I really loved the episodes Comes a Horseman and Revealations 6:8. I
thought they had some truly amazing lines. This is basically Cassandra's
telling Duncan about the Horseman rearranged with a few of my own ideas and
some quotes by the Horsemen themselves added. I take NO credit for the
lines taken from the show. I just knew I couldn't improve on them so I used
them. Please review.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
Death on horseback. When they rode
into a village there was life,
when they rode out there wasn't.
I do love the old ways best.
They were without conscious, without mercy.
They had pleasure in killing.
What they wanted, they took.
They rode across the world we knew
bringing death, destruction and terror.
No one else understood the true use of terror.
The world was what they made it.
Their leader, their heart, was insane,
filled with the burning rage of a killer.
It's what I do best.
Kronos had the gleaming eyes of a madman
and the crazed smile of a fanatic.
I am the End of Time.
Methos eyes were the color of a stormy sea
and just as cold, for they held the Horseman look.
He was their head; the one who planned their raids.
We have Methos, we have a plan.
Was he crazy? Like a fox.
Start small, then build.
His cold fury was that of the survivor.
Live. Grow stronger. Fight another day.
Caspian was truely a Madman, a cannibal.
Silas, the Axman, the Executioner.
I want to feel my ax in my hands.
We were brothers in blood, in arms,
in all but birth
What we were you don't forget.
It was the end of the world. The end of my world.
We'll give them what they fear most.
The end of the world.
The Horsemen rule or they all die.