Trying to force that upstart commoner out had not worked as they expected. Tried and True methods had failed. Now she had too much protection for anyone to get her to leave. An ignorant commoner should never have been able to gather so much potent protection so quickly. Any magical attack on Katerina would somehow fail and draw ire from all her suitors. Including ones that weren't known. Not to forget the Fanclub she had.

"Okay what do we do about Katerina getting in the way?" Someone asked.

"Get one of our fiancees to duel her?"

It wasn't a bad idea against most of the few girls who took up the sword but whilst Katerina's form wasn't that good, her muscles and incredible strength meant that she tended to barrel through any defence. There was another problem as well.

"After we tried that with the cursed child, Katerina took three of the challenges apart in quick succession and Geordo destroyed another two far more slowly simply because he wanted to point out the depth of their mistake. The only people who challenge her these days are people in the duelling club or want to press their suit. And few of our fiancees are in the duelling club. Are any?"

At first people wondered why Katrina friends had looked miserable as Geordo had volunteered to be a second.(even the cursed child for some reason). But very happy as he took the two people who insulted Sophia. Geordo had taken no enjoyment in that performance. Only someone very dense could have mistaken that for sadism. Oh, that explained it. Prince Geordo had taken a step forward accepting the duel and two steps back when he'd taken the duellists apart in that method.

"Yes, unfortunately though the latter is definitely the motivation for those who'd agree to do it outside combat class - even the girls." The lead glares at the person who always votes for duels with Katerina. So no, you won't get a chance to, either. "

"My plan is simple - Report her for growing a vegetable plot." Sienna pointed out.

Everyone else glares at the girl who made that suggestion. "Sienna, meals here improved drastically since she started growing her garden. It would be bad enough with everyone's anger let alone Prince Geordo and Prince Alan. We can't publicly admit it, but nobody wants her garden shut down"

Sienna curled her lips. Despite what the others thought she wasn't that stupid. "Me, neither. We don't report her to the school. We report Katerina to our mothers." she points out.

"Same problem, if she gets named."

Sienna sighs there goes that plan. But before she can dismiss the plan, amazingly enough someone else speaks up in defence of it. "Sienna's scheme is simple yet effective. As you said the same problem exists if she gets named. But this is the salient point -we don't have to name her. All our mothers will disbelieve the rumour, but they'll still report it..."

"And Duchess Claes who hates her daughter acting unbecoming of a noble."

"My mother says Duchess Claes did the same sort of things when she was young." Sienna stated.

"Not possible. She's far too dignified. But that means Sienna's plan will work. It's carried."

It seemed a pretty poor return for the all-night session. The only workable plan was Sienna's. Too most people gathered it was not just annoying it was also insulting that this was their best plan. That someone like Sienna had come up with it.

A boy heard the girls. "A better plan, girls? I'm sure can provide you with one." After all it was best to get rid of this threat. Lady Claes was such a hypocrite, pretending to be nice, and a weak Earth Mage but her true power only came from corruption. It was a pity he couldn't set her against the other threat since somehow, they had impossibly become best friends. How could a light mage not notice the truth? Then again Maria hadn't noticed him either. Or maybe she had and just didn't understand what it actually meant- she was after all a commoner.