Screen Title: #VillainsUnite: #Wade #Ryder #Evan #George #Grant #Richard #Alexa #Tori #Jade

The story starts off with Wade Collins (from the iCarly episode iRocked the Vote) walking up to a cell where Ryder, Evan, the rival babysitting service, and Alexa are

Ryder: Who are you?

Wade: I'm Wade Collins!

Evan: Didn't you appear on iCarly?

Wade: Yes. I hate those hobnockers! Especially Sam.

Grant: We hate her too.

Richard: With all of our heart.

Alexa: So what are you doing here?

Wade: I'm here to bail you out.

George: Why?

Wade: To get revenge on Sam. I know she has a roommate named Cat.

Evan: Yeah, she does.

Wade: Well let's kidnap her for revenge.

Ryder: I like that.

After Wade bails them out, they are outside

Richard: We're free.

Grant: Finally!

Alexa: Watch out Sam & Cat!

George: Here comes revenge!

Wade: Sweet, sweet revenge!

We now cut to Apartment #22, Cat is putting her purse on

Sam: Cat where you going?

Cat: To the mall. Tori invited me to go shopping with her.

Sam: Oh how nice of her.

Cat: Yeah.

Sam: Have fun.

Cat: Thanks.

Cat leaves

Sam: Hope she doesn't get mangled at the sale.

We cut back to Wade and the other criminals

Wade: Did you send the text?

Ryder: Yep. I made it look like it was send from her friend Tori.

Evan: She's going to land right in our trap.

Alexa: And that's when we take her to an abandoned house and trap her in the basement.

Grant hears Cat coming

Grant: Shh, she's coming.

They all go hide; Cat sees a $5 bill and of course she didn't notice the trap

Cat: Oh a $5 bill. Sweet. This must be my lucky day.

Cat grabs the bill but as she does, she gets sprayed by knock out gas

George: It worked.

Wade: Put her in my car.

Richard and Evan drags Cat to Wade's car

Alexa: Sleep tight Cat. Literally.

They drive off

Back with Sam; the doorbell goes off

Sam: Who could that be?

Sam opens the door and it's Jade and Tori

Jade: Hi Sam.

Tori: Sup.

Sam: Hey. How was the sale?

Tori: What sale?

Cat: The one you texted Cat. She said you send her a text about a sale at the mall.

Tori: I didn't send her anything.

Jade: And there is no sale at the mall.

Sam: Well who could have send Cat the text?

Sam's phone goes off

Tori: Is that Cat?

Sam: No it's some random number. (Sam answers it) Hello?

Wade: Hello Samantha Puckett!

Sam: Wade Collins?!

Wade: That's right you hobnocker! I'm back and I kidnapped your roommate.

Jade: You kidnapped Cat.

Sam: What do you mean you kidnapped Cat?

Wade: I teamed up with some of your enemies and we captured Cat.

Alexa: And now she's locked up in a basement at an abandoned house!


George: NO!

Ryder: And good luck finding her!

Evan: Cause you won't!

Wade: Sweat on that hobnocker!

Call ends

Sam: This is bad.

Tori: Who was that?

Sam: Wade Collins. He's an enemy of Carly, Freddie and mine.

Jade: Is he the guy that calls everyone a hobnocker?

Sam: Yes. And he teamed up with Ryder, Evan, our rival babysitter service, and Alexa.

Tori: Poor Cat. We got to save her.

Jade: We don't know where she is, Vega.

Sam: They said they have Cat hostage in an abandoned house.

Tori: So?

Sam: Near Aloha Burger, there are 3 abandoned houses.

Jade: How do you know?

Sam: Back in March of 2014, when Dice got kidnapped by Nora, Cat and I went to ask Nevel for help. He told us about the abandoned houses.

Tori: So if we look at those abandoned houses, then we'll find Cat?

Sam: Yes.

Jade: Good. Let's roll.

Tori: Hang in there, Cat.

Cat is trapped at the bottom of a well in the same abandoned house from #SuperPsycho

Cat: Hello? I'm getting hungry.

Wade: Hello Cat.

Evan: Having fun down there?

Cat: Can I get something to eat?

George: Sure.

Richard: We'll get you something to eat.

Cat: Whatever food you got. Pizza, tuna. I just need something to eat.

Ryder hands down a basket with toothpaste and a toothbrush

Ryder: Look in the basket.

Cat: Toothpaste? You expect me to eat toothpaste?

Evan: It puts the toothpaste in their teeth, if it wants food.

Cat: What?

Wade: It puts the toothpaste in their teeth, if it wants food.

Cat: Who's it?

Alexa: You're it!

Cat: I have a name you know.

George: It puts the toothpaste in their teeth! Or else it gets the pillow again!

