AN: Yes this is a Sesskag fic but I wanted to explore Kagome glimpsing what married life would be like with a bunch of the guys from Inuyasha. This is mostly for me to experiment putting her in new situations but by no means am I ship bashing by saying in this fic that she isn't going to end up with them. If you love Mirkag or Koukag or something, good for you, but even if you find them the superior pair, just bear in mind it ain't happening here.

Also since Ayame is an anime-only character, for the purposes of this fic we're just sticking to manga canon. In other words, she doesn't exist here.

(for hardcore sesskag fans please don't skip the chapters just to get to married life with Sess. I made this for you *sobs* also Sess may show up in chapters unexpectedly anyway)

Husband Catalogue

Chapter One

Kagome was sincerely, unequivocally, astronomically, downright sick of couples. Everywhere she went, from the future to the past- everyone seemed to be dating, married, or on the verge of getting engaged. It had started with Miroku and Sango, then her three high school friends Eri, Yuka and Ayumi. Hell, the sweet perfume of romance even progressed to Souta, giving him a glow in his cheeks.

It wasn't just them though, love seemed to be in the air. Cupid had worked his will on just about everyone Kagome passed by in both time periods, couples holding hands or strolling around with newborns. And it wasn't even Valentines!

Kagome made a face.

"The hell are you glaring for?"

Blue eyes slid to the Hanyou currently lounging beside her on the warm, grassy hill. Stupid Inuyasha.

Sighing, her hands dropped from where they'd been occupied cradling her chin. "No reason," she grumbled. "The sunlight is bright. I was squinting."


Another happy couple strolling by, causing her lips to thin. It wasn't their fault. Kagome knew exactly why she felt unsatisfied.

"I'm gonna go see what Shippo's up to," she stood, straightening her tank top and shorts. "You want ramen for dinner?"

"Yeah, sure," he said absentmindedly.

Another time Kagome would've been happy that he felt so comfortable, surrounded by friends and enjoying a peaceful life. But at that moment all she wanted to do was dump a bucket of water over him. Shake him. Demand he do…do something!

Deciding not to get into another argument with him about it, the miko hurried off. She loved the Hanyou, really she did. Talking about their relationship felt like pulling teeth though. Inuyasha wasn't very perceptive so it fell on her shoulders to verbalise her wants and needs. Not a problem there, it was actually quite a healthy tactic- until Kagome encountered feelings she couldn't verbalise.

Dissatisfaction, worry, frustration. Oh she'd very well tried to talk about them but the hanyou had brushed these things off. There was nothing wrong with their lives, he figured. They were well-fed, uninvolved in any wars and surrounded by friends.

'What more do ya want?' he'd huffed.

She didn't know. That was perhaps the hardest part. The strange niggling sensation of wanting him to take initiative all the time had taken a toll on their month-long relationship. It had become so difficult that the rusted gears of their chemistry had ground to a halt.

So they'd agreed to a 'break,' like something out of a sitcom. Padding down the hill and into the village, Kagome walked around an old married couple, expression flat.

It wasn't supposed to be like this. They'd defeated Naraku, saved Fuedal Japan, become heroes! They'd earned their happily ever after, especially since they'd been robbed of three years together.

So why hadn't it felt right?


Starting, Kagome raised her head and smiled, waving at Shippo who sat near the fisherman's river with a girl. Approaching them, she grinned when the fox kit leapt into her arms. She sat down on the bank, ruffling wild red locks.

"What are you two up to?"

"Nothing much, Kazi and I are just making boats outta paper. I'm gonna use my magic to transform them into a bigger size!"

Giggling, Kagome glanced at the girl, nodding in greeting. She wore a strangely pristine, black yukata with white cranes patterned onto the material, dark hair cropped short. Doleful eyes slid up to the miko from where they'd been occupied on a daisy chain, weaving the stalks into a careful crown.

A chill ran down Kagome's spine. She couldn't remember seeing the girl in the village before. That clothing looked much too fine for simple village folk too.

Since Shippo didn't seem to think anything was amiss however, she refocused on the fox kit when he piped up: "so how goes it with Inuyasha?"

"The same as usual. For a guy so passionate, he sure has the emotional maturity of a toddler sometimes," Kagome sighed, taking off her shoes and dipping both legs into the cool river.

"Ya know, I kinda thought this might happen," Shippo hummed sagely. "You're older now, eighteen summers. But Inuyasha is still the same as when you left him. Maybe it's time you look around at other options."

