Hello, my viewers! In this story, I am role-playing with my author friend, GiovanniGo, and there will be twists and turns much like the show. We both hope you'll enjoy this as we have been. Anything is Possible! -Traveler.

(Our story begins inside the lair of Dr. Drakken in the morning at around 7:00am. It was June 1st, and it was the start of summer vacation. School was closed until August 31st in Middleton. The sky was clear outside and there were no rain clouds in sight. In the second bedroom of the lair/house, a teenage boy of age 14 named Gio woke up, opening his eyes and yawning as the sun came up over the horizon...)

Gio(yawns): Nothing like the first day of summer to plan world domination...(gets up out of bed and makes the bed)

(Gio goes into his bathroom, and brushes his teeth. He then flosses his teeth, washed his face, and dried himself off. He then exited the bathroom, and got into a futuristic-look tube machine called the "Automatic Dresser". He pushed a button inside and a set of robotic arms carefully removed Gio's nightclothes, and place him into his usual green and black outfit identical to Shego's, only it was made for Gio's size..)

Gio (steps out of tube): Now let's see how I look...(stands in mirror) Hmmm...just like Mom...(exits tube)

(Once dressed, Gio exited his bedroom, and walked downstairs to the lair's kitchen. Once in the kitchen, Gio walked over to the kitchen's "Breakfast Maker" machine, an automatic breakfast-making machine that Drakken built (one of his rare machines that actually work), and used the touch-screen to request his breakfast items, including the main course, toppings, 2 side dishes, fruit, pastry, and drink...)

Gio (selects a main course of a Belgian waffle): Okay...(selects topping of maple syrup) Okay...(selects 1st side dish of sausages) Hmmm...(selects 2nd side dish of ham slices) Good...(selects a fruit option of a banana) Alright...(selects a sweet pastry side dish of a jumbo double chocolate muffin) And now...(selects beverage of orange juice) Perfect. (pushes "confirm request" button)

(The machine made noises for about 30 seconds, all before a hatch opened up, and there was Gio's breakfast on a large plate, all prepared nicely and hot. Gio took the large plate, the banana, and his drinking glass, before sitting down at the dinning room table. A few seconds later, Shego sat down with him, eating her breakfast of a bowl of oatmeal topped with berries, and a glass of a banana-orange smoothie...)

Gio (swallows first bite of breakfast): Mom, how ironic is it that Dr. Drakken can't build a proper doomsday machine half the time, but he can build a fully-functional breakfast making machine? (eats another bite of the waffle)

Shego: (Chuckles lightly in amusement): You got to admit that Dr. D is a genius when he wants to be, through he gotta name these inventions better these days. I still cringe when I remember that brain switch machine. (Shudders slightly)

Gio: Yeah, that was chaotic. (eats a sausage) So, I actually have a great evil plan of my own...Do you hate it whenever Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable attack you and beat you?

Shego: (Scowls angrily): Very much so, kiddo. That Kim is annoying sometimes! Through she's scary once a while...I still can't believe she kicked me into that power pole...Anyway, back to you, Gio, what's this plan of yours? (Eats one of the berries atop her oatmeal)

Gio: Well, it's summer time, and schools are out, right?

Shego: Yes...(eats another berry)

Gio: Well, I was thinking about putting on a disguise to blend in as a regular Middleton citizen, and befriending Kim and Ron under a false identity and false pretenses. Then, when the time is right, I'll capture them both, bring them here, and finally eliminate them by cutting them in half with your laser cutter!

Shego: (Widens her eyes in surprise) That idea would work...Through cutting in them in half with my old laser cutter is a tad too much, Gio. Remember, Team Possible is famous, and well, I am a parent like their parents, on different sides of the spectrum, of course, but didn't you forget that their parents might want revenge for that?

Gio (grins): Then we "take care" of the parents, too! (rubs hands) We're villains, Mom. Villains show no favorites.

Shego: (Laughs lightly) And that's why you're my son. That villain school sure has taught you well, but not well as me! Now since it's your plan, Gio, I presume you don't want Dr. D to mess it up?

Gio: Oh, you got that right. The last time I took him on an evil plan to rob the bank, he triggered the alarm, and the cops showed up! Luckily, we got away, but we got NO money!

(Suddenly, Dr. Drakken enters the kitchen, and selects for the machine to make him a ham & cheese omelet...)

Gio: Good morning, Dr. D...

Dr. Drakken: (Grumbles) I need coffee first! I'll never understand why you get up so early!

Shego and Gio shares a look after seeing Dr. Drakken dressed in a bathrobe over his pajamas pants, looking frazzled and grumpy, and the mother-son then snickers before Shego replies to him.

Shego: Aww, come on, Dr. D, it's such a great day! And besides, Gio can't wait to check out the new pool! I can't wait to relax in that hot tub next to the pool myself.

Gio: But first, I'll be on a mission today. (looks over to Shego) Mom, where can I get some regular civilian clothes?

Shego: (Hums in thought) Well, I suppose you'd go to Club Banana, but watch the prices. Brands are iffy here and there. That green jacket I have, it wasn't cheap, you know?

