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Is it wrong to be kind to Lily?

During their climb to the top floor of the dungeon, her savior had gotten rid of the monsters easily, it was hard to judge on just kobolds and Goblins, but the speed and precision were definitely speaking of a seasoned adventurer.

Each swipe of her savior's sword killed a monster without fail, going through them as if they were made of butter, and leaving the magic stones out in the open for Lily to pick up.

And that was just the ones Lily could see, her savior was way faster than Lily, and sometimes, she'd arrive inside the room already cleaned of monsters, with her escort happily humming as he went from body to body, to pick up the prizes left behind.

What kind of adventurer is happy in the dungeon?! It's a dangerous and unforgiving place where monsters aren't even the scariest things sometimes! You should definitely not be humming with a big smile that makes Lily's heart race!

"C'mon Lily-Chan, you're falling behind!" Her savior's voice brought her back to reality, realizing she had stopped in the middle of the room, She slapped her hands on her cheeks and shook her head.

"Lily isn't falling behind, Astolfo-Sama is just too fast!" She complained as she jogged to catch up to her savior.

"Huh? Oh sorry Lily-Chan, I'm not used to having a level 1 with me." Her savior said, scratching the back of his head sheepishly, before his eyes lit up. "I know what to do!"

Those words inspired a fear in Lily's heart and before she could react she felt herself get picked up, her bag taken off of her shoulders and secured in a princess carry.

Lily's face exploded in red, her cheeks heating up, "Astolfo-Sama, please put Lily back dooOOOOOOWN" Her savior ignored her and instead with a shout of 'Here we go!' started running through the dungeon's halls, leaving her screaming and holding on her savior's Neck for her dear life.

The dungeons wall blended together in the corner of her vision, she saw for a brief second the stairs to the 3rd floor, she heard the startled shouts of adventurers they passed as her savior carried her all the way to the entrance of the dungeon.

It felt like hours, before her savior put her back on her feet when in reality, it had been a few minutes at most. "Oh ground, how I've missed you, Lily could kiss you right now!" She exclaimed, before her fear turned into ire and she whirled around to face her idiotic savior, a scowl adorning her face, "Never do that again Astolfo-Sama! Lily thought she was going to die!" and not just from fright, but embarassment too.

"Sorry Lily-Chan." Her savior had the Gall to laugh in the face of her ire, he even started patting her head!

"Stop it Astolfo-Sama!" she cried out, trying to swat at his hand, which only made him try harder.

To be honest with herself, Lily didn't mind that much anyway.


Lily found herself dragged by her savior, who led her to the Hostess of Fertility, Lily had heard of it from previous adventurers she'd partied with, an all female staffed pub who caters to citizens during the day and adventurers the night.

Lily looked up to the two story building made of stone located on the western street. A sign of a fork and knife hanged above the double doors.

"Lily cannot pay for this place Astolfo-Sama." She felt the need to point out, but her savior merely made a dismissive motion with his right hand and smiled at her, "It's fine! I invited you here, it'd be poor of me to make you pay!" approaching the double doors, He threw them open and shouted "MAMA, I'M BACK!"

The pub was packed full, almost every table had no remaining space, with waitresses dressed in a green dress with long puffed sleeves and a white collar going here and there serving food and drinks.

As they entered, everyone in the pub turned to her savior, shouting varying versions of welcome's, some waved, other raised their glass, other shouted welcome back loudly.

It was clear from the reactions that every one who frequented this pub were used to her savior and knew him.

"If it isn't my favorite customer! Welcome back. The usual?" a towering women said from behing the counter.

Her savior nodded rapidly as he hopped in front of her "Make it double, I'm not alone today! This is Lily, she's a new friend." He gestured to Lily, who found herself under the stare of the women, she looked at Lily from top to bottom, and Lily felt like she was being judged, the ears of her chienthrope disguise twitching nervously.

Whatever the women was searching for, she seemed to have found it, as she nodded and opened the door behind her, "May, the usual for Astolfo and his companion!"

"Aye Mama!" came through before the door closed again.

Her savior grabbed Lily's hand and dragged her to a free table in a corner of the pub, situated by a staircase leading to the second floor, they sat down, Lily making sure her bag was unnaccessible to anyone without her noticing and waited for the 'usual' with her savior, who talked of everything and anything to Lily while she listened, occasionally replying to convey that she was still listening.

A few minutes later, multiple dishes were expertly put on their table by an Elf who somehow managed to carry dozens of plates without dropping them.

And what dishes they were, all of them looked more delicious than the last. Lily recalled the menu that was by the entrance, and found that the 'usual' for her savior, was actually every dishes on the list, her face turned white from the amount of money spent just on one meal by her savior.

