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Welcome! This is offically my very first fic on my lifelong love for the harmony ship. English is not my main language and I haven't written anything close that resembles an essay for almost 10 years, so if you find any glaring issues like, grammar, spelling, inconsistency in the story. PLEASE dont be afraid to reach out and I'll fix it. Thank you 3

Some friendly pointers to help you along and what to expect:

This is a 6th year fic that will extend to 7th year, perhaps even post-hogwarts if there's enough interest/I can make it fitting.

Voldemort died on that fateful night when he attacked the Potters. The story has been changed pretty dramatically from that night till now, and what happens between will be explained over time as the story progresses.

This fic will mainly be about Harry and Hermione and their interactions, there will be others involved but mostly stays in the background. The main point of this story is about two teens who have finally defeated the last resistance from the war and are now free to direct all their attention to their studies and to each other and basically just fool around and enjoy themselves and be like teens should be.

There will be a very little angst here since this fic is not heavily plot driven. It will losely follow canon but not much. So if you are interested in soul-wrenching angst that makes you depressed. I am deeply sorry to disappoint you, because this fic is not that.

There will be a lot of fluff, and I mean a lot. It's gonna be so much fluff, that you can't even see straight. The amount of fluff in this fluffy fluff story will make your heart cry and your teeth will hurt of all the bloody sweetness. It's also gonna be shock full of references and super terrible jokes that only I am gonna think it's funny because my humor is embarrasingly childish.

This is a feel-good fic, nothing more, nothing less.

Before I let you guys read the fic, there is something you must know before going forward.

You guys are awesome and I wish whatever date you are reading this on, a very lovely day.

Now, please buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Chapter 1

Harry and Dumbledore approached the back door of The Burrow, which was surrounded by the familiar litter of old wellington boots and rusty cauldrons; Harry could hear the soft clucking of sleepy chickens coming from a distant shed.

Dumbledore knocked three times and Harry saw sudden movement behind the kitchen window.

'Who's there?' said a nervous voice that he recognised as Mrs Weasley's. 'Declare yourself!'

'It is I, the old goat Dumbledore, bringing our lord and savior Harry.' Harry chuckled slightly at the old man's antics.

The door opened at once. There stood Mrs Weasley and her beaming smile, and as Harry saw her raising her arms. Impending doom was imminent, he braced himself and closed his eyes. Sure enough, a bone crushing hug came soon after.

'Harry, dear! So good to see you again!', Harry was gasping for air. 'So good to have you here, I tell you, those relatives of yours don't feed you properly. All skins and bones you are!', 'M-M-Mrs W-easl-ey, A-a-air!' Harry choked out.

Dumbledore barked, 'Release the poor boy, I would love to see him attend his 6th year in Hogwarts unharmed' He said with a beaming smile.

'Sorry sorry, I just didn't expect you! You said that you weren't going to be here before morning!' Mrs Weasley said while poking her finger at Dumbledore's chest.

'We were lucky' said Dumbledore, ushering Harry over the threshold. 'Slughorn proved much more persuadable than I had expected. Harry is quite a convincer, you see. Ah, Nymphadora! How good to see you!'

Harry looked around and saw that Mrs Weasley was not alone, despite the lateness of the hour. A young witch with a pale, heart-shaped face and mousy-brown hair was sitting at the table clutching a large mug between her hands.

She growled at her use of first name and looked at Harry, completely ignoring the old goat. 'Wotcher, Harry' She said with a beaming smile.

'Hi, Tonks' Harry said with a slight smile, 'Oh look at that, someone remembers my name' She said while clapping sarcastically. Everyone chuckled.

'I'd better be off,' she said after a while, standing up and pulling her cloak around her shoulders. ' Thanks for the tea and sympathy, Molly.'

'Please don't leave on my account', said Dumbledore courteously. 'I cannot stay, I have urgent matters to discuss with Rufus Scrimgeour'

'No, no, I need to get going. It's getting a bit late.' said Tonks, not meeting Dumbledore's eyes 'Night- '

'Dear, why not come to dinner at the weekend, Remus and Mad-Eye are coming -?'

Tonks drew a smile at the invitation. 'I'll try to be here, Molly. Let me know what time and I'll do my best', said Tonks, looking a bit cheerier than before. 'Well, goodnight everyone, good to see you again Harry.' Tonks said with a grin.

Harry gave her a wave as she went out of the door and vanished into the thin air.

'Well, I shall see you at Hogwarts, Harry' said Dumbledore. 'Take care of yourself and don't let Molly over here hug you too much Harry. Pomfrey can only do so much but she cannot do miracles' Dumbledore said with a smile, looking at Mrs Weasley.