Giggling, Kagome's eyes danced. "How wise, o great kitsune. But pray tell what other options do I have?" she snorted. "Look around. There are no eligible bachelors for me."

"There has to be someone!" He huffed. "Miroku is obviously out, he's married."

"No duh. To my best friend."

"What about Kouga?"

Hesitating, Kagome prolonged answering by dragging her ankles up and down in the water, soothed by the soft current lapping at her shins. "Kouga is… nice. Loyal. But he doesn't listen to me as well as I'd like. I dunno, feels weird. I'd have to think about it more."

The girl spoke up then, voice soft and gentle: "is there someone from your time you'd consider as a mate?"

Blinking, Kagome wondered how she knew about her true origins. Maybe Shippo had mentioned it. "There is Hojo," she mused slowly. "He's a doctor now. Good job, stable income."

Shippo's green eyes turned flat. "You're talking about his job? Sounds like a great guy."

"He's nice!" Kagome added quickly. "Just a tad boring. I probably shouldn't say that. I'm not exactly a catch with my anger stuff, but I do wonder if we could make it work. Probably not," she tapped her chin.

Giving the finishing touches to his mini boat, Shippo's tail twitched. Glancing over the water, he tilted his head. "There's always Sesshoumaru," he said, trying to keep a straight face.

Kagome failed, bursting into laughter. Swatting his shoulder lightly and wiping the mirth from her eyes, she shook her head. "That's a good one!"

Her gaze happened to slide across the river, jolting hard upon seeing the still, pale form of Sesshoumaru. He rose a brow, observing them stoically. Heart hammering, Kagome's mouth became dry. The demon lord broke eye contact first, continuing on with a leisurely stroll into the village, no doubt visiting Rin.

Kagome made a thin noise while it was Shippo's turn to break into mad giggles.

"Shippo!" she hissed. "That's not funny. I could've hurt his pride!"

"Sorry, sorry!" The kit snickered, not sounding very sorry as he picked up the boat. Turning, he called over his shoulder towards a nearby hut, "Kazi! The boat is ready!"

Another little girl ducked under the flap covering the entrance, racing over to him and giggling. Kagome gaped, looking between her and the quiet, pale girl sitting by the river.

That's not Kazi?

Shippo didn't even seem to acknowledge the silent child, now that she thought about it. He threw the boat up into the air and transformed it with a burst of fanfare, making the paper enlarge. Both he and Kazi then lept onto it, giggling and floating down the river.

This left Kagome and the unknown girl alone. Feeling cool sweat prick the back of her neck, the miko took a breath. "You could have just introduced yourself," she said softly. "You didn't have to pretend to be someone else. Are you a spirit?"

"Something of the sort," the little girl hummed, finishing the daisy chain and holding it up, staring through the middle. "My name is Yua. I am here to lend assistance to the one named Higurashi Kagome."

"W-what?" Kagome held up her hands. "Sweetie you don't need to do that, I'm fine."

"You are not 'fine', you are unsatisfied with your love life."

Wincing, she giggled weakly. "Look there are so many more important problems in the world, I was just ranting. Don't pay attention to me-"

"I endeavour to lend assistance to Higurashi Kagome, so I shall pay attention to you. Tell me; would looking at your marital options more closely help to give you direction for future happiness in romance?"

Kagome's head reeled, not entirely sure what Yua was rambling about. What a weird kid. Why did she always seem to attract these kinds of people to her? "...Sure? I guess."

"Then it is decided."

Blinking, the miko noticed the girl offer the crown of daisies to her. Not wanting to be rude, and yet feeling a strange thrum in her stomach, Kagome reluctantly bent down slightly and accepted the flowers atop her head.

"Uh..." she reached up to touch the soft petals. "Thank yo-"

One of the daisies broke off, and with a crippling simplicity that would've startled an onlooker, Kagome was simply not there anymore, her spot on the river bank vacant. It was as though the crown itself had swallowed the miko whole. Yua vanished with her, a phantom breeze rustling the blades of grass where they'd been kneeling.

Sucking in a breath, Kagome's eyes shot open. Bolting upright in bed and patting herself for injuries, she realised she was unharmed. Exhaling a long sigh of relief, she frowned into the darkness of the room. She couldn't remember anything else happening after allowing Yua to place the flowers on her head. Feeling the covers and modern bedding, Kagome theorised she must've returned home for one reason or another.


Yelping, Kagome started badly and lost balance, falling over the side of the bed and landing in a tangle of limbs. Jolting upright and looking around wildly, growing dread piled up in her stomach.

This isn't my room!