'Favorite customer indeed, if Astolfo-Sama spends that much everytime he comes here.' Lily thought.

Not like it matters to Lily, she's not spending a single Valis while eating like a queen.

"Thanks Ryuu-Tan!" Her savior said while smiling to the elf, who's eye twitched at being called '-Tan' before sighing in defeat, she left after telling Lily and her savior to enjoy their food.

With that, they both dug in. Lily enjoying the taste of the food while her savior went from plate to plate, eating so fast Lily was worried for a second he would Choke.

When it was clear he wouldn't, she relaxed slightly and they carried on, Astolfo-Sama pausing sometimes to talk with Lily.

'Maybe this won't be so bad after all.' Lily thought.

Their newest customers that Astolfo-Kun brought, Syr noticed, was a little bundle of nerves.

She considered herself a good judge of character, a talent that she used to attract and 'encourage' customers to pay more at the hostess, that was also why her co-workers and friends had given her the nickname 'witch.'

When the little Chienthrope entered behind Astolfo, she was uncomfortable and nervous, and though she did a good job of hiding it, it was obvious to her. As time passed, she slowly relaxed, her glances to everything and everyone around her became less frequent, the tension in her shoulders disappeared and her smiles became more genuine.

Hours passed and by the end she was totally relaxed and talking back to Astolfo with more than short sentences, everything seemed to be going well, so she put it in the back of her mind and focused on her job.

That was until something changed, she'd went into the kitchen to pick up the next orders, when she came back her boss, Mia Grande was leaning towards their table, her curiosity got the better of her and she looked in their direction.

She noticed that the smile that she'd had had disappeared, replaced by sadness as she talked to Astolfo. She glanced towards him and a little gasp escaped her.

Astolfo-Kun, Mia Grande's 'Favorite customer', was simply put, a bundle of joy, kindness and energy. Whenever he came by, the atmosphere of the pub became more joyous simply with his presence alone, it was like an aura around him that made people happy, if she had to describe him in one word, it would be 'Life.'

He brought life wherever he went.

His smile lit up the place, his laugh was infectious and until now, she'd never met anyone capable of being angry at him, even Mama, who was a no-nonsense kind of person, had never been able to actually be angry at him.

He even managed to break through Ryuu's calm and stoic personality, a miracly only performed by Syr herself and Mama.

But right now, he was not smiling, he wasn't full of life and excitedly talking, He wasn't acting like a curious child. His expression was cold, and it was chilling, so much so that even the other customers noticed something was wrong.

She watched as Astolfo-Kun got up and grabbed the Chienthrope by the hand.

"Mama, Lily will be borrowing a room upstair." He didn't wait for a response and went up with the little Chienthrope in tow, the pub fell silent.

When he came back down alone a few minutes later, he ignored the stares and walked out, the same chilling expression on his face as he left.

Syr decided that whoever or whatever had put Astolfo-kun in such a mood, would severely regret it soon.

In a room of the twilight manor, Loki and her executives were preparing their next expedition deep in the dungeon.

She technically didn't need to be here, but she liked involving herself, she liked watching her first childrens, who'd grown and changed so much over the years prepare as they'd go to the deepest parts of the dungeon, to push the limits of the known and delve deeper than the Zeus Familia ever had.

They'd been in the middle of discussing budget ("Loki-Sama you need to stop spending so much on alcohol." "Never Finn!") when a a full body shiver stopped her, the discussion stopped, everyone also shivering like her, she had a bad feeling.

Her eyes narrowed, due to the lateness of the hour, the sound of footsteps carried in the empty corridors of the Twilight Manor as everyone was either out in the city, in this room with her, or in the mess hall on the other side of the Manor.

The footsteps stopped in front of their door, who got slammed open and someone entered, and her bad feeling doubled in strength.

When one thinks of the Loki Familia first class adventurers, chances are they'll usually think of one her executives.

'Braver' Finne Deimne, a level 6 Pallum and the captain of her Familia.

'Nine Hell' Riveria Ljos Alf, a level 6 High-Elf, and the Vice captain of her Familia.

'Sword Princess' Aiz Wallenstein, a level 5 teenager girl who holds the record for fastest level up.

'Elgarm' Gareth Landrock, A level 6 dwarf.

'Vanargand' Bete Loga, a wereworlf once member of the Vidar Familia, Level 5.

And finally the Hiryute amazon twins, 'Amazon' Tiona and 'Jormungand' Tione both level 5.

What most of the population of Oriario doesn't know or always forgets, is that there are 2 others members of her familia who deserve to be called first class adventurers, both below level 5.