Mrs Weasley huffed with her hands on her hip. 'The boy deserves all the love he can get and I will spoil him rotten!' she said with a tone with finality.

Harry and Dumbledore chuckled. 'Alright, I'll leave you to it. If you need anything Harry, you know how to reach me' Dumbledore said while clapping his hand on Harry's shoulder.

Harry nodded with a smile. Dumbledore walked out of the kitchen out to the backyard and vanished. Mrs Weasley closed the door on the empty yard and then steered Harry by the shoulders into the full glow of the lantern on the table to examine his appearance.

'You're like Ron,' she sighed, looking him up and down. 'Both of you look as though you've had Stretching Jinxes put on you. I swear Ron's grown four inches since I last bought him school robes. Are you hungry, Harry?'

Harry realised that moment that his stomach has been growling for a good while. 'Yeah, if it's not too much trouble I can take a bite...or ten' he mumbled that last bit.

'Oh don't be silly dear! Sit down and I'll warm something up' Molly said while waving his statement away.

As Harry was about to sit down a furry ginger cat with a squashed face jumped on to the chair, laying down and purring.

'So Hermione's here?' Harry asked with a huge smile. He have been thinking a lot about his best friend over the summer. When they were going to split up over the summer after departing Hogwarts express at King's Cross. Harry did something he rarely, if ever did. He initiated a hug to Hermione, surprised at his initiative, she gladly accepted the embrace. They stood there hugging longer than they usually did. As they parted, they looked in to each other eyes and gave each other beaming smiles.

He was interrupted in his reverie by a clatter behind him. He turned around and his heart stopped. Hermione stood there where she dropped her toothbrush.

'Harry!' She almost shouted and smiled from ear to ear. Before he could even respond, Hermione crashed into him with one of her famous hugs and squealed into his shoulder. He drew his arms around her and held her tight, like a lifeline, burrowing his head into her bushy brown hair. This was one the very few places he felt completely at ease and safe, in her comforting arms, her smell that faintly resembles vanilla and parchments and old books. He felt like he could stay like this for all eternity.

As they rocked back and forth, a cough behind Hermione made them reluctantly part. Ron stood there with a frown, 'Hey, Ron!' Harry said happily, stealing a glance to Hermione. She was blushing something furiously.

Harry went over and clapped Ron on the back. 'How have you been mate?'

'Yes yes, sit down and eat Harry before you starve to death, I'll make tea to you other two.' Mrs Weasley said while bustling around with the kettle. Harry glanced at the table and saw a plate of Shepherd's Pie have been prepared for him. Harry carefully removed the cat and put him on the floor, the cat gave Harry a deathly glare that seemed to mean 'How dare you'. Harry chuckled and sat down, Ron sat to his right and Hermione to his left. He noticed that Hermione hopped the chair to sit a tad closer to him than usual.

'So what have you been up to mate?' Ron finally said breaking the awkward silence. 'We heard that you were going to this super secret mission with Dumbledore' He said while waving his hands foolishly.

Harry chuckled. 'He simply wanted my help to bring a teacher out of his retirement to come back to Hogwarts. Horace Slughorn is his name, he used to teach Potions back in the day.' Harry said while clearly enjoying Molly's pie as he moaned when it's delicious contents entered his mouth.

Harry has his left hand hanging freely and he felt another hand brushing against it softly. He took a quick look at his left and saw Hermione blushing slightly with a smile.

'What did he need you for?' Ron said suspiciously.

'Apparently according to Dumbledore, Slughorn pride himself with his connections that he built up during his teaching years. He invited his most promising students to what he called 'Slug Club' to get to know them, and to help them out for their desired careers.'

Hermione's hand were playing lightly with his fingers. Focusing on his dinner suddenly became much harder.

'I still don't see how you come into this, Harry' Hermione said.

'I am getting there, Slughorn sees his star students as prized possessions, he and I quote 'Likes to collect them, he help them rise up in the ranks and banks the favors' I am assuming that to convince him to come back to Hogwarts, that I was used as a bargaining chip. Apparently my mother was a star student in his Potions class, one of the very best he said.' Harry said with a smile and looked at Ron.

Hermione was massaging the palm of his hand with her thumb. His felt his pulse quicken.

'And Ron, you want some good news?' Harry said with an even bigger smile.

Ron nodded cheerily 'Yeah mate!'

'Snape is not teaching Potions this year, that's why Dumbledore wanted to hire Slughorn' Harry said while nodding happily and stuffing his fork into the pie.

'WHAT!?' Ron and Hermione both said.