From the light now pouring in from the hallway as a door slid open, she glimpsed the modern varnished furniture within the bedroom, it's dressers, wardrobes and double bed displaying an adults room rather than her childhood pink, frilly one.

The main light in the bedroom turned on, instantly swamping the place with colour and making her wince. Rubbing her eyes, Kagome blinked up at the man stood before her.

Hojo smiled.

Dressed fairly smartly in a brown jacket, briefcase in hand, he looked slightly older than she recalled. Setting it down, he chuckled and slid his hands under her elbows, helping the shaking miko to stand. "Did I frighten you? I'm sorry, I just got back from work."

Mute with terror and surprise, Kagome dazedly remained stiff when he leaned down and pecked her frozen lips. "What-" she squeaked, trying to pick out letters from her alphabet soup brain and attempting to form words. "What the HECK is going on?!"

Hojo tilted his head, soon feeling her forehead. "You don't seem to have a fever. Are you disorientated from a nightmare? Not to worry! I have an excellent herbal tea that'll steady your nerves."

Kagome swayed when he released her to happily walk out of the room. She could hear a kettle start to boil somewhere downstairs and various noises that hinted at a kitchen. Looking down at her frozen hands, she caught sight of a silver wedding band over her ring finger.

Choking on nothing, she whipped her head up, seeing a large framed photo of herself and Hojo on the wall, smiling. And then another- strolling through a picturesque park, more at their wedding.

Sinking onto the bed as her legs lost their strength, Kagome's fingers brushed something small and soft.

Picking up the daisy and inspecting it, a name cropped up her mind. "Yua," she said quietly, before remembering just what the little spirit had been talking about. "Yua!" The miko hissed stronger.

"Yes, Higurashi Kagome?"

Staring, her attention swung to the corner of the room where the little girl stood, hands folded neatly before her.

"What the hell is happening here?! Why am I in some weird illusion where Hojo is my husband?"

"It is no illusion. I have transported you into another time. A possible future."

"...Hah?" she said intelligently.

"As we agreed; I am helping you look at marital options more closely help to give you direction for future happiness in romance," the words came soft yet clipped and to the point, no emotion in her even tone. "Therefore I have placed you within the body of another Kagome living in an alternate universe. Here she is the wife of Matsubara Hojo. After one week, you will be transported to another possible future."

"A week?!" Kagome furiously shook her head. "No, no, no, no- that isn't gonna happen. Just put me back into my own body right now, Yua. I appreciate the thought, but I don't want this!"

"You have little choice since you already agreed to it."

"I didn't know what I was agreeing to!" Groaning and burying her face in both hands, she sighed. "Everyone is going to wonder where I am!"

"When I return you to the river bank, no time will have passed. There will be no consequences for any of this-"

"Hold on, that's not true-" Kagome snarled. "I could potentially be ruining this Kagome's life by making one wrong move! I could ruin her marriage or get her committed or something if Hojo is concerned enough, he's a Doctor!"

Yua slow blinked, "you jump to extreme circumstances very quickly."

Opening her mouth to retort, Kagome was cut off by Hojo's ever amiable tone calling from the kitchen; "Darling, are you talking to yourself?"

Turning slightly and giving a casual laugh that sounded high pitched and squeaky, she waved it off. "N-no, sweetie...just on the phone!"

Glancing at the clock revealed it was very early in the morning. She winced, glancing in Yua's direction.

The little girl had disappeared.

Who the heck was she, anyway? How can she do all this stuff?

Rubbing her forehead, Kagome swallowed. She couldn't hide from him forever. It was beyond her powers to try and break out of this type of magic, besides if she tried there was the possibility of trapping herself in the current timeline forever. And maybe...maybe the spell she'd found herself in wouldn't be all terrible. It was only for one week, right? Just a little glimpse through a window into her possible future didn't sound so bad if she turned off her brain to the moral implications. But how did wife Kagome act?

Oh God, I'm going to be lying to him.

Summoning her courage and bravely inching out of the bedroom on tiptoe, Kagome looked around skittishly. It felt surreal, looking around the house with the knowledge that this was hers. Well, another her's life. She looked at the silver mirrors on the walls and remembered thinking she'd like something similar in her own home one day. The wallpaper was to her taste too. Had she put it up herself?

Creeping down the stairs, Kagome peered around the threshold of the door to see Hojo's back turned, pouring boiling water into a cup, the herbs within turning the liquid green.

He looks like he's maybe in his twenties, she thought.

Taking a breath, Kagome approached the man who could potentially be her husband one day.