And as ever, one blow will land on Naruto's font afterwards. Sakura didn't understand why he always repeated the same thing even though he knew it would have the same effect on the head of the blonde. Strangely, Naruto would only laugh without sin towards him while apologizing.

"Sorry, Sakura-chan, you've closed your eyes! I thought you were sleeping because you waited too long, " a grinning smile was thrown by the blonde man while sitting next to Sakura. She put a clear plastic bag between them.

Without needing to be told Sakura opened the plastic bag and took an anmitsu cup from inside. Her face which had been bent suddenly turned into glow at his favorite food. She heard laughter from beside him.

"You look like a child, Sakura-chan. "

Sakura turned her head sharply. "What does it mean?"

"Your expression just now." Naruto opened the canned coffee he bought along with the anmitsu. "You're like a kid who gets his favorite ice cream. "

"Oh, yes? Who always smiles broadly every time Ichiraku's ramen bowl is served before his eyes? "Sakura stuck out her tongue in mockery." You're also the same, Naruto. "

This time Naruto laughed awkwardly while scratching the back of his head that wasn't itchy. That is true.

Naruto occasionally sipped his coffee with his eyes wandering far away towards the village below. While Sakura straightened her legs while enjoying anmitsu calmly.

Luckily Naruto managed to seduce Yamato to make a bench at the top of the Hokage monument. This favorite place is also a place for team 7 and Kakashi team reunions when each team member has free time. But for tonight, only the two of them had the chance to come.

"Sasuke-kun and Kakashi-sensei still haven't returned from the mission, "Sakura opened her voice when the anmitsu cup was empty.

"I know. I sent them to deliver the secret scroll to the water village." Naruto chuckled softly. "Such an important document, it feels safer to be carried by someone I truly trust."

Sakura smiled mischievously. "A hard job, Hokage-sama? Do you feel sorry for being Hokage now?"

Naruto responded with a quick shake. His lips smiled wider. "You must know this was my dream long ago, right, Sakura-chan? It can't be me Regret it.

The war ended two years ago. The enemy has been defeated. Konoha has returned to normal. There are no more things that make the peace of Konoha disturbed. Likewise with other villages. Peace has fully returned.

Although the wounds left by the war did not disappear completely, but everyone learned better from the bitter experience. Peace and tranquility at this time for example. No more nightmares that haunt each village or individual anymore.

Team 7 returns complete with Sasuke's return. Even a year ago, Naruto was officially appointed Hokage after going through a long and difficult process. Sai returned to being ANBU. Sasuke returned to being part of Konoha even though it was still under legal supervision. Both Yamato and Kakashi occasionally returned to busy helping their juniors at ANBU as well as being trustees of the Hokage. While Sakura herself, has now officially become the deputy head of the hospital.

What can be better than this?

"It feels very calm huh. It's hard to believe Konoha was destroyed without remnants, "Sakura sighed softly. She could not possibly forget how the bloody battle that dropped many victims. As a dependable medical ninja, making Sakura memorized correctly how the wounds received by the village defender ninja.

Naruto just nodded and murmured in response. His eyes still feel at a distance. It might also be a memory of the war that brought its name up because it had saved the village.

"Or maybe because now you are the Hokage, huh? "

The light temptation that Sakura threw was able to make Naruto laugh awkwardly with slightly blushing cheeks. "I only led for a year, Sakura-chan. There are still many things I must learn. " Naruto squeezed the empty can then put it back in the plastic bag. "It's like a lot of things have changed in the last few years."

Sakura nodded in agreement. "You, me, Sai, Sasuke-kun, Kakashi-sensei, Yamato-sensei, even Konoha. Everything has changed. Time goes by fast, you know. "For a fraction of a second, he remembered how the faces of each of his beloved people were when they first met.