Ron took a grip on Harry's shoulder and forced him to look him into the eye. 'Mate, are you telling me that greasy little bat is not gonna teach us Potions this year? he said with a huge grin.

'Ron!' Hermione chided, but she couldn't hide the smile.

As soon Harry nodded in confirmation, Ron shot out of the chair and did a victory lap around the kitchen while pumping his fists repeatedly in the air. After he calmed down, he suddenly frowned.

'But if he is not teaching Potions this year, and we don't have a -' Ron got a panicky expression on his face 'No no no, no no, please Merlin no. Don't tell me he is gonna teach DADA.' Ron started to pace nervously. Harry glanced at Hermione and she looked concerned. She stopped massaging his palm.

Harry sat and looked at his two best friends with a goofy grin and chuckled. 'If you calm down I'll tell you the good news Ron' said Harry.

'Good news.. what do you mean good news? Didn't you just tell us the good news'? Ron said with a cautious smile. Mrs Weasley was standing in the background watching the kids with an amused expression.

Ron took the tea mugs from the counter and walked to the dinner table. Harry decided it was the best moment to drop the bombshell.

'Snape quit his job.' A dead silence insured and was broken with a crash of broken porcelain hitting the floor.

Ron stood there completely still, as if he was in a Body-Bind. His face shifted through all different possible expressions in matter of seconds.

He shakely reached for the dinner chair while Mrs Weasley huffed annoyingly and cleaned the floor with a simple vanishing spell and muttered 'Reparo' for the broken porcelain.

Harry looked at Hermione, she looked at him completely stunned. He bopped at her nose with his finger to break her out of the trance. She shakes her head and gave him a huge smile. She took his hand fully under the table and gave a squeeze. They stared at each other, drowning in each other's gaze, brown versus green.

They both got startled when Ron out of nowhere jumped onto the table shouted ' NO. MORE. SNAPE' and Wooed till his voice got hoarse.

'RON!' Mrs Weasley bellowed. 'Get down from the table and keep your voice down!' she hissed. Harry and Hermione were barely on their seats laughing uproariously.

After awhile they settled down and talked about their summers while Harry finished up his dinner. He bade Mrs Weasley goodnight and they went up on the rickety stairs.

'Oh I forgot to ask you, who is our DADA teacher then?' Ron asked. 'Honestly no idea' Harry frowned, 'I forgot to ask since I did a victory jig after he said that Snape was not coming to Hogwarts this year' Ron and Hermione chuckled imagining Harry running around on the neighbourhood pumping fists into the air.

They walked into Fred and George's old room and Harry saw that his things mysteriously were already here along with his loyal familiar, Hedwig. Ron left the room for the loo and Harry and Hermione were temporarily alone.

Once again they caught each other eyes and smiled. 'Hi' said Harry with a lopsided grin. 'Hey' Hermione responded with a blush and looked on the ground, while hooking one of her fingers with his, enjoying the touch.

They stood there silently just enjoying each others company. She looked so incredibly beautiful in her grey sweatpants and periwinkle nightshirt, and her bushy hair flowing freely over the shoulders. He couldn't stop looking and had the biggest grin on his face.

Ron barged in and they quickly parted from each other. Ron looked at them suspiciously.

'Well it's getting a bit late, we should hit the bed' Harry choked. The other two nodded sullenly. Hermione gave Ron a hug and bad him goodnight. She turned to Harry and gave him a bone crushing hug and they stood there for a long time just embracing each other. Ron gave a little cough and they parted. Harry gave Hermione a little smile and wished her a good night.

As Hermione left the room, Ron grunted annoyingly and went to bed facing away from Harry. Shrugging, Harry did the same with a grin on his face. Harry started to think back on last year. How him and his group of friends along with Order of the Phoenix infiltrated MoM to stop a raid of death eaters from taking over the ministry. Harry and the DA along with Order of the Phoenix fought valiantly but were outnumbered. Harry and Hermione as always, through all these years, stood side by side. Fighting together, working in harmony. Hermione blocked a curse heading to Harry's way on his right side, as Harry nodded thanks, Dolohov stood up from his cover from Hermione's right. Harry raised his wand, but in his terror, he was too late. Dolohov cursed something, a purple curse was heading straight towards Hermione, she turned around and it hit her straight in her chest. She got blasted right by him, right into the wall and slid down. Eyes closed, body limp. Harry stood there stunned, all life out of him vanished. She looked so peaceful, laying down there. Like she was in a dream, in somewhere far away from here.