The first one is her Vice-captain's apprentice, a level 3 Elf by the name Lefiya Viridis, capable of using every elf magic, titled 'Thousand Elf'

And finally the strongest Level 4, someone capable of fighting at the same level of her Familia's best despite being only level 4, Who forced a draw out of the only level 7 in the city of Orario, 'King' Ottar of the Freya Familia.

The Blessed knight, 'Paladin' Astolfo Orlando, a level 4 human and one of her first children.

Who had just entered looking ready to go to war.

She prayed they would manage to calm him before they had a repeat of the Freya Incident.

STOOOOOOOOOOOOOP! Put those pitchforks and torches down, let me explain myself before you decide to burn me alive

I know, I know, It may seem farfetched at first for Astolfo to be able to pull out a draw between him and Ottar when he's only level 4, and I honestly didn't think this particular piece of the story would make it, but the more I re-read both Astolfo and Ottar's status, the more I thought it wasn't THAT farfetched.

First of all, Obviously Ottar wasn't going full force, there's no question that if he did, Astolfo would've lost, just want to make sure we're all clear on that.

Next, when you read Astolfo's status below, you'll notice all the 'bonuses' he gets.

-First one is Mage, who boosts his Bright bringer buffs who are already ludicrous from the start,

-In second we got Arcana Rex, who basically allows Astolfo to Never run out of mind and increase his already ludicrous buffs and make them even stronger,

-Third is Heroic Spirit who grants him a boost to all his parameters when he is a situation of great adversity, meaning those buffs from Bright Bringer get EVEN stronger as time goes on and let me tell you that if fighting one of the only two level 7 in the world doesn't count as a BIG BIG BIG adversity, then I don't know what does.

-Fourth is Astolfo's sword, Vulcano Caligorante, that Astolfo can manipulate with his mind to turn into a very long Whip sword, allowing him to attack and defend at the same time, it's also a Durandal weapon, so Ottar couldn't just brute force his way through it.

-Fifth is Destruction Declaration who negates any offensive/Defensive magic and all buffs Ottar could cast on himself, including Vana Arganture (Technically it is a skill, but seeing as it is an active trigger and has a chant, I'll count it as magic.)

If you add number 1 through 4, I'd put Astolfo's status as a high-end level 6, with the 5th forcing Ottar to fight with his base stats (Which are basically S999 in everything but magic so it's not like he's losing much).

The first 4 points are also why Astolfo is only level 4, because when you have all those advantages, it gets hard to find a worthy challenge that the gods could acknowledge for his next level up, and he's not Aiz, who's desperate to get stronger, (Heh, get it?) enough to solo Udaeus, a Monster Rex alone.

As for why Astolfo fought Ottar in the first place? Well let's just say Freya was being Freya (Whether that's because she wanted him for herself like Bell, or because she was jealous of his beauty, well, I'll let you guys decide. Personally I find the 2nd one very funny).

Here's Astolfo's Status with the changes suggested by Rhongomyniad:

I've placed Arcana Rex as a skill, Changed Bright Bringer to be a magic and added Hunter (That I wanted to originally put first but had replaced with Arcana Rex) as his level 2 Development Ability.



STR C685

END D540

DEX S913

AGI A898

MAG S999



Improves abilities against monsters that the user has fought before and gained excellia from.

Abnormal Resistance:

Negates the effects of abnormalities.


Improves power, widens effect range, and makes mind usage efficient. Creates magic circles under the user that support the magic.


Arcana Rex:

User's Magic stat is raised exceptionally high and has unparalleled mind reserves and regeneration.

Heroic Spirit:

Provides high resistance against abnormal status.

Boosts all parameters in great adversity that further improves the greater the adversity.


Black Luna:

Magic that induces panic in monsters.

Can kill Weaker Monsters

Activation chant:

Hear the sound of the Flute that calls Panic, La Black Luna!

Destruction Declaration:

Magic that negates other magics

Activation chant:


Bright Bringer:

User of this skill can lay blessings upon self and party members.

Strength of blessings rises based on the user's bond with party members.



Magic that boosts the User and target agility and dexterity stats.

Boost depends on the bond between User and target.

Lay on Hands:

Magic that heals the target's wounds.

Requires physical contact to work.


Magic that boosts the User and target strength and Endurance Stats.

Boost depends on the bond between User and target.

Fun fact, I didn't even notice I was kinda retracing the events of canon Danmachi with Lily and Astolfo replacing Bell and Aiz, though I can assure you all, the mutt won't start talking Lily down while drunk and Lily won't run in the dungeon killing everything in her way.

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