"Just as fast as the wind. "Naruto stretched out his hands and put his palms together behind his head. He turned to Sakura then grinned. "For example you, Sakura-chan. You grew up to become a medical kunoichi beyond Tsunade baa-chan. You changed from a whiny little girl to a woman with the number one medical ability in Konoha. "

Suddenly Sakura patted Naruto's arm hard with her cheeks slightly reddish. Naruto just laughed seeing it. "Don't overdo it. I'm still nothing compared to Tsunade-shisou."

Naruto dodged when Sakura tried to pinch his arm this time. "Hey, I'm praising you, Sakura-chan!"

Sakura snorted. Both hands folded in front of the chest. "You're the same too."

Naruto raised an eyebrow. "Oh, yeah?"

"Even though you're a Hokage now, you're still the number one surprise ninja in Konoha. "

Sakura heard the story that last week, the blonde man disguised himself as Uncle Teuchi's subordinate in Ichiraku on his day off using a mask. His disguises were revealed when a child holding Naruto pulled on the mask and made him loose. Ichiraku, who was busy at that time, was suddenly shocked and laughing when he learned that the person who had been serving their orders had been their own village head.

Sociable and friendly. That trait makes Naruto easily loved by villagers.

"But still, something hasn't changed in some way. "Sakura raised her hand and touched her forehead, which now has Hyakugou." My forehead is the same width! "Sakura pursed her lips.

"What's wrong with that, Sakura-chan? How amazing your forehead is! "

Sakura snorted, "Enchanting? Don't mock me."

The blond head shook her head fast. "I'm not mocking you, really. That wide forehead signifies a smart person, you know?"

"Still, I hope my forehead isn't this wide. "

Naruto's hand lifted and rubbed the top of Sakura's head slowly. "Hey, you have a big wide forehead, Sakura-chan. Makes me want to kiss it, you know?" Naruto said lightly.

"You have a wide charming forehead. Makes me want to kiss it. "

Sakura was immediately stunned. Why does it taste like déjà vu?

"Sakura-chan? What's wrong? "Naruto asked, looking at Sakura who suddenly froze.

Those words ... why did it feel like her had heard before?

Sakura slowly turned towards Naruto. The man still looked at him confused.

"Naruto, "Sakura gulped and then looked carefully at those blue eyes." What ... do you mean by what you just said? "

Feeling aware of what he was doing, Naruto suddenly pulled his hand away and scratched his own slightly blushing cheeks "Ah, sorry sorry, please just forget my words earlier. "He avoided Sakura's gaze, moved from the chair and walked a little away from him.

Sakura still silent. Why does he feel like Naruto is deliberately avoiding his question?

"It's late, Sakura-chan. How about we go home now? "Naruto said as he stretched his arms up. Sakura stared at Naruto's back with a confused feeling. What is the man hiding from him?

Seeing no response, Naruto reversed the band and gradually approached Sakura. "Sakura-chan? "He reached out with a gentle smile." I'll take you home now. Let's talk again later. "

Sakura looked at Naruto's hand then looked at his face closely. Actually there are still many things in his head that he wanted to ask the blond man. But Naruto seemed to deliberately avoid the discussion by taking him home. Finally he accepted Naruto's helping hand and then stood up. Without saying a word, he tightened the robe of Hokagedi's shoulder. Her arms hugged Sakura's waist tightly as she brought the woman home with hiraishin no jutsu.

That strange feeling continued to dance in Sakura's mind. There was an unpleasant pounding in his heart. What's the matter?


"What ... what do you mean by that??"

Sakura's question at the Hokage Monument was completely unexpected.

This time Naruto was still able to breathe easily because he managed to avoid that question earlier. Although it looks like it has a lot of questions, Naruto is grateful that Sakura didn't press him to answer the question. At least for now. In fact, there was a small hope in his heart to answer that question while explaining its meaning. Which means it's the same as telling him the truth in the past. But that is what caused great doubt in Naruto.

What if Sakura gets angry? What if it affects their friendship? What if it makes the two of them become tenuous? And other possibilities continue to spring up in Naruto's mind if the truth really rises to the surface.

