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Chapter 1: Arrival

They were all dead. . . Everyone close to him was now dead. . . His father, His sensei, His teammate Rin, his best friend and teammate Obito and now his students, his students and best friend Obito were killed by the Rabit Goddess, Kaguya Otsutsuki.

The dual sharingan wielded could only pant, as most of his chakra was being used to retain his light blue perfect susanoo.

The rabbit goddess' victory was assured, as she now had the chakra of Asura and Indra.

The rabbit goddess then used her Eighty Gods Vacuum Attack on the Hatake's light blue full body susanoo.

The susanoo was instantly destroyed from the powerful attack and the Hatake now lied on the ground in defeat, The Hatake saw the Otsutsuki about to use her all killing ash bones technique, the White haired jonin used his last remaining chakra to use kamui in the right eye and escape, not knowing where he would end up, as he used his last remaining chakra to use kamui he then passed out after using Kamui to escape due to chakra exhaustion.


Kakashi woke up a few hours later, he felt a cool breeze and grass underneath him and then got up, looking around he saw a couple of trees nearby and a lake, the copy-nin walked over to the lake and looked at his reflection, his headband was lifted up, the headband was tied around his forehead, the hatake looked at his eyes and was shocked when he realized that he still had both of his best friend's sharingan eyes, both of his eyes were in their 3 tomoe state and not Mangekyou, he channeled a bit more chakra to his sharingan eyes and they changed pattern into mangekyou, he stopped channeling chakra entirely through his eyes and shockingly they reverted back into their 3 tomoe state before turning off completely, his eyes turning black.

He could turn off both of his sharingan eyes? He then walked around a bit before finding a city, he would ask people around here where he was.

1 month later


After he asked people around the city what this place was, he found out it was a relatively small town called Karakura Town, he had then applied for a small job at the corner store and he started making a small amount of income and went shopping for new clothes, after that he then made an average sized hut in the forest with help of shadow clones.

As Kakashi was about to fall asleep due to it being night time, he heard multiple loud monstrous roars from the town, immediately he got out from his bed and left his hut for the town to see what the noise was.

5 Minutes Later


As Kakashi reached the area where he heard the loud roars, his eyes immediately widened as he saw multiple giant creatures with gigantic skull masks with pointy noses right in front of him, all were looking down at him.

The white haired copy ninja immediately activated his Mangekyou sharingan eyes and immediately went into his light blue full body susanoo, his full body susanoo was slightly bigger than the creatures.

The creatures then roared at him as they charged at him, the hatake's light blue full body susanoo sliced down most of the creatures with the light blue sword weapon it was wielding, all of them dying.

As there was one of the creatures left, kakashi's full body susanoo then charged up a black Chidori in it's right hand and the light blue full body susanoo immediately flew towards the last creature and striked it down with the Chidori.

Kakashi immediately got out of his full body susanoo, deactivated his sharingan and looked around, it seemed he had caused some city damaged.

He then felt a tap on his shoulder, he turned around and saw one of the most beautiful woman he's ever seen in his life, a slender and well-endowed woman with rich brown skin, radiant golden eyes, and neck-length purple-black hair. She was clothed in a single black sleeveless and backless uniform, with matching wrist-guards and a ribbon tied around her neck. A wakizashi with a black hilt and golden circular guard was sheathed horizontally behind her lower back.

"Can I help you, Miss?"

The white haired male asked the woman.

The woman nodded, she had wonder and shock in her eyes.

"Was that giant humanoid creature in armor you just now?"

The copy ninja just nodded.

"Yes, that's one of my abilities that I have, it's called a susanoo."

He explained.

"You mean you have other abilities too?!"

The captain of the 2nd division said in shock.

The former ANBU captain nodded.

"Yes, I also have another ability called Kamui, which allows me to phase through solid objects and also has another ability that allows me to transfer objects and transfer other people into the kamui's time-space dimension, and it even allows myself to enter and exit the kamui's Time-space dimension as I wish."

He explained with Yoruichi's jaw dropped.

"I almost forgot to introduce myself, Yoruichi Shihoin, Shinigami and Captain of the 2nd Division of the Gotei 13?"

She said.

Needless to say Kakashi was shocked.

"Allow me to introduce myself too, the names Kakashi Hatake."

He introduced.

"Alright, it was nice Meeting you Kakashi, but I'm gonna be on my way now."

She said as she left in a Shunpo.

He shrugged and went back to his hut in the forest, little did he know he was gonna be talked about somewhere.

Next day in the Soul Society


The next day there was a captain's meeting.

As every captain of the gotei 13 entered the room and sat down the meeting started.

"What's this meeting about?"

One captain asked.

"This urgent meeting was called by the captain of the 2nd division, if you would explain why you have called us all here Shihoin."

Head captain Yamamoto said.

Yoruichi nodded and got up.

"Yesterday multiple menos appeared in the world of the living and I went to go deal with them, when I got there I saw something that I've never seen before."

She said.

"And what would that be?"

Her friend and captain of the 12th division Kisuke Urahara asked concerned.

"I was just getting to that, When I got there I saw a giant light blue humanoid-like creature in armor with wings on its back which was at least a bit bigger than the menos, killing the menos one by one with a light blue katana-like weapon."

Naturally everyone in the room was shocked hearing this, including the head captain himself.

"When I looked at the head of the humanoid creature I saw a white haired man incased within the creatures head, notably near the forehead, as there was one menos remaining, the humanoid creature has what looked to be lightning in its right hand and flew towards the last menos and stabbed it with the lightning, killing it, I then saw the humanoid warrior disperse and when I appeared where the warrior dispersed I saw the white haired man, I went up to him and tapped him on the shoulder, he asked if I needed anything and I asked him if that creature was him and he said yes and that was one of his abilities which was called a susanoo."

She explained.

Everyone in the room was shocked to say the least, they had never heard of such a thing.

"You mean he has other abilities?!"

Head captain Yamamoto said shocked.

"Yes, he told me his other ability."

Yoruichi said.

"Could you explain it to us?"

Kisuke said, obviously interested but also shocked at the same time.

"Yes, his other ability is called Kamui, which allows him to phase through solid objects, it also has another ability that allows him to transfer objects and transfer other people into what he calls 'The kamui's time-space dimension', and it even allows him to enter and exit the kamui's Time-space dimension as he wishes."

She explained.

Everyone was even more shocked hearing about this ability, none had heard anything whatsoever about this ability.

"Did you catch his name by any chance?"

Head captain Yamamoto asked.

"Yes, his name was Kakashi Hatake."