A green curse zipped right over his head and hit the wall in front of him and exploded. He turned around and saw Dolohov duelling Lupin. In a fit of rage, like a commander in a battlefield. Harry's brain blacked out and went completely berserk. He cast a reducto right to Dolohov's face, making it explode. Harry walked in stride to the middle of the room daring anyone to challenge him. Blocking all incoming spells, feeling the power inside of him swelling. He casted a confringo on Alecto Carrow. Hit. Blocked a spell from Rookwood, threw a reducto on Avery. Hit. He saw from the corner of his eye a red curse on his way, he ducked out of its way and it hit Rookwood, he rounded and casted a stupefy on his attacker. Yaxley got hit and flew right into the wall.

Sirius got to him, back to back. 'How are you doing, pup?' while both ducking and blocking incoming curses. 'Hermione got hit' Harry said quickly as Lucius and Bellatrix came around the veil. 'Hello cousin' Bellatrix cackled 'Missed me?' She pouted, 'As much I miss the bloody mosquitoes in the summer' he snapped back while casting a Leg-Locker curse at her which she effortlessly blocked.

Harry and Sirius worked side by side fighting off their opponents. After a few minutes, Harry saw an opening 'Stupefy!' and hit lucius right on. As soon he rounded on Bellatrix, he got hit by a stray blasting curse and got blasted away, hitting the stone frame of the veil. Harry tried standing up, unable to do so. His body screaming in pain, he saw Sirius turning around to look at Harry and Bellatrix saw her opening in a moment of weakness. Harry screamed in terror, but it was too late…

'Avada Kedavra!' Bellatrix bellowed and Harry could do nothing else but watch as Sirius got blasted right into the veil next to him. Harry screamed in fury, casting all curses he could on Bellatrix as his vision blackened. Before he passed out he saw Lupin jumping at her, with Tonks next to him.

Next time he woke up, he was somewhere else. A place he recognised immediately due to his many visits here. Hogwarts Hospital Ward, he squinted around, trying to regain his vision. It was nighttime and as he looked around and the memories from the battle flooded his brain. He started to panic and hyperventilate and hissed in pain when he tried to get out of the cot.

'Hey', Harry whipped his head around so fast at the voice he would recognise from anywhere. Hermione was laying on the next bed over, staring at him.

'Yo-You're alive?' He stammered out, tears in his eyes, starting to relax. 'But how, I saw you dead, you were lying dead next to me!'

'It's alright, Harry. I am alright' she said in her most soothing voice repeatedly to calm him down. Harry slumped down in his bed and started to sob uncontrollably as memories started to flash in his brain. After an hour of Hermione soothing Harry with her voice, he at last calmed down. They spent most of the night talking, processing the events. Harry said something that had gnawed him all night.

'I am, so, so incredibly sorry that I couldn't protect you Hermione' Harry said regretfully, watching down on his blankets. 'I thought you were dead, seeing you lying down on the floor, completely void of life. It destroyed me Hermione. All life out of me was gone.' Hermione was quiet, letting him continue while staring at him. He couldn't look at her as he was ridden with guilt.

'You have stood by my side, time to time again. From the first year when we fought Quirrell for that Philosopher's stone. When we… Sorry. When you solved the mysteries of the basilisk in the second year. Saving Sirius in third year and that blasted tournament in fourth year. You are always by my side and I has always taken that for granted.' Harry paused momentarily to catch his breath.

'I know I haven't showed the appreciation that I should have. But Hermione, you are the most important person to me. No one comes even close to what you mean to me. When I thought you were dead… I..I..' Harry stammered and looked down on the bed sheets.

'I went out on that battlefield to die Hermione. I lost the will to live. Without you, I don't see a future for myself. So I walked out, took as many death eaters as I possibly could before someone would eventually get me. I got hit by a blasting curse and was unable to move. I witnessed Sirius getting killed by Bellatrix. My selfish actions got him killed. Even at the end, he held fast to his promise and did what he could to protect me.' Harry looked out of the window in shame, watching the stars twinkling in the midnight sky. He heard sobbing.

'Oh..Harry..' She said between sobs. Harry shifted so he was lying facing her. He reached out, she did the same and they held hands.

He looked at her glistening eyes. 'Hermione. I promise you that from this day forward, that I am never gonna take you for granted. I'll always protect you and look out for you. I will take my studies seriously and you better believe that you're gonna help me to compete that top rank of yours.' Hermione laughed with tears in her eyes at that statement. 'And when we get to our 7th year, you and I are gonna be the best Head Boy and Head Girl this damned school have ever seen!' Harry paused momentarily, 'We are gonna grow old and I'll still be by your side, all the way, to the end.'

'I-I would love that, Harry' She said between sniffs and squeezed his hand. They looked at each other in the eyes and it was the last thing they saw before they both fell asleep. Holding hands.