When Naruto opened his eyes again, the two of them arrived in front of Sakura's apartment. With his late father's legacy style, he can take them from the Hokage monument to the front of Sakura's apartment in the blink of an eye. Naruto deliberately put one of his hiraishin strokes here. So if if he suddenly misses Sakura, Naruto can immediately see him.

Just kidding.

The real reason was that Naruto could bring Sakura home faster without having to walk. Because there are times when the woman feels too tired due to a pile of work from home, this applies if Naruto occasionally picks Sakura home at the hospital late at night. How could he let his best friend walk alone in the middle of the night? Even though he was the Hokage who had ensured the security of the village at a high level, he was still worried.

"Thank you again, Naruto. "

A sweet Haruno Sakura special smile was given to her. For a second his chest fluttered warmly. For years he continued to be with Sakura, why is that smile always his weakness?

Sakura took off the Hokage robe that she had given him since they first arrived at the Hokage monument earlier. Naruto reached out his hand, to accept the cloak. His eyebrows raised as the woman shook her head instead.

"Let me put it on you," Sakura asked quietly.

The atmosphere around them was quiet because the clock had shown past midnight. However, for some reason Naruto could hear the sound of his heartbeat pounding abysmally as Sakura slowly walked behind him while wearing the robe to her. He could feel her hand patting his back slowly, smoothing the robe that was neatly attached to his body. The woman then walked again in front of him, smoothing the collar with a distance that made Naruto hold his breath.

Sakura stood very close to him, not even a step. If he bowed just a little, their faces would only be inches away. Thinking about it was enough to make his heartbeat even more crazy.

After tidying up his collar, Sakura remained silent in her position. His head looked down even though his hands remained on Naruto's chest.

"...Sakura-chan? "Naruto called softly. The woman raised her head. Her green eyes were staring at Naruto closely. There were many questions there even though those lips didn't say a word.

Naruto understood, but chose to pretend he didn't know.

Seeing no response from Naruto, Sakura shook her head slowly then took a step back. "Thank you again, Naruto." The smile was given again to him, making Naruto feel relieved that she did not ask the thing she was worried about.

"No problem, Sakura-chan. It's my duty to— "

Look after you? Make sure it's alright? Wait, there's no way Naruto said that.

"—Make sure all the villagers feel safe to go home even late at night. "Naruto almost choked on the line just now..

Suddenly Sakura laughed at that. That made Naruto laugh awkwardly while scratching his cheeks that were not itchy. What kind of answer is that !?

"You know, just now I kind of heard the answer to diplomacy, "Sakura said between her laughter.

Well, Naruto also did not know why the words that came out of his mouth were just such formal words.

After the laugh subsided, Sakura sighed softly then looked at Naruto again. "Oyasumi, Naruto."

Naruto nodded. "Oyasumi, Sakura-chan."

Sakura smiled again before walking into the apartment without looking back at him.

When the woman had disappeared from his sight Naruto rubbed his face slowly then sighed heavily. He knew that soon, Sakura would look for and get an answer from the big question earlier. If that really happened, what should he do? What kind of reason did he give so that she would not turn angry and hate him?

Naruto continued to blame himself for subconsciously saying something he had only said once in his lifetime. What else can we do. The supportive atmosphere made the words just slid from his lips.

That should remain the secret. It should have remained hidden in a secret that only he and Sasuke knew for years.

But on the other side of Naruto's heart, he just wanted her to know. That actually, at that time the one who praised his forehead was not Sasuke. But Naruto himself.



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[Chapter 1]



"You have a wide charming forehead. Makes me want to kiss it.

"Little Sakura cheered with joy in her heart. His cheeks suddenly reddened. What else can be better than this? Being in a team with Sasuke — even though there must be Naruto — alone was enough to make him smile throughout the day. Not to mention just now, his idol man leaned against a tree trunk not far from him with his cool gaze.