Cat: I'm not putting this toothpaste on my teeth.

Grant: That tears it!

Grant throws a pillow down the well; a camera shot shows 6 pillows down there

Cat: You realize you're wasting pillows right?

Evan: You listen to us Caterina!

Wade: If you don't put that toothpaste in your mouth, we're gonna...

Doorbell Rings

Evan: Crud someone's at the door.

Ryder: I'll go see.

Ryder is now wearing a disguise and opens the door with Tori Vega on the other side. He uses a deep voice so Tori doesn't recognize him

Ryder: Hello girl. How can I help you?

Tori: Hi I was wondering.. Have you seen my friend Cat Valentine?

Ryder: No.

Tori: Are you sure?

Ryder: Wait is she the girl who has red hair and psychological problems?

Tori: Yes.

Ryder: Never heard of her.

Ryder closes the door

Tori: Better go check the next house.

Ryder: Before you go, wanna check out my basement?

Tori: Sure. This is a cool place you got here.

They walk down to the basement and Tori is thrown down the well

Cat: Tori are you okay?

Tori: Yeah. It's a good thing I landed on these pillows.

Ryder has his disguise off

Ryder: Well, well, well, if it isn't Tori Vega.

Tori: Ryder!

Ryder: Yeah we're back.

Evan: And we got a new partner.

Wade: Me.

Tori: You're that Wade Collins guy?

Wade: And you and your friends are a bunch of hobnockers!

Cat: I don't even know you.

Wade: You're Sam's roommate.

Cat: So.

Wade: So I kidnapped you for revenge.

Ryder: And we threw Tori down as well.

George: How does payback feel?

Cat: Tori thanks for trying to save me.

Tori: It's fine. Sam and Jade are at the other abandoned houses so they should be here soon.

Just then the doors burst open revealing Sam and Jade

Wade: Samantha Puckett!

Ryder: What a lovey surprise.

Sam: Let Cat and Tori go right now and you might walk out of here alive.

Alexa: No!

Richard: Why don't we all fight!

Cat and Tori gasp

Jade: You really want to fight?

Evan: Yes. If you win, Cat and Tori may go free.

Jade: Alright.

Ryder: But if we win.

Wade: In the pit you go!

Cat: Be careful!

Tori: There's no food down here!

Cat: Just pillows.

Ryder: So you ready to battle?

Sam: You ready to die?

Alexa: Oh we won't be injured.

Grant: We've been in prison for a few months.

George: Working out!

Richard: Lifting weights!

Ryder: Getting stronger!

Evan: And angrier.

Wade: And what has Sam been up to? Oh babysitting!

Sam: Dang, that's so true.

Ryder: Let's go!

Wade: Ready!

Evan: Set!

Alexa: Hi-yah!

Sam and Jade dodged the kick and they start fighting

Jade: Take this you hobnockers!

Sam whips out her butter sock and hits Wade with it

Sam: This is for lying to us! This is for being a rude ass person! This is for calling us hobnockers! And this is for CAT!

Cat: Are they winning?

Tori: I think so.

Sam and Jade have defeated Wade, Ryder, Even, the rival babysitting service, and Alexa

Jade: Are you two okay?

Tori: Yeah.

Cat: We're fine.

Tori's dad comes to arrest the villains

Tori: What's going to happen to them?

Mr. Vega: Oh they kidnapped you and Cat. Also this one calls everyone hobnockers. I'm deporting them all the way to Australia.

Sam and Jade: Ha ha.

The villains grow as Mr. Vega takes them to his police car

Cat: Thanks for saving us.

Sam: You're welcome Cat.

Jade: You would have done the same for us.

Cat: Can we head back to our apartment?

Sam: Sure.

Back at Apartment #22

Tori: Those people are insane.

Sam: Carly, Freddie, and I hated doing that video for Wade. He's such a hobnocker.

Jade: What is a hobnocker?

Sam whispers it into Jade's ear

Jade: Ew that's gross.

Sam: And illegal.

Cat: I'm glad your dad deported them to Australia.

Tori: Yeah, me too.

Dice suddenly walks in

Dice: I won my basketball tournament. (They look at him) Did I miss something?

Sam: We'd like to tell you but we're out of time. (4th wall break)

Note: This story kind of serves as a sequel to the iCarly episode iRocked the Vote as Wade is shown getting his revenge

Note #2: This is also a sequel to my stories "Ryder and Evan's Revenge" and "Dice Gets Kidnapped"

Note #3: Dice has an extremely minor role since he doesn't appear until the last few seconds of the story

Note #4: This is theoretically a Victorious + Sam & Cat crossover since there is only one iCarly character appearing in the story (2 if including Sam) and there are 4 Victorious stars appearing (5 if including Cat)