Gio: Oh, speaking of money...(Grins, and pulls out a duffel bag) I actually robbed Fort Knox the other day, and got this...(Opens bag to reveal over 2 million dollars in 100$ bills)

Shego and Gio suddenly hears the sound of the coffee pot crashing, and sees it destroyed on the floor with Dr. Drakken staring at Gio in shock.

Dr. Drakken: (Gapes) It's one of the highest secured buildings! How did you get into there?!

Gio (grins): Well, I caused an explosion in a field nearby to divert attention, and got most of the soldiers to go over to the wreckage. Then, I used sleeping gas to put the other workers to sleep, and then I snuck in, and I took some money.

Shego: (Whistles in awe) Impressive, Gio. I am proud of you, kiddo. Now you better finish that breakfast if you want to get going with that mission of yours, and no, Dr. D, Gio is still upset with you about the last time you went with him. (Giving Dr. Drakken her sternest glare)

Dr. Drakken pouts before he turns to grab his breakfast plate. Dr. Drakken: Whatever. I have plans anyway. I still have to tune up the latest invention.

Gio: And what is this plan, Dr. D? (Eats more of waffle)

Dr. Drakken then sits down in the middle, facing both Gio and Shego, and then cutting his omelet into pieces.

Dr. Drakken: I got a idea last weekend after watching a movie, and I have been creating the invention all week. It's supposed to detect a very rare element in the earth, Gadolinium, and that I can use it as a propulsion gas for the submarine. The laser precision gun isn't working properly so I have to tune it up.

Gio (sarcastically): Oh, because that went so well the last time!

Dr. Drakken glares at Gio with a scowl. Dr. Drakken: How was I supposed to know that the laser was pointed toward your bathroom?!

Shego rolls her eyes at Dr. Drakken's dramatic gestures. Shego: You're lucky I was able to pay for a new floor and window. At least Gio was glad for the new picks this time.

Gio (finishes eating): Now if you'll excuse me, Dr. D, I have to go get ready for my evil mission that will be successful! (Places dishes and utensils in the automatic dishwasher and walks up stairs to get some things together)

Dr. D: Shego, your son gets his attitude from you!

Shego laughs. Shego: I wouldn't have it better, Dr. D. He's his own person, and he's growing to be a great villain.

(The scene cuts to Gio arriving at the parking lot for the Middleton Mall in his green sports car...)

Gio (notices a handicapped Spot): Perfect! (Parks in it and stops car)

Gio then hopped out of his car, glad that in all the time his mother and boss has been fighting Kim Possible and her sidekick, Ron Stoppable, they had never seen Gio at all, so this expedition to the mall makes it easier on him.

He went in, checking the map guide for Club Banana, adjusting his backpack which has a hidden pocket full of $500 in 100s. It may be a bit too much for situations like the mall, but Gio likes to be over-prepared than nothing.

(As Gio walked through the mall, he stopped and noticed a "Godiva Chocolates" store. He grinned and walked towards it...)

Gio: I think I'll splurge on Mom and Dr. D before buying clothes, and getting lunch. (Walks inside)

(Gio looked around through the inside of the massive "Godiva" store. The store had boxes of luxury chocolates, an assortment of wrapped truffles, a section for "Pick-&-Mx" bags of assorted chocolates, big blocks of chocolate, and much more. In the end, he settled on a large 3-pound bag of "Pick-&-Mix" milk chocolates and Carmel-filled chocolates for Dr. Drakken, and a large heart made out of dark chocolate for Shego. He walked up to the line for check out, where 3 girls, Tara, Bonnie, And Monique were...)

Gio (taps on Bonnie's shoulder): Can I go ahead of you?

Bonnie frowns at the intrusion, and was to talk back as she turns around before freezing up as she stares at the teenage boy in slight attraction and surprise, liking what she sees.

A neat-tucked head of black hair, alluring bright green eyes, seeming like he's 16 or 17 as he's taller than her, perhaps a foot more, and peach tan skin, and dressed in green and black for some reason. Bonnie: (Smiles with a attempt to look attractive) I don't know. If you wanna go front of me, I'd not mind knowing your name.

Gio: Well, my name is Gio...Fredrick. Oh, I see what look you're giving me, and I am not into dating right now. So, Let me go ahead of you or else!

Bonnie blinked at the boy, er, Gio, in shock, giving a gasp of dismay, and then gave a huff. Bonnie: Fine! Go ahead so I don't have to see you again! And besides, I have a boyfriend already.

Tara: (looking confused) But you broke up with him last week?

Bonnie growled lowly at Tara in frustration and annoyance. Bonnie: Shut up. You don't know my business! (Starts to move out of the line, heading to the sample stand)

Tara then looks at Gio, a bit attracted to him, but she heard his comment about dating earlier, and only asked in curiosity. Tara: Is Gio a french name, short for something?

Gio: No...it's an American name...(Walks up to counter)

Cashier (scans items): That'll be 24.98.

Gio: (nods and hands her 30 dollars in cash)