In fact, he had just imagined Sasuke saying that. Who would have thought if it turned out that the man seemed to be able to read his mind, walked over to him then said the thing he had hoped for earlier?

The black obsidian looked closely at her, her thin lips pulled up slightly. A typical Uchiha Sasuke smile that can make girls melt just by looking at it.

Unconsciously, her cheeks blushed even more to see that smile was intended only for her.


Sakura woke up with a jerk. Sweat was dripping on his temple. He moved to sit up with his hands on his chest which was pounding abysmally.

The dream gave him an answer to his big question. How could Naruto say the words that were almost exactly the same as Sasuke at that time? Why does it feel weird to be called just a coincidence?

Sakura glanced at the clock above the nightstand. At eight o'clock. Sunlight visible from behind the curtains are still closed. His head felt a little dizzy because he had only slept for three hours. Or maybe it's also due to the fatigue that makes his head feel a little spinning.

But there is no time to feel sorry for himself now. Curiosity was eating away at his mind since last night. The only way to find out the truth is to ask the parties concerned. Because Naruto didn't want to answer, there was only one place he needed to go now.

Sakura reached for the medicine from the drawer and then got up to get ready.


Tok tok.

"A letter for you, Hokage-sama. "

Naruto raised his head from the report he was reading then smiled broadly to see his guest who had just entered the room. "I told you not to call me that, Yamato-taichou."

The adult man laughed while carrying an envelope in his hand. "I only call by the name of your position now, Naruto. What's Problem?"

Naruto laughed awkwardly while scratching his cheek. "It's awkward if the people closest to me call me that," Naruto said. "By the way, letter from who?"

"Ah, "Yamato held out a green envelope towards Naruto." Letter from Nadeshiko village. Remember?"

Naruto suddenly smiled happily. "Shizuka. How could I forget," he answered as he opened the letter and read it. "He will visit Konoha, maybe another day or two will arrive. "

"Really? "Yamato smiled broadly." Does it have anything to do with diplomacy? "

Naruto shook his head then smiled as he folded his letter back. "Just visiting for a vacation. When they arrive later, I hope you can accompany them while you're here, Yamato-taichou. "

Yamato bowed respectfully, making the two laugh together.

"Then, I'll go first. "Yamato said goodbye as he waved his hand in a light nod from Naruto.

After Yamato disappeared behind the door, Naruto took a deep breath. He opened the letter again and reread it. Unconsciously his lips smiled, it felt like he had not met a long-haired kunoichi from the neighboring village.

His head turned toward the window. The blue sky looks bright with thin clouds like cotton. Naruto remembered the sky was exactly the same as what he had seen when he told someone important to him at Shizuka at the time. Does that woman still remember the story? If Shizuka asked the same question before releasing her departure at that time, should he be honest that there has not been any development to date?

Though the person in question is always there beside him. But the relationship is too close that makes it increasingly difficult to reveal the truth that is stored for Many years


Sakura stood in front of the sliding door which was still tightly closed. He took a deep breath and exhaled long. The dream reminded him of a sweet memory many years ago. Sweet ended up bitter, because after Sasuke praised him, he left and returned and said that he was a jerk. A drastic change in attitude indeed, but at that time Sakura was more concerned with Sasuke's words which made him moody for a few moments.

But that is not the point at the moment.

Ting tong.

Sakura gulped. Supposedly, that man is at home now. Because as long as they remembered they had returned from the mission this morning.

Less than a minute the sliding door opened.

"Sakura? "Exclaimed the owner of the house was shocked.

Sakura grimaced. "Sorry to bother you so early, Sasuke-kun."

Sasuke brought a tray with two cups of tea on it to the side porch, where Sakura sat on the terrace while enjoying the small garden left by her mother. Sakura muttered a word of thanks as Sasuke handed her a cup of tea while sitting next to her.


For a moment, Sakura wanted to laugh, amused at hearing Sasuke who was not usually curious about something that was not very important to him. Understand it, it seemed like the man was confused when he suddenly asked something years ago at the front door. Until finally Sasuke told him to come in and tell him more clearly.

"You're not usually curious about something, Sasuke-kun, "Sakura chuckled softly while sipping her tea.

Sasuke cleared his throat awkwardly and took his tea. "You're asking questions that I don't understand," he explained. "What do you mean by my words of praise for you?

"Ah, "Sakura smiled and put down her tea cup. Her eyes followed the koi fish swimming in a rock pool not far from her. She exhaled slowly before continuing, "When we were first, ten years ago. You once praised my forehead and ... we almost kissed on a bench near the village gate. Do you remember that? "

Sasuke raised his eyebrows not understanding. This time Sakura looked back at him with a slightly frown.

Really this hunch?

"After the formation of the team by Iruka-sensei, during lunch hour before meeting Kakashi-sensei. You approached me and praised my forehead, "Sakura gulped nervously." That's you ... right? "

For a few moments Sasuke was silent. Until finally the man laughed softly while shaking his head. Sakura was still staring at Sasuke not understanding.

"I see, "Sasuke still laughed softly.


"Yes, that's me."

Sakura allmost opened his mouth again.

"But, 'Sasuke' was not me at that time. "

His hunch might be true.

"That figure is Naruto, who henge being me. "


"Are you free, Hokage-sama? "

Naruto snorted with a laugh. Without even having to turn his chair, he knew immediately who had just entered without knocking on the door first.

"I thought we agreed on my nickname, Shikamaru? "Naruto turned his chair, which initially faced the window, back to its original position.

The figure of the tall pigtailed man gave a thin grin. "There are times when I want to call you that, Naruto."

Naruto replied with a low laugh and then turned his chair towards the window again. Then there is no sound anymore. The silence surprised Shikamaru. Not usually his friend who is almost always noisy suddenly become silent.

"Sakura again? "

Naruto slightly turned his chair to glance at Shikamaru with one hand resting his chin on the chair.

"Right? "

Naruto snorted and laughed softly. "They call you genius not without reason."

Shikamaru smiled faintly as he lay down on the sofa in one corner of the room. Today's assignment has been completed, relax for a moment and hear the complaints of sanghokage as a friend is not a bad choice.

"Is this about the promise you made to Sakura?"

Naruto raised an eyebrow. Not expecting Shikamaru to be able to read his mind.

The black haired man shrugged his shoulders together. "I was behind you at that time, if you remember," Kilah Shikamaru saw the sharp eyes of his colleague for a moment. "Promise to bring Sasuke home. Has it been done? "

Lifelong promise more precisely. Naruto could not forget how every drop of tears fell on Sakura's cheek at the time. How the woman hugged herself held back the vibrations of her tears. The sight ... was more painful for him than anything else.

"I really did. "Naruto rose from his chair and walked to one of the windows. Both hands held tight to the edge of the window with head bowed. "Somehow it just makes me ... Feel a little sad."

Shikamaru raised his eyebrows not understanding. This time Naruto turned to him with a sad smile.

"It feels like after this there is no binding thing between me and Sakura-chan. Apart from friendship. "

"Just state, what's the difficulty? "

Naruto snorted with amusement, he glanced at Shikamaru with a mischievous grin on his lips. "Don't compare my relationship with Sakura with your relationship with Ino. Without needing to declare each other, you guys have been behaving like people dating for reasons from childhood.

Shikamaru cleared his throat uncomfortably with flushed cheeks. "We're discussing your problem, Naruto. Don't change the subject."

Naruto laughed. "Really, it feels easier for me if the situation is like that."

Shikamaru is still silent.

Naruto let out a long breath this time. "I'll tell you one thing, Shikamaru. A secret that only Sasuke and I know about. The stupid thing I did was just to make Sakura see me even if only for